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Action Plan
Euro School, Airoli

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA

Herbs As
Aashna- Team Leader

Nabihah- Photographer
Members Aryan- Question Maker

Siddharth- Editor
Aashna- Team Leader
 Planning and delegation of the work
amongst the team members.
 To supervise progress of the project.
 To assist the team members in their
respective work.
 Writing a detailed description of the
research done by the team
 To upload the final project on the
internet well within the deadline.
Nabihah- Photographer

 To click and record beautiful,

enthralling photos and videos.
 To edit the photos.
 Selecting the final pictures and
videos to be uploaded on the
 Timely submission of the edited
photos to the report writer.
Aryan- Creating the
Interview Questionnaires
 To create the questionnaires for
conducting the interview.
 To carry out additional research
on all the topics.
 To submit the questionnaires on
time to the editor.

 Checking and proofreading all

the reports for errors.
 Editing the videos and adding
the subtitles.
 Editing the photos submitted by
the photographer.
 To submit the edited documents
on time to the group leader to