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Dr. Jekyll AND Mr. Hyde: A Filmography

Charles King
Published online: 02 Apr 2010.

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'Ihe story 01 1)r. Jekj I1 and Mr. Hyde remains popular perhaps becdiire of it\ idea of segregating one component 01
a person and gi\ irig it a reparate physical form.


ince its original publication in 1886, Robert States, the story has frequently been udaptcd f o r filtii.

Louis Stevenson's The Stmtige Case of D K Although the film versions could be claimctl with
. I d d l uiid MI: H y i e has maintaineu a remark- equal authority by the horror and science fiction gen-
able and never-wavering popularity. The stot y has res, they are now nittneroits enough to constitutc a
achieved such a high levcl of name recognition that subgenre. There have been at least 88 lilm and tclcvi-
mo\t Americans and European\ who have never read sion adaptations, including shorts and some less-Ira-
the original story could \ummarize its plot, or at least ditional variations. Since 1908, there has not been a
explain its central premise. Particularly in the United period of longer than five years without a version of

10 JPF&T-Journal of Popular Film and Television

the story, and multiple versions in the negative qualities of a person are in with his mistress is not so different
same year are not uncommon. Most some way concentrated together-in a from abusive relationships that actual-
scholarship on film adaptations of DK painting, for example, in Wilde’s ly exist in our society. Part of the con-
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has focused on story-but more commonly in the tinual fascination with Hyde is that the
only a handful of the films, most fre- form of a dangerous alter ego.’ character is only a slight exaggeration
quently Rouben Mamoulian’s 1931 Probably all of such stories should of the negative aspects of our culture,
version. This article is intended to be be seen as manifestations of a much and most variations of the story
an introduction to the study of the older folkloric tradition about people (except for some of the comedies) play
broader subgenre, both identifying who are unable to control an aspect of on the audience’s suspicion that the
themes that appear in a number of ver- their persona that can transform into a capacity to become Hyde might be
sions and providing the most compre- fierce beast. The differences between a lurking inside of anyone.
hensive and accurate filmography werewolf story and a Jekyll and Hyde One interesting difference between
compiled on the subject. The filmogra- story are often not great, as both fre- the films and Stevenson’s original
phy in particular should serve as a solid quently exploit a fear that the main story is that Stevenson’s story lacks
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foundation for future research into the character (with whom the audience any female characters or sexual con-
Jekyll and Hyde film subgenre. identifies) will be unable to avoid hurt- tent.2The films tend to emphasize sex-
ing his or her closest friends, relatives, ual repression as the major force
Themes and Variations or lover. This element is strongest at underlying Jekyll’s transformation and
Some Jekyll and Hyde films retain a the end of the Jekyll and Hyde story, present the unleashing of sexual desire
large part of Stevenson’s story, and when Jekyll begins to change without as the main manifestation of the “beast
others retain only the central premise taking any drugs. At that point, he within.” To introduce the sexual ele-
of a transformation that separates seems as cursed to harm those around ments, the films frequently use one or
someone’s personality into indepen- him as any victim of lycanthropy. both of two devices. One is to intro-
dent components. The popularity of Indeed, Stevenson’s story compounds duce a lower-class woman (usually a
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde may rest less the menace posed by the werewolf dance-hall girl) whom Jekyll finds
in the specifics of Stevenson’s story- legend, for Jekyll cannot even depend attractive but whom he cannot
excellent though it is-than on the on the regularity of the lunar cycle to approach because of their difference in
basic appeal of the idea of segregating tell him when he will change into an status. The other is to give Jekyll a
one component of a person from the uncontrollable monster. fiancke or girlfriend with whom he
whole and giving it a separate physical Such stories draw on the audience cannot have sex because of Victorian
form. Different filmmakers have treat- members’ fears about their own self- prohibitions and because her father is
ed this premise in a variety of ways, control and safety and the safety of trying to stop or delay their marriage.3
producing everything from grim cau- those around them. Any society has Several versions, including those of
tionary tales to slapstick comedy, from actual examples of seemingly placid John S . Robertson (1920), Mamoulian
puritanism to pornography. Major people who suddenly become raging (1931)’ and Fleming (1941), combine
themes of the films include the fear (or monsters due to insanity, intoxicants, the two ideas, making the engagement
celebration) of a loss of self-control, anger, or a breakdown in social yet another reason why Jekyll cannot
concerns about the potential of science restraints caused by war (of which act on his attraction to the dance-hall
to violate a natural order, the seduc- recent events in Bosnia are only the girl. In Mary Reilly (1996) Stephen
tions and dangers of addiction, and the latest example). Hyde represents the Frears seems to be trying to combine
potential consequences (negative or human potential for violence, both in elements of both in a single person.
positive) of reversing standard social his casual attacks on strangers and in Mary Reilly is a lower-class, live-in
or sexual conventions. his destructive personal relationships. maid who is in love with Jekyll, but
One theme that is found in many of Several film versions of the story show who also forms a relationship with
the films, and which derives from the character forming a long-term abu- Hyde. Other films involve only the
Stevenson’s story, is the fear of the sive relationship with a dance-hall girl, dance-hall girl (Reisner, 1955; Jarrott,
“beast within,” the idea that a segment spending his days in socially accept- 1968) or only the fianckelgirlfriend
of the personality that is evil or devot- able activities as Jekyll, and then (Borowczyk, 1981; Wickes, 1990).
ed to amoral self-gratification could be changing to Hyde for evenings spent When Jekyll transforms, Hyde acts (or
segregated or selectively unleashed. terrorizing, beating, and sexually at least attempts to act) on the desires
Variations of this idea can be found in abusing his girlfriend. In a time when that Jekyll repressed, but always in the
a number of works of nineteenth-cen- there is more open discussion of ugliest possible way. Hyde’s relation-
tury fiction, including such notable domestic abuse, it is now possible to ship with the lower-class woman is
examples as Edgar Allen Poe’s say in films what Rouben Mamoulian abusive, and he threatens Jekyll’s
William Wilson (1839) and Oscar (1931) and Victor Fleming (1941) fianc6e/girlfriend with rape. Hyde’s
Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray were probably reluctant to say in attempt to assault Jekyll’s girlfriend
(1890). In those stories, the potential theirs, that Hyde’s abusive relationship can be found in versions as early as
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 11

