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Movie Day Optional Extra Credit

Directions: Answer the questions below for extra credit on Exam 3. You may answer them
all or choose which ones you would like to answer. Each question is worth 1 point of extra
credit. You must think critically and be creative. Each response must be at least half a page
(1-2 paragraphs). These answers are your opinions and SHOULD NOT be copied from
another person or the internet. The extra credit is due this Friday, September 15th by
12:00 pm. You can e-mail me your responses or turn it in by hand. Thanks for coming to
movie day!

1. How did Jim White’s family feel when they moved to McFarland at the beginning of the
movie? How would you feel being an outsider in a new place? What would you do to try to
feel more at home?

2. “Being uncomfortable and trying new things encourages personal growth.” Do you agree
with this statement? Why or why not?

3. What are some of the problems the people in McFarland faced? What do you think the
best way to help a community like McFarland is? Would you try to help the people there if
you moved there?

4. Jim’s daughter was upset he forgot her birthday cake. How did this contrast with the
problems Jim’s runners/students faced at home? Explain.

5. Who was your favorite character in the movie? Why? Give examples about why this
character made an impression on you.