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35, 35DL, 35HP & 35DL-HP

Ultrasonic Precision Thickness Gages FEATURES

The Panametrics® Series 35 ultrasonic They can also be viewed as a cross- ■■ Thickness, velocity, time-of-flight and
precision thickness gages provide easy- sectional B-scan image of the thickness reduction rate
to-use and cost-effective solutions in variation over an area.
applications where the opposite side of ■■ Optional live A-scan and adjust mode
These full-featured gages include many
the test material is difficult or impossible standard solution-oriented measurement
to reach. These rugged, pocket-sized ■■ Wide thickness range, as thin as
capabilities: Application Auto-Recall
gages make stable, repeatable thickness to select and recall any of the stored
measurements on most materials of varied ■■ 0.08 mm (0.003 in.)
standard or custom transducer setups in
shapes and sizes. Accurate thickness gage memory, Reduction Rate to track the
measurements are displayed in large ■■ Application auto-recall
percentage of wall thinning, and Velocity
numerals on the backlit LCD or can be or Time of Flight Measurements to directly ■■ File-based alphanumeric data logger
viewed along with the live waveform in measure material sound velocity, as well
the optional A-scan Mode. as many other practical measurement

ADJUST MODE Four models are available: 35 and 35DL

for measurements on metals, plastics,
glass, and other thin materials; and 35HP
and 35DL-HP for sound attenuating ma-
terials such as cast metals, thick rubber,
fiberglass, and composites. The 35DL and
35DL-HP add a versatile file-based alpha-
numeric data logger with incremental,
sequential, and 2-D grid file formats.

Operator can view thickness and waveform with the optional

A-scan mode
From Thin Materials...

The Model 35 with a delay line transducer or immersion Micrometers won’t work in this classic application. Instead, Plastic or metal tubes and pipes of various diameters
bubbler makes accurate thickness measurements on both the Model 35 with a M208 transducer makes a thickness can easily be measured ultrasonically with contact type
convex and concave surfaces of turbine blades. measurement up to a calibrated accuracy of 0.001 mm (or transducers. Small diameters may require immersion type
0.0001 inch) without breaking the glass. measurements.

35 and 35DL
• most materials, from thin to thick
Models 35 and 35DL Are Used In • plastic bottles, tubes, pipes, sheets as
thin as 0.08 mm (0.003 in.)
The Majority of Applications • metal containers, steel coils,
The 35 and 35DL can use transducers ranging from 2.25 to 30 MHz, machined parts as thin as 0.10 mm
which means that these versatile gages can solve the majority of (0.004 in.)
thickness gaging applications, from very thin to very thick. In general, • cylinder bores, turbine blades
transducers with higher frequencies and smaller diameters allow • glass bulbs, bottles
measurements of thinner or curved parts and enhance the accuracy • thin fiberglass, rubber, ceramics, and
of the measurement. composite materials
• curved areas or containers with
small radii
• resolution up to 0.001 mm
(0.0001 in.)

To Thick Materials…

Measure depth to steel / ply cords in rubber conveyor Cylinder bores and many other cast metal parts or The 35HP gages are excellent tools to measure fiberglass or
belts or tires. sound-attenuating materials can be measured with composite parts, from aerospace structures to boat hulls and
the 35HP gages. storage tanks that require thickness control.


Models 35HP and 35DL-HP Are Used • most thick or sound-attenuating

In Sound-Attenuating Materials • thick cast metal parts
• thick rubber tires, belts
With a very low ultrasonic frequency bandwidth and a special
• fiberglass boat hulls, storage tanks
pulser-receiver, the HP gages are specifically designed to optimize
• composite panels
ultrasound penetration when measuring thick, highly sound at-
tenuating or sound scattering materials. Typically these materials • resolution of 0.01 mm or 0.001 in.
cannot be measured with most other ultrasonic thickness gages.

For more than three decades, we have developed
the HP (High Penetration) series specifically for
very sound-attenuating or thick materials. Not
only can these gages use transducers as low as
0.5 MHz but their electronics (pulser-receiver)
are highly optimized to process signals at these
low frequencies.
The result is that the Panametrics gages have
earned a reputation for superior performance in
measuring thick rubber, fiberglass, composites,
and other tough materials.