that of Henderson (1912). In Jekyll & would not have been tempted to trans- from sex to race and suggests that the
Hyde (Wickes, 1990), he succeeds in form himself into Hyde. Moderate beast within a black man who wants to
raping her. sexual desire and moderate sexual ful- heal is a white man who wants to kill.
It is perhaps a tribute to the versatili- fillment are therefore affirmed as In addition to concerns about sexual
ty of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde that film- virtues; their restriction doomed Jekyll repression and the beast within, other
makers have taken the same plot ele- and might doom others. themes in Jekyll and Hyde films derive
ments and presented fundamentally Far more radical is Walenan Borow- from the idea of a transformation that
incompatible interpretations.One read- czyk’s 1981 version, which rejects any is scientifically and deliberately enact-
ing is as a strict cautionary tale against moral restraints, on sex or anything ed (at least at first). One issue is the
unleashing destructive desires against else. Borowczyk’s Hyde sexually question of when science goes too far.
loved ones. The fear of such an un- assaults most of the film’s characters, Should men attempt to alter “God’s
leashing may be a common element in both male and female, and only those plan” for the universe? In his book Per
traditional werewolf lore, but Steven- who have freed themselves of social Schelde perhaps exaggerates when he
son’s story is better suited to advocating restraints and are themselves in some presents “not playing god” as the pri-
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specifically sexual restraint, for Jekyll way subverting bourgeois conventions mary (indeed, sole) theme of the Dr.
is changing into Hyde voluntarily, and survive his attack. In Borowczyk‘s Jekyll and Mr. Hyde story? but the
that is a self-indulgencehe could avoid.
Because of the destructive potential in
any relationship in which one of the
parties is only interested in self-gratifi-
cation, the story of Hyde can be used to n the majority of the films, JelcylI first
argue that restraint is good, and that
society requires it to survive.
Some of the films go so far in advo-
controls his use of the drug, but in
cating sexual restraint that they sug-
gest that sexual desire in general is a
the end the drug controls him.
danger that should be suppressed. In
Robertson’s version (1920), when
Jekyll simply looks at a dancer and
finds her attractive, a silent title card
reads, “For the first time in his life, film, unleashing the beast within is theme is certainly present in several
Jekyll had wakened to a sense of his preferable to enduring the endless film versions. In the films of Mamou-
baser nature.” In Jarrott’s version banalities of bourgeois society, and the lian (1931), Fleming (1941), Jarrott
(1968), the dancer makes a pass at film displays no sympathy for Hyde’s (1968), and Wickes (1990), Jekyll’s
Jekyll saying, “What does it feel like, victims. At the end of the film, Jekyll’s experiments are described as “blas-
doing something you want for a fiancke Fanny Osbourne5 voluntarily phemy,” and the negative outcome of
change?’ Jekyll’s response is to transforms herself into a Hydelike the experiment confirms the point.
change involuntarily into Hyde and female, helps Hyde slaughter her fami- Even in The Nutty Professor (1963),
attack her. In these films (particularly ly, and then elopes with him. The final Jerry Lewis makes a speech about how
Robertson’s), Hyde’s eventual destruc- scene shows the pair of them inside a science can go too far.
tion of Jekyll’s life seems to be a pun- carriage, licking blood from each Another major theme in the films is
ishment for Jekyll’s failure to maintain other’s nude bodies in an orgy of anar- addiction. In the beginning, Jekyll con-
his self-control. chic triumph. trols his use of the drug, but in the end
Other films take a different tack. Like Robertson’s film, Borowczyk’s the drug controls him. In Allen Reis-
Mamoulian’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde has several supporting characters and ner’s television version (1955), Jekyll
(1931) and Wickes’s Jekyll & Hyde plot elements that are still recognizable tells his lawyer that he enjoys the
(1990) both emphasize a contrast as being drawn from Stevenson’sstory, release that the drug gives him, but in
between the positive relationship but it reflects a moral and political per- the end he cannot control the transfor-
Jekyll has with his fiancke/girlfriend spective as different from that of mations. Mary ReiZly (1996) uses the
and the abusive relationships of Hyde.4 Robertson as any story could be. What title character’s alcoholic father as an
Although the films are still cautionary is remarkable about Stevenson’s cen- overt comparison to Jekyll and his
tales against violence and sexual tral plot premise is that it allows any transformations, a metaphor both for
excesses, the blame shifts subtly from number of variant themes to be con- the way a drug can alter personality and
individual lust to society’s restrictions. structed on its basic framework, even for Jekyll’s compulsive need for it. One
If Jekyll could pursue his love affair within a specific motif like the beast of the more unusual slants on the drug
without the barriers erected by social within. Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (Crain, theme is in Edge of Sanity (Kikoine,
convention and the woman’s father, he 1975) shifts gears (at least partially) 1988), in which Hyde smokes his for-
12 JPF&T-Journal of Popular Film and Television

mula from what looks like an opium One final subgroup of wish-fulfill- an impressive effort, and I am indebted
pipe. What is odd is that he repeatedly ment versions should be noted: movies to it. However, it is somewhat dated,
shares the drug with other people who in which a male Jekyll changes into a not simply because of the absence of
merely become intoxicated. In other female Hyde. There are now four such recent films but also because Geduld
words, the drug is nothing but a simple films, which demonstrates the popu- did not have access to reference works
narcotic that removes inhibitions, and larity of the idea. As a group they are that have recently become available. In
there is no transformation outside of extremely lightweight, usually aiming addition, close examination reveals that
Jekyll’s mind. If “Hyde” kills people for cheap laughs (as in DI: Jekyll and several of Geduld’s titles are duplicates
under the drug’s influence, it is because Ms.Hyde; Price, 1995) or the potential under slightly different names; there
Jekyll is already insane. This Jekyll, for sexual titillation inherent in a tem- are also mistakes in dates and names of
too, is addicted to his drug-induced porary change in gender. DI: Jeckel directors. In this filmography I have
freedom, and given a choice between and Ms.Hyde (Craig, 1990) is a hard- included additional information for a
the drug and the life of his wife, he core pornographic film, and The Adult number of the titles that Geduld includ-
chooses the former. Version of Jekyll and Hide (Raymond ed, as well as 30 titles that he does not
Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

