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A lot of years ago, Capital punishment has been debated, it is a controversial and
important issue in the world and some countries granted Capital punishment for
some of the most heinous crimes, but do you think that in Colombia it can work as
a way to penalize people who have committed terrible things?
It is believed that we need something radical and extreme in order to reduce our
crimes, because unfortunately we live in a society where the value of life is almost
lost, where we do not have respect for others` lives and where we live with fear
and insecurity and it is time to recover our dignity, our trust and leave behind our
emaciated society.
Nowadays, we can be next to one of those criminals because some of them seem
like a normal person, but can you imagine being next to a rapist or a murderer?
Those kind of people should be killed and suffer because they are a plague in our
society and do not deserve to live.

On the other hand, it is not the same point of view from the church; although, they
accept it as a last way to protect the society and in past time they used to use it in
order to penalize offenses committed against God; for the church, the value of life
comes first, because life is a sacred gift of God and regardless the crime
committed nobody can not remove life without offending God.
Another point of view against capital punishment is given by some citizens who
believed that Colombia does not have the appropriate goverment to apply this
punishment and if good laws are not applied, a lot of innocent people will die
because of the goverment’s ineptitude; In Spain some research was applied and
the results revealed that one in seven sentenced is innocent and this person could
be our relative. That is why it is often said and according with some surveys that 75
% of Spanish disagree, 20 % agree and the 5 % does not know how to respond,
and for that in 1978 capital punishment has been abolished from their new

Although a lot of people and even church think in life as a gift from God and they
definitely desagree with capital punishment because they do not believe in the
effect that it has in order to reduce our crimes. There are some studies done by
Dezbakhsh, Rubin and Shepherd (2003) that showed that capital punishment can
reduce crimes, even it said that each execution can avoid 18 murders and each
execution reduce in five killings, that is why in United States it is used.
Besides those research, it is cosidered that if a person not only have killed but also
have done things in order to damage the integrity of another person without any
regret, they must deserve a several punishment and death penalty can work as a
way to show other criminals what is going to happen if they continue doing bad
things to our community.

According to some survey 75 % of Americans agree with capital punishment and

the rest disagree with that, for that reason capital punishment still persist in some
U.S states, such as Alaska, Hawai, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts,
Michigan, Nueva York and Minesotta.
Amnistia International reports that in 2013 the executions rose by almost 15%
compared with 2012, countries like Irak and Iran were the responsible of it,
other four countries like Indonesia, Kuwait, Nigeria and Vietnam resumed
executions, this last did seven executions through lethal injection in 2003.

In summary it is important that society realices about harm those people are doing
to our community; Likewise take an action to prevent our children from growing up
in the middle of those people. It is needed that crimes do not remain unpunished
and death penalty can work as a way to reduce crimes as it was said.

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