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s PLASTINDIA 2018 draws
nearer, preparations on ground
have reached fever pitch.
The organisers have pulled out all
stops in promoting the exposition,
pushing their well-oiled and
omnipresent machinery into
working 24x7 to increase visibility
Raring To Go
of PLASTINDIA 2018 across the ast time, he was in-between a wrap of the
length and breadth of India as well Hyderabad roadshow and flying to Ahmedabad POLYMERS
as the globe. Of the more than for another one. This time, he is jetting-off to Communiqué
60 roadshows planned pan-India, Columbia. However, Rajeev Chitalia, Chairman - NEC, gets to be
as many as 27 have already been PLASTINDIA 2018 makes it all look like a cakewalk. And
part of the
why not, for by his own admission, the 10th edition of
the international plastics exhibition, conference and excitement on

PREPPING convention to be held between 7th and 12th February,

2018 at The Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat is
ground as the
inches closer…
FOR THIS sold out 100 per cent, already!
With a business target in the range of Rs. 5,500 crore,
the organisers have left no stone unturned in promoting
MEGA EVENT the show. Over 60 roadshows pan-India and more
than 20 across the globe are in the offing. Both, the
POLYMERS Communiqué exhibition machinery and Indian embassies abroad,
dishes details of the ongoing are doing all they can to up the event’s attractiveness
promotional campaign. to the right kind of visitors. “The Indian embassy Rajeev Chitalia
Chairman - NEC
in Columbia has been extremely cooperative. They PLASTINDIA 2018
successfully concluded at Nagpur, have put up brochures and other information on their
Nashik, Kolhapur, Jalgaon, Goa, website,” says Rajeev Chitalia. The same can also be A large part of the promotional success is due to the
Kota, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Indore, said of our embassies in other parts of the world organisers’ unwavering focus on ease of doing business.
Patna, Raipur, Bilaspur/Chhattisgarh, such as Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Nairobi, Kenya and The aim is to help all those visiting the show to conduct
Haridwar, Jamshedpur/Jharkhand, Tanzania, he adds. If at all proof were needed that business conveniently and successfully. For this purpose,
Kolkata, Odisha, Visakhapatnam, global confidence has increased, fuelling exhibitor sales exhibition halls / sections have been bifurcated into
Mangalore, Hyderabad, Mysore, and visitor promotions, look no farther than the fact categories such as machinery, extrusion, injection, printing,
Coimbatore, Madurai, Sivakasi, that NEC’s partners, Messe Düsseldorf and Adsale ancillary and raw material. Within each group, there could
Salem, Erode, Trichy and Pondicherry. (China), have sold nearly 20 per cent more than what be further classification; for instance, separate areas have
A majority of these roadshows have they did the last time. Again, why look outside when been earmarked for moulds and dyes, processed and
witnessed phenomenal response with within the country itself, most state governments have finished plastic, and so on. The idea is for visitors to be
continued on page 4 evinced keen interest in being a part of the exposition. continued on page 7


Adsale and
Plastindia Foundation
Long-time Cooperation Partners…
“PLASTINDIA provides an excellent platform for Chinese
suppliers to promote their business and products in India,”
says Stanley Chu in dialogue with POLYMERS Communiqué.