Comic versions tend to concentrate and Elliot, 1971) was X-rated by the list. I have also provided information
on the humorous potential of transfor- standards of its day. Only DI: Jekyll about video releases, which Geduld did
mations in unexpected forms, at unex- and Sister Hyde (Baker, 1971) makes not attempt.
pected times, or in ways which reverse
the expected status quo. Steno’s Dot-
tor Jekyll e gentile signora (1979) has
an uncharacteristically sinister Jekyll

deliberately trying to turn his grandson
into a dangerous monster, only to have he comedies often drift far from
him transform into a completely
benevolent figure instead. In the car- Stevenson’s book and are
toon version Hyde and Go Tweet (Fre-
ling, 1960), the seemingly helpless
Tweety Bird suddenly becomes more
basically wish-fulfiIlment fantasies.
than a match for his larger pursuer
Sylvester the Cat, to the cat’s total
bewilderment (and the audience’s sat-
isfaction). In both versions of The
Nutty Professor (Lewis, 1963; Shady- more than the most token effort to be a Of course, a major problem in com-
ac, 1996), an unattractive professor horror movie. The flimsiness of these piling the filmography was deciding
transforms himself into a handsome movies suggests that although the idea what constitutes a “Jekyll and Hyde”
ladies’ man, only to switch back at of temporarily changing genders film. A lot of science-fiction films
inconvenient moments as his two per- might have some appeal as a male sex borrow in part from Stevenson’s ideas,
sonas battle for control of his body. fantasy, it is not a fantasy that the male but are not specifically adaptations of
Both personas pursue the same filmmakers want to look at too rigor- The Strange Case of DI:Jekyll and MI:
woman, who eventually chooses the ously. The total absence of versions in Hyde-for example, Altered States
doctor’s original form. which a female Jekyll changes to a (1980), The Darker Side of Terror
The comedies often drift far from male Hyde is also striking. (1979), Monster on Campus (1958),
Stevenson’s book, but they neverthe- and The Incredible Hulk (1978). I have
less form an interesting flip side to the Filmography generally been conservative about
more serious adaptations, in that they My purpose in presenting this list is such quasi-adaptations, and I have
are basically wish-fulfillment fan- not to review all the films, which would excluded them unless they were close
tasies. It is perhaps worth remember- require a book-length study, but rather to the original story. I have been much
ing that when people fantasize about to compile as complete a filmography less strict about films that actually use
changing to a different persona, it is as possible and to attempt to resolve the in their titles “Jekyll and Hyde” or
more likely to be a pleasant “what if’ frequent contradictions in the credits that make overt reference to Steven-
fantasy than a cautionary tragedy. The listed in available reference sources. son’s story, and I have included a
hero of both versions of The Nutty The only previous attempt to compile a number of eccentric items such as
Professor is able to find out what his comprehensive list of Jekyll and Hyde television parodies and animated
life would be like if he were handsome films is that of Hany M. Geduld in his shorts, as long as they contained the
and self-confident, but he also finds The Definitive Dr Jekyll and MI: Hyde central motif of transformation. I have
love in his original form: two fantasies Companion (195-201). He listed 67 not seen all of the films on the list, but
for the price of one. titles through 1976. Geduld’s work is I have tried not to include films that
Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 13

did not attempt to be adaptations of Curiously, television can present Russell Sullivan’s play Dr. Jekyll and M K
Stevenson’s story. For example, some some of the same problems. In the case Hyde (1 888). The dance-hall girl is almost
certainly a borrowing from Wilde’s The
books say that Spanish director Jescs of early pioneering television efforts, Picture of Dorian Gray (1890). See David
Franco made a Jekyll and Hyde film, the shows can once again be lost andor J. Skal, The Monster Show: A Cultural
but his The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll (El inadequately documented,but even rel- History of Horror (New York Norton,
Secret0 del Doctor Orlojg; 1964) and atively recent material can be unavail- 1993) 139-41, and Paul M. Jensen (see the
Mrs. Hyde (Sie tiStete in Ekstase, able for view, often locked away in bibliography).
4. In Jekyll & Hyde, the woman is not
1970) are just misleading retitlings of some network vault. Perhaps because of Jekyll’s fianch, but the sister of his dead
films that had nothing to do with the sheer volume of episodes, reference wife. She and Jekyll are in love, but their
Jekyll and Hyde. books have not achieved the degree of relationship is blocked because she is
Those who have not attempted to thoroughnessfor television that one can trapped in a loveless marriage to a husband
compile a filmography dealing with find for film,and often they cannot or who is away in the navy and because her
father unfairly blames Jekyll for her sis-
the silent era may be puzzled by the do not fill in the gaps. I have provided ter’s death from pneumonia.
many early films on this list that lack as much information as I could.’ 5. The name is that of Robert Louis
Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

some or all of their credits. Many of the Each entry in the filmography gives Stevenson’s real-life wife, a curious touch
early silent films are completely lost or the director (d) and the actor or actors by the filmmaker.
are simply unavailable for view to any- (a) who play Jekyll and Hyde or, in the 6. Per Schelde, Androids, Humanoids,
and Other Science Fiction Monsters (New
one who is not prepared to travel the case of less-traditional versions, the York: New York UP, 1993) 47-50. Schelde
world in search of a copy. More impor- name of the actor who undergoes a is a good example of an author who only
tant, many of the films never had cred- transformation. In some cases, that discusses Mamoulian’s 1931 version. He
its to begin with. Much of the informa- character is not the main character of defends this focus by saying that the other
tion that we take for granted in film the film.The abbreviation @c) refers to films are ‘‘only minimal variations” (12). Is
credits was routinely omitted in the the production company or studio. a film really just a “minimal variation”
when it endorses the crimes of Hyde (as in
first 20 years of filmmaking. As a Video company listings (v for video Borowczyk’s film) or when Jekyll and
result, the attribution of films is often and vd for videodisc) may not always Hyde are supporting characters, as in Mary
the product of detective work, and the reflect current availability, but out-of- Reilly?
detectives, sadly, do not always suc- print tapes do continue to circulate in 7. In addition to Geduld, my major
ceed or agree among themselves. For a many video stores. If there is no video sources are listed in the bibliography.
good comparison, examine Roy Kin- company stated, then the film is not (to
nard’s Horror in Silent Films, which my knowledge) available in that medi- BIBLIOGRAPHY
lists 436 titles for the period um.The entries are numbered for cross Benayoun, Robert, and Giles Gressard.
1896-1912. Of these, Kinnard could referencing. Unless otherwise stated in Borowczyk: Cineaste onirique: Le cas
find the name of the director in only its note, the entries are all feature- &range du D,: Jekyll et Miss Osbourne.
111 cases, roughly 25 percent. I have length films or, in the case of television Paris: Collection La Vue, 1981.
Brooks, Tim, and Earle Marsh. The Com-
filled in some of Kinnard’s credit omis- series, episodes intended to fill an hour- plete Directory to Prime Time Network
sions (and found silent films that he length time slot. I have given only a TV Shows 1946-Present. 3rd ed. New
does not mention at all), but some of partial number to some of the more York Ballantine, 1985.
the gaps will never be filled. Generally, doubtful entries; thus, there is a “la” Bushnell, Brooks. Directors and their
I have attempted to avoid giving an and so forth. Films: A Comprehensive Reference
1895-1990. Jefferson, NC: McFarland,
impression of certainty where it is not 1991.
warranted. There are certain mysteries NOTES Catalogue of Copyright Entries Curnula-
that simply do not lend themselves to tive Series: Motion Pictures. 2 vols.:
clear answers, such as the identity of 1. For other examples, see Ralph 1950-1959 and 1960-1969. Washing-
the director of Luke’s Double (1916), Tymms, “Doubles in Literary Psychology,” ton, DC: Library of Congress, 1960,
in The De$nitive D,: Jekyll and M E Hyde 1971.
the acting credits of Dr.Jekyll and Mx Companion, ed. Harry M. Geduld (New Clarens, Carlos. An Illustrated History of
Hyde (Henderson, 1912), or the ques- York Garland, 1983) 77-94. the Horror Film. New York Capricorn
tion of whether A Modern Dr. Jekyll 2 For discussions of the original story Books, 1967.
(1909) is a retitling of an earlier film. I and its contemporary context, see Martin DAgostino, Annette M. Harold Lloyd: A
thought it was a better reflection of the Tropp. Images of Fear: How Horror Sto- Bio-Biblwgmphy.Westport, CT: Green-
ries Helped Shape Modern Culture wood, 1994.
actual state of the evidence to acknowl- (1818-1918) (Jefferson, NC: McFarland, Dardis, Tom. Harold Uoyd: The Man on
edge the ambiguities in such cases 1990) 90-132; the essays collected by the Clock. New York Penguin, 1983.
rather than to declare one of the William Veeder and Gordon Hirsh in Dr. Drew, Bernard A. Motion Picture Series
options to be certain. In other cases, Jekyll and Mr.Hyde: Afer One Hundred and Sequels: A Reference Guide. New
there is not even enough information Ears (Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1988); York: Garland, 1990.
and Harry M. Geduld’s anthology cited in Engberg. Marguerite. Registrant over
for ambiguity. The director of a film note 1. danske film 1896-1914, Bind 11:
like The Duality of Man (1910) is sim- 3. The fiande was part of the tradition 1910-1912. Copenhagen: Institut for
ply a black hole in the record. prior to the first movie, first appearing in T. Filrnvidenskab, 1977.
14 JPF&T-Journal of Popular Film and Television

