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No 17 A u g u s t 1984


Adventure Games Magazine £1.00

are back!


OA :1316)/Zs1,1
on the other side of your iniagination . . .

qff(Ilfttm,,Wettkkk \,

is a world where magic really works, werewolves lurk in lonely

forests, fell magicians plot in ruined towers, dragons roam the skies
and ghosts stalk empty graveyards. You have your wits and a sword...
and a role-playing game.
I f you have ever read a book or This is what the DUNGEONS & There is your imagination, guided
seen a film and thought I wouldn't DRAGONS® game is about. You by the rules, a few dice, pencils and
do that!' when the hero does take on the part o f a character in a paper. There are no limits to what
something stupid, then role-playing fantasy world. This character you or the other players may
games are for you. Imagine a story might be a dauntless fighter, a attempt. You don't move a
where you can make decisions and crafty thief or a skilful wizard counter round a board —
change the outcome, a story where —or even a dwarf, elf your character has
you are the hero or heroine • , or halfling! exciting adventures in
a world as fantastic
TSR's DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Basic Set as you want it to be.
contains everything that you need to free your
imagination and start playing. Within 20 minutes
you'll be on a quest.

The Mill
Rathmore Road
Telephone: Cambridge (0223) 212517

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS is a trademark owned by T S R Inc.

What To Do With A Dragon's Treasure by Chris Barlow
A radical n e w system for dealing w i t h character classes
and experience points in the A D & D game 2
The Drovv, by David R Knowles
The Dark Elves examined 6

P E L I N O R E — t h e I M A G I N E magazine Campaign World

The exciting n e w adventure setting
for your fantasy role-playing
THIS M O N T H : The Freeman - t h e basic citizen o f Pelinore . . . 1 2
and Westmeet Square; a homebase in the C i t y League 1 3
Illuminations, expanded news coverage 1 8
Dialog, by Lew Pulsipher 1 9

Special Feature - The Return of the CELTS

Magic & Mayhem, by Graeme Davis
Weapons and artifacts from the Celtic realms 2 0
Lore, Lay & Legend, by Carole Morris
More myths, legends and fables from the Celtic era 2 2
Tir Nan 0 g , by Chris Barlow
Adventure on a strange island 2 5
T u r n b u l l Ta l k i n g , m o r e competition results 3 5
I am not sure if it is with relief, joy or sadness Zine & the Art of Editing, by Mike Lewis
(probably a mixture of all three) that I tell you Tips for starting up your o w n amateur publication, plus full reviews 3 6
that t h e P l a y e r s A s s o c i a t i o n i s w i n d i n g Game Company, Clubs & Events 3 8
down. I hasten to add that no-one is about to Rubic 3 8
get short-changed — present members will
still receive the Broadsheet and the Bargain N o t i c e s — recent game releases examined by independent reviewers 4 0
Basement stuff until their membership runs The Companion Set, by Frank Mentzer
out. In the meantime, there w i l l be no n e w An introduction to the forthcoming addition to the D&D game 4 4
memberships, so that in a year's time it will Fantasy Media, by Colin Greenland
all b e wrapped up in a suitable shroud and The latest on books, films a n d videos 4 7
given an honourable burial.
Letters 4 8
'Ah me, lack-a-day', w i l l be the cry, but you VOP, by Ian Gibbs 4 9
will b e g l a d t o k n o w t h a t t h e success o f Stirge Corner, by Roger Musson 5 1
I M A G I N E ' magazine i s one o f t h e prime
reasons for the decline and fall of the old PA. D i s p e l C o n f u s i o n , RPG rules questions answered 5 2
Identity Crisis, by Derrick Norton
Much o f w h a t t h e Association started still A little general guidance for n e w players 5 2
remains w i t h u s : Tu r n b u l l Ta l k i n g , S t i r g e Prize Crossword (#14) Results 5 4
Corner, D i s p e l C o n f u s i o n a n d t h a t h a i r y Phalanx, by Robin Grenville-Evans
traveller from Moggedon, Rubic, all started A new cartoon series 5 5
life in the PA N newsletter. All have endured
because t h e y h a v e proved j u s t as popular
w i t h their n e w, larger audience as they did IMAGINE magazine, No 17, August 1984
with the old. I hope this continues to be the P u b l i s h e d b y TSRU K L t d P u b l i s h e r D o n Tu r n b u l l
case, and that you keep offering the highest E d i t o r KeithThomsonA s s i s t a n t EditorPaulCockburn
accolade - - 'More, more, morel' — because E d i t o r i a l AssistantK i m D a n i e l F e a t u r e s AssistantM i c h a e l B r u n t o n
then, lo and behold, there will be more. A r t PhilK a y e N e w s D o u g C o w i e
Advertising Lesley Hudson-Jessop
WATCH THIS SPACE T h i s m o n t h ' s contributingartistsK e i t h Cooper,I a n Gibbs,R o b i n
Grenville-Evans, Stephen Jones, Mark O'Dell, Paul Ruiz, Pete Young
ilk Keith Thomson C o v e r T h e I r o n Hills,b y PeteYo u n g

an o r d e r a r e o u t o f print, a creolt n o t e w i l l b e missions of written material and artwork at all times Opinions e x p r e s s e d i n t h i s m a g a z i n e a r e n o t
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I M A G I N E mtuytthie, Am9ust 1884

by Chris Barfow

•••• • • • • • . , ,


• 17" ;•• o•••

-• •••
• •••.-z
" W h a t to do about m o n e y ? " A question
often asked in several role-playing games
and then ignored because it would make
things ' t o o complicated'. T h e P l a y e r ' s earned x p a n d t r e a s u r e e q u i v a l e n t t o
H a n d b o o k (for the AD&D® game) makes 2000 g o l d p i e c e s (gp)o T h i s g i v e s h i m
the following comment: 4401xp and 2000gp 'for the bank'. He is
"Gaining experience points now a t h i r d level fighter w i t h more than
through t h e acquisition o f gold enough to live on.
pieces a n d b y slaying monsters Now s e e w h a t w o u l d h a p p e n i f t h e
might be questioned by some indiv- same fighter spent the money buying the
iduals as non-representative o f experience points:
la- • •
how a n actual character w o u l d The f i g h t e r g e t s n o automatic exper-
become more able i n his o r her ience for his treasure, w h i c h leaves him
class. with 2 4 0 1 x p and 2 0 0 0 g p — to spend as
one can accept the existence he will. Well, he decides he needs a n e w
of 1 2 ' t a l l giants, w h y n o t t h e shield (the o n e h e had finally gave w a y Some of the consequences of adopting
rewarding of experience points for when the kobold he fought took a swipe at a s y s t e m o f b o u g h t experience a r e o b -
treasure gained? him), his sword could do with resharpen- vious. Fighters who spend large amounts
....So too, fighters need physical ing, and then there's food and lodgings.... of money on, say, alcohol will not advance
training a n d weapons practice, but if he's prudent he reckons he still has as rapidly as those who practise rigorous-
magic users long hours of study in enough to become a third level fighter. He ly. Characters w h o sell t h i n g s (NPCs —
tomes of arcane lore, and thieves pays f o r a b o d y b u i l d i n g c o u r s e a t t h e such as alchemists — in particular) can
the repetition of their manual skills gymnasium, h i r e s a b e t t e r f e n c i n g i n - advance i n level, w h i l e ' n a t u r a l s k i l l ' i s
and discretionary prowess, b u t structor t h a n t h e l a s t o n e h e h a d a n d enhanced. A f i r s t l e v e l f i g h t e r, f o r i n -
none of this is suitable to gaming. It some time later he's a third level fighter. stance, is much more likely to spend his
is therefore discarded a n d sub- Cost? 1600gp. He's n o w got 4001xp and money t r a i n i n g t h a n o n a s w o r d + 1
sumed a s taking place during a what's left o u t of the rest o f the m o n e y similarly a thief with a w a n d o f pits and
character's 'off hours'." after paying for lodgings, n e w shield and trap d e t e c t i o n . Magical i t e m s are m o r e
so on. likely t o b e s o l d i n o r d e r t o r e a l i s e a
The a n s w e r c a n b e q u i t e s i m p l e : y o u permanent i n c r e a s e i n a c h a r a c t e r ' s
spend i t b u y i n g e x p e r i e n c e p o i n t s . The e x a m p l e illustrates t h e basic idea, ability (keeping t h e i t e m m a y be o f only
Consider a s i m p l e e x a m p l e f r o m t h e offering an opportunity to put into practice temporary value) while non-magical items
AD&D game: what has always been assumed to occur, will be treated with greater care — if the
in a w a y which can readily be fitted i n t o fighter knows that needlessly breaking a
A second level fighter w i t h 2001 exper- any rule system under which characters sword will cost him xp, because he has to
ience points (xp) has just returned f r o m gain e x p e r i e n c e p o i n t s b y a c q u i r i n g buy a n e w one, he will look after it better
an adventure in which he has gained 400 treasure. and try to avoid ruining it needlessly.
2 IMAQ1NE magazine, Au9ust 1984
There are other obvious consequences, will probably have t o pay — t h e u n d e r - spells — although n o n e are taught. It is
but the system's greatest potential lies in lying principle of bought experience. We during t h i s period t h a t t h e v e r y simple
its application t o multi-classed charact- can now apply the system to create multi- spells known as cantrips are taught to the
ers, ( g e n u i n e m u l t i - c l a s s e d characters, classed characters. magic-user-to-be (see I M A G I N E " ' maga-
not the proverbial multi-classed half-elf). zine, #88z9). Completion o f t h e appren-
To see h o w, f i r s t c o n s i d e r a n ' o r d i n a r y ticeship e n d s t h i s p r o c e s s a n d a l s o
person' o f a n y race. L e t u s call s u c h a A Multi-Classed Character teaches the student a 1st level spell. Cost:
person an OLP, a zero level peasant. 2500gp p e r stage. F o r Illusionists t h e
Consider our fighter w i t h his 4001 xp. He process is similar.
completes a n o t h e r a d v e n t u r e a n d t h i s
The OLP time gains 3 0 0 earned xp and 3 5 0 0 g p . FIGHTING SKILLS: A normal indoctrin-
Not enough to afford the training neces- ation in t h e art of fighting costs 2000gp
If called upon, every OLP, unless physical- sary to become 4th level, so he decides to and raises a character's fighting ability to
ly incapacitated, can fight ("pitch forks in spend his m o n e y developing o t h e r abil- that of a ' M a n at Arms' (see the combined
the h a n d , t h e villagers face t h e Vi k i n g ities. He thinks about his last adventure. Combat Results Table, I M A G I N E maga-
raiders"). In the A D & D game the results Among t h o s e h e travelled w i t h w a s a zine It 13) w i t h either of t w o weapons —
of such a f i g h t w o u l d be determined by thief, and although he never admitted it, if with all other weapons the character still
reference t o t h e fighters table, u n d e r 0 it h a d n ' t b e e n f o r h e r s k i l l s h e w o u l d fights as an OLP.
level characters. probably have met his end. So he hires a A character may also decide to pursue
In addition, h o w e v e r, i n h e r e n t i n a l l thief, who trains him in the art. 1000gp — one o f the fighter sub-classes, in w h i c h
OLPs are a w h o l e range of other skills — the number of experience points necess- case a s w e l l a s increasing t h e fighting
thievish abilities, tracking, t h e ability to ary to go from 1 st to 2nd level thief — will skill o f an individual t o that of a M a n at
attempt an assassination, even the ability raise the thievish abilities of the fighter Arms, t h e character becomes a 0-level
to try and turn undead (providing the OLP from O L P t o 0 - l e v e l t h i e f . A f u r t h e r ranger, paladin or cavalier.
is sufficiently religious a paladin is not payment of 1 0 0 0 g p w i l l t u r n h i m i n t o a If a n i n d i v i d u a l i s already a 4 t h level
a cleric, after all), in fact, the entire spect- 1st level thief. Thereafter, the cost is the fighter, and wishes to learn the skills of a
rum of skills that player characters t h e number of experience points necessary to ranger, f o r example, t h e character w i l l
'specialists' i n a particular discipline — progress as a thief. probably h a v e t o e n s u r e t h a t t h e n e x t
demonstrate. The attempts might not be This is just one of the things our fighter fighting i n s t r u c t o r h e h i r e s i s a ranger.
successful, b u t s u c h abilities exist a n d could have done w i t h h i s money, h o w - Then, in addition to becoming a 5th level
can be established b y extrapolating t h e ever. A l t e r n a t i v e l y h e c o u l d h a v e c o n - fighter, h e w i l l also become a zero level
percentage chances w i t h i n a particular tinued his training as a fighter, o r used ranger. O f c o u r s e , r a n g e r s a r e m o r e
game system and taking into account any 1500gp t o b e c o m e a 0 - l e v e l c l e r i c . expensive as instructors — the cost will
relevant factors — Advanced has two: a Numerous other possibilities exist. be the difference in xp between a 4th and
paladin can attempt to turn undead at a The f o l l o w i n g sections detail h o w t o 5th level ranger; in addition to which the
clerical level 2 less than his o w n and an use bought experience to develop multi- character w i l l neglect h i s body-building
assassin c a n p e r f o r m t h i e v i s h a b i l i t i e s classed characters. course s o m e w h a t , g a i n i n g o n l y a n 8 -
also at a level 2 less than his own. sided die for hit points — see below.
In a g a m e s y s t e m w h e r e t h i s i s t h e Similar c o n s i d e r a t i o n s a p p l y t o t h e
case, t h e tables need to be extrapolated other f i g h t e r sub-classes. I f a character
Apprenticeships wishes to become a paladin — perhaps to
twice, creating a n intermediate — zero
level c h a r a c t e r class. Thus, a 3rd level How to attain 0-level ability. atone for some wrongdoing, then he must
paladin turns as a 1 s t level cleric, a 2 n d at t h a t stage o f his career be religious,
level paladin as a 0-level cleric and a 1st In a n y n e w profession, t h e f i r s t t h i n g s and b e l o n g t o a r e l i g i o n p r e p a r e d t o
level paladin has the same chance as an which must be learnt are the rudimentary forgive any past transgressions.
OLP o f t u r n i n g u n d e a d — w h i c h i s arts. These can be acquired in one of two
obtained from the tables created, adjust- ways. One way is to undergo an appren- CLERICAL ABILITIES] B o t h religious
ticeship, which teaches the basics and at instruction and donations to a character's
ing f o r t h e O L P ' s a b i l i t y s c o r e s , e g
dexterity. the end of w h i c h a character will be first church (for the provision of rites, etc) will
What would a zero level character be? It level and at an age ready to go out into the improve a character's religious standing.
would seem natural if the answer was 'an world. This is the process which has been Instruction c e n t r e s around t h e rigorous
apprentice' — f o r example, t h e y o u n g assumed t o happen w h e n a n e w char- learning o f t h e c h u r c h ' s teachings a n d
mage who leaves the parental house and acter is created. The alternative is to pay those w h o undertake t h i s type o f study
enters the wizard's tower, to spend long someone for the tuition required. form t h e l a i t y o f t h a t particular church.
years learning the theory of magic before This t u i t i o n t a k e s t h e f o r m o f a n Expected d o n a t i o n : 1 500gp. D r u i d i c a l
being able to apply it; t h e t i m e a squire intensive period o f training, s o m e t i m e s instruction is similar, although its teach-
spends in the courtyards of his master's lasting several weeks and nearly always ings are obviously concerned with nature.
castle practising to become a knight. This involving j u s t t e a c h e r a n d p u p i l . T h i s Druidic laity are usually akin to foresters.
is a p e r i o d s p e n t i n l e a r n i n g t h e basic 'induction p h a s e ' r a i s e s t h e c h a r a c t e r Cost: 2000gp.
from b e i n g a n O L P t o 0 - l e v e l i n t h e Those w h o h a v e u n d e r t a k e n s u c h
principles o f a profession w h i c h w o u l d
expand his abilities over and above those chosen field of study. religious instruction - - but who have not
of an OLP — although these abilities will It should be noted t h a t private tuition yet b e e n o r d a i n e d — t u r n a s a 0 - l e v e l
not yet be equal to a first level character. confers the basic benefits o f an appren- cleric (provided their religious beliefs and
Accepting t h a t an OLP can a t t e m p t a ticeship upon a person f a r quicker than practices are sufficiently sound).
whole r a n g e o f tasks, e s t a b l i s h e s t h e normal. W o r k i n g ( c l e a n i n g , s c r u b b i n g
obvious, n a m e l y t h a t a l l characters a r e etc) repays in kind the cost of the tuition, T H I E V I S H ABILITIES: N o specific i n -
multi-classed: a 1 0 t h level m a g i c u s e r in addition to the rudimentary schooling. doctrination i s necessary t o b e c o m e a
has a chance of picking someone's pocket However, those who undertake it pay the thief. T h e intensive instruction teaches
— the chance an OLP has after applying penalty o f ' l o s t ' experience, s i n c e t h e all t h o s e things you were not allowed to
any modifiers. If his dexterity is less than money spent o n t h e t u i t i o n c o u l d h a v e do as a child! Cost: 1000gp.
9, h e i s u n l i k e l y t o b e v e r y successful been used t o f u r t h e r t h e i r original p r o -
(compare an OLP w i t h a dexterity of 9 to fession, a n d i n addition, t h e benefits o f THE A R T OF M U R D E R : A n assassin's
the m i n i m u m dexterity requirements t o attaining zero level are often slight: initial t r a i n i n g i s e x t r e m e l y i n v o l v e d ,
be a thief), a n d so i t w i l l stay unless he teaching a s i t d o e s a k n o w l e d g e o f
practises, either learning the hard way or M A G I C ] A n induction in the rudiment- humanoid a n d o t h e r b o d i e s (over a n d
seeking the guidance of an expert, under- ary a r t s o f m a g i c develops t h e m e n t a l above w h a t is known to an OLP), as well
going t u i t i o n f r o m a thief, f o r w h i c h h e attributes n e c e s s a r y t o c a s t 1 s t l e v e l as a basic knowledge of poisons, disguise

I M A G I N E magazine, August 1384

such an idea — a character m u s t still be
evil i f h e i s g o i n g t o l e a r n h o w t o
assassinate someone, true neutral if he's
going t o spend t i m e a m o n g s t a d r u i d i c
circle. Those w h o become clerics m u s t
follow t h e i r r e l i g i o u s t e a c h i n g o r f a c e
divine consequences. I n addition, o t h e r
limitations — such as when a character is
wearing armour, magic will not function
— need not change.

1 — HIT POINTS: A character gains 1 dl 0 for
each fighter level that he acquires, unless
'-Y(((t(Lig,«c(Rwz his instructor comes from a fighter sub-
class. I n t h e s e c a s e s t h e c h a r a c t e r
acquires t h e h i t d i e appropriate t o t h a t
class — e g d 8 i f t h e i n s t r u c t o r w a s a
.• • ranger. F o r a l l n o n - f i g h t e r l e v e l s t h e
, character attains, he gains a set number
of hit points, equivalent to the hit points
w h i c h w o u l d be gained once t h e m a x i -
mum hit dice had been acquired — 1 f o r
an increase i n magic-user o r illusionist
level, 2 f o r a n i n c r e a s e i n c l e r i c a l o r
druidic ability, etc. Tr e a t assassins a n d
monks as thieves and druids as clerics.
Constitution bonuses apply to each hit
die gained as for fighters.

S AV I N G T H R O W S : S a v i n g t h r o w s f o r
characters developed under a system o f
and how to spy well. Intensive tuition will intensive t r a i n i n g a n d s i m i l a r e x p e n d - bought experience will be the same as for
impart no thievish abilities. Cost: 1 500gp. iture. A f t e r w a r d s a character will be first 'normal' multi-classed characters t a k e
Only those w h o are evil will pursue such level in the chosen field of study i f the the saving throws of the best class.
a line of study. teaching was that of a cleric or druid, then
completion involves the ordination of the EARNED EXPERIENCE: For simplicity,
THE LIFE O F A MONK: Those who character. earned experience advances a charact-
spend an induction period in a monastery Becoming f i r s t l e v e l i n a p a r t i c u l a r er's major profession t h u s , the earned
are exposed to the full rigours of their way character class bestows the benefits and experience a c q u i r e d b y a 1 2 t h l e v e l
of life, preparing t h e individual — b o t h abilities o f t h a t class o n t h e character. fighter/1 st level thief advances his level
mentally and physically — for w h a t lies Any other skills which the character has as a fighter. If a character has two or more
ahead. I t i n c r e a s e s a p e r s o n ' s b a s e acquired during his life may still be used dominant areas of ability, earned exper-
movement rate to 70'. (subject to any limitations that exist). ience is split equally among them.

MAGIC: A f t e r a character has under- THE USE OF MAGIC ITEMS: The basic
Who can teach? taken h i s indoctrination i n t h e magical premise o f b o u g h t e x p e r i e n c e i s t h a t
arts he can pursue his studiesfurther and everybody is multi-classed, consequently,
Any individual c a n teach, a l t h o u g h t h e if he successfully completes it, he will be prohibitions on magic items disappear —
tutor m u s t a l w a y s be a t least one level a m a g i c u s e r w i t h o n e spell — o n e o f almost. I n practice, b o u g h t experience
higher than the pupil. If the nature of the those on the books of the magic user by results i n s o m e t h i n g f a r c l o s e r t o t h e
training r e q u i r e s particular m a t e r i a l — whom t h e character w a s trained. T h e current system than one might otherwise
the writings of a particular church — then chance a character h a s o f successfully have imagined (allowing for current pract-
it m u s t be carried o u t w h e r e these a r e managing t o l e a r n a n y o f t h e spells i s ice governing multi-classed half-elves).
present. In addition, the person doing the dependent o n h i s i n t e l l i g e n c e — t h e
teaching may have to be satisfied that the percentage c h a n c e t o k n o w each Spell Staffs/Rods, of a clerical nature: These
pupil is worthy d r u i d s for instance will (thus c h a r a c t e r s w i t h l o w i n t e l l i g e n c e can o n l y be u s e d b y those ordained a s
only t e a c h t r u e neutrals, r a n g e r s o n l y will b e u n l i k e l y t o p r o g r e s s ) . I f t h e priests (le first level, not laity).
those characters that they feel are good. character fails to learn any of the spells
Clerics are prepared to teach most people on the magic user's books, he has failed Scrolls: If you can cast the level of spell
in t h e hope o f converting t h e m t o t h e i r to become a first level magic user. He may on t h e scroli, you can use t h e scroll (or
faith, although even they will reject those try again w i t h a different mage and may take t h e scroll h o m e a n d copy t h e spell
w h o are obviously unsuitable. Of course, try t o g e t h i s m o n e y b a c k T h e s a m e down t h r o u g h t h e u s e o f a w r i t e spell
if t h e y teach a n y w h o are n o t devoted, process is repeated for subsequent levels. —this is learnt as a matter of course in a
those t a u g h t w i l l a c q u i r e n o d i v i n e l y After attaining first level the character normal a p p r e n t i c e s h i p , b u t n e e d n o t
given powers. can continue as desired t h e cost being necessarily be learnt by a character w h o
the difference in xp between his current undergoes a period of induction.
level of ability in the skill which he wishes
To first level and beyond to advance and that which is acquired. Weapons: A n y character may use any
magic w e a p o n p r o v i d e d h i s t e a c h i n g s
Once a c h a r a c t e r h a s u n d e r g o n e t h e (not his class) allow him to do so. Thus a
initial indoctrination he may continue as Limitations magic user such as Gandalf n L o r d of the
he w i s h e s in t h a t field. Progress to first Rings, m a y w i e l d a m a g i c sword, b u t a
level w i l l be similar to the indoctrination Any l i m i t a t i o n s t h a t a l r e a d y e x i s t c a n cleric w h o has to abide b y a l a w w h i c h
phase, i n v o l v i n g a s e c o n d p e r i o d o f remain u n c h a n g e d b y t h e a d o p t i o n o f bars the use of edged weapons, cannot.
I M A G I N E 'magazine, Au9ust 1984
Clerics of other religions may be able to.
However, t h e character w i l l o n l y be a s
All the f o l l o w i n g tables take the c o n v e n t i o n s of the 0-level character and the OLP, and make
proficient with the weapon as his training the necessary a d d i t i o n s t o various tables in t h e Players H a n d b o o k and t h e D M G .
allows. Thus, if a magic user trains with a
fighter a n d attains t h e level o f m a n - a t - M AT R I X F O R T U R N I N G U N D E A D W I S D O M TA B L E C L E R I C A L A D J U S T M E N T S
arms using an axe and a longsword, and (13MG p 7 5 ) (PH p i l l
then finds a magic dagger, he will use the
Ty p e o f L e v e l / C h a r a c t e r A t t e m p t i n g to Turn Ability Spell C h a n c e of
magic dagger as a 0-level character. undead OLP 0 Score Bonus S p e l l Failure
All other magic items (including wands) Skeleton 16 13 3 Minus 1 2 n d * 4 0 %
are useable by anyone. Zombie 19 16 4-5 Minus 1 1 s t * * 3 5 %
Ghoul 20 19 6-7 Minus 11 s t 3 0 %
Shadow 20 8 25%

So what does it all mean? Wight

*Unable to cast 4th level spells
* * U n a b l e to cast 5 t h level spells
Adopting a system of bought experience
in t h e m a n n e r t h u s p r e s e n t e d h a s a
number of consequences. T R A C K I N G TA B L E S F O R R A N G E R S
The immediate corrollary is that since
everybody acquires w e a p o n s skills as a A l o n g N o r m a l Passages or R o o m s
Level o f R a n g e r O L P 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 11 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8
fighter, everybody fights as a fighter. It is C h a n c e t o t r a c k (%) 5 10 15 2 0 25 30 3 5 4 0 4 5 5 0 5 5 60 6 5 7 0 7 5 8 0 8 5 9 0 9 5 9 9
thus possible to play a 15th level, pacific,
buddhist p r i e s t w h o , n e v e r h a v i n g M o d i f i e r s , i f s u b j e c t tracked:
touched a weapon in his life, can't fight. through n o r m a l door or uses stair - 1 0 % t h r o u g h c h i m n e y or concealed door - 3 0 %
t h r o u g h trap door - 2 0 % t h r o u g h secret door - 4 0 %
Currently, h e w o u l d b e a b l e t o t r a d e
blows on a nearly equal footing w i t h the Outdoors
samurai warrior at his shoulder. Military Level o f R a n g e r O L P O 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 0 11 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 1 8

priests — like t h e orders w h o f o u g h t i n C h a n c e t o t r a c k (%) 1 0 2 0 30 4 0 50 55 6 0 6 5 7 0 7 5 8 0 8 5 9 0 9 2 9 4 9 5 9 6 9 7 9 8 9 9

the crusades — will have to spend more
Modifiers as Players H a n d b o o k
time i n t h e courtyard a n d t h u s w i l l n o t
advance as fast as clerics.
The s y s t e m a l l o w s f o r m u c h g r e a t e r
involvement a t l o w e r levels d u e t o i t s
(PH p'10)
creation o f multi-classed characters — A S S A S S I N S ' TA B L E
Min. N o . Max. N o . FOR A S S A S S I N A T I O N S
w h i l e a t h i g h e r levels, a p r e d o m i n a n t l y Chance to
K n o w Each o f Spells o f Spells (DMG p75)
clerical character, needing 1 60,000xp to Ability
Score Listed S p e l l per Level per Level
go up a level, w i l l be able to use some of 3 lck 0 1 Level
the g p h e g e t s o u t o f a d u n g e o n t o 4-5 5c/0 1 2 o f t h e L e v e l o f the I n t e n d e d V i c t i m
advance o n e o f h i s m i n o r classes a n d 6-7 15% 2 4 Assassin O L P, 0 , 1 2 - 3 4 - 5 6 - 7 8 - 9
8 25% 3 5 OLP 4 0 % 3 0 % 1 5 % 2 % —
hence h a v e a m u c h g r e a t e r f e e l i n g o f 0 4 5 % 3 5 % 2 5 % 1 0 % 1 %
achievement and progress as a r e s u l t of
the adventure.
The g r e a t e r d i v e r s i t y t h a t c o m e s o f DEXTERITY TA B L E A D J U S T M E N T S F O R
using b o u g h t e x p e r i e n c e m e a n s t h a t
(PH p'12)
players can better identify with individual
characters, i n a d d i t i o n t o w h i c h , o t h e r Penalty o r B o n u s for:
people w i l l b e m o r e i n c l i n e d t o t r e a t Locating/
characters as individuals — rather than Ability Picking O p e n i n g R e m o v i n g Moving Hiding in
Score Pockets L o c k s T r a p s Silently Shadows
someone s a y i n g " w e c o u l d d o w i t h a 3 -45% - 4 0 % - 2 5 % -50% -40%
cleric!", f o r example, t h a t m o n k m i g h t 4 -40% - 3 5 % - 2 5 % -45% -35%
5 -35% - 3 0 % - 2 0 e k -40% -30%
just b e a b l e t o c a s t a fireball. T h u s a n
6 -30cY0 - 2 5 % - 2 0 % -3 5 % -25%
honest party is likely to take greater care -3G% -20%
7 -25% - 2 0 c / 0 - 1 5 %
choosing its spells prior to an adventure, 8 -20% - 1 5 c Y 0 - 1 5 % -25% -15%
and members of an evil party will be much
more suspicious o f each other. W i t h o u t
bought experience such situations tend
to come about as a result of non-standard THIEF F U N C T I O N TA B L E
magic items. (PH p 2 8 )
The m i n i m u m ability scores should be
Base C h a n c e t o :
kept for new characters, but discarded for Find/
established ones. After all, an MU teacher of the Pick Remove Move Hear Hide in R e a d Climb
is unlikely to train an unsuitable appren- Thief Pockets Locks Traps Silent Noise Shadows Languages Wa l l s
20% 17% 10% 5% 1ek 1% 83'70
tice with a high risk of failure, but if a rich, OLP
0 25% 21% 15% 10% 5% 5% 84%
stupid, e i g h t h level f i g h t e r i s w i l l i n g t o
pay for the privilege._ This system allows
the rules concerning ability scores greater
credence. OPTIONS:
I n t e l l i g e n c e : T h i s can also be adjusted, so that each
In conclusion, b o u g h t experience a n d Fighters: The n e w combattables published in #13 of
I M A G I N E magazine are easily adapted for the OLP step d e c r e a s e s t h e m a x i m u m n u m b e r o f spells b y
its application t o multi-classed charact- and 0-level character, one, leaving a n Intelligence 3 character w i t h 2 first
ers allows campaigns far more diversity Rangers: If the table for outdoor tracking is stepped level spells instead of one, b u t the table as s h o w n is
the one I u s e
in a w a y w h i c h h a s a l o g i c a l b a s i s . d o w n f r o m t h e 9 0 % c h a n c e f o r 11 th l e v e l i n 5 %
stages, t h e n a n O L P w i l l h a v e a 3 0 % c h a n c e o f T h i e f F u n c t i o n Ta b l e : The t w o 1% chances to Hear
However, the system is such that it can be Noise a n d H i d e i n S h a d o w s f o r a n O L P c a n b e
tracking. S o m e p l a y e r s m a y f i n d t h i s a l t e r n a t i v e
fitted i n t o a n existing rule-system w i t h more in keeping w i t h their ideas, although it detracts reduced t o 0 % i n k e e p i n g w i t h t h e m a t h e m a t i c a l
very little needing to be changed t h e xp from the specialist ability of the ranger. progression of the rest of the t a b l e . 1 % seems a little
value attributed to magic items is one of fairer.

these, b u t i t can b e adapted f o r use by

making the xp price the buying price; the
Chris Barlow
selling price of course remains the same.
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
an examination of the DARK E L V E S ,

by David R Knowles (
Draw c r e a t e d b y E . G a r y G y g a x

-- -
If you have ever taken part in any of distant kin e l v e s and faeries w h o The m a l e Fighters' Society became t h e
TSR's D e s c e n t i n t o t h e D e p t h s drove them down beneath the earth watchdog of the Merchant clans, prevent-
series (D1-3), you will know of the and now dwell in the meadows and ing destructive feuding and making sure
Drow a s the epitome o f an evil dells of the bright world.' that no clan gained too much power. The
intelligent race. They are the sort of society's o t h e r d u t i e s i n c l u d e a n t i -
insurrection, a n t i - t e r r o r i s m a n d general
foe who inspire further develop- The Noble Drow internal s e c u r i t y. T h e M e r c h a n t c l a n s
ment of the available information.
and the Fighter Societies supply men and finances in a way similar
This article will begin that process. As t h e D r a w s t a r t e d t o c o n s o r t w i t h to t h e Nobles f o r t h e f e m a l e society. I t
various underground races and began to must b e n o t e d t h a t t h i s s y s t e m s o m e -
For those of you who have never heard of trade, t h e r a c i a l p u r i t y o f t h e l o w e r times l e a d s t o a n i m b a l a n c e o f eligible
the D r o w, I w i l l q u o t e f r o m t h e F I E N D echelons of Drow society became impure males in t h e noble clans and o f eligible
FOLIO® tome: with m a n y half-Draw coming into being. females in the merchant clans and this in
Those D r a w w h o h a d started o ff life as turn often leads to bastard offspring.
'Ages past, when the elven folk were High Elves became i n essence High (or
but n e w to the face o f earth, their Noble) Draw, forming new clans from the Both societies are made up of a number of
number was torn by discord and those old families. These noble clans enlisted individual groups, each D r a w clan spon-
of better disposition drove from them the aid of the middle mercantile clans and soring a particular group. M e m b e r s of a
those elves w h o were selfish a n d quickly t o o k c o n t r o l o f a s e g r e g a t e d , clan joining a society do not necessarily
cruel. However, constant warfare be- almost caste-like society. become p a r t o f t h e c l a n ' s s p o n s o r e d
tween the two divisions of elven-kind group, creating an unusual situation for
continued, with the goodly ones ever The m o s t talented o f t h e l o w e r orders, those in the groups because, despite the
victorious, until those of dark nature along w i t h s o m e N o b l e a n d M e r c h a n t rivalry and political power-play between
were forced to withdraw from t h e youths, w e r e drafted i n t o ' o u t o f t o w n ' clans, those serving in a group can have
lands under the skies and seek safety military orders, called 'Fighter Societies' allegiance to their own clan and an esprit
in the realm of the underworld. Here, by p r e s e n t - d a y D r a w. T h e r e s t o f t h e de corps within their own group, which of
in fightless caverns and endless war- community w a s left t o fend f o r itself i n course may well contain members of rival
rens of twisting passages and caves large, squalid, underground caves. These clans. The clan is w h o l l y responsible for
hung with icicles o f stone, t h e dark societies, o n e m a d e u p o f a l l m a l e the upkeep o f discipline i n t h e g r o u p i t
elven folk t h e Drow - found refuge members a n d t h e o t h e r o f a l l f e m a l e , sponsors a n d e a c h g r o u p i s n o m i n a l l y
and comfort. Over the centuries they developed into a highly skilled branch of answerable for its actions to the clan.
grew strong once again and schooled the Drowic security forces. A s the D r a w
themselves in arcane arts. And though developed, b o t h societies' roles became Both s o c i e t i e s r e g u l a r l y patrol b u i l t - u p
they were strong enough to face and more defined a n d powerful. The female urban areas, the males taking the role of
perhaps defeat their former brethren society b e c a m e t h e g u a r d i a n o f t h e 'normal' p o l i c e j o b s a n d t h e f e m a l e s
in battle, the Drow no longer desired to Drowic c l e r i c a l h i e r a r c h i e s , t a k i n g a acting a s ' d a n g e r o u s s i t u a t i o n ' S W AT-
walk upon the green lands under the carefully t h o u g h t out, balancing r o l e i n like teams.
sun and stars. Yet they neither forgave religious affairs, a n d w a s equipped a n d
nor forgot,. and even now, above all supplied w i t h i t s w o m a n p o w e r b y t h e Both societies are organised in the same
else, they bear enmity for all of their Noble clans. fashion; each has a Grand Master elected
6 I M A G I N E magazine, August 0 8 4
by the respective patron clans. These stay M Gem (Despana) allies of Hook and All t h e m o s t important D r o w i c religious
in o ff i c e u n t i l t h e v o t i n g b o d y decides Shelf Fungi ceremonies are completed w i t h as much
otherwise. Each G r a n d M a s t e r chooses n. Horsetail Mushroom (Noquar) splendour, p o m p a n d e x p e n d i t u r e a s
his or her executive officers. A s this sort allies of Lozenge possible. T h e s e c e r e m o n i e s a r e o f t e n
of p r o m o t i o n i n c r e a s e s s o c i a l s t a t u s o. Urn n o allies or associates accompanied b y sacrifices, g r e a t feasts
considerably, it is sought after by many. p. S t a r p o s s i b l e association w i t h and orgies. On these religious occasions
Eilservs the d i ff e r e n t social strata a r e kept w e l l
Drowic Society q• Echthar — no allies or associates apart u n t i l t h e f e s t i v i t i e s , w h e n t h e
The h i e r a r c h y o f t h e c o m m u n i t y i s a s r. Teflique —• possible association nobles c a n , a n d d o , t a k e w h o m a n d
follows, from the bottom of the ladder to with Noquar whatever they wish for the Holy duration.
the top:
Noble Clans Slavery
(i) the pariahs of the society, slum I. Eilservs (the most powerful clan) The D r o w use servants a n d slaves t o a
dwellers and beggars (who, incid- allied to Tormtor, foes of Kilsek large degree to do all their menial tasks.
entally, have no organised guild); IL Kilsek, enemy of Eilservs, allied to There a r e n o r m a l l y t w i c e as m a n y ser-
(ii) non-noble foreigners; Despana and Noquar vants and slaves as D r o w in an average
(Hi) the half-Drow; III D e s p a n a , enemy of Eilservs, allied household. T h i s m e a n s t h a t t h e D r o w
(iv) noble foreigners; to Kilsek and Noquar. have to be very careful with their security
(v) non-clan Drow; IV. N o q u a r, enemy of Eilservs, allied procedures. A l l t h e slaves a r e branded
(vi) Bastard Clan Drow; to Kilsek and Despana w i t h a D r o w symbol on t h e i r foreheads,
(vii) Demons, Devils and similar types V. Everhate, nominal supporters of but neither servants nor slaves carry any
of powerful beings; Kilsek, Despana and Noquar identification o f ownership. If any slaves
(viii) Daemons; VI. Godeep, active supporters of are f o u n d t o b e o u t w i 'llout a p a s s ,
(ix) M e r c h a n t Clan Drow; Kilsek, Despana and Noquar clanbrooch, g r e e n c l o a k o r l e t t e r p e r -
(x) Lolth Clerics; VII. To r m t o r, allied to Eilservs. mission f r o m t h e i r o w n e r, t h e y w i l l b e
(xi) finally, at the top, the Noble clan VIII. A l e v a l , independent, thrown into a common prison t o await
Drow males, then females, the non-committed. transferral t o a w o r k u n i t , o r t o b e
females being the heads of the collected by their owner.
clans. There are n o other clans t h a n this. T h e
clan s y s t e m b e n e f i t s D r o w i c s o c i e t y, The D r o w breed some specialist slaves,
The Nobles maintain their strong position because t h e c o n t i n u o u s f e u d i n g a n d training t h e m f r o m birth. T h e specialist
by taxation, influence within the societies, rivalry keeps a balanced spread of power. training produces a very w i d e variety of
religious a s s o c i a t i o n s , p o l i t i c a l p o w e r It must be noted that any serious threat to slaves, including super-assassins, fungus
play and o u t e r / u p p e r w o r l d slavery and the security of the Draw will rapidly unify chefs, specialists i n subterranean a g r i -
trade. A n y D r o w, h a i f - D r o w or creature
living within Drowic boundaries is subject
to the taxation, levies and justice of the
Noble class. The Drow neither forgive nor forget._
Each Noble clan has at least fifty totally above all else they bear enmity for their
loyal guards, w h o keep secure a large, distant kin among the elves who drove them
well supplied, defensible estate, including
a small fortress, w h i c h is situated w i t h i n beneath the earth....
easy reach of the urban areas.

