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Scientific work entitled: “The Development Of E-Book Teaching Materials Based Of

Metacognition Using 3d Pageflip In Material Solution Electrolite And Non-Electrolite In
Class X Mipa Senior High School 1 Muaro Jambi” compiled by Anggi Pratiwi, NIM
A1C113021 has been reviewed and approved.

Jambi, Desember 2017

Lecturer I,

Dra. Wilda Syahri, M.Pd

NIP. 19660702 199203 2 001

Jambi, Desember 2017

Lecturer II,

Dr. rer. nat. Muhaimin, S.Pd, M.Si.

NIP. 19730322 200003 1 001

Anggi Pratiwi1, Wilda Syahri 2, Muhaimin3

Alumni of Chemistry Education Program, Department PMIPA, FKIP Jambi University
Staff Lecturer of Chemistry Education Program, Department of PMIPA, FKIP Jambi

Chemistry Education Program Study

Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Education
Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
Jambi University

Metacognition is a high-level thinking skill that includes four types of skills consisting of:
problem solving skills, decision making, critical thingking, and creative thinking.
Metacognition is considered as one of the factors that play an important role in building
student knowledge. This research is aimed to develop teaching materials of metacognition
based e-Book, and to know student's response to teaching materials e-Book based on
metacognition using 3D PageFlip on the material of electrolyte and nonelectrolyte solution in
class X SMA Negeri 1 Muaro Jambi. This research uses the method of development of
ADDIE with 5 stages consisting of: analysis, design, development, implementation and
evaluation. The data collection instruments used were questionnaires of media experts,
materials, and teacher assessments. This e-Book teaching material is then tested in small
groups. The result of this research is a product of e-Book teaching material that is made using
the validated PageFlip 3D software before it is ested. Average score of 4.4 (excellent) media
validation was obtained, 4.26 material experts (excellent), and teacher responses 4.6
(excellent) so that the e-Book material is feasible to be tested. And student response results
also show a percentage of 90% (very good). Based on the development process from media
validation as well as the material and also the result of the research of the development of e-
Book learning materials, it can be concluded that the e-Book teaching materials based on
metacognition is very well used.
Keyword : Metacognition ,Teaching Materials, e-Book, 3D PageFlip, Electrolite And Non-
BACKGROUND in improving the ability of a nation in
Education is basically a very adjusting to the rapid changes and
important thing for everyone's survival, an advances in the world of technology and
integral part of human being, from birth to globalization. It is also a systematic,
death. Education is also an important tool gradual and continuous process of lifelong

e-Book Berbasis Metakognisi Page 1

life, which every time there is a change Teaching materials have a very
and new development as an effort to important position in learning. Teaching
improve the quality of its implementation. materials are all forms of materials used to
assist teachers or instructors in carrying
Accordingly, the curriculum also
out teaching and learning activities (Amri,
changes, currently implementing the 2013
2010). The teaching materials can be either
curriculum that demands to transform
written or unwritten material, textbooks or
teacher centered learning into student
electronic books. Because the teaching
centered learning in which teachers act as
materials are the knowledge, skills, and
facilitators and mediators and designers of
attitudes that students must learn in order
learning. Based on Permendikbud number
to achieve a defined standard of
10 of 2014 on the standard of basic and
competence. One of the teaching materials
intermediate education process, also has
that can be used in the learning process is
hinted about the necessity of learning
electronic book (e-Book.)
process with scientific approach, hence
teacher need to arrange relevant teaching In addition, one of the other factors
materials for learners. that play a role in knowledge construction
is metacognition. Metacognition can
Science learning, especially
awaken learners in understanding the
chemistry focuses on how students
construct the knowledge they possess. The concept of the material learned, or in other
subject of chemistry is abstract, such as words the students develop executive
atoms, molecules, electrons, and chemical control in learning so that students do not
bonds. This chemistry abstraction makes passively respond to learning (Rufdaika,
people especially students who study it 2013). The importance of metacognition in
feel difficult, and requires a high level of learning is also supported by
thinking to understand. The concepts in Permendiknas Number 41 of 2007
chemistry are also tiered in meaning in regarding the standard process in which it
understanding the concept of a higher level is said that in the learning activities, the
need a correct understanding of the more teacher gives the students the opportunity
basic concepts. If one basic concept can to think, design, analyze, solve problems,
not be understood properly and correctly,
find out the way why it is done, monitor,
it will hinder the understanding of the next
and evaluate. It is a series of activities that
concept. Understanding of a chemical
concept is not enough just to provide include part of metacognition.
information from the teacher, but the Metacognition is a person's skill in
students must also be able to construct managing and controlling the thinking
their own understanding of the concept. process. These four metacognition skills
According to the constructivist theory of include (1) problem-solving skills, (2)
teachers not only provide knowledge to decision-making skills, (3) critical thinking
students but students must build their own skills, (4) and creative thinking skills.
knowledge. Teachers only provide
convenience by giving students the The results of the analysis of
opportunity to discover and apply their several textbooks in schools also show that
own ideas (Trianto, 2011). To assist the book analyzed only at the stage of
students in constructing their problem solving skills is a student's skill in
understanding, it is necessary the right using his thinking process to solve
teaching materials to support the learning problems through gathering facts,
process. analyzing information, preparing various

