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The researchers would like to acknowledge the people behind this

research for inspiring, giving knowledge, moral and spiritual support from the

beginning to the final part of this research. The writers own them an immense


First and foremost, to the Almighty God, for the undeserving blessing

and gifts, and for the strength and confidence to fulfil this study;

Liceo de Pila, for offering quality education, for enhancing and

nurturing student’s skill and abilities.

Mrs. Gemma Sanchez, School Principal of Liceo de Pila, for providing

and keeping the credibility of the school;

Mrs. Genalyn M. Sarmiento, Academic Coordinator of Lice de Pila

High School Department, for the taughts and wisdom;

Mrs. Maria Maida J. Caballero, for her useful advises

Mrs. Ma. Carmina B. Codera, School Librarian, for letting the

researchers use the references that can help in their research;

Mrs. Kinney Dimaculangan, the researchers’ adviser, for giving her

full support;

Ms. Sherleine A. del Mundo, Our Research I Teacher, for her

guidance and support;

Ms. Cherry Rose Javier, for guiding and teaching them how to

compute the data in the study;

Mrs. Mary Ann Ciolo, for the knowledge, words of wisdom,

comments, effort in checking and editing this study, support and patience, for

being a great mentor and research adviser;

10- St. Anne (SSC), for giving their criticisms to have some

improvements in this research, for giving happiness which serve as boosters

to finish this research and as stress reliever.

And last but not the least, he researchers’ family, for their extended

regard, support and understanding.

They offer their sincerest thanks to all of those who supported them in

any respect during the completion.