Merchant and Noble Clans

The Merchants are listed below with their the clans and their respective underlings culture, s u p e r m u s i c i a n s , o d d e x o t i c s
allies a n d t h e i r associated n o b l e class, under the Dylis, a call to the people. A l l with special deformities, trained pleasure
and t h e N o b l e s a r e l i s t e d i n o r d e r o f the Drow will respect the Dylis, and there slaves, specialists in legends, geography,
power, w i t h t h e i r allies and opponents. will be no back-stabbing w h i l e the call is sports, knowledge of peoples, translators,
The Merchant clans are normally allied in on. The High Priestess of Lolth becomes etc. A favoured pastime o f female High
pairs w i t h one noble clan — this system the temporary head decision maker. Noble Drow is to breed two captive Noble
theoretically giving a n e v e n balance o f elves, and to keep the offspring hidden for
power — b u t because o f the a m o u n t o f Religion years. W h e n t h e y f i n a l l y a l l o w t h e s e
intrigue and power play that occurs, t h e The D r o w are not religious, though most unfortunates Out i n t o t h e world, having
balance is usually tipped to some extent. do worship. M o s t normal folk and nobles taught t h e m all kinds of barbarities, the
follow t h e D e m o n G o d d e s s L o l t h , t h e results are invariably tragic.
Merchant Clans others praise t h e Elder Elemental God.
a. Prism (Tormtor) allies of Chain The difference is explained in module D3 Drow s e r v a n t s a r e u s u a l l y b u g b e a r s ,
and Coiled Whip Vault of the D r o w as follows: trolls, quaggoths, troglodytes a n d h a l f -
b. M o r e l (Godeep) allies of Crescent caste D r o w , t h e s l a v e s b e i n g d e r r o ,
c. C o i l e d W h i p (Eilservs) allies of 'The Eilservs have long seen a need for dwarves, duegar, elves, gnolls, goblins,
Prism an absolute monarch to rule the vault half-elves, kobolds, half-orcs, orcs, hob-
d. Crescent (Aleval) allies of Morel and, a s t h e n o b l e h o u s e o f f i r s t goblins a n d h u m a n s , w i t h a f e w e x -
and Mushroom precedence, t h e y have reasoned that servants w h o have broken l a w or been
e. Pu ffba ll (Kilsek) allies of Hook their mistress should be Queen o f all disobedient. Servants receive pay at the
f. H o o k (Kilsek) allies of Puffball and Drow. W h e n t h i s w a s proposed, t h e whim o f their employer a n d normally
Gem priestesses o f L o l t h s u p p o r t e d t h e have t h e i r a c c o m m o d a t i o n p r o v i d e d .
g. Shelf Fungi (Despana) allies of other n o b l e f a m i l i e s a l i g n e d against Slaves r e c e i v e n o p a y a n d l i v e a s u b -
Gem the Eilservs, fearing that such a change sistence-level life. Slaves may of course
h. C h a i n (Tormtor) allies of Prism would abolish t h e i r p o s i t i o n a s t h e very rarely be given a gift by the masters
i. M u s h r o o m (Noquar) allies of final a u t h o r i t y o v e r a l l disputes a n d for some reason or other. The gifts, being
Crescent and Lozenge actions o f the Dark Elves. Thereafter, the only possession owned by the slaves,
j. Bars (Eilservs) allies of Bone the Eilservs and their followers turned are treasured beyond measure.
k. B o n e (Eilservs) allies of Bars away f r o m t h e d e m o n e s s a n d p r o -
I. Lozenge (Everhate) allies of Mush- claimed t h e i r d e i t y t o b e a n E l d e r Occasionally a slave manages t o find a
room and Horsetail Mushroom Elemental God.' hole i n t h e s e c u r i t y s h i e l d a n d breaks

I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984 7

be s e t e x t r e m e l y h i g h t o balance t h e i r
racial abilities and long life-span.

Racial characteristics of the Drow

(including level 0)
I. A l l D r o w characters must be evil (non-
evil D r o w a r e e x c e p t i o n a l l y r a r e , a n d
usually ostracised and powerless w i t h i n
their society). D r o w are m a i n l y chaotic,
but can be of lawful or neutral alignment.

All h a v e 1 2 0 ' infravision a n d dislike

bright light intensely. In fact, magic light
w i t h i n 6 0 ' o f a D r o w reduces his or her
dexterity by 2 and sunlight reduces their
dexterity b y 1 ( t h i s r e d u c t i o n i s n o t
permanent). A l l D r a w have a 10% loss of
quality of vision (compared with humans')
in s u n l i g h t , i e d e f i n i t i o n o f v i s i o n a n d
sighting distance etc.
III. Drow females (of level 1 o r above) have
a move base of 1 5 " and level 0 females,
free. T h e s e s l a v e s a r e q u i c k l y h u n t e d years and have been known to live for up along with all Drow males, a move base of
down if they are important, but otherwise to o n e t h o u s a n d years, t h o u g h t h i s i s 12".
are usually ignored, unless a f e w bored certainly not usual. They have the same
noble y o u t h s f a n c y s o m e s p o r t a n d height, w e i g h t a n d b o n e s t r u c t u r e a s IV. A l l D r o v v h a v e a n i n n a t e M a g i c
unleash t h e i r tracking lizards. Bugbears High Elves, b e i n g o f s l i g h t build, w i t h Resistance of 50%, gaining an extra 2% at
are t h e servants o f t h e D r o w m e r c h a n t delicate limbs, fingers a n d toes, sharply each n e w level after the first. They are all
clans a n d a r e u s e d m a i n l y a s guards. defined features and longish hair. Female +2 t o s a v e v e r s u s a l l f o r m s o f m a g i c ,
Troglodytes are used t o oversee m e n i a l hair is normally dark grey or shiny black, compared t o h u m a n s o f t h e r e l e v a n t
labour, to guard all the gaming arenas, to their skin being glossy black o r various class.
aid in religious guard duties and are the shades of grey. M a l e hair is always light
servants of the noble clans (see D3, page grey or bright w h i t e and they have matt, V. All Drow of level 1 o r more must have a
8, for more information). Trolls maintain jet black skin. A l l D r o w have large, w i d e Dexterity a n d I n t e l l i g e n c e o f 9+. T h e i r
discipline a m o n g t h e o t h e r s e r v a n t s . eyes, t h e i r i s e s o f t h e f e m a l e s b e i n g racial m o d i f i c a t i o n s a d d o n e p o i n t t o
Quaggoths and half-castes act as house- mainly amber, w i t h a f e w violet; those of Dexterity a n d r e m o v e o n e p o i n t f r o m
hold servants o f the D r o w and do m u c h the m a l e s are orange t o yellow-orange. Constitution. D r o w rarely have high con-
less military work. All Drow prefer violet, mauve, lilac, puce, stitutions even t h o u g h m a n y are o f t h e
maroon, blue, purple and similar colours. Fighter class.
Food and Drink They never wear scarlet and use white or
The Drow eat only fungus, yeasts, mosses yellow as badge a n d decoration colours VI. D r o w f e m a l e s m a y a d d 1 t o t h e i r
and l i c h e n s g r o w n i n m a s s i v e 'forests' only. Occasionally grey, orange or brown Charisma, reducing t h e i r strength b y 1.
near to their urban areas. This vegetation is worn, though o n l y by non-clan D r o w, DroNA, males have a non-compulsory 33%
feeds f r o m a phosphorescent ' s u n l i g h t ' and g r e e n i s r e s e r v e d f o r f o r e i g n e r s , chance of adding 1 t o their strength and if
caused by chemical changes in the rock visitors, servants and slaves. so, m u s t reduce their Charisma by 2. No
w h i c h forms the massive cavern ceilings Drow female may have a strength greater
of the special areas they choose to reside The Drow are a cruel, heartless folk, w h o than 1 8 (75) and n o male m o r e than 1 8
in. The ultimate food for the D r o w is the are totally loyal to their own close kin and (88).
flesh o f myconids, ascomoids, basironds w h o will betray any non-Drow if it in any
and phycomids, a l l o f w h o m a v o i d t h e way aids them. T h e society is based on VII. D r o w u p t o a n d i n c l u d i n g s e v e n t h
Drow. I t i s very rare indeed t h a t o n e o f two t h i n g s , t h e f i r s t b e i n g p e r s o n a l level h a v e a h i t dice o f d8+1 p e r level;
these types will be caught, so their flesh advancement t i e d w i t h i n c r e a s i n g t h e from e i g h t h t o e l e v e n t h level i n c l u s i v e
is extremely valuable. D r o w d r i n k o n l y power o f o n e ' s f a m i l y o r clan, a n d t h e they add a d8 per level and from t w e l f t h
spa-like waters, drowic wines and syrups, second being a mutual protection against level o n w a r d s t h e y gain t w o points p e r
some of which are savoury, some sweet outside influences. new level. There i s n o difference i n die
and s o m e e x t r e m e l y p o t e n t . A D r o w used f o r d i ff e r e n t character classes o r
would be sick if she/he ever drank beer or
sex. 0 - l e v e l D r o w h a v e 1 c14 h i t p o i n t s
mead a n d w o u l d f i n d n o r m a l w i n e s ,
beverages and water utterly undrinkable.
Introducing Drow (note that d81-1 h a s the same average as
d i 0 but with a n a r r o w e r spread).

Drow have only one form of herd animal,

Into a Campaign
VIII. At level 1, Drow gain an innate spell-
these being large lizards. There are many The D r o w a r e a s t r a n g e , s o m e t i m e s using ability, giving them once a day each
different v a r i e t i e s o f lizards, i n c l u d i n g difficult people to bring into a campaign one o f t h e s p e l l s l i s t e d i n Ta b l e 1
w a r a n i m a l s , d r a u g h t beasts, t r a c k e r s because o f t h e i r n a t u r a l d i s l i k e o f t h e (dependent on sex and level). This ability
and normal riding lizards. outdoors a n d t h e i r i n h e r e n t l a n g u a g e is i n a d d i t i o n t o a n y spells usable b y a
barriers. T h i s particularly restricts t h e i r Drow's particular character class.
The Dark Eves use a s p l a y e r characters, W h i l s t t h i s
The ' n o r m a l ' D r o w populace, i n c l u d i n g section will not be presenting the Draw as IX. A l l D r o w c a n s p e a k D r o w , t h e i r
merchants and nobles, cannot and have a n e w character class i n t h e n o r m a l Alignment language, t h e U n d e r w o r l d
no w i s h t o s p e a k ' c o m m o n ' , s p e a k i n g fashion, i t s h o u l d provide s u ff i c i e n t i n - common language and any Drovv with an
only D r o w i c a n d t h e u n i v e r s a l u n d e r - formation for the D M t o introduce t h e m Intelligence of 10+ can also speak Elf and
world lingua franca. The only Drow able as such if desired. Where the DM decides Gnome, gaining one additional language
to speak c o m m o n are those specialising to do so, a n d t o r u n a campaign w h e r e for each Intelligence point above 11. A n y
in languages and those who have regular there are D r o w Elf characters, he or she Drow above level 0 can also use a 'silent
contact w i t h t h e o u t s i d e w o r l d . D r o w should b e a w a r e t h a t t h e e x p e r i e n c e language'. By combining bodily and facial
usually l i v e f o r a r o u n d e i g h t h u n d r e d points needed to reach new levels should
expressions, posture and movement, they
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
can c o m m u n i c a t e w i t h a n y o t h e r D r o w manufactured it. Therefore, a third-level of s t r e n g t h , t h o u g h t h i s b o n u s a ff e c t s
(above level 0) w i t h i n 30'. This language Drow is able to brew potions, the potency only encumbrance bonuses, the opening
is able to convey m u c h information and value of which ranges from 4 to 13. For doors a n d b e n d b a r s / l i f t g a t e s scores,
w h e n combined with hand movements is each point of potency value a potion has, and does not increase to hit and damage
as effective a w a y of communication as it i s a b l e t o s l e e p o n e h i t p o i n t o f i t s bonuses.
any speech. Drow will never teach this to imbiber. Thus, i f an orc with 6 hit points
any others, except D r o w above level 0 drinks a dose of the potion with a value of When t h e d r u g i s taken, t h e u s e r m u s t
w h o have not yet learned the language. 8, he will immediately fall asleep. If a dose t h r o w a d100: if the result is 01%, h e / s h e
of potion is d r u n k by someone w h o has has p e r m a n e n t l y i n d u c e d o n e f o r m o f
X. Drow have a limited range of character more hit points than the potion, the effect mental disorder; i f the result is 02-05%,
classes. A l l m a l e D r o w (of level 1 a n d will be to deduct the potion's value from h e / s h e has f o r the duration of the drug
more) m u s t be Fighters, F i g h t e r / M a g i c - the i m b i b e r ' s h i t points, n o t a s a c t u a l — a f o r m of mental disorder. To find o u t
Users or Fighter-Clerics. All female Drow physical damage, but in the ability to take w h i c h type o f disorder, t h r o w 1 d 2 0 and
(of l e v e l 1 o r m o r e ) m u s t b e Fighters, damage, t h u s w e a k e n i n g t h e v i c t i m . consult the Types o f Insanity table from
Fighter-Clerics or Clerics. There are a few Thus, a f i g h t e r w h o h a s 21 hp drinks a D M G p 8 3 . A n y addict w h o cannot take
exceptions to this, namely: potion w i t h a v a l u e o f 1 0 . W h e n t h e the next dose of drug w h e n i t is needed
a) a 2 % c h a n c e o f a n y n o n - n o b l e c i t y - fighter's h i t points ate reduced by 11 o r will s u ff e r a 1 d 2 reduction o f Strength,
dwelling D r o w being a Thief, as well as m o r e — making his hit points 10 or less — Dexterity, Constitution and Charisma per
his or her original class(es), the s l e e p p o t i o n w i l l c o m e i n t o effect. day u n t i l t h e n e x t dose i s taken. These
b) a 3% chance of any bastard noble-class The p o t i o n o n l y a f f e c t s h u m a n s a n d reductions a r e n o t permanent, t h e l o s t
Drow being an Assassin as well as his or humanoids and for just 1d6 hours, during points being recovered when the necess-
her original class(es). which t i m e o n l y a w i s h spell m a y ary d o s e i s taken. I f a n y o n e o f t h e s e
counteract the effect. The potion is clear, abilities drops to zero or below as a result
XI. D r o w characters can make their own odourless and tasteless, and flows readily. of these reductions, the character will go
neo-adamantine w e a p o n s a n d a r m o u r, It w i l l keep f o r u p t o a year i f stored i n immediately i n t o a state o f semi-coma,
being a b l e t o m a k e s u c h a r t i c l e s a s special sealed vials, lasting 1 0 - 6 0 days only c o m i n g o u t o f t h i s w h e n t h e vital
swords, d a g g e r s , m a c e s , c r o s s b o w s , when exposed and decaying instantly in drug i s a d m i n i s t e r e d b y someone else.
javelins, s u i t s o f m a i l a n d bucklers. A t sunlight. Additionally, a s l i g h t a d d i c t h a s a 2 %
each n e w level (including first) a D r o w chance p e r d o s e o f b e c o m i n g a g r e a t
learns t o f a s h i o n o n e n e w i t e m ; f r o m XIII. A l l D r o w m u s t m a k e a d i e r o l l o n addict, a n d a g r e a t a d d i c t h a s a 1 %
levels 1 - 4 h e / s h e can produce items of Table 2 to find t h e i r social status w i t h i n chance per dose of dying from the drug's
+1 b o n u s ; a t levels 5 and 6 i t e m s o f +2 the D r a w world. Included i n t h e Social effects. A n overdose of the drug given to
bonus; from levels 7-9 +3; and at level 10 Status table is a f i g u r e f o r the m o n e y a non-users m a y k i l l t h e m o r send t h e m
or above +4. Drow character begins with. The amount permanently insane. To avoid this, t h e y

All Drow at the age of thirty gain a special

cloak and a pair of boots. The latter (when
used at least 20' away from one or more Anv Drow who fails the Test of Lath is
non-Drow) give a 75% chance of Moving
Silently, a n d a d d +1 t o a l l t h e i r saving kept by her as a servant — turned into a
throws with respect to themselves. Drow Spider — totally depised by the true
The cloak (which gives +6 to save versus Draw who passed...
fire) gives a 75% chance of HidinglitShadows.
At t h i r d level a D r o w may choose t o be
shown h o w to refashion the cloak to give
it an AC bonus of +1 (instead of learning to of m o n e y i s d e p e n d e n t o n s t a t u s , n o t must Save vs Poison, firstly against death
make a new neo-adamantine item). There character class, and overrides the money and then against insanity. Note that it is
is a 7 5 % c h a n c e o f s u c c e s s w h e n noted in the Players Handbook. All Drow unlikely that an addict w i l l give away or
refashioning t h e cloak. I f 0 0 % is rolled, must also roll to see if they are addicted to waste any of h i s / h e r precious supply of
the cloak i s p e r m a n e n t l y damaged a n d the various narcotics freely available i n drugs. W i t h i n t h e b o u n d a r i e s o f t h e
loses its special properties. the community. A roll o f 1-4% makes a Drowic homelands, drugs are in common
Drow a n a d d i c t ( a r e l a t i v e l y c o m m o n supply, being easy and cheap to obtain.
All D r o w i c e q u i p m e n t (the cloak, boots, thing in the Draw world). If a character is Elsewhere, e a c h dose w i l l c o s t a t least
items etc) can o n l y be fashioned under- an addict, the player must roll a di 0 to see 4d100 gp, w h e r e supplies are available.
ground i n D r o w i c forges etc. W h e n a n y how strong the addiction is:
drow item or piece of clothing is exposed 1 — greatly addicted, XIV. W h e n a D r a w reaches 6th level, he
to sunlight, it begins to decay, taking 2-12 2-4 — moderately addicted, or s h e i s g i v e n a t e s t b y L o l t h (Spider
days t o l o s e a l l i t s special properties. 5-10 — slightly addicted. Goddess of the Draw). The test will take
When t a k e n above ground, i f protected place on a different plane to the Drowic
from sunlight, the items will retain these Greatly addicted characters need to take home p l a n e . D r o w w h o d o w e l l , a r e
abilities for 30+1d20 days and if exposed a dose of their drug once every 1d4 days, deemed worthy to be re-admitted into the
to the radiations of the Drow homelands rolling from each dose to the next, as do Drow c o m m u n i t y. S u c c e s s i n t h i s t e s t
for 1 w e e k in every 4, the items will retain moderate addicts needing a dose every increases the social status of the tested
their properties indefinitely. These facts, 1d8 days and s l i g h t addicts once every persons, though it does not allow them to
well known to the Drow themselves, have 1d20 days. The effects of a dose will last join a higher social level than previously.
done m o r e t h a n a n y t h i n g e l s e t o l i m i t for 3 d 6 h o u r s ; s e e D M G p 8 2 f o r t h e Once h a v i n g t a k e n t h e t e s t , t h e D r o w
lengthy campaigns, or wars beyond their drug's effects. then c o n t i n u e w i t h t h e i r o w n lives. A n y
own domains. Drow who fails the test is kept by Lolth as
Although drugs reduce many facets of a a servant on her plane. Lolth makes these
XII. A l l D r o w on reaching third level gain character's abilities, they greatly enhance losers i n t o Driders ( D r a w Spiders) w h o
the a b i l i t y t o b r e w t h e i r o w n s l e e p awareness of the events happening in the are t o t a l l y despised b y t r u e D r a w ( f o r
immediate vicinity, giving +1 f o r initiative details o f D r i d e r s s e e T S R ' s M o n s t e r
potions, taking 6 days to complete each
dose of the potion and costing 100gp per rolls and a 5% better chance of detecting Manual 2 ) . D M s should w o r k o u t f o r
potion b r e w e d . E a c h c o m p l e t e d p o t i o n or noticing hidden and secret things. For themselves what form the test takes, but
the d u r a t i o n o f t h e d r u g ' s e ff e c t , t h e it should not a l l o w for more than a 7 0 %
has a potency value derived from adding
l d l 0 to the level o f the D r o w w h o imbiber will also receive one extra point chance of success.
I M A Q I N E magazine, August 1984
Drow Spells
Extra for
Level A l l Drow f e m a l e s
1 D a n c i n g lights
2 F a e r i e fire
3 D a r k n e s s Clairvoyance
4 D e t e c t magic Suggestion
5 K n o w alignment Dispel magic
& levitate
6 Detect lie

Social Status
Die S o c i a l I n i t i a l
roll b a c k g r o u n d s t a r t i n g money
01-07 N o b l e 5 d 6 + 1 x 10gp
08-15 B a s t a r d noble 2 d 6 + 3 x 10gp
16-26 Merchant 3 d 4 + 3 x 10gp
4 ft. 27-40 Bastard 2 d 4 + 1 x lOgp
XV. D r o w r a c i a l b o n u s e s f o r t h i e v i n g eg, an ambassadorial job, liaison merchant
abilities are as follows: to a foreign power or trade 41-80 N o r m a l 2 d 4 x 1 Ogp
Pick Pockets & Climb Walls -5'70; negotiation; city-dweller
Move Silently, Hide in Shadows and Hear ix) the character has an 81-00 S l u m 2 d 3 x lOgp
Noise +10%. assassination, spying task or theft city-dweller
to complete; This initial starting m o n e y is then modi-
XVI. A l l f e m a l e D r o w L o l t h Clerics c a n x) the character must find a fied as follows:
converse w i t h any form of Giant Spider. particular person; Roll a percentage die. I f 1 - 5 % i s rolled,
xi) a geas or quest is placed on the multiply the starting m o n e y by 1 0 If 96-
XVII. Ony 5% of Drow can s w i m or ride a character; 00% is rolled, divide the initial money by
horse (except for Nobles, w h o are taught xii) the character is to accompany or 10. T h i s means that starting m o n e y can
to ride Nightmares w h e n they are about guard someone, for example a be as high as 3100gp and as l o w as 2gp.
25 years old). A l l Nobles and Merchants family guest, local Daemon or
can ride Lizards. D r o w i n general d o n ' t foreign diplomat; Noble non-bastard female D r o w have a
use bows, axes or two-handed weapons. xiii) the character is to win the hand of 1% c h a n c e o f r e c e i v i n g o n e o f t h e
someone in marriage by order of following, as well as their starting money.
XVIII. A l l D r o w Fighters and Thieves are h i s / h e r family or Lolth. Roll -Id&
+1 w i t h short-swords and crossbows. XXI. T h e D r o w i n t h i s a r t i c l e a r e n o t 1) a ring of protection +1;
exactly t h e s a m e a s t h o s e f r o m t h e 2) a wand of enemy detection;
XIX. W h e n a c t i v e l y seeking s u c h , a n y FIEND FOLIO® tome, having been modi- 3) a ring of protection +2;
Drow can — within 10 ft — detect a slope fied t o f a c i l i t a t e r e a s o n a b l e c h a r a c t e r 4) a mace +1 or dagger +1;
or gradient in a passage upwards or down- class development. 5) a scroll of 1 first-level spell
wards w i t h a 7 5 % chance o f success; a appropriate to character class;
new c o n s t r u c t i o n w i t h 7 5 % c h a n c e o f XXII. D r o w c o m m e n c e a d v e n t u r i n g a t 6) a potion of healing.
success; sliding or shifting walls or rooms 60+6d10 years old.
w i t h a 6 6 . 6 6 % chance of success; traps Drow w h o a r e ' n o r m a l c i t y - d w e l l e r s '
involving p i t s , f a l l i n g b l o c k s a n d o t h e r XXIII. To determine their advancement: should roll 1 d 2 0 on Ta b l e 3 t o discover
stonework with a 50% chance of success, a. D r o w Fighters use the Magic- secondary skills. Other social statuses do
and approximate depth underground with User's experience table not have such a skill.
a 50% chance. b. D r o w Magic-Users J:::e the
Paladin's experience table
XX. D r o w i n g e n e r a l a l w a y s s t a y deep c. D r o w Clerics use the Ranger's TABLE 3
underground a n d w i l l o n l y l e a v e t h e i r experience table Secondary Skills
cities w h e n t h e r e i s g o o d reason. T h e d. D r a w Assassins use the Fighter's Roll 1 D20
following might constitute viable reasons experience table 1Guard
for a D r o w to have to do so: e. D r o w Thieves use the Assassin's 2 Fungus farmer
i) family bankrupt and run out of the experience table. 3 Drugs seller
city; 4 Gambler
ii) family very poor — the character Drow do n o t gain t h e experience bonus 5 Te a m s t e r / L i z a r d husbander
leaves to find money; due t o e a c h c l a s s ( a s d e f i n e d i n t h e 6 Crystal worker
iii) the character has a physical defect Players H a n d b o o k ) . Instead, t h e y w i l l 7 W i n e maker
or odd skin pigment and is gain a 5% bonus if the following qualifi- 8 We a p o n s / a r m o u r maker
banished from the community cations are met: 9 Tailor
(this is very rare); a. Male Fighter — Strength of 16+ 10 Jeweller
iv) the character is a criminal and is and Dexterity of 15+ 11 Housebuilder
branded and thrown out of the b. M a l e Magic User — Intelligence of 12 Trader
City; 17+ and Dexterity of 15+. 13 Shoemaker
v) the character is a non-evil D r o w c. M a l e Cleric — Wisdom of 17+ and 14 C o u r t / o ff i c i a l attendant
and leaves for better pastures (this Dexterity of 15+ 15 Spider attendant
occurrence is even rarer than iii); d. M a l e Assassin — no bonus. 16 Slave seller
vi) the character is sent to find an e. Female Fighter — Strength of 16+ 17 M e t a l worker
item (magic or otherwise); and Dexterity of 16+ 18 Chef
vii) the character is part of a slave- f. Female Cleric W i s d o m of 17+ 19 Roll twice more, ignore 19 & 2 0
gathering expedition, or is sent to and Dexterity of 16+ 20 No secondary skill.
kidnap someone; g. Female Assassin — no bonus
viii) the character h a s a specific task, h. Female Thief — no bonus. 1&3David A Knowles
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
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Postage ; a d d 10% t o o r d e r s o f l e s s t h a n E 6 . O v e r E6 p o s t f r e e . F u l l l i s t o f Huddersfield. West Yorkshire, HD7 5C)G. Tel: 0484 846162.
Games, A i d s a n d B o o k s s e n t w i t h o r d e r , o r send stamped addressed e n v e l o p e .

ORION 1 1 C o n i f e r Gardens, V i l l a g e Road, E n f i e l d , M i d d l e s e x . E N 1 2DU

Please m e n t i o n I M A G I N E m a g a z i n e w h e n r e p l y i n g t o a d v e r t i s e m e n t s 11
This month, w e w o u l d like to begin introducing you to the vast hive of SPELLBOOKS
humanity — and m o r e than h u m a n i t y — w h o live in the City League, Spellbooks show level, followed in brackets by the spell as numbered in
home b a s e f o r t h e I M A G I N E m a g a z i n e c a m p a i g n w o r l d . W h i l e n o t the rule book, w i t h a n asterix i f it i s c u r r e n t l y memorised; eg 1 ( 2 , 3 )
every DM will wish to use The City as the base for his campaign, we hope means that the M U has the first level spells numbered 2 and 3, in h e r
that t h i s f e a t u r e w i l l s t i l l b e u s e f u l t o everyone; s i n c e i f y o u a r e n ' t spell book and that number 3 is currently memorised. Full spell memory
interested i n ' T ' L e a g u e ' , t h e n y o u c a n a l w a y s j u s t i n t r o d u c e t h e will not normally be allocated, to a l l o w the D M flexibility.
characters and buildings you will find on these pages and in succeeding
months into your o w n campaign. The FREEMAN or FREEWOMAN
A new NPC character class for use in towns and cities
W i t h your help and bit-by-bit w e w i l l build up a picture of this teeming Cities are n o t j u s t populated b y a m i x t u r e o f exotic adventurers a n d
city and the characters within. But to start with, we had better introduce
thousands o f z e r o l e v e l f i g h t e r s ( N M / M y T h e r e w i l l b e m a n y
some of the concepts and ideas that will hold it all together. representatives of the a d v e n t u r o u s classes, and there will also be the
social also-rans, t h e low-lifes, b u t a great m a n y of the people w i l l be
Freemen a n d F r e e w o m e n , representing m e r c h a n t s , business people,
functionaries, clerks, bankers and many other mundane trades. In order
to a l l o w these people a l i t t l e more depth in this campaign, w e suggest
that D M s make use of the Freeman character class hereafter detailed.
Note that this is not intended to be a class available to player-characters,
and after a quick look, very few of your players will be that keen anyway!

Character abilities
The abilities are as normal and are rolled as normal. There is no reason
w h y these people should be a n y less or any more able than the average
adventurer. I n c e r t a i n c i r c u m s t a n c e s , t h e D M s h o u l d r e d u c e s o m e
ability scores t o a l l o w f o r t h e l e s s - t h a n - s t r e n u o u s t r a i n i n g t h a t n o n -
adventurers may have had.

Bonuses due to character abilities

Strength: N o a t t a c k / d a m a g e bonus, others normal
Intelligence: N o r m a l language bonuses
Wisdom: N o r m a l Saving T h r o w bonuses
Dexterity] N o missile bonuses, others normal
Constitution: O r d i n a r y (non-fighter) h i t point bonuses
M A J O R NPCs Charisma: Normal
W h e n e v e r NPCs are introduced, t h e y w i l l be described i n a standard
format. While all the stats will be for the D&DCP,and A D & D ® games, the Character class details
general i n f o r m a t i o n about each character w i l l a l l o w referees of other Hit die type: d6
systems to quickly extrapolate whatever they need. The characters will Max no hit dice: 9 (+1hp for each level above 9)
be presented as follows: Spell ability: nil
Level limit: none
W h e r e v e r alternative stats for a particular category are s h o w n w i t h a Armour: a n y, but rarely worn
slash (eg, hp 8 / 11 ) , the D&D stats are s h o w n before A D & D stets, Shield: possible
Weapons: a n y, b u t o n l y e v e r p r o f i c i e n t i n o n e ( - 5 n o n -
Line 1: Identifying Number; Name; Class & Level; A l i g n m e n t ; hp; proficiency penalty)
Line 2: Weapon Combat table: u s e magic-users combat results table
Line 3: Race (immediately below number) Oil? y e s
Lines 4-10: A b i l i t y Stats in the form 'S 18', etc Poison? y e s
Lines 4-10: Indented from the stats — details of character Racial restrictions: n o n e
0 appearance
0 occupation
The level of a Freeman or Freewoman is not determined by experience
0 characterizations
points but by a combination of their wealth, age and influence. A t 10th
level Freemen and Freewomen become members of the nobility. Thus a
Additional i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t c h a r a c t e r s w i l l a l s o b e f o u n d i n t h e simple b u r e a u c r a t i c f l u n k e y w o u l d b e F r i , a w e a l t h y t r a d e r Fr5, a
general description of their 'haunt'.
courtier Fr8 and so on. They may use any magical item that can be used
by a fighter o r a thief. Freemen and Freewomen save as fighters of the
M I N O R NPCs same level.
Less important NPCs will be described merely with their name and a few
descriptive sentences. All are NM/RD hp4 unless otherwise defined. It is New Weapons for use by Freemen and Freewomen
of course, possible t h a t a n o t h e r w i s e u n i m p o r t a n t NPC gains u n d u e Or, who needs to carry a lump of steel around all day?
attention in a game, in which case the DM should add whatever stat3 are
required. Weapon Weight Damage Length Speed Adjustments
Sword stick 20 1-6/1-8 3' 3 as dagger
ABBREVIATIONS Staff-mace 60 2-7/2-8 6' 8 as mace (foot)
The following abbreviations will be used in the NPC stats, in addition to Knobbed stick 30 1-6/1-3 3' 4 as club
the normal: Note: in the D & D g a m e the s t a ff - m a c e does 1 - 6 damage
For t h e A D & D g a m e : A s s a s s i n ; A c r o b a t ; B a r b a r i a n ; B a r d ; C l e r i c ;
Cavalier; D r u i d ; F i g h t e r ; F r e e m a n ; I l l u s i o n i s t ; M o n k ; M a g i c U s e r ; A sword stick is a w a l k i n g stick that holds a thin, rapier-like weapon.
Paladin; Ranger; Thief.
A staff-mace is like a quarter-staff with a heavy, ornate head that is both
For t h e D & D g a m e ( w h e r e different): A v e n g e r ; D w a r f ; E l f ; 1/21ing, decorative for public appearances and dangerous.
Knight; N o r m a l M a n .
A knobbed s t i c k i s like a s h o r t s t a ff - m a c e — a w a l k i n g s t i c k w h o s e
Races (where not covered by the above) 1/2Elf, G n o m e H u m a n ; 1/tOrc. handle is strengthened and weighted to act like a club w h e n required.
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
And rogenes Metz; 1 7 / 1 7 ; N / C N ; hp 2 2 / 2 8 ; A C 5 / 5 ;

Dagger and Sling
S 12 E l Filthy, s m e l l y leathers, unnecessary eye-patch
I 1 2 E l Sells m a t c h e s / h a n k i e s / g e w g a w s at street corners seek-
W 7 i n g victims
D 1 7 0 Dishonest(!), shifty, a n s w e r s to nickname ' P h e w '
C 8 E l K n o w s members of the local thieves' guild and probably an 1 7 1 r
Ch 6 a s s a s s i n or two

1 L i N Poisoned
i l e ' F l ohatpin
s s y ' (1
J opsoti n
l et ;ofTdamage
2 / A 2 ; C/CE; hp 5 / 8 ; AC 4 / 4 ;
plus poison)
D 7 0 Cheap silks over leather shirt
I 6 0 Floozy, w a i t s for custom in Square
W 8 0 Flirtatious, dangerous, greedy, keen on blackmail
D 1 8 0 K n o w s Phew (1a), and six or seven m i n o r officials
C 1 3
Ch 1 5

C T h e Pedlars are one of the many itinerant groups of traders w h o

travel from square to square setting up their stalls. This particular group
is typically nomadic, and although they will blow hot and cold during the
cut-throat bargaining they love, they are all true neutrals. Interestingly,
these four h u m a n s are albino brothers. From t h e i r stalls, adventurers

may b u y all n o r m a l , everyday i t e m s (like food, c l o t h i n g a n d oil). T h e
shops a r o u n d t h e s q u a r e m u s t b e a p p r o a c h e d f o r t h e i r specifics,
however, since there is an u n w r i t t e n City League law that forbids street
rir , I I I
sellers peddling the same wares as a shop within sight of it. Rumour has Rcao
it t h a t most pedlars are controlled by the Uncle — a mysterious figure = = n , N , , . / . . . 0 1 6 M•Wommd• . 9 r i T ,
w h o m e v e r y o n e h a s h e a r d of, b u t n o - o n e a d m i t s having m e t . S u c h
control would be worth a fortune to any who had it, and it is probable that
Ilallgriun 17,9
it is the cause of periodic fierce, secret wars.