e-Book Based Metacognition Page 2

solutions, and choosing solutions the most well as 100% also said need to use
effective and has not yet led to other learning media to help visualize the
metacognition skills. material of electrolyte and non electrolyte
Furthermore, researchers solution. Because 100% say that the use of
conducted interviews and questionnaires in media in learning will make learning more
teachers and students of Senior High interesting and fun. Therefore 93% of
School 1 Muaro Jambi. Based on the students also agree if metacognition-based
interview with the chemistry teacher of learning is conducted by using media in
class X at Senior High School 1 Muaro studying the material of electrolyte and
Jambi, Mrs. Reni Elsa S.Si which was held non-electrolyte solution.
on March 2, 2017, he said that the The applications offered to develop
implementation of chemistry learning has the current learning media, among which
been good by applying the 2013 are PageFlip, Macromedia Flash, Power
curriculum which spur more interest in Point, LCDS, and Lectora Inspire.
student learning. But there are some Through a wide selection of interactive
obstacles that affect, in addition to students multimedia content on offer, the PageFlip
feel this material is a difficult material, in application is a good fit to use to develop
high school 1 Muaro Jambi still teaching materials. This is dikarnakan
kurangannya availability of textbooks as a PageFlip is a superior multimedia in the
teaching materials and handbook students. form of digital / electronic with the
Teaching materials that exist in schools interesting combination of images,
only require students to think animation, sound and video and especially
metacognition in the problem solving stage the resulting media later in the form of
(problem solving). Furthermore, the books. So that students will be more
availability of learning media is quite interested to understand a learning
good, Senior High School 1 Muaro Jambi material.
also has facilities that have been Based on the background that has
supporting include facilities and been described above, to further improve
infrastructure of Information the process and the ability to think
Communication and Technology (ICT) students so for the authors interested in
availability which is sufficiently proven by conducting research entitled
the existence of computer laboratory, "Development of Metacognition Based E-
electricity stable like computer, Liquid Book Based Material Using 3D Pageflip
Crystal Display Projector ( LCD projector) on Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte
and internet network. Therefore, teachers Material in Class X SMA N 1 Muaro
expect the development of more Jambi ".
interesting teaching materials that can Berdasarkan latar belakang yang
improve students' metacognition thinking telah diuraikan di atas, untuk lebih
skills. meningkatkan proses dan kemampuan
Based on the result of observation berfikir siswa maka untuk itu penulis
and spreading of questionnaire which tertarik untuk melakukan penelitian yang
writer do in Senior High School 1 Muaro berjudul “The Development Of E-Book
Jambi, got data from result of spreading of Teaching Materials Based Of
questionnaire characteristic and Metacognition Using 3d Pageflip In
requirement of student of class X MIPA in Material Solution Electrolite And Non-
Senior High School 1 Muaro jambi from Electrolite In Class X Mipa Senior High
30 amount of rest got result percentage as School 1 Muaro Jambi”.
much 76% that student have using
computers, 66% already have laptops as

