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FALL 2007

Dr. Patricia McMahon with Sisters Deborah Church, Sharon Casey and Maureen Hester

Faculty members open windows of opportunity

and leave a lasting legacy at HNU
Sydney Harris, an American journalist, drama critic, teacher, and the faculty in 1965 and has served full-time ever since, except from
lecturer once said, “The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors 1968 to 1972 when she was on leave to complete her doctorate at St.
into windows.” Any current students or graduates of Holy Names Louis University. Sister Marcia Frideger, SNJM, PhD, Professor of
University would readily agree that their interactions with Sister Business Administration, her friend and housemate, said that she
Maureen Hester, Dr. Patricia McMahon, Sister Deborah Church, and thinks Sister Maureen’s plans will evolve, but that she expects Sister
Sister Sharon Casey opened many windows in their lives. These Maureen will continue to serve HNU in a variety of ways that are near
women, with 114 years of collective service to Holy Names University, and dear to her heart: organizing the annual psychology day on cam-
have been an essential part of the foundation of the HNU experience. pus at which Seniors present works on their psychological research,
We recognize and honor each of them as they retire from active teach- assisting with Freshman retreats and the Psi Chi honor society, and
ing and ministry. serving on the Catholic Identity Committee and the HNU Today
Editorial Board.
Sister Maureen Hester, SNJM, PhD
may be retiring, but it doesn’t appear “A strong, graceful, spirited woman . . . capable of illuminating an
that she’s going to slow down anytime entire room, filling it with laughter and joy,” Laureate Gholar ’06 said
soon. She’s looking forward to teaching a of Sister Maureen at the Founders’ Day celebration on May 7th. “She
couple of classes for the fall semester, is passionate about her work and fosters self-learning and personal
possibly including the Senior Seminar development.”
on the History of Psychology, and she
remains active as a fellow of both the Laureate continued, “Sister Maureen not only made us embrace the
Western and American Psychological fact that attending a university was a decision we accepted and pur-
Associations. sued, it was a decision to better ourselves and to help better the world.
Sister Maureen receives flowers She assured us that we would be pulled in every direction possible
from Laureate Gholar '06 on Sister Maureen has been a vibrant per- with homework assignments, research papers, mid-terms, and final
Founders’ Day
sonality on campus for 50 years. After exams. But she wanted us to realize that it was important for us not
becoming an SNJM, she completed her to get lost in all the many endeavors we encountered, but to actually
BA at Holy Names in 1964. She joined find ourselves.”


T’ang China, Victorian London, Australia, Holland, South Africa,
Dr. Patricia McMahon, PhD, Professor Japan. In her Founders’ Day presentation, Lisa Clemson ’07 recalls,
of Drama, Communication, and English “We remember her carrying around a book, every chance she had her
received her BA in English from Holy nose would be in it, and she especially loved her historical mystery
Names in 1964. She went on to pursue novels that took her to faraway lands and interesting places.”
her PhD in History of Theatre at Yale
Grad School. She joined the HNU facul- Sister Nancy Teskey, SNJM, PhD, Professor of Biological Science,
ty in 1976 as a part-time professor and commented that Sister Deborah’s “real gift to her students was how
became a full-time Professor in 1995. For hard she worked to teach them how to write well. The goals of HNU’s
thirty-one years, Dr. McMahon’s dedica- Writing Across the Curriculum program were really lived out in how
Dr. McMahon receives flowers tion has transformed lives and impacted she taught.”
from Susan Egget ‘02 on
Founders’ Day the University in countless ways.
“Sister Deborah was tireless,” said Sister Nancy. “History lessons
In addition to teaching, Dr. McMahon was the director of numerous aside, she worked with students to teach them how to write strong
plays performed at HNU, the most recent being the musical paragraphs, building a logical arguments for their senior colloquial
Charlotte’s Web. Dr. McMahon’s passion for the stage and a papers, and drawing clear conclusions. She helped countless students
Shakespeare’s renaissance spirit led her to a priceless involvement in develop skills of analysis and synthesis and organization, diligently
helping to procure the funds needed to build and develop the Valley marking suggestions in red pencil over and over. She wouldn’t let go
Center for Performing Arts. She served as chairperson for the Division until it was where she wanted it.”
of Fine Arts and, more recently, as the chairperson of the Division of
Arts and Humanities. It has been her role as master of the stage that Sister Sharon Casey, OP, D. Min, first came to Holy Names in 1994.
has touched the HNU community profoundly. In addition to her role as Director of Campus Ministry, she directed
Convocation and Commencement, provided behind-the-scenes sup-
At the Founders’ Day festivities on May 7, 2007, the HNU commu- port for Drama Club productions, and assisted with multiple service
nity gave Dr. McMahon a standing ovation for her commitment and projects. In recognition of her dedication, she was awarded the inau-
contribution to HNU’s growth and development in the arts. In her gural Sr. Sharon Casey Alpha Delta Award in honor of her service in
presentation, Susan Egget ’02 noted that the Holy Names community Campus Ministry for the past 13 years.
has been blessed with Dr. McMahon as master of stage.
On July 1, 2007, Sister Sharon assumed her new position as President
“We felt lucky to be in the presence of such amazing intellect and of the Dominican Sisters of Tacoma in Washington. She tells us, “I
mastery of course content. We were also captivated by her air of pol- look forward to working with my own community and the
ished beauty; truly the Grace Kelly of HNU, Professor McMahon was Dominican Sisters full-time, and other women religious leaders on
always poised, articulate, and elegant. She has used theatre to empow- issues facing religious life in the 21st century”. She added that “I will
er her students with self-knowledge and a deep understanding of all miss the people, faculty, staff, and the relationships formed” at HNU.
human emotions. Quite possibly the greatest gift a professor can give
to her students.” Sister Sharon’s top priority has always been the students, and making
sure that Campus Ministry was a welcoming place. Tiffany Ho ’08,
Although she has now retired, her outstanding performance will con- who has worked with Sister Sharon for the past two years, refers to her
tinue to live on in the hearts and minds of the HNU community. as “the heartbeat of this community.” Tiffany cites the Beatitudes as
BRAVO Dr. McMahon! the best way to describe how Sr. Sharon has touched our lives:

Sister Deborah Church, SNJM, PhD, Associate Professor of History, “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the
concluded a 28-year career as an HNU faculty member. An alumna kingdom of heaven.
of the Holy Names class of ’61, Sr. Deborah completed her MA in
Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.
East Asian History and her doctorate in Japanese and U.S.
Diplomatic History (1870-1914) at the University of Hawaii. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called
the children of God.”
Sister Deborah was a key member of the committee that developed
And so on…But I believe a ninth one should be
the ISAC humanities program, originally known as CORE, for which
added, and it should be:
she taught both the ancient world and contemporary world classes.
She served as the first chair of the humanities division from 1986- Blessed are those who have come to know Sister
1987, followed by two years as Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs Sharon: for their lives have been touched”.
before assuming the directorship of ISAC from 1989 until 2001. Hence, one can see that Sister Sharon Casey’s mission
to provide HNU with a welcoming Campus Ministry
Sister Deborah loves music, the arts and world literature. She partic- and a big smile has been successfully accomplished.”
ularly enjoys mystery novels with detectives from faraway lands and
long-ago time periods: ancient Rome, medieval England and Ireland,


HNU TODAY schools, officials of the Oakland diocese and At Commencement 2007 we sent forth 242
Bay Area leaders. Together we have charted a graduates from eleven states and fifteen
PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE bold, aggressive and realistic direction, wor- nations into our world fully imbibed with the
July 2007 thy of our best efforts as we deliver a future of Holy Names charism and committed to mak-
vitality and vibrancy that is rooted in the ing a difference in the lives of others. You
legacy of our past. have a part in each of their lives and deserve
to be proud of all they have and will accom-
What will success look like? In 2012 Holy plish. This Fall 2007 we are projected to wel-
Names University will: come our largest enrollment in the history of
Holy Names. It is a time of awe and gratitude
Serve a larger population of 1700 for all of us as we engage in their grace-filled
students in which most of the growth educational journeys. This is a powerful
will be in the semester undergraduate
and graduate programs moment in history for our world and we are
a part of a powerful family. I continue to be
Offer a revitalized curriculum that is convinced that what Holy Names does best is
mission centered, market sensitive and
features relevant and fiscally healthy what our world needs the most. Thank you
programs for all that you contribute in assuring an
Be technologically advanced in learning enduring legacy as we chart a vibrant future.
This 2007–2008 academic year is marked
Be known for its engagement with the
by several historic events. We are celebrating the
broader community and its community
140th anniversary of Holy Names University’s based learning
foundation in Oakland. We are launching our Rosemarie Nassif, SSND, PhD
Provide a quality customer service envi-
Strategic Plan 2007–2012 that charts our uni- President
ronment that offers customized options
versity’s movement to the next level of growth
and vitality. We are welcoming our largest Model a culturally competent diverse
community, imbued with the values and
enrollment in history.
spirit of the Sisters of the Holy Names,
that is reflected in its students, faculty,
Anniversaries are grace-filled opportunities staff and trustees
that focus our attention on reverencing the
past and taking responsibility for the future. Each of these attributes is essential for our CONTENTS
Holy Names University has a most blessed university to move to its next level and to
legacy. Each of you lives that legacy by all that assure our position as a top tier spiritually Faculty retirements 1
you are and all to which you are dedicated. rooted university in the West. Our most crit-
Our most significant asset as a valued univer- ical investment that we must make in the Commencement 2007 3– 4
sity is the spirit and charism of the Sisters of next five years is the development and Student Focus: 5
the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Over our enhancement of our faculty, especially as Cathi Connelly
140 years we have changed location, changed many of our revered long term faculty retire.
our name four times and changed the make Many of you have consistently stated that Founders' Day 2007 6
up of our student body. However, that price- your teachers were instrumental in all that
less asset has continued to be the sacred soul you learned and became at Holy Names. You Alumni Focus 7
of Holy Names. This issue of HNU Today describe them as supportive, challenging and
impassioned in their disciplines. Our faculty Homecoming, Alumni Awards 8
contains many stories and events that testify
to all that the six Holy Names sisters intended is our most valuable resource and their quali- Anniversary Speaker Series 9
in 1868 as they established the foundation ty and enhancement are key as we ensure the Dr. Charles M. Geschke
for Holy Names University. Holy Names legacy into the future. During
this 2007-2008 academic year we will be Faculty Focus: 10
On June 4, 2007, our Board of Trustees engaging in a comprehensive programmatic Dr. Vanessa Handley
approved our Strategic Plan 2007–2012. I review that will inform a comprehensive
want to thank all of you who took the oppor- facilities campus master plan. Developing a Campus Life 12–13
tunity to provide input through our strategic strategic plan is the easy step, delivering its
goals is the hard step that requires commit-
Class Notes 14–15
planning survey. The process has been very
collaborative and has included the wisdom ment, persistence and dedication from all who Lost Alumni 16–19
and insights of alumni, faculty, students, believe that our university is worthy of a
staff, administrators, trustees, friends and thriving future. We will inform you and count Alumni Survey Results 20
our constituents in the broader Bay Area on you as we move forward.
community, including principals of high


