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Neighbors Weigh in on Delaney’s Proposal, Opening Day, First

Bill Bitcoin, Governor’s Budget

Westville residents packed Lyric Hall for a presentation on the proposed
development of the Delaney’s site. Many of you have voiced support for the
development, with concerns. As reported in the Register, I stated. “an important
component was making sure there was “a natural flow from one business to another,”
with an emphasis on the facades. She said the concern was that people did not see
that in a sketch of the design that has been made public. .“People were concerned
with the visual experience and the sidewalk experience.”

The proposal goes before the Board of Zoning on Mardi Gras, Feb 13, 6 PM, at 200
Orange St.

When the list of House bills was read in on opening day, the first bill- HB 5001 - is a
bill I proposed to tax transactions of virtual currency. This is loosely modeled on a
proposal by former neighbor James Tobin, Nobel Laureate, which was intended to
put a penalty on short-term financial round-trip excursions between currencies.

Gov Malloy submitted his final budget to the General Assembly on Wednesday.
Rather than discuss budget proposals, he spoke of ‘fairness’ in an aspirational speech
that touched on ‘who you love,’ wage fairness, women, minorities, and the Dream
Act. Legislators will be briefed on budget details in coming days.

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