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Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

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Drama: The Experimental Years. Uni- NC: McFarland, 1980. 1971.
versity, AL:U of Alabama P, 1986. The Phantom of the Movies. The Phan- Willis, Donald C. Horror and Science Fic
Jensen, Paul M.“Dr. Jekylls & Mr. Hydes: tom’s Ultimate Video Guide. New York: tion Films: A Checklist. Metuchen, NJ:
The Silent Years.” Video Watchdog 17 Dell, 1989. Scarecrow, 1972.
(May-June 1993): 42-59. Prkdal, Rent5 900 cinkastes fraqais d’au- Wright, Gene. Horrorshows: The A-2 of
Katz, Ephraim. The Film Encyclopedia. jourd’hui. Paris: CerfRCICrama, 1988. Horror in Film, Radio, and Theatre.
2nd ed. New York Harper, 1994. Rajadhyaksha, Ashish, and Paul Willemen. New York: Facts on File, 1985.

1. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1908, USA) other examples of the same studio releasing two different Jekyll
(d) Otis Turner. (a) Hobart Bosworth. (pc) Selig Polyscope. and Hyde films within a year of each other (see entry nos. 47 and
Apparently lost, this short film was produced by William N. Selig. 48 below), but distributors who re-release the same films under
See next entry. multiple titles are far more common. There is no way to resolve
la, A Modem Dr Jekyll(l909, USA) the point definitively, but without more evidence I see no grounds
(d) Unknown. (a) Unknown. (pc) Selig Polyscope. for rejecting the standard view that this film is a retitling.
Other than that it was produced by Selig, there is no credit infor- 2. Dc Jekyll and Mc Hyde (1908, USA)
mation (and little information of any kind) extant about this lost (d) Sidney Olcott. (a) Frank Oakes Rose. (pc) Kalem.
film. The only critic who does not regard it as a retitling of the pre- A short film. One interesting casting note about this version is
ceding entry is Phil Hardy in his Science Fiction: The Overlook that its leading lady was Gene Gauntier, an early female film pio-
Film Encyclopedia. He views it as a separate film, but his only evi- neer who directed a movie called The Grandmother in 1910.
dence is the title. He also argues that as the 1908 version seems to Most books that list film versions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde list
have been set at the date of Stevenson’s original story, it could not only one version for 1908, choosing either this one or no. 1
have been passed off as “modem.” However, the story was only 30 above, apparently assuming that there could not have been two.
years old in 1908, and the period sets could have passed as mod- There were indeed two. I cannot find an exact release date for
em, particularly in a short that was probably crudely filmed. More- this version, but it was definitely second. The Selig version
over, the word modern might refer to the new medium of film by appeared in March 1908. According to Jean Mitry, this film’s
which it was presented. On Hardy’s side, it is true that there are Kalem studio was not even founded until that month.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 15