emy with the 2005 Governors Award for
Community Service. On the opposite coast,
the American Society of Composers, Authors
and Publishers (ASCAP) chose Maestro Morgan
as one of its five 2005 Concert Music Award
recipients. ASCAP further honored Oakland
East Bay Symphony in 2006 with its Award
for Adventurous Programming. This year the
San Francisco Foundation honored him with
one of its Community Leadership Awards.

Maestro Morgan is highly regarded as a cham-

pion of arts education and minority access to
the arts. He serves on the Board of the
American Symphony Orchestra League as
well as the International House at the
University of California at Berkeley. The
Oakland East Bay Symphony will open its
19th season on November 9th with works by
Beethoven and Leonard Bernstein. (Source:
Dr. Michael Morgan Oakland East Bay Symphony webpage

Go out and It is with great honor that we bestow on

Michael Morgan an Honorary Degree of

start your lives Doctor of Humane Letters. As the 2007

Commencement speaker, Michael Morgan
gave hope and inspiration to a new generation

singing of HNU graduates:

“Your generation has given me hope that

the last two generations didn’t. The atti-
tudes of your generation, the embracing of
diversity, the demands for peace, the con-
Michael Morgan receives Honorary Currently in his 17th year as cern for the poor and the protection
Music Director of Oakland of the weak, these attitudes, while not
Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters East Bay Symphony, Michael entirely missing from the previous genera-
and inspires graduates during Morgan was born in Washing- tions, have been given a new urgency by
ton, DC. His operatic debut world events.
Commencement 2007 was in 1982 at the Vienna State
Opera in Mozart’s The Abduc- Everybody tells you at graduation that you
tion from the Seraglio. In 1986, are the future, that this is the beginning of
Sir Georg Solti chose him to become the the rest of your life and so on and so on.
Assistant Conductor of the Chicago I’m not going to kid you. We’ve left you a
Symphony Orchestra. In 1986 he was invited big mess to clean up. But you’re the first
by Leonard Bernstein to make his debut with group I’ve seen in awhile who might just
the New York Philharmonic. be able to do it.

In addition to his duties with Oakland East Those of you who are part of the genera-
Bay Symphony, Maestro Morgan serves as tion coming of age during the 00s might
Artistic Director of Oakland Youth Orchestra, just be the ones to turn this thing around.
Music Director of Sacramento Philharmonic,
Artistic Director of Festival Opera in Walnut So go out and start your lives. And go
Creek, and teaches the graduate conducting out singing.”
course at the San Francisco Conservatory of
Music. In 2005 he was honored by the San
Francisco Chapter of The Recording Acad-


HONORARY DEGREE of Doctor of Humane Letters
Neil W. McDaniel: He became associated with the Holy Names Sisters when his daughters
attended Holy Names High School. His love of golf and interest in world traveling have
not deterred him from his devotion to his family or his extensive volunteer service. Mr.
McDaniel, a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, spent much of his career
working in the automotive industry. In 1980 he received the Triangle award for his contri-
butions in this field. Mr. McDaniel has been affiliated with Holy Names University since
1983 as Regent, Trustee, and now Trustee Emeritus. He has provided access to many
important contacts for the University and is a tremendous ambassador for Holy Names.
Mr. McDaniel has served as President of the Easter Seals of Alameda County and as
Director of the East Bay Community Foundation. He has played an important role in
fundraising for Holy Names University throughout his association with the University. He
was an instrumental fund-raiser for both the Valley Center for Performing Arts and the
newly renovated Brennan Hall science facilities. In addition, he has served with generosity
and distinction on both the HNU Institutional Advancement and Leadership Committees.
He actively worked to obtain Michael Feinstein for the 1996 benefit concert for the
University and energetically supported Mr. Feinstein’s most recent benefit concert in 2006.
Mr. McDaniel has demonstrated personal and professional qualities consistent with the
mission and goals of Holy Names University and he has contributed to the betterment of
society through his talents and enterprise. It is with honor that we bestow on Neil W.
Dr. Neil W. McDaniel McDaniel an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.

President’s Medal
Ann S. Reynolds: She has made a life’s work of helping young people achieve their full
learning potential as a teacher, tutor, counselor and an educational consultant. Mrs.
Reynolds attended Wellesley College and the University of California, Berkeley for her
undergraduate degree and secondary teaching credential. She holds a Master of Science
degree in Educational Psychology from California State University, Hayward. She has been
married to Jon Reynolds for 49 years and they have three children and five grandchildren.
As an education consultant for 15 years, she provided professional expertise that matched
students with the school, college, or university that would best help them achieve success.
Mrs. Reynolds’ interest in Holy Names University stems from her association with Arlene
Sargent, former chairperson of the Nursing Department, and as a member of the HNU
Nursing Leadership Board. She provided the vitality and leadership that helped raise
$300,000 in support of the development of the Master of Science in Nursing program at
Holy Names University. Mrs. Reynolds shares her vision, energy, and expertise as a Trustee
of Holy Names and she is a member of the Enrollment Management and Institutional
Advancement Committees of the Board. She chaired the 2006 Holy Names University
President’s Dinner that was held on the stage of the Regents’ Theatre of the Valley Center
for the Performing Arts. Mrs. Reynolds received an annual lifetime achievement award in
Ann S. Reynolds and Sister Rosemarie Nassif, President September 2006 from Ann Martin Center, where she was a member of the Board of
Directors, acknowledging her efforts to further the emotional growth and academic
achievement of youth with special needs. Mrs. Reynolds is the President of A Beautiful
Night Housing Board, a non-profit project that is raising money to build a working farm
for adults with mental illness. In addition to her work with Holy Names University and the
Ann Martin Center, she has served on the Independent Educational Consultants
Association Board, the Piedmont Millennium High School Advisory Board, Junior League
of the East Bay Board, Northern Light School Board, the Piedmont Garden Club Board,
and the Piedmont Parents Board. In these, and many other ways, Mrs. Reynolds has made
outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the University. It is with great
honor that we bestow on Ann S. Reynolds the President’s Medal.


