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State of Connecticut GENERAL ASSEMBLY ae ENVIRONMENT coMMTreE Environment Committee MEETING AGENDA Friday, February 9, 2018 10:00 AM IN ROOM 28 OF THE LOB, CONVENE MEETING REMARKS BY THE CHAIRS. CONCEPTS TO BE RAISED AS RAISED BILLS ‘An Act Establishing a Save Our Lakes Number Plate to Combat Aquatic Invasive Plants 2. An Act Conceming the Use of Pesticide Misters in Connecticut 3, An Act Conceming Hydraulic Fracturing Waste 4, An Act Concerning a Sewage Spill Right-to-Know Act and Expanding Continuing Education Programs for Wastewater Operators 5, An Act Conceming the Sale of "Connecticut Grown” Products 6. An Act Concerning Minor Revisions to Environmental Protection and Agriculture Related Statutes ‘An Act Ensuring Continuing Water Service for Certain Municipalities ‘An Act Concerning Tire Hauler License ANNOUNCEMENT OF TIME AND DATE OF NEXT MEETING ‘ADJOURNMENT