e-Book Based Metacognition Page 3

KAJIAN PUSTAKA concepts and reality, between das
Metacognition solen and das sein or analyzing
Metacognition is the awareness of based on something given from
one's thinking about what is known and god.
what is unknown. In the context of 4. Creative thingking is the ability of
learning, students know how to learn, an individual to think creatively or
ability and modalities possessed, and create and modify something new
knowing a good learning strategy to based on the concepts, laws, logic,
and intuition.
produce effective learning. Students are
taught strategies for assessing their own
Electronic Book (e-Book)
understanding by finding out how much E-Books are books in electronic /
time they will need to learn something and digital form, unlike books that are usually
choosing an effective plan or action in printed on paper or other physical media.
learning or solving problems (Robert, e-Book is a form of digital is the result of
2008). According to preisseisen (1985) developments in the field of information
metacognition consists of four skills technology that can not be separated from
namely, the advancement of internet and computer
1. Problem solving is an individual's technology (Fuad, 2016).
ability to solve problems through The presence of e-Book began to
gathering facts, analyzing be popular because the content and display
information, devising various of digital books is quite interactive so by
solutions, and choosing the most many people both from old to adolescent
effective solutions. To be a reliable more interested in using digital books. On
problem solver requires a high the other hand a relatively cheaper price,
flying hours, and here need practical, and fun to read also be a
mastery of scientific methods as a consideration in choosing a digital book as
scalpel to the problems a reading material (Triyono, 2012).
Software 3D Pageflip Professional
2. Desicion making is the ability of
3D PageFlip Professional is a
individuals to choose the best flipbook flash application that can be used
decision from a variety of options to convert PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and
available. Decisions are taken, of Excel files to flipbooks. With flipbook
course, based on experience or flash software, we can create an amazing
information, ethical considerations 3D-shaped magazine, catalog, e-brochure,
and values, and accompanied by e-Book or e-newspaper. In other words
with this software we can create an online
rational reasons. The ability in
magazine or epaper by making flash files
desicion making can describe the and then embed to page html web page or
level of maturity and policy of a blog. The advantages possessed by 3D
person. PageFlip Professional:
3. Critical Thingking is the ability of a. Can convert Adobe Acrobat PDF and
individuals to think critically in Images into book form in 3D space.
response to a concept, opinion, and b. It does not have to have 3D designing
policy. Critical thinking must be skills.
based on rational logic, and c. Can publish on a personal website or
capable of reading the gap between embed in a blog.

e-Book Based Metacognition Page 4

d. Can be sent to others using the The test subjects in this study were
"HTML" Zip format. students of class X MIPA SMAN 1 Muroa
e. Inside 3D PageFlip Professional has Jambi.
flash Determination of validation
Electrolyte and Non-Electrolyte classification by media experts, material
Solutions experts, and assessments by teachers based
Solution is a homogeneous mixture on the average score of answers.
(all-round) whose components consist of For the classification based on the
solvents and solvents. The solvent is a average score of the answers: the average
larger number of components or the score of at least = 1, the average maximum
structure does not change in a solution also score = 5, interval class = 5, interval class
called solvent. The solvent is divided into distance = (minimum score-minimum
3 forms of gas, solid and liquid. In this score) divided by interval class = (5-1) / 5
section we will only discuss aqueous = 0.8 .
solutions, in which the solute is initially a
liquid or solid and the solvent used is Tabel 1 Classification Based on Score Average
water. Answer
No Number of
A solution that can conduct an Answer Classification Validation
electric current is called an electrolyte Scores
1 ˃ 4,2 − 5,0 Very Good
solution. The presence of gas bubbles and
bright lights are symptoms of the solution 2 ˃ 3,4 − 4,2 Good
has a strong conductivity is also called 3 ˃ 2,6 − 3,4 Normal
strong electrolyte. In a strong electrolyte
solution, all of its molecules break down 4 ˃ 1,8 − 2,6 Not Good
into ions (perfectly ionized) characterized 5 1,0 − 1,8 Very Not Good
by a direction of the right arrow at their
reaction equation. Since many ions can (Widoyoko, 2012: 111-112)
conduct an electric current, the To determine the classification of
conductivity is strong. student responses used the percentage of
Non-electrolyte solution is a eligibility with the formula:
solution which can not conduct current F
strik. In non-electrolyte solutions the K= ×100%
molecules are not ionized in the solution, Keterangan:
so that no charged ions can conduct an
electric current. Examples of non- Information:
electrolyte solutions: urea, and sugar
K = percentage eligibility
RESEARCH METHODS F = total number of respondents' answers
Type of research used is research
development (Research and N = highest score in questionnaire
Development). Using the ADDIE I = number of questions in the
framework as a basis for development. The
development procedure in this research
consists of five stages: Analysis, Design, R = number of respondents
Development, Implementation and
Evaluation (Tegeh, I, et al: 2014). With the interpretation of the score
as follows:

e-Book Based Metacognition Page 5

Tabel 2 Percentage Criteria (3) Development
No Percentage (%) Crteria At this stage e-Book based
1 0 – 20 Very Not Good metacognition is made by using PageFlip
3D software which is then validated by a
2 21- 40 Not Good
team of experts ie material experts and
3 41 – 60 Normal media experts. Expert team validation was
4 61 – 80 Good conducted by lecturer of chemical
education of Jambi University.
5 81 – 100 Very Good
Suggestions, feedbacks and comments
(Riduwan, 2013) obtained from expert teams are then used
for metacognition-based e-Book
Validation by the media expert is
In this development study, using
done three times, with the average score of
the ADDIE framework consists of 5
stages, namely: 4.4 or the final answer is classified very
(1) Analysis well. Based on the assessment by the
In the analysis phase conducted media expert there are some suggestions
through interviews with chemistry teachers given the writing used should be consistent
and questionnaires to students, which is and the colors used must be aligned, adjust
useful to collect data related problems the images and video so as not to cover the
faced by teachers and students in SMA writing.
Negeri 1 Muaro Jambi. Based on the Validation by the material expert is
results of interviews obtained information done three times with the average score of
that in high school is constrained by the 4.26 or the final answer is classified very
lack of availability of teaching materials, well. Some of the improvements suggested
there are some students who do not have by the material experts include the
teaching materials. In accordance with the material must be in accordance with the
characteristics of the 2013 curriculum that 2013 curriculum and the syllabus, and
requires students to be active in learning, it examples of metacognition should be
needs teaching materials that make given.
students to be active and thinking at a Validated products are further
higher stage. This is also true of the assessed by the teacher. Acquisition of the
characteristics of metacognition. average score of answers from the teacher
assessment questionnaire of 4.6 or is in
So that researchers feel the need to very good classification. Suggestions and
develop a learning media that can be used comments from teachers are also used for
students who can replace and act as a book
product improvement before it will be
of delivery. Therefore, researchers will
tested to students.
develop e-Book as a solution.
(2) Design (4) Implementation
At this stage aims to prepare the Implementation stage is the
initial design by creating a flowchart improvement stage of e-Book developed
which later developed into a storyboard. is done by taking note, notes, suggestions,
At this stage of the design, an evaluation and comments from validation by media
of the design and content of the product experts and material experts and teacher
with the aim of improving the product assessment so that the final product and
being developed. ready to be tested. The experiment was