3. Den Skaebnesvangre Opfindelse (1910, Den.) aka Dr. Jekyll and Cruze only played Jekyll. Gifford gives no source for this anec-
Mr. Hyde dote, and, more important, Benham’s claim would not have
(d) August Blom. (a) Alwin Neuss. (pc) Nordisk. appeared in any contemporary record. As all the people involved
A short film. The Danish title means “The Fatal Invention.” Jean are now dead, it is almost impossible to confirm. After his exam-
Mitry provides filmographies for both August Blom and Viggo ination of the film, Roy Kinnard concluded that Cruze did play
Larsen, and he credits this film to Larsen, as does Phil Hardy. both roles. My own viewing leads me to conclude the opposite.
One would ordinarily hesitate to challenge Mitry’s authority on There is no way to resolve this claim.
silent film credits, but in this case he is incorrect. Marguerite 6. Dr. Jekyll and M,:Hyde (1913, USA)
Engberg’s meticulous examination of Danish film records shows (d) Herbert Brenon. (a) King Baggott. (pc) Imp (Universal). (v)
that Blom was definitely the director. In their filmographies, Sinister Cinema.
Willis, Geduld, and Kinnard do list Blom as director, though A short film, and the first horror film made by Universal Studios
Kinnard and Willis incorrectly date the film to 1909. Incidently, (under their Imp label).
this film’s German title was Ein seltsamer Fall, which caused 7. D,: Jekyll andMr. Hyde (1913, U K )
more confusion. See no. 11 below. (d) Unknown. (a) Unknown. (pc) Kineto-Kinemacolor.
4.The Duality ofMan (1910, UK) This two-reel short was an early British experiment with color
(d) Unknown. (a) Unknown. (pc) Wrench. film. Kinemacolor was an early two-color film process devel-
A short film. oped in England by George Albert Smith in 1906 and later pro-
Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1912, USA) moted by Charles Urban (who bought out Smith’s patents).
(d) Lucius Henderson. (a) James Cruze (see note below). (pc) Urban sold the American rights to the process to a separate U.S.
Thanhouser. (v) Kino International, Sinister Cinema. company, but his original firm continued to make films to export
A short film, and the oldest version that is available on video. to the U.S. market. D. B. Thomas and Robert A. Nowotny list
Harry Benham played the father of Jekyll’s fiancee. In A Pictor- this film as one of a series that the British firm made and the
ial History of Horror Movies, Denis Gifford reports that in 1963 American company imported, but there does not seem to be any
Benham claimed to have played Hyde as well, asserting that extant information about its credits.
8. A Modern Jekyll and Hyde (1913, USA)
(d) Robert Broderick. (a) Unknown. (pc) Kalem.
A short film.
9. D,: Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1914, USA)
(d) Unknown. (a) Unknown. (pc) Starlight.
A short film.
10. Dr. Jekyll and M,:Hyde Done to a Frazzle’(1914, USA)
(d) Unknown. (a) Charlie de Forrest. (pc) Warner’s.
A short comedy.
1 1. Ein seltsamer Fall ( 1914, Ger.)
(d) Max Mack. (a) See note. (pc) Vitascope.
If one can count 50 minutes as “feature length,” then this lost
movie, whose title means “A Strange Case,” was the first feature-
length version. In his book Horror, Hardy lists Alwin Neuss as
the lead actor, but he seems to have borrowed Neuss from the
cast list of the 1910 Danish film Den Skaebnesvangre Opjindelse
(see no. 3 above), which also bore the German title Ein seltsamer
Fall. Mitry’s cast list for the German film does not mention
Neuss and lists director Max Mack and Richard Oswald as the
main actors. But he does not say which one played the lead, and
I have not found any further information about the cast even in
German language reference books about the silent era.
12. Horrible Hyde (1915, USA)
(d) Howell Hansell. (a) Jerold T. Hevener. (pc) Lubin.
There is some confusion over who directed this short film.
Geduld gives it to Arthur Hotaling, whereas Willis and Kinnard
credit it to Jerold T. Hevener. Mitry (vol. 4)seems to have settled
the issue in favor of Howell Hansell, for whom he provides a
filmography. According to Lauritzen and Lundquist, who also
credit the film to Hansell, Jerold T. Hevener was the lead actor.
Hevener was also a director, which probably explains why some
writers assume that he directed this film as well. Geduld’s listing
of “Jerold T. Homer” as the lead actor is a spelling error.
13. Miss Jekyll and Madame Hyde (1915, USA)
(d) Charles L. Gaskill. (a) Helen Gardner. (pc) Vitagraph.
A short film with the first female variation of the theme.
13a. D,: JekyU and Madam Hyde ( 1917)
Willis lists this title as being of doubtful existence. Geduld is
probably correct to suggest that it is just a mistaken reference to
Miss Jekyll and Madame Hyde. I can find no other reference to
this title.
Dr. Jekyll and M E Hyde (1920) 14. Luke’s Double (1916, USA)
(d) Unknown (see note). (a) Harold Lloyd. (pc) Pathe Phunfilm.
16 JPF&T-Journal of Popular Film and Television

A one-reel comedy about a man who has a nightmare about his (d) Gregory La Cava. (a) Unknown. (pc) LFS.
alter ego after reading D,: Jekyll and M,:Hyde. This was one of Produced by William Randolph Hearst, this was the 49th of 53
over 60 short films featuring Harold Lloyd as “Lonesome animated shorts based on Frederick Ban Opper’s “Happy Hooli-
Luke.” According to the filmographies of Lloyd’s work com- gan” comic strip. Kinnard gives the director’s name as “Bill
piled by D’Agostino and Dardis, most of the films (including Nolan.” Gifford’s American Animated Films: The Silent Era says
this one) are lost, many of them destroyed in a nitrate explosion that Nolan was an animator on the series who also directed sev-
at a warehouse in 1943. They were never copyrighted, and they eral installments, but he does not credit Nolan with this one.
lack any records of their production credits except in a few 21. D,: Pyckle and M,:Pride (1925, USA)
cases. of which this is not one. Mitry states that J. Farrell (d) Percy Pembroke. (a) Stan Laurel. (pc) Standard.
McDonald directed the entire series. Although McDonald did A comic short.
direct at least one installment, Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster 22. Dr. Jekyll and M,:Hyde (1925, USA)
(1915), Lloyd noted in his autobiography his pleasure at being (d) Unknown. (a) Unknown. (pc) Standard.
able to work with McDonald again after an interval caused by Because this comic short was made by the same company as the
numerous “Luke” films, so clearly McDonald was not a regular preceding entry in the same year, Kinnard suggests that it is
participant. Lloyd credited the direction of his early Pathe shorts “possibly” the same film. Goble and Geduld list it as a separate
to himself, Hal Roach, Alf Goulding, and G. W. Pratt, but he did movie. I can find no evidence that the film bearing this title is
not distinguish credits on a film-by-film basis, and there is no extant, nor any description beyond its alleged status as a come-
Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

