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Hiren D Patel
Mob: +9712637661
Email: hirend.2681989@yahoo.com

 2 years experienced as embedded engineer in embedded domain.
 3 years of experienced in academic field as a lecturer.
 Experienced on different Product developments using Different
Microcontrollers like 89S52, AVR ATMEGA168, ATMEGA328P,
 Hand on experienced with different development board like
mini,Ardunio Nano Raspberry PI-3B etc..
 Experience with different interfacing modules like GSM, GPS,
Zigbee, WIFI, RFID, Bluetooth and different types of sensors.
 Completed Embedded System Training from Vector Institute,

Industrial Experiences:

 VED Solution Private ltd., Surat

 6 months of experienced as embedded engineer from Jan 2017
to June 2017.
 Selected purely based on Project requirement. (Purely on
contract basis).
 Firmware development using AVR microcontroller for product of
car parking lock.
 Schematic Design on Eagle cad as well Proteus and component
Project Name: Nifty Park

Car Parking Lock:

 Device (car parking lock) operates using Android and IOS application.

 Communication between device and mobile application is done via


Key skills:


Protocols : UART,
Components : SMD diodes ,transistors and regulators, DC motor,
switches, relays, Bluetooth module, max sonar Ultrasonic sensor,
schematic design on eagle cad ,PCB layout design, SMD component
mounting and testing.

Board design:

 Schematic and Layout design on Eagle cad.

 Design different PCB packages of relays, IC packages, regulator,
terminal block, SMD diode, SMD transistors, and SMD registers for PCB
 Component mounting and soldering.

Firmware development:

 DC motor interfacing and controlling using three different switches.

 Bluetooth communication with microcontroller.
 Power Down mode programming for Bluetooth.
 Power Down mode Programming for microntroller.
 Ultrasonic sensor interfacing with microcontroller for Distance
 i technology, Surat.
 1.5 years of experienced as embedded engineer from MAY 2015
To DEC 2016.

 Worked on 32 bit RISC ARM Cortex M3, ATMEGA 168/328/8/32,

GSM (SIM800L, SIM900, SIM300), GPS, WiFi(ESP8266),
NodeMCU, I2C, SPI protocols, and Touch panel (7 inch TFTLCD
(SSD 1963) & 2.4 TFTLCD) controllers and modules.

Project name:
i. GSM and Touch Control RO (Reverse Osmosis) Panel
A control Panel for Reverse Osmosis plant capacity 10000
LPH, Works on two heavy current pumps. The ARM Cortex M3
controller & the features of 7” touchscreen give fully ease to
operate. It also works on call and SMS and reply the SMS with
flow rate, TDS and tank situation. Relay gives the heavy
voltage controlling from low voltage.
Key skills:
MCU : ARM Cortex M3
Protocols : UART, I2C, SPI
Components : 7” Tanotis TFTLCD (SSD1963), SIM 800L GSM modem,
DS3231 RTC, Relays, Contactors, MCB, Three phase preventer, wiring
logic, LM2596 Buck converter, SMPS.

Board design:

 Schematic and Layout design on Eagle cad.

Firmware development:
 Firmware development on Arduino IDE in reference of Arduino Due
Development board.

ii. Flatbed printing card

a. This card is design for stepper motor operation for flatbed
sari printing machine. This card design such as it removes the
disadvantages of card manufactured from china and saves the
time. it helps them to increase the production.

iii. SMS based pump on off for farmer

a. This system saves time and the human efforts made by
farmers in travel to their sites and turn the pump on or off. it
also notify them the availability of electricity at their site.

iv. Solar charge controller

a. The solar charge controller manufactured to charge the
batteries from renewable energy for Automobile maintenance
companies small business owners to save their bills.
v. Open R.O. water spots for public
a. This system is installed since 1 year on roads in Surat, Rajkot
and Baroda which gives purified chilled water free of cost to
the local public. The system includes RTC for lights on/off
operation. Sensors for water quality, temperature and system
conditions. The time and temperature displays on the seven
segment display install in front side.

Technical Skills:

 Languages: C Embedded C, C++, Linux Internals, TCP/IP Socket

 CPUs Family: Msp430, ARM, PIC, AVR, 8051

 Development used:MSP 430 lauchpad,Raspberry pi 3B,Nordic

NRF52,Ardunio Uno, Ardunio MEGA 2560, Ardunio Nano, Ardunio Pro
mini, AVR ATMEGA32 Development board, PIC development Board,
ARMLPC2148 development Board,8051 development Board

 Embedded Tools: Atmel studio, Code composer studio,MPLAB, WinAVR,

Keil IDE, Arduino IDE, Proteus ISIS, Eagle CAD, Anroid Studio for
 Protocols: UART, I2C, SPI
 Operating System: Windows, Unix
 Other Software Applications: Microsoft Office

Education Qualifications:

 Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Tele Communication

Engineering from North Maharashtra University with 65.93 % in 2011

 HSC and SSC from Gujarat State Education Board with 75% and 60%
in 2007 and 2005 respectively

Training and Academic Projects:

 Completed 6 month Embedded System Training from Vector Institute,


 SMS Well as mobile application based Home Automation:

Operate different devices using SMS. Controller read incoming SMS
from GSM module and operate device as per required.

 Gesture based PC control: controlling of desktop computer

wirelessly using hand gesture
 IOT Based Farm Automation: SMS based as well mobile application
based farm automation like water level detection, automatic controlling
of motor, moisture detection etc.

And many more…

Personal Details:

Full Name: Hirenkumar Dineshbhai Patel

Date of Birth: 26th Aug1989

Marital Status: Unmarried

Languages Known: English, Hindi and Gujarati

Hobbies: Traveling, Cooking

Personal Skills: Good Team leader, Self-confident, Positive attitude,

Accept new challenges

Address: A21, sankalp Bungalows, Utiyadra Road Kosamba, Ta-Mangrol,

Pin code: 394120


I hereby declare that the above mentioned information is true to the best
of my knowledge.

Hiren Patel