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Pompeii 23rd AD,

Just this morning the emporer announced a big

celebration for his daughter kamelia. It’s her
birthday and she wanted to show everyone a
great time so her father has organised a big party.
My auntie is very tired because she has been
cooking for the party. There were six courses that
included antipasti, ( a number of small dishes of
olives, pickled vegetables and cured meats)
followed by dishes of fish, octopus, lobsters and
wild game all served with a rich fish sauce called
Suddenly the ground shook and the surprise
crashed on the ground and all that had work was
gone and my auntie and I are beginning to get
Pompeii 24th AD,
This morning I felt a big shake but I thought it was
just me because of the big celebration. The big
surprise wasn’t much of a surprise it was just the
finest bread and fish. Because the surprise
crashed she blamed the bakers and we were to
entertain kamelia as our punishment . My auntie
and I felt the tremble of the ground. At first I
thought it was just me. We looked outside, as
were everyone else. There was lots of ash and
we were scared when ‘’thump” went the ground.
everyone ran to the Emporer. He said that the
best men will take the most richest and kamelia.
As the soldiers walked past I saw my father and
my mother. All of the sudden the keeper from the
tower yelled out ‘mons ignifer!’(fire bearing
mountain). Suddenly the mountain spurt out firey
yellow liquid it was super hot. My mother
screamed out ‘Bianca come now!’ and father
helped us immediately. We took a couple of
horses and rode them till they dropped, as we
rode off into the distance I could see all the
people perish, all the houses destroyed but one
temple sill stands I still remember that look on all
the children’s faces of the families that worked for
the emporer I hope that the emporer will think
twice before another mons ignifer.