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Note: Here is a chapter from the Imperial Codex of Zukala-Koth,

which itself makes reference to the Book of Yng. It will eventually be
collected into a single volume, along with 13 other Yellow Fragments
(most of which do not exist yet). I will get around to it sometime!

The Skull of Aldones

Aldones is the First King, of the Twelve who would later come before
the Last King, the King in Yellow. His word has long been law in the
Kingdom of Hastur. Since his death (untold millenia ago), his legacy
has remained strong in the hearts of his ancestors.

Concerning the Skull of Aldones, it has been recorded in The

Naotalba Doctrine of the priesthood of Carcosa, "...never a more
potent reliquary for the necromantik artes could one hope to find..."

In one of the newly translated Fragments of the Book of Yng (Chapter

Eleven: The Scepter of the First King!) we read: "Know, O man of
faith, that the Skull is that of the First King! The manner of usage is
like much of necromancy--dark and unhallowed. But when it is
properly ensorcelled, the Skull can be a most potent weapon in the
ongoing war against the Unseen."

Ritual Divination:

If one should acquire, by any form of chance, the powerful relic which
is the Skull of Aldones, use the power on dark, stormy nights. (It is
even possible to consecrate another skull with the shade of Aldones,
which will also work here.)

Keep the vision clear. Set the skull upon the altar, in the center.
Eight black candles shall be set in a circle around the relic. Divine the
"O mighty Aldones!

Thou who was the First King!

In your name I give thanks

[make offering of bread]!

By the Sword of Aldones,

Tell me the answer to [Question]!"

[Cleanse the air of any such Conversation as may follow; do

remember to follow the instructions to a "T".] For other, more
nefarious, usages of the Skull ...

The Skull of Aldones:

Obviously, the Skull of Aldones weilds dangerous magics that compel

and control one's enemies. Use the Skull in whatever vile rites of
necromantic nature are required, to further your various selfish

For ultimate dominion over the forces of the Skull one perform a
certain heinous act. Even unto the false ecstasy of heading into the
darkest yearnings of the flesh, the same flesh that is both weak and
heavy. ("For the sex of mouths is harmless, yet it produces offspring
naught.") Know that the sorcerer who only practices the forbidden
rites of Vama Yarg with his or her same gender is not truly wise. For
the nature of the males and men are not like unto the rites of woman
upon woman; whereby these latter rites had since from time
immemoriable been deemed sacred to the Covenant.

Yet so too the workings which require the unification of the solar and
lunar forces should never be ignored or forgotten.

"Listen to the words, O wise Spirit, take this chance to enter the Skull
and speak!"

Listen carefully, for the secrets are fleeting; the voices which tell of
the Laws of the Imperial Dynasty, and the machinations of the Canary
Yellow Throne!

Listen! Give unto me all that I need to take with me to start--the

sickly yellow phosphorescence that is all that remains of my aura!

Dim are the workings of the aetheric ones, the disembodied entities
who walk in the spaces between the spaces. Only by showing the
darker aspects of the inner workings can the objective magus progress
beyond a certain point (beyond the Angles of Nngrryyr and Hhex'x).
By the mastery of these ways can one achieve mastery over the
elements; by the Thirteen Yellow Signs may one have Power over
Outer! AXN-XCAMR! Perform the rites of the Skull of Aldones only to
attain mastery over others.

Commentary: Hopefully this chapter will be published in print later

on this year (2018). It has been submitted to a reputable Lovecraftian
small press, but man they take forever to respond! Oh well, here, now
you Yellow Scurvies can get a sneak peek of this channeled rite.