courage to soar at HNU WHO HAVE ESTABLISHED

and pays tribute to mentor SCHOLARSHIPS IN

Ann S. Reynolds
By Ricardo D. Fouster
Nancy Langan Edmonds '51

In 2003, Cathi Connelly “Without her financial assistance, I would scholarship benefits graduates
endured a series of per- not have been able to fulfill my dream” said from Oakland public high schools
sonal events, such as an Cathi.
unexpected divorce, that who are California natives, and
transformed her life. Cathi In gratitude to the support provided by Mrs. are pursuing a major in teaching,
is the mother of three Reynolds, Cathi felt compelled to start a
Ann S. Reynolds and
Cathi Connelly children ages 21 and 18 scholarship program that honors the philan- nursing, or social work.
(twins). The twin off- thropic endeavors of Ann Reynolds, and
spring suffer from special health problems. most importantly supports women returning
The transformation of her life to “single to college. Last spring, Cathi launched a Lorena Fragley Thorup '51 and
mother” status was life-altering and dramatic fund-raising campaign in support of the Ann husband Bob's scholarship bene-
because“I had spent 20 years out of the labor S. Reynolds Endowed Scholarship which has
workforce, and I did not have the tools to compete.” reached $65,000 to date. The scholarship fits undergraduate students
will be awarded annually to one female MBA intending to teach in grades K-12.
Cathi felt tremendous solidarity with women student or a female business student who is
who face similar challenges in resuming a coll- resuming her education. The first scholar-
ege education in mid-life and enhanced her ship award is slated for fall 2007. The Elizabeth Mullen-Selfa '57
passion for philanthropic work. After a 25- University hopes to grow the endowment to
year absence from schooling since she gradu- a significant level that will allow it to support scholarship benefits credential
ated from DePaul University in 1978, she numerous worthy recipients. program students who desire to
returned to college, obtained a Master of
Nonprofit Administration (MNA) in 2006 at “Recognizing that there are other women teach in grades K-12.
the University of San Francisco and served an who have similar needs and aspirations, but
internship at A Beautiful Night Housing (ABN). do not have the resources to pursue a degree
or skills training, I feel that the best way to Gertrude Blackstock '32, found-
HNU Board Trustee Ann S. Reynolds, pres- honor Ann Reynolds and help other women ing member of the Holy Names
ident of ABN, and a respected philanthropist, rebuild their lives is to begin a scholarship
teacher and adviser in the East Bay, served as fund in her name at Holy Names Uni- University Legacy Society has des-
Connelly’s mentor during her career transi- versity,” noted Cathi. She is also currently ignated one half the proceeds of
tion. According to Cathi, “as we worked working on establishing a nonprofit organi-
together, Ann approached me and suggested zation (Courage to Soar) that will help her estate to establish a scholar-
that I would be stronger professionally with women who are returning to college. ship in her name.
an MBA degree to complement my non-
profit training.” For more information on making a tax-
deductible gift to the Ann S. Reynolds If you are interested in assisting
Cathi accepted Mrs. Reynolds’ advice and Endowed Scholarship, please contact: future students through the gift of
will complete a Master of Business Admin- Dav Cvitkovic, Office of Institutional a scholarship, please contact Sr.
istration (MBA) at Holy Names Univeristy in Advancement, at (510) 436-1198 or
Carol Sellman at (510) 436-1265
December 2007. Connelly found the Uni-
versity a “diverse institution with a terrific
faculty that loves to teach.” To help ease the
financial burden of an MBA program, Ann
Reynolds provided her with a scholarship.


Leaders of yesterday, united with their former Dean, Sister Alice
Tobriner (Sr. Marian Leona) and they and
the campus community were treated to Sister
today and tomorrow Alice’s remembrances of the move from Lake
Merritt to Mountain Boulevard. As has been
our tradition, we honored those students
who have been nominated for membership
in Kappa Gamma Pi. This year’s nominees
are Mercedes Avila; Gregory Coleman, Jr.;
Julius Cumlat, Jr.; Geri Haslett; Jessica
Judkins; Crystal Olivarria; Joseph O’Neill;
and Shannon Peck. In addition, Sharlay
Murdock, a sophomore, was awarded the St.
Catherine Medal. After recognizing the fac-
ulty and staff members who celebrated an
anniversary of service to the University as
well as those who were retiring, Sr. Rosemarie
Nassif, President, led the campus community
in dedicating the newly refurbished court-
yard outside Cushing Library to Carol
Corrigan’s parents, Genevieve and Arthur
Corrigan. Elizabeth Allen ’63, her son, John
’96, and Alline Adams ’92 also joined us for
this festive event.

This year’s celebration of Founders’ Day on

May 7th commemorated two pivotal dates
for the Holy Names University community:
the 139th anniversary of the arrival of the
Re-united, Recognized, Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary
in Oakland and the 50th anniversary of the
and Reminded of our Roots opening of the Mountain Boulevard campus.
Members of the Class of 1957— the first to
FOUNDERS’ DAY 2007 graduate at our current site—were invited to
attend the noontime celebration. Elaine
Sherwood Feeley, Patricia Feeley Michelini,
Mary Doumitt Reiser, Elizabeth Mullen
Selfa, and Joanna Maze Woelffer were re- Later that evening, the campus community
gathered again to recognize those students
who have excelled in leadership and service
during the past year. The annual Alpha Delta
Award ceremony was held in McLean
Chapel. In addition to the many students
who were acknowledged, four seniors were
(Top left) Sister Alice Tobriner (Marian
Leona) shares her remembrances of
identified as Outstanding Alumni of To-
the move from Lake Merritt to morrow: Tim Hart, Ricardo Marquez, Joseph
Mountain Blvd. with the help of Sr. O’Neill, and Blanka Soltys.
Carol Sellman and Sr. Joan Katheryn
Giubergia (not pictured);
(middle) Carol Corrigan '70 prepares These celebrations continue to remind us of
to cut the ribbon as we dedicate the our roots and give us an opportunity to
Corrigan Courtyard in honor of her
parents, Genevieve and Arthur;
express our gratitude for the legacy that was
(middle right) Sister Sharon Casey started by the first six Sisters of the Holy
receives the first Sr. Sharon Casey Names who founded what we now know as
Alpha Delta Award in honor of her
service in Campus Ministry for the
Holy Names University.
past 13 years; (bottom) Three out-
standing Alumni of Tomorrow:
Ricardo Marquez '07, Tim Hart '07,
and Joe O'Neill '07


(First row L to R) Carol Sellman, SNJM ‘69, ‘78MM, Julie Echaniz ‘75, Dav Cvitkovic VP for Advancement (second row L to R) Rebecca Hinkley’97, Monica Jepson Satterthwaite ‘70 President HNU
Alumni Association, Barbara Smith ‘62, Grace Murphy Jenkins ‘02, Seana O'Shaughnessy ‘95, Roberta Fogerty ‘72 (back row L to R) Peter Celli ‘92, Michael Mosby ‘88, Sue Thoreson ‘62

Holy Names University Alumni

Executive Board plans for the future
By: Monica Jepson Satterthwaite'70,
President HNU Alumni Association

In early June, the HNU Alumni Executive The Vision Statement was also developed Julie Echaniz '75 and Monica Jepson Satterthwaite '70
Board (AEB) met for a productive day-long during the meeting: “The vision of the HNU
strategic planning session at the home of AEB is to develop a purpose-driven Alumni
board member Michael Mosby ’88. The goals Association that advances the HNU mission
for the day were twofold: to develop a to liberate minds, transform lives, and change
Mission Statement for the AEB, and, in so the world.”
doing, to get to know one another better.
The Board is looking forward to the next
After a day of sharing ideas and fine tuning exciting steps—planning specific activities
goals, the AEB forged the following Mission for the alumni and the HNU community to
Statement to guide its future activities: “The implement the Strategic Plan. The AEB
mission of the Holy Names University recently organized a new grad reception on Katrina Nichols '07 meets Barbara Smith '62
Alumni Executive Board is to connect people campus to meet the 2007 HNU graduates
and to continue the legacy of Holy Names and officially welcome them to the alumni
University.” association.

The strategies for implementing the plan The Board is always interested in hearing
include “connecting”, and strengthening con- from you—your ideas and your input are
nections with a variety of groups: alumni, invaluable. Please contact Ricardo Marquez
students and potential students, the HNU in the Alumni Office at (510) 436-1240 or
Board of Trustees and their work, and the
Community at large; and raising money for
specific HNU goals. Sr. Carol and '07 graduates Nicole Douglas, Christen Johnson,
Angelica Toussaint, Greg Coleman and Brittaney Charles



Co-chairs Julie Echaniz '75 and Honor Classes of:

Michael Mosby '88 invite you to:

Relive the good old days. 1932 1957 1982

1937 1962 1987
Reconnect with faculty, friends,
and current students. 1942 1967 1992
Recognize outstanding alumni 1947 1972 1997
achievements. 1952 1977 2002


Schedule of Events
10:00am – Registration
Coffee and conversation
11:00am – Mass
12:00pm – Class photos
Champagne and
Strawberries Reception
And the winners are…
We proudly present this year’s recipients of the Alumni Recognition Awards.
1:00pm – Luncheon Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 13 at 3:00pm for the Alumni Awards
State of the University Ceremony in the Valley Center for the Performing Arts on the HNU Campus. Join us
Address by Sister Rosemarie afterwards at the reception and re-connect with faculty, friends and students.
Nassif, President
3:00pm – Alumni Awards Ceremony Dr. Duygu Betty Jean Eileen Brosnan
Featuring performances by Demirlioglu Bloom Weston ’62,
current HNU student Associate Professor Hopkins ’61 enthusiastic
groups and future alumni of Physical an avid community alumna fully
leaders Science. leader devoted to committed to
4:30pm – Alumni Awards Reception education. HNU’s
with Current and Emeritae/i ALUMNI RECOGNITION AWARD advancement.
Faculty For outstanding service
and loyalty to the University. For outstanding achievement in ALUMNI RECOGNITION AWARD
For more information please contact a profession or service to church
For outstanding volunteer
or community.
Ricardo Marquez, Project Coordinator, service and loyalty to the
Advancement, at (510)436-1240 or Alumni Association and the University.


