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Note: Carcosan scribes for centuries had recounted the prayer

composed by Naotalba, the high priest of Yhtill, and the story of its
origin. It seemed that the Queen's advisor had been asked to explain
the bountiful blessings of Hastur to a visitor to the palace, a distant
cousin from the outlands. So Naotalba made up the words of the
benediction on the spot, there in the vast marble hall beside the Royal
Table with its hundreds of stately chairs. The Morning Suns, he said,
were the ones behind the Black Stars. The kingly color of Gold had
been infected by the passage of the nameless aeons and had become
sickly, the color of DECAY.

The Benediction of Naotalba:

O King, bless us today with bountiful

Golden wealth and the reversal of ill-fortune!

O Great Liege, bless us with the warm

Golden Rays of the Morning Suns.

Comment: This is another extract from the wisdom of the high priest,