Mylitis Ep-Stine is an old gnome who has run this apothecary for longer
than m o s t locals remember. I n i t can be b o u g h t the usual c h e m i c a l s
(including incense), a s w e l l a s m o s t o f t h e components magic u s e r s
need to cast their spells; u n f o r t u n a t e l y Mylitis does tend to overcharge
for things, but then, he 'has to make a living, doesn't he?' Depending on
the kind of campaign being run he may also prepare and sell potions. As
he supplies the local MU school (9) with many of their needs they oblige
him b y m a k i n g s u r e h i s bodyguard, G r i m n i x , i s kept c h a r m e d t o h i s
service. Mylitis is assisted by t w o unexceptional apprentices.

2 ,CI MN yo l weapon
i t i s E p(bodyguard)
- S t i n e r F r 3 / F r 3 ; N / N ; hp 8 / 11 ; AC 9 / 1 0 ;
S 6 0 Grey and brown robes, black a n d silver skull cap
I 1 6 0 Apothecary
W 12 0 Avaricious, cunning, suave, o l d gnome
D 4 0 K n o w s local traders and very friendly w i t h inhabitants o f
C 9 t h e local MU school
Ch 1 2

2 b G r Club
i m n i x F 6 / F 6 ; C/CE; no 4 0 / 5 0 ; A C 5 / 5 ;
V20g re/1/20g re
S 1 7 0 A n i m a l skins
I 3 0 Bodyguard c h a r m e d into service o f Mylitis Ep-Stine (2a)
W 5 L i Stupid, brave, sly
D 1 0 0 D o n ' t k n o w nuffink n o r nobody and nobody loves h i m . _
C 1 2
Ch 4

2 c & 2 d Lance and Beaubritches are 2 apprentices to Mylitis q1k911:11D FLOOR, IsTICOR
— male h u m a n youths w h o k n o w the local serving classes
I M A G I N E ma9azinc, August 1984 13
,,• -nguF67•,,,1
The City League is nothing if not an opportunity to make some cash and
so t h e c l e r i c s o f t h e t o w n h a v e a g r e e d t o e s t a b l i s h t h i s m u l t i -
denominational s h r i n e j u s t i n s i d e t h e gates. Vi s i t o r s m a y e n t e r t h e
shrine, pray in one of the private booths and receive holy water or a cure
l i g h t w o u n d s spell from the resident cleric, assuming he or she is 'in'.
Three fighters act as attendants, collect the money and show visitors to
vacant booths (and clear u p afterwards) or t o the screen f r o m w h e r e
beneficence i s dispensed. I f any visitor behaves badly or aggressively
one of the attendants simply rings the bell, and as the garrison is right
next door....

Suggested costs are: Entry and private praying booth 5 g p / t u r n

Cure L i g h t Wo u n d s 125 gp per spell
Holy Wa t e r 30 gp per vial
No other clerical items are available.

3 ,01 M
A amc ae nind room
a i a L a m a n c h a • C 5 / C 5 ; N / N ; hp 2 0 / 2 8 A C 7 / 7 ;
S 1 4 0 Rich maroon linen robes, boots, r i n g o f protection +3
I 9 0 Representative cleric at traveller's shrine
W 14 0 Kindly but uncommunicative, d i s t a n t
D 8 0 K n o w s the whereabouts of most temples in Docklands and
C 1 4 B o r o u g h , does not k n o w any bureaucrats or merchants
Ch 1 2

3 t ,1J
„ S
L hi o
n rkt Sword
P i n t h r i p ; F r 3 / F r 3 ; N / N E ; hp 1 0 / 1 2 . A C 8 / 8 ;
S 1 4 U Leather uniform and seal of office on a t h u m b ring
I 1 3 0 Official money collector for clerical group
W 9 0 Officious, snide, overcharges
D 8 U Is f a m i l i a r w i t h local byelaws, k n o w s several other petty
C 1 3 f un ctionaries
Ch 9

3c, 3d & 3e Portia, B o l d M a r y and I n v i d i a are the

three acolyte-guards. Each is F 2 / F 2 with hp 1 0 / 1 4 . They say they know
no-one locally, keeping t h e i r o w n c o m p a n y a n d occasionally visiting
their families living somewhere in Docklands. They wear severe short,
black, tunics with small, jet adornments and thonged sandals. Invidia is
the Scards' daughter (see Black Pig, 4) but she ignores them. Bold Mary
is the daughter of the nearby miller (10)


An old scruffy local. The place has a w e l l deserved reputation for good
beer and good food served at sensible prices (unlike, some say, the Ford
Inn, 5) and is therefore usually packed. Run efficiently by the landlord,
despite his, n o w famous, imaginary tales of valour. There is very limited
sleeping space on the floor after everyone has gone home. A t the rear is "11111111111111151511, FR_On'T cl::16°1"111'7'13,,
a general p u r p o s e building t h a t c a n b e u s e d a t t h e D M ' s discretion.
Recommended prices: everything just below the norm.
LIIIC1.) J2,0

4 , a HNo
u rweapon
n a k a r S c a r d ; F r 2 / F r 2 N / L N ; hp 6 / 9 ; AC 3 / 3 ; EOM
S 1 6 0 Gleaming breastplate o v e r o l i v e g r e e n t u n i c , b r o w n
I 1 0 t r o u s e r s tied at the knee
••••• 1:=3
W 11 U Brewer, publican and professional coward
D 11 0 Cocky, plausible, charming, craven braggart,
C 1 5 U K n o w s everyone local, b u t no-one well, resents Race (5a)
Ch 1 6

4b D i n a h S c a r d ; F 3 / F 3 ; N / L N ; hp 1 6 / 2 0 ; A C 9 / 1 0 ;
Long sword in kitchen
S 1 5 U Ye l l o w dress, b r o w n cloak w i t h crimson embroidery
I 1 5 U B r e w e r and publican
W 8 U Quiet, i n d u s t r i o u s , s u p p o r t i v e , p i n e s f o r h e r d a u g h t e r
D 8 I n v i d i a w h o works at the Shrine (3)
C 11 U K n o w s t h e k i t c h e n s t a f f o f t h e F o r d Inn, c o n f i d a n t e o f
Ch 6 G o l d r n e a d o w (5b)

4 c & 4 d Bedurn a n d B e r u t h a r e t h e Scards' t w o

disappointing sons. They help, listlessly, i n t h e pub, being constantly
urged to go adventuring like their father. But both Dinah and Vurnakar
k n o w it was Dinah's adventures that earned the money to buy the pub.
Beruth k n o w s more than he tells of Angovidintrix Blister(51)
I M A G I N E Inagdne, August 1984
5 T h e FORD I N N
A building reeking of antiquity; the present structure stands on the site B e r e n o r d ; F5/F5, L / L G h p 2 5 / 3 0 ; AC 9/10;
of the original way-station. It has been improved and extended over the t o B a t t l e axe in his room
centuries and n o w comprises a fine inn, a farrier's shop, a stable (with H/H
horses f o r sale o r hire) a n d a tackle s h o p w i t h a d w a r f w h o repairs S 15 0 Black a n d b r o w n s h i r t a n d trousers, b r o w n boots, r e d
leatherwork. Recommended prices: all 50% above the norm. The inn is I 1 2 neckerchief
run b y Race a n d h i s beautiful e l v e n w i f e , G o l d m e a d o w, both retired W 9 0 Follower of Race, n o w general factotum at the Inn
adventurers. This loving couple have been going through unhappy times D 9 0 Silent, troubled, noble, h a i r y
over the last f e w years, brought about by the decision of their only son, C 9 L i K n o w s some druids from the Communities, but locally only
Rathe, to undergo the rigorous and lengthy training at the Magic Users' Ch 1 0 w o r k e r s at the Inn
School (9), w h e r e h e is n o w a Conjurer. Rathe took orders u n d e r the Berenord is a w e r e b e a r (see D M ' s R u l e b o o k / M o n s t e r Manual). He is
Master of the school, Horratanis, despite the fondest hope of his father in full control of h i m s e l f and periodically has to ride into the forests to
that he too would be an adventurer. Goldmeadow, however, understood roam in his animal form.
her son's desire, and this caused discord between her and her husband.
It has been t h r e e years since Rathe last visited h i s parents, and both
miss him terribly. The subject is best avoided within earshot of Race, and 5 AU B B aut trl b
e uaxe
r y inF forge
l a t a x e D w 3 / F 3 L / L G h p 18/18 A C 4/5;
most magic users w h o k n o w the story stay clear of the Ford Inn. Dw/Dw
S 16 0 Leather apron over chain m a i l shirt a n d grubby green
l a , R a c e ; F 8 / R 8 , L / L G ; hp 6 0 / 6 0 ; AC 7 / 8 ; I 7 t r o u s e r s
• a L o n g sword in chambers, dagger on person W 12 0 Farrier, l o n g - t i m e associate o f Race(5a)
H/H D 13 0 U n u s u a l l y talkative and friendly, opinionated, pig-ignorant
S 1 7 0 Waistcoat o v e r b r i g h t s h i r t , b r e e c h e s , l o n g c o l o u r e d C 1 0 0 Many acquaintances, f e w friends, secretly adores
I 1 5 s t o c k i n g s , shoes w i t h bright buckles, l o n g clay pipe Ch 1 3 G o l d m e a d o w ( 5 b ) , D i g g e r (5e) is his son
W 1 5 L I Landlord and nobody's fool
D 1 1 L I Dignified, respected, c a r e f u l
C 1 4 0 One of the most famous people in the League, knows many 5 e D i g g e r Flataxe, D w l / F 1 , h p 6 / 7 i s B u r b u r y ' s son. H e i s t h e
Ch 11 i m p o r t a n t people, b u t n o p a r t i c u l a r friends, s t u d i o u s l y leather repairer and w h e n his dad is not around behaves very much like
ignores Hurnakar Scard (4a) him. Rather overfond of the odd tipple.

5 1 1J
, LGo on gl dbm
owe aindchambers,
o w ; E 6 / Fdagger
6 - M U 6 ;onL / person
L G ; hp 3 0 / 3 5 AC 8 / 1 0 ;
5 f & 5 g F l a x e n B i l l y a n d J o s a r e t h e t w o , boring,
E/E uninformative stable boys.
S 1 6 L I C h e e r f u l s k i r t e d t u n i c o v e r t r o u s e r s t i e d a t ankles, n o
I 1 7 s h o e s , u s u a l l y has flowers i n hair
W 1 1 L I Landlady 5 h & 5 i P o t b o y One and Potboy Tw o (real names Vax and
D 1 3 0 Grave, lonely, polite, s m e l l s w o n d e r f u l Vo x B i g a n t ) are t w i n s w h o serve, b r e w and clean. They think and talk
C 1 0 L I A l t h o u g h very famous, her only friend is Dinah (4b), avoids alike a n d a r e t o t a l l y i n d i s t i n g u i s h a b l e e x c e p t t h a t , w h e n a s k e d
Ch 1 8 B u r b u r y Flataxe (5d) questions not concerned w i t h the business of the Inn, One always lies
Spell Book D & D 1(1, 3, 4 , 5, 6, 7, 9); and Tw o always tells the truth!
2(4*, 6, 10, 11 )
3(4, 6, 8, 12)
A D & D 1(1, 3, 1 2 , 15, 16, 20, 22, 27);
2 ( 6 , 7, 8 , 10, 13, 22, 23, 24) 5 ) A, n g o5 v ikd i n t &
an r i x d5o 1t h e
B ecooking.
r y l Blister
A n gand
o v i dher
i n t rdaughters,
i x i s h a v i nWilbertina
g a sweet
3(9,12,18,24) romance w i t h Beruth (4d).



FRoner ' M E W F l E . 7 F L O O R gRounD FL,00Ik,

1 M A Q I N E n t a g a n t t e , A u g u s t 1984
, e 5 V " ) - V V- U T q r
There is no love lost between the dwarven armourer, Gert, and her near
neighbours, t h e elven w e a p o n s m i t h s (7). T h e resident a r m o u r e r had
never b e e n o v e r - f o n d o f t h e w e a p o n s m i t h s , b u t since G e r t t o o k u p
residence the lack of w a r m t h soon became hatred: she despises them.
Good sense and a restraining partner mean that she restricts her violent
assaults t o t h e v e r b a l k i n d , m u c h t o t h e a m u s e m e n t o f t h e o t h e r
occupants o f t h e s q u a r e . N e v e r t h e l e s s , s h e i s o n e o f t h e f i n e s t
armourers in Docklands, and with Thokrin the jeweller produces articles
of enviable quality (and price!). Whilst Gert and Thokrin lavish their skill
and passion on the sumptuous items, their apprentices get on w i t h the
business o f p r o v i d i n g r e l i a b l e a r m o u r f o r adventurers. A m u n d a n e
activity w h i c h , i f t h e t r u t h w e r e k n o w n , a c t u a l l y provides t h e r e a l
income of the business.

6 a G Battleaxe
e r t R u s t y D w 6 / F 6 , N / N G ; hp 3 6 / 4 0 ; A C 1 / 1 ,
S 1 7 0 Immaculate, b r e a s t p l a t e +2 over leather shirt and trews FIR5.1. FILDR.
I 9 0 Armourer
W 12 0 Hot-blooded, honest, s i n g l e - m i n d e d
D 1 1 0 K n o w s and known by local dwarves, loves Burbury Flataxe
C 1 3 ( 5 d ) - and makes no secret of it a n d therefore hates elves
Ch 1 0 a l l the more.

6 b T h No
o kweapon
r i n S i l v e r - E y e D w 7 / F 7 N / N G ; hp 4 0 / 4 6 ; A C 6 / 8 ;
S 1 4 0 Shining, i n t r i c a t e l y adorned, l e a t h e r s over scarlet shirt,
I 1 5 s i l v e r eye shield hides empty socket
W 15 L I Jeweller
a.17 C : 3 U A
D 13 0 Fussy, easily upset, lisps
C 1 2 0 K n o w s and known by local dwarves, also knows one or two
Ch 1 5 m i n o r bureaucrats
QUI) FLGDR C E L L A R , 1°=611,12'fret
6 c K o n U n d e r o c k is the D w 5 / F 5 hp 2 0 / 2 0 shopkeeper who deals
with o r d i n a r y customers. H e a l s o a c t s a s c o o k a n d housekeeper. A
friendly, stupid chap.
6i, 6 j & 6 k Thokrin h a s 3 apprentices — 2 d w a r v e s
(Wampateak Imp and Mok Inner) a nd 1 gnome (Pinter Abstentangree)

It i s b y s h e e r c o i n c i d e n c e t h a t t w o o f t h e g n o m e s a r e c a l l e d
6 d , 6 e , 6 f , 6 g & 6 h G e r t has 5 apprentices — 3 Abstentangree a s t h e y a r e e n t i r e l y unrelated. These youngters w o r k
dwarves J o l l y Kobold-Killer, Baggy Bluenose and Biffer) and 2 hard and get their fun chucking bricks through the w i n d o w s of the local
gnomes (Kiri! the Hungry and Paternoster Abstentangree). merchants.


Over the generations (and for an elf, a generation is a l o n g time!) this

group of weapon-makers have become renowned for their standardized
weapon design. Almost completely lacking in flair, they produce straight-
forward, reliable weapons at a sensible price; just don't ask for extras,
that's all. The group is entirely male, and has been so since records were
first kept. Periodically, as if answering some unheard call, a young male
elf will arrive at the shop to work his apprenticeship, and an older elf will
move on t o n e w adventures. Currently five elves live and w o r k in the

7 1 1-/
, LBol negnbcoawt h r a E 2 / F 2 - M U 2 ; L / L G ; hp 8 / 8 ; A C 7 / 7 ;
S 9 0 Green robes
I 1 3 E Bowyer
W 8 L I Aloof, c h a t s endlessly about bows i f pressed
D 17 0 K n o w s no-one other than his colleagues
C 1 2
Ch 9

7,%t 0 LSoknigd bow

d a w ; E 2 / F 2 - M U 2 L / L G ; hp 9 / 9 ; A C 8 / 9 ;
S 1 4 0 Ye l l o w robes
I 1 2 0 Fletcher
L / L G h p 8 / 8 AC 7 / 8 ,
7 , Wetherlarn;
E2/F2-MU2 W 14 0 Initially aloof, friendly, humourous, cheeky
D 15 0 K n o w s no-one o t h e r than his colleagues
E/E C 8
S 1 2 0 Green robes Ch 8
I 1 3 0 Swordsmith
W 11 0 Aloof, cool, u n c o m m u n i c a t i v e
D 16 0 K n o w s no-one other than his colleagues 7 d & 7 e Lingmell and Grasmoor are the two apprentices,
C 1 2
the first p e r f o r m i n g basic blacksmithing and the second leather-work
Ch 1 2
and carving. They, too, k n o w no-one other than their colleagues.
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984

( A )

'1Q '91

Model Grenadier New Outlets for Virgin

Remember the riddle of the Mammoth's expect trunks on pachyderms. He also Virgin Games Centre is now well and
Trunk (Illuminations, #15)? Well, in- knows that trunks don't have skeletons. truly established in its Oxford Street
debted though I am to those countless Thus is born the trunk armour and yet home. While not being the only centre
thousands o f zoologists, biologists, another example of mundane necessity London games shop (and I apologise to
bikers, mummy and daddy mammoths giving rise to high art. Just Games for missing them out in
and British Rail sandwich makers who my issue 12 piece on Games Centre),
took the trouble to write in and explain The s e c o n d m o d e l i n G r e n a d i e r ' s they a r e t h e inheritors o f t h e o l d
the precise physiology of a mammoth's Masterpiece range i s n o w available. Games Centre mantle and so it is of
trunk, I n o w k n o w w h a t i t i s t h a t This is a Death Dragon of the Undead interest t o enquire h o w a r e t h e y
dangles from the face o f Grenadier's Legion w i t h rider. A s with the M a m - getting on? The answer seems to be
War Mammoth of the Undead Legion. moth, it is an excellent piece of work, 'very nicely thanks'. Virgin's games
It i s n o t a skeletal trunk. I t i s t r u n k original and well executed. The same retailing operation is now under the
armour, m a d e u p o f j o i n t e d m e t a l company are producing a new range of experienced hand of ex-Games Work-
plates. There is a good reason for this the more usual, flesh covered dragons shop man Bob Malin. Their trading in
appendage. Since we seem to be alone, as well. They are a part of the Dragon- Oxford Street has obviously persuaded
I shall whisper to you intimate details of lords series and so far there have been them that games are a good business
four released — Black, White, Red and to be i n because they are already
design development a s practised b y
creators of Skeleton Mammoths. After thinking about new outlets elsewhere.
Brass. Eventually the range will consist
They have a distinct advantage in that
sculpting in loving detail his accurate of 12 different dragons, each accom-
many Virgin record shops throughout
boney monster, the artist in question panied by an altar. The 12 altars are
the country have spare floors which
accosts a passing fellow designer. 'Hey designed to fit together, thus forming can be utilised as games shops. Thus
Al', he cries, 'Whaddya think of this?' the legendary 'Ring of the Dragon lords'. they don't have the trouble of finding
He proudly indicates his masterpiece. suitable premises. Likely venues for
'Yeah!' shouted A l i n an enthusiastic In t h e m o o d f o r something a l i t t l e new Virgin Games Shops in the near
American way. 'A skeleton war mouse different? One of Grenadier's upcoming future include Scotland (Edinburgh or
with howdah and diminutive but beaut- releases is Heroes of the Bible. This Glasgow) and Leeds. This must be
ifully detailed, flash-free, infant hobbit little boxed set contains 25mm models good news for everyone concerned
(oops, h a l f l i n g ) c r e w. Te r r i f i c ! ! ' H e of Moses, Noah, Goliath a n d David, about the future o f hobby gaming.
strides away. The mammoth designer plus inspirational s t o r y book, paints More top quality outlets will result in
is shocked. But, reaching for a support- and painting guide. A fairly powerful more business for producers and bet-
ive Budweiser, he recognises the truth. argument against those misguided folk ter service for customers. A happy co-
No-one would know it was a mammoth. who believe that RPGs celebrate the incidence of interest all round.
Being b r i g h t , h e s e e s t h a t p e o p l e Dark Forces at the expense of the Light.

Transatlantic Tales Workshop of the Mind

Red faces time. We've been bragging There i s a f a i r selection o f n e w s t u f f two adventures in Glozal, one about an
about t h e M a r v e l Superheroes rpg coming our way via Games Workshop at artifact and the other set in Russia in the
over the last few months, and since it the moment. Pride of place m u s t go to 1920s b u t t h a t is as far as I got. Later
was released in the USA in June, if their U K p r i n t i n g o f C a l l o f C t h u l h u . this year, Games Workshop are bringing
things had followed their normal route, This popular game (heavily featured in out a Cthulhu Sourcepack for adven-
you could be rushing out to buy it here IMAGINE magazine #13) is now at the tures in Britain and Europe.
now. Alas, there is a little hitch. Our much m o r e b u y a b l e p r i c e o f £ 9 . 9 5 .
cousins at Lake Geneva who forged Such i s t h e c u r r e n t w e a k n e s s o f t h e If y o u a r e l o o k i n g f o r a r e a d y - m a d e
the deal with Marvel forgot about the pound vis-a-vis the dollar that printing a campaign for your fantasy role playing,
big wide world outside the USA. No- game i n t h e U K b r i n g s dramatic price GW have the ' H a m ' series just for you. It
one thought to tell TSR UK about it benefits. T h e r e a r e a l s o a n u m b e r o f comprises a number of glossy, colourful
either, which accounts for our opti- new s c e n a r i o s f o r C t h u l h u i n c l u d i n g books t h e f i r s t o f w h i c h i s c a l l e d ,
mism. Well, before you give up hope, Masks of Nyarlathotep from Chaosium reasonably e n o u g h , H a m . I t c o s t s
let me tell you that the full weight of and Glozal e s t Authentique from f 1 5 . 9 5 . This contains the basic inform-
British management (namely Don Theatre of the Mind. Jon Sutherland of ation on t h e continent of Ham. Next is
Turnbull, publisher of this very maga- Games Workshop (he also writes White Cities o f H a m and there are also four
zine) has taken up direct negotiation D w a r l ' s n e w s page — I b e t h e n e v e r volumes of the Encyclopedia Harnica
with Marvel. We all hope that this will thought h e w o u l d g e t h i s n a m e i n t o at E 4 . 9 5 each. A s C i t i e s is E8.95, t h e
lead to the game arriving here before Illuminations)gave me a brief résumé of whole s e t i s r a t h e r pricey, b u t i t does
long at a more reasonable price than is the plot of the latter but it is as twisted as give you a lot of information, presented
currently charged by those entrepren- the title and it proved a little too much in an attractive way. The Ham Campaign
eurs who have imported it on the QT. for me to understand. There seem to be is suitable for use with any FRP system.

18 I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984

Diarog (Views from over the Atlantic
Extra! My Alter Ego was reading IMAGINETm magazine
by Lew Putcipher
is such a vast game, made to cater to so many
different tastes, cobbled together over many
again instead of win king i n the dungeon —
incorrigible lad a n d soon found something of years, that no one, and no world, could possibly
(crest. incorporate all facets of the game. Besides, I have
•Golliwock its, Puls, look here. TSR begins to doubts about how much some of the new classes
discover the combination combat table and the have beets tested. Designing a character class is as
gt aduated saving throw table that fans have been hard as designing a simple boardgame, and takes
4th Column using situ c 1975-76: longer, I think, for adequate play-testing. I start
I looked at the article in issue 13. •But they a class titled-four years before it's published, and
Things have been quiet in the degen- haven't gone far enough, Alter. If you take the I abandon more than half the starts and t he fit st
erate w o r l d of Car Wa r s recently, b u t lowest h i t probability as a base, and ( onvert I yped draft, wish it tepresents a lot of work. With
just when I thought it was safe to take character class and level to a bonus number to be his work load and what he's said about the
my poodle for a w a l k again, the peace added t o the diit' toll, you can include the difficulty of finding time to work on the game
is shattered by the throaty roar of Car weapons modifications i n the a l l-purpose and t)lay it, does EGG have time to design classes
«mibitt table. For example, the Lakolka/Gygax properly? -Fhe tIdO OM'S jusl don't make it.'
Wars Expansion Kit 5 scorching into
table. i f MU 1 is +0, then MU 4-5 is +2, as is 'Puts, you grouch, get up on t he other side of
town, closely slipstreamed by another the bed tomormse:
iglu« level 1, cleric level 1-2, etc. The method
hairy-armed A u t o v e n t u r e blockbuster was described in an arid(' I wrote for WHITE 'We're all entitled to complain occasionally,
Ultraforce, w h i c h is also suitable for DWARF called "Arms at the Ready" Jill b u t and I'm not done. In response to an article I sent
Battlecars. No prices yet but if you've instead of printing the resulting table they took to IMAGINE it while ago, the editor's chief
got polystyrene between your ears and three tittles as much space t o p i int a less minion said it was "too practical. I nearly fell
delusions o f adequacy, you're b o u n d «mvenient h a m , a table f o r every weapon over. Hose can anything be too practical in it
to love them both. instead of one line for every weapon.• magazine which, one tnight assume, is intended
'You also briefly described the met hod i n to be practical, to inform the readers, to educate.'
GAMEPLAY.' 'Come o n Puls, where's y o u r streak o f
'Urn, yes. And this method — which I know cynicism?'
The long-awaited S t a r Fleet Battles 'You're my cynicism, Alter:
many people have devised independently — has
Commanders Rulebook Vol 2 is now •OK, let's not get cynical — limns, sounds like
another advantage over the table in IMAGINE.
available at E9.95. Contrary to popular When you fight a monster not %%Taring any a song title. IMAGINE (and WHITE DWARF,
opinion, the long delay was not caused armour, you don't even need to look at the table. too) is it ying to expand its readership rapidly.
by the publisher being unable to find 22 minus armour class gives the basic 'to Is How do you do that. Tr y to throw in as many
enough Letraset to print the title. The number, and each character adds his individual different bits/ topics as you can, its order to suck
belated emergence of this tome finish- weapon bonus plus other botmses for strength in people who are interested in just that topic —
es the transfer of the material previous- and magic weapon. I f t h e monster wears say movies, o r science fiction reviews, actual
armour, s o that one needs t o use weapons SF/F stories, fanzines, computers, whatever.
ly published in the Expansion Sets into Then think about the supposed characteristics
the m o r e c o n v e n i e n t a n d c o h e r e n t inodifications, you need to look u p the base
chance to hit for each different kind of weapon of a mass reztdership, any mass readership.
format of the Commanders Rulebooks. hnpulse buying (hence WI IITE DWARF's new
— but only once, not a separate calculation for
All the old expansion kits are n o w, in each character class. I'll send IMAGINE maga- emphasis On i n s i d e ( - o h m ' t o attract), s h o r t
Jon Sutherland's word, 'dumped'. zine a copy of my version of this table.' attention span and genet al laziness, a desire for
'Didn't you send a copy, along with some spell immediate gratification. And the new readers
eiord-keeping stuff, to DRAGON to look at?' will probably be younger, on the average, than
Citadel M i n i a t u r e s have moved f r o m Just the tables, not an at tide, Alter, but hilly the veteran readers. So, don't give them anything
,aid they were sure most people had already hat makes them think hard, don't give them
their o l d p r e m i s e s a n d a r e p r o u d l y
scot kid out satisfactory play aids lot themselves. itnyi hing that w o n ' t make them feel good
sending a colour postcard illustrating immediately, as old anything too long:
Later they published the L/G table. I guess most
their n e w h o m e t o a n y o n e w i t h a 'In a word, emphasize emertainment and let
people don't count when the designer speaks,
letterbox. To b e honest, t h e building education or information you can use tot norrow
even if he's eight years behind the times.'
looks l i k e t h e l a u n d r y annexe t o t h e 'Any comment about the other official and fend for itself.'
Ministry o f T r u t h , b e i n g f r o m t h e not-so-offit ial additions to the A M D ® game?' 'Yeah. And that's how something can be "too
shoebox-realist style o f architecture, 'I don't cat( whether they're °Hi( ial or not. I practical". No Ma( ter how much time it might
but doubtless i t is very cosy inside. It (mem ber in a game in Chelsea many years ago, save readers, or how much effort and aggra-
certainly seems to be ari improvement I let someone play a bard — the old, never-to- be- vation they might avoid — that's what your
suit' iciently-criticized bind: article was aimed at, i f I recall it — i f it isn't
on their old place and is an indication
'You meals worse than the official gross-and- en tet mining, forget it, so, much of the material
of the kind of success they are currently
ridiculous bard?' its the magazine will be enjoyable to read, but the
enjoying. 'Yes, the old one from STRATEGIC REVIEW, reader w i l l carry n o t h i n g away w i t h hint. Five
Citadel h a v e a l s o a n n o u n c e d t h a t minutes afterwards, he'll be no better off than if
the magazinc-before-DRAGON. A n y w a y, I let
they will no longer be selling unpack- 1nm play i t because he wanted to, though I he'd never read the piece. Cartoons and fictional
aged figures. T h i s is a n ever-present wasn't familiar with all the rules. Unfortun- pieces are like that, for example.'
bone o f c o n t e n t i o n i n t h e f i g u r e s ately, the fellow was either confused or a cheat, 'And unfortunately, n o t everything that's
world. B r o a d l y speaking, c o n s u m e r s because he had that Bard doing things even that informative can also be entertaining, or if it can,
prefer unpackaged, w h i l e m a n u f a c t - gross class couldn't do at his level, figuring not without increasing the length 40-50%. Many
urers and retailers prefer packaged. It percentages wrongly and forgetting modifiers. magazines build a reputation through supllying
Whets I found out, I was annoyed enough to useful information, then change direction when
has been an uphill struggle persuading
decide I wouldn't referee for any character class I they try t o expand their audience rapidly. I
the British public to accept packaged wonder w h a t I M A G I N E readers, especially
regard as over-powered or ridiculous, or one I
figures b u t i t w o u l d a p p e a r f r o m don't know, regardless of origins. For example, those who started wills the early issues, would
Citadel's decision t h a t the struggle is at first reading the barbarian is truly gross, say about the question o f entertainment vs
more or less won. Or is this an attempt though it seemed less so — still pretty bad — the useful information/education.'
at a fait accomph? Interesting to see that second time around, and I'm unlikely to use it.' 'Maybe they could take a vote by raising
Citadel a r e i n t e n d i n g t o b r i n g o u t 'A l o t o f players w o u l d say a referee i s hands:
plastic figures. T h e y are described as obligated to accept every 'official' addition to the 'Don't get sarcastic, Alter. Cynicism or skep-
game.' ticism can h e l p answer questions, sarcasm
being toy-sized but whether this means
'As long as it's made clear before the game doesn't. At least editors might ask readers to semi
54mm or something the size of TSR's
starts, Alter, a referee has every right to reject any in letters about the question:
own plastic figures, is not yet clear.
character class or oddball pet or strange magic
item ( W e n "official" ones. After all„ Advanced 1445 Lew Pulsipher

