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Mohammed Othman Ezzat

Service Manager /Experienced Senior Engineer /Application Specialist

 Professional Customer Service & Technical Support Engineer.
Moh_Othman@Yahoo.com +973 3563 0479 (Bahrain)

Personal Details
Languages: Arabic (Native),
English (Proficient) [IELTS 7.0], Profile Summary
French (Fair)
A performance-driven System Engineer & professional customer service with 16+ years
Driving License: Egy-KSA-Bh
of impressive track record in customer support, medical equipment & laboratory service
& application support. Has worked with different with high specialty in lab equipment
and automation systems.
Moh. Othman Ezzat ŒŠŒŠŒŠ
Promoting the main concept of customer service environment (Taking Action to Create
Egyptian Married Value) for our customer focused organization.
17 _April 1978.
Address: Manama-Bh Leveraging strong working knowledge of medical equipment & computer systems,
ever ready/ up for the challenges of delivering technical & application support with
Systems & Biomedical
Engineer. Cairo
customer training in a fast-moving medical area.
University Providing strategic departmental leadership, planning, organization, management,
promotion and development of the service department resources & costs according to
targeted budget.
Stock Management & Optimization (DB programming), Studying & recognizing the
Soft Skills needs and planning for the future requirements utilizing the power analysis tools &
Enthusiastic current database.
Ethical Customer Drive Services, focusing on giving the best customer experience and
Motivational achieving the customer satisfaction targets. Using the latest tools for measuring and
Team player plotting our progress. Developing new techniques for customer service excellence.
Active Listener

Customer Service Excellence Service / Projects Management

Laboratory Automation Computer H/W, S/W & interface
Medical Equipment Database Admin & Development
Core LIS Results Transmission Setup Computerized Inventory System
Competencies Hematology/Chemistry/Serology Microbiology/ NPT & Point of Care
IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Server Electronics PCB desigen
Optics & Laser Alignment Motors(DC-Stepper) &

Mohammed O. Ezzat  +973 3563-0479   Moh_Othman@yahoo.com

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Work Experience
Head of Service Department, Laboratory Division (Wael Pharmacy –
Since Jan 2015: Siemens HealthCare)
Key Responsibilities:
 Supervised a team of professional engineers in coordinating the overall department
operations and directing activities in achieving Company’s short term and long term
strategic objectives.
 Follow up the progress & ensure the on-time delivery & commissioning of the projects
on hands at Ministry of Health & customers.
 Set and delivered training strategic plan to support the current needs & projects’ dead
Supported a variety of  Significant contribution to professional engagement with various manufacturers at
manufacturers regional level.
Siemens  Ensuring developing programs are innovative and focus on developing people to tie in
Abbott to the company’s values and visions.
Beckman Coulter
 Committed to raising service department standards to meets ISO, and to meet regional
Bio-Rad standards of the manufacturers maintaining quality assurance and accreditation.
Bruker  Shouldered strategic and operational responsibility of the service department to
GFL company vision and mission.
Millipore  Responsible for strategic and optimal spare parts inventory at the company
 Guided the service team members to follow the safety and quality protocols (ISO, CAP).


 Achieved with my team High Customer Satisfaction satisfaction & positive feedback &
support the sales targets of the company (2015-2016)
 Contributed to the on-time delivery & commissioning of the Salmanya Medical Complex
core lab project at Ministry of Health Bahrain.(Full Lab Automation)
 Contributed towards CAP accreditation for high standard customers
 Best support for Automation projects running in optimum performance with the
support of manufacturer regional teams.
 Implementation & developing of Bar-coded Inventory System for spare parts
optimization at ware house and customer level.
 Programming Service Activity Tool to optimize department performance (both
engineers & equipments).
 Investigated & Solved Advanced technical issues within the project’s equipment.
(Hormone Tubes – Aliquoter interface – Hematology Automation – Remote Access)

