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The Evocation of Althazon


Note: From the modern translation of The Scarlet Edda, by the

occultist Doreal in 1945 with a limited-edition of 244. Several copies
are now preserved in some of the secret libraries of the Naacal
Brotherhood, around Mount Shasta in California and in a temple
located in a remote corner of the Far East (possibly Yian-Ho).
Undoubtedly the sages of ancient Lemuria had only used this
evocation sparingly, due to the inherent risk of annoying the old gods,
who would simply vaporize a follower who became too pesky. (Or so
the cautionary texts claim--!)

The Evocation of Althazon

In the Hour of Badlax, on the Day of Aedir, the lone prophet shall
already have fasted for a week. He will have also prepared an altar
upon the top of a mountain in the standard fashion. Whilst facing
eastward shall the prophet draw a summoning Circle and Triangle of
the Magical Art. Within the Circle shall be inscribed the Seal of

[Illustration: The Seal of Althazon. The symbol of the Divine

Messenger. Unfortunately, for the present, this Lemurian Sigil must
remain unseen.]

Strike the eastern Triangle with the Staff of Calling, made of Jannibar
wood and inscribed upon each side with the intricate glyphs and
symbols of Gorm's Geometries.

[Illustration: The Symbols of the Geometries of Gorm. The glyphs

are small and circular. Again, for the present, these ancient Lemurian
symbols must remain unseen.]
Upon the third strike, howl into the wind:

Kree'Som En'Nah Kree'Dominus En-Krin!

O Althazon! The Divine Messenger!

Eye beseech thee, by the Unknown One

O Lord, attend this invitation to come

And hold converse with this one.

I am your mouth and your voice,

I come to carry the words forth

To the young ears of men, even as you

Carry all praises with haste to GORM!

Commentary: This is yet another Lin Carter tribute, based on his

iteration of the Lemurian Mythos, a sub-set of the Cthulhu Mythos.
All of the Lemurian Fragments will eventually be collected in one
volume. Wait for it!