IMAGINE magtWne, August 1984

by Graeme Davis
and Cu Chulainn's equipment in the Tain
Bo Cuilaigne included a crested battle-
helmet. T h e h e l m e t c o v e r e d t h e h e a d
only; nasals and eye guards are a Scan-
dinavian development. I t is w o r t h m e n -
tioning, w h i l e o n t h e s u b j e c t o f t h e
Vikings, that they never wore the horned
and decorated h e l m e t s f o r w h i c h t h e y
have later become famous; these were a
purely Celtic item.
Use o f body a r m o u r varied. Diodorus
Siculus mentions that some Gauls used a
chainmail shirt or hauberk, w h i l e others
entered b a t t l e c o m p l e t e l y n a k e d . I t i s
thought t h a t g o i n g n a k e d i n t o b a t t l e
invoked some ritual or magical protection,
)04,1141,4),i' although t h i s e x t r a v a g a n t s c o r n i n g o f
danger s e e m s i n k e e p i n g w i t h C e l t i c
Ize,----- --;-/-;--(//-',--. bravado. C u C h u l a i n n ' s a r m o u r i n t h e
Tam n B o C u a i l g n e consisted o f ' t w e n t y
seven t u n i c s o f w a x e d skin, plated a n d
pressed together.... over them he put on
his heroic deep battle-belt of stiff, tough,
tanned leather from the choicest parts of
the h i d e s o f s e v e n yearlings, c o v e r i n g
him f r o m h i s n a r r o w w a i s t to t h e thick-
ness of his armpit'; clearly some kind of
'The whole race.., is madly fond of war, records that the heads of some spears are leather armour, although the n u m b e r of
high-spirited and quick to battle' forged w i t h b r e a k s t h r o u g h o u t t h e i r tunics must be an exaggeration.
entire length, s o t h a t t h e b l o w n o t o n l y A distinctive feature of warfare among
Strabo (c. 63 BC - A D 21)
cuts b u t a l s o t e a r s t h e f l e s h , a n d t h e some communities was chariot-fighting.
recovery o f t h e s p e a r t e a r s o p e n t h e Caesar f i r s t e n c o u n t e r e d c h a r i o t s i n
This observation, m a d e w h e n t h e
wound', Cu Chulainn's spear Gae Bolga Britain; a l t h o u g h D i o d o r u s S i c u l u s
Roman Empire was assimilating the is said to have many barbs. mentions them i n Gaul, h i s information
newly-conquered Celts of Gaul, holds Shields were made of wood or leather, probably comes from the lost account of
true throughout Celtic history, f r o m rectangular o r oval i n shape, a n d large Posidonius, a Greek who travelled in Gaul
the R o m a n conquests o f G a u l a n d enough t o protect t h e w h o l e body. T h e some t w o h u n d r e d y e a r s e a r l i e r. T h e y
Britain a n d t h e D a r k - A g e ' C e l t i c boss w a s bronze, w i t h relief decoration, seem t o have been dying o u t i n Britain
Revival' w h i c h spawned the earliest and sometimes other decorative fittings. w h e n Caesar encountered them, f o r n o
Arthurian legends to the Norman and The most luxurious shields had facings of mention a p p e a r s i n a c c o u n t s o f t h e
Tudor campaigns i n Ireland. C e l t i c sheet-bronze, l i k e t h a t f o u n d i n t h e Roman c o n q u e s t o f B r i t a i n i n A D 4 3 .
Thames a t Battersea a n d n o w i n t h e Chariots f i g u r e p r o m i n e n t l y i n t h e Irish
society c e n t r e d a r o u n d a w a r r i o r
British Museum. This shield is about half sagas, a n d w e are allowed a glimpse o f
aristocracy in the same way as that of
normal size, a n d apparently w a s n e v e r some of the etiquette surrounding them.
the ' h e r o i c a g e ' Greece o f H o m e r,
intended for use in battle; it is thought to The Celtic chariot was drawn by a pair of
and a g r e a t deal o f surviving Celtic have b e e n produced t o b e deliberately horses, a n d w a s o p e n a t t h e f r o n t a n d
literature a n d tradition concerns i t - offered to t h e god o f the river. The Irish back w i t h a p a i r o f semicircular w i c k e r
self with warfare and heroic deeds. epic Tain Bo Cuailgne (the Cattle-Raid of sides. It carried the noble warrior and his
Cooley) mentions shields with sharpened charioteer, and Caesar describes British
The weapons of the 'classic' Celtic w a r - rims, a n d says t h a t ' w h e n Cu C h u l a i n n chariot-fighting as follows:
rior were sword, shield and spear; ' t h e i r did t h e f e a t o f t h e s h i e l d - r i m h e c o u l d 'In chariot-fighting the Britons begin by
spears h a v e points a s l o n g a s s w o r d s , ' shear with his shield as sharply as a spear diving all over the field hurling javelins._
wrote the Roman Diodorus Siculus of the or sword,' but there is no mention of this then.... they jump down from the chariots
Gauls. A r c h a e o l o g i c a l f i n d s o f s w o r d s tactic outside these sagas, and this may and engage o n foot. I n t h e m e a n t i m e ,
from t h i s p e r i o d i n E u r o p e s h o w a n be o n e o f m a n y exaggerations w h i c h their charioteers retire a s h o r t distance
average length in the region of three feet have c r e p t i n t o t h e s t o r y b e t w e e n t h e from the battle and place the chariots in
from pommel to point, in marked contrast events i t records ( t h o u g h t o n archaeo- such a position that their masters, i f hard
to the short stabbing sword of the Roman logical g r o u n d s t o be i n t h e 1 s t o r 2 n d pressed by numbers, have an easy means
l e g i o n a r y. S c a b b a r d s h a d d e c o r a t i v e century AD) and the time that it was first of retreat to t h e i r o w n lines. Thus, t h e y
bronze fittings, o f t e n faced w i t h bronze, written down in about the 7th century. combine the mobility of cavalry with the
and decorated with the circular and spiral Apart f r o m t h e shield, m o s t w a r r i o r s staying power of infantry.'
patterns characteristic of Celtic art. wore a h e l m e t o f s o m e kind. D i o d o r u s From the Irish sagas, it is clear that the
Two kinds of spear w e r e used: a l i g h t Siculus m e n t i o n s 'large bronze helmets chariot and charioteer were as much the
javelin o r throwing-spear, o f w h i c h t h e with large projecting figures lending the mark of the true hero as the charger and
warrior usually had more than one, and a appearance o f e n o r m o u s stature t o t h e squire t o l a t e r chivalry. T h e charioteer
heavier f i g h t i n g s p e a r ( I r i s h c r a i s e c h ) wearer; in 4ome cases h o r n s . _ i n o t h e r was comparable in status and function to
used in closer combat. Diodorus Siculus cases.... the foreparts of birds or animals', the k n i g h t ' s s q u i r e , a n d w a s n o r m a l l y
20 I M A G I N E nuTazine, August 1984
regarded a s n o n c o m b a t a n t e x c e p t i n long-handled battleaxe or short poleaxe. and f e a t s except t h e g a e bolga, w h i c h
outright war; it was far more prestigious Other w e a p o n s w e r e n o t c o m m o n . was taught to no one else.
to send him home with his master's body Clubs w e r e used by less civilised churls One distinctive magical weapon of the
and a f e w o f t h e o g r e / g i a n t t y p e s Irish stories is the tathlum. The t a t h l u m
and t h e s t o r y o f h o w a m i g h t y w a r r i o r
overcame h i m . I n t h e I r i s h sagas, i f a encountered i n Celtic literature, a n d i n was a weapon of great power made from
chariot drew up with its left (ie shield) side one case i r o n flails a r e mentioned, b u t a severed h u m a n head; i t being t h e
facing an encountered warrior, this w a s these are most exceptional. custom t h r o u g h o u t t h e C e l t i c r a c e s t o
an insult to be washed out in blood. In addition t o h i s s w o r d , s p e a r s a n d collect the heads of opponents defeated
shield, Cu Chulainn is said to have used in battle. D i o d o r u s S i c u l u s w r i t e s w i t h
There is no archaeological evidence for
the u s e o f scythe-blades a t t a c h e d t o eight s m a l l d a r t s ; h e a n d h i s f o s t e r - some h o r r o r ' t h e y c u t o f f t h e heads o f
chariot-wheels, which would have caused brother Ferdia duel with darts on the first enemies slain in battle._ and they nail up
as m u c h d a m a g e t o f r i e n d a s t o f o e ; day o f their epic combat i n t h e Ta i n B o these (heads) u p o n t h e i r houses like....
Cuailgne. I n t h e M a b i n o g i o n , P e r e d u r wild animals from the hunt. They embalm
although C u C h u l a i n n i s said t o u s e a
'sickle-chariot' i n t h e Tam B o Cuailgne, uses a h a n d f u l o f d a r t s m a d e o f h o l l y in c e d a r o i l t h e h e a d s o f t h e m o s t
this may be an invention or exaggeration. wood. Darts are not recorded elsewhere, distinguished enemies.... a n d display
The u s e o f chariots w a s restricted t o although t h e G r e e k geographer S t r a b o them w i t h p r i d e t o s t r a n g e r s ' , a n d a
the n o b i l i t y. T h o s e w h o c o u l d a f f o r d mentions that the Gauls used 'a wooden number of Celtic ritual sites and objects in
them, typically freehold farmers, w o u l d weapon resembling the grosphos, thrown Europe f e a t u r e t h e s e v e r e d h e a d v e r y
have ridden horses, w h i l e the peasantry by hand and not by a strap.... and w h i c h prominently as an object of mystic signif-
they use mostly for bird-hunting as well icance. The normal practice was to obtain
fought on foot. Swords, because of their
cost, w o u l d have been restricted t o t h e as for battle'. The Greek w o r d grosphos the head of a person close to the intended
translates literally as 'javelin', but he has victim — the closer the relationship, the
upper e c h e l o n s o f s o c i e t y, a s w o u l d
shields and helmets to a lesser extent, but already described the spears and javelins greater the p o w e r of the weapon — and
even t h e m e a n e s t peasant w o u l d h a v e used by the Gauls, and his reference to a rather t h a n e n b a l m i n g i t , a s w o u l d b e
throwing-strap m i g h t suggest that he is usual, to coat it in several layers of lime
had a spear of some kind.
describing some kind of dart. until i t w a s hard as cement. I f the l i m e
Other weapons included slings and, to
a lesser extent, bows. These would have There a r e f e w m a g i c a l w e a p o n s i n could be obtained from the territory of the
been used m a i n l y for h u n t i n g and f o w l - Celtic literature. The accent is always on intended victim, the power of the weapon
the prowess of the hero, and the need for was again increased. When thrown at the
ing, a n d n o t i n b a t t l e . T h e n o b i l i t y
a magical weapon w o u l d be t a n t a m o u n t victim, t h e t a t h l u m w o u l d n o r m a l l y kill
preferred f i g h t i n g a t close quarters. C u
Chula inn, the archetypal Irish hero, w a s to a n admission o f weakness. T h e size outright, a n d a t t h e v e r y l e a s t w o u l d
and quality of weapons are exaggerated; cause a grievous wound.
highly skilled in the use of the sling, b u t
never used it in battle. It seems mainly to spears a r e described a s being a h e a v y The r a r i t y o f m a g i c a l i t e m s i n I r i s h
have b e e n a w e a p o n f o r peasants a n d burden for a t e a m o f oxen, for example, tradition is underlined by the fact that the
and swords are said to be so bright that Tuatha De Dannan, the semi-divine race
boys, to hunt rabbits and wildfowl, but the
they light an e n t i r e house, b u t magic is w h o later became the elflike Sidhe, had
discovery o f piles o f slingstones a t t h e
Iron Age hillfort of Maiden Castle attests very rarely mentioned. only four, for all their sorcerous powers —
to i t s u s e i n w a r , a g a i n p r o b a b l y b y Hann mac Cumhail (Finn MacCool) had the cauldron o f the Dagda, t h e spear o f
a sword called Mac-a-Luin w h i c h w o u l d Lug, the sword of Nuada and the stone of
peasants and youths.
cut through any obstacle at a single blow, Fat ( s e e a l s o I M A G I N E magazine, # 5 ,
Daggers were also common, b u t were
seldom u s e d except i n brawls. T h e axe and mentioned in t h e stories about h i m p39).
are 'a spear of nine enchantments' and 'a In W e l s h m y t h o l o g y t h e y a r e s l i g h t l y
does n o t a p p e a r t o h a v e b e e n u t i l i s e d
spear o f s e v e n e n c h a n t m e n t s ' w h o s e more c o m m o n . B r a n i s given a magical
until fairly late; no mention of it is found in
the classicial w r i t e r s o r the Irish sagas, precise qualities are not made clear. Cu cauldron ( w h i c h , incidentally, o r i g i n a l l y
but it is found occasionally in the Welsh Chulainn's gae bolga is described in the came from Ireland, and might be connect-
Tain Bo Cuailgne as follows: ed with the cauldron of the Dagda) which
myths o f the Mabinogion, w h i c h mostly
reflect events in the Dark Ages. The axe 'The gae bolga had tube made ready for has the property of restoring life. 'Take a
was u s e d a s a w e a p o n b y t h e S a x o n s use on a stream and cast from the fork of man who has been slain today,' he is told,
the toes. I t entered a m a n ' s body w i t h a 'and t h r o w him into it, and t o m o r r o w he
w h o m A r t h u r f o u g h t a f t e r t h e Romans
left B r i t a i n , a n d m a y n o t h a v e b e e n single wound, like a javelin, then opened will fight as well as ever, only he will not
introduced to the repertoire of the Celtic into thirty barbs. Only by cutting away the be able to speak'. This may be a form o f
flesh could it be taken from the body.' resurrection o r even zombie animation,
warrior until then. T h e Norman w r i t e r
Gerald de Barn i (Gerald of Wales, c 11 4 6 - On several occasions w h e n C u C h u l - although n e c r o m a n c y o f t h a t k i n d i s
a inn fights a f o e o f equal prowess, i t i s unknown in Celtic literature. M a t h has a
1223) says that the Irish 'always carry an
axe in their hand as if it were a staff', but gae bolga which wins the battle. It seems magic wand w i t h w h i c h he punishes his
only to be usable while fighting i n w a t e r evil n e p h e w s b y t u r n i n g t h e m i n t o a
by t h e t i m e he w a s writing, Ireland had
been influenced b y Viking settlers. Thus (in a ford, for example), and Cu Chulainn's variety o f animals, e a c h f o r m lasting a
the a x e does n o t seem t o h a v e b e e n a charioteer invariably sends i t t o h i m o n year, a n d P r y d e r i a n d R h i a n n o n a r e
native C e l t i c w e a p o n . L a t e r, t h e g a l l o - the w a t e r, w h e r e u p o n h e c a t c h e s a n d imprisoned in a strange castle when they
casts i t w i t h t h e t o e s o f h i s r i g h t foot. touch a golden cup chained to a marble
glach ( t h e ' g a l l o w g l a s s ' m e n t i o n e d b y
While it is regarded by some as a magical fountain and are paralysed.
Shakespeare i n ' M a c b e t h ' ) p l a y e d a n
weapon, it might also be seen as a feat of The hero Culhwch is set several tasks
important role in 14-16th century Ireland.
arms u s i n g a b a r b e d spear. I t i s listed in o r d e r t o w i n t h e h a n d o f O l w e n ,
The name means 'foreign warriors', and
among the feats and skills t a u g h t to Cu daughter of the Chief Giant Ysbaddaden;
they were mercenaries recruited from the
Gallo-Scandinavian i n h a b i t a n t s o f t h e Chulainn d u r i n g h i s t r a i n i n g w i t h t h e these i n c l u d e o b t a i n i n g a n u m b e r o f
Western Isles of Scotland. Their distinct- w a r r i o r - w o m a n Scathack, and his oppon- magical artifacts, i n c l u d i n g t h e H a r p o f
ive weapon was the gallowglass, a heavy, ents are often said to have all of his skills continued on page 46
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
Lore, Lag cfr Legend
Carole Morris takes another<o,ok at the Celtic mythos
thunder o f M a n a n a n ' s f e e t a n d t h e
billowing and flapping of his mantle as he
crossed t h e i r c a m p i n t h e n i g h t . T h i s
imagery is so realistic when we consider
the fury and power unleashed by a stormy
Another of the magical treasures Lugh
brought to Ireland was Mananan's sword
Fragarach— 'The Answerer' which could
cut t h r o u g h a n y a r m o u r, w h a t e v e r i t s
properties. I n t h e DDG (p28), M a n a n a n
uses a sword called 'Retaliator' which is
probably the equivalent of this legendary
weapon, b u t h a s d i f f e r e n t properties.
'Retaliator' kills every time it hits unless a
saving t h r o w is made.
Celtic Legends which mention Manan-
an a r e n o t u s u a l l y tales a b o u t h i s o w n
adventures, b u t i n s t e a d r e l a t e h o w h e
1 7 / V was involved in t h e lives of other heroic
characters. O n e o f these i s t h e story o f
/ / /•• ,e•-• 0.0f' the m a i d e n E t h n e . M a n a n a n h a d a
, /
/, 1;'e daughter whom he placed in the care of a
Danaan prince called A n g u s the Young,
In the last Celtic special (#5, A u g u s t Mananan was an illusionist and master son of the Dagda. Angus was often looked
1983), I set the background for and of a l l t h e s o r t s o f t r i c k e r y w h i c h u s e on a s t h e Celtic God o f Love. H i s h o m e
related s o m e o f t h e m y t h s about a illusions. This is a contrast to Mananan of was a fairy palace at the m o u n d of N e w
deity and a hero of the Celtic Mythos the DDG (p28) who does not seem to have Grange ( i t i s i n t e r e s t i n g t h a t C e l t i c
— Lugh and Cuchulain. Now, I shall any i l l u s i o n i s t abilities, b u t f i g h t s w i t h Legends o f t e n m e n t i o n f a i r y m o u n d s
magical weapons and calls on sea crea- along the River Boyne — Cuchulain was
continue explaining t h e o l d m y t h s
tures as might a druid. given to the Warriors of Ulster at the fairy
and b e l i e f s o f t h e Celtic-speaking
Mananan owned many different magic- mound of Nagus. These mounds are the
peoples b y r e l a t i n g s o m e o f t h e al items t r e a s u r e s which Lugh the All- prehistoric chambered t u m u l i o r graves
legends about Mananan, Nuada and craftsman, t h e L o n g - a r m e d , b o r r o w e d of neolithic Ireland which still survive to-
Arawn. There are sometimes notice- and brought to Ireland (see #5, p40). One day a n d w h i c h m u s t h a v e g e n e r a t e d
able differences between the accept- was t h e f a b u l o u s s h i p Ocean-Traveller many myths and legends over the years).
ed m y t h s a n d t h e d e t a i l s o f t h e which could read the minds of men. The Angus' s t e w a r d also had a daughter,
A D & D ® characters i n t h e Celtic craft c o u l d i n t e r p r e t a c o m m a n d s e n t Ethne, w h o b e c a m e a h a n d m a i d e n t o
Mythos o f t h e D E I T I E S & D E M I - directly f r o m t h e t h o u g h t s o f w h o e v e r Ma nanan's daughter. A n g u s ' household
G O D S ' Cyclopedia (DDG), but I will sailed it, and obeyed immediately. It could prospered a n d w a s f e d b y M a n a n a n ' s
travel w h e r e v e r h e w i s h e d , a n d c o u l d magical p i g s w h i c h c o u l d b e killed a n d
once again seek to compare the two,
move w i t h o u t the power of either sail or eaten o n e d a y a n d w o u l d c o m e a l i v e
and perhaps increase players' know- oars (the magical nature of this craft is an again m a g i c a l l y t o be eaten o n c e m o r e
ledge a b o u t m o r e o f t h e i r favourite
example of a tradition commonly found in the next day. One day, Angus discovered
deities and heroes
Celtic M y t h o l o g y w h e r e living qualities that E t h n e w a s e a t i n g n o t h i n g a t a l l .
are attributed to normally lifeless objects; Mananan h i m s e l f c a m e t o B r u g h n a
Mananan mac Lir, God c the Sea. The Stone of Destiny — Lia Fail — roared Boyne t o d i s c o v e r t h e r e a s o n f o r h e r
loudly when a rightful king of Ireland was behaviour. He discovered that one of the
Lir, the father of Mananan, is sometimes crowned, Cuchulain's sword spoke, and Danaan chieftains had fallen in love with
portrayed as the vast presence of the sea, the Dagda's harp could fly to its master's Ethne and had forced his attentions upon
and sometimes as an invisible deity w h o hands when called). her. This had awoken a pure spirit in the
lived on the fairy mountain of Slieve Fuad Mananan's horse was the gallant steed girl, a n d a n a n g e l o f t h e Tr u e G o d h a d
south of Armagh. It is his son, Mananan, Aonbarr w h o could gallop over t h e sur- come to protect her. A f t e r this time, she
w h o is often referred to as the Celtic God faces of both land and sea. The waves of abstained f r o m all earthly food and w a s
of t h e Sea, a n d t h e Islands o f the Dead the sea, w i t h their white-crested manes nourished b y t h e s p i r i t o f G o d . H e r e ,
were supposed to lie beneath or beyond were a l s o k n o w n a s t h e h o r s e s o f surely, w e see Old Celtic a n d Christian
his kingdom. M a n a n a n helped lead men Mananan. C e l t i c M y t h o l o g y, e s p e c i a l l y traditions i n t e r w o v e n . T h i s i s e a s y t o
across his kingdom t o t h e Realm o f the from I r i s h sources, i s f u l l o f c o l o u r f u l understand since t h e legends of the old
Dead i n t h e s a m e w a y t h a t Charon t h e symbolism. Ireland w a s encircled by the pagan Celtic religion have been preserved
ferryman transported the dead across the sea, t h e realm of Mananan, as a m a n t l e over time in a land w h i c h was converted
River Styx i n G r e e k Mythology. I n I r i s h envelops i t s w e a r e r. Thus, w e are told, to Christianity in the 5th century AD.
legend, then, M a n a n a n ruled the waters Mananan w o r e a g r e a t m a n t l e w h i c h The story goes on to tell h o w Mananan
which encircled Ireland. The Isle of Man could change its colour like a chameleon, and Angus travelled to Eastern lands and
(which can sometimes be seen from the and w h i c h could take on as many multi- brought back t w o magical c o w s w h o s e
coast of Ireland) was said to be the high coloured s h a d e s a n d h u e s a s t h e s e a milk w o u l d n e v e r r u n d r y, a n d E t h n e
throne of Mananan who gave his name to itself. Wthen e n e m i e s i n v a d e d Ireland, consented to be nourished by this milk.
the island.
they are said to have been troubled by the Two deities from Welsh Celtic Legends
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
are M a n a w y d d a n a n d h i s f a t h e r L l y r. Mythology. I n t h e We l s h Mabinogion, a Pwyll m u s t change places w i t h A r a w n
They a r e c l e a r l y t h e c o u n t e r p a r t s o f sun-god c a l l e d N u d d ( w h o s e n a m e i s and go to live in A n n w v y n for a year. After
Mananan a n d L i r i n s l i g h t l y d i f f e r e n t often w r i t t e n a s L l u d d ) i s m e n t i o n e d ; a year, he must enter into single combat
versions of the same basic Celtic Mythos. legend sometimes attributes him with the w i t h H a v g a n a t a f o r d o v e r a r i v e r. I f
epithet 'Silver-handed'. Nuada and Nudd Havgan is brought down with one stroke,
are therefore probably the same deity in he will die, but on no account must Pwyll
Nuada, ç7od'cftlie Silver Hànd different versions of the Celtic Mythos. (as A r a w n ) h i t h i m a s e c o n d t i m e . I f
As I related in #5 (p39), legend tells of the Havgan begs to be put out of his misery,
Danaans o r 'People o f Dana' w h o w e r e Pwyll m u s t refuse, f o r i f t h i s happens,
Arawn, _Lord cy' the Dead Havgan w i l l b e c o m e w h o l e a n d s t r o n g
legendary invaders and settlers of Ireland.
The last character o f t h e Celtic M y t h o s once more.
They w e r e a m y t h i c a l r a c e w h o w e r e
regarded a s g o d s , a l t h o u g h C h r i s t i a n whose story I shall relate is A r a w n , Lord Pwyll a g r e e d t o c h a n g e p l a c e s w i t h
influences l a t e r reduced t h e i r status t o of A n n w v y n ( o r A n n w n , p r o n o u n c e d Arawn, and the Lord of the Dead changed
that of fairies. Before them, another race Annoon), the Land of the Dead in Welsh their likenesses so that each looked like
legend. His tale appears in the first of the the other. A r a w n then w e n t to rule over
called t h e Firbolgs had come to Ireland,
and although they play little part in Celtic four b r a n c h e s o f t h e M a b i n o g i o n — a Dyfed for a year. Pwyll entered Annwvyn,
Mythology, one story tells of their conflict Medieval t e x t embodying pre-Christian the L a n d o f t h e D e a d , b u t n o t e v e n
with the Danaans, and it is at this time we myths. A s in Celtic Christian Ireland, the Arawn's o w n w i f e c o u l d t e l l t h a t h e
are first introduced to Nuada. gods i n these m y t h s have been given a wasn't the Lord of A n n w v y n himself. He
Ambassadors from both sides had met status below that of deities but above that lived at A r a w n ' s court in the royal palace
together, and Bres, the Danaan represent- of ordinary mortals. and spent his time hunting and feasting
ative, suggested that the Firbolgs and the A r a w n m u s t originally have been t h e until the year had passed.
Danaans should divide Ireland between Celtic equivalent of the Classical Pluto or When the fateful n i g h t arrived, all t h e
them a n d a l l y t h e m s e l v e s t o g e t h e r Hades, G o d o f t h e D e a d , b u t i n t h e nobles of Arawn's kingdom accompanied
against f u t u r e e n e m i e s . T h e Firbolgs, Mabinogion he is a 'king in A n n w v y n ' . In him to the appointed place of battle at the
however, would not accept this suggest- the DDG (p26), A r a w n is the God of the ford. One of the knights announced that
ion, and the two sides then fought a battle Dead b u t he appears as a n o r m a l m a n . each king claimed the other's land as his
on the Plains of Moytura in Co Mayo. • A r a w n does not appear to have a counter- own, and t h a t the survivor o f t h e battle
The D a n a a n s w e r e l e d i n t o battle b y part in Irish legend. should be t h e sole lord o f all A n n w v y n .
Nuada ( w h o i s portrayed as t h e God o f Pwyll, prince of the seven cantrevs of Pwyll (as A r a w n ) struck Havgan so t h a t
Dyfed, w e n t h u n t i n g o n e day in a place the i a t t e r ' s s h i e l d a n d a r m o u r w e r e
Wa r in the DDG, p29). It was in this first
battle that Nuada lost his hand which was called Glyn Cuch. He loosed his dogs in shattered a n d h e w a s t h r o w n t o t h e
cut off while he fought. One of the skilled the w o o d l a n d t h e r e a n d s o o n l o s t h i s ground from his horse, mortally wounded.
Da naan c r a f t s m e n / p h y s i c i a n s , D i a n- companions by following the dogs. Event- But, w h e n H a v g a n b e g g e d ' A r a w n ' t o
cecht, c r e a t e d N u a d a a n e w glittering ually he heard t h e c r y o f o t h e r hounds, strike a mercy blow, ' A r a w n ' refused. A t
hand o f solid silver, a n d f r o m t h a t t i m e different from his own, coming from the this, Havgan realised t h a t he w a s dying
onwards h e w a s k n o w n a s Nuada t h e opposite d i r e c t i o n . H e s a w a p a c k o f and bade his lords carry him away. All the
Silver- handed. strange h o u n d s w i t h s h i n i n g w h i t e f u r assembled n o b l e s o f b o t h s i d e s s w o r e
The Danaans w o n a great victory and and blood-red ears running down a stag. allegiance to ' A r a w n ' and together they
the Firbolg king mac Erc was killed. After These w e r e t h e Hounds o f A r a w n , a n d conquered Havgan's lands, b i n d i n g t h e
the battle, N u a d a w o u l d probably h a v e their master was not far behind. two kingdoms into one.
become t h e k i n g o f a l l t h e D a n a a n s Colour plays an important part in Celtic Pwyll r e t u r n e d t o t h e w o o d s c f G l y n
immediately, b u t he w a s n o w mutilated myth; i t i s o f t e n s y m b o l i c o f t h e t r u e Cuch a n d m e t once again w i t h t h e real
and i t w a s a t r a d i t i o n t h a t n o - o n e w i t h nature o f something. W h i t e f u r and red Lord o f Annwvyn, w h o already knew the
ears, f o r instance, a r e t h e f e a t u r e s o f outcome o f the battle. Each r e t u r n e d i n
such a major disability could be a king in
Ireland. T h e p e r s o n c h o s e n t o b e king, hounds from the Underworld, the Land of his own shape to his o w n land, but from
however, soon became very unpopular; the Dead or the Land of Youth. In another that day the t w o remained close friends
he w a s an oppressor w h o overtaxed his cycle of Celtic myths, Oisin, a descendant and sent each other magnificent gifts of
subjects and allowed the enemy Fomor- of Nuada, w a s riding over the sea to the horses, a n d g r e y h o u n d s , h a w k s a n d
ians to do the same. It was not long before Land of Youth —Tir Nan Og — and he saw jewels.
he was made to relinquish his throne, and a hornless doe being chased by a w h i t e Arawn i s reputed t o have fought
Nuada was chosen to be king despite his dog w i t h one red ear. another f a m o u s b a t t l e a t C a d G o d d e u
Pwyll drove a w a y the strange hounds which is sometimes known as the Battle
mutilation. I t w a s d u r i n g h i s r e i g n t h a t
Lugh o f the Long A r m came t o Nuada's and began to set his own upon the stag. of the Trees. He fought with Amaethon ab
palace a t Tara t o offer his services, and As h e d i d so, a h o r s e m a n c l a d i n g r e y Don ( t h e b r o t h e r o f t h e i l l u s i o n i s t /
was t h e r e a f t e r called •Ildanach' — t h e raiment approached h i m a n d r e b u k e d sorceror G w y d i o n a b D o n ) w h o w a s
him f o r s e t t i n g h i s o w n h o u n d s o n sometimes looked on as the Celtic God of
All-Craftsman (#5, p39).
Nuada f o u g h t i n t h e second Battle o f another man's kill. Pwyll realised that he Agriculture. His name means 'Husband-
had indeed been extremely discourteous man'. A m a e t h o n h a d s t o l e n a w h i t e
the Plains of Moytura, but was laid low by
the e v i l g a z e f r o m B a l o r ' s s i n g l e e y e and offered to make amends in whatever roebuck and a puppy dog from A n n w v y n ,
which could kill a n y o n e h e looked a t in way he could. The grey-clad stranger was and this act of felony precipitated a fierce
A r a w n w h o introduced himself as a Lord battle b e t w e e n t h e t w o deities. I n t h e
anger. I t w a s L u g h w h o succeeded i n
killing t h e one-eyed Fomorian king, and of A n n w v y n . H e e x p l a i n e d t h a t P w y l l Mabinogion, Cad Goddeu is regarded as
could help him by defeating Havgan, the one of the three most frivolous battles of
who t h e n r e i g n e d a s k i n g i n N u a d a ' s
other king in Annwvyn, w h o was forever Britain!
As we have seen with Mananan, there warring against Arawn and disrupting his
land. 0U Carole Morris
are parallel characters in Irish and Welsh
I M A G I N E mttganc, August 0184
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A mitti-mochttefor the AD&D® geune,
suitable for 4-7 characters of levels 3 to 5
- b y Chris Barfew


- _-

_- -,•••"•• '

Part 1 — Introduction
Tir Nan 09 is a mini-module designed for the AD&D® game. It is
suitable for a group of 4-7 characters of 3rd to 5th levels of

I f you intend to play in this adventure please stop reading here.

The information in the rest of the text is only for the Dungeon
Master (DM).

This module is divided into 3 sections:

Part 1 (this section) is an introduction to the adventure I t contains
background information and instructions for the DM.
Part 2 contains the area keys for the encounters which make up the
adventure. A map of the island is provided.
Part 3 contains details o f the n e w monsters that appear i n the

Where monsters or NPCs are described in the text, statistics for them
are given at the end of the relevant section. These monster statistics are -
given in the following order:
Monster Name: Armour Class (AC); Movement Rate (MV); Hit Dice (HD)
or Class/Level; h i t points (hp); Number of Attacks ( ttAT); Damage
caused by attack(s) (D); any other notes, eg Special Attacks (SA), Special
Defences (SD); M a g i c Resistance (MR); experience points (xp),
Alignment (AL), Size (S); Source: Monster Manual (MM), FIEND FOLIO®
Tome (FF), Monster Manual ll (MM2).
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1954
The setting for this scenario comes from the stories about 'Phantom wanted to come as well t o live beneath the hills with them. However,
Islands', particularly those in Irish legend known as Tir Nan Og —islands all had to decide by the following day.
said to exist beneath the waters of a number of Irish lakes and bays,
appearing, at times, above their waters. Everyone in the village agreed to the Faeries' offer, except for a druid,
Gwydd. His objections were so strong that Fintan chained him to a pillar
Because of the nature of this background, the adventure works best if and set guards about him — intending to release the druid when he had
the encounters in Part 2 occur in the order given. This is partly due to the changed his mind. When the messenger returned with word of Patrick's
Irish/Celtic idea of predestination which lies beneath much of that curse Fintan grew angry, and spoke of killing the priest. This act the
folklore. Faeries disallowed, whereupon Fintan took one of their number hostage
so as to have his way. Unfortunately for him, while all he knew had been
taught to him by the Faeries, they had not taught him everything that
Player's Background they knew. Fintan found himself locked within his tower, cursed to
remain there.
The DM should set this scenario in a fairly remote area of his or her
campaign, where most folk make a living by fishing or farming. Local Midday came and Patrick placed his curse upon the island. The island
folk-tales, especially about the 'little people' or 'Faeries' will be common sank beneath the waves which bothered no one, save Gwydd the druid
and a good way of spending an evening in good company with good who was still chained to the pillar, and Fintan who waited for somebody
drink. Sooner or later the characters will run into a local who knows the to release him from his tower. The villagers had joined the Faeries in
following tale, in part or in whole: their realm that very night.

When Patrick uttered his curse he could not have realised that the island
Listen now to the Tale of Tir Nan 0g, for this is not an old wives' would still be appearing above the waves centuries later. The wording of
tale, to scare the children at night. his curse was such that the island would reappear at times to give
repentant islanders a chance to leave. No-one has so far done so, being
For the better part of 300 years has this tale been told, for it was then perfectly content living with the Faeries.
that the island dwelt above the waves and was a sweet place of good
grazing and rich farms. My great grandfather's great grandfather
was but a babe-in-arms when all this began. The Appearance of the Isle
One evening in late summer, as the days grew warmer and the wheat Afew nights after the adventurers have arrived in the town, bells will be
ripened in the fields, a messenger from Tir Nan Og came to this very heard ringing beneath the waters of the bay. Sometime after they have
town. He had paddled his small boat across the channel to tell us heard the Tir Nan Og folk-tale the bells will be heard again. After another
that the little people had come into his village. The Faeries had four days the bells will be heard ringing a third time, this time much
offered the villagers the chance to live with them below the hills — closer to the shore.
and there was room for all in the Faerie Halls. Some began to leave
for Tir Nan 0g, to live with the Faeries. Then Father Patrick spoke, Towards noon on the following day the local fishermen will gather in
denouncing the Faeries and all their works as unholy. 'Unless those their nets and stand on the shore with a growing crowd of townsfolk.
villagers come to me in repentance and beg forgiveness' he said, 'the Shortly after noon a mist will be seen to gather offshore, and the island
island shall be cursed forevermore'. At this, the townsfolk turned of Tir Nan Og will rise from the sea. The town priest will then curse the
their backs on the messenger from Tir Nan Og. island in a symbolic, ritual manner, then the crowd will drift away—the
young gazing at the island a little longer than the old.
The next morning the townsfolk went down to the shore and
watched as Father Patrick pronounced his curse. No villagers dame
from Ti r Nan 0g, and at midday a mist blew in front the sea. When Additional Notes for the Dungeon Master
the mist passed the island had vanished.
1. In Irish folklore, Tir Nan Og means 'Country of Youth'.
It was more than fifty years before the island was seen again. Three
times bells rang beneath the waters of the bay, and then the island 2. Should anyone be at sea when the island rises there is a 2% chance
appeared out of the mists. The brave and the curious rowed across to that it will rise beneath them. In the event of the island rising beneath
Tir Nan Og — though none of the townsfolk would go, the older the adventurers the DM should determine at what point they come to
ones remembering the curse. Those that returned would speak of rest.
nothing amiss, those that didn't doubtless perished — for the mist
came quickly and the island vanished once more, taking all still 3. Since the villagers joined the Faeries and the island sank beneath
ashore and the boats in the harbour. Always the island has stayed for the waves Tir Nan Og has achieved a timeless quality, which persists
two days and nights, once for nearly three days, yet with the coming even when the island is above the water. Any time spent upon the
of the mist it has vanished as though it had never been. Now the island or near its coast passes far more slowly than it would upon the
island lies beneath the waves, a punishment for the doings of the mainland and consequently far more can be achieved in a single
islanders. 'day'. Treat every day spent upon the island as the equivalent of three
'normal' days. The effects of the air, scent and feel of Tir Nan Og will
I myself gazed upon Ti r Nan' Og when I was young. The boats still cause 50% of all lost hit points to be restored, until the wounded
lay in the bay, and the lighthouse still warned of the rocks before it. I character leaves the island. Adventurers should not be told of either
did not set foot upon it though, it is a place for them that's cursed. effect of the island until they specifically ask about them, in which
case they should be told that the sun is higher in the sky than it ought
to be, or that they feel unusually healthy.
Once the adventurers have been told the story of Tir Nan 0g, perhaps
interspersed with other tales of the 'Little People' the course of play can 4. The major rivers marked upon the map are deep enough to take a
proceed to The Appearance of the Isle. small boat. The adventurers will have no difficulty in buying a boat,
but no townspeople will be willing to rent a boat of any kind, in case it
isn't brought back. The DM should allow the adventurers to reach an
Dungeon Master's Background agreement whereby the seller will buy the boat back at the end of the
adventure — at a reduced price, of course.
Three hundred years ago the wizard Fintan discovered the existence of a
group of Faeries upon the island of Tir Nan Og. He saw in them a way of 5. If the adventurers have the means and explore beneath the waves,
obtaining eternal youth. they will find no trace of the island before it rises. Once it has risen
they will find no caves, underwater tunnels or other distinguishing
In the years before the island disappeared, Fintan visited the Faerie Folk features around its coastline.
hoping to learn the secret that he desired. Although he learnt much of
the other magic arts, the secret of eternal youth eluded him. At last the 6. Maps o f the island are available from the townsfolk. They are
now proud and powerful mage humbled himself and asked the Faeries if prepared from old maps of Tir Nan Og when the bells are first heard
he could live with them in their kingdom, where time did not exist. to ring in the hopes of selling them to adventurers. Being based on
copies of copies of maps of the island, they are none too accurate.
Having grown fond of the wizard, the Faeries agreed. They also invited The DM should prepare a sketch map of the island for the party,
the other inhabitants of the island — and any mainland dwellers who excluding the encounter keys and as much detail as seems fair.
26 I M A G I N E ntagazinef August 1984

Part 2 — The Area Keys

Description of the Island
Seen from offshore, Tir Nan Og looks to be a rugged island, densely
wooded with rocky outcrops. At the eastern end the island rises steeply
from the sea then gradually slopes westwards towards sea level. From
the landward side of the island two buildings can be seen — a lighthouse
and a three storey, blackened stone tower. In the bay the upper masts
and hull timbers of three wrecked ships can be seen above the surface.

