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News Release

The DeSoto police department recognizes the fact that the video posted on You Tube of
an interaction between our officer and a subject riding a bicycle while video recording
the officer is very serious. The actions of our officer are concerning. However, we should
not rush to judgement until all the facts and information are ascertained. Too often an
opinion is formed depending on a small amount of information and there is a failure to
see the whole picture due to the lack of information.
Charles Dominguez, also known as Charlie dogbmx and Charlie dog84, is an amateur
videographer that posts on video hosting sites such as YouTube. Under the guise of a
"first amendment audit", Mr. Dominguez will video record public servants in the
performance of their duties. This behavior, at times, can interfere with the duties of the
officers and cause safety concerns to the officer as well as the citizens involved in the
specific event.
On January 10, 2018, while video recording, Mr. Dominguez approached a DeSoto
DeSoto Police Police Officer and a citizen who were in the process of a traffic stop. Mr. Dominguez
was warned not to approach an officer in his blind-spot while interacting with a citizen
Department on a traffic stop. Without provocation, Mr. Dominguez launched into a profanity laced
714 E. Beltline Rd. tirade on the officer, in public. The officer chose to ignore Mr. Dominguez and merely
DeSoto, TX 75115 warned him of the dangers associated with his behavior. The video recording of this
469-658-3000 incident can be viewed on You Tube via the two links:
www.desototexas.gov https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRRtVd1WH98
Public Information Unit
On January 23, 2018, while video recording, Mr. Dominguez approached a citizen in the
Sgt. C.D. Williams parking lot of the Desoto Police Department, while that citizen was attempting to file a
469-658-3030 report with an officer. The citizen advised Mr. Dominguez that she did not appreciate
469-435-1203 him recording her interactions with the police officer. Mr. Dominguez was not deterred
and continued to record the police and the citizen making rude, degrading and hateful

Lt. Melissa Franks remarks. The recording of this incident can be viewed on You Tube via the following
469-658-3036 links:
mfranks@desototexas.gov https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkxhB2_AZn0
Sgt. Christopher Huerta
On January 25, 2018, Mr. Dominguez again returned to the Desoto Police Department.
chuerta@desototexas.gov Officers who had prior encounters with Mr. Dominguez recognized him and were aware
of an outstanding warrant for his arrest from another city. Mr. Dominguez was taken into
custody at that time and was later released.
On January 29, 2018, Mr. Dominguez returned to the DeSoto Police Department lobby to
retrieve his bicycle that was seized at the time of his arrest. Prior to exiting the lobby,
Mr. Dominguez approached an interview room, where an officer was taking a complaint
from a citizen, and began recording video with his phone. An officer ordered him to stop
recording the interview and leave the area. Mr. Dominguez refused and was arrested for
Interference with Public Duties.