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The SEAMEAO Council or The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education has issued seven
priority areas for SEAMEO to work together to improve the quality of education in Southeast
Asia. "Revitalization of Teacher Education" is one of the priority areas in achieving the quality
of education in the region. In order to fulfill this mandate, the SEAMEO Secretariat has started a
project entitled, "Pre-Service Student Teacher Exchange in Southeast Asia (SEA-Teacher
Project)". The project aims to provide opportunities for students from universities in Southeast
Asia to conduct their practicum (teaching experiences) in schools in other countries in Southeast

On 4th batch at 7th August - 5th September 2017, followed by 19 universities from
Indonesia with 132 participants and 11 universities from Thailand with 52 participants and 11
universities from Philippines with 81 participants. This exchange students teacher is for major
students in Mathematics, Science, English and Pre-School. Students get assigned roles and
responsibilities for 4 weeks in a period of one month. In addition, each host university will
provide a mentor to supervise and monitor students during the lab period.

The SEA-Teacher Project is a training program designed for students / prospective

teachers in applying their knowledge, attitudes, and skills to become a professional teacher. The
program becomes a place for students to gain experience related to the preparation, process and
management of student learning outcomes in the classroom. Students are not only required to
master and understand the educational profession that includes teaching and education in a
guided and integrated but also must apply it in the school environment.

The implementation of the SEA-Teacher Project is an international teaching practice

program that aims to produce professionally-trained professional teachers at home and abroad.
The SEA-Teacher Project is not only an international teaching exercise program but also a place
for introducing new cultures and learning about education systems from other countries. In the
end it is expected to contribute in improving the quality of teaching and educating students in the

Pangasinan State University Laboratory Elementary School is now named as PSU

Laboratory Integrated School-Elementary Department. It is where I had my practice teaching in
the Philippines. Now that you know where I was in the Philippines for my Practice Teaching.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t always wanted to be in education. It wasn’t until I was a
teaching in elementary school that I realized that education was something I was interested in. It
all started when I really started falling in love with my effort teach at a school that learn with
great people. My experiences at that as student teacher of sea-teacher program influenced me to
want to major in education, and coming to Phillipines especially in Pangasinan State University.
has made me passionate about it.
For the the activity in the class, especially my responsibility in the class it depends on the
material, students activity and the main teachers request of course. That’s why in every day I got
the different part in the class to be done. In the first day (Monday, 14 August) we started our
activity by attend the flag ceremony. Yeah, like in Indonesia, the students here always do
ceremony flag every Monday, further more for the Elementary or Primary School, they always
do ceremony, but not flag ceremony. The different with Indonesia is the ceremony is not as
solemn or respect as Indonesia.

My first teaching experience taught me a lot about what it means to be a student teacher
and a lot about myself, as a future educator. For example, I always knew that coming up with
lesson plans was not easy, so I’m glad that I was able to have this experience to prepare me for it
in the future. I also learned that I do not have a good sense of time when I am teaching, so I now
know to make sure to make a schedule of what will be done at what time.

Of course, I was incredibly nervous on my first day of teaching. First of all, I wasn’t even sure if
I was cut out to be a teacher, and second of all, the thought of watching and teaching a bunch of
rowdy eleven year olds was whelming, to say the least. Nonetheless, my first day in the
classroom went better than I expected. My practice teaching as their student teacher was to teach
them the sciences, how to know definitions and simple procedure, like experiments. Though the
learning content was not difficult, coming up with four days worth of lesson plans was
something that I had never done before. At first, it was incredibly difficult for me to figure out
what I should do for every day, but with time, the process got a little bit easier, and I started
getting more creative with the lessons.

In there I have filipina faculty mentor who introduced me to the world of game-based
learning. She is assistant professor mitzy menor-macaraeg. Ma’am mitzy, as students fondly call
her, taught science and english at pangasinan state university laboratory elementary school for 11
years where she conceptualized game based learning as a strategy in teaching her subjects. She is
already a member of the professional education department teaching professional education
subjects to pre-service teachers in the same university

She, then, thought: “what if teachers can raise the pupils’ level of performance in science
and health with this level of enthusiasm of pupils in playing games?”. If using games in teaching
could help students learn while having fun and become successful someday, is it not worth-
giving a try to adopt such strategy in teaching?

On my final day of teaching, I had the courage to use the Game Based Learning strategy
in teaching the subject matter, “Manual and Magnetic Separation of Mixtures,” which the whole
class enjoy. It’s a little noisy because of their excitement but for sure it is an academic noise!

Here, I want to share my Certificate of Completion as a SEA Teacher Exchange Student

to my Faculty Mentor whom I later call to be my Nanay Mitzy because she’s like a mother to
me. She did not just unselfishly share her knowledge and expertise to me but more
importantly I caught her values. She told me that, “In teaching, we don’t just impart knowledge...
more importantly, we should touch the lives of our students because we don’t know where our
influence stops. In the last week The sea-teacher activity will be held in the fourth week. After
passing the classroom teaching practice, lecturers from the PSU education faculty will provide
assessments, suggestions, criticisms and responses to the teaching activities of Sea-teacher
students in the classroom.

As a student teacher in the School of Education, I am so excited to get plugged into real
classrooms soon and get even more training and insight on what it really is like to be a teacher.
Though elementary education is not what I am majoring in, this teaching experience gave me a
view of what it is that I could potentially be doing a few years from now, and I am more than
excited to explore this amazing field that is education.

In order to be a successful educator, it is important to reflect upon one’s teaching. This may
include videotaping classes, being observed by a mentor and teacher instructor, asking for help
with a problem or finding new ways to teach a topic. Being a reflective teacher is something I
have tried to be while student teaching and plan to continue working on. The activity that I
performed with my group of students is called Game based Learning. This lesson I took about 60
minute to implement. I started off with giving the students some information on what it is that
we were going to be doing.

Not only did I fetch new knowledge, I also found new friends to treasure! Thank you so
much Sea-Teacher Project for my growth.
Other than that, our 8th day in Philiphine. This was a great day for us because, we were
provided by PSU to trip to the one of the best Landmark in Philiphine, that was Hundred Islands.
That was the day that we have waited for a wee. As your information, PSU provided us to get
trip to some places in Philiphine in the week end. This was our first weekend and our first trip in
Philiphine. We were picked up by PSU Bus at 6 am. On the way in our trip to Hundred Islands,
we got surprise that we would visit our muslems brother and sisters in Alaminos. We visited
Angullia Mosque. They live there. Mam Sally told us that, there some moslemes students also in
PSU. Because they had known there some moslemes students who visiting PSU along this
month, they invite us to go there. We were so surprized. Thanks PSU. I felts so touched there.
That made me miss my country..
I believe the strongest are those who never give up when they lose. And my spirit will
never die to reach the dreams. Because always learn, open minded, and make goals is human
steps to get their own success. But we should to always trust that only God who decides