in India. They can meet with old

and new customers, explore
new business counterparts and
understand more about the Indian
market from the show.
Q. The exhibition venue at
Gandhinagar got very good
reviews last time. This, being the
second edition at Gandhinagar,
will further enhance exhibitor
delight. What are your thoughts?
Stanley Chu Gujarat state is an important
Chairman manufacturing base in India. It takes
Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. up 65% of the whole of India’s
Hong Kong
plastics industry output. PLASTINDIA
Q. How do you see the response to held at Gandhinagar in Ahmedabad,
the upcoming PLASTINDIA 2018 Gujarat is, therefore, the right
from your region? place for exhibitors to open up
In PLASTINDIA 2015, there were 148 the Indian market and to find new
exhibitors who participated from business opportunities.
China and they almost filled up the PLASTINDIA events are a show
whole of hall 12 at Gandhinagar. well-participated by international
Since the promotion of PLASTINDIA exhibitors.
2018 started, we have received Q. With over 2,00,000 visitors
continuous enquiries about the expected, do you see your
show. We are confident that there exhibitors launching new
will be a bigger group from China products and technologies during
to participate in PLASTINDIA 2018. PLASTINDIA 2018?
Q. What according to you are the Chinese exhibitors are sure to
bright spots of the ‘Indian Plastics bring in more new products and
Industry’? technology in PLASTINDIA 2018.
The large population in India, Chinese plastics machinery is famous
urbanisation, fast economic for high ROI and their performance
development as well as the has been increasing over time.
growing cooperation of India and We think this will be one of the
overseas countries in the years to attractions of PLASTINDIA 2018.
come will definitely drive further
development of the Indian’s plastics
industry. The wide application of
plastics in different industries
e.g. automotive, electronics and
electrical appliances, transportation
and mobility, daily consumables
etc. will support increasing market
demand for plastics technology. We
foresee India’s plastics industry will Francesco Carullo
Area Sales Manager
develop fast in the next 5 - 10 years. Borghi S.p.A.
There will also be more cooperation
between China and India in areas like
mobile technology, infrastructure,
railway and transportation. These
cooperation projects will all require
plastics technology to support.
Q. As the No. 3 exhibition in the We have been exhibitors at
world, what do you see as the key PLASTINDIA and with every
benefits that PLASTINDIA 2018 edition, we keep increasing our
will bring to your exhibitors? display area with new machines.
India is a booming market, full And above all, we also get a lot
of development potentials. To of international enquiries from
the Chinese plastics technology Africa, Middle East and Far East
suppliers, PLASTINDIA provides Asian Countries. PLASTINDIA is
an excellent platform for them to an exhibition we will never miss.
promote their business and products


K.K. Seksaria
Plastindia Foundation
From the President’s Desk

PI 2018: Set to take the Plastics Industry to the Next Level

take this opportunity to welcome each and 3. With support of the Ministry of Commerce 6. Last but not the least, PLASTINDIA exhibition,
every stakeholder of this vibrant plastics and Plexconcil, countries from Latin America, the third largest plastics exhibition in the
industry to come and avail the unprecedented Gulf, South Eastern Asia, Africa, Far East world is unique as this is of the plastics
business opportunities that PLASTINDIA 2018, countries and SAARC countries are being industry, for the plastics industry and by the
the international plastics exhibition, conference covered for bringing more than 600 buyers plastics industry.
and convention, is going to offer you and take under ‘The Reverse Buyer Seller Meet’ (RBSM)
you to the next level. to encourage exports and joint ventures. I am pleased to inform you that extraordinary
voluntary efforts are being put up by the NEC,
We are almost 2 months away from this most 4. Another unique feature of this exhibition is the
headed by Rajeev Chitaliaji along with all sub
awaited event in the plastics industry all over the ‘Online Visitor Registration’ and ‘Mobile App’.
committees and ably guided by the NAB,
world. With you, the luminaries of the plastics Apart from making the registration and entry
headed by M. P. Tapariaji in making excellent
industry, I would like to share some unique smooth, it will provide the entire exhibition
arrangements for more than 2,000 exhibitors
features of PLASTINDIA 2018 with you. information on your mobile phone and will save
and over 2,00,000 visitors and to taking their
time of the exhibitors and visitors to identify
1. Special industry pavilions such as automotive, business to the next level. The NEC and NAB
and meet with their desired suppliers and
medical and healthcare, sports, 3D printing consist of stalwarts and luminaries of the
customers, and utilise their time productively
and infrastructure will focus on new plastics industry.
at the exposition. With a target of over 2,00,000
innovations and will create opportunities for visitors, over 50,000+ visitors have already I personally urge you to visit PLASTINDIA 2018
the next generation of plastic manufacturers registered themselves online till now. at Gandhinagar, Gujarat between 7th and
and end users.
5. Concurrent events such as Proplast exhibition 12th February, 2018 which aims to be the ‘Pulse of
2. A widespread, special visitors’ promotion of finished plastics products, Plasticon PLASTICS’ and empower you to witness, source,
programmes are being done at over 60 centres Awards and International Conference will transact and plan all your needs of plastics
all over India and in more than 20 countries present latest innovations, innovators and raw material, machinery, ancillary equipment,
across the globe to get quality business visitors futuristic ideas in the field of plastics to all finished goods and technology at this biggest
from India and abroad. the participants, visitors and delegates. B2B industrial exhibition of India.