Mohammed O. Ezzat  +973 3563-0479   Moh_Othman@yahoo.com

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Service Manager, Eastern & Central Area (Batterjee Bros. – Siemens
Mar 2002 – Dec 2014 HealthCare)
Key Responsibilities:
 Managing the customer support activities in eastern and central areas.
Career Chronology:  Supported a variety of products (Siemens Healthcare diagnostics & Bayer
 May 2012 – Dec 2014  Worked directly with end-users to trouble shoot application problems and train lab
Area Service Manager
 Complaint handling & resolution in the most efficient and timely manner.
 May 2008 – Jun 2012  Maintained existing customer installed data base and performed the needed
Senior Service Engineer maintenance plans and systems’ upgrades through the service team.
(Siemens Diagnostics)  Supporting the different products and ensuring the proper operation and
 Mar 2002 – May 2008  Team building & training and enhancing the team work spirit with team members.
Senior Service Engineer  Cost-Reduction of service operation and optimization of spare parts stocking &
(Bayer HealthCare) consumption.
 Building solid customer relationships so we achieved target revenue.
 Mar 2002 – May 2004
Customer Service Engineer
(Bayer HealthCare) Accomplishments:
 Award Of Excellence Top Team MERA – BAYER HC Europe 2005.
 Successfully passing the transition of (Siemens Dx) to UAE without affecting
customer satisfaction and overall performance. [2012]
 Implementing Aramco project at Eastern area.[2009]
 Programming & development of Customer Service Software for managing all
service activity [Spare parts ordering, stock handling, engineers activity, etc.]
 Strong and sustainable customer relation based on the Customer Trust and positive
 Application support for many lines (Chemistry, Hormone, CBC & lab automation).

Software  Database programming using lotus notes (IBM)

 Developed CRM database using the client server software (Lotus Notes)
Experience from IBM.
 Also Spare parts management tools.
 Utilize strong tool of Lotus notes to manage & organize the work flow of
the service department.
 Support management with analysis for decision making, and service

 System Backup, Recovery & Setup

 Network implementation & Remote Access

 MMBA Jun 2015

Education & Swiss E-Learning institute.
 Key Account Management
American Institute of Professional Studies March 2015

 Professional Engineer
Saudi Council of Engineers Jan 2010

 Bachelor of Systems & Biomedical Engineering

Cairo University- Egypt Jun 2000

Mohammed O. Ezzat  +973 3563-0479   Moh_Othman@yahoo.com

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Advanced Courses in Medical Equipments
 Service of Ultrasound equipment (Bagat Medical - Egypt) [May 2001]
 Maintenance of blood gas equipment (Bayer Dx -UK) [May 2002]
 Hematology (Advia 120) Service & Application (Bayer Dx -UK) [Jul 2002]
 Bio-Chemistry (Advia 1650) Service & Application (Bayer Dx -UK) [Feb 2003]
 Immuno-Chem (Advia Centaur) Service & Application (Bayer Dx-UK) [Jun 2003]
 Bio-Chemistry (Advia 1200) Service & Application (Bayer Dx - UK) [Mar 2005]
 Blood Gas RL 1200 ABG (Bayer Dx - KSA) [Mar 2007]
 Dimension Chemistry systems RxL, Expand (Siemens Dx - Jeddah) [April 2008]
 Viva Drug & Chem. Systems (Siemens Dx- Jeddah) [Sep 2008]
 Immuno-Chem system Advia Centaur CP (Siemens – Andover UK) [July 2009]
Professional  Micro biology system MicroScan WA96 (Siemens – Barcelona Spain) [Aug 2009]
 Point Of Care RP350 (Siemens – Jeddah, KSA) [Jul 2010]
Development  Immuno-Chem system Stratus (Siemens – Jeddah, KSA) [Aug 2010]
 Micro biology Service MicroScan WA96 (Siemens – Jeddah, KSA) [Sep 2010]
 Hematology (Advia 2120) Slide Maker (Siemens – Frankfurt, Germany) [Feb 2011]
 Hematology (BCS-XP) Coagulation (Siemens – Barcelona Spain) [March 2011]
 Informatics & IT (RapidComm NPT) (Siemens – UK ) [August 2011]
 Automation (Versa Cell) (Siemens – Germany) [Feb 2013].
 Automation Aptio – Siemens USA [Nov. 2016].(+Practical experience with Siemens
middleware CentraLink,& Nemo)

Soft Skills Courses

 Service Leadership Workshop & Achieving Service Excellence – Ron Kaufman (Bahrain) [Oct
 IELTS General Training Certificate – British Council [April 2016]
 Key Account Management Diploma - AEP KHOBAR KSA [Mar 2015]
 Enhancing Interpersonal Style – Siemens HealthCare – KSA [Jun 2008]
 Change Management – Siemens HealthCare – KSA [May 2008]

Mohammed O. Ezzat  +973 3563-0479   Moh_Othman@yahoo.com

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