way to do so. dy. Without further information, it seems safer to continue the
14a. D,: Jekyll(l917, USA) usual practice of listing it as a separate film (as Kinnard himself
Willis puts this title on his list of doubtful citations with the nota- does), but the ambiguity remains.
tion “made?”. I cannot find any other reference to it, and it prob- 23. Doctor Jekyll and M,: Hyde (193 1, USA)
ably never existed. (d) Rouben Mamoulian. (a) Frederic March. (pc) Paramount. (v)
15. D,: Jekyll and MI:Hyde (1920, USA) MGWUA Home Video.
(d) John S. Robertson. (a) John Banymore. (pc) Famous Players- Usually regarded as the best version. March won the Academy
Lasky. (v) Kin0 International, Sinister Cinema, Video Yesteryear. Award for best actor. Strangely, the video contains a slightly
This is the most famous and most widely available of the silent abridged version of the film.
versions. Released on 10 April 1920, this version beat the com- 24. D,:Jekyll and M,:Hyde (1932, USA)
peting Pioneer version (no. 16 below) into release by 14 days. (d) William Vance. (a) William Vance. (pc) William Vance.
Both Kin0 International and Sinister Cinema sell videotapes that A short film.
include this version and Lucius Henderson’s 1912 version on the 25. D,: Jekyll’s Hide (1932, USA)
same tape. All the video versions of Robertson’s film lack (d) Albert de Mond. (a) Unknown. (pc) Snappy.
footage that is extant in a print at the EmGee Film Library. See A short film that uses footage from the 1913 version featuring
Jensen for scene-by-scene details of the cuts. King Baggott.
16. D,: Jekyll and MI:Hyde (1920, USA) 26. Sing, Baby, Sing (1 936, USA)
(d) J. Charles Hayden (see note). (a) Sheldon Lewis. (pc) Pio- (d) Sidney Lanfield. (a) Ritz Brothers. (pc) 20th Century Fox.
neer. (v) Sinister Cinema, Nostalgia Family Video. This filmed vaudeville act includes an extended Jekyll and Hyde
Prints of this film have no directorial credit, and there are two routine by the Ritz Brothers that parodies the 1920 film featur-
distinct schools of thought about who the director was. On the ing Barrymore.
one hand, there is Lauritzen and Lundquist’s normally authorita-
tive American Film Index 1916-1920, which credits the film to
British director George Edwardes Hall, a view also asserted by
Alan Goble. These authors do not give a source for the informa-
tion, and Hall seems an odd candidate because he directed two
films in England that were released in 1920: Desire (released
January 1920) and The Temptress (November 1920). Although it
might have been possible for Hall to have gone to the United
States in the intervening period to make Dr. Jekyll (released in
April 1920), that scenario does not seem likely, particularly since
there is a more probable candidate. The stronger position is that
of Patricia King Hanson’s American Film Institute Catalog,
which credits the film to “Charles J.” Hayden. Both Alan Goble
and Brooks Bushnell say that Hayden’s name should be proper-
ly written “J. Charles” Hayden, but, spelling aside, Hanson sup-
ports her position solidly with references to contemporary news
reports about the film’s production, and her view has to be con-
sidered the correct one.
17. Da Jekyll and M,:Hyde (1920, USA)
(d) Unknown. (a) Hank Mann. (pc) Arrow.
A short comedy.
18. Der Januskopf ( 1920, Ger.)
(d) F. W. Murnau. (a) Conrad Veidt. (pc) Decla-Bioskop.
A lost film. Future horror star Bela Lugosi appeared in a sup-
porting role.
19. When Quackel Did Hyde (1920, USA)
(d) Charles Gramlich. (a) Charles Gramlich. (pc) Aywon.
A short comedy.
20. D,: Jekyll and M,:Zip (1920, USA) aka Happy Hooligan in DI: l M,..Hrde (1932)
D~ j e ~ land
Jekyll and M,:Zip
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 17

(d) Unknown. (a) Ralph Bell. (pc) CBS.

An episode of the early CBS television series Suspense, which
aired 20 September 1949. See also no. 36 below.
35. El hombre y la bestia (1950, Arg.) aka The Man and the Beast
(d) Mario Soffici. (a) Mario Soffici. (pc) Sono/Azteca.
See also nos. 35a, 45, and 67 below.
35a. I1 Dottor Jekyll(l95 1, Italy) aka Ds Jekyll
(d) Mario Scoffi. (a) Mario Scoffi. (pc) None.
Although it has produced a paper trail in reference books more
elaborate than that left by some of the (genuine) silent versions,
this film does not exist. It is a phantom citation created by a com-
bination of retitling and misspellings. According to Pino Farinot-
ti, the Argentinean film El hombre y la bestia (1950, see no. 35
above) was released in Italy under the name I1 Dottor Jekyll. It
was directed by and starred Mario Soffici. Harris M. Lenz, John
Stewart, and Denis Gifford (in Movie Monsters) all list an Italian
film I1 Dottor Jekyll (1951) directed by and starring “Mario
Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

Scoffi.” Other than the name “Scoffi,” the credits they list are
identical to those of the Argentinean film. At some point in the
filmographical tradition, someone misspelled Soffici’s name as
“Scoffi“ when listing the Italian re-release of his film, creating
an “Italian” film that only exists in English-language reference
books. Other authors who list the film include Nowlan and
Nowlan (as “Ds Jekyll, 1951”), and Geduld, who places it in
1964, citing an extremely confused entry by Willis, who lists the
director as “Guardamagna (Scoffi?)” and the year as either 1951
or 1964. There is no Italian film with the title 11 Dottor Jekyll
Dr. Jekyll and M K Hyde (1941) made in any year whatsoever.
36. Ds Jekyll and MI: Hyde (1951, USA)
(d) Unknown. (a) Basil Rathbone. (pc) CBS.
27. The Case ofthe Stuttering Pig (1937, USA) An episode of the television series Suspense, but different from
(d) Frank Tashlin. (pc) Warner Bros. (v) Warner Home Video. no. 34 above. It aired 6 March 195 1.
(vd) Porky Pig: Ham on Wry. 37. Son of Ds Jekyll(195 1, USA)
An animated short. Geduld lists it as being a Jekyll and Hyde (d) Seymour Friedman. (a) Louis Hayward. (pc) Columbia.
story. 38. Abbott and Costello Meet DI:Jekyll and M s Hyde (1 952, USA)
28. Ds Jekyll and MI:Hyde (1939, USA) (d) Charles Lamont. (a) Boris Karloff. (pc) Universal. (v)
(d) Unknown. (pc) Pixilated Pictures. MCAAJniversal Home Video.
A short film of stop-action animation. Geduld includes it twice A comedy.
on his list as nos. 27 and 67. That Willis, Geduld, and Goble all 39. Sada-Kalo (1954, India) aka Shada Kalo, aka Ds Jekyll and Ms
list the film without a director’s credit suggests that it may never Hyde
have had credits. It is unavailable for viewing. (d) Amal Kumar Basu. (a) Unknown. (pc) Basu Mitra.
29. Ds Jekyll and M s Hyde (1940, USA) Geduld gives the director’s name as “Amal Bose.” The above
(d) Warren Wade. (a) Winfield Hoeny. (pc) NBC. spelling is from Rajadhyaksha and Willemen’s Encyclopedia of
An NBC television drama originally aired on 4 June 1940. Indian Cinema, which lists the film in its index but does not offer
30. DI:Jekyll and Ms Hyde (1941, USA) a review.
(d) Victor Fleming. (a) Spencer Tracy. (pc) MGM. (v) M G m A 40. Doctor Jerkylls Hide (1954, USA)
Home Video. (d) Fritz Freling. (pc) Warner Bros. (v) Warner Home Video, on
This is the most widely distributed version on video. It was avail- Sylvester and Tweety ’s Tale Feathers.
able for several years prior to the video release of the 1931 An animated short film featuring Sylvester the Cat. See also no.
Rouben Mamoulian version, which many critics regard as supe- 50 below.
rior. 41. Hyde and Hare (1955, USA)
3 1. Impatient Patient ( 1942, USA) (d) Fritz Freling. (pc) Warner Bros. (v) Warner Home Video. (vd)
(d) Norm McCabe. (pc) Warner Bros. (v) Fox Hills Video, on the Loony Tunes afer Dark.
tape Cartoon Parade No. 1. An animated short featuring Bugs Bunny.
An animated short in which Daffy Duck meets Dr. Jerkill. 42. Ds Jekyll and M1: Hyde (1955)
32. Mighty Mouse Meets Jekyll and Hyde Cat (1942, USA) aka (d) Allen Reisner. (a) Michael Rennie. (pc) CBS. (v) Foothill
Jekyll and Hyde Cat Video.
(d) Mannie Davis. (pc) Tenytoon. (v) Tenytoon Video. A rare episode of the largely forgotten CBS television series Cli-
An animated short. max, which ran from 1954 to 1958. GoreVidal wrote the screen-
33. Ds Jekyll and Ms Mouse (1947, USA) play. Although it deviates from the original story in various
(d) William Hanna, Joseph Barbera. (pc) MGMKJA. (v) on Tom ways, this version is quite interesting for its fidelity to some
and Jerry Cartoon Festival. (vd) on The Art of Tom and Jerry, aspects of the original Stevenson story that film versions usually
Vol. 1. change. It does not invent a fiancee for Jekyll; does not present
A short, animated cartoon featuring Tom the cat and Jerry the Jekyll as a complete saint in opposition to Hyde’s complete evil,
mouse. This is probably the same film that Geduld puts in 1940 and preserves the structural device of having the lawyer Utterson
and calls DI: Jekyll and MI: Hyde: Tom and Jerry. There is no uncover the story of Jekyll’s transformation from a missive writ-
film of that title, and no other cartoon of this subject matter. ten by Jekyll to be read after his death. The Foothill videotape
34. DI: Jekyll and MI: Hyde (1949, USA) includes ads for Chrysler and De Soto cars, which were part of
18 JPF&T-Journal of Popular Film and Television