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From Simple Thickness Measurements...
More than 40 years of experience has MATERIAL SOUND VELOCITY REDUCTION RATE
made Panametrics ultrasonic thickness
gages the most advanced and best known
in the world. The new pocket-sized 35 All 35 models have the capability to make Differential Mode and Reduction Rate
gages are no exception. These practical material sound velocity measurements. Mode are standard features on all models.
gages offer more measurement features This standard feature is useful in applica- Differential Mode shows the thickness
and application-solving capabilities than tions where the speed of the sound within variation from a pre-set thickness value.
their renowned predecessors. All the the material can be correlated to other Reduction Rate calculates and displays the
more reasons for you to consider the properties. Typical applications include percent of thickness reduction after a ma-
35 gages for your precision thickness gage cast metals to monitor the degree of terial thinning process. A typical applica-
application. nodularity, and composites/fiberglass to tion is automotive sheet steel that is bent
monitor variations in density. Olympus and formed to make car body panels.
35 SERIES FEATURES offers a digital caliper for automatic trans-
• Velocity and Reduction Rate fer of measurement thickness.
measurements are standard on all
• Wide thickness range from 0.08 mm
to 635.0 mm (0.0030 in. to 25.0 in.)
depending on instrument and material
• Uses contact, delay line, and
immersion transducers
• Application Auto-Recall with default
and custom setups
• Hand-held; weighs only 0.24 kg Material thinning is displayed as a percentage.
• (8.5 oz)
Velocity measurement mode with direct Velocity readout.
• Min/Max Mode
• Hi-Low alarm
• English and metric display
• (inches/mm)
• Multi-language user interface
• Long battery life

You can measure critical thickness metal thinning caused

by bending.


Application Auto-Recall simplifies making
thickness measurements. Select any of the
stored transducers and the 35 gages recall
Ultrasonic measurements are
all relevant internal transducer parameters.
accurate, reliable, and repeatable.
Instant digital readings can be Stored Standard Setups
achieved by transmitting sound into Standard setups include most commonly
just one side of a material, making it used transducers.
unnecessary to cut or destroy parts Stored Custom Setups
where the opposite side is difficult Just in case your special application
to reach and where micrometers or problem cannot be solved with a Standard
other inspection tools cannot do Setup, these gages can create, store, and
the job. recall as many as 20 Custom Setups (10
with the 35 and 35HP).

To Difficult Applications...
LIVE WAVEFORM AND The 35 Series offer the B-scan feature that
MAKE ADJUSTMENTS converts live thickness readings into cross-
sectional images drawn on the display.
An optional Live Waveform Mode on
This standard feature is a very helpful in
all models permits the user to view the
applications when it is desired to review
ultrasound waveform (or A-scan) directly
how the thickness is changing over a dis-
on the gage’s display to make sure the
tance. When the user activates the B-scan
thickness reading is correct. The Adjust
feature it starts drawing the cross-sectional
Mode feature facilitates transducer setup
thickness when the transducer makes
adjustments to maximize measurement
contact with the material. The Freeze Min
performance for challenging applications.
function can be used to display the Mini-
• High pixel density LCD renders sharp mum thickness of the scanned area. Up
trace of live waveform to 350 B-scan images can be stored in the
• Permits real-time verification of 35DL, 35DL HP data logger.
thickness readings
• Helps solve many difficult applications
• A Range, Delay, or Zoom allow
enlarging and centering to any section
of the waveform
• Permits adjustments of transducer
setup parameters
• Stores waveforms in data logger and
transfers to PC

Thickness and waveform of a very thin (0.004 inch or 0.10

mm) sheet of steel.

An optional protective rubber boot

protects the gage.

Optional 35PCSCOPE interface software
permits the instant display of live ultra-
sonic waveforms and thickness readings
directly on your computer screen. This is
helpful when setup parameters require
closer examination.