e-Book Based Metacognition Page 6

conducted only for small groups help students become easier in
conducted on 10 students of SMA Negeri understanding learning materials and can
1 Muaro Jambi by distributing train the ability to think metacognition.
questionnaires of student responses.
Questionnaire Needs
(5) Evaluation Questionnaire needs to be used to
Evaluation is the process to see if collect data needs analysis, student
the e-Book being created is made characteristics, goal analysis, material
successful, in accordance with the initial analysis and technology. Data analysis for
expectations or not. Evaluation can be questionnaire needs to be done by using
done at every stage of development. rating scale using the following formula:
Evaluate in the analysis phase to know
background and support to develop e- Number of scores obtained
P= x 100%
Book. From the analysis used as a Jumlah total maksimum seluruh skor
reference for the development of this e- Description: P = Percentage
In the design phase, evaluation of Media Validation Questionnaire
the design and content of the products is in The determination of the validation
accordance with the flowchart and classification by the media expert is based
storyboard that have been made. on the average score of the answer. The
Evaluation at the development stage is average score is obtained by the number of
validated by media experts and material scores divided by the number of items.
experts. The suggestions provided by The following is the result of validation
media experts and materials experts are the data by media experts:
reference of researchers to improve the
developed teaching materials. Tabel 3 Analysis Validation Media Expert
Furthermore, the last evaluation
Validation amount Rerata Kategori
was conducted on the test of XIPIP
students at SMA Negeri 1 Muaro Jambi
and the result of the response of the Media 66 4,4 Very Good
students of class X MIPA got the data that
the response was very good. The Based on the above table shows
suitability of e-Book in learning and the that the presentation of media in e-Book
attractiveness of the material presented can based on metacognition is categorized
make students interested in studying the "very good" with score 66. Of total score
material so that ability of thinking skill can also searched mean of media
metakaognisinya easy to be trained. validation. The average of media
Data Analysis validation is the number of scores divided
The data analyzed in this research are by the number of questions, then the
data obtained from demand questionnaire, average score of 4.4 with the category of
questionnaire validation of media experts, "very good" because it is at intervals of
material experts, assessment by teachers, more than 4.2-5.0.
and student responses. The completed
questionnaires were then analyzed. Scores Material Validation Questionnaire
obtained are then classified using the mean The determination of the validation
to see the suitability of the media in the classification by the material expert is
learning and attractiveness of the material based on the average score of the answer.
presented so as to make students interested The average score is obtained by the
and motivated in learning the learning number of scores divided by the number of
materials developed. It is also expected to
e-Book Based Metacognition Page 7
items. The following is the result of electrolyte and non electrolyte
validation data by the material expert: solution materials is using the ADDIE
Tabel 4 Analysis Material Validation framework. In the ADDIE framework
Questionnaire the research development procedure
Validation Amount Mean Category consists of five stages: Analysis,
Design, Development,
Material 64 4,26 Very Good
Implementation and Evaluation. At
the development stage, the results of
the assessment of material experts,
Based on the above table shows that media experts and users of the
the material is poured into e-Book based teaching materials are 4.4 "excellent",
metacognisi is categorized "very good" 4.26 "very good" and 4.6 "very good"
with score 64. Of the total score can also score.
be searched average material validation. 2. After the product is validated by
Average validation of the material is the media and material experts, it has
number of scores divided by the number of been declared eligible for trial, the
questions, then the average score of 4.26 product is tested into small groups.
with the category of "very good" because Based on the results of the
it is at intervals of more than 4.2-5.0. respondents, from 10 students of
grade X MIPA SMA Negeri 1 Muaro
Master Questionnaire Jambi obtained the result that the
From the results of the teacher's learning media is categorized very
assessment it was found that the e-Book of positive with the percentage of
electrolyte and non-electrolyte solution students respondents in SMA Negeri 1
was categorized as "excellent" with an Muaro Jambi is 90% (very good)
average score of 4.6 with the category stating that students provide a
"very good" because it was at intervals of response positive to e-Book
more than 4.2-5.0. developed.
Student Response Questionnaire
From the result of questionnaire of REFERENCES
student response, the total score of all
respondents (10 people) for all the Amri, S. & Ahmadi I. K. 2010. Konstruksi
questions (15 items) is 750. Percentage of Penngembangan Pembelajaran
student responses: Pengaruhnya Terhadap mekanisme
676 dan Praktik Kurikulum. Jakarta:
K= × 100% = 90%
5 × 15 × 10 Prestasi Pustaka
If the value of 90% is interpreted, it
includes the criteria "Very Good" because Anonim. Diakses Tanggal 1 Februari
it is included in the class 81% -100%. 2017. Software 3D PageFlip
Students' responses to metacognition- Profesional. http://www.3D-
based e-Book are also excellent and can
help students understand chemical bonding
material. Asyhar, R., 2012. Kreatif Mengembangkan
Media Pembelajaran. Jakarta:
Based on the research results can
be drawn conclusion as follows: Diena, Rufaida, dkk., Pengembangan LKS
1. The development procedure used to IPA Berbantuan Microsoft
develop a metacognition-based e- Exspression Web Tema
Book using 3D Page Flip for Pencemaran Lingkungan dan

e-Book Based Metacognition Page 8

Kesehatan untuk Siswa MTs Kelas
VII, Science Education Jurnal,
Fuad, N. 2016. Diakses tanggal 1 Maret
2016. Mengenal Ebook dan
Bagaimana Membacanya di
Perangkat Android dan PC.

Lorin, W.A & David, R.K., 2010.

Kerangka Landasasan Untuk
Pembelajaran, Pengajaran dan
asessemen. New York: David Mckey
Muchtaridi, Milama, B. 2013. KIMIA 1.
Riduwan. 2014. Pengantar Statistika
Sosial. Bandung: Alfabeta.
Slavin, Robert E.2008. Psikologi
Pendidikan Teori dan
Praktik.Jakarta: Indeks
Tegeh, I., Nyoman, I., Pudjawan, K. 2014.
Model Penelitian Pengembangan.
Yogyakarta : Graha Ilmu.
Trianto. 2010. Mendesain Model
Pembelajaran Inovatif Progesif.
Jakarta: Kencana.
Widoyoko, E.P., 2012. Teknik Penyusunan
Instrumen Penelitian. Yogyakarta:
Pustaka Belajar.

e-Book Based Metacognition Page 9