the original broadcast on 28 July 1955. Dr.Jekyll makes a brief appearance in this animated puppet film,
43. Daughter of D,: Jekyll(l957, USA) which brings together a group of popular film monsters.
(d) Edgar G. Ulmer. (a) Arthur Shields. (pc) Allied Artists. (v) 55. And Then There Were None (1966, USA)
Key Video. (d) Jerry Hopper. (a) Bob Denver. (pc) Gladasya Productions/
Gloria Talbott plays the titular daughter, who does not transform UATVICBS. (v) World Beyond Video.
herself in the film. An episode of the half-hour CBS television comedy series Gilli-
44. Dr. Jekyll and M,:Hyde (1957, USA) gan’s Island, which aired 1 December 1966. Series hero Gilligan
(d) Unknown. (a) Douglass Montgomery. (pc) NBC. dreams he has become Mr. Hyde and is murdering his fellow cast-
An episode of the NBC television series Matinee Theatre, which aways without realizing it.
originally aired 8 March 1957. Gianakos gives the name of the 56. The Strange Case of D,: Jekyll and M,:Hyde (1968, USA/Cana-
screenwriter as Robert Esson, but could not locate the name of da)
the director. (d) Charles Jarrott. (a) Jack Palance. (pc) Dan Curtis Produc-
45. La mujer y la bestia (1958, Mex.) tions/CBC/ABC. (v) Thriller Video, MPI Home Video.
(d) Alfonso Corona Blake. (a) Ana Luisa Peluffo. (pc) Brooks y One of a series of feature-length television adaptations of horror
Enriquez. classics produced by Dan Curtis, this aired on ABC television on
A female variation of the story, with Peluffo in the double role. 7 January 1968, and it was nominated for an Emmy Award for
The title (“The Woman and the Beast”) is a reference to the 1950 “Outstanding Dramatic Program.” Note that Thriller Video
Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

Argentinean version, El hombre y la bestia (no. 35 above). released it on videotape in two different forms. Beware of the
46. Le testament du docteur Cordelier (1959, Fr.) aka Experiment “Elvira Presents” version, in which Elvira, Mistress of the Dark
in Evil (Cassandra Peterson), repeatedly interrupts the film to make jokes
(d) Jean Renoir. (a) Jean-Louis Barrault. (pc) RTF/Sofirad/Com- about it.
pagnie Jean Renoir. (v) Video Search of Miami, Foothill Video. 57. Pact0 diaboloco (1968, Mex.) aka Jekyll and Hyde: Satanic Pact
Originally made for television, this did play in theaters. The (d) Jaime Salvador. (a) David Carradine, Miguel Angel Alvarez.
director is best known for his Rules of the Game (1939) and (pc) Filmica Vergara. (v) Video Search of Miami.
Grand Illusion (1937). Carradine plays a doctor who transforms himself into Alvarez’s
47. The Ugly Duckling ( 1 959, UK) character in this loose variation.
(d) Lance Comfort. (a) Bernard Bresslaw. (pc) Hammer/Colum- 58. The Comic (1969, USA)
bia. (d) Carl Reiner. (a) Dick Van Dyke. (pc) Columbia. (v) Colum-
A comedy. bia Tristar.
48. The Two Faces of D,:Jekyll(1960, UK) aka House of Fright, aka This film about a silent-movie comedian includes a self-con-
Jekyll’s Inferno
tained film-within-a-film, Dr. Jerk and M,:Hyde, which is a par-
ody of silent versions of the Jekyll and Hyde story.
(d) Terence Fisher. (a) Paul Massie. (pc) Hammer. (v) Columbia
59. I, Monster (1970, UK)
Tristar Home Video.
(d) Stephen Weeks. (a) Christopher Lee.(pc) Amicus. (v) Cine-
A more serious Hammer version than the preceding entry.
fear Video, Video Search of Miami.
49. I1 mio amico Jeckyll(l960, Italy) aka My Friend Jeckyll, aka My “Dr. Marlowe” becomes “Mr. Blake.”
Pal DI:Jekyll
60. D,: Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo (1971, Spain) aka D,: Jekyll and
(d) Marino Girolami. (a) Ugo Tognazzi, Raimondo Vianello. (pc) the WolfMan, aka D,: Jekyll vs. The Werewolf
Cinematogratica Marino Girolami/CEI Incom. (d) Leon Klimovsky. (a) Paul Naschy [aka Jacinto Molina]. (pc)
A comedy. The story does not involve the usual transformation of Arturo Gonzalez. (v) Midnight Video, Sinister Cinema.
one person into two, but a more complicated scenario in which This is the sixth of 12 films in which Molina plays a werewolf
Tognazzi’s character’s personality keeps changing because Vianel- named Waldemar Daninsky. Jack Taylor plays Dr. Jekyll, who
lo’s is taking over his body. I include it mainly because of the title. experiments on Daninsky’s human form, changing him (and not
50. Hyde and Go Tweet (1960, USA) Jekyll himself) into Mr. Hyde. Later Daninsky changes further,
(d) Fritz Freling. (pc) Warner Bros. (v) Warner Home Video, on into his more familiar werewolf form. Geduld includes this film
Sylvester and Tweety ’s Crazy Capers. twice on his list, as nos. 58 and 60.
An animated short featuring Sylvester the Cat, but different from 6 1. D,: Jekyll and Sister Hyde ( 197 1, UK)
no. 40 above. (d) Roy Ward Baker. (a) Ralph Bates (Jekyll), Martine Beswick
5 1. The Ordeal of D,: Cordell (1961, USA) (Hyde). (pc) HammerEMI. (v) HBO Home Video.
(d) Laslo Benedek. (a) Robert Vaughn. (pc) Hubbell Robinson This is the first of several films that would feature a male Jekyll
ProductiondNBC. changing into a female Hyde. See also nos. 62,82, and 84 below.
An episode of the NBC television series Thriller, which aired 7 61a. Willis lists D,: Jekyll and Miss Hyde and D,: Jekyll and Mrs.
March 1967. Gene Wright lists it as a version of the Jekyll and Hyde as films whose productions were announced for 1971.
Hyde story. Geduld included them on his list, but I can find no evidence that
52. The Nutty Professor (1963, USA) aka DI:Jerky11 andM,: Hyde they actually exist. Lots of films are announced that never get
(d) Jerry Lewis. (a) Jerry Lewis. (pc) Paramount. (v) Paramount made.
Home Video. 62. The Adult Version of Jekyll and Hide (1971, USA)
A comedy in which an awkward introvert turns into a brash ladies’ (d) Lee Raymond, B. Ron Elliot. (a) Jack Buddliner. (pc) Enter-
man. Remade as no. 88 below. tainment Ventures. (v) Something Weird Video.
53. Paris When It Sizzles (1964, USA) “A tale of hex and sex rated X,” said one poster. The plot involves
(d) Richard Quine. (a) William Holden. (pc) Paramount. (v) a man stealing Jekyll’s notebooks and using them to change into
Movies Unlimited. a female “Ms. Hide.” Lee Raymond completed the film, which
This fantasy about a screenwriter includes a scene in which the was begun by B. Ron Elliot. Geduld includes this film twice on
cast acts out a Jekyll and Hyde story from a script that the writer his list, as nos. 50 and 61.
is working on. 63. D,: Sexual and M r Hyde (1971, USA)
54. The Mud Monster Party (1966, USA) (d) Tony Brzezinski. (a) Unknown. (pc) Unknown.
(d) Jules Bass. (pc) Videocraft International. (v) Embassy Home Unavailable for view. If it is not a pornography film, then it is
Entertainment. probably a softcore sex film.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 19

