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1: The World’s Major Biomes

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1. Describe where the tundra areas are located?

On the North side of the Earth, close to the North Pole.

2. What proportion of Africa is taken up by deserts? Estimate a percentage.

The North Africa if take up by deserts, about 35%-40%.

3. Large areas of tropical rainforest are found on which continents?

South America, Southeast Asia, Central Africa.

4. Name the regions of the world where temperate and Mediterranean biomes can be found.

The Mediterranean Basin, California, Central Chile, Southwest Australia, the Cape Province
of South Africa and as far north as the southeastern tip of Vancouver Island, Canada.

2: Agricultural Land Use

1. Which biomes are mostly used for cropland?

Temperate and tropical biomes.

2. Which biomes are mostly used for pasture, i.e. animal grazing?

Temperate desert biomes

3. Which biomes produce the least food?

The Tundra biomes.

4. Is there an interconnection between biomes and land used for agriculture? Give examples to
illustrate your answer.

Yes there is, biomes that have suitable climate and biodiversity are suitable to be used for
agriculture. While desert biomes are used for pasture because they have wide open areas.
Biomes that have extreme climate are less likely to be used for agriculture.

Examples: Tropical and temperate biomes are used for agriculture, deserts are used for
pasture, tundra biomes can’t be used for agriculture.

3: Good enough to eat

1. Choose six countries from the ‘Highlight a Country’ drop-down menu and locate within the
Food Index.

German: Rank 2

Australia: Rank 4

Ukraine: Rank 5

Brazil: Rank 6

Morocco: Rank 7

Turkey: Rank 10

2. Create your own table to show the level of food security according to whether the country
has enough to eat, can afford to eat, has quality food and whether the eating is healthy.

Country Enough to eat Affordability Quality Healthy

German High High High Higher average
Australia High High High Higher average
Ukraine High High High Higher average
Brazil High High High Higher average
Morocco High Higher average Average Higher average
Turkey High Average Higher average Higher average

3. Do all people experience food security? Explain your answer using your table and examples
from this map.

No, because not every country has suitable biomes and environments for agriculture.

Example from map:

Australia is rank 8 because it has a rich biodiversity and suitable biomes for agriculture.

Chad is rank 125 because it has a hash environment in the desert biome.

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