Strategic Plan 2007 commences ANNIVERSARY
First Annual Health and Wellness Fair The Adobe Story: Lessons Learned in
Building a Software Company
SEPTEMBER 19, 2007
Convocation Dr. Chuck Geschke, co-Founder Adobe
Sister Glenn Anne McPhee, OP ’65,
Chancellor, Diocese of Oakland Dr. Charles M. Geschke, co-founder of
SEPTEMBER 19, 2007 Adobe, comes to Holy Names University as
Anniversary Speaker series part of the University’s 140th anniversary
Featuring: celebration. Holy Names will mark 140
Dr. Charles M. Geschke, years in Oakland in 2008.
co-founder of Adobe
SEPTEMBER 27, 2007 Geschke will describe the lessons learned on
President’s Club Donor Recognition Dinner the journey from a Silicon Valley start-up to
Honoring: becoming a major player in the software Dr. Charles M. Geschke,
Sister Maureen Hester and industry. He will also discuss the risk-taking co-founder of Adobe
Dr. Patricia McMahon environment of Silicon Valley and the cor-
OCTOBER 3, 2007 porate culture that nurtures the growth of
Core Festival successful high-tech companies.
September 19, 2007
OCTOBER 13, 2007 Time
Geschke, chairman of the board of Adobe,
co-founded the company in 1982 with Dr. 7 pm: Wine and Cheese
Alumni Awards Ceremony
John Warnock, thus driving technology Reception
DECEMBER 2, 2007 (TBC) innovations that forever transformed how 8 pm: Lecture
Anthony Holdsworth Reception people create, process and engage with
Honoring his artistic contributions
information. Geschke also was instrumen- Holy Names University,
to the City of Oakland
tal in developing some of the software Valley Center for the
Orchestra Concert
industry’s most pioneering technologies. Performing Arts
SPRING 2008 Through his vision and passion, Geschke Cost
Anniversary Speaker series helped build Adobe from a startup into one
of the world’s largest software companies.
Free to public
MAY 5, 2008
7th Annual Red Rose Golf Tournament In 2000, Geschke retired from his position Registration
as Adobe president. Today, he and Warnock Contact Ryan Guasco
MAY 10, 2008 are co-chairmen of Adobe’s board of direc- 510.436.1245
Commencement tors and continue to shape direction of the
Founders’ Day — 140th anniversary nearly $3 billion company. or online at


The ROAD to HNU she has enjoyed a diverse career track always Instructor Award 2001 and the Daniel I.
linked to her primary love of botany. She has Arnon Teaching Scholar.
worked in sales of research equipment, and
in the field of graphic design. In addition, HNU students will look forward to enrolling
she has served as assistant editor for a scien- in one of professor Handley’s classes in the
tific publication dedicated to the agricultur- upcoming academic year, which will include
al biotechnology field, and has owned and molecular genetics, genetics, cell biology,
managed a landscape design company. introductory biology, biochemistry, and
principles of ecology and evolution. When
Vanessa attributes her success to her mother, she is away from the pressures of teaching
a Professor of Education and graduate of and research, Handley still enjoys landscap-
John Hopkins University, who inculcated in ing and working on her home garden.
her daughter the need for independent
thinking. She also credits her as the motivat-
ing force in instilling a career in academia.
Although she has had the privilege to study
with some of the finest scientists in plant THE ROAD TO A
biology, she gives credit to her grandmother,
an amateur botanist with a contagious love SCHOLAR, TEACHER
of plants as her most critical influence.
During her summer laboratory research
internship, while at San Francisco State
University (SFSU), Handley studied bacteri- • 1993. B.A. in Communications
al diseases that affect plants. This unique
with minor in Woman's
experience validated her desire for graduate
education: “I was always interested in botany Studies. Summa Cum Laude,
and plant biology, and the internship at UC San Diego.
Dr. Vanessa Handley, SFSU was a defining moment in my life.”
While being a graduate researcher at
key faculty inclusion University of California, Davis, she devoted
• 1995. Enrolled in biology and
chemistry courses, SFSU.
to HNU’s enhanced her time in the field of DNA fingerprinting.
She also emphasized that her choice to join
Science Department UC Davis stemmed from not wanting to
earn a second undergraduate degree.
• Laboratory research internship
under sponsorship of Professor
By Ricardo Fouster Maureen Whalen, Department
What did Handley find attractive about
If you were to stroll by Vanessa Handley on HNU? “I was looking for an institution with of Biology.
the Holy Names University campus, you teaching opportunities as I want to provide
would easily assume that she is another stu- mentorship,” adding, “I enjoy the role of edu-
• 1996. Launched graduate
dent on her way to class. The fact is that her cator because I love the interaction with my
students and because I love the material I education. Department of
youthful appearance and unassuming
demeanor conceals the credentials of an teach.” Handley was also impressed with the Viticulture and Enology,
accomplished scholar, teacher and mentor. new science facilities at HNU, which in her UC Davis.
Dr. Handley joined the University in 2006, opinion are much better equipped than UC
as Assistant Professor of Biology, Division of Berkeley’s basic science laboratories. By invest-
ing in a new science facility, Handley noted, • 1997. Transferred to doctoral
Math and Science. “It is a sizeable teaching
load,” she explains, adding, “the University “the University has bought itself a future for program. College of Natural
offers an excellent stage for teaching and its commitment to science and technology.” Resources, UC Berkeley.
In teaching, Dr. Handley is committed to
the traditional hands-on, laboratory experi- • 2002. Ph.D. Department of
Dr. Handley, whose father is South African
and her mother Canadian, was born in ence. “I want to stay intellectually engaged in Plant & Microbial Biology,
Ohio, and lived in Toronto and Montreal what is going on in the field.” Handley’s love UC Berkeley.
during most of her youth. At the age of thir- of teaching has been recognized with numer-
teen, she moved to San Diego. Since then ous honors and awards including UC
Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Student


From the Desk of Joanna Fontillas: The ROAD to HNU

My goals are to get they have learned about.

good grades and Joanna’s letter and questions, such as “What do I need to do to get
into your college?” or “Why did you change from college to univer-

be accepted into sity?” so touched President Nassif that she decided to visit the fourth
graders in a morning they will never forget. Sr. Rosemarie spoke to

your college… the class about the importance of furthering their education. She
engaged the students with questions about college life, various degree
programs and majors. President Nassif later said she
was “amazed at the
Joanna Fontillas, a fourth grader from depth of their know-
St. Joseph’s Elementary, in Alameda, ledge. These are very
CA, expressed her thoughts, goals, sharp students with
and desire to attend Holy Names a very gifted teacher.”
University in a letter sent directly to
HNU’s President Office. Joanna, a gifted stu-
dent and compelling
Joanna is daughter of Leslie Garcia writer closes her let-
’87, Ramon Fontillas, who also ter by saying:
attended Holy Names, and niece
of Ophilia Garcia ’84. They all “P.S. If you can please
represent an inspiration for write me back and
Joanna who says, “I like small send souvenirs. I can
campuses and I want to go to a write much neater,
Catholic School.” As a volleyball but I sprained my
player, Joanna has attended the finger. The hand that
volleyball summer camp and I write with.”
plans on coming back with some
friends this August. HNU looks forward to
welcoming Joanna as one
HNU President Sister Rosemarie of its students one day.
Nassif, responded by paying
(Left) Joanna Fontillas’ original
Joanna and her classmates a letter, sent on April 30, 2007
surprise visit on Wednesday,
June 6th, to encourage them (Below) Sister Rosemarie Nassif,
President, with Joanna
to follow their true aspirations
and stay in school to be well-
educated citizens. During her
visit, Sr. Rosemarie presented
Joanna with a Holy Names
University t-shirt and several
other gifts for her and her

Joanna’s idea emerged from her class with teacher Erin Rapposelli,
who created an educational program called College Bound. She sep-
arates the students into table groups that are labeled with various uni-
versity names. Rapposelli explains, “I find that once the children are
aware and interested, they begin to notice that education is all around
them. It is very powerful when they are asked by ‘University name’ to
line up quietly or to begin a team project. Bring honor to your uni-
versity I tell them.” The year-long study of these various universities
culminates with personal letters written by the students to the schools

FALL 2007 | HNU TODAY 11


Bon Appétit's kitchen garden
and Eat Local efforts
By Anne Dunlap-Kahren '88
Beginning fall 2007 semester, HNU cafeteria patrons will experience
the delights of organic tomatoes grown on campus. Bon Appétit has
begun a kitchen garden in the inner courtyard of Founders’ Hall
where Sister Ethel Mary Tinnemann previously tended rose bushes
and tomato and pepper plants before her move to Los Gatos.

“We germinated 80 tomato plants,” said Carlos Corner, General

Manager of Bon Appétit Food Services at HNU. “They were started
in plug trays in two batches so we hope to cultivate tomatoes all Carlos Corner, General Manager, also grows tomatoes in the cafeteria, where they still receive
semester. This will help us reduce costs and provide fresh tomatoes natural light
for our recipes and the salad bar.”
Nowhere is this Eat Local emphasis more apparent than the salad bar.
“We’ve done herbs in the past,” Carlos continued. “And last semes- “Last fall,” said Carlos, “we eliminated all canned foods from the
ter we grew winter vegetables-celery and broccoli. We’ve also planted salad bar. We worked to get 25 percent of the salad bar items from
sugar snap peas, green beans, beets, regular peas, bell peppers and local producers, with 25 percent organic. This means fresh peas—
pumpkins. We get some help from other employees, but Jaime not frozen. And fresh garbanzo beans—not canned. They taste com-
Dominguez, our Executive Chef and I are doing most of the plant- pletely different. We got a lot of positive feedback from the students.”
ing, weeding and watering. I’ve come to realize how much I love gar-
Another benefit of the Eat Local effort is a move toward a lower-car-
Carlos also discussed Bon Appétit’s focus in recent years toward using bon diet. “We’re trying to reduce the footprint food service puts on
local produce whenever possible. “We want to ensure local farmers carbon emissions,” said Carlos. “This is the carbon emission pollu-
stay in business,” he said. “We’re very conscious of sustainability. If tion generated by vehicles transporting foods.”
you can get the same product grown within 100 miles, it’s fresher,
helps the local farmer, and cuts out a lot of middlemen.” Two years ago, Bon Appétit started a new company-wide Eat Local
event in every one of its cafés across the country. “Everything on one
menu, except for the salt, had to be produced locally, within a 150-
mile radius,” said Carlos. “And all the purchases had to be document-
ed. For us here in California, that’s easier than it is in other parts of
the country. We did all of the food stations at HNU: the salad bar, the
In Balance station, which is geared to a balanced diet—vegetables and
grain with a lean protein—plus a couple of different menu options.”