Tradition on the mainland maintains that the light still burns in the
lighthouse during the nights the island is above water a lure for the
unwary who seek the heathen Faeries. The blackened tower is reputed
to have been the home of the wizard Fintan.

A. The Beaches
There are two beaches upon which i t looks possible to land a boat
(marked A l and A2 on the map). The first beach is mostly red tinted
sand, and covered in low green plants with spidery tendrils. Despite
their sinister appearance they are harmless.

The second beach is silvery sand, and free of all plant life. On the
landward side of the beach f a c i n g inland — is a sign bearing the word
'DANGER' in common. There are pools of quicksand dotted around the
beach. The exact location of these pools varies with the state of the tides,
but there is a 30% chance of falling into one when crossing the sands.
The DM should modify this percentage if precautions are taken. The
sand has a tendency to shift, and even a route someone has just walked
on may open beneath the next person to pass over it, so the chance of
falling into a pool will never be less than 10%. Those falling in will sink in
1-4 melee rounds, and suffocate in a further 2-8 melee rounds. Once a
character has fallen in he or she will require aid to escape. Over the
years many people have ignored the sign. Their bodies occasionally
'float' to the surface of the sand, and up to four skeletal bodies may be
found, still with 10-120gp in personal possessions, jewellery and coins.

The sand becomes solid 100 feet from the high water mark.
Will o' the wisp: AC -8; MV 18"; HD 9; hp 42; #AT1 ; D 2-16; SD immune
B. The Rocks to spells except protection from evil, magic missile, maze; xp 1704;
Rocks covered in barnacles and seaweed form a natural breakwater at
the mouth of the bay, making it a sheltered anchorage, and it is upon
these rocks that the lighthouse stands. The most practical way of D. The Bay
reaching the lighthouse is by boat, and a set of steps from the lighthouse
down to the water are visible, although they are overgrown by algae and The calm waters of the bay appear to be a natural anchorage, spoilt only
seaweed. A very rough path, little more than an odd foothold carved into by the wreckage of three ships that shows above the water. There are no
the rocks, leads from the lighthouse along the rocks to the island proper. signs of life.

A casual search of the rocks will reveal three green urchins, who will The three wrecks may be entered at low tide, but their timbers are rotten
attack if disturbed in any way. Each contains a gem worth 40-400gp. and anyone moving about within them has a 10% chance of falling
through the woodwork deeper into the hulks, taking 1-6 points of
Three green urchins: AC 3; MV 9 " / / 1 8 " , HD 2+1; hp 13 each; #AT 2; damage. It is up to the DM to decide if there is any chance of drowning in
D 2-7/2-7; SA attacks as a light crossbow +2; xp 89 each; AL N; S S (3' these circumstances.
diameter); FF.
E. Fintan's Tower
C. The Lighthouse
The wizard's blackened tower stands upon a barren rock in the waters of
The lighthouse, made of whitened stone, stands some 60 feet high on the bay. An old, partially rotted (but still secure) wooden bridge connects
the highest of the rocks. From the lamp room at the top of the lighthouse the rock with the island. The tower itself is 20 feet square and 30 feet
a light can be seen glowing, though it is far more noticeable at night. high, and is made of ageing metal, streaked with the accumulations of
Despite the presence of the light the door at the base of the lighthouse, 300 years of neglect. The only windows are small arrow-slits t h r e e on
wood with an iron frame, is fused shut. The door can be broken down. each side of the tower. Anyone observing the tower may notice a figure
wandering from arrow-slit to arrow-slit. This is Fintan the wizard, and
Like the other human buildings on the island — with the exception of there is a 75% chance that he will notice characters outside his tower
Fintan's tower — the lighthouse was abandoned when the villagers and attempt to attract their attention by waving to them.
decided to live with the Faeries. However, the lighthouse gained a new
occupant when the island rose above the waters for the first time. A will If the party crosses the bridge to the tower they will notice the following
o' the wisp, who had lived in the saltmarsh, moved to the lighthouse i t verse burnt into a rock near the end of the bridge:
is a better place to use in order to lure victims to their deaths. The will o'
the wisp will attack if the lighthouse is entered. Leave this tower, turn to dust
Lest the huntsman's whitened axe
The lighthouse has three floors in addition to the lamp room. From the Has cut the silver chain in two
bottom (entrance) level these are: a well-stocked kitchen including food Upon the sunlit diamond rock,
and drink that is still edible; a bedroom/cabin with cupboards full of
clothes and a sea chest containing a pair of boots of water walking (the Fintan was trapped within his tower — actually a Daern's Instant
functional equivalent of a ring o f water walking; and a comfortably Fortress — by the Faeries before Tir Nan Og sank beneath the waves.
furnished study, containing a variety of half-drawn charts, navigational Once Fintan can address the party he will warn them against going near
aids and calligraphy instruments. the lighthouse, although he doesn't know the nature of the light.
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984

Fintan wishes only to be released from his tower, and will beg the party The two children may be found in the woods playing and collecting
for aid. He will not leave, because of the verse, and he will explain that firewood at G1 and/or G2 t h e adventurers' first knowledge of them
he was placed here by the Faeries because he tried to save the isle from will be the sound of cheerful singing some distance away. If approached
being damned — a truthful, but misleading, version of events. Fintan the children (aged 9 and 7) will be curious in a friendly way. They will be
knows little about the meaning of the verse, but he suspects that the quite happy to take any visitors 'to meet Mummy and Daddy (for tea!)'
chain is the one used to secure Gwydd the druid. He will not divulge who and will lead the way through the woods singing and skipping, stopping
chained the druid in the first place. He will offer the party all he has — to gather firewood. Any help to carry the firewood will be welcomed.
including the tower i f they lift the curse that binds him to this place.
The cottage is set in a small garden, with a field and grazing enclosure
While the Faeries' curse remains in effect it is impossible to enter the (in which is a herd of sheep) attached.
tower, or use its command word.
The cottage has four rooms. The kitchen, in which the adult female will
The chain referred to in the verse does indeed bind the druid (encounter be cooking dinner, is a simple room with a work bench and cooking
area l), whilst the axe and the diamond rock belong to a giant (encounter range. She will defend herself if attacked with one of the meat cleavers
area L) and a group of lava children (encounter area M). or other cooking utensil. The main living room contains a table and four
chairs against one wall, two larger chairs, two wooden stools and a
If the adventurers succeed in lifting the curse they will see Fintan leave chest of drawers — in one of its drawers is a longsword +1. Firewood
his tower with only the clothes he wears and head towards the Faerie and a woodcutter's white axe stand near the fireplace. One bedroom is
Hill (encounter area N), or they will return to the tower and find him used by the adults and contains a double bed and a cupboard for clothes.
gone, leaving the door ajar. The other bedroom is used by the children and has two single beds and a
pair of smaller cupboards.
Inside, the tower has only three rooms (one to each floor), and all are
very musty. Despite Fintan's promise to give the party all he has, there is The children's room has a small cage in one corner which contains four
little treasure —a result of Fintan studying Faerie magic. A search will white mice and a small bowl of cereals stands next to it. If the cage is
reveal potions of fire resistance, healing and levitation (one dose of opened and the mice allowed to get Out, then they will become 4 giant
each), six jewelled goblets (worth 50gp each, or 400gp as a set), a small white weremice, who will not attack anybody who fed them.
wooden box containing 103pp, a piece of parchment with the word
'Mandragora' written upon i t (the command word for this Daern's The room also contains a number of toys, among which are a number
Instant Fortress) and Fintan's spell books. In addition to those spells with magical properties. These have been made by the giant (see Area L)
which Fintan has memorised, the books also contain the spells detect in return for work carried out by the wolfweres since they were trapped
magic, read magic, write, detect evil, fools gold, water breathing, upon the island. These magic items are:
extension I and wizard eye.
* A rocking horse, which will carry a small person and move at up to
Fintan: AC 4, MV 12", Mu 7; hp 19; //AT 1; D dagger (1-4); SA spells — 12", providing the rider grasps both the reins. The maximum weight
burning hands, friends, sleep, unseen servant, forget, invisibility, the horse can carry is roughly equal to a dwarf in chainmail or a small
stinking cloud, lightning bolt, phantasmal force, polymorph self; human in leather.
xp 1015; AL ON; S M
* A playpen made of a wood-like material, roughly 4 feet square with
Fintan wears bracers of defence AC 4, and carries a dagger +1. 3-foot-high railings, with a gate in one side. Once shut, the gate can
only be opened from the inside by a strength of 19. Anyone of lesser
strength placed inside t h e playpen w i l l b e restrained — t h e
F. The Marsh equivalent of a hold person spell a n d be unable to leave the pen.
As a safety precaution ( t o prevent children being trapped i f
Once the home of the will o' the wisp, the marsh's only inhabitant is a something happens to their parents)the gate opens of its own accord
water weird, who will attempt to pull to their death anyone getting too after 24 hours. It can also be opened by a dispel magic spell.
close. Once pulled into the water, the natural suction of the marsh will
act to pull anyone under within 3-5 melee rounds. A total strength of 22 * A cloth book with simple words in large print underneath coloured
is required to pull a victim free (using a rope or similar). pictures — a man, a goblin, a centaur — one picture to a page. The
book is so simple that anyone trying to read it will lose 1 point of
Water weird: AC 4; MV 12"; HD3+3, hp 12; AT 0; D nil, SA drowning; Intelligence permanently, but gain 500xp.
SD limited damage from edged weapons and fire-based spells, slowed
by cold spells, disrupted if brought to 0 hp, killed by purify water; xp 418; * A dummy which cannot be taken out of the mouth once put in unless
AL CE; S L; MM. a command phrase ('speak, child') is spoken. The dummy inhibits all
speech, and may (50%) cause torpor in its victim.

* A rattle consisting of three red balls in a white frame. The red balls
can be removed and hurled up to 7", bursting at the end of their
trajectory into a 3 dice magical fireball (cf necklace of fireballs). If
the rattle is banged hard against a solid surface, a saving throw vs
crushing blow must be made for each ball (treat as the equivalent of
soft metal), failure indicating that the ball has burst into flame.

The wolfweres will sell their (ordinary) axe i f asked, and know the
location o f the skeleton, black pillar and silver chain (area I). The
wolfweres also know that the giant possesses a white axe, but they
would much sooner sell their axe to the adventurers.

The adult male will be willing to lead the way to the skeleton and pillar if
one of the party remains at the cottage. He will go no further than the
ford (area H). The wolfweres will not go with the adventurers as a group
'because of the childrens• bedtime'.

If overtly threatened or attacked, the wolfweres can call upon the pack of
G. The Woodsman's Cottage twelve wolves that came with them to the island. These now live at G3,
and will arrive 5-8 melee rounds after being called.
During Tir Nan Og's last appearance above the water a pair of wolfweres
and their attendant wolf pack swam to the isle in search of food, only to 2 adult wolfweres: AC 3; MV 15"; HD 5+1, hp 28, 21; #AT1 or 2; D 2-12
be trapped when it sank beneath the waves once more. With no way of plus possible weapon; SA Singing causes lethargy; SD cold-wrought
leaving the isle the wolfweres took up residence in an abandoned iron or +1 weapons to hit; MR 10%; AL CE; S M; xp 718, 676; MM2.
cottage — previously the home of the village woodcutter and his wife.
There are now four wolfweres, a son and a daughter having been born 2 wolfwere children: AC 3; MV 15"; HD 2+2, hp 11, 7; #AT 1; D 2-8; SA
during the years on the isle. They live in the cottage as a human Singing causes lethargy, SD cold-wrought iron or +1 weapons to hit;
woodsman/farmer and his family. MR 10%; AL CE, S S; xp 193, 181.
28 I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
4 weremice: AC 6; HD 2; hp 7 each; #AT 1; D 1-4; SA Bite may cause The black circle was created by Fintan — this is the spot where he
lycanthropy; SD Needs silver or magical weapons to hit; AL N; S S; xp 79 chained Gwydd the druid. As a further cruelty, Fintan caused the area
each; Special monster — cf other lycanthropes MM, FF, MM2. within the bounds of the pillars to be deadly to all plant life, knowing that
this would hurt Gwydd immensely. Should any member of the party
12 wolves: AC 7; MV 18"; HD 2+2; hp 10 each; #AT 1; D 2-5; AL N; S S; speak with plants then the nature of the circle and the details of how the
xp 65 each; MM. druid was imprisoned by a robed figure will be discovered.

Any magic user who goes within 10 feet of the edge of the circle must
H. The Ford and the Lake make a saving throw vs Spells or succumb to the hatred of the dead
druid. A magic user who fails the saving throw will cease whatever he or
At this point the stream is blocked by a dam of green weed reinforced she was doing, and walk slowly into the circle towards the skeleton
with fallen logs, thus forming a ford on the downstream side of the dam chained to the central pillar.
and a small lake upstream. The lake is some 18 feet deep at its deepest
point. The water falls fairly slowly over the top of the dam and at the ford Anybody entering the blackened circle will cause the four black outer
is about 8 inches deep. The waters then gradually reform into a river pillars to reveal their true nature as four caryatid columns. These
once more. On the other side of the river (no matter which direction the entities will subsequently attack anyone within the circle. They will
party approach from) a young horse is grazing. return to their former positions and resume the shape of black pillars
should the person who caused them to become active die or depart from
The horse is actually an aughisky (agh-iski), a dangerous water fairy the circle.
which haunts rivers and streams. I t w i l l allow any unsuspecting
character to mount, and while it is being ridden inland it is quite safe. The skeleton is bound to the pillar by a silver chain (value - 400gp) and
However, the slightest smell or sight of seawater will send the aughisky wears a wooden crown (worthless) and a pendant in the shape of a small
dashing into water where it will throw off its rider and tear him or her to gold sickle (value 150gp)around its neck. Hanging from the pillar above
pieces. the skeleton is a sheet of corroded lead, on which the words 'Annoy me
no more, Druid...' can still be made out. The skeleton will writhe within
1 aughisky: AC 3; MV 18"; HD 6+4; hp 32; #AT 1; D 4-16; SA Drowning; its bonds as though trying to escape whenever anyone comes within 5
SD Limited immunity to weapons and spells; xp 906; AL CE; S L; New feet of it.
monster - see Part 3.
Should anyone touch the skeleton, i t will crumble to dust with an
audible sigh t h e wooden crown and golden pendant will fall to the
I. The Black Pillars ground. In the skeleton's place will stand a rotting corpse a revenant
which will stride from the circle in a purposeful manner towards the
This forest clearing i s about 180 feet in diameter. Its centre is a Fintan's tower (area E). It will attack anybody who tries to prevent it
blackened and lifeless circle, some 120 feet in diameter, ringed with going in search of Fintan.
yellowed and dying vegetation. If the perimeter is searched the path
from the ford will be found to continue on the far side. This path leads to 4 caryatid columns: AC 5; MV 6"; HD attacks as a 5HD monster; hp 22
what was the druid's residence (area J). each; #AT 1; D 2-8; SD weapons that hit may snap; MR +4 on all saving
throws; xp 280 each; AL N; S M; FF.
Within the black circle stand five black 9-foot-high stone pillars. Four
stand at the cardinal points of the compass on the edge of the blackened 1 revenant: AC 10; MV 9"; HD 8; hp 31; #AT 1; D 2-16; SA Paralyzation;
circle, the fifth is in the centre of the clearing — and a skeleton is SD cannot be turned, immune to damage from weapons, regeneration,
chained to it with silver bonds. spell immunity as other undead; xp 1585; AL N; S M; FF.
1MAQINE magadne, August 1984
J. The Druid's Residence 1. The entrance is a long hall, hung with a variety of animal pelts and
other hunting trophies. Above each of the four doors that lead from the
This small stone building has only two rooms and stands next to Gwydd hall is a stuffed head — a bear, a wolf, an stag and a badger. The various
the druid's herb garden and a grove of trees. Both rooms a study and a pelts (there are 17 in all) are worth 20-40gp.
bedroom — are simply furnished, as Gwydd spent much of his time
outside and ate only what he could find in the woods around. However, a 2. This is a comfortably furnished bedroom with a large four poster bed,
search will reveal a scimitar +2 hanging in a scabbard on the study wall. two chairs, a bench, a wardrobe and a large number of sheepskin rugs
(27 in total, worth 1-6gp each).
The druid's remaining treasure was hidden in the grove, beneath the
roots of an apple tree and guarded by a birch tree spirit that Gwydd had The bench is an illusion which hides the fact that it is actually a locked
bound t o his service. Hidden beneath the apple tree are a (rather stone coffer. The lock has a poison needle in it, which will be activated by
mildewed) wooden helm of underwater action, a golden sickle (worth a failed attempt to pick the lock. Inside are seven leather bags which are
250gp), a leather bag containing a small diamond (250gp), 3 rubies (300 themselves trapped. A wire is held in place by the bags, and if it is
gp each) and a pair of uncut emeralds (worth 200gp to a jeweller) and a released a blade will scythe across the top of the coffer. This will sever
small iron chest (without a lock) containing a mixture of copper, silver any limb within the coffer, unless the affected character rolls his or her
and gold coins worth 153gp. Dexterity or less on a d20. Each of the bags holds 250gp in mixed coins.

The herb garden is somewhat overgrown, but a druid will be able to find 3. This is a kitchen — bones and other evidence of the wolfhounds can
material components for the casting of most spells. Behind the garden is be seen scattered about the floor. One side of a large sheep roasts over
Gwydd's sacred pool, a supernaturally tranquil spot. Anyone failing a an open fire in the kitchen's centre.
saving throw vs Death Magic will not voluntarily leave the area of the
pool, even to the point of remaining in the face of starvation. A saving 4. This study/workroom is nearly filled by a workbench, a reading table,
throw against the tranquility of the spot should be made each hour. a large armchair. The walls are lined with bookshelves. Faidrag's tools
— chisels, saws, paintbrushes etc a r e scattered across the benchtop.
1 birch tree spirit: AC 1 o r 7; MV 3"; HD 5+1; hp 27; # AT 1; D 1; The bookshelves contain some 200 books on a wide variety of subjects,
SA Insanity; SD Spell and weapon immunity; xp 627; AL N(E); S M; New including carpentry, hunting, mythology and heraldry. Each book is
monster - see Part 3. about the size of a magic user's spell book, and worth 5-20gp to a sage.

5. The main chamber is long with a high, oak-beamed ceiling. A log fire
K. The Village burns in a central hearth, flanked by tables and benches. At one end
stands a high table and two chairs. The walls are hung with animal pelts.
On the eastern end of the island is a spotlessly clean village of thirty
buildings. When examined, all the buildings appear to be still occupied, Behind a particularly fine bear pelt (worth 150gp) is a suit of platemail
although they are not. The villagers abandoned their houses with great +1 (giant sized). The peg upon which the bearskin hangs is trapped. If the
speed, taking only what they could carry, and as a consequence the weight of the bearskin is taken from the peg, 5 spikes (treat as crossbow
village looks much as it did before they left to live with the faeries. On bolts fired by a 2nd level fighter) will be released from the opposite wall.
average some 30gp worth of small valuables and coins can be found in
each of the houses. Faidrag, the hill giant: AC 4; MV 12"; HD 8+1; hp 39; #AT 1; D 2-16 or by
weapon; SA Faidrag will not hurl rocks; SD innate abilityto cast enchant
There are two noteworthy buildings in the village. One is the village inn, an item on small objects; xp 1668; AL CE(N); S L; MM - non-standard
'The Grey Partridge Inn', which is still well stocked with ales and wines. example of monster.
The other is an oblong temple in the centre of the village.
4 wolf hounds: AC 6; MV 12"; HD 2+2; hp 13 each; #AT 1; D 2-8; SD
The temple is closed and locked (normal percentage chance of success Totally loyal, immune to charm etc; xp 89 each; AL N; S S; MM - cf dog,
for a thief to pick the lock), and there are no markings on the door to war.
indicate to which deity it is dedicated. Examination of any of the stained
glass will reveal that a partridge is prominent upon each window. Inside
the temple contains benches and a small altar behind which is an M. The Northern Mountains
alabaster statue of a partridge (a bird considered holy by the islanders).
Should anyone damage or desecrate the temple this statue will begin to The few mountains on the island a t the northernmost end a r e of a
grow (up to a maximum of 7 feet tall). If the desecration continues the reddish, crystalline stone and pitted with caves. A permanent misty haze
statue will change into a giant partridge and attack the offenders, hangs above them. Rising to a height of 300 feet, they present no
reverting back to its statue-state once the offenders are dealt with. The hazards for careful climbers, although any attempt to climb would have
statue is similar to a figurine o f wondrous power, but it cannot be to be started from a boat (throw Dexterity or less on d20 to avoid falling
removed from the temple in its statue form (moving the statue counts as into the sea). Approaching from landward requires hard walking which
an act of desecration), and if it is forced to leave the temple in partridge gradually turns into a steep scramble, but this offers no real difficulty.
form it will crumble to alabaster dust.
Investigation of the caves will reveal that a current of warm air rises
1 giant partridge: AC 7; MV 3"/24"; HD 4; hp 20; #AT 3; D 1 - 3 / 1 - 3 / from one of them. Further investigation will reveal a tunnel which
2-8; 140xp; AL N; S M. descends to a roughly oblong cavern, some 17 feet high, 80 feet wide
and 230 feet long. The floor is a layer of molten lava roughly 5 feet deep.
Towards the back of the cavern a golden pillar stands in the lava and
L. The Giant's Mansion reaches to within 2 feet of the cavern roof. The pillar 15 feet high (its
base cannot be seen beneath the lava), and worth 4500gp. Mounted at
In the north-west corner of the island, hidden among the hills, dwells the top of the pillar is a large diamond (value - 4000gp).
Faidrag, a hill giant. He was once renowned for the boastful challenges
and his partiality to roast Iamb. The giant will come out of his mansion to The pillar and its diamond are the property of a group of 8 lava children
greet any visitors and will issue a challenge to single combat to any who believe them to be sacred. They also believe that should the
fighters — to the drawing o f first blood only. Should the offer be diamond be removed from its mount for more than an hour, their home
accepted, he will prepare a meal for the party prior to the fight. In — a volcano —will explode. Consequently, they will not let anybody take
combat, Faidrag uses an axe +3 (the equivalent of a two-handed for it away — and will explain why. If paid, fooled or persuaded, they will
man-sized creatures) made of bone, bleached white in the sun. This is
the huntsman's axe that the party require to free Fintan. temporarily remove the diamond from the pillar and let the party use it

If the challenge is refused, Faidrag will taunt the party. If attacked he will If the diamond is not replaced within the hour, the lava childrens' belief
blow a whistle which hangs a t h i s neck and summon h i s four will be proved true. The mountain will explode, and the island will sink
wolfhounds. He will then retreat into his mansion because he prefers back beneath the waves. (See The Sinking of the Isle).
his battles to be single combat.
7 lava children: AC M V 9"; HD 4; hp 17 each; #AT 3; D 1-6/1-6/2-12;
He doesn't know where the villagers are, but he is quite happy because SD 'immune' to metal; xp 218 each; AL N; S M; FF.
the supply of mutton has been plentiful since their departure.
1 lava child (magic user): AC 4; MV 9"; HD 5; hp 22 each; # AT 3; D
The giant's mansion has five rooms: 1-6/1-6/2-12; SA spells; SD 'immune' to metal; xp 315; AL N; S M; FF.
30 I M A G I N E 'magazine, August 1984
N. The Faerie Hill Part 3 - New monsters
The Faeries of Tir Nan Og dwell in halls beneath one of the island's hills. All the monsters given below are unofficial.
If the adventurers manage to lift the curse placed upon Fintan by the
faeries a n d the revenant does not manage to kill him — they may see
him leave his tower and make towards the faerie hill. AUG H !SKY (Water-horse)
Although the entrance to the faerie halls only becomes generally visible FREQUENCY: V e r y rare
by moonlight, it may be found by walking round the base of the hill 13 NO. APPEARING: 1 or 2
times in an anti-clockwise direction. It will then appear as a stone ARMOUR CLASS: 3
doorway let into the southern side of the hill. Fintan will, given the MOVE: 1 8 "
opportunity, walk—almost jog — around the hill, and then go into the HIT DICE: 6 + 4
faerie halls. If the revenant has not already caught him, it will do the % IN LAIR: N i l
same. Should the adventurers not see the method o f finding t h e TREASURE TYPE: N i l
entrance, a ranger will have no trouble in following the tracks as they NO. OF ATTACKS: /
circle the hill. DAMAGE/ATTACK: 4 - 1 6
SPECIAL ATTACKS: D r o w n i n g
Anyone standing o n t h e hill w i l l be able t o hear faint sounds o f SPECIAL DEFENCES: S e e below
merriment from below — actually listening at ground level will make the MAGIC RESISTANCE: S t a n d a r d
sounds louder, but no clearer. INTELLIGENCE: V e r y
ALIGNMENT: C h a o t i c evil (neutral evil)
The entrance to the faerie halls will appear when night falls — and SIZE: L
warm, inviting lights will be seen behind the door. The sounds of revelry PSIONIC ABILITY: N i l
will be much clearer. Should the adventurers attempt to enter the halls, Attack/Defence Modes: N i l / n i l
they will be made welcome — as mainlanders who have finally accepted LEVEL/XP VALUE: V I / 6 5 0 + 8 per hit point
the faeries original invitation.

Any adventurers who accept this offer are effectively trapped within the
faerie halls. Time does not run concurrently beneath the hill, and any
time spent there is the equivalent of 100-300 years. Any character who
leaves the faeries has this time added to his current age. As a result, the
DM may care to warn the players of possible drawbacks to taking up the
faeries' offer. Providing the halls are never left, all will be well, and the
character's may continue to live normally — endlessly enjoying the
hospitality of the faerie folk.

If the adventurers are foolish enough to attack the faeries, they will be
fought by the entire population beneath the hill — including Fintan
(should he still be alive) and the 200 or so villagers (see DMG p88,
Typical Inhabitants).

30 faeries: AC 5; MV 18"; HD 1; hp 5 each; PAT 1; D by weapon type; SA

Spells, +1 weaponry; SD Limited weapon and spell immunity; MR 5%; xp
97 each; S S; New monster - see Part 3.

1faerie knight: AC 4; MV 18"; HD 2; hp 11; PAT 1; D by weapon type; SA

Spells, +2 weaponry, SD Limited weapon and spell immunity; MR 5%; xp
156 each; S S; New monster - see Part 3.

1 faerie marchioness: AC 3; MV 18"; HD 3; hp 16; PAT 1; D by weapon

type; SA Spells, +3 weaponry; SD Limited weapon and spell immunity;
MR 5%; xp 238; S S; New monster - see Part 3.
The Irish aughiski (pronounced Agh-iski), or water-horse, is a fell water
faerie that appears in the guise of a handsome horse. It is usually close
The Sinking of the Isle to a body of water of some description.

After spending l d l 2+36 hours above the waves, Tir Nan Og will once When first encountered, the aughisky appears almost eager to be
more vanish into the depths. ridden, and if anyone is brave — or foolhardy — enough to climb on its
back, it makes a spendid mount, but it must never be allowed sight,
Before it does so, however, the mist will begin to gather, firstly at the sound or smell of the sea.
water's edge and then spread inland. The mist will take but two turns to
cover the whole island — and once i t is covered it will sink. Once Should it catch sight of, smell or hear the sea, it will immediately rush
beneath the waves it will vanish totally — searching the bottom of the into the water, taking its rider with it. Once in the sea, it will throw off its
bay will not reveal its location. rider and attack in an effort to devour him or her. Anyone who is carried
into the sea by the aughiski will drown in 3 melee rounds unless they
Anyone caught on the island will be dragged down as it sinks. They will can reach the surface (swimming or treading water precludes any form
drown in 3 melee rounds unless they have some form of escape from the of attack if armour is worn).
ocean's effects (eg a helm o f underwater action, a ring of water
walking etc) or they have taken refuge in one of the island's buildings or Like many faeries, the aughiski is vulnerable only to cold iron — silver
with the faeries. If the adventurers choose to enter one of the buildings, and magical weapons done damage whatsoever. It is also immune to all
they will automatically fall into temporal stasis (as the spell) until the Tir mind-influencing and water-based spells, and cold-based attacks do
Nan Og again appears above the waves — after 2d10 + 30 years. only half damage. Fire-based attacks cause full damage.

Those who have taken refuge with the faeries will not suffer any ill- Each Uisge and Cabyll-ushtey: The each uisge (same pronunciation)
effects when the island sinks. They will, of course, be trapped beneath and cabyll-ushtey are, respectively, the Highland and Manx versions of
the faerie hill. the same creature. They differ only in their ferocity, as they will not wait
to see, hear or smell the sea before carrying victims into the depths and
attacking them. The Manx cabyll-ushtey is also rumoured to attack
CREDITS domestic livestock that wander near the shore.
Design: C h r i s Barlow
Development: M i k e Brunton The each uisge • has the ability to appear in human guise, which i t
Art: M a r k O'Dell occasionally does in order to 'spy out the land' before selecting a likely
Cartography: P a u l Ruiz victim to approach in horse-form.

I M A G I N E map:mint, August 1984 31

FREQUENCY: V e r y rare
MOVE: 3 "
HIT DICE: 5 + 1
% IN LAIR: 1 0 0 %
DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1 hit point
SPECIAL ATTACKS: I n s a n i t y
SPECIAL DEFENCES: S p e l l and weapon immunity
MAGIC RESISTANCE: S t a n d a r d
ALIGNMENT: N e u t r a l (evil) FREQUENCY: R a r e
Attack/Defence Modes: N i l / n i l MOVE: 1 8 "
LEVEL/XP VALUE: V / 4 6 5 + 6 per hit point HIT DICE: 1 - 4 + 1
% IN LAIR: 5 0 %
A birch tree spirit appears as an amorphous white cloud, smelling TREASURE TYPE: R , S. T
slightly of new, green wood. It attacks with a pseudopod with which it NO. OF ATTACKS: /
attempts to touch the forehead of a victim. A successful 'to hit' roll DAMAGE/ATTACK: B y weapon type
indicates that it has done so, and the victim must save vs Spells or SPECIAL ATTACKS: S p e l l s
become insane (see DMG p83). The victim also develops a white, leaf- SPECIAL DEFENCES: S p e l l and weapon immunity
shaped mark upon his or her forehead. The insanity and the mark persist MAGIC RESISTANCE: 5 %
until the victim receives a remove curse spell. INTELLIGENCE: Exceptional-genius
ALIGNMENT: C h a o t i c neutral (evil)
While in cloud form, a birch tree spirit cannot move more than 6" away SIZE: S (4' tall)
from the wooden object/tree to which it is bound. It is immune to all PSIONIC ABILITY: N i l
spells, has an Armour Class of 1 and may only be hit by silver or magical Attack/Defence Modes: N i l / n i l
weapons. However, it may be 'turned' by a druid. The druid is treated as LEVEL/XP VALUE:
an equivalent level cleric, and the birch tree spirit as the equivalent of a 1HD: M / 9 2 + 1 per hit point
wraith. 2 HD: I I I / 1 3 4 + 2 per hit point
, 3 HD: I V / 1 9 0 + 3 per hit point
' •
- 4 HD: V / 3 6 0 + 5 per hit point

Faeries, also called the Little People or Wee Folk, are a widely divergent
group of creatures. Those described here are really 'generic' faeries,
having some — but not all — of the abilities that these creatures are
capable of displaying.

All Faeries are natural magicians a t least the equivalent of 3rd level
magic users or illusionists (these faeries have but 1 Hit Die). However,
they are also natural pranksters and teases. As a result, they will rarely
use 1st level magic-user or illusionist spells, preferring instead to
torment their victims with Cantrips (see IMAGINETy magazines 8 & 9).

For every 20 faeries encountered, one will be a member of their lesser

nobility (2HD), and the equivalent of a 7th level magic user or illusionist.
For every 30 faeries, one will be a 10th level magic user or illusionist
(3HD), and for every 50 faeries one will be a member of the greater
nobility (4+1HD), and the equivalent of a 15th level magic user or
illusionist. He or she will be accompanied by a retinue of 1-4 7th level
magic user/illusionist equivalents.

Because of their magical abilities, faeries prefer not to fight b u t can do

: so when forced into battle. They wear silver armour appropriate to their
social station, ranging from chainmail to full suits of platemail, and use a
tt•'' ;• wide variety of weapons, with combat bonuses ranging from +1 to +4.

' They are invulnerable to all mind-influencing spells, and magical and
silver weapons do but 1 point of damage when they hit. Iron weapons
cause normal damage. Due to their sorcerous nature, faeries cannot
stand the sight of clerics of good alignment, and will avoid contact with
such people, even to the extent of fleeing.