1,25,000 2,000 600 2,00,000
sq mtrs of total of the world’s overseas exhibitors visitors from all
exhibition area finest exhibitors from 40 countries over the world


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the likes of Chief Ministers, Ministers, Members of Parliament, bureaucrats and

industrialists in close attendance. However, the Ahmedabad roadshow held on
9th November, 2017 exceeded all expectations with nearly 2,000 people
thronging the venue. Turnout at the roadshows in Mangalore, Mysore,
Madurai, Sivakasi and Visakhapatnam, too, has been a very good indication
Columbia of the success that PLASTINDIA 2018 will turn out to be.
Goa With a jaw-dropping Rs. 5,500 crore worth of business riding on PLASTINDIA
2018, the publicity campaign has extended well beyond borders, with Indian
embassies in Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Nairobi, Kenya and Tanzania doing their
best to improve the trade fair’s attractiveness to the right kind of visitors. Of
the more than 20 international roadshows planned as part of this exercise,
four have already been organised in Malaysia, Singapore, Kenya/Nairobi
and Malawi. Again, each of them has been a grand success with the one in
Malaysia, in particular, seeing 100 people present.
Between now and February, many more roadshows are in the pipeline and
at Roads
Raipur buzz on ground is only set to reach crescendo.

Mark Your Dates

Roadshows Planned between
8th & 22nd December, 2017

8th December
8th December
Kota Vadodara
8th December
9th December
9th December
Ahmedabad 15th December
15th December
15th December
PLASTINDIA is a very important exhibition
Abhay Upadhye for us. It really gives a great exposure to all 16th December
MIFA Systems Pvt. Ltd.
strata of people in the industry. Rajkot
MIFA is taking part in this exhibition since
1994...has been able to generate many leads
16th December
and converted them into permanent friends. Jaipur
We eagerly look forward to every PLASTINDIA to
greet and meet friends, exchange notes; while we
conduct business. 22nd December

India: 3rd 3X growth 13% CAGR
largest plastics consumer in per capita consumption of for engineering plastics
in the world by 2020 plastics in India by 2020 till 2020

Survey No 279 (1 & 2 ), Hinjewadi Phase ll, Mulshi, Pune, Maharashtra - 411057
E-mail : contact@applrossence.com

Reduce l Reuse l Reinvent

India is one of the biggest marketplace Project – World’s Largest T-Shirt Made
for plastics and there is a huge
Vinu Chavda
Director - Sales
potential of growth in the coming From 100% Recycled Plastic Waste
years. PLASTINDIA provides a

Econ Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
very good platform to Indian and oin In to Tell the World How You Can
global companies to showcase their Make a Difference
products and expertise. The world’s largest t-shirt made of 100%
ECON has officially launched first partially recycled plastic waste is an endeavour
‘Made in India’ underwater pelletising of Plastindia Foundation and signature
system during PLASTINDIA 2015, and it was activity of PLASTINDIA 2018 exhibition,
a highly successful growth story for ECON to draw the world’s attention towards
India during the last 3 years. ECON is going to how correct waste segregation, waste
showcase the running line of ECON’s underwater management and waste recycling can
pelletising system EUP150 on Steer Omega 25 ensure that ‘plastics’ can be the most
extruder during PLASTINDIA 2018 show. sustainable solution to resolve some of
the most basic necessities of human life.

Aaoo Kuch
Allag Kare

“Waste Segregation is the

first step to sustainability,
and recycling of resources
will safeguard the future of
our next generation”

Food, clothing and shelter; ‘plastics’

can and will forever be able to provide
sustainable, conservative and cost-
effective solutions to mankind as
long as we understand civic and
moral responsibilities to dispose
waste correctly.
The T-shirt after display at PLASTINDIA
2018 will be cut into smaller T-shirts and
Plastindia Foundation plans to distribute
7000 of these to children from NGO
shelters who don’t have access to basic
needs; thus, creating an understanding
that plastics can sustain living, as long
as we know how to use, reuse and
reinvent with it.
The giant T-shirt made from 100%
recycled plastic waste will weigh around
3000 kgs. and will measure 100 m
in height and 70 m (shoulder to shoulder)
+ sleeves.
This process from plastic waste to
recycled yarn, converting yarn to fibre,
and fibre to cloth to eventually stitch
the world’s largest t-shirt which will be
identical to a real-life t-shirt.
The t-shirt will be displayed at a venue
in Mumbai and will be adjudicated
by competent record audit companies
to eventually qualify for the world’s
largest t-shirt.

JOIN THE TECHNYL® FORCE The miniature version (30 ft x 24 ft) will

be displayed at the exhibition grounds
during PLASTINDIA 2018 as a major
photo-op and public display along with
an LED screen that will showcase the
www.technyl.com    
benefits of recycling and the making
of the t-shirt.


