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Art 2 Printmaking Project---

Legends, Heroes, Gods and Goddesses

Objective: Students will expand on knowledge of the printmaking process. They will be introduced to historical figures Legends, heros,
gods and goddesses through research; Students will become familiar with researching subject in the media center and computers;
Students will use their knowledge of Printmaking to create a successful drawing that represents subject matter; Students will be
encouraged to utilize new techniques in printmaking.

Assignment: Research a culture and select a figure from that culture. Make a drawing that is inspired by this
figure. Look at other artists that use the same topic. Create a simple but successful drawing to be used for

1. Choose a topic and research facts on the web and through library resources. Write down
information that is important in sketchbook
2. Write a one page paper on chosen subject (ds, 12 pt font)
3. Find at least 2 references for each drawing.
4. Create 3 different successful drawings that are 6”x12”.
5. Each drawing should utilize a great deal of texture and line.
6. Use knowledge of the Art elements and principles for a unified composition.

Here are some examples you can use as guides for subject matter in both of these categories. There are many more sub-
categories that can be researched. Do not limit yourself to the ones below…..

Cultures: Greek, Rome, Egyptian, Scandinavian, Persian, Native American, Indian,

Chinese, Japanese, Incan, Spanish, Aztec, Mayan, Aboriginal, African
Religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam.

Pick a Legend, Hero, God or Goddess from your chosen culture, research, write your
paper and use as the subject for your Prints.

Printing Process: (Relief Print)

1. Break final sketch down in to color areas (use 4 colors, plus black), Color design using colored
2. Trace design and transfer to linoleum, redraw design on linoleum with sharpie
3. Using the gouge tool cut out area of design you want to remain the color of the paper.
4. Print the lightest color first (we will make a series of 8) ex: yellow
5. Cut out the areas you wish to remain the lightest color, Print the 2 nd lightest color ex: blue
6. Cut out the areas you wish to remain the 2nd lightest color
7. Print the third lightest color ex: brown, Cut out the areas of the design you wish to remain the
3rd lightest color, Print black

* Remember at each stage, you must print 8 times! You cannot go

back to an earlier step in the reduction print once you carve.
* Make sure your prints are registered, fully inked, and labeled