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Beauty School Dropout lyric and Music by WARREN CASEY and JIM JACOBS Freely EbS Eb m7 Fm? Bb ae aR ER (fit Your sto- ry’s sad to tell: a teen-age ne'er-do-well; ——— Gm7 Em? Bb Gm7 or Bf. ange ek aR mixed-up non -de -lin- quent on the block. ture’s so. un- clear now. — What's Moderately, in 2 Em? Eb m7 Abmo/cb ai ce left of your ca-reer now? Can't e- ven get a trade-in on your ap crese. Beau - ty school drop - out, Fm7 Bb Eb Cm fee ra ani ae” a-tion day for you. Beau - ty school drop-out, missed your mid - Ab Bb Eb cm fa terms and_ flunked sham - poo, Well, at least you could Fm7 Bb Gm a rn aa wash and clean your clothes up, af - ter spend - cm Fm? Bb your nose up. eb cm Fm? Bb Why keep your fee- ble hopes— Eb cm Ab Bb a mar” ae fa prov - ing? You've got the dream, but not the drive. Eb Eb+ Ab H eee" ae you could join Db9 Eb Cm Fm? Bb Eb in your teas - ing comb and go back to com Bsus Bo Beau -ty school E ctm Fim? a bout time B E ctm they could = n't teach Fam? Gtm you're such you knew the al tt Bet - ter for - get the Fim? chm Who wants Now your bangs fare curled: off world their that E, chm. Fim7 B Ba- by, don't blow it Fem7 Bro E E- ven Dear Ab - by'd. the shot. Beau ty school