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Ismail Seleit

Masters Student | Politecnico Di Milano

email: ismailseleit@gmail.com
Portfolio: behance.net/ismailseleit
Lecco, Italy

Masters of Science
Politecnico Di Milano | oct16-present
Lecco, Italy
Building and Architectural Engineering Masters of Science course is a multidicsiplinary design course focusing on
high performance complex buildings. This programme trains professional figures to effectively answer the cultural and
technical challenges connected with objectives that are imperative (and which cannot be deferred) related to reducing
the environmental impact of the building sector.

- Current average score: 28.25/30 (111 Credits completed)

- Expected graduation date: October 2018

Bachelor in Architectural Engineering and Technology

Cairo University | sep08-jun13
Cairo, Egypt

Five-year architecural program focusing on building technology in design and construction. The program pursues
architecture as a humanistic and professional discipline, which synthesizes art, Engineering sciences and technology
through intellectual rigor, aesthetic judgment, and technical understanding.

- Graduation GPA: 3.42

- Graduation date: July 2013

Summer Exchange Program

University of California in LA | may12-jul12
California, USA

University of California in Los Angeles is one of the most prestigious universities not only in the United States of America
but in the world. Studied Sustainable Architecture and Landscape courses as well as music in movies.

Workshop Participant
Learning from Barcelona | jun17
Barcelona, Spain

This workshop offers the opportunity to explore Barcelona as case study for successful approaches in urban design,
focusing on Connecting the city and the waterfront; Improving the Old Town through public spaces; Regenerating the
system of streets and courtyards of the Eixample and Revitalizing the 22@ district.

- Organized by:
- School of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), China
- Escola Tècnica Superior d ’Arquitectura de Barcelona (UPC), Spain
- Politecnino Di Milano, Italy

Workshop Participant
From Food to City | mar17
Lecco, Italy

Integrated Modification Methodology (IMM) design workshop for or a new Eco-district in Porto di Mare area in Milan.

- Organized by:
- Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands
- Charles Sturt University, Australia
- Politecnino Di Milano, Italy
Workshop Participant
Informal Meets Formal | apr13
Cairo, Egypt
Connecting informal Ard El Lewa area with formal Mohadessin and Sudan st. area.

- Organized by:
- Cairo University, Egypt
- Politecnico Di Milano, Italy

Workshop Participant
University of Lincoln | jun11-jul11
Lincolnshire, UK

One of the top 50 universities in the UK, the university offered a two-week summer school workshop in collaboration with
AASTMT, titled Architecture, Conservation and Sustainability. Several faculty members and guest speakers were part of
this workshop amongst a wide range of students.

- Organized by:
- Cairo University, Egypt
- University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

Dar Al Handasah | feb15-sep16
Cairo, Egypt
Founded in 1956, Dar Al-Handasah (Shair and Partners) is one of the world’s leading international consultancies with five
design centers in Beirut, Cairo, London, Pune, and, Amman and 45 regional operation offices in 30 countries throughout
the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries.
- Produced detailed working drawings, tender documents and designed architectural presentations for large-scale
megaprojects in Cairo, Dubai, Riyadh and Doha. These projects include residential high-rise towers, large-scale malls,
metro stations, hotels and presidential palaces.

NMR Pedals | sep15-jan17
Cairo, Egypt

First company to design and build effects pedals in the Middle-East and North Africa region.
- Co-founder and head of design and manufacturing at NMR Pedals.

- Co-designed and manufactured fuzz and oscillator effect pedal model “DISTORSHY” first locally manufactured pedal
in the region.

- Sold pedals in nine different countries in the first month of the release including Germany, Italy, UK, Canada, Australia
and Slovenia.

- Got interviewed on several independent progressive media platforms including TV Medrar, Mada Masr and Dandin.

- Won first prize at Disrupt Music Competition for best business, music and technology idea.

INJAZ Office Interior | jun14
Cairo, Egypt

Military Engineers | dec13-dec14
Cairo, Egypt

Military Engineers Administration is responsible for all military building designs and executional drawings. Worked on
various architectural projects during obligatory one-year military service.
Film Score Music Composer
Rahala Films | 2016 birlinale film fesitval
Cairo, Egypt
screened in 2016 Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival.

E+K Architects | jan12-mar12
Cairo, Egypt

- Created virtual walk-throughs for the twelve residential units with their proposed alternatives using BIMx technology
and exported to iPad application for presentation using latest touch technology.

Regenerating / Renaturing Lecco urban design competition Second prize | jun17

Laure Larouzé 15th edition design competition Second prize | jan17

Disrupt Music competition - music business and technology First prize | jun15

Merit-based Scholarship | Politecnico Di Milano Gold scholarship recipient | may16

photoshop artlantis
indesign sefaira
illustrator rhino
autoCAD grasshopper
revit final cut pro
sketchup ableton live
archicad keynote

sustainable design reuse multidisciplinary coordination creative thinking graphical representation


mother tongue fluent beginner

Arabic English Italian


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