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Be  a  parent,  not  a  chauffeur  

Ritu Narayan, GSB Maayan Yavne, GSB Yang Zi Dong, MS&E Eric Lam, CS
Child Transportation
Busy Parents

Initial Hypothesis
d Transportation is the #1 reason why parents have to scale down their car

Busy Parents Children Drivers

Individuals from trus

ous working professional Children from ages 8 - 15 professions working in
s who do not like to rely
who need supplemen
going social reciprocity

mer  segments:  our  ini;al  hypothesis  

= +

We enable point-to-point transportation of kids for their after-school activities

Reduced hassle Trustworthy Dedicated

transportation service time

proposi;on:  our  ini;al  hypothesis  

ess  Model  Canvas  -­‐  Week  2  
r Real Users Meet Yash
Experienced scheduling/dispatching/driving
Understood pickup/drop-off complexity
t Riley Realized significance of child experience

“Outstanding customer service”

“Recommend: 5 - absolutely”
“It will be great to know in advance who is picking up”

Meet Ben
“Text info was very helpful”
“An inefficient route from Pinewood to Home”
“My only concern was how a change might impact

 got  out  of  the  building...  

Parents  want  to  change  their  exis;ng  solu;on  only  during  transi;ons:  
Nanny  leaves,  parents  take  more  demanding  job,  kid  transi6ons  from  
elementary  to  middle,  new  a9er-­‐school  ac6vity  

Windows  of  opportunity  are  correlated  with  breakdown  of  current  solu6on  

Parents  value  our  service  against  their  exis6ng  op6ons  on  a  cost-­‐basis  -­‐  they  
do  not  calculate  opportunity  costs  

Doub6ng  our  ini6al  value  proposi6on   Need  to  find  segments  for  whom  our  serv
holds  the  highest  value  

e  we  went  wrong...  

Dry Cleaning Groceries

Full concierge services for busy parents

Transportation Cooking

ing  other  Value  Proposi;ons  

Transportation Companies

Independent Drivers


Activity Centers

HR (Recruitment) HR (Benefits)

HR Consultancies Benefit Aggregators

hypotheses  for  value-­‐based  customers  segments    

ess  Model  Canvas  -­‐  Week  6  
Transportation Companies



HR (Recruitment) HR (Benefits)

Long Term Solution

HR Consultancies Benefit Aggregators Activity C

e  we  were  wrong  


Facebook advertising

e  we  were  right?  

There is a strong need for child transportation
280 Unique Visitors

20 Pilot Signups

“When are you launching?”

“I’m calling other parents”

© 2012 Steve Blank from the Startup Owner’s M

e  we  were  right?  

Price  Conscious   Child  
oling   -­‐  DelighOul  child  experien
age  driver  plaOorms   -­‐  Handoff/pickup  concier

-­‐  Value  advanced  scheduling  
-­‐  Value  addi;onal  leads  

and  safety  

hypothesis  to  test  value  based  pricing  

ess  Model  Canvas:  Week  9  
recruited  Uber  type  driver:   We  delivered  the  ride  
We  signed  up  a  carpool  ride  
mercial  license  and  insurance     carpool  parents  

charge  by  hour,  no  Uber  pricing  for   Liked  personalized  experience  of  car,   Enjoyed  Service,  Convenienc
advanced  scheduling   chat,  and  music  in  car   Flexibility  

Uber  only  to  fill  in  on  demand  down   Price  per  ride  expecta6on  belo
Influenced  parents  to  provide  high  NPS  
6me   even  

Cost  ($50  per  hour)  >  Price  per  ride  ($20  for  ½  hour  carpool)  

 got  out  of  the  building...  

nts  love  ease  and  convenience  of   LiVee  driver  persona:  Reliable,  Kids   Kids  have  an  influence  
LiVee   friendly,  and  can  act  as  concierge   reten6on  

nts  are  great  referrals,  LTV  can   Needs  valid  license  and  insurance   Kids  can  be  delighted  b
be  high  $800   coverage   paying  aUen6on  to  the
ing  needs  to  work  for  ongoing   Should  think  
repeat  use     Advance  scheduling  =  Lower  cost  

Deligh\ul  and  high  trust  

Driver  Parent  Rela6onship   Advance  scheduling   family  experience  

e  are  we  now?  

ah  schedules  a  

Mike  delivers  the  


 Schedule  a  ride  
h  tracks  Jenny’s  

rah  rates  Mike  

aVer  the  ride  

 Track  and  Rate  your  ride  

Investment  Readiness  Level     Road  Ahead:  Run  more  Pilot

Validate  unit  economics    

Refine  Parent  and  Driver  


Validate  mul6  kids  per  car,  

carpool  viability  

e  ready  for  investment?  


ney Video
arket Sizing Estimate (High Performance
umber of Full time Working Women in the 43,200,000 TAM: $18.1 B

p 10% income 4,320,000

SAM: $11.1 B
S Average fertility Rate 2.1 kids/women

d Activities/week 2
TM: $1.11 B
eeks per year 50

obile ownership 61%

erage Price per Trip $20

Strong interest - willingness to Pay 10%

ated  Market  Size  

e;;ve  landscape?  
Metrics What it means for us Value

Lifetime 50% of our overall families estimated to be under $800 per family
Value subscription plan given repeat and predictable nature
of school and activity rides. This gives us a high LTV
per user

Price per Fixed price + Mileage + Time $22 per ride per kid (Assumption)
ride Average distance = 5 miles, Average time = 30 minutes

Cost per Driver pay (assuming driver has own vehicle, is $17 per ride per kid (Assumption, still
ride licensed and insured, is paying for gas) validating driver fit vs. cost)

Margin per We expect people to pay comparable price of Uber X 20% over driver cost per ride
ride and additional 15-20% premium for trust and safety for

Customer Referral, online, and direct sales to grow customer $20- 50 per user (online vs. offline
Acquisition base sales)

cs  that  maXer  
Metrics What it means for us Value

Number of Referrals from existing families will reduce marketing 2 referrals per current family
Referrals cost and increase loyal base per year

Number of new Grow customer base - same city area, expand to 10 new family per week
family sign ups new cities

% of families in At least 2 rides per week for 10 months in a year 50%


Churn Number of customers leaving per year and not 20%

returning back

Operational We will have an ongoing cost of insurance for driver, Insurance - around $2000
Cost background checks, direct sales, customer support, per year per driver
and R&D Background check - $30 per
driver, Direct Sales - $
50,000 per year, Customer
Support - $10 per call, R&D -

cs  that  maXer  contd..  


●  Number of kids per family: 2

●  Number of months in year: 1
●  % Family in Subscription: 50
●  # Pay per use rides per fam
month : 4
●  # Subscription rides per fam
month: 20
●  Average Price per ride: $20
●  % Liftee commission: 20%

cial  and  Opera;ons  Timeline