“We couldn’t do this every day,” Carlos noted. “It’s time intensive
and expensive. But it brought a new awareness of where things come
from. We try to label many of our menu items, listing where the
chicken asparagus, etc. came from.” Carlos expects Bon Appétit’s Eat
Local efforts to grow. “More and more, sourcing local products will
become the standard, rather than a once-a-year challenge.”
Chef Ismael Quintero, General Manager Carlos Corner, and Executive Chef Jaime Dominguez
from Bon Appetit plant more vegetables in the eat-local garden



champions with the leadership of seniors

who represent the highest standards and
have demonstrated to be Champions of
Character. Many of them graduated with
honors proving that their commitment to
school is primary along with giving their best
effort in practice and games. We congratu-
late the entire department, thank the teams
for representing the HAWKS community
with honor, and welcome four Women's
Soccer, eight Men's Soccer, one Men's
Basketball, and one Men's Golf athletes to
the Alumni Association.

Michael Miller, Vice President for Student Affairs, and Coach Melanie Gregor, proud Hawks striving for new championships

HNU pitches for more NAIA championships

with the creation of the Softball Team
Beginning fall 2007, Holy Names University Gregor is looking forward to recruiting the
will add intercollegiate softball as a varsity best 20 student athletes she can, students Rocio Ferree '07, Women's Soccer captain
sport. The new HNU softball team will be who will contribute significantly to the aca-
the 10th sport sponsored by the university. demic and campus life mission of the univer-
Vice President for Student Affairs, Michael sity. On the field, Coach Gregor sees softball
Miller, stated: “We are very excited to add as a tremendous athletic opportunity for
softball as a new sport at HNU. It will pro- young women and she is determined to “give
mote school spirit and enhance student life each and every team a game.”
while providing athletic opportunities for
female athletes, an increasingly important 14 Champions join the HNU Alumni
part of the collegiate experience for women.” Association

Associate Director of Athletics and Men’s Soccer won 2-0 vs. Menlo College in a crucial
Recreation, Melanie Gregor, who has 25 game towards the championship
years of coaching experience, will coach the
new team. “I am very excited,” she says, “to
build a team from scratch is a once in a life-
time opportunity.” The formation of the
softball team is still in progress and Coach
Gregor is currently recruiting female athletes
from high schools and junior colleges. Being
a spring sport, the season starts on Saturday,
February 2nd at Dominican University and Holy Names University's Athletics Depart-
the first home game will be on February 3rd ment closed a very successful 2006-2007
against CSU East Bay. Home games will be year in May when 14 athletes graduated as
held off-campus at a city field located on Cal-Pac Conference champions. HNU The Men’s Basketball team during the Hawaii trip after
Thanksgiving weekend
Redwood Road, less than a mile away from teams belong to this conference, which is
the University. The team is also scheduled to part of the Region II (California and
play, in mid-February, against California Arizona) in the NAIA.
Baptist University, which is nationally
ranked first in the National Association of Women's and Men's Soccer, Men's Basket-
Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). Coach ball, and Men's Golf finished their seasons as

FALL 2007 | HNU TODAY 13

Christina Maria Weber, SNJM ’35
Class Notes
June 20, 2007
Helen Ernestine Schwartz Forbes ’51
June 18, 2007
Sister Virginia Ghigliotti, SNJM ’58 04 Katherine Andrews ’04 MA in
Culture and Spirituality, Sophia
Center- is currently teaching. She also
novice and took the name Vincent Damian
on May 25th.
June 17, 2007
Elizabeth Anne Sousa ’42
June 11, 2007
owns her own business, KA Connections,
Engaging the Soul, and she is pursuing
doctoral studies at Wisdom University.
68 Patricia Allegretti ’68, “I am cur-
rently having a wonderful time as
Director of Sales and Marketing for a
Bill McPhee, brother to catering company and hoping never to
Sister Glenn Anne McPhee OP ’65
June 6, 2007
Maura Casey ’56
99 Karen C. Lang ’99 MA in
Education, is currently employed
by West Contra Costa Adult Education.
retire. My nest has truly emptied with one
offspring in Washington D.C. and the
other two in Los Angeles. I manage to stay
June 4, 2007 “Never a week goes by that I don’t very busy with civic activities and political
Tim Noonan, son of Mike and Corine remember something I learned at HNC causes. I send all my very best regards and
Hermanns Noonan ’51 and remember the great professors who remember fondly the Class of ’68!”
July 4, 2007 taught me.”
Beatrice Sullivan Viguie ’53
May 28, 2007
95 Karen Pugliese ’95, of Lansdale,
PA, writes, “My oldest son turned
68 Marjorie A. Newton ’68, of
Concord writes, “In remembrance
of the outstanding women educators who
Gertrude Blackstock ’32
May 27, 2007 30! I have two granddaughters, who founded Raskob Center, Sister Eileen
Mary Dolores Nunes Fitzpatrick ’46 would have thought…?” Marie Cronin, Sister Stanislaus Mary
May 25, 2007 Doherty, Mrs. Hazel Thompson, and two
who also contributed to the Center and
Ellen Faye Mindell ’88
May 24, 2007 94 Karen M. Bauer ’94 is working as
an Education Advisor at the U.S.
Embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Holy Names College, Sister Ann
Martinovich, and Dr. Helen McTaggart.”
Margaret Virginia May
Currently she is an active member of
May 22, 2007
Anne Marie Crosson Bonnel ’54
May 15, 2007
Toastmasters and is working toward com-
pleting a certificate program in College
Admission Counseling with UCLA.
67 Judy Farnsworth Moyer ’67 is
“Happy to announce I just had my
eighth grandchild! Larry and I are work-
Dolores Cazares, SNJM ’67 Karen and her husband Aziz enjoy travel- ing on our 16th annual Hoops for Children
March 24, 2007 ing the Middle East and always look for- benefiting the Marin Casa program for
Joseph Rocco Spingola ’96 ward to summer visits with family and abused children. I am the President of
March 12, 2007 friends in the Bay Area. Moyer Insurance Services, specializing in
Jean Van Osdel ’71 benefits.”
February 28, 2007
92 Lanette Mariana Hendren ’92 has
been accepted to postulancy with
the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent 65 Gail K. Dold ’65 will be retiring
after two more years of teaching
Sr. Christina Maria Weber biology and chemistry in a large public
de Paul. “I moved to Los Angeles in
Sister Christina Maria Weber, former Professor September. I might try to make the school in Western Massachusetts. “Our
of History and Academic Dean, died at Convent three married children are only about an
homecoming if it works out.”
of the Holy Names in Los Gatos at the age of 98
hour away. We are blessed with four
on June 20, 2007. Sister began her teaching
grandchildren. Our two youngest daugh-
career as an Instructor of History and Political
Science at then-College of the Holy Names in
1960 while she was completing her doctoral
71 Rosalie Bracco Reberg ’71, “I am
in my 33rd year of working in the
education field. Twenty-two years were
ters live and work in New York City.”

studies. In 1966 she was named the Academic

Dean, a position she held until 1970. At that
time, Sr. Christina returned to the classroom
teaching in the classroom and the last 11
years have been in school administra-
tion. I currently am principal of Bernard
62 Joanne Archibald Hawke ’62, of
Livermore writes, “I am currently
retired from LLNL since December
where she taught history until 1977. She was Hughes Elementary School in The Empire 2001. I am pursuing my art, writing and
instrumental in establishing the first CORE pro- Union School District in Modesto, CA.” family history, while frequently baby-sit-
gram in humanistic studies. Known as an excel- ting and entertaining my four delightful
lent teacher, Sister expected the best from each
grandchildren. My oldest daughter just
student and she was revered as a scholar by her
colleagues. 78 Steven Bucholtz ’78 entered the So-
ciety of St. Francis (Anglican Fran-
ciscans) in January and was clothed as a
got married and is an aeronautical engi-
neer at NASA.”