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And Data Collection And Management...
DATA COLLECTION FOR FAST AND On-board Statistics Calculator GridView
The Models 35DL and 35DL-HP internal The GridView feature permits viewing of
RELIABLE DOCUMENTATION data loggers feature an on-board statistical stored thickness data in a Grid or Expand-
Internal Data Logger calculator to generate reports that can be ed Liner format. It allows the user to easily
The powerful 35DL and 35DL-HP internal transmitted directly to your printer. review and navigate saved thickness data
data loggers allows you to store, recall, in a Row and Column grid by simultane-
and transmit 31,000 thickness readings ously displaying the grid positions along
along with their Identification Codes. With with the current thickness reading.
the optional live wave form mode these
gages can also store 1300 wave forms
with thickness readings. All stored infor-
mation can be transmitted from these units
to your computer for statistical analysis.
Alphanumeric Identification Codes
You can assign an eight character file
name and up to a ten character alpha-nu- Statistic report showing Minimum and Maximum values.
meric ID number to each stored thickness
measurement. Each thickness reading is
fully documented with parameter infor-
mation such as material sound velocity,
transducer data, and measurement mode.

Statistic report showing Hi/Low Alarms, Mean, Median and

Standard Deviation.

A color coded grid easily flags

out-of-tolerance thickness

This printed measurement report contains measurement, ID and

other parameters.

• The optional GageView Interface • Viewing Dataset and Survey file • Exporting Surveys to spreadsheets
Program, a Windows-based information including thickness • and other programs
application, collects, creates, prints, readings, gage setup values, and • Collecting snapshot screens
and manages data from the 35DL and transducer setup values • Printing reports such as Thickness,
35DL-HP. • Downloading and uploading Setup Table, Statistics, and Color Grid
• Datasets and Surveys creation thickness surveys to and from the • Upgrading operating software
• Stored data editing gages

...we have a thickness gage for you
The 25MULTI PLUS calculates and
simultaneously displays as many as four
Olympus offers a full range of ultrasonic separate measurements. The Summation Olympus offers a complete selection of
thickness gages designed to meet your Mode accurately displays the total thick- transducers, cables, couplants, calibration
most demanding application require- ness of selected layers. test blocks, and other accessories to meet
ments. The Models 25DL PLUS and the most demanding thickness measure-
On-line applications
25HP PLUS are advanced precision ment applications. Our high quality
The 25MX PLUS takes multipoint and
thickness gages that feature a large Panametrics Microscan transducers are
single thickness measurements on a wide
4 in. x 3.3 in. LCD with full waveform available in many frequencies, element
variety of materials. Connected to the
range and delay control. These gages also diameter sizes, and connector styles.
optional MX-8 multiplexer, the 25MX
feature a more advanced alphanumeric • Contact, delay line, and immersion
PLUS can collect and display thickness
file-based data logger and a direct access thickness gage transducers
measurements from as many as eight
keypad for easy control over measurement • Transducer cables
parameters. • Couplants
Hall Effect thickness gage • Calibration test blocks
The Magna-Mike® 8500 thickness gage
www.olympus-ims.com makes measurements when a magnetic
probe is held on one side of the test mate- Ask for our comprehensive 6-page
Visit the Application
rial and a small steel target ball is placed brochure on thickness gage transducers
section of our website on the opposite side. and accessories!
to learn more about our Flaw detection
ultrasonic solutions. Olympus offers the EPOCH and Sonic
series of portable ultrasonic flaw detectors Olympus is represented by well-trained,
that are widely used to detect and charac- experienced applications and sales
terize hidden internal defects in engineer- engineers located in all major industrial
ing materials such as metals, plastics and regions around the world. These profes-
composites. sionals are available to assist the customer
in selecting the best and most cost-effec-
tive solution for a particular application.
Visit our website www.olympus-ims.com
to locate the nearest representative in your

