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Instructions: Read each question carefully before answering. MISSPELLED 18.

18. A political system in which power is concentrated in the hands of a single

WORDS will not be considered. ERASURES AND SUPER IMPOSITIONS are individual.
considered wrong. Write clearly and legibly. Good Luck and God bless!  19. It is the part of the sea extending 12 nautical miles (19 kms) from the low-
I. Fill in the Blanks (20 points) 20. This refers to the land that holds the sea, lying beyond the seashore.
21. A government where the state makes the executive constitutionally
PREAMBLE independent of the legislature.
22. A part of the national territory which includes all the land mass.
We, the 1._________ Filipino people, imploring the aid of 2._________ God, 23. This is also known as the abc doctrine.
in order to build a 3._____ and 4.________ society and establish a 5. 24. The right claimed by the Republic of China over the Scarborough Shoal.
___________that shall embody our ideals and 6.__________, promote the 25. A community of person, permanently occupying a definite portion of a territory.
7.__________ good, 8.________ and 9.________ our 10._________, and 26. The smallest state in the world.
secure to ourselves and our 27. A branch of the Government which is tasked to make our laws.
11. __________ the blessings of 12.________ and 13. _________ 28. This is also called the supreme power.
under the rule of law and a 14._______ of truth, 15._________, 16.________, 29. This is the Provision where we can find the law on our National Territory.
17.______, 18._________ and 19._________, do ordain and 20. _________ 30. This power gives the state the right to collect money from its people.
this Constitution.
III. Explain and Enumerate. (35 points)
II. Identification (30 points)
1. Enumerate at least 12 forms of the government. (12 points)
1. The inherent and plenary power in the State which enables it to prohibit all that 2. Enumerate the different zones in our territory and its area. (3 points)
is hurtful to the comfort, safety, and welfare of society 3. What is the ABC Doctrine? (5 points)
2. A form of government in which the supreme power are vested to the King and 4. What are the Elements of a state? (4 points)
Queen. 5. What are the different theories of the state? (3 points)
3. The Philippines is composed of how many islands? 6. What is the difference between a state and a nation? (5 points)
4. The basic, fundamental law of a state which sets out how the state will be 7. What are the different branches of the Government? (3 points)
5. It is the part of the sea extending 24 nautical miles from the low-watermark.. IV. ILLUSTRATION (15 points)
6. A form of government which is for the people, by the people and of the people.
7. This refers to everything beneath the surface soil and the seabed, including 1. Illustrate our National Territory
mineral and natural resources
8. This refers to all the bodies of water in the national territory.
9. The agency that has the role to administer the state uniformly.
10. The first Constitution of the Philippines.
11. An introductory statement in the constitution that explains its purpose.
12. A form of government in which the power is vested in a few persons or the
wealthy few.
13. Government’s coercive authority, upon just compensation, to forcibly acquire a
property to devote it to public use
14. An introductory statement in the constitution that explains its purpose.
15. A form of government in which the control of national government and local
affairs is exercised by the national government.
16. A form of government in which the powers of the government are divided
between the national government and constituent units.
17. It means total control of all phases of the people’s lives.