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Paul University Manila

680 Pedro Gil St., Malate, Manila, Philippines 1004

Ways of Dealing on Physical Attraction towards Opposite Sex of Male Teenagers

Ages 15 – 18 Years Old.

A Research Study Presented to:

Ms. Ron Mariah Kristafer Manlapig, LPT


Abonitalla, Divine
Alcaraz, Angela Carille
Alibio, Maria Theressa
Cantos, Raquel Priscilla
Espino, Marianne Joy
Pingol, Karl Melvin
Queriado, Christine
Yaun, Annegelu

11 – St. Francis
Chapter 1:
The Problem and its Background

One of the human natures is to be attracted to something or someone that they find
beautiful or admirable. This is a fact that physical appearance is one of the main reason
we are being allure and impress to the people from social situations (Shukla, 2009).

Attraction is one of the aspects that changes our perspective in how we view things
around us and the actions we will do. Similar to men when they are attracted to women,
Men will have greater levels of adrenaline attraction that triggers them and arousal their
curiosity than women. That their personalities changes physically, emotionally, mentally
and even spiritually (e.g. Dutton & Aron, 1974). For instance, they enhances their physical
features such as maintaining a good posture and wear more descent clothes because
physical appearance is more important to humans and certain features appear to be
found attractive across individuals and cultures (A. Little, B. Jones and L. DeBruine, 2011)
because it boost their self-confidence and self-esteem. They also take the risk to have
fun with women by having a sense of humours like telling jokes as what men do usually,
being a gentleman that could give better image. Furthermore men had the guts to start a
person to person conversation to satisfy themselves. Specifically, getting women’s
contact number as their first move and to know each other better. In other cases men
tries to search their social media accounts and start to build a virtual conversation and
manage their public figures in social media such as posting photos, videos/audio and
written status where girls can relate in that way it could get the attention of the women.
Men always confess first their feelings if they are brave enough because in previous
research has indicated that by increasing the levels of emotional arousal you are also
increasing the amount of attraction between two individuals (e.g. Dutton & Aron, 1974;
Meston & Frohlich, 2003).

The researchers conducted this study to analyse the perception of men in dealing
with physically attractive women. Specifically this study understand men's behaviour with
their different personalities when it comes to handling themselves when they are attracted
and also for women to be aware of how important physical attraction to men and how
their ways different from how women deals with physical attraction. This research can
expand or can widen our understanding on how male teenagers deals with this process
as a growing adult and how far they could think of when it comes to physical attraction.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to know how male teenagers deals with their problem when they
are attracted to a woman. Behaviors of men when it comes to the women they are
attracted to. This study aims to answer the following questions:

1. What are the ways of men if he’s attracted to a women?

2. When you are talking with a women do you tell her your true feelings?
3. Was it necessary to make the women feel wanted?
4. Do men use social media as an extension for them to know women?

Significance of the Study

This study aims to provide a research about how male teenagers deals with physical
attraction towards opposite sex. Through this study we can find out how they handle
situations when they are physically attracted to a lady.

This community will benefit to this study in a way that it will help them especially the
ladies to know how to react when a man gives a motive to lady he likes. It will also help
them in a way that they will keep communicating to each other due to the attraction they
have towards each other

This study will help the environment in a way that the people in a community will
continue socializing to each other.
This study can give benefit to the residents in a way that they will be fully aware
about the do’s and don’ts of man when they are physically attracted to a girl.

Future Generations
This study can benefit the future generations in a way that this study can give them
information's regarding on how male teenagers deals with physical attraction towards
opposite sex

Assumption of the Study

• This research will serve as a head start for men on how to react accordingly and properly
when interacting with women they are physically attracted to.

• This research will find out that men especially millennial uses social media as an avenue
to deal with their physical attraction to women.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The study according to the researchers targets 25 male respondents randomly picked
specifically from Manila ages 15- 18. The attitude, response and ways of dealing with
male teenager's physical attraction to the opposite sex is the core of the study. The
researchers will use questionnaires as main materials in assessing the response, attitude
and ways on dealing physical attraction to women.

Definition of Terms
Physical Attraction – an important aspect that should be enhance to become more
attractive. (A. Little, B. Jones and L. DeBruine, 2011)