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2/7/2018 Kolkata Police

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Arms License Guidelines Detective Department
Citizen Charter The  Detective  Department  was  setup  in  1868  primarily  to  control  the  incidence  of
crime in the city and its detection. It is headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police
Community Policing and assisted by Deputy Commissioner DD II. The Detective department is made up of
several squads and sections dealing with specialized types of crime.
Employee Portal  
E‐GD Verification  
Gift Shop  
Group Mediclaim Policy Supervisory Officer Contact Number  
Jt  CP (Crime) 2214­5737  
Hon. High Courts Orders
DC DD (Special)  2214­3235  
Information Under RTI Act DC DD II    
AC DD I 2214­3889  
Kolkata Police Area Map AC DD G 2250­5349  
AC ARS 2214­5032  
Kolkata Police Law Institute AC CIW 2214­5033  
AC Economic Offences Wing 2214­1084  
Police Clearance Certificate AC Women Grievances 2214­5031  
AC Bomb Disposal Squad 2242­1031  
Police Band AC Administration 2242­7243  
AC NC 2214­5030  
Police Final Report      
Investigative Units of the department
Police Museum
Post Mortem Report Departments Phone No.
Homicide Squad 2214­5041 / 2214­1416
Private Security Agencies Anti Dacoity/Robbery Squad 2214­1689 / 2214­1414
Anti Burglary Squad 2214­5045 / 2214­1411
Public Grievance Cell Anti Snatching Squad 2214­5055 / 2214­1413
Watch Section 2214­5046 / 2214­1412
Recruitment Anti Motor Theft Squad 2214­5043 / 2214­1417
Immoral Traffic Section 2214­1428 / 2250­5024
Security Advisory Anti Cheating Section 2214­5051 / 2214­1433
Anti Fraud Section 2214­1432 / 2214­5052
Senior Officers Visit to PS Anti Note Forgery Section 2214­1422 / 2250­5258
Special Cell 2214­5044 / 2214­1424
Tender Bomb Squad 2214­1434 / 2250­5148
Missing Persons Squad 2214­5053 / 2214­1430
Test Your Shooting Skills
Women Grievance Cell 2214­5049 / 2214­1429
Narcotic Cell 2214­1421 / 2250­5235
Cyber Crime Cell 2214­1420 / 2250­5120
Press Section 2250­5052
Important Links Antique Theft Section 2214­1418 / 2250­5304
Anti Terrorist Cell 2214­1419 / 2214­1626
Kolkata Police Units Anti Bank Fraud 2214­1423 / 2250­5014
Kolkata Police Wild Life & Environmental Offences Wing 2250­5305
Recruitment Board    
Supportive Units of the department
Traffic Police Departments Phone No.
The Protector Criminal Records Section 2214­1426 / 2250­5059
Dog Squad 2213­0510 / 2231­8410
More Links Bomb Disposal Squad 2230­3750 / 2231­6857
Scientific Wing 2250­5249
Finger & Foot Print Squad 2214­1425
Photography Section 2250­5312
Plan Making Section 2250­5288
Library 2250­5073
Reserve Office 2214­1415
Motor Transport Section 2214­5716
Malkhana 2250­5332
Central Malkhana 2250­5334
Law Section 2214­1408
Family Counselling Centre 2214­1408
Technical Wing 2214­1262
The Detective Department also provides Counseling Services for:
Distressed women are provided counseling as well as legal support by this cell. Trained counselors and psychiatrists along with lady
Police officers of the cell have succeeded in resolving many problems relating to marital discord, sexual harassment and adjustmental
issues. Call: 2214­5049
Senior Citizens
Senior citizens are provided assistance and necessary help by officers of the Detective Department along with dedicated volunteers. 1/2
2/7/2018 Kolkata Police
Problems relating to juveniles are looked after by trained police officers with the help of psychiatrists.
Alcohol and Drug Victims
All problems relating to addiction are sympathetically looked after by trained police officers with the help of counselors. Information on
de­addiction courses is also available.

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