Faeries are an extremely proud folk, and will remember any slur or harm
done to them a n d punish/torment those they consider guilty, even to
death. However, they are not totally evil, merely fickle — and if need be,
vengeful — to those they encounter. But they are also be generous to
If turned, it will return to the object/tree to which it is bound. It is then those who aid them. Any gifts or rewards they give will often be two
much more vulnerable to attack. Its Armour Class drops to 7, and it may edged i t e m s which bring good fortune to the possessor providing that
be struck by any type of weapon. Fire-based attacks do double damage, certain conditions are never violated, in which case the good fortune is
and a warp wood spell will cause 1 d4 points of damage per level of the replaced by bad fortune of equal magnitude.
caster. It remains immune to the effects of all other spells.
Finally, faeries seem to be able to manipulate time. Visitors to faerie
Birch tree spirits are bound into the service of druids or magic users halls and dwellings do not age while they are there, and years may pass
specialising in plantcraft by either a hold plant or charm plant spell. It in the outside world. However, once a mortal leaves a faerie hall, the full
will never have any treasure of its own, only what it has been given to burden of the years that have been spent 'outside' time is imposed —
watch over. Because they are always guardians, they are never typically a period of 20-200 years, often killing the person in the process
encountered as wandering monsters. — death by simple old age.
32 I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
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GRENADIER MODELS NEW FROM FGU and ask the Jolly Tar behind the counter
Lands o f Adventure A brand new, historically based for Privateers & Gentlemen - the role-
Top quality metal figures from the best known miniatures company in the U.S. and fantasy tog. In addition to the standard rules, the basic playing game of life in the Navy
now available in Britain. Below is a selection of their range. Send SAE for full lists. set contains two "Culture Packs", These enable t h e 1755-1820, E12.50.
CALL OF CTHULHU - Officially Approved range. E7.95 per box. referee to set a campaign in the Age of King Arthur or in
Box 1: Adventurers B o x 2: Creatures Classical Greece. Further Culture Packs, detailing other
DRAGONLORDS Excellent fantasy range, E5.50 per box. historical periods will be released from time to time. Also available - two scenario books
Box 1: Wizards Box 2: Halflings Box 3: Dwarves Box 4: Hirelings Box 5: Lands of Adventure: basic game with 2 Culture Packs King Over the Water: E4.35
Fighting Men Box 6: Specialists Box 7: Females E 8 . 7 5 Decision at DIerba: E3.65
Box 8: Thieves Box 9: Wizard's Room Box 10:
Horrors of the Marsh Box 11: Orcs of the Severed AVALON HILL fantasy/of boardgames
Hand B o x 1 2 : Subterranean Te r r o r s B o x 1 3 : FGU BOARDGAMES (BG) & RULES (R) TSR UK Ltd.
Diadem: Science Fiction BG E 1 5 . 7 5 D & D Basic Set rules, dice, £ 9 . 5 0 Alpha Omega C 1 1 . 9 5
Adventurers - Golden Quest D & D Expert Set, rules dice, adv £ 9 . 5 0 Dragon Hunt E 1 3 . 4 5
AUTODUEL Official Car Wars Miniatures all at Lords & Wizards: Fantasy BC E 1 1 . 9 5 Oh D Expert Rules only £ 3 . 9 5 Dune E 1 3 . 4 5
E3.25 per blister pack. Ten sets in the range. Colony Delta' Science Fiction BG E 9 . 7 5 D & D Character Records sheets £ 2 . 9 9 Freedom in the Galaxy E 1 6 . 9 5
OGRE MINIATURES - Official range E3.25 per Oregon Trail: BC. Good solo E 1 0 . 3 5 A 0 & 0 Dungeon Masters Guide E 1 0 . 9 5 Magic Realm E 1 3 . 4 5
pack, unless otherwise marked Star Explorer: BC Excellent solo E 1 1 . 9 5 AD & D Players Handbook £ 9 . 9 5 Starship Troopers E 1 3 . 4 5
Archworld: Rules for fantasy battles E 4 . 3 5 A Oh D Monster Manual £ 9 9 5 Titan E 1 3 . 4 5
1. Ogre Mark V E5.50 It per pack) 2. 4 Heavy Galactic Conquest: SF RPG rules E 2 . 9 5 AD & 0 Monster Manual 2 £ 9 . 9 5
Tanks 3. 4 Missile Tanks 4. 4 GEVs 5. 4 A Oh 0 Deities + Demigods £ 9 . 9 5
Wizard's Quest E 1 3 . 4 5
Odysseus: History based fantasy rpg E 3 . 9 5 Wizard's E 1 6 . 9 5
Howitzers 6. 4 Mobile Howitzers 7. 5 Light Tanks Royal Armies of the Hyborean Age: R E 4 . 3 5
AD & D Fiend Folio £ 9 . 9 5
8. 2 Command Posts 9. 4 Combine GEV's A Oh D Dungeon Masters Screen £ 4 . 9 5 Samurai E 1 1 . 9 5
Starships & Spacemen: SF RPG E 4 . 9 5 A Oh D Character Record sheets £ 3 . 9 5 Circus Maximus E 8 . 9 5
Ogre Miniatures are to 1/285 scale
AD & D Player Character Folder £ 3 . 9 5 Gladiator E 8 . 9 5
TRAVELLER- Official range. E7.95 per box STANDARD GAMES & PUBLICATIONS AD & D NPC Character Record sheets E 3 , 9 5
Box 1: Imperial Marines; Box 2: Adventurers; Down with the King E 1 0 . 4 5
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E r
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Average Dice (pair) 3 5 p
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34 Please mention I M A G I N E magazine w h e n you reply to advertisements

•• • •••••
*AD 141•N• • " %AA )
ALAI:4W~ A.bA(4141sss
A „0,4440,
• • •
" W S W "
If the solution to part 2 o f my recent competition took us into

murky w a t e r s , t h e s o l u t i o n t o t h e f i n a l p a r t t a k e s u s i n t o
obscurity o n l y equalled b y m y f o r m e r M a n c h e s t e r landlady,
mistress of the multiple negative ( A r e n ' t you not coming down

for no breakfast' isn't easy to cope with at 6.30 in the morning).

The only clue is that one 'solution' has already been provided.
The 'question' at the top is

R I irk.

or, as we found
last time, A is true (this will make more sense if you have part 2's
answers in front of you). The second line gives us the numeral 2
on the left and the answer n o t n o t A is true on the right. N o w
vettPll' ist***
not n o t is redundant, by rule 2, so the 'answer' is the same as
the 'question'. In other words, the test is to express A is true in
different ways by using the rule specified at the left of each line.

The first blank line requires rule 3, but a problem arises w i t h

the exception of rule 2, the rules use t w o pieces of luggage, A olt*A
and B; h o w do we w o r k with only one? A t least the number of
spaces is given so w e k n o w h o w many symbols each a n s w e r
requires. If we are short of a couple, t w o 'nots' or two brackets oto•10.,
will help since their presence changes nothing so long as they
are properly positioned.

Actually , r e m o v i n g B makes i t easier rather than otherwise.

* S W AO
Obviously A implies A, so using rule 2, A implies n o t n o t A, or
010 p o s w o
There aren't enough symbols here, and we have so far omitted
the 'truth' symbol. The solution requires eight symbols, so let's
fill o u t with brackets
PotottatoS1 W O N
Editor's N o t e : Those individuals w h o s c a n n e d last m o n t h ' s

and t h i s one w i n s the coconut using rule 3. The brackets are 01 answers in the hope t h a t they w o u l d understand w h a t was
g o i n g on m a y have been finally d r i v e n to dispair by the a n s w e r
to Q u e s t i o n 5. I t s h o u l d read '(A I M P L I E S B) IS E Q U I VA L E N T
needed h e r e a n y w a y t o distinguish b e t w e e n A i s t r u e and a
statement involving A is true. a TO ( N O T A I M P L I E S N O T B ) ' . T h e m i d d l e ' n o t ' w a s

Next we need rule 5 which deals with equivalents. A implies A

:s correct, though a t r i f l e unnecessary; t w o brackets round the Only two brave folk survived this far, discounting those whose
sides gives only 5 symbols and we need 9. The answer is to use answers w e r e n o t complete a n d w h o n o doubt, a f t e r several
rule 2 a g a i n . S t a r t w i t h n o t n o t A i m p l i e s A w h i c h , p l u s hours o f e f f o r t , s t a r t e d c h e w i n g t h e f u r n i t u r e i n s h e e r
brackets, uses 7 symbols. Then another 'not' on each side of the frustration.
:mplication gives not not not A implies not A
— — The runner up, w h o got her a n d J a bit
confused (and no wonder, at 4.30am) is Rachel S h a w of Halifax.
a nd the problem is solved Rachel, you w e r e n ' t entirely correct but yours was a bold effort
and I'll ask the w o r t h y IMAGINE team to come up with a reward
Next, rule 2 again, w i t h 7 symbols. Fairly quickly we can get to of some sort (25,000 experience points??).
not A implies not A which, though spurious, is correct, so fill in
The w i n n e r, correct in every detail, w h o wins the free ticket to
GamesFair '85, is
71nally, rule 7 which involves or, and this is a bit more tricky. Six Steve Pearce
symbols which, with brackets round the outside, leaves 4 to play
,vith, and we must include or and A. After some fiddling, we can of C h e l t e n h a m . C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s S t e v e a n d l o o k f o r w a r d t o
come up w i t h A o r n o t A or in symbols seeing you at Reading.
— v
One final thing for everyone w o u l d you like to see this sort of
and this is the answer which saved our hit points. It's rather like thing again in this column? Harder? Easier? Let us know.
saying 'the universe' or OM. lA3 Don Tu r n b u l l
: M A G I N E rrta44=-,:• 1 3 8 4 35
Z i n e & the Art 94- Editing
Advice for would-be fanzine editors from Mike Lewis
of DragonLords

There a r e several h u n d r e d fanzines W h y else w o u l d y o u w a n t t o e d i t y o u r effectively. It is very important to establish

in t h e UK and they cover everything own fanzine — could you not achieve as the style, as readers prefer a zine that has
from Science Fiction to music, taking much satisfaction a n d e n j o y m e n t f r o m character t o a thinly-disguised pastiche
contributing t o a n o t h e r fanzine? T h i s of White D w a r f or I M A G I N E magazine.
in comics, films and Scrabble on the
latter a l t e r n a t i v e w o u l d s a v e a l o t o f Whatever you do , d o n ' t copy the style of
way. Included among these are some another fanzine and thereby produce an
20 or so fanzines that are devoted to mangled fingers (as you learn to type) and
wear-and-tear on the tongue (from licking identical product. Although it may be very
fantasy games; a n d a s I M A G I N E T " envelopes and stamps), not to mention a flattering f o r the editor concerned, you'll
magazine h a s been k n o w n t o carry lot of hard work. However, if your ego is end up being labelled as 'Baby Warthog's
features on FRP, it is with these that anything l i k e t h o s e o f existing editors, Gazette' o r w h a t e v e r a n d y o u r Line w i l l
this article i s concerned. I t i s quite then you j u s t w o n ' t be able to settle for suffer.
possible t h a t y o u h a v e h a d s o m e anything less than your own little baby. It i s w o r t h w h i l e s c r u t i n i z i n g e x i s t i n g
contact w i t h fanzines, e v e n i f i t i s fanzines to see w h a t goes down well with
their readers and w h a t has already been
only a drunken fanzine editor thrust- Setting Up done t o d e a t h a n d c o n s e q u e n t l y b o r e s
ing u n w a n t e d pieces of paper under
Having d e c i d e d t o m a k e y o u r b i d f o r everyone to tears. You d o n ' t w a n t to put
your nose at a convention, while you
everlasting fame and glory, you now have off p r o s p e c t i v e s u b s c r i b e r s b y g i v i n g
were desperately searching f o r t h e them a sense o f dela v u w h e n t h e y see
to begin t h e hard w o r k of making i t all
TSR stand. There may even be a f e w come t r u e . T h e f i r s t m o v e i s t o decide your first issue, do you? While you should
misguided creatures among you who what type of fanzine you want to produce, publish w h a t you w a n t to a f t e r all, you
secretly desire t o join t h e elite, t h e in t e r m s o f a p p e a r a n c e a n d s t y l e o f are paying for the thing — it doesn't hurt
infamous f e w t h a t e d i t t h e i r o w n content. S t y l e s v a r y f r o m l i g h t , c h a t t y, to pay attention to the punters' whims. It
fanzines. W e l l , i f y o u h a v e e v e r fa nnish zines like my own, late D r a g o n - is i m p o r t a n t t o n o t e i n t h i s respect t h a t
hankered for the power that the blue Lords w h i c h , w h i l e t h e y do p r i n t some the t o p i c s o f m a g i c i t e m s , c h a r a c t e r
useful discussion articles, try to produce classes and monsters for the D&D® game
pencil affords, t h i s article w i l l g i v e
an entertaining read rather than a play- have been thoroughly explored in fanzines
you some idea of how to go about it.
aid; to the dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist and i t is very d i ff i c u l t t o be original and
Before you plunge willy-nilly into editing zines l i k e S E W A R S w h i c h t r y t o p r i n t interesting w i t h this type of material.
a fanzine i t is advisable to consider w h y useful material that makes a positive con- W i t h y o u r c o n t e n t style s e t — f o r the
you w a n t to, and w h a t you are hoping to tribution to your game, such as monsters, first issue or so anyway n o w is the time
get o u t o f it. First, a w o r d o f warning; i f magic i t e m s a n d character classes. I n to solicit articles and artwork. The m o s t
you w a n t t o m a k e m o n e y e d i t i n g a between these two styles are zines such obvious place t o start, perhaps, i s w i t h
fanzine, forget it. The fanzines that make as Tempestuous O r i f i c e a n d M i s e r ' s your l o c a l g a m e s g r o u p o r club. W h i l e
any real p r o f i t a r e f e w and far between, Hoard which aim to print useful discuss- they w i l l p r o b a b l y r e g a r d y o u a s s o m e
and m o s t m a k e a loss (sometimes con- ion articles rather than useful 'hardware'. kind of freak when you announce that you
siderable). If you w a n t to w a n t to get rich Then again, you could try the approach of are g o i n g t o s t a r t a f a n z i n e , y o u . d b e
then w r i t e f o r t h e prozines, o r f o l l o w the recently folded Quasits & Quasars, surprised a t h o w m a n y g a r n e r s a r e
Uncle D o n s example and w o r k for TSB! which m i x e s these styles freely a n d frustrated writers at heart. Hit them when

And how better for a prospective editor to check out golfing game. Evidence that the postal games poll run through
the opposition than by sending off for a selection from Mention of SEWARS leads me to the latest issue, Mad Policy is nearly on us comes through loud and
the following: #19. The majority of the content is made up of reviews clear amongst the postal games fanzines, as they try •
and a scenario for the AD&D game. Also, there is the to pull in last minute voters. Issues are bigger, there is
Tempestuous Orifice 5 seems to have settled its Archer 'rejected by IMAGINE and White Dwarf more chat, and the editors are actually trying to be
problems, and is out on time for a change. The quality magazines' — in which case, one wonders, why did nice about their subscribers! I can't guess who will
is still high, with informative, chatty articles and good they bother to print it? have won the poll, but Greatest Hits 116 should
scenarios. It is probably the best frp fanzine around, lmazine 6 couldn't be further away from this, with make as good a showing as ever. This issue has chat,
but TO does seem to be aiming a little above itself with a superbly humourous parody of this very magazine. letters on games, computers, music and horse racing,
a statement about how they intend to influence the It carries lots of letters and sensible discussion of frp and even rules for some new games.
next generation of 'zines. Pretensions above their games as well. The 'zine continues to improve with Psychopath 14 deserves to do well too. Mike Dean
means? — only time will tell. each change of name — oh, hadn't you realised that is putting a lot into the 'zine, which now offers a wide •
One magazine which might give them some this i s the latest incarnation o f Paul Mason's variety of games as well as columns on SF, comics
competition is the rapidly improving Demon's Drawl Rolegaming? Despite the fact that Paul claims that he and the international hobby. Simon Billeness seems to
6. It still carries a lot of 'hardware' in the form of is ignored by the readership of IMAGINE magazine, have alienated a lot of people in the postal gaming •
monsters, magic items and scenarios for the AD&D® this magazine should continue to do well. fraternity with his anti-games stance, but Inflam-
game, but it mixes this with useful articles as well. Before going on to investigate the pile of postal matory Material 4 still has plenty of reading matter
Value for money. games fanzines, let's take a quick look at Fantasy on music (Billy Bragg), 'zines, drugs problems, etc.
Perhaps Conflict of Chaos will improve as much Advertiser 85. This is the latest issue of this excellent Cut 8E Thrust 25 remains one of the best places to
— at the moment it is thin on content. They sent us publication, o f interest to anyone even slightly play a game of En Garde! as well as somewhere to
issues 2 , 3 and 4 , and they show a gradual interested in comics. It also covers fantasy media, SF read well-constructed and detailed game reviews. Its
improvement, but this 'zine still has a long way to go books and role-playing in various columns. Note that namesake — Cut & Thrust, The South Dorset
before i t even reaches the level of the likes of Martin Lock's Harrier Comics label is also to be used Military Society Newsletter, Convention Issue (try
SEWARS. Still, there are interesting ideas, like the to publish British comic works. Look out for it. saying that in one breath) looks a good investment for
36 I M A G I N E mAgEt-thle, Au9ust 1984
they are susceptible, such as after a night cost for each sheet doesn't decrease as ion standards for the same money; w h i l e
at the pub, or after an intensive 16-hour you p r i n t m o r e c o p i e s — u n l i k e l i t h o this v i e w p o i n t is clearly ridiculous (pro-
gaming session. On the other hand, it is printing. Q u a l i t y varies h e a v i l y f r o m zines have a circulation of 20k plus, while
probably not a good idea to accept articles machine to machine. If you have access the largest fanzine sells j u s t 700) it is a
actually written under these conditions! to cheap or even free photocopying then point w o r t h bearing i n m i n d , w h e n you
Another avenue is to place an advert in this is an excellent way of keeping down come t o p r i n t y o u r z i n e a n d s e l l i t —
leading fanzines and prozines advertising the cost of the zine. Good quality photo- lithoed zines sell better.
your i n t e n t i o n o f starting a fanzine and copying c a n a p p r o a c h t h e s t a n d a r d o f When you are calculating w h e t h e r o r
asking for contributions for it. litho, a n d s e v e r a l z i n e s t h a t a p p e a r not y o u c a n a f f o r d t o p r i n t a f a n z i n e ,
While gathering material for this wond- litho'ed may in fact be photocopied, you remember to include n o t only the initial
rous f i r s t issue, you should decide on a can't always be sure. print-run costs but postage and the costs
production method and the initial cost of of paper, typewriter ribbons, black coffee,
producing the zine. There is little point in Stencil: T h i s i s probably t h e cheapest the launch party, reviewers' bribes, etc. It
coming up w i t h the best first issue since method o f production. The zine is typed is also a good idea to decide on a probable
D r a g o n L o r d s 1 (not difficult actually) and out on w a x stencils and final copies are cover price at t h i s time. The usual price
then not being able to print it!! run o f f f r o m t h o s e s t e n c i l s . I t i s a l s o for a n A 5 , 2 8 - 4 0 page fanzine i s 6 0 p a
possible to prepare masters in the same copy at the moment. Fairly obviously, it is
way as litho or photocopy w i t h artwork, a good idea to price your zine favourably
Getting it printed etc, a n d t h e n h a v e these transferred t o w i t h t h e others around, b u t be sensible
There are several options open to you for stencils b y Electrostencilling. H o w e v e r, and m a k e s u r e t h a t y o u d o n ' t l o s e t o o
printing, w i t h a w i d e r a n g e o f suitable this process is expensive and can add a much or you w i l l n o t be able to print the
methods of reproduction: significant amount to the cost of the zine. next issue!
The quality of reproduction w i t h stencils Having d e c i d e d o n t h e m e t h o d o f
Lithographic: K n o w n a s litho t o those tends t o v a r y e n o r m o u s l y, t w o obvious printing and t h e f o r m a t o f the zine, i t is
of us in the know, it is the most expensive zines t o c o m p a r e a r e S E W A R S a n d time to visit your local printers. It is very
of these methods and unless you can find Acolyte. T h e production quality o f important to try as many different printers
a cheap and sympathetic printer, you may SEWARS s u ff e r s v e r y b a d l y f r o m p o o r as y o u c a n f i n d , b e c a u s e q u o t e s v a r y
find i t is o u t o f t h e range o f your initial duplication and low quality photocopying; enormously from one printer to the next.
budget. T h e masters are typed up, w i t h on t h e o t h e r h a n d , P e t e Ta m l y n p r i n t s For instance, a 24 page A5 litho zine with
the a r t w o r k laid out, a n d Letraset titles, Acolyte h i m s e l f , a n d h e s h o w s t h a t a a p r i n t r u n o f 2 0 0 can vary from f 60 to
etc a d d e d . T h e z i n e i s t h e n p r o d u c e d stencilled zine can be as well laid out and 1 2 0 0 ! W h e n you a r e going t o a p r i n t e r,
straight f r o m t h e m a s t e r s b y a p h o t o - presented as any other format. take a fanzine with you to show them the
graphic process. It is possible to have the type of product you are trying to produce
printing r e d u c e d f r o m A 4 t o A 5 ( t h e The m e t h o d o f p r i n t i n g t h a t y o u f i n a l l y — printers tend t o g e t anxious a n d
traditional f o r m a t o f a n A 5 booklet) o r decide u p o n w i l l l a r g e l y d e p e n d o n confused w h e n y o u m e n t i o n t h i n g s like
from A3 to A4 (much more professional in personal choice and the budget that you D&D a n d r o l e - p l a y i n g t o t h e m — s o
appearance, but also far more expensive). have available. Yo u s h o u l d n o t e , h o w - something concrete settles t h e i r nerves
The reduction reduces paper costs, a n d ever, t h a t a l o t o f fans dislike stencilled (no, I d o n ' t m e a n a b r i c k t o t h e head,
looks far neater than unreduced type. zines because they tend to look cheap and either!). A l s o , a s k f o r examples o f t h e i r
An A5 booklet printed by cheapish litho tatty. This attitude stems from the flashy printing, so that you can judge w h a t kind
is t h e u s u a l f o r m a t f o r ERR fanzines by packaging a n d g l o s s t h a t a b o u n d s i n of quality they produce.
some u n w r i t t e n convention. S o m e have professional magazines and games. They When you have chosen your production
card covers, a c o l o u r e d p a p e r c o v e r o r expect fanzines to have the same product- method, find o u t form the printer h o w to
glossy pages (as with W y r m ' s Claw), but prepare the masters and any hidden c o t s
they all have a fairly similar standard o f involved (photographs, for instance, have
print. to be screened and t h a t is an additional
expense). W h e n t h e z i n e h a s b e e n p u t
Photocopying: W h i l e this can b e ex- together a n d y o u a r e w i l l i n g t o l e t t h e
tremely cheap for a low print-run of, say, thing o u t on the streets w i t h your name
50 copies, its disadvantage is that the unit and address included, then get it printed.

wargamers. Tales From Tanelorn 7.5 is Matt Contact Addresses

Williams' attempt to become more frequent, and is Tempestuous Orifice (60p), Patrick Fama. 15 York Close, Morden,
accompanied by issue 7.502!! Plenty of gossip and Surrey SM4 511W; Demons Drawl (55p). Jeremy Nuttall, 4 9
unusual games with a Moorcock-fantasy bias. Take Longdown Road, Congleton. Cheshire; Conflict of Chaos (45p), no
address shown; SEWARS (60p), Chris Baylis, 12 The Fryth, Basildon,
That You Fiend International 20 is an attempt to ESSEX SS14 3PN; !marine (45p), Paul Mason, 2 4 Moor Si,
prove that even Tunnels & Trolls players are Earlsdon, Coventry CV5 6EQ; Fantasy Advertiser (50p), Martin
accepted everywhere, as the editors try to show how new, but offers a good game of En Garde!, and has the Lock, 3 Madow Court, Britannia Square, Worcester; Greatest Hits
(50p), Pete Birks, 65 Turney Rd, LONDON SE21 7.1S,
many overseas subscribers they have. The games in distinction of offering a game called Baseball Wars. Psychopath (40p), Mike Dean, 29 Peasholrne Drive, Scarborough,
TTNIF aren't all T&T-based, however, as Title Bout Hopscotch 41 continues to provide an excellent N YORKS Y 0 1 2 7NA; Inflammatory Material (40p), Simon
is also on offer. games service for a wide variety of games, and this Billeness, Falkner/Eggington Court, Loughborough, Leies LE 11 3141;
Gamesmaster 2 appeared after the long gap since issue sees the start of the first Diplomacy game to be Cut & Thrust (40p), Derek Wilson, 321 Headley Rd East, Woodley,
issue one. We are assured that this is due to one Reading, Berks. South Dorset Military Society Newsletter, Flat 4,
GM'd by a computer. Walamalaysia Gazette 43 Inverclyde House, Inverclyde Rd. Lower Parkstone, Poole; Tales
editor's drink problem, among other things. SE and comes with 'PANIC NOW!' in uncomfortable letters From Tanelorn (50p), Malt Williams (address as imarine, above);
comics feature strongly, as well as sports games. all over the cover — still offering a very reliable game Take That You Fiend (35p), Kevin Warne, 48 Boscombe Ave,
Barbarous League 3 is also relatively new, and this Hornchurch, ESSEX RM II LIG, Gannesmaster (35p), Steve
of postal Diplomacy if nothing else. Year of the Rat 2 262 Beake Ave, Radford. Coventry CV6 3AY; Barbarous League,
issue sees the start of its first game, United. The continues to show the layout and design skills of Ian Paul del., Pena, 7 Holton Close, Marton. Cleveland TS7 8BL;
editors wrote to us to say that, having been introduced Marsh with a superb Danger Mouse cover. Ian writes Mouse Police (30p), Rob Wilson, 6 Shorelields, Benfleet, ESSEX
to the postal gaming hobby through this section of SS7 5BQ, Masters of the Prime, Bryan Betts, 4a Whitefield Flats.
about things that interest him — the column on game University o( Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL; Hopscotch (40p), Alan
IMAGINE magazine, they were now turning the holdovers looked pretty as well. Parr, 6 Longfield Edna, Tring, HERTS HP23 4DN; Walamalaysia
wheel full circle by sending in a 'zinc to be reviewed. Finally, NMR! 50 celebrates reaching an advance Gazette, Dave Thorby, 200 Lavender Hill. Enfield, Midds EN2 8N1,
Are you sure you want people to know this, lads? age with unusual style, with a printed games section, Year of the Rat, Ian Marsh, cio Games Workshop. 27)9 Sunbeam
Mouse Police 5 is really an En Garde! game going Road, [.ONION NIO, NMEll (E I), Brian Creese. 256 Canbury Park
and a chat section on casette! The tape is good Road, Kingston-upon:1'11.11,es. SURREY
public, with postal Scrabble and Railway Rivals on qaulity, and contains some really classic moments,
offer. Odd, but promising. Masters of the Prime isn't such as the Pete Tamlyn interview. lAs M i k e Lewis
IMAGINE ma9atht.c,August 1984 37
thth & e t t L b S & CA'ent clubs & evems... clubs & events— ctubs & events.- clubs & events... dubs & elmts

Clubs Events
On this pa9e we will advertise your club, Organisers of rote-playing events should take care to infoi ntUS ot
Or appeatfor other 9amers to found a least TWO MONTHS In advance, for free publicity in these pages*
new club inyour area, free of charge. Write to IMAGINE magazine, The Mill, Rathmore Rd,
A request to begin with. David White, 13
Exford Close, Coronation Estate, Weston- Most o f you reading t h i s w i l l h a v e j u s t There is a great opportunity for everyone
Super-Mare, A v o n i s looking f o r f e l l o w missed D r a g o n m e e t (Saturday July 28th, to g e t c o n f u s e d i n t h e a u t u m n , a s t w o
garners in the We s t o n - S u p e r - M a r e area. Central H a l l , WESTMINSTER. E n t r a n c e conventions adopt the title M i d c o n . The
He i s 1 9 , a n d i s i n t e r e s t e d i n A D & D , E L K ) , so how can you console yourself? Diplomacy-based c o n h a s h a d publicity
Traveller and other games. through t h e s e p a g e s before. T h e n e w
Oxcon ( A u g 2 4 - 2 7 ) d r a w s v e r y c l o s e arrival i s M i d c o n ' 8 4 , a S t a r T r e k
Likewise, E o i n H a u g h e y, 4 3 M o n b r i e k now, b u t the next event w e have details Convention. The Guests of Honour at the
Walk, Taghnaven L u r g a n , Craigavon, Co for is M y t h c o n . G u e s t of Honour at t h e Leicester I n t e r n a t i o n a l H o t e l o v e r t h e
Armagh B T 6 6 8PP i s looking f o r novice Humberside College of Higher Education, weekend O c t o b e r 1 2 t h - 1 4 t h a r e t o b e
players in the Lorgan area. He says he'll Hull, S e p t e m b e r 7 t h - 9 t h w i l l b e A n n e George ( L t S u l u ) Ta k e i a n d B r u c e ( L t
play a n y t h i n g — Runequest, Tr a v e l l e r, McCaffrey. Mythcon is small and friendly, Kevin Riley) Hyde. Money is to be donated
AD&D.... even that Bunny game! the i d e a l f i r s t c o n v e n t i o n f o r a s p i r i n g to t h e D o w n s Children Association, and
fans, particularly ones from t'North. Also there w i l l b e competitions, f a n c y dress
The Castle Fantasy & Wargames Society there, Brian Froud, best known for D a r k and a carnival. C o n t a c t Te r r y Elson, 8
have produced a f l y e r t o proclaim t h e i r Crystal. Contact Penny Hill, 5 3 Glencoe Ennerdale Close, O a d b y, Leicester L E 2
emergence f r o m a previous incarnation St, Hull, N Humberside HU3 6HR. 4TN.
as the Banbury games club. They sound
quite a wierd bunch, but do turn up at the The South East London Wargames Group Lastly, t h e r e ' s C o n q u e s t , a n SF Con a t
Elephant & Castle, B a n b u r y if you have a hold t h e i r a n n u a l O p e n D a y, S u n d a y, the Ingram Hotel, Glasgow over the same
strong n e r v e . T h e y m e e t e v e r y o t h e r September 2 3 r d , a t t h e G r e e n w i c h weekend. Films, art room, dealers room,
Monday (from June 11 th) at 7prn. You can Borough H a l l , L o n d o n S E 1 0 . Wa r g a m e writing competition, a n d Guests We n d y
make sure that you have the right time by demonstrations, and modelling competi- and Richard Pini. Membership Secretary
ringing 'Troll' (AndyJohnson) on Banbury tions. F u r t h e r d e t a i l s f r o m G e o r g e is Pat Brown, 1 0 4 Pretoria Rd, Patchway,
50430. Membership is E2 a year. Willoughby, 0 1 - 6 9 8 - 9 4 6 8 . Bristol BS12 5PZ.


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' aftlidAkiikamt,,Aks, ONdv, tat, .3

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OKI'S /I \

ADi4tS5tOg F R E E !

38 I M A G I N E ma9azine, August 1984

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[ P . O . Box 100, Bath Street,

Please m e n t i o n I M A G I N E m a g a z i n e w h e n r e p l y i n g t o a d v e r t i s e m e n t s 39

• .-,.....:0••••••••••••---.

• ,•••/,/--7/ / / • -----• ••••••

•• ; - • •
4-11;4111,11.••7:4'0' 1 . 6 4 4 ; ; 1 • • - • . a 4 , T l y -I•a41i
• 7a ti 1I 7 6 ; I e


After s o m e y e a r s a w a y f r o m t h e w a r - player option which is pretty artificial and targets, the US Airforce base in England
games table and still subject to the same downright d u l l f o r t h e s e c o n d p l a y e r. and various radial zones centred on t h e
restrictions on time w h i c h have kept me Secondly, i t r e l i e s o n a h o s t o f charts, latter, t h r o u g h w h i c h t h e B - 1 7 m u s t
out o f w a r g a m i n g f o r t o o l o n g , i t i s a tables and die rolls to simulate the "other move t o and f r o m t h e target. Each t u r n
pleasure to be back again, albeit to review side" and this can make a solitaire game consists o f m o v i n g t h e B - 1 7 f r o m o n e
a fairly simple solitaire game. Avalon Hill mechanically rather a drudge; fortunately zone to the next (or turning it around if it is
Games' B - 1 7 is all about the Allied (they this is not the case here since, once the over i t s target) a n d t h e n deciding w h a t
say American) bombing raids on various mechanics a r e u n d e r s t o o d , t h e g a m e nappens t o i t . T h e r e i s p r o v i s i o n f o r
military targets (airfields, factories, r a i l - flows v e r y w e l l . T h i r d l y, t h e s o l i t a i r e enemy f i g h t e r a t t a c k s , f r i e n d l y f i g h t e r
yards, etc) in France, Belgium, The Nether- game can suffer from the difficulty, w h i c h escort and (in the target area) the effects
lands and Germany in the 1942 period. It there seems to be no way of overcoming, of w e a t h e r a n d flak. T h e b o m b e r board
is devised a s a solitaire g a m e w i t h t h e that solitaire players have no opponent to shows a p l a n l a y o u t o f t h e a ircrPft a n d
sole player acting as the B-17 (no, it is not remind t h e m o f v a r i o u s s t a g e s i n t h e crew c o u n t e r s are placed i n t h e appro-
a role-playing game h e is not the pilot, procedure w h i c h t h e y have, w i t t i n g l y or priate l o c a t i o n s a t t h e b e g i n n i n g o f a
bombardier or whatever and this is just as otherwise, overlooked. T h e game m i g h t mission. As enemy fighters penetrate the
well s i n c e t h e m o r t a l i t y r a t e i s p r e t t y therefore b e c o m e r a t h e r e a s i e r t h a n defence screen ( w h i c h in a n y case o n l y
high). intended i f you forget to perform o n e o f exists o v e r a p o r t i o n o f F r a n c e a n d
A solitaire g a m e h a s n u m e r o u s idio- your o p p o n e n t ' s activities f r o m t i m e t o Belgium) damage w i l l e v e n t u a l l y be i n -
syncracies by definition. The first is that, time. A check sheet showing each stage curred b y t h e p l a n e a n d i t s occupants.
if i t succeeds a s a solitaire game, i t i s in the procedure might be a useful device This c a n v a r y f r o m superficial d a m a g e
virtually i m p o s s i b l e t o m a k e i t i n t o a to help overcome this. with no significant effect, through wound-
sensible 2-player game, y e t all solitaire Back t o B - 1 7 . T h e c o m p o n e n t s a r e ing o f c r e w, r e d u c t i o n i n e ff i c i e n c y o f
games (including t h i s one) include a 2 - attractive. The strategic m a p s h o w s t h e controls and engines, the knocking out of

01 - The Gem and the Staff

This is the first in the one-on-one series module. There is a separate map book of B - 1 7 ( f 1 3 . 5 0 ) is from Avalon Hill,
of modules. The idea behind them is that nicely drawn plan views of all the rooms 650 High Road, N Finchley, London
one person D M s w h i l s t the other plays a in both strongholds, which can be used as N1'2. OM_
character, i n t h i s case Eric the Bold, an floor p l a n s . S o m e o f t h e c o n n e c t i n g 01 a n d M 2 are both TSR modules,
8th level thief, a n d t h e n f o r t h e second doors, h o w e v e r, a r e n o t s h o w n , w h i c h costing £4.50 each.
part o f t h e m o d u l e t h e D M a n d p l a y e r spoils things a bit. There is a DM's master
, s w a p roles. The module map, w h i c h shows h o w the rooms in the
consists of two related map book link up; however not all of the
robberies, one for each tower in the first adventure is shown. The
player, in w h i c h Eric has rest w o u l d have been useful, i f only for
30 minutes to steal a completeness.
magical item from a Nine d o u b l e - s i d e d cardboard f i g u r e s
wizard's stronghold. Time representing Eric and all, except one, o f
is extremely tight and none the o t h e r characters, a r e provided, a n -
of my many playtesters other nice touch. A n o t h e r good idea are
(including myself) managed the tear-out adventure summaries for the
either job inside the 30 DM. The s u m m a r i e s consist of one side
minutes. on each adventure detailing most of the Maze of the Riddling Minotaur is the
The scoring system information essential t o play; one omis- second o f TSR's invisible i n k solo mod-
provided doesn't always sion, though, is the status of each door, ules. It is a 'rescue the princess' adven-
give a good indication of ie o p e n / s h u t , l o c k e d / u n l o c k e d . ' D o o r ture and this t i m e she is being hold in a
how well a player does and Status', something w h i c h is very import- maze f u l l o f M i n o t a u r s . T h e King, w h o
it would probably be best to ant in an adventure such as this, is also presumably h a s n ' t h e a r d o f t h e advan-
devise your own if you omitted from some of the room descript- tages of adventuring in groups, has been
w a n t to use one for a ions in the main text. sending off his Champions one by one to
competition. However most Incidentally, an unfortunate mistake on get killed in the maze. Guess who's next?
furi can be had, and the one of the maps in the map book shows The rescue i s n o t easy. I g o t through
spirit of the D8,LD g a m e one of the traps. I hope you do better than two and a h a l f of the pre-generated 6th
best adhered to, by playing I did whilst playing; s p o t t e d the trap, but level characters provided with the module
the first half-hour, seeing fell in trying to climb round it! before I managed it and I think I did quite
how far you get and then, All i n a l l t h i s i s a n excellent m o d u l e well. Incidentally, there is a clever magic
if necessary, playing on to giving you the chance to play a high level item e n a b l i n g y o u t o g e t a r o u n d t h e
the end. thief adventuring i n his element. H i g h l y problem of knowing all that any previous
It is obvious that a lot of recommended. character has done and seen. The map of
thought has gone into this ,I45 Chris Hunter the maze is laid out so that you have to go
...C4iN iv--
4• . . . . . 11.111'61N

I I 0,17174.iwora.,r,ravoi vv. ' W O ; i 111'67 I*1 -.0'16(.1;,'

' ,1111;irsi);
I " "ig titi"i17"°44114
r .I ‘ .

