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Directions: Using the course text and notes, complete the following questions on
a separate sheet of notebook paper.

1. List the four major themes that led to WWI, and how each affected the onset of
the war.
2. Describe the three factors that led the U.S. to enter into WWI
3. What was the Schleiffen Plan?
4. What was the Sussex Pledge?
5. How did the U.S. Government deal with the problem of conscripting men into the
6. When was the cease-fire or “armistice” signed that ended WWI?
7. What was the fear of Communism called in the U.S.? How did A. Mitchell
Palmer deal with these threats? What organization began as a result of this threat?
8. When can your rights to speech be taken from you?
9. Who were the “Big Four”?
10. What silenced criticism of the war in the U.S.?
11. Which nations were part of the Allied Powers?
12. Which nations were part of the Central Powers?
13. Where were U.S. troops fighting before WWI began, and for what reason were
they fighting there??
14. Why was the League of Nations not effective in stopping future wars?
15. What portions of the Treaty of Versailles 1919 led to German resentment toward
the Allied Powers?
Propaganda –
Blockade –
Isolationism –
Lusitania –
Sussex Pledge –
V.I. Lenin –
War of Attrition –
Total War –
14 Points –
Balkans –
Red Scare –
Doughboys –

Historians often cite the harshness of the Treaty of Versailles on Germany as a
primary cause of the eventual outbreak of World War II.

Summarize two provisions of the Versailles Treaty relating to Germany and discuss
how each helped lead to World War II.