62 Ann Nunes Coakley ’62 has been
selected twice to be in Who’s
Who Among America’s Teachers: The
33 Dorothy Buckley ’33 was honored
by Catholic Charities at its annual
volunteer recognition day, June 2nd, in a
Joybells, which she founded to giveaway
toys for children on Christmas. The HNU
Alumni Association has collaborated with
Best Teachers in America; Selected by party at Holy Names University. The day Dorothy on this project.
the Best Students (1993 and 2006). The was named the 2007 Dorothy Buckley
teachers chosen are commended for Volunteer Appreciation Event. Oakland
their high standards of academic excel- Mayor Ronald Dellums also proclaimed
lence, community leadership, and posi- June 2nd as Dorothy Buckley Day in the
tive performance. Ann taught in the City of Oakland. She is a volunteer
Oakland USD and lives in San Leandro. fundraiser at Catholic Charities, Mercy
Retirement and Care Center, and several

59 Josephine Hafner Sturtevant ’59,

“I’m retired and enjoying activi-
ties with my husband, five children, and
other non-profits, including Operation

four grandchildren. Retirement allows

for crafts, gardening, travel and
Parish/Church activities at St. Jude Parish
in Eugene, OR.”
54 Rosemary S. McFadden ’54, “I
sang at Carnegie Hall in April,
2006 with the Choral Singers of Marin. I WE EXTEND OUR CONGRATULATIONS TO THESE
am still singing soprano and I am currently SISTERS OF THE HOLY NAMES OF JESUS AND MARY
singing with the Winifred Baker Chorale at WHO ARE GRADUATES OF HOLY NAMES UNIVERSITY AND
Dominican University and in the Schola at ARE AMONG THE JUBILARIANS OF THE U.S.- ONTARIO PROVINCE

53 Sister Maleada M. Strange, SNJM

’53 is currently an Associate
Chaplain at John Muir Medical Center,
Sr. Mary Teresina Bretz ’57
Sr. Margaret Thompson (Clotilda Rose) ’39
80 years
75 years
Walnut Creek Campus. Sister enjoys visit- Sr. Mary Felicitas Supple ’47 70 years
ing the patients and praying with them. Sr. Barbara Carroll (Cecile Collette) ’62 60 years
Occasionally she meets patients who rec-
ognize the “SNJM” on her badge and the Sr. Rose Eleanor Ehret ’56 & Professor of Mathematics
patients share their wonderful memories from 1960-1998 60 years
of the Sisters and their education. Sr. Jean Virginia Heinisch (Mary of Nazareth) ’62 60 years
Sr. M. Helen Clare ’55 & Librarian from 1977-1993 60 years

51 Liz McCrory Frei ’51 and her hus-

band John of Lafayette enjoyed
two cruises on their European trip this
Sr. Miriam Henry Hussey ’52
Sr. Helen O'Sullivan (Margaret of the Sacred Heart) ’61
60 years
60 years
summer. They cruised to Scotland, visited Sr. M. Josepha Rose ’56 60 years
friends and family in Switzerland and Sr. Louise Bond (Jeanne Dolora) ’66 & Director of the
Germany, then cruised in Scandinavia. WECO program from 1981-1985 50 years
Sr. Marian Ruth Christensen (Marian Catherine) ’86 50 years

51 Annette Garin Warren ’51 and

Dick and their family celebrated
Father’s Day at the former De La Salle
Sr. Joan Doyle (Marion Joseph) ’66
Sr. Lois MacGillivray (John Bernard) ’66 & President
50 years

Monastery with their five sons, wives, from 1982-1992 50 years

and their seven grandchildren who range Sr. Eleanore Maloney (Miriam Robert) ’62 50 years
from seventeen to one. Sr. Molly Neville (M. Rose Philomena) ’66 50 years

FALL 2007 | HNU TODAY 15

Muriel S. Robinson Mary A. McGowan
Lois Seale Nancy McGuire
Diane Smith Patricia M. McKee
Melba M. Stovall Carol McMahon
Delita Stretch Gaytha McPherson
Helen M. Millard
Carol S. Turner Arlene Muzio
Arleen Vetlesen Lorraine Pasini
Ann Wallace Shirley Peck
Leah White Lorene Peiniger
Nancy Winchell Mary A. Perry
Helen Raphael
1960s Ann C. Rasich
Nadine Ancillotti Linda Rebman
Elaine Antongiovanni Sandra Regan
Fran Bastien Brenda Reilly
Dina J. Beckwith Ann M. Remp
Elisabeth M. Bolduc Kathryn A. Reynolds
Mary C. Bravo Monica Riley
Suzanne Carreira Lorrine B. Saavedra
Marilyn Carrillo Ana Schirmer
Kathleen Cerruti Charlene D. Scotti
Lulu Chang Rosalie Seward
Dolores Chavez Geraldine Silva
Sharon Collins Carol J. Solis
Mary Alice Conway Judith M. Sorem
Beverly A. Costello Roberta Stickney
Suzie Desmarais Dorothy Surdi
Laurence M. Diaz Diane L. Sutphin
Therese Doherty Mary A. Tilden Lambert
Joan A. Donohue Mary E. Toomey
We have lost contact with the following alumni! Please help us stay con- Jeannette Dothee Henrietta Vasquez-
Barbara Doyle Marques
nected to all of our alumni by forwarding their contact information to: Winona Vaughan
Carlyne Durnan
Carol Erpelding Margaret M. Veglia
Ricardo Marquez, Office of Institutional Advancement, Judy Velardi
Joan Ferrero
(510) 436-1240 or Marilyn L. Fleming Elizabeth Wangari
Joyce Flynn Marianne Westen
June M. Foote Mary M. Whitten
Virginia Donahue Kathleen Cardinelli Patricia Francoeur Karen D. Wilson
1930s Patricia Firois Patricia Ceely Linda Galas Charlotte Wixson
Theresa Garibaldi Fanné Wooten
Ida M. Arri Catherine L. Gaspar Clotilde Cena
Helen E. Blum Bernarda M. Gilfether
Elizabeth Chretien
Virginia H. Gibson
Gloria Guldan
Suzanne Chernin
Donna L. Chimienti
Mary M. Graham 1970s
Joanne Hale Elena V. Alberts
Rita F. Henry Dorothy Jackman Mary T. Eveleth Susan Heffernan Paula L. Bautista
Alice Kearns Marie-Louise J. Jones Moira A. Frost Eleanor Heide Trish Bayes
Monica Maginnis Emma Keebler Jovita J. Giron Irene Heredia Joyce M. Berger
Gladys H. Milnes Patricia J. Lelevier Jeanne Gormley Patricia Hofheinz Widya Bharata
Dorothea Murphy Olive L. Libbey Madeline Hawdon Rosemary Hollander Joenne Bone
Martha Red Barbara M. MacCord Lena Hayes Lyndanette Jackson Kathleen Boyd
Estelle Ricchiuto Kathryn Maloy Mary Paschal Hocum Donna Kaufman Barbara R. Brown
Doreen D. Rose Patricia Norris Norine C. Keeley Jan B. Kaufmann Mary Brown
Pauline Silveria Irma D. Pope Patricia Kielty June Kleine Phyllis Caldwell
Ruth C. Smith Marylee B. Kontoff Janice C. Callanan
Margaret Vadnais Nancy B. Little Antonia La Centra
Virginia V. Suter M. L. Calnan
Rose Varney Ellen Lunde Barbara O. Leaf-Jatho Helen E. Campbell
Lauretta Von Berkefeld Nanette Wertz Pauline L. Lux Pansy Lee Mary C. Canales
Bernadette J. Williams Helen J. Mariman Young C. Lee Lynette Celano
1940s Mary J. Martin Julianne C. Leighton Arlene Chin
Patricia M. Adams 1950s Martha Massey Rosita Lo Anna L. Coffey
Mary Ellen C. Alsing Barbara Maynard Carol A. Mahoney Ranya S. Cohen
Roxanna Barnett Julie A. McKenna Ann Malboeuf Cristela T. Colombo
Marie B. Clary Gloria Beane Margaret Nelson Carla Mazzini Linda Conroy
Barbara Cleary Florence Bernicich Elizabeth McClain
Kathryn Nugent Rebecca Crain
Desiree Cotterill Mamerta Brite Loretta L. McDaniel Mary B. Culp
Carmen deGastellum Margaret J. Phillips Patricia A. McDowell
Dolores Bruns Nancy Curran