various gun turrets, etc, to the cataclysm, going down in flames over some German slung u n d e r n e a t h t h e fuselage), w h o
fortunately a t l o w probability, t h a t a n railyards. I r a n t h r o u g h a n o t h e r 5 v e r y finds t h a t t h e t u r r e t m e c h a n i s m h a s
enemy fighter's shot happens to detonate expensive m a c h i n e s b e f o r e c o m p l e t i n g jammed a n d h e c a n ' t get o u t w h e n t h e
the b o m b s o n b o a r d a n d b l o w s u p t h e the 2 5 m i s s i o n s . D o n o t u n d e r a n y plane c o m e s i n f o r a f o r c e d l a n d i n g
entire works. circumstances name the crew after your without undercarriage...
The object of the exercise is to complete nearest a n d dearest, s i n c e t h o u g h t h e y I said earlier that this game moves
25 missions. The first 5 are easy ones to may survive t h e e a r l y p a r t o f t h e c a m - along pretty well once you have got hold
nearby targets w i t h g o o d f i g h t e r cover, paign, t h e r e s e e m s v e r y l i t t l e c h a n c e of t h e mechanics. I t is quite exciting i n
the second 5 are relatively easy missions, indeed o f anybody surviving t h e f u l l 2 5 play, w h i c h p r e s u m a b l y m e a n s t h a t i t
again t o close targets, b u t w i t h variable and g o i n g h o m e t o t h e U S A t o b e simulates t h e actual events reasonably
fighter cover, and the remaining 1 5 can decorated as a hero. well. Fortunately, I do not have any direct
vary f r o m t h e s i m p l e t o t h e b r u t a l ( f o r The r u l e s a r e p r e t t y c o m p r e h e n s i v e first-hand experience of the actuality. The
example, a very long journey indeed to La and span a t least t h e obvious eventual- mechanics a r e s i m p l e a n d r e l a t i v e l y
Rochelle to destroy the U-boat base, most ities. Among the variety of things covered uncluttered, consistent with the need for
of t h e j o u r n e y b e i n g t h r o u g h a r e a s are bail-outs, t h e consequences o f t h e solitaire play and, though there are a f e w
bristling with German fighters and which bomber being forced to leave formation, so-called optional rules, they are neither
English fighters cannot penetrate). Ideal- how a fit c r e w member can take over the particularly complex n o r particularly
ly, one starts with a particular aircraft and gun o f a d e a d companion, t h e variable long-winded. Despite t h e price ( f 1 3 . 5 0 ,
a particular 1 0 m a n c r e w and these effects o f bombing, f o r c e d l a n d i n g s o n which m a y seem a trifle expensive for a
various components survive the entire 25 land a n d w a t e r, variable e n e m y f i g h t e r simple solitaire game) I can recommend
missions. Needless to say, it is not usually attacks a n d s o f o r t h . O n e p a r t i c u l a r l y this f o r a c a s u a l a n d n o t t o o s e r i o u s
as s i m p l e a s t h i s and, t h o u g h m y f i r s t gruesome section deals w i t h t h e fate of diversion from more stressful games.
aircraft s u r v i v e d 1 3 m i s s i o n s b e f o r e the poor bloke in the ball t u r r e t (the one D o n Tu r n b u l l


The Gem and the Stall

I C S I C I :4 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 2 1 4 1 1 t 4 :

4 4 1 i d x > 1 0 ,


M2 - Maze of the Riddling Minotaur

through m o s t of i t before reaching y o u r problem with any solo is the lack of choice would suggest you
goal, and having the paragraph numbers the p l a y e r g e t s . F o r i n s t a n c e , t h o u g h photocopy it before
on the map itself means that you should none o f t h e p r e v i o u s C h a m p i o n s h a v e revealing any of the hidden
not lose your place in the text. returned (except one w h o is insane), the rooms and then give the
The t e x t a n d diceless combat system boatman w h o took each o n e o f t h e m t o photocopy to the players to
are easy to follow. However, I did find 2 the maze has returned each time without use as their map.
minor mistakes. In 37 it should say 'from a scratch. A m i t e suspicious, eh? We l l , If you don't mind the
encounter 2 1 ' n o t 1 6 a n d C 3 6 r e a d s before you even get a chance t o make a limitations of solo modules
'Zombie M i n o t a u r ' w h e n i t should read decision, he is lowering you into a p i t on like this one, you will
'Large G e c k o Lizard', w h i c h o f course, the end of a rope and saying goodbye to probably enjoy M2. A final
unlike t h e M i n o t a u r, w i l l n o t usually be you, probably for the last time! word of warning, though.
turned by a 3rd level Cleric! Once you have finished the solo adven- Use your invisible ink
One problem w i t h t h e s e invisible i n k ture t h e m o d u l e c a n a l s o b e r u n a s a pen sparingly or it
modules, w h e r e t h e p e n ' m a g i c a l l y ' reasonably good group adventure, where, might run out like
reveals w h a t i s w r i t t e n i n t h e decision unlike the solo, you can actually meet the mine nearly di
box, i s t h a t i t is sometimes easy t o see people responsible for the kidnapping. In
whether o r n o t s o m e t h i n g i s g o i n g t o group play, though, the map of the maze 1U Chris
happen b y h o w b i g t h e b o x is. A l s o , a soon b e c o m e s i n c r e d i b l y b o r i n g , s o I Hunter

- -
r,&- '
t' !
reetalA . . .
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Battlebikes SF3 - Sundown

Battlebikes is the first expansion kit for
the highly popular, deadly-driving, board
one feels when the opponent is suddenly on Starmist
caught in a trap and knows he is about to
game, Battlecars. It comes in a slimline be g i v e n a l e t h a l i n j e c t i o n o f r o c k e t Sundown o n Starmist i s set on a n
version of the regulation 'bookcase game' explosion up his rear tail pipe can only be unexplored w o r l d . T h e l o c a t i o n o f t h e
box and has the same front picture as its described as evilly sadistic — or nice! Starmist system is not specified, allowing
predecessor. To emphasise that this is a supplement the referee t o place i t i n t o a n y existing
The contents are disappointing, being for an existing game, t h e Games Wo r k - STAR FRONTIERS® campaign w i t h
neither r e m a r k a b l y d i ff e r e n t , n o r m o r e shop designers have specifically omitted little trouble.
excitingly a d v e n t u r o u s t h a n t h o s e a l - another playing board, thus if you haven't The p l a y e r s a r e h i r e d b y o n e M a x i -
ready f o u n d i n B a t t l e c a r s ; i n f a c t a n already b o u g h t Battlecars, y o u c a n n o t millian Malligigg. With him they contact a
enterprising gamer could, w i t h a pencil, play Battlebikes. low-tech a l i e n r a c e t h a t i s n a t i v e t o
paper, ruler and a couple of hours, knock The rules are almost identical to Battle- Starmist, t h e Heliopes. T h e r e i s v i r a g e
up a f a r more enthusiastic sequel w h i l e cars, a s m i g h t be expected, w i t h m i n o r politics, t h e discovery o f high-tech a r t i -
repainting t h e S i s t i n e Chapel w i t h t h e changes t o incorporate t h e e x t r a m a n - facts, and the defeat of an evil off-world
other hand. oeuvrability of a bike as opposed to a car, influence. A s a w h o l e Sundown covers a
For y o u r £ 4 . 9 5 you get 8 counters for and there are a f e w modifications t o the lot o f g r o u n d a n d t h e players are faced
each of Battlebike, pedestrian and speed original rules which in my opinion should with m o r e t h a n t h e o l d backdrop o f
counters; 6 cards f o r Battlebike, pedes- have b e e n m a d e p u b l i c t h r o u g h t h e exploration of an u n k n o w n world.
trian and reference; 2 sheets of plain red, magazine m e d i a f o r those players w h o The s c e n a r i o i s w e l l - p r e s e n t e d , t h e
die cut, damage markers, 28 markers for have already obtained Battlecars and may illustrations a n d m a p s f i r s t c l a s s . T h e
the curiously-named 'passive' w e a p o n s not be about to purchase Battlebikes. background to the world is rather sketchy,
— spikes, m i n e s oil and smoke — and 3 There i s m u c h t h a t could a n d s h o u l d concentrating on a village of the natives.
sheets o f (non-passive?) w e a p o n r y, o f have b e e n added t o t h i s g a m e — n e w Yet this is not in itself a bad approach. All
which 1 2 pieces are rockets w h i c h , t h e weaponry (lasers, f o r example), t o u g h e r the p l a y e r s n e e d t o k n o w w i t h i n t h e •
rules boldly announce, cannot be fired by armour ( d o u b l e o r e v e n t r e b l e t h i c k - context of the scenario is provided.
Battlebikes. Now, when vou consider that ness?), a n d f a s t e r m a c h i n e s ( b i g g e r The scenario adds rules for the use of
rocket-firing motor bikes were used in an engines?), etc. armour a n d h e a v y w e a p o n s i n t o t h e
007 movie some 10 years back, it is hard At the back of the rules booklet there STAR FRONTIERS s y s t e m . T h i n g s l i k e
to v i s u a l i s e a p u r p o s e - b u i l t , f u t u r i s t i c , are two rather weak scenarios which are this are difficult to write into the original
two-wheeled w a r m a c h i n e n o t b e i n g described a s being f o r u p t o 9 players. rules sets and are best presented in this
capable of firing w h a t must be described With 9 players on the small boards, it was form, ie through scenarios. Furthermore
as an archaic weapon. If one is reduced to more like a traffic jam in the West End of such rules are necessary in the context of
firing the wimpish shells London, t h a n a n exciting adventure o n science fiction gaming.
and machine guns from the Battlebikes arena. Starmist uses a simple and old theme,
such a technically advanced I am sorry to report that this boxed set yet t h e d e s i g n e r h a s m a n a g e d t o a d d
weapon (as a battlebike is), has v e r y l i t t l e t o o f f e r e i t h e r a s a n various twists and quirks, both in the way
one might just as well expansion kit to Battlecars, or as a game of gadgets and plot, that make Starmist a
sneak up behind one's in i t s .own r i g h t ( u s i n g t h e B a t t l e c a r s real c h a l l e n g e a n d n o t a s c e n a r i o t h a t
opponent and shout ' b o o r. playing boards of course). becomes predictable and dull.
However, the delight * C h r i s Baylis .1".§ Stephen Nutt

This scenario takes the As w i t h O c t o p u s s y, t h e m a j o r c h a r - branch; t w o examples being a miniature
form of an investigation by acters a n d s o m e o f t h e locations h a v e gas sprayer and the famous Aston Martin
members of the British been retained but the plot altered. Indeed DB-V. J o h a n n e s b u r g a n d G s t a a d b o t h
Secret Service into the there are suggestions to make the differ- have s o m e i n f o r m a t i o n o n t h e m t o a i d
gold dealing of one Auric ences even m o r e startling, although t h e play. Clearly such background is import-
Goldfinger. It is suitable for designers c o n c e d e t h i s c o u l d m e a n a ant in a spy RPG. The alternative is to use •
one very experienced agent great d e a l o f w o r k . I n c i d e n t a l l y t h e real travel guides which w i l l mean more
or up to four 'beginners'. agents' briefing contains lines which are w o r k a n d p o s s i b l y expense. T h e b a c k -
The format is of the obviously m e a n t t o b e s p o k e n w i t h a ground for the major NPCs is probably the
standard RPG scenario public s c h o o l b o y a c c e n t b y M . I f t h e fullest you w i l l see anywhere. I liked the
with the addition of an American G M ' s English a c c e n t i s a n y - inclusion o f p a r a g r a p h s o n t h e e f f e c t
agents dossier. This thing like m y American o n e t h e y sound bullets (or hats) have on control panels or
cleverly introduces pretty bad. aircraft cabins. T h e r e i s a l s o a h e l p f u l
documents and plans to Also included are t h e details o f a f e w index at the back.
the players. A nice touch. items w h i c h c a n b e o b t a i n e d f r o m 0 Finally a reservation which the writers

, ,
-- ,,,...,

Alt rvo-s. . . . -,q

i r i l l e r e-f fwiiiiefigt
ill - I
Wa i l ; V 4 V g 6 1 . 1 W C I P a r o l i i i i n t a c Te i l a t h 6 . 111111 7 6 11 ' f i t t e l f r i t l 114;i

Caverns of the Dead

Battlebikes, expansion kit for Battlecars Caverns of the Dead: Dungeon Planner scratch any other levels or secret areas, I
I f 4.50) and Caverns o f the Dead I f 8.95) Set 1 b y Games Workshop is, I suppose, think that the " f u n " is going to be delayed
are f r o m G a m e s W o r k s h o p , 2 7 / 2 7 an i n n o v a t i o n . I t describes _ s e l f a s a while " y o u " do some paperwork!
Sunbeam Road, London N W 1 0 6JP. complete a d v e n t u r e s e t t i n g . U n l i k e a The o t h e r p r o b l e m i s t h e p l a y sheet.
SF3 I I 4 . 5 0 ) i s a S TA R FRONTIERS module or scenario, it does not provide all The p l a y e r s c a n s e e t h e w h o l e l a y o u t
scenario f r o m T S R U K Ltd, T h e M i l l , the details of an adventure; you do t h a t immediately. OK, the booklet tells us that
Rathmore Rd, Cambridge CB1 4AD. yourself. Caverns o f the Dead gives you plans of the area are readily available so
G o l d l i n g e r (E5.95) a n d J a m e s B o n d an area in which to locate your efforts and that characters w o u l d k n o w t h e layout.
0 0 7 G M P a c k (16.95) are f r o m Vi c t o r y also a s u r f a c e t o conduct p l a y o n w i t h That l o o k s l i k e a c o p o u t , a s t h o u g h
Games, i m p o r t e d t o t h i s c o u n t r y b y model figures. It certainly is slick. someone decided that a complete dung-
Avalon H i l l o f 6 5 0 High Rd, N Finchley, What components you get are excellent- eon layout would look stunning (which it
London N12 ONL. ly produced. They include an A 4 size, 8 does), and came up with this lame excuse
page b o o k l e t ( o f w h i c h s o m e t h i n g l i k e about the ubiquity of plans of the Caverns.
These addresses a r e g i v e n f o r i n f o r m - half is blank so that you can flesh out the It remains to be seen if players will accept
details). The thin card cover of the booklet the pleasure of moving their models over
ation your
from only;local
products s hshop
games o u l d be available./
is separate, b e a r i n g several e n c o u n t e r a p r e t t y board i n exchange f o r the n a i l -
tables and a facsimile of the play area, the biting tension of exploring a dungeon that
Caverns o f the title. This cover is some- is revealed bit by bit.
w h a t f a t u o u s l y described a s a G a m e s Caverns of the Dead does not seem to
Masters' Screen. Being o n l y A 3 i n size, me t o b e comparable i n v a l u e t o a
with one fold down the middle, it screens similarly priced module. The module will
very little and falls over a lot. I t h i n k w e give you the results of a lot of hard work.
can disregard i t s pretentions t o screen- Several detailed locations with maps and
dom. T h e o t h e r components a r e a v e r y plans, n e w monsters — all these will be
nice, A 4 , g l o s s y m a p o f Eastern Koss, found in a typical module. Caverns of the
w h i c h is the area i n w h i c h t h e Caverns Dead gives you some excellent graphical
are situated; a n d t h e core o f t h e w h o l e work; encounter tables with no NPC stats
package, t h e Play Sheet. T h i s i s a v e r y and the bare framework of a fairly small
well produced 8 0 x 5 5 c m representation encounter area. And a box of course.
of t h e C a v e r n s i n 2 5 m m s c a l e a n d Caverns of the Dead is, in essence, the
reproduced i n t h e s a m e style a s G W ' s Play S h e e t . T h e r e s t i s s c a f f o l d i n g
Dungeon Floor Plans. The whole set is in designed to make it stand up as a viable
a colourful, sales-enhancing, box. RPG a c c e s s o ry. Conclusion: y o u a r e
Two of the basic tenets of this system better off buying a box of Games Work-
seem to be fundamentally flawed. One is shop's splendid D u n g e o n F l o o r Plans
the claim that " w e do the paperwork, you (you can almost afford two
have the f u n " . Considering that the user sets for the price of CoD)
is expected to w o r k out details of all t h e and designing your own
NPCs, decide o n location a n d n a t u r e o f games. You won't have
treasure and magical items; devise a n d much more work to do
write p l a y e r ' s i n f o r m a t i o n a n d g e n e r a l and you will have lots
introduction; embellish t h e descriptions more scope.
of corridors and rooms and design f r o m IOU D o u g C o w i e

themselves concede. By its very nature a

James Bond 007
Bond scenario contains m a n y locations.
Here there are five i n c l u d i n g an English
Gamesmaster Pack
Golf Course and a Kentucky Stud Farm. The m o s t attractive f e a t u r e h e r e i s u n - flimsy blue sheet of paper
Unfortunately such a f o r m a t leaves t h e doubtedly the sheet o f stand u p figures marked with 16 by 11
possibility that players will miss a section and vehicles. They are made from heavy squares. Also included are
or kill a character too early. A spy RPG is duty card, have merely to be pressed out, a fairly standard GM's
even m o r e p r o n e t o t h i s e v e n t u a l i t y and h a v e plastic bases. T h e y include a screen and 4 0 character
because of the means of rapid transport Lotus Esprit a n d personalities s u c h a s sheets.
and almost unlimited budget/resources. Oddjob. Clearly t h e l a t t e r c o u l d h a v e a A comprehensive set
In this instance there is a useful section limited life-span if your players belong to of gaming aids of
on h o w to avoid this problem. Altogether the p s y c h o k i l l e r brigade. Nevertheless varying degrees of
a v e r y detailed e ff o r t w h i c h should last good playing aids w h i c h might be useful value.
several playing sessions. for other games.
IOU Nick Davison in c o m p a r i s o n t h e g r i d s h e e t i s d i s - I P Nick
appointing. C o n s i s t i n g a s i t d o e s o f a Davison
A Preview of the D&D® Companion Set
by Frank Mentzer
The idea of a 'Companion Set' addition to the PART 1: G E N E R A L NOTES that do to famine; to siege warfare; indeed, to a
DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® rules first sur- whole fantasy world? Lacking time, space, and
faced in 1980. It was just an idea, way back Throughout the revisions o f the Basic and experience with the new system, the original
then.... Finally, in the fall of 1982, Gary Gygax Expert Sets, and now in creating the Compan- designers left much for future development.
gave the go-ahead to start revising the whole ion Set, our work has been guided by three Their future has now become our present.
D&DO game system. The new Basic and Expert simple rules. First, the game must be fun —
sets are n o w complete, a n d o n t h e store else why play it? Second, it must be olayable. The changing game
shelves — to be followed this summer by the Many details o f medieval times, although To see how the D&D game itself changes to
Companion Set. This article is a preview of historically accurate, are complex and dis- suit all levels of characters, we need to think of
Book 1 o f the two-volume boxed set; Book 2 organized g e n e r a l l y all too 'human' to use in the long-term' game in these three sections.
will be previewed separately in the next issue a game. Third and perhaps most important of Beginning and low-level characters (levels
of this magazine. all, it must be true — true to the spirit of the 1-6) are learning the ways of adventuring, and
Before we get going, I'd like to thank Doug Original D&D game. That unique combination do not usually think about the many years
Niles and Garry Spiegel for their special work of fantasy wargaming and role-playing spawn- ahead. Dungeon adventures are common, and
on this project. ! know next to nothing about ed a new type of game, not merely new rules — a few short wilderness journeys usually occur.
wargames, but I wanted to include the best a precious thing indeed. The characters' homes may be 'assumed' for
system we could put together for mass battles. game purposes, or perhaps they reside in a
wanted something that a non-wargamer like boardinghouse in their home town. Character
me could use easily, but that also would be levels 1 ,3 are explained in the D&D Basic Set,
acceptable to experienced miniatures players. and levels 4-6 in the D&D Expert Set.
I wanted a simple version, with options that 'Name' and mid-level characters (levels 7-
could be added for more realism. And I wanted 14) often travel far and wide. Long journeys,
it t o be easy t o modify; everybody applies deep dungeons, and special tasks are typical
'house rules' or finds little things to add that adventures in this range. The character builds
weren't covered in the original rules. I knew or buys a stronghold, o r takes rooms i n
better than to try tackling something like this another's castle in exchange for services or
myself; I couldn't learn all the ins and Outs of Few of today's players can remember the payments. This range o f characters is also
wargaming in a couple of weeks, or even a excitement of a decade ago, when 'Tactical detailed in the D&D Expert Set.
couple of months. So I turned this part of the Studies Rules' was just a new name on a new Upper-level characters (levels 15-25) con-
project over to Doug and Garry, after explain- game. The imaginative and often amazing tinue t h e exploration (or conquest) o f t h e
ing what I wanted. I picked at it a bit, Carl Smith ideas i n those little brown books labelled world. PC rulers gain power and wealth, while
and Mark Acres helped fiddle and polish, and 'Dungeons & Dragons' took the gaming world travellers gather knowledge and fame. Other
various TSR design staff members playtested by surprise — and by storm. Now, this new planes of existence are explored. By level 25
it. The wargamers around here say that it'll Companion Set is larger than those original the 'home base' has become either a fortified
handle anything. 1 0 bugbears? — okay; 5 rules, and is the third of a series. Comparing castle complex or a secret stronghold. Epic
thousand orcs? f i n e ; 1,000,000 dwarves? these sets to the Original, one might ask why quests and other-planar problems are typical
—no problem; 6 0 red dragons, 83 wyverns, all this is necessary — and where did it all adventures. Upper-level characters are detail-
and 7 a i r elementals against 9 25th level come from? ed in the D&D Companion set.
wizards and 41 elves riding pegasi? — a piece The original ideas were both simple and (And, for those who are wondering where
of cake. T h e system i s called t h e ' W a r complex. They were simple, giving the briefest things go from there, let it suffice —for now—
Machine,' and it's one of the highlights of the of instructions for various new concepts, but to say that characters of levels 26-36 will be
Companion Set. complex in their implications. To grab just one: detailed i n the D & D Master Set, and char-
And now, without further ado If a cleric can create food and water, what does acters beyond the 36th will be described in the

N ew armour and weapons Unarmed combat is, obviously, combat with- — the 'Wrestling Rating' (WR), calculated as
The Companion S e t introduces t w o n e w out weapons ( a f i s t i s n o t considered a follows for characters:
armour types — scale mail and banded mail — weapon). It is usable by all character classes. Divide the character's level by 2, rounding
to complete t h e range o f possible armour The attacker either strikes an opponent (with a up; apply all bonuses and/or penalties for high
classes (9 t o 3, without shield). The list o f fist, kick, etc) or tries to grab an opponent (Or or low strength and dexterity scores; and add
avai:able armour now goes like this: jump on, tackle etc). Thus, two systems are the character's armour class, n o t counting
used; one fol 'Striking' including all unarmed magic or dexterity adjustments.
AC TYPE E N C U M B R A N C E blows, and one for 'Wrestling' for all other
7 When two combatants engage each other
Leather armour 200 cn forms of unarmed combat. and at least one of them wants to wrestle, each
6 Scale mail 300 on opponent rolls d20 and adds his WR to the roll.
5 Chain mail 400 on Striking: A l t h o u g h any creature may attempt The opponent with the higher number has
4 Banded mail 450 on to strike an opponent, few can do it well. A
3 gained the advantage, and either grabs the
Plate mail 500 cn strike can normally result in either a stun or a other combatant (if unarmed) or attacks nor-
(-1) Shield 100 cn knockout. Some adjustments apply for size mally (if armed). If two unarmed opponents are
differences, and certain creatures are immune involved, one of them must win three consec-
These n e w weapons are included as well: to some or all of the effects (such as those utive wrestling rolls — getting a grab, then a
bastard sword, blackjack, blowgun, bola, heavy damaged only by magic or silver weapons, fall, then a pin — before t h e opponent i s
crossbow, net, trident, and whip. Complete non-corporeal and goopy critters, and so forth). helpless. Other possibilities abound, of course;
details and descriptions for each are given in To make a strike, a standard hit roll is used. the rules in the Companion set cover these.
the set.
Base damage is 0, plus strength bonus (if any). Various simple and logical adjustments can
The victim must check for stun, and must also be applied to all of this, and the situation is a bit
Unarmed combat make a saving throw or suffer a brief knockout. more complicated for several opponents o f
Normal armed combat procedures are used various sizes, some armed. Once a victim is
whenever a character u s e s a n u n l i s t e d Wrestling: N e a r l y anyone can wrestle. A s pinned, the attacker can try to inflict damage, if
'weapon' to attack (such as, in brawls, throw- with striking, certain creatures are immune to desired, but the victim gets a saving throw, and
ing mugs, tables, and chairs; these are unlisted the effects (notably non-corporeal and goopy may break the pin.
weapons). critters). A new game mechanic is introduced By using unarmed combat rules, characters
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
Part o f B o o k 1 ( a l s o k n o w n a s t h e P l a y e r s '
Companion) is used to explain the typical staff
in a castle or stronghold. Some typical servitors
(servants) a r e : a r m o u r e r, b a r b e r, c a r p e n t e r,
cellarman ( w i n e s t e w a r d ) , c o o k , d a i r y m a n ,
falconer, f o r e s t e r, g a r d e n e r, g r o o m , k e n n e l -
final D & D game set, The Immortals). man, m i l l e r, p o r t a l m a n , p o t t e r, p o u l t r y m a n ,
When you think about the game w i t h this stonemason, and weaver. M a n y peasants are
sort o f ' o v e r v i e w ' , y o u c a n p l a n w h a t y o u r also needed to work the fields, perform menial
characters w a n t from t h e i r careers. Dungeon tasks, and handle other routine jobs.
Masters usually plan ahead; n o w it's time for Most r u l e r s h a v e a d v i s e r s t o h a n d l e t h e
the players to do that too. many details of the dominion and stronghold, W h e n a r u l e r is the liege of another ruler (a
and t o advise t h e r u l e r as needed. T h e m o s t Count or a h i g h e r rank), t h e lesser r u l e r m a y
Companion-level games common advisers are the artillerist, castellan, send his children to the liege as servants and
So you have a 1 5 t h level character. W h a t are chaplain, e n g i n e e r, g u a r d c a p t a i n , h e r a l d , for t r a i n i n g . A s q u i r e i s t h e s o n o f a n o b l e ,
you going to do now? magist, c h i e f magistrate, reeve, sage, s e n e - acting a s a s e r v a n t w h i l e b e i n g t r a i n e d a s a
From t h i s point, y o u r character m a y travel schal, a n d s t e w a r d . O t h e r o ff i c i a l s m a y b e fighter. A l a d y - i n - w a i t i n g is the daughter of a
far and near, or may settle down to rule a land. needed for the proper handling of a stronghold noble, acting as a servant w h i l e being trained
Both can be exciting, adventurous and fruitful or dominion, i n c l u d i n g a bailiff, chamberlain, in housekeeping by the m a t r o n of the house-
paths to follow. equerry, magistrates, marshali, provosts, sher- hold, and in search of a h u s b a n d at the same
W h a t e v e r you choose, t h e games you play iffs, and wardens. time.
will be s o m e w h a t different. Characters in this
range h a v e m a n y p o w e r s , a n d c a n e a s i l y
handle t h e ' r o u t i n e ' m o n s t e r s . A d v e n t u r e s
become much more than simple 'kill monster,
grab t r e a s u r e ' affairs. Role-playing b e c o m e s
more important, and more fun.
Characters b e c o m e m o r e i n d e p e n d e n t .
When t h e c h a r a c t e r s s t a r t e d t h e i r careers, Each c h a r a c t e r c l a s s d e s c r i p t i o n g i v e s t h e the p a l a d i n ' s l e v e l ; a n d , i f t h e p a l a d i n ' s
they n e e d e d e a c h o t h e r j u s t t o survive. B u t usual i n f o r m a t i o n on h i t rolls, saving throws, wisdom score is 13 or higher, he can cas: cleric
now a f e w trolls present nothing more than an new spells, XP needed per level, and so forth, spells, a g a i n a s a c l e r i c o f o n e - t h i r d t h e
opportunity f o r exercise, r a t h e r t h a n d e a d l y for levels 1 5 - 2 5 . I n addition, t h e Companion paladin's level. A paladin may only travel w i t h
danger. N o w the characters aren't as depend- Set covers each character class in m o r e detail, a limited n u m b e r of hirelings and m u s t assist
ent o n e a c h o t h e r ; t h e y c a n s u r v i v e a n d offering extensions o f t h e r u l e s f o u n d i n t h e anyone (except e v i l c r e a t u r e s ) t h a t a s k s f o r
prosper a s i n d i v i d u a l s . T h e p e r s o n s w i t h Basic and Expert Sets. help. 'Assistance' never involves donations of
w h o m a c h a r a c t e r adventures are n o w m o r e money o r items, b u t o n l y service f o r a s h o r t
important a s f r i e n d s , a n d n o l o n g e r m u s t
Clerics time.
necessarily s e r v e a s b o d y g u a r d s f o r o n e The 'Turn Undead' chart in the Companion Set A neutral w a n d e r i n g fighter m a y become a
another. includes six n e w categories of monsters: t h e Knight. The fighter must swear fealty to royalty
The c a m p a i g n w o r l d p l a y s a l a r g e p a r t i n Phantom, H a u n t , a n d S p i r i t , w h i c h a r e d e - (a prince, king, or emperor); in return, the ruler
D&D g a m e s o f t h i s r a n g e . A l t h o u g h a f e w scribed i n t h e set, a n d t h e Nightshade, Lich, will declare t h a t character a knights. T h a n
dungeon o r w i l d e r n e s s adventures a r e q u i t e and S p e c i a l u n d e a d , w h i c h w i l l b e f u l l y ruler then becomes the knight's 'liege'. Lawful
acceptable ' j u s t f o r f u n ' c o n s i d e r t h e c h a r - described in the forthcoming D&D Master Set. and c h a o t i c f i g h t e r s m a y b e c o m e k n i g h t s i f
acters' r e a s o n s f o r b e i n g : W h y i s y o u r The Companion Set also features details for they do not become paladins or avengers (see
character a p r o f e s s i o n a l a d v e n t u r e r ? D o e s wandering and land-owning clerics, and a new below), w h e t h e r by choice or by failure to meet
your c h a r a c t e r h a v e g o a l s — p o w e r, r i c h e s , option for members of this class: the Druid. A the r e q u i r e m e n t s for those t w o categories. I f
fame, k n o w l e d g e ? W h y i s y o u r c h a r a c t e r neutral cleric may choose to live and travel in summoned by his liege, the knight m u s t obey
venturing i n t o d e a d l y d a n g e r e v e r y w e e k ? the wilderness, becoming familiar with nature as q u i c k l y a s p o s s i b l e . I f t h e k n i g h t e v e r
What keeps h i m going? and the ways of the woods. The cleric must f ind refuses (or swears fealty to another liege), very
and live i n a w o o d l a n d home, m e d i t a t i n g f o r severe penalties are applied. A knight may visit
1-4 m o n t h s . D u r i n g t h a t t i m e , t h e c l e r i c i s any c a s t l e , o f a n y t e r r i t o r y, a n d d e m a n d
found, t e s t e d , a n d t a u g h t b y a h i g h e r - l e v e l sanctuary; the castle owner must then give the
druid (usually 25th level or greater), and then knight a p l a c e t o stay for u p t o 3 days, a l o n g
(if all goes well) joins the realm of the druids. w i t h food and drink. Finally, i f a c a l l t o a r m s
A druid i s pure neutral, never lawful o r sounds, the k n i g h t is required (in m o s t cases)
are f r e e t o p e r f o r m a c t s o f heroic fantasy — chaotic. The druid's way of life is devoted to the to immediately travel to the ruling castle of the
wrestling h u g e o p p o n e n t s t o t h e g r o u n d , o r balance of all things, and the study of nature. territory, and serve as ordered by the ruler.
escaping f r o m i m p r i s o n m e n t w h e n n o w e a p - A n y change of alignment results in the loss of A chaotic wandering fighter may become an
ons are available. Unarmed combat is actually all d r u i d b e n e f i t s u n t i l n e u t r a l a l i g n m e n t i s Avenger i f certain r e q u i r e m e n t s a r e m e t . To
the most c o m m o n of all f o r m s of combat, and restored. become an avenger, the fighter m u s t make an
can n o w be used as often as desired. The main differences between a druid and a alliance w i t h a c h a o t i c c h u r c h ( t h i s i s n o t a
These s y s t e m s m a y b e a p p l i e d t o a n y normal cleric are that (1) the druid cannot cast swearing o f fealty, b u t a loose a g r e e m e n t o f
unarmed attack. A giant may attempt to kick a any s p e l l t h a t a ff e c t s g o o d o r evil; ( 2 ) n e w loyalty a n d s u p p o r t ) . T h e a v e n g e r m a y b e
halfling; a c h a r a c t e r m a y a t t e m p t t o u s e a druid-only spells m a y be cast, i n a d d i t i o n t o summoned by the church leaders at any time
shield to 'bash' an opponent (both are treated most of the usual ones; (3) the druid m u s t live An a v e n g e r c a n d e t e c t e v i l a n d c a s t c l e r i c
as strikes). I f a purple worm attacks a town, the in a w o o d l a n d h o m e ; (4) t h e d r u i d m a y n o t spells a s a p a l a d i n d o e s ( s e e a b o v e ) . A n
guards m a y all t r y t o p i l e o n t o t h e creature, wear o r u s e metal i t e m s o f a n y sort; a n d (5) avenger can turn undead in the same manner,
rather t h a n risking n o r m a l c o m b a t and being there are a limited number of high-level druids, but m a y c h o o s e t o c o n t r o l t h e m i n s t e a d o f
swallowed (though dozens of guards would be and a duel w i t h one of them m u s t be fought at gaining t h e u s u a l result. T h o u g h a n a v e n g e r
needed to stop the monster in this way). some p o i n t , u s i n g u n a r m e d c o m b a t , i f t h e cannot have h u m a n or d e m i - h u m a n hirelings,
The D M and players should try the systems character is to progress any f u r t h e r in exper- the c h a r a c t e r m a y t r y t o r e c r u i t a c h a o t i c
and decide w h e t h e r to use them. However, if ience levels. monster; i f t h i s a t t e m p t i s s u c c e s s f u l , t h e
the D M does not a l l o w u n a r m e d combat, t h e creature w i l l f o l l o w a n d o b e y t h e a v e n g e r.
DM m u s t a l s o d e c i d e w h a t t o d o w h e n Fighters Finally, t h e a v e n g e r m a y d e m a n d s a n c t u a r y
characters attempt something of this sort. For A l a w f u l wandering fighter may be knc%Nn as a from any chaotic ruler, and may get sanctuary
example, i f a p a r t y m e m b e r i s e n c h a n t e d i n Paladin if certain requirements are met. First, from others by pretending to be a knight.
some w a y a n d attacks o t h e r characters, t h e the fighter m u s t swear fealty (allegiance) to a Some n e w combat options are made avail-
others w i l l p r o b a b l y w a n t t o s t o p t h e v i c t i m lawful c h u r c h to gain paladin status, and may able t o f i g h t e r s o f a l l t y p e s , a n d t o d e m i -
without inflicting damage. thereafter be summoned by the church leaders humans as well — i f they learn t h e m f r o m
This i s q u i t e r e a s o n a b l e , b u t o n l y a n u n - at any time. Once the title is gained, a paladin human fighters. T h e s e are: m u l t i p l e attacks,
armed c o m b a t system (or magic) can h a n d l e can detect evil at a range of up to 120' once per possible w h e n e v e r an attacker's adjusted h i t
the resulting situation. round; can turn undead as a cleric of one-third roll i s 2 o r l e s s a g a i n s t a g i v e n o p p o n e n t ;
IMAGINE magazine, August 1984 45
Colin Greenland, author of The

Fantasy Media
Entropy Exhibition and co-
editor of SF magazine Interzone,
reviews the latest additions to
the fantasy/SF media.