www.olympus-ims.com 7
35 Series Specifications*
MEASUREMENTS Alarm Mode: Programmable Hi-Low 35DL & 35DL-HP
alarm set points with audible and visual
Mode 1: Time interval between excita-
tion pulse and first back wall echo, using Data Logger: The 35DL & 35DL-HP
contact transducers. Differential Mode: Displays thickness
identify, store, recall, clear, and transmit
difference between actual measurement
Mode 2: Time interval between the first thickness readings and transducer setup
and reference value.
interface echo after the excitation pulse information via the USB port or optional
and the first backwall echo, using delay Reduction Rate Mode: Displays thickness RS-232.
line or immersion transducers. and percent difference between actual
Max. # of Stored Values: Over 31,000 or
measurement and reference value.
Mode 3: Time interval between successive 1,300 waveforms with thickness readings
back wall echoes following the first inter- Application Auto-Recall: Automatically (with Waveform Option)
face echo after the excitation pulse, using adjusts internal parameters for various
Stored Data Documentation: Each saved
delay line and immersion transducers. default and custom transducer setups.
thickness reading is fully documented
Measurement Types: Thickness, Velocity, # of Default # of Custom with measurement status flags and a setup
or Time of Flight 35 21 10 number that identifies parameters such as
35DL 21 20 velocity, transducer, etc.
File Name Length: 8 alphanumeric
• Digital Thickness Readout 35DL-HP 17 20
• Cross-sectional B-scan Other Standard Features: Calibration Lock
• A-scan or Waveform (optional all Mode, Internal Diagnostic Test Mode, Identification Codes: 10 character
models) Metric/English Units, On-board Statistics alphanumeric Identification Code system
• DB Grid (35DL and 35DL-HP only) (35DL and 35DL-HP only) identifies or locates stored data
Thickness Measurement Range†: 4 File Templates: Incremental, Sequential
0.08 mm to 635 mm (0.003 in. to 25 in.)
POWER SUPPLY and 2D Grid. Manual files from PC.
Thickness range depends on model, material,
Battery: 3 AA alkaline or NiMH batteries

transducer, surface condition, and setup selected. Operating Time: 150 hours typical battery
Material Velocity Range: life; 30 hours continuous with backlight Wrist Strap, 3 AA Batteries, Test Block,
0.5080 mm/μs to 18.699 mm/μs on Transducer Cable, Couplant, Carrying
(0.02000 in./μs to 0.7362 in./μs) Case, Instruction Manual, Two-Year
Low Battery Indicator: Continuously
Limited Warranty
Resolution (keypad selectable): indicates battery status.
LOW: 0.1 mm (0.01 in.) Battery Saver: Auto Power Off/Continuous OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES
STANDARD: 0.01 mm (0.001 in.) On 35/WF: Live Waveform
HIGH: 0.001 mm (0.0001 in.) (35 &
35DL) AC Power Supply: Optional Gageview: Interface Program

Time of Flight Measurement Range: GENERAL 35DL/RS232: RS-232 output

0.0 µs to 109.5 µs Environmental IP-65 compliant: 35DLHP/RS232: RS-232 output
Time of Flight Resolution: Splash-proof, impact-resistant case. 35PCScope: PCScope Program
Fixed at 000.01 µs Sealed, color-coded keypad with tactile
USB/ADP-115: AC-115 Power Supply
and audible feedback.
Measurement Update Rate: USB/ADP-230: AC-230 Power Supply
4, 8, 16, or Max Hz (16 Hz to 20 Hz Operating Temperature Range:
depending on application and measure- –10° C to +50° C (+14° F to 122° F) MG2/RPC: Protective Rubber Boot
ment mode) Size (W x H x D): 84 mm x 152 mm x 35/DLRETRO: Upgrade 35 to 35DL
Transducer Frequency Range: 39.6 mm (3.31 in. x 6.0 in. x 1.50 in.) 35HP/DLRETRO: Upgrade 35HP to
2.25 MHz to 30 MHz (35 & 35DL) Weight: 0.24 kg (8.5 oz) 35DL-HP
0.5 MHz to 5.0 MHz (35HP & 35DL-HP)
Custom Language Utility: Allows
Min/Max Mode: Displays current thick- translation of display text in many
ness, minimum or maximum thickness languages.
depending on setting.
Display Hold/Blank: Displays blanks after
last reading or holds reading.

is ISO 9001 certified.

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