Elsa S. Czarniecki Ichiro Onda Charles L. Baker Jonathan L. Golden Lois McTaggart-Crozier
Ruth Daniels Paul L. Osterman Virginia W. Ballhaus Rosemary Goode Monica Meadors
Norma B. Davis Masami Ozawa Karla Barker Carol Graywing Ebba E. Meinecke
Mary Ellen DeSilva Dorothy E. Paiva Anna M. Becker Diane E. Guerra Emily Meisel
Rosanne Dickerson Ellen S. Park Rose Marie Bero Amy Hames Diane C. Merchant
Sally Dobson Peggy J. Piantanida Jeanne Blackstone Sharon Hanaway-Farro A. R. Miazadi
Patricia M. Dugand Eloise M. Poertner Marc Bolander Gerard Harasym Terrance I. Mims
Patricia Erreca Susan Poindexter Eva J. Bolkovac Jane M. Hargrove Susan Montgomery
Elaine M. Erwin Melinda L. Pon Cathleen C. Borensztein Cheryl W. Harris Dahlia M. Moodie
Kimberly Evans Mabel W. Poon Patricia Boyd Theresa A. Harris Janet Mullen
Linda S. Ewing Veana A. Powell Jeanette Y. Braun Maureen Hartmann Michael J. Murphy
Ann D. Farmer Elizabeth Rastatter Michelle L. Brown Michelle Hatch Lari P. Mussatti
Theophane Faulstich Karen Reinitz Sally Browne Vida M. Hayes Phyllis Neumann
Richard Fonzeno Charlene Riden Judith Bryant Suzanne Hedlund Jennifer Nguyen
Catherine A. Framm Ida M. Roberts Douglas Butler Fidelma Heeran James B. Nicholson
Marlene Fraser Vicky Romo Elizabeth A. Camara Roselyn Heil Gloria M. O'Connor
Evelyn E. Frazier-Bailey Kathleen Rook-Murphy Daria Carraro Bernadette A. Henderson Eileen O'Donnell
Walter R. Friday Joyce Ross John R. Casey Michael Henning Maureen O'Donnell
Donna J. Fulks Wanda B. Ruthven Cathleen C. Cashman Ann Henry Daryl M. Olds
Thelma S. Gager Mariana Ruybalid Ruth Cashman Judith Herold Marie O'Malley
Carmen Garrett Anne M. Ryan Kurt O. Cederquist Mary E. Hill Rosalie O'Neill
Jean Geritz-Brown Roser Sala Laura J. Champion Lynne Holleuffer Dolores Orian
Frederica Gremillion Meinhard Schulz Corinne Chavez Nancy Holub Joan O'Riordan
Ana M. Guzman Paula D. Sebastian Tai-Fat Cheung Diana I. Huang Terence O'Rourke
Penelope R. Hadley Regina Seidl John Chia Irene M. Huber Jacqueline A. Ortega
Margaret M. Hanneman Merriel Smith Moon-Chang Chia Deborah Hungerford Joan O'Sullivan
Sarah L. Harrison Rosemary Soda-Maricic Yoon S. Choi Shin L. Hwang Ricardo J. Panneflek
Debra K. Hastay Masayoshi Son Lawrence Christian Bong I. Hyun Debra D. Parker
Diana I. Havard Bernice F. Sousa-Carden Lorene Chui Francoise Jacobs Laura Parker-Harrison
Claudia M. Heaton Teresa A. Stegman Loren Chuse Bonnie Jacobs Gina Patch
Maria L. Heredia Thalia Stern Ann H. Cicero Debra Jenks Patricia Pedersen
Ann Hilliard Freddie Stoots Jacqueline A. Claeys Patricia Jensen Lorraine Pepitone-Bettcher
Sharon L. Hogan Michelle M. Stutz Pat Clinton Lorna Vera M. John Margaret Perez
Marion J. Hogan Shigehito Suzuki Barbara Coburn Judith Johnson Diane Perrine
Antoinette Hubbard Alneta Taboada Margaret Cole Merlen Johnson Kin-Ju Pi
Janice Jones Donna Tallerico Anne Comiskey Kenneth M. Johnson Brenda Pier
Barbara Kamprath Yajarayma Tang Margaret Connor Doris Johnson Maria H. Pino
Patricia Keane Martha E. Torres Georgette A. Costanza Georgina Jones Teresa M. Poch
Shirley A. Kesterke Audrey Turner Catherine Coyne David D. Kammerdiener William H. Podorzer
Betty Kisbey Mari Ueda Donald Cushman Lou A. Kane Suzanne Poynter
Olufemi A. Ladejobi Jane Unruh Morella de Melchert Pura M. Kayo Vernettia H. Pree
Constance Leary Linda Vasquez Marlene M. DeNardo Sana M. Kazimi Elizabeth M. Pugliese
Edith Lee Ann C. Vaughn Wendy Desmonde Cathy Kittell Elaine Quilichini
Joan Leslie Claudette Velarde Madeline G. Dickson Nikolaus Klenovits Rebecca M. Quinn
Virginia Littleton Marcy J. Villa Mary H. Donahue Regina Ku Edward J. Reidy
Christiana Lusher Millicent Warnock Declan Donegan Tetsu Kubota Anana R. Rivers-Scott
Shelly Mages Frances R. Wax Mary A. Downey Theresa T. Kwok John B. Robinson
Victoria F. Maglio Debra A. Wellman John M. Doyle Caroline Lamb Suzanne E. Rocha
Patricia L. Majak Mary J. Wilde Barry V. Drogmund Janet Landry Dolores Rylee
Therese Martin Jeanne M. Woltering Elizabeth Drouillard Roberto Lascano Sandra Schadewald
Barbara Mason Roberta Y. Wong Bassey Duke Terrence Lauerman Thomas M. Scheidel
Isabel Mendonsa Pamela Wyatt Celia Durea Janet Lazdowski Cathy Schenker
Teresa Mereles Chiyo Yamaguchi Debra Edwards Susan Leinberger Elaine M. Scherer
Mimi Meza Ruth G. Yeggy Matthew Edwards Marion Lewis Ann M. Schlaefer
Carole Michelsen Molly Escobedo William Linakis Inez Schultz
Sandra Mollett 1980s Deqa Essa Nancy E. Lineburgh Joy M. Schultz-Meaden
Audrey Morris-Seeley Joanna Ahrens Carol V. Ettingshaus Patricia Long Darleen B. Sherman
Bertha M. Moulden Armand Alcazar Thomas O. Farnsworth Yaoming Luo Nien-Yuh Shih
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Matanda Musundi Adil H. Al-Misihal Maria Fogli Terrence Mahin Rajinder K. Singh
Maria Nelson Hussein M. Al-Yami Ana Fukuizumi Shirley A. Majeau Carolyn Slocum
Bridget G. Nelson Seyedeh V. Amjadi-Zanjani Bayard Geis Airton Mandarino Anna E. Smith
Carol Newborn Anne M. Astiz Rhonda Gejohnette Cheryl Mayberry Charlotte M. Smith
Karen Nott Jannyan Auyeung Catherine Ghidinelli Christina L. McGovern Elinor J. Spita
Harumi Ogasawara Graciella Avila Randal Gillen Mary McKenna Linda Stern
Imelda Ojeda Margaret Baat Ricardo Goldemberg Francella M. McKinnon Tim Stevenson
Tadahiro Omura Aref A. Badri Kennedy Golden Carmel McNeill Patricia A. Stott