A l l e n Bauer is not a happy man. His New column may have noticed my admiration of Scientific Intelligence, but gosh sakes,
York greengrocery business i s thriving, for Raiders of the Lost Ark. The sequel is he's supposed to be an Indian. Actually, I
despite the well-meaning but ham-fisted the disappointment of the year. Out goes suspect t h e s t o r y w a s r u i n e d b e f o r e i t
assistance of his gigantic brother Freddie. the feisty Marion Ravenwood, a match for ever g o t t o t h e actors: s p o i l t b y o v e r -
But Alien's girlfriend has walked out, and our reluctant hero; in comes Willie Scott simplification and the surgical removal of
he does not welcome his n e w solitude in (luckless Kate Capshaw, clearly cast for all King's narrative intelligence. The great
a spirit of stoical sobriety. In fact, he gets her scream) — a dumb blonde, no less, I final conflagration comes as a relief. Yet
thoroughly sloshed and ends another movie with all its conviction
up i n t h e sea a t Cape Cod. reserved for the special effects.
Allen c a n n o t s w i m . H e
wakes up, back on the beach. W i l l i a m Morris, revered by many as
His rescuer, a beautiful mute the father of fantasy writing, used to
young w o m a n w e a r i n g n o - make u p s t o r i e s a n d p o e m s w h i l e
t h i n g w h a t s o e v e r, s m i l e s , working a t h i s l o o m . H e h e l d t h a t
kisses h i m succulently, a n d fiction should be effortless and sooth-
swims away. Now Allen is in ing. Morris might well have approved
love a g a i n , a n d d e s o l a t e of D a v i d E d d i n g s ' B e l g a r i a d , n o w
again, u n t i l h e gets back t o into i t s t h i r d v o l u m e a n d s h o w i n g
New Yo r k a n d t h e p h o n e every s i g n o f a m b l i n g o n f o r e v e r.
rings. A b e a u t i f u l m u t e Magician's Gambit (Corgi, £1.75)
young w o m a n is wandering follows Garion, t h e f a r m b o y w i t h a
around the Statue of Liberty god i n h i s h e a d , a n d h i s m i l d l y
with nothing whatsoever on colourful friends as they quest for the
her b u t A l l e n ' s sea-soaked legendary O r b o f A l d u r. F o r a l l i t s
wallet a n d w i l l h e p l e a s e accumulated b u l k o f p a g e s , t h i s
come and collect her. really is easy reading. Try it to distract
Splash (Touchstone, P G ) you w h i l e you're weaving your next
is a d e l i g h t f u l fantasy of an tapestry.
impossible r o m a n c e . F o r
Madison (she learns English I ' v e always thought there should be
from T V and n a m e s herself a way to create fantasy fiction directly
after a s t r e e t s i g n ) i s a Out of all t h e imaginative w o r k that
mermaid. W h e n s h e g e t s goes i n t o a role-playing g a m e , b u t
wet, her legs turn into a tail. other t h a n j u s t transcribing a n a d -
She w o n ' t tell A l l e n for fear venture step by step, I c o u l d n ' t see
of losing h i m ; a n d i n a f e w how. One answer is Robert Asprin's
days s h e ' l l h a v e t o go back Thieves' Wo r l d (Penguin, f 1 .95), an
home a n y w a y. M e a n w h i l e anthology o f stories by nine w r i t e r s
Dr W a l t e r K o r n b l u t h , w h o all set in the gloriously seedy town of
spotted h e r a t sea o f f Cape Sanctuary, e m b a r r a s s m e n t o f t h e
Cod, i s a f t e r h e r w i t h buckets o f water, thought w e ' d h a d enough o f d u m b Rankan E m p i r e . E a c h w r i t e r ( J o h n
mops a n d hoses, o u t t o prove h e ' s n o t blondes. Enough too of a w i n s o m e kiddy Brunner, Poul Anderson, Marion Zimmer
mad and Madison is a creature u n k n o w n Chinese sidekick w h o copies Big Indy's Bradley, e t al) has invented a character
to science. every m o v e w i t h adoration. E n o u g h o f and written his or her story to fit the locale
- Yo u ' d think I thought a film about films w h e r e a l l f o r e i g n e r s a r e s h i f t y, provided. Each writer can use as many of
a nude mermaid would have to be twee, untrustworthy, given to vile foods and vile the others' characters as they choose —
or c r u d e . S p l a s h i s n e i t h e r. D e l i c a t e gods, and need saving from themselves provided t h e y d o n ' t k i l l t h e m o f f p r e -
direction by Ron Howard, the quicksilver by a messianic w h i t e thug. Raiders had maturely! T h e r e s u l t i s a n i n t r i g u i n g l y
charm of Daryl Hannah (last seen as the the wit and lightness of touch not to take different f a n t a s y a n t h o l o g y. A l l t h o s e
killer replicant Pris in Blade Runner), and itself t o o seriously. Te m p l e starts w e l l , different v i e w p o i n t s a n d flavours r e a l l y
the comic vulnerability of Tom Hanks as but p r o m p t l y l o s e s i t s e l f i n c l a m o r o u s do g i v e S a n c t u a r y t h r e e dimensions, i f
Allen a l l g o t o c r e a t e s o m e t h i n g m u c h self-importance. I couldn't care less i f it not m o r e . B r a d l e y ' s s e n t i m e n t a l i t y i s
finer than the plot might seem to promise. outgrosses Raiders. It grossed me out. offset by Joe Haldeman's cynicism, Lynn
Even s l o b F r e d d i e ( J o h n C a n d y ) a n d Abbey's p o i g n a n t m y s t e r y b y R o b e r t
manic Kornbluth (Eugene Levy) emerge F i r e s t a r t e r (Universal, 15)bears a super- Asprin's s h r e w d morality. Vo l u m e Two,
as i n t e l l i g e n t , s y m p a t h e t i c c h a r a c t e r s . ficial resemblance to a novel of the same Tales from the Vulgar Unicorn, should
Splash is an adult film that has the grace name by Stephen King. D r e w Barrymore be out by the time this issue reaches you.
to t r e a t f a n t a s y w i t h s e n s i t i v i t y a n d a does h e r best a s Charlene M c G e e , t h e I'm looking forward to it.
sense of humour. little girl w i t h t h e t r u l y fiery temper, b u t 140 Colin Greenland
she c a n ' t maintain t h e awesomely high Look out next month for Cohn's short
D o y o u r s e l f a f a v o u r. D o s o m e t h i n g standards set for child actors these days. story, House of Straw and Paper, which
unexpected. See Splash and give Indiana George C Scott is deliciously creepy as will coincide with the publication of his
Jones and the Temple of Doom (Para- John Rainbird, t h e psychotic agent sent new book Daybreak o n a Different
mount, P G ) a m i s s . R e a d e r s o f t h i s to catch this walking weapon by the Dept Mountain (Unwin).
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984 47
letters.— letters..., letters..., letters._ letters._ letters.— letters—, letters—, letters._ letters—, letters..., letters..., letters.... letters letters..„ letters._ letters.... letters..., letters.... letters.... letters,.,, letters.... letters....

Welcome back to the part of the magazine that Scottish dwarves again.... One problem that has come up a t the GD
quashes one set o f rumours, o n l y to start I wonder if I can start up some mail about Awards is over the difference between the
another. W e welcome comments, ideas o r Rubio? Hmmmm.... Let me think about that for D&D® a n d AD&D® games - are they two
views from anyone, so if you have anything to a column or two, separate games, or one with two variants? It
say that other garners might want to hear, causes us a few problems too.
write to.' I M A G I N E magazine (letters), The Chinz, (contd): I would like to congratulate Ed
Mill, Rathmore Road, Cambridge. Dovey on Campaign Diaries in (414. I would like to Dale Hodgkinson, lnkberrow, Worcester: What-
There is a well known theory in publishing see more of that sort of thing, not boring rubbish about ever happened to 'D&D'? For the "magazine for
that goes.. i f you want to get lots o f letters the Traveller game. players of the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS game",
praising one part or another of your magazine, PS Hurry up and bring out the Jester class. IMAGINE magazine appears to lack articles specific
cut that part Out. Well.... to this particular rpg. I acknowledge that AD&D is a
Michael Ross, (contd): The Fire Opal of Set far more popular game system, and so should be
Michael Edward Ross, Motherwell, Scotland: surpassed the very high calibre of scenarios I have catered for in more depth, but there are still us
Thank heavens Nic Novice is finished — the only grown used to, a view shared by my friends who bonehead D&D players around who would perhaps
blemish in an otherwise excellent magazine. Tavern played it. More articles like Insane Swords, it was welcome a regular feature, scenarios, new monsters,
Talk and Chain Mail were very good. Now on to one, great. playing ideas, etc. What do you say?
if not the best part of the whole magazine, The Sword
of Alabron. Auchter is one of my very favourite We had a very positive response for the most I'd say you'd made a good point. There are
characters, but what has happened to Bog and Simon part to ri 14, and this seems largely due to the plenty of problems associated with having two
the Dragon/Hydra? Fire Opal of Set feature. I suppose it's a shame separate games which have the same roots,
that a scenario that good had to be f o r a the same generic name (D&D often serves for
Chinz, the Charisma King, Bedford: I am glad the generally unplayed system like Traveller. It still both), and many identical features. It becomes
Adventures of Nic Novice has finished. I thought they seems to be the most popular SF rpg (although more complicated w h e n y o u realise t h a t
were meant to be killing orc raiders and they ended up the STAR FRONTIERST" game is closing the although AD&D is clearly more popular with
killing just three! The Sword of Alabron is brilliant, gap), b u t against other rpgs i t seems to be the type of person who fills in polls, or reads
and it will be a great shame when it finishes. What I losing ground to the likes of Rune quest and gaming magazines, D&D is the bigger seller.
can't understand is why you waste two whole pages on Call of Cthulho. Is SF role-gaming a thing of So where are all you D&D players? Make some
Micros. Computers have hardly anything to do with the past? noise, a n d don't l e t people get away w i t h
rpgs. Oh, and while we're talking about finding taking "Advanced" to mean "better",
Out the relative popularity of different games.... Having staggered onto # 1 5 , w e might as
Grendel (Ewok Liberation Front), Poole, Dorset: well carry on, and get back to people talking
The Sword of Alabron is coming to an end! This will Jonathan Smith, Oxford: I must protest about about the changes we've made in the last few
not be tolerated; I demand a fifty part sequel. Each having to vote for nominations, and am therefore months.
month, I immediately turn to the back to see what boycotting the poll.
Auchter and company are up to. Not very adult, but Melvyn Huntley, Poole, Dorset (a letter in which he
then neither is worrying about a kobold's welfare. Justin Horrell, Swansea: What a stupid way to have confessed to being 'Grendel of the ELF"): I'm sorry to
awards. Take a small and unrepresentative selection hear that the unusual talents of Mr Tamlyn are no
Richard Stevens, Whitchurch Hill, Berks: When of the gaming public, and let them nominate their longer to be a regular feature of IMAGINE magazine.
reading through #15, I found that Sword of Alabron choices for the awards, then force everyone to vote At least he provokes a reaction from readers.
was drawing to a close. 1 looked back to see what from this selection, pah!1 hate everything in the music
amazing articles will be in #16 and I found that it will section, I wouldn't vote for any of the nominations in Bill Lucas, London WI: Could you answer a query?
be the final episode of that fantastic cartoon!!!! the fanzines, not the scenarios, nor the event, nor the It is rumoured that IMAGINE magazine is to drop the
Horrors.... turkey. You lot would get my award for this poll! 'zine reviews, Tavern Talk, and the postal games bit.
Can you print another Ian Williamson serial? Is this so, and when does it happen.
Preferably with the same characters? Actually, w e were very nearly nominated.
Honestly, guys, what a lot of fuss! If we had I think you've already seen all the substantial
And so it went on. There were a few 'hoorays' wanted a carbon-copy o f the Games D a y changes you're going to for a month or so, Bill.
for the end o f Alabron (and several million awards it would have been easy enough, but A quick scan through this issue will show you
cheers for the end of Nic Novice!), b u t the we thought we'd have a bit of fun while we that our coverage o f the amateur press i s
weight of opinion came firmly down on the side were gathering opinions. We've had plenty of healthier than ever, a n d next month Chain
of the return of Auchter. A n d so shall it be. votes in too. So, who are the winners?Ah, that Mail will be back as normal.
Don't be in a hurry to see the end of our new would be telling._ you'll have to wait until next For those thousands of you who are not in
strip, Phalanx, but the world shall hear from month.

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#6 Acrobat class, multi system scenario, Ian Watson fiction
#7 The DRAGONQUEST® game: introduction and scenario
fi8 Cantrips, Sorceror's Apprentice, intermediate level scenario
#9 FREE BOARDGAME, 0-level MU scenario, Cantrips
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#12 Solo adventure, Terrain/Climate, Brief Encounter, Enchantment
#13 Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu, Brian Lumley fiction *
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I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
letters.... letters.... letters.— letters.— letters._ letters.... letters—. letters.— letters.— letters.— letters.... letters.... letters.... letters.... letters l e t t e r s — . letters.— letters._ letters._ letters l e t t e r s letters.... letters....

the habit of reading fanzines, perhaps I ought (something we used to do) and occasionally using two different picture emerges from Lovecraft's Selected
to explain that there has been a glut of rumour- DMs — which is by no means uncommon. Letters (5 volumes, Arkham House 1965-76), and
mongering in many of these publications about especially Willis Conover's superb Lovecraft At Last
the current health or otherwise of IMAGINE I confess, I confess.... I was being deliberately (Carrollton Clark, 1975). Upon reading such sources
magazine. What brought this on is the concern obtuse in order to make a point. Quite a lot of it is evident that many of Lovecraft's morbid•seeming
engendered by the editorial changes of the last people w h o w r i t e t o u s actually describe fantasies were written with his tongue in his cheek.
two or three months. Coming round full circle, themselves as "DMs", as if that were a breed Lovecraft wrote a number of overtly comic works, but
it is more evidence that, i f you decide to take apart. Why? Clearly, the normal practice is for none of these have appeared outside volumes printed
something out of the magazine that most of one member of a group to run a game until in small editions by specialised publishing houses such
your letter-writers say they don't like, you'll such time as there is an opportunity or desire as the Necronomicon Press. A larger circulation work
promptly get stacks telling you you shouldn't for a change. At the same time, there are those that shows Lovecraf Cs smile behind the mask of
have done it. I t pays to tell us when we're who believe that only one person can actually horror is long overdue.
getting things right as well, you know! run a campaign that is coherent and consistent.
Enough of all this. I managed to stir up a bit of If you have an opinion, let me know - I have no Bryan Betts, Coventry: A note t o the Dispel
mail with one of my replies in this section two doubt that we will return to this subject again. Confusion people. The estoc was indeed a narrow-
months ago. Here are two examples: bladed sword with blunt edges. It was intended for use
Peter Jeffrey, Leicester: I feel that both Paul against mail — the point would enter the links easily. It
Kevin J Logan, Redditch, Worcs: I believe M Cockburn's article in 413 and Brian Longstaff's letter could be said to be the fore-runner of the foil (and
Victory (Letters ri15) intended to say that his group #15 make H P Lovecraft sound a rather gloomy maybe the epee) and was particularly popular
play games by taking their own characters into worlds person. As far as I can ascertain, he had a lively sense amongst the hussars of eastern Europe, long after
created by another member, and that each player has of humour and cultivated the friendship of a large western horsemen adopted the sabre, since they were
the ability to DM a game of his own, the intricate number of young people (hence, although Lovecraft fighting the Tartars, who wore mail.
workings of which the others do not know. I do not, of died 47 years ago, a surprisingly large number of his
course, know how accurate this is, but I feel that a friends are still alive). One cannot imagine the Thanks for the extra information, Peter and
slightly more concentrated form of player/DM duality Lovecraft presented in recent issues of your magazine Bryan. A reference book h a v e says that the
as you described in your reply is more likely. indulging in orgies of ice cream eating or squandering estoc was also effective against segmented
far more than he could afford on his passion for travel, plate mail. Looks like only cavaliers are safe
Paul Mason, Coventry: Couldn't you comprehend but the r-al Lovecraft did. Perhaps too much reliance from it!
the simple idea of all DMing at different times has been placed on de Camp's biography, since a very 14.5 Letters e d i t e d by P a u l C o c k b u r n

VOP by Ian Gibbs


WEL-1-,1•6 BECAuSE 1 cioJcE frtAbi.\ 11/418- o z a l o u s LY NENJEAZ To c . b

GALDEa, 1 4 1 - I Y IS YO0 M A tE otrr tji-n4
teiZEttAIE ExcESS p e n v o
YO m A l a . so Lots.. 130-r w e - - k r r A 11,1- " ilEmovE S Y c e s s A c N E - R,11010.


Next Issue
One thing you can always say about a magazine with more pages....

It gives you S P A C E
The East Indiaman
a n e w spaceship design for the S TA R FRONTIERS® game
with a complete plan and an adventure
Scientists in Traveller
a career for spacefarers
- plus -
Malevolent Engineering
designing your own monsters in the D & D ® and A D & D ® games
- and -
more; fiction by Cohn Greenland; Frank Mentzer's introduction to the Companion Set
art 2; Games Without Frontiers Part 1, a series designed to show you now to convert
between different role-playing games; Play-by-Mail, a l o o k a t t h e
magazine #18 professional end of postal gaming.

IMAQINL trul9anc., August 13S4

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One thing you can do is just make up

the hit points of each monster in advance
— as long as you don't make them all
push-overs or real toughies.

Last issue i discussed the different paper which I then staple into 'books', one as long as you don't make them all push-
book f o r each d u n g e o n level. I f y o u d o overs o r a l l r e a l t o u g h i e s , d o n ' t s e e
possible approaches to the use of
this, r e m e m b e r to leave plenty of space anything w r o n g w i t h t h i s and i t saves a
r3 figures i n t e D fair b i t o f w e a r a n d t e a r on y o u r eight-
under e a c h r o o m description t o r e c o r d
ga e e m O p p r o p r \ N \ changes t o t h e r o o m ' s c o n t e n t s d u r i n g siders.
tinue th ' n u t s and bolts* Vetriwi
piay,-yibu may need to note the destruct-
a quick look at some of the othe - jdn'iof some o f t h e furnishings, f er t h i n g w o r t h p r e p a r i n g i n a d -
stuff a dundeon master uses. Some nstance, or that some item has been I a game is a selection of wander-
things, of course, are obvious. You he room by a character. s - , – say, t w e n t y encounters
ow m u c h d e t a i l y o u r e 6 e players are likely to be
need an adequate set otidice, a for each room, and, any p a r t i c u l a r t r i p . T h e n ,
plenty o f scrap paper, p l u s y o yers are exploring second
erate when neededtt
t r u s t y r u l e tiOoks.,NA d u n g e
master's screeln is also w o r t
vesting i n . T h e n n o f course,
need your dungeon.
If you are using a publis age for the
scenario, t h e n you h a v e
and r o o m d e s c r i p t i o n s p ,its
when you are creating your o w n adv
tures, i t is w o r t h giving a t h o u g h t to t 4 . ,
material components you use.

T h e map, for instance. With the advent of

metrication most of the graph paper you
find i n s h o p s t e n d s t o b e g r i d d e d i n
centimetres and millimetres. This is not a
very useful grid for constructing dungeon
floor plans on (or almost anything else, for is a r t l y depen h o 44L1114... 4 1 1 4 1 1 ,
7-71—Zt - A1111"17C...' - -
that matter); 1 cm = 5 0 ' i s p e r h a p s t h e generate it!? _ S p o t
most convenient scale you can get out of take the hit p o i n t S f mon y o u 14,1tlik
in r o o m s . Rotting' b i t p o i n t s f o r in t h e
it, but is not the easiest scale to use. It is
w o r t h hunting round to try and find graph monster as you record it can slow up th consult y o u
for second le :441SOtt:141111/4$
paper measured in inches and tenths of dungeon c r e a t i o n process considerably
inches; 1 " = 1 0 0 ' t h e n becomes a v e r y — a n d you w i l l inevitably spend t i m e the course o . 1 •
convenient scale. Counting t h e n u m b e r rolling up figures for ten balrogs that no- make the ert n
of t e n t h - i n c h b o x e s g i v e s y o u a q u i c k one i s e v e r g o i n g t o f i g h t , o r e v e n , instance, i t i s a good
measurement of any distance in tens of perhaps, come across. On the other hand, advance a f e w p a r t i e s ;NNI'61114*111
if you j u s t w r i t e d o w n ' t e n balrogs' and characters r i v a l teams of adv
feet, a n d w o r k i n g a t t h i s scale you c a n
plot an entire, reasonably-sized dungeon the players do decide to mix it with them, You can prepare lists of their
level on one sheet without having to draw you m a y have t o say, ' h o l d on a m i n u t e give them names, go into as much •
anything t o o cramped. A n alternative i s while I roll the hit points for these things' as you like; then, when they are met
the use of quadrille paper which has five and t h e n go t h r o u g h t h e w h o l e palaver they will prove an interesting enco e r
squares t o t h e inch, a n d i s usable a t a while the players sit round twiddling their — indeed, if they are not fought and killed,
scale of 1 " = 50'; at such a scale one can thumbs. they can be held in reserve for a f u r t h e r
map r o o m s a n d c o r r i d o r s e v e n m o r e One solution to this particular problem encounter. I n t i m e a dialogue b e t w e e n
easily t h a n a 1 " = 1 0 0 ' , b u t obviously, is available to you if you have access to a the t w o parties, o r a friendly, o r even a
larger areas w i l l h a v e t o be fitted o n t o computer with a printer attached, or if you deadly rivalry m i g h t develop. From such
m o r e t h a n o n e s h e e t . I n c i d e n t a l l y, know s o m e o n e w h o h a s . I t i s a v e r y things are memorable campaigns made.
simple task to w r i t e a program t h a t w i l l 1010 Roger Musson
quadrille paper is ideal for players making
print o u t l i s t s o f n u m b e r s t h a t a r e Next month Roger will tackle the subject
maps while exploring.
equivalent to 2d8, 3d8, 4cI8, 5 d 8 and so of alignments.
S e c o n d l y, there is the matter of record- on. So if you suddenly find you have half a If you wish to read previous beginners'
dozen vampires coming into play, take the articles*, back issues of IMAGINE maga-
ing room descriptions. M a n y DMs I k n o w
first six numbers off the 8d8 column, add zine are available at a cost of 1 . 0 0 from
like t o u s e i n d e x c a r d s a n d c a r d f i l i n g
boxes for this purpose. The great advan- 3 to each, and you have all the hit points Dept IMBI, TSR UK Ltd.
you need. * #1, 2 & 3: General introduction to role-
tage o f this system is that any t i m e you
w a n t to revise the contents of a particular If you don't have access to a computer, playing games; # 4 & 5 : Advice f o r
room, you can take out the relevant card it is probably less time-consuming in the beginning DMs"; fi6 & 7: Hints on staying
long r u n to generate such a list by hand alive a n d completing a mission; # 8 :
and slip in a n e w one. The disadvantages
are f i r s t , t h a t t h e f i l i n g b o x e s a r e n o t and use it in the same way, than to bother Treasure*; #9: Monsters"; #10: Allocat-
particularly convenient to transport, and rolling h i t p o i n t s f o r e v e r y m o n s t e r i n ing treasure and monsters in a dungeon";
secondly, t h e y a r e relatively expensive. advance. There is another thing you can #11: Time & motion"; #12: Role-playing;
do, which is to cheat and just make up the #13: Role-playing for DMs"; #14: NPCs";
My own preference remains for recording
room d e s c r i p t i o n s o n s h e e t s o f s c r a p hit points of each monster in advance — #15: Mapping" " ( m a i n l y for DMs).
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1984
Role-playing games have complex rules Although a Dralasite may have sev-
that are open to interpretation - which eral arms, the player must nominate
can cause problems when two players one of the character's limbs as the
interpret them differently. Dispel Con- dominant one — in the same way as
fusion is a column intended to help by humans are right o r left handed.
providing answers to rules questions.
At present we mainly answer questions
about TSR games. While the answers we
give are not fully 'official', w e do have
Thereafter, t h e Dralasite h a s t h e
normal 'handedness' penalty when
using a weapon with any other arm.
If the Dralasite chooses to 'draw'
contact with the designers and a good the dominant 'arm' back into itself

OTthe I
deal of playing and refereeing experience. another limb may be specified as the
An answer column needs questions, so dominant 'arm', but the designation
send yours to: cannot be changed instantaneously.
Dispel Confusion, T S R U K Ltd, The
Mill, Rathmore Road, CAMBRIDGE. Q. How much fuel is needed to accel-
If you don't w a n t t o w a i t f o r your erate t o and decelerate from jump
question t o appear i n t h e magazine, speed?

please enclose an SSAE.
A. To reach jump speed a ship must be
STAR FRONTIERS® travelling at the equivalent of 180
hexes per turn on the Knight Hawks
Alpha Dawn and game board. To do this it must have
Knight Hawks games expended 180 ADF points of fuel (per

Q. In the rules section on 'Administer-

engine). An identical amount must Dem'ckNort-cm I
be used once the jump has been
ing Drugs' it states that a character
whose stamina is 0 or below cannot
made to slow down again, giving a
total fuel consumption of 360 ADF
rooks at
be revived after more than 24 hours. points per engine — or 360 points of
Everywhere else the rules seem to
use 20 hours as a standard, so is this
fuel per engine per jump.
This, of course, assumes that the
right? ship is using ion engines. Hydrogen

A. The time limit should be 20 hours —a

fuel, t h e most efficient available, CRISIS
costs Cr10 per unit giving a fuel cost
standard STAR FRONTIERS® game of Cr3600 per engine.
day. Ships powered by atomic drives
require o n l y o n e f u e l pellet p e r Andrew is not very happy. Last night his first
Q. What is the limit to the number of engine to achieve jump speed. These ever character, a cleric rather lacking i n
skills a character can know? fuel pellets —each costing CO 0,000 — strength, fell foul of a group of bandits in an
provide power for one jump and need ambush. Before the next session commences,
A. The o n l y l i m i t i s h o w many t h e replacing as soon as the ship leaves he is getting ready to roll up a replacement
character can 'afford' by spending the Void, if an engine does not have character.
experience points. Accumulated ex- reserve fuel pellets available, t h e Two other players are with him in the room,
perience points can b e spent o n ship is incapable of decelerating or watching the new persona take shape. Matt and
improving abilities, which can give a otherwise manoeuvering. Sara are both quietly hoping that Andrew rolls
character a broad increase i n the Finally, ships with chemical drives up a strong, robust fighter t h e border wars
chance to perform a task, or on a new are incapable of the sustained accel- are causing all kinds of upheavals, and if they
level in a particular skill. A character eration necessary t o reach j u m p are to get through, they will need considerably
can 'spend' a s m a n y experience speed and enter the Void. better fighting strength than they have a t
points as desired at any one time. If present.
the referee h a s decided t h a t t h e Q. How much damage will character So, Andrew finds himself the centre of
training rules are i n effect these weapons, including such weapons attention as he takes his 3d6 and throws 4 ! A
should also be obeyed. as rockets, do to a starship? grim start, and Andrew hesitates before filling in
It can be a long job to obtain a high the Strength box on his character sheet.
level w i t h a particular skill. F o r A. Structural damage f o r character 'Roll it again,' mutters Matt, aware that Pat,
example, a character who has Pilot- weaponry i s given on p 2 4 o f the their DM, is only in the next room. it's only the
ing 6 has accumulated (and spent) at Expanded Rule book. Most of these first throw....'
least 482 experience points to get will have little effect upon a starship. 'You can't be lucky all the time,' scolds Sara,
that level of skill — and 578 exper- Projectiles a n d m o s t beams w i l l now convinced that she knows how Matt got his
ience points if he or she doesn't have simply bounce off the hull. However, 18 Dexterity/18 Constitution thief. 'Keep it,
a Technological Primary Skill Area. rocket launchers will cause 45 points Andrew — the other throws might be better.'
And remember, the average number of structural damage, a n d a s e t 'We need a good fighter, Sara!' pleads Matt,
of experience points per session of charge of Tornadium D-19 will cause who has seen his character forced to take
play should be about 4 or 5. Good the usual amount o f damage. A unacceptable risks recently.
pilots (in the Han Solo class) should thrown charge will cause half dam- 'He's right,' Andrew adds, reaching for an
be rare indeed. age. W n e n explosives (bombs o r eraser, and then rolling again. '16! — that's
rockets) are used against a starship it more like
Q. Can a Dralasite use two weapons at can b e considered t o have 200+
once without penalty? 2d100 structural points. Referees There can be few role-players who have
itay increase this total in the case of not a t some t i m e succumbed t o t h e
A. Dralasites suffer a penalty for fight- ships built for the military. temptations inherent in random character
ing with two weapons in the same As Jim Bambra, Michael Brunton, generation. It is easy to resist the itch to
way as the other character races. Phil Gallagher & Graeme Morris. 'obtain' psionic ability or any other rare
I M A G I N E ma9azine, August 1984
skill, but when a prime requisite just fails that character any more interesting t o to pick and choose various aspects o f
to r e a c h t h e m a r k t h e r e i s a g n a w i n g play. For example, a character with high personalities from books, comics, films or
desire to grope for the eraser. The trend in strength should behave i n a 'heroic' even real people. Rather that copying the
modern game design is to avoid randomly manner if that score is to be exploited to whole character a player can simply use
its fullest. It is not true role-playing to use those traits t h a t l e n d themselves t o
determining skills and abilities, but that's
an issue for another time. For now, let's the value only as a modifier to some dice role-playing.
look at the problem as it stands. roll. Properly played, the score would also In the D & D ® game, a l i g n m e n t repre-
ln p a r t t h e desire f o r good scores i s be reflected in that character's personal- sents the broad moral base upon which a
caused b y a c l o u d e d v i e w o f w h a t a ity; confident, proud, aggressive, boastful character operates. W i t h i n a n y o n e
character represents. For some players a or whatever. To a varying extent the same alignment, however, there is wide scope
character i s b a s i c a l l y a v e h i c l e w i t h can a l s o b e s a i d o f a l l a c h a r a c t e r ' s to detail other peculiarities of character.
w h i c h t o propagate their o w n ego. Take attributes, w h e t h e r they be good, bad or For e x a m p l e , a r e a l l y n a s t y c h a r a c t e r
for e x a m p l e t h e ' t w i n - m a n ' : a p l a y e r average. might b e attracted t o blood; t h i s c o u l d
who, for a short time, ran identical twins So, h a v i n g r o l l e d u p t h e r e l e v a n t then i n d i c a t e a l i k i n g f o r v e r y l a r g e
in a dungeon. To a f e l l o w player i t w a s scores, a player w i l l b e i n a position t o weapons t h a t inflict s e v e r e injuries.
obvious that he wanted to dictate, via his create a basic personality for a character. Taking t h i s a stage further, such a taste
t w o characters, the party's actions. As w i t h any pastime, a beginner should for bloodletting might produce a dislike of
in truth, though, a character is really an not r u n b e f o r e h e o r s h e c a n w a l k . poison, (unusual i n an evil character).
agent t h r o u g h w h i c h a player can take However t e m p t i n g i t m a y b e , i t i s n o t One can see that it doesn't take long for
part i n a FRP game. I n a n analagous advisable t o u t i l i z e t h e m o r e c o m p l e x individualized characters to be built up;
manner one can consider a photograph- components of a system before mastering one quirk leading to another. With just a
* e r ' s camera to be the agent that allows the basics. The less a novice needs to little o f imagination even v e r y minor
him to enjoy photography. He might wish remember initially, the more he will be areas of choice can be made interesting.
for a better lens o r whatever but his able to concentrate on actually playing Of course. once given, such details must
actual passion rests with the.hobby and and learning a game. It is impossible to be adhered to. This restriction sometimes
not the equipment. Likewise t h e true role-play a character properly when one prevents players from detailing characters
role-player does n o t require a mega- is unsure of its limitations or powers. beyond what is required, just in case it
character in order to enjoy the game. Once a basic personality is reached a backfires. While i n n o w a y an invalid
A beginner player rolling u p n e w player can then carry on to 'individualize' argument this approach does consider
characters will naturally hope for good a c h a r a c t e r. A p l a y e r w o u l d b e h a r d characters to be survival machines. Con-
scores, not least because lesser values pushed t o make distinctive characters sequently a lot of characters resemble
are treated with scorn by some exper- from the standard scores and skills alone. some sort of bland optimum of longevity
ienced players. These comments should There is, however, a whole range o f and e ff i c i e n c y. B y developing a s t r o n g
not be taken seriously. It is a mistake to factors over w h i c h a player can exercise personality one does indeed lose some
think that high scores are in any way control o r choice. Imagination a n d a freedom o f action. Yet one gains, with
indicative o f playing ability. Very high sense of the unusual can play a large part each such character, the variability that is
scores should be considered as an added here; just imagine the interiority complex the hallmark of good role-playing.
bonus, they do not automatically make of a beardless dwarf! Another method is 0 Derrick Norton
I M A G I N E magazine, August 1384
Would you send your friends out into the unknown,
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Please m e n t i o n I M A G I N E m a g a z i n e w h e n r e p l y i n g t o a d v e r t i s e m e n t s
0 V_OLOGUE: I N A LAND AND T I N E E V E N TA A E C U D W M : L P. _ ‘ c . S C - P, K N O A C O P E PLIAL) A T VANNIC.vo Y t T N E
V - - 'wvAERE f u N p s o r e l E DR.PLGoNS g, WI-rf+ S o ELLJS(LI A RORP.,0P_.... - VALL-E2Y N \ J E R , k c ' e C i N k I N G ,
w i c k ED „So v_c•ERR A R E v‘oUsv-ilo LI) ' N E C-oLIGIAT D I R A C 2 o N c . . MA, lAAE_N(CouLD K ‘ L L . . NENER ATTACkLN • • • • ohLL:•(
LNORDG, IT t S suRPkiSIRC, ' M T A l - u n t o . ..... .Ltorammuninfm, aimmettal ,.•• • •,•
u y z K t t G Lt
K L N A C E 'COULD 1./Wc•L‘ u ? S E T -114•E B u t v i L C..okil_ND S E E L N H I T
FIUD-iiUT S O B L I R A A L N - E - PA-) T. wkIEN
W E V\JERE 71P1';,,rifers
tvk NT m u , I N C L I S otsIG.-EIA, AND L\ AS
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SOY. K E E P NO/AZ PLaT C D A I J L A T E S ' . N E A T ' T I M E , S O R i < i p t tkPit.ANNS k k t . .
TR,t1p4c, -m caAcw THE krurAit- ERRANT LARK! R AT V I E R S T R U e K S y A S E A U T I K I L
ANswERS! •ss.
56 I M A G I N E m a 9 a z i n e , A u c j u s t 1984
Adventures in your own home are one thing. But are you ready for the challenge of national
play-by-mail (PBM) adventures, professionally gamemastered w i t h massive computer
You can seize control of a gigantic stellar empire (STARWEB) or lead a small, bewildered
party exploring a complex alien environment (CRASIMOFFS WORLD). You can become a
mediaeval lord, challenging for the throne of England (FEUDAL LORDS), or a murderous
underground military complex, sending robots to destroy your rivals (WARBOID WORLD).
You car- even design your OWn species and home planet (STARMASTER) and lead them in
exp c-a-: on and conquest in a universe populated by hundreds of other species (perhaps as
care'_ . - : - a f t e d and ambitious as your own).
Eac- — in a PBM adventure sends his commands to the gamemaster, and receives an
indiv - e p o r t showing t h e results o f his o w n a n d o t h e r players' actions. A s y o u
endc - - - 7 - e r players, you have infinite scope for alliances, double-dealing and betrayal-
there i i - o l d s barred, and success may go not to the most powerful player but to the
MOS-. : h e g o t i a t o r .
FLACEi-- - 1-•ezine introduces you to Britain's fastest-growing hobby, with:
__- cover and extensive illustrations
* e s of turn reports
:_:-, on and analyses for every PBM game run in Britain
* en - E l 0 w o r t h o f discounts for n e w games in every issue, offered b y
gar- t o our subscribers.
Eve-. : _sands of players tear open their envelopes to learn the latest news of the
deK:e _ _ ...e- struggles between their kingdoms, or the savage wars raging across the
gals, e ! s , - • enture gaming is nerve-wracking; i t makes every postal delivery into a
baIa- E i h d fear - but it's also the ultimate adventure experience. You owe it to
you-se.' . e : t r y .
Send this form o r write separately if you don't want to cut your IMAGINETm magazine) to
FLAGSHIP (Dept IM), PO Box 12, Aldridge, Walsall, West Midlands WS9 O i l . . and get
ready to face the PBM adventure challenge!

YES! I ' m ready to try the PBM challenge. Send me my first copy of FLAGSHIP today.
I enclose (delete as appropriate) E 6 for 4 issues
E l .75 for a sample issue
(Subscriber guarantee: you can cancel your subscription at a month's notice and receive the
unused part refunded if you are in any way dissatisfied)
Name ( p l e a s e print)
P o s t c o d e


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ji At

The Dragons vanished a thousand years ago.

Now the people smile at the old tales, the only memory
of the dark creatures.

And the DRAGONLANCETM modules give you the chance to take part in
the epic quest that will unfold, to brave the dangers of ruined Xak Tsaroth,
to fight the draconians.
Now is your chance to save a world...
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