PLASTINDIA 2018 Raring To Go
Newsdesk continued from page 1
You can also be a able to plan their schedule certainly the youngest team we’ve visibility across media and across
part of the Next before arrival such that they can got. They have been working really the length and breadth of India and
Show Preview straightaway meet whosoever they hard and their energy levels are the world; and of the Hospitality
wish without wasting time searching unparalleled. Visitor promotions, Team which has been busy looking
for a particular exhibitor, product or in their entirety, have been handled after travel and accommodation
technology. The organisers also want by these young leaders and torch- of thousands of visitors planning
visitors to get the best of multiple bearers of NEC.” Not to be left to descend upon the exhibition
For Advertising and Content: countries at one place which is why out from the credits, he speaks venue. Rajeev Chitalia realises it’s
Vinisha Chang, there are dedicated pavilions i.e. highly of the Publicity Committee time to board the international
vinisha@custage.com Europe, Taiwan, China etc. Taking it which has been making sure flight…but wait…he was happy
Custage Marketing Solutions LLP;
a step further, special consideration that ‘brand’ PLASTINDIA 2018 to accommodate this word trip
+91-22-2520 4436,
+91-88790 50327 is being given to differently-abled gets the highest in his itinerary…
visitors in the form of wheelchairs,
Published by: Plastindia Foundation easy access to the fairgrounds and
dedicated areas for the conduct
Editorial Co-ordination, Advertising, of business.
(for private circulation only)

Design and Printing:

Custage Marketing Solutions LLP Rajeev Chitalia is confident of Hotels from
Views and opinions expressed in this bulletin are not necessarily
having quality visitors thronging
the show, all thanks to the young
Hotel 2 Star to 5 Star Available
those of the publisher and POLYMERS Communiqué. Readers are
advised to seek specialist advice before acting on information
contained in this publication, which is provided for general
and dynamic Team NEC 2018
use and may not be appropriate for the readers’ particular which has been working behind For Hotel Bookings and Reservation
circumstances. Some of the images may be from Shutterstock.
the scenes 24x7 to get things
Connect to
The claims made in the write-ups are by respective companies. We
make every effort to ensure that the bulletin’s contents are correct
but do not take any responsibility for the absolute accuracy of flying on the ground. Lavishing
the information. The ownership of trademarks is acknowledged.
Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction. praise on the team, Rajeev Chitalia
says, “It isn’t the largest, but it’s

Private Shuttle bus service Dedicated Interpreters
lounges between parking areas high-speed
and exhibition gates Wi-Fi

Key Services
Corporate Communication Consultancy
Content Development
Building Mailing Lists
A TIO S Media Dissemination
Developing Customer Case Studies
Sales Lead Qualification
And more...

HO: 401, Vikas Classic, Building No.4, Near Basant Cinema,

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10 Years of Success
in the Indian market
Alap Patel
his year marks the 10th year of medical and consumer markets in Director
continuous growth and success the southern and northern India Ambica Engineering &
for KRAIBURG TPE, the global regions as well. Wire Industries
specialist in thermoplastic elastomer
In 2012, KRAIBURG TPE India took
(TPE) compounding in the Indian
a major step forward in expanding
and Sri Lanka markets, through
its business when it established
KRAIBURG TPE Pvt. Ltd. in India. To
its own operations office and
support both markets, the company Sales Force Market Penetration
operates offices in Bengaluru, Delhi, warehouse facility in Bengaluru, and
even deployed a sales team to Pune Strategy Ambica Group has always been
Pune and Ahmedabad. participating in PLASTINDIA
and Delhi. “There is more yet to be done,”
A Decade of Growth and exhibitions and we continue
as Aditya Purandare, Managing
Success Advancing Excellence in the to remain excited for the
Director, KRAIBURG TPE India says.
Indian Market forthcoming PLASTINDIA 2018
Although officially registered “The Indian market is still very
as well. This event means a lot
in 2006, KRAIBURG TPE India KRAIBURG TPE is a global fragmented with relatively poor
to our business.
regularised its operations only competence leader for thermoplastic infrastructure and local preferences
in 2007 when it began doing elastomer compounds, offering in language and culture. Owing to We have built a number of ‘Apps’
business in the country through a custom-engineered and customised this, the only viable strategy is to to grow our business and we wish
representative based in Mumbai solutions for specific needs in the penetrate the market with a sales to launch these ‘Apps’ during
to liaise with local customers and four core markets: automotive, force stationed locally close to PLASTINDIA 2018.
to establish connections with the consumer, industry and medical. potential customers.”

Special Theme Pavilions
Plastic Healthcare 3D Printing Automobiles Sports


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