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The Fate of X'nntha


Note: This weird example of poetry is from the Wes Jangen's 1915
strange-little tome, The X'nntha Text, which only had 13 pages. But
the madness that had overwhelmed Jangen ever since his return from
a lone spelunking expedition into the remote Wichita Mountains near
Lawton, Oklahoma, (which set off the corrupting taint of X'nntha)
was glaringly and blatantly apparent on each of those few pages.

The Fate of X'nntha

Deep are the ruins of timeless X’nntha
A primordial bubble of ancient alien life,
Prior to the advent of man, X’nntha
With teeming inhabitants not benign!

In the red-litten inner world of vast Yoth
Does the wondrously frightful city exist,
The fabled splendor was then forgotten
The dwelling of the Black Revealer, Yondis!

Breath to me your blackened ammonic air
I yearn to swim in your noxious atmosphere,
To tough your withered skin and taste your blood
And dream with you of times far and near!

Let me see your glorious past and forms
Polymorphous towers that taper and twist,
Tendril buildings that writh and dance
But for the deadly change that ended the bliss!

The stars moved, misplaced, then slept X’nntha
That city beneath the earth then died,
Living mass crumbled as stone, dead X’nntha
But once again may the great host rise!

Comment: This peculiar example of verse is from the prefactory

section of The X'nntha Text, New Revised Edition, 2017, by the Bitter
Root Press of Lawton, Oklahoma. Not only is the entire thirteen-page
booklet reprinted in the updated edition; it also includes a few pages
of certain extra materials. Pick one up if you can find a copy! (By the
way, I had come across this poem, simply as "X'nntha," in 1993. I
later lost it but recently received a copy from Edward Paul Berglund,
one of the faithful Archivists of the Cthulhu Mythos. Aside from its
initial publication in 1915, I did not even attempt reprint the weird
verses. But now ... now ... it can be shown to a wider audience!)