FALL 2007 | HNU TODAY 17

Joseph F. Sulentich Julianne Brown Mary A. Donovan Veronica L. Hill Laura J. Le Hew
Sulo Suomi Christina A. Browne Carol A. Donovan Claudia L. Hilligoss Mary E. Lee
Iwan Sutanto Patricia A. Bryson Allexandra E. Dorman Yuri Hirakui Young-Ok Lee
Paula Suter Helen A. Bueche Mei L. Duan Kathleen A. Hittner Tammy-Jo Libby
Sharifah S. Tahir Nancy F. Buffington Maureen S. Dunne Luan Hoang Astrid S. Liljegren
Lorena Tamayo Jacob I. Burgess Marla E. Dutkowski Harold S. Hobe Tikwanto Lim
Kimie Tanaka Daniel E. Burke Robert L. Dykema Grace A. Hogan Karen L. Lindberg
Fagy Tanzil Pamela A. Burns Lawrence Edwards Mark K. Hollingshead Elizabeth Lindsay
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Margaret Tomlinson Desiree M. Camarda Dorothy A. Escue Hsin-yi Hsu Suzan Lowe
Mary H. Torre Elizabeth Cardis Presciliana T. Esparolini Christine L. Hudson Linda M. Lynch
Mary Trainor Vicki G. Care Vivian B. Eusebio Catherine C. Hunt John Mabry
Lisa Travis Doncella M. Carter-Logan A K. Eyre Elizabeth L. Hurley- Marni MacDonald
Colleen M. Van Epps Jillian N. Cartwright David M. Ezzo Clevenger Maria A. MacDonald
Richard VanBormeer Deanna M. Casanares Katrina Fabish Pao-Hung Ieh Beatrice E. Madill
Verna M. VanSolkema Regina Castrejon Mudzunga R. Farisani Jo Ellen Ihinger Taressa Mahachohan
William H. Varner Anna Maria K. Chang Cesar A. Ferrer Sachiko Inaki Asep E. Mahpud
Darren Vass Angela C. Chang Heather R. Figueroa Amanda L. Inocencio Mark W. Maidlow
Ruth A. Verhasselt Ying-Ting Chang Richard M. Fineo Merritt B. Ireland Helen J. Majchrowski
Manuel Vivanco Sandra M. Charbonneau Karl A. Fleischman Regina Irvin Sarah C. Mandel
Anne Walch Hsiao-Shien Chen Elizabeth Forrest Anna L. Isakson Mary H. Margraf
Patricia Walmann Yin-Yu Chen William V. Frank Masue Izu Aimee Marquardt
Steven B. Wamalwa Lan-sun N. Chen Susan M. Frankel Pia Jacobsson Adrienne R. Marshall
Nancy J. Webb Gail M. Chester Joyce V. Frederick Joa Janakoayas Druella Martin
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Rosemary Yelland William Chu Maria-Jesus Garcia-Barrero Carol J. Jordan Igor B. Mathez
Keiko Yoshimochi Anna M. Clarke Camillia A. Garcia-Sanchez Ruth C. Joyal Mozella Mayberry
Therese A. Clay Clarissa Garlington Mary-Margaret Joyce Monica C. Mazzei
1990s Cassandra C. Coates Filomena Giese Peggy A. Judge Edna R. McCallan
Rosa M. Aguirre Thimaya C. Codanda Michaella S. Godfrey Naoki Kaneko Catherine McCalley
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Kenta Nakai Misaki Shinohara Annelise Weston Erron R. Gomez Catherine Njenga
Aya Nakamura Judy L. Shook Carol R. White Linda D. Gregory Yumiko Nomura
Masao Nakanishi Olivier Sigolet Louise Wilkes Anastasia C. Griffin Amy O'Donnell
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Madeline A. Nash Martha J. Sinclair Patience E. Williams LaTisha M. Hankins Catherine M. O'Sullivan
Mario R. Navarro-Sunol Sandeep Singh Michele Williams Catherine A. Hannon So-youn Park
Yvonne M. Nelson Rita S. Sirait Laura M. Willman Keith D. Hansen Danyale R. Parrish-
Howard W. Newsom Barbara L. Slyker Deena Wilson Carl Hartfield Webster
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Rana Orangi Mounthasone Takahiro Yamashita Nickole Johnson Frank A. Ross
Agustin Ortiz-Uribe Souvanheuane Yvonne M. Yildirim Ahi J. Johnson Patricia Rowe
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Janice M. Perry Mari Suga-Ebihara 2000s Vasana Krasaesin-Noisiri Erna Sison
Nicoletta Petrova Hiroko Sugiwaka Soo-hyun Ahn Yukiko Kukimoto Jubal J. Slayer
Sarah B. Phalen John D. Sullivan Nowar A. Al-Mussawir Emi Kuroki Edna Snyder
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Marilyn R. Poor-Pierce Hideomi Tateishi Corita Burnham Jocelyn Lotho Fumiyo Sugita
Mary M. Poulton Kathleen M. Taylor Indrani Calbert Miriam A. Lucas Serkan Tacir
Michael J. Prada Quincetta Thompson Kimm Calhoun Irene L. LucianoCruz Monica S. Taylor
Elizabeth L. Prasad Lanie Tjandrakurniawati Janet C. Canciller-Robson Gina M. Lynch Maki Thomason
Lorrainne E. Priebe Brenda S. Toliver Beatriz E. Carballo Miriam Madamba Monica L. Tomkowiak
Lijian Qi Mary Torres Cecilia Chavez Mary C. Maitland Andrea A. Turbak
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Juliana L. Raskauskas Deena M. Tucker Yuan-Chieh Cheng Cathy L. Martinez Sheri Ukoha-Ajike
Catherina F. Ratto Petria M. Tucker Kay Christain Ana Martinez Ukarioniso Warmann
Danielle Ray Juliet S. Twomey Jennifer J. Church Josephine Martinez- Kim T. Watson
Alicia B. Reardon Masuhiro Ueda Cynthia Coon Ornum Christine Wellman
Barbara K. Rector Roger L. Uhlir Christina Cortez Ahmed Masood Regina A. Widney
Hermine Karola J. Remke Kentaro Umezaki David Covell James N. Massie Genevieve Wright
Cynthia A. Remm Verna M. Uphoff Maria Cruz Aya Matsushima Yu Wu
Robert L. Remm Gerard O. Valdez Elizabeth A. Dabalos JoeEtta J. McAdam Angela Young
Marie-Claire Riga Anna F. Valentine Betty M. Davis Mary T. McCormack Angela Zanini
Rayshell D. Robinson Aulikki Valkonen Wacheera A. Davis Heather A. McCuskey-Hay
Helen V. Runciman Laura C. Vaidya Mary D. de Courcy Mary Ellen McDonagh
Cynthia Russell Eileen E. Varin MacDonnell Máire J. McGann
Reynold R. Rydberg Alejandro Vazquez Moncerrat Diaz Mary McLeod
Wanda A. Sabir Joyce R. Veasley Holly E. Dinsdale Aaron P. Miller
Paula K. Sampson Alberto VillaFan Brigitte C. Doss-Johnson Lydia C. Mills
Jose L. Sanchez Charlotte Walker Jean L. Edwards Theresa A. Monaghan
Judith A. Schachtel Robert R. Waller Carolyn E. Edwards Alice V. Monroe
Kimberly M. Scott David Wanat Kathleen J. Einstein Jane Moon
Lisa M. Scott-Lacy Meara-Michael WeaverMoon Eloise Erasmus Lupe Morales
Corliss M. Seabron Kelly Webb-Banford Deborah A. Fitzgerald Margaret Morrison

FALL 2007 | HNU TODAY 19

Survey Says…
Proud moments The University community has been involved
in a strategic planning process for the past
Below are comments that were made on the
survey that summarize the recollections of a
at Holy Names! year to guide our future direction. We invited
Dr. William Weary to assist us by eliciting
few of the respondents:

feedback from faculty, staff, students and

alumni. A written survey was sent to alumni “I received a precious legacy of
in February 2007 with one of the annual fund thinking, learning, and love of God and
appeal letters and we are pleased to report that life from my CHN years-’58-’62. This
one hundred thirty-six alumni responded. had nothing to do with the technical
This is a wonderful response rate and we are
advances of my career after my mar-
most grateful to those of you who took the
time to write your reflections and share your riage. I could have had that career
experience of CHN, HNC, or HNU! learning experience at any university in
California. My Holy Names experience
was unique and irreplaceable. It is
Eighty-five to ninety-five percent of all those responding
deeply a part of who I am, not just
indicated that they were proud of their degree and still have what I do for a living.”
– Joanne A. Hawke ’62 (BA)
a warm spot for Holy Names in their hearts.
“[My most vivid memory is] the dedi-
Eighty-nine of the responses were from alumni cation of the sisters to their teaching-I
who graduated from the “traditional” under- had 4 of them in my graduate pro-
graduate program; 13 responses were from
gram. They not only inspired me, they
graduates of one of our adult undergraduate
programs; and 31 responses were from former taught me unique skills and a philoso-
graduate students. Respondents represented phy toward my field that has repeated-
the decades of the 1930s through 2006. ly brought me success.”
Overall, the responses were very positive. – Dr. Rebecca Payne ’78 (M. Ed.)

Eighty-five to ninety-five percent of all those

“[My most vivid memory is] a conver-
responding indicated that they were proud of
their degree and still have a warm spot for sation with a professor who encour-
Holy Names in their heart. aged me to remain in her class. She
believed in me and supported me so
Many of the respondents indicated that they much in that first semester that I
are unaware of the work of the Alumni declared philosophy (her area of
Executive Board and would like more infor-
expertise…) to be my minor.”
mation about alumni activities (an issue that
was discussed at the June Board meeting — – Darlene Wehrlie ’97 (BA/WECO)
see page 7). & ’99 (Credential)

HOW to REACH US (Editorial Board cont’d) Holy Names University

Jackie Kennedy ’00 Alumni Relations Office
EDITORIAL BOARD Lorena Fragley Thorup '51 3500 Mountain Blvd.,
Dav Cvitkovic, Claire Trias’08 Oakland CA 94619
Vice President for Advancement
Anne Dunlap-Kahren ’88 Editor: Dav Cvitkovic
Maureen Hester, SNJM ’64 Editorial Assistant: Ricardo Marquez '07
Ricardo Marquez ’07 Class Notes: Lorena Fragley Thorup '51
Design: Jo Jackson


the past
the future
Holy Names University unveiled its
sparkling new $5.4 million renovation of its
Science Facilities on March 13, kicking off an
extended celebration of the University’s 140
Year Anniversary in Oakland.
The dedication took place in Brennan Hall,
where the renovated classrooms and labs are
housed. HNU Vice Presidents Sister Carol
Sellman, EdD, and Dav Cvitkovic, MBA,
Co-Chairs of the 140th Anniversary Cele-
bration welcomed more than 125 guests
including donors, alumni, students, and
community leaders. 6

“This reconstructed wing 1. The Fletcher Jones

Foundation Laboratory
sets the tone and stage for a
2. The Kresge Foundation
vibrant future for our uni- Laboratory
versity. Our campus com- 3. Dav Cvitkovic, Vice President
for Institutional Advancement
munity is abloom with activity and promise,” and Sister Carol Sellman,
said Sister Rosemarie Nassif, PhD, President SNJM, Vice President for
Mission Effectiveness
of HNU, at the event.
4. President Rosemarie Nassif,
SSND, PhD welcomes guests
Jim Kelly, Chair of the Science Facilities to celebrate the $5.4 million
Reconstruction Project campaign and science facilities extreme
Chair of HNU’s Advancement Committee 5. Jim Kelly, Vice-Chair HNU
thanked the many generous donors and 7 Board of Trustees and Chair,
4 volunteers that supported the campaign. HNU Advancement
Committee thanks guests
for their support of the
Guests admired a historic exhibit tracing campaign
Holy Names roots to the year 1868 when 6. Guests admire the exhibit
tracing the Holy Names
six Catholic Sisters of the Holy Names of journey starting in 1868
Jesus and Mary arrived in Oakland from 7. Ron Rosequist, Chair,
Montreal, Canada. May 10, 2008 will mark HNU Board of Trustees and
Sister Maureen Hester, SNJM
the 140th anniversary of the transforma- 8. President Rosemarie Nassif,
tional journey that continues to Open The Most Reverend John S.
5 8 Cummins DD, Jane Logan,
Hearts and Minds for Generations. Neil W. McDaniel

FALL 2007 | HNU TODAY 21

Windows in the McLean Chapel
on campus reflect the Holy Names
spirit of Opening Hearts and
Minds for Generations.

U.S. Postage
Holy Names

Office of Alumni Relations

3500 Mountain Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94619-1699