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II. Match the Items. Write the letter of your choice. (20 pts)
Instructions: Read each question carefully before answering.
WRONG SPELLING will not be considered. Erasures and Column A Column B
Tampered answers are considered wrong. Write clearly and
legibly. Good Luck and God bless!  1. Social Norms A. Artifacts; Tangible objects
2. Diiffusion B. “Thou shall not behavior”
I. Identification (20 pts) 3. Duty C. Knowledge, arts, skills
4. Taboo D. Colonial mentality
1. The study of human relationships. 5. Laws E. Racial Superiority
2. First Filipino Teacher in Sociology. 6. Counterculture F. Social Prescriptions
3. Is that complex whole which consists of knowledge, beliefs, 7. Material Culture G. “Thou shall behavior”
knowledge and other capabilities of man. 8. Non-Material Culture H. contra culture
4. Are everyday habits and conventions people obey without 9. Ethnocentrism I. formalized norms
giving much thought to the matter. 10. Xenocentrism J. Spread of culture
5. Norms people consider vital to their well being.
6. Refers to non material aspects of culture.
7. Abstract concepts of what is important or worthwhile. 1. Enumerate the Characteristics of Culture (10 pts)
8. Refers to concrete and tangible objects produced and used 2. What are the Social Processes involved in Diffusion? (4 pts)
by man to satisfy his needs and wants. 3. What are the social norm? (3 pts)
9. It refers to an object, gesture, sound, color that represents. 4. What are the components of Culture? ( 3 pts)
10. It refers to the feeling of disbelief when he encounters a 5. What are the categories of Culture? (10 pts)
different cultural patterns. 6. What are the causes of Cultural Change? (5 pts)
11. Keeping two or more paramours. 7.Benjamin Franklin’s Core Values (13 pts)
12. Negative attitude of pulling others down. 8. Enumerate atleast 20 Filipino Values (20 pts)
13. Pompous and extravagant celebrations. 9. Enumerate atleast 10 values of Filipinos (10 pts)
14. Relying on luck. 10. Enumerate atleast 10 Filipino Customs and Practices (10pts)
15. Lacks punctuality. 11. Enumerate the Pioneers in the Study of Sociology (7 pts)
16. Demonstration of assured success.
17. Meddling in others business. IV. ESSAY
18. Are those standards to which a group or society judges the
desirability and importance of persons, ideas or objects. 1. Why are values important? How do they affect our lives? (10
19. It is the advocacy of making one’s own nation distinct and pts)
separate from others.
2. What is the importance of Studying the different Filipino
20. The tendency of a person to center his concern in his
Cultures? (5 pts)