64. WithApologies to Mr. Hyde (197 1, USA) (d) James Wood. (a) James Mathers. (pc) New American/
(d) Jeannot Szwarc. (a)Adam West. (pc) Universal TVNBC. (v) Rochelle/Hyde Productions. (v) Wizard Video, Magnum Enter-
World Beyond Video. tainment.
A segment of an episode of the NBC television series Night 72. Dottor Jekyll e gentile signora (1979, Italy) aka D,: Jekyll
Gallery, which aired on 29 September 1971. Two other unrelat- Likes Them Hot, aka Dr. and Mrs. Jekyll, aka D,: Jekyll Jr
ed stories were included in the same one-hour episode. (d) Steno [aka Stefan0 Vanzina]. (a) Paolo Villagio. (pc)
65. The Man With Two Heads (1972, USA) aka Dr Jekyll and Mr. Medusa. (v) Search of Miami.
Blood A comedy in which Dr. Jekyll tries to transform his grandson
(d) Andy Milligan. (a) Denis de Marne. (pc) ConstitutionNilliam (Villagio) into Hyde.
Mishkin Pictures. (v) MidnightlSelect-A-Tape. 73. Dr. Heckyl and M,: Hype (1980, USA)
Geduld includes this film twice on his list, as nos. 54 and 63. (d) Charles B. Griffith. (a) Oliver Reed. (pc) Cannon. (v)
66. The Jekyll and Hyde Portfolio (1972, USA) aka Jekyll & Hyde Paragon Home Video.
Unleashed A comedy.
(d) Eric Jeffrey. (a) Sebastian Brock. (pc) Xerxes. (v) European 74. The Strange Case of DI:Jekyll and M,: Hyde (1980, UK)
Trash Cinema, Video Search of Miami. (d) Alastair Reid. (a) David Hemmings. (pc) BBC.
67. El hombre y la bestia (Mex., 1972) Originally a BBC television drama, this aired in America as two
Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

(d) J u l i h Soler. (a) Enrique Lizalde. (pc) Estudios Amtrica. episodes of the PBS series Mystery in January 1981.
This is a Mexican remake of Mario Soffici’s 1950 Argentinean 75. Le cas &range du D,: Jekyll et Miss Osbourne (1981, Fr.) aka
film of the same title. (See no. 35 above.) The Strange Case of D,:Jekyll and Miss Osbourne, aka DI:
68. DI:Jekyll and MI:Hyde (1 973, USA) Jekyll and Miss Osbourne, aka Bloodlust, aka DI: Jekyll et les
(d) David Winters. (a) Kirk Douglas. (pc) NBC. (v) Sony Video, femmes, aka D,: Jekyll and His Women
Columbia Tristar Video. (d) Walerian Borowczyk. (a) Udo Kier (Jekyll), Gtrard Zalcberg
A feature-length musical (!) television special, which aired orig- (Hyde). (pc) Whodunit/Allegro/Multimedia. (v) Midnight
inally on NBC, 7 March 1973. Video, Video Search of Miami, Cinefear Video, Top Video
69. The Switch (1974, USA) aka Oversexed (Canada), Toshiba Video (Japan).
(d) Joe Sarno. (a) Veronica Parish. (pc) Magenta Films. Mr. Hyde triumphs! Critics have offered a range of dates for this
A softcore film in which Dr. Shirley Jekyll changes to Ms. Sher- film. Christian Kessler lists the date as 1979, Phil Hardy as
ry Hyde. Sarno made a large number of low-budget erotic films 1981, and Rent Prtdal as 1982. Benayoun and Gressard’s
in the 1960s and 1970s. Borowczyk: Cineaste onirique, a book that consists mainly of
70. Dr Black, Mr. Hyde (1975, USA) aka The Watts Monster stills from the film, confirms the 1981 date. One has to think
(d) William Crain. (a) Bernie Casey. (pc)Dimension Pictures/Hyde that its own publicists would know when it was made. The
Productions. (v) United Home Video, VCI Home Video. film’s explicit sexual content has been widely censured and re-
This blaxploitation version features a black “Dr. Pride” changing edited, and it exists in almost as many different running times as
into a white killer. it has video distributors. D,: Jekyll et les femmes is the title most
71. Dr. Jekyll’s Dungeon of Death (1979, USA) aka 0,: Jekyll’s likely to appear in reference books and on prints of the film,
Dungeon of Darkness whatever it may say on the videobox.
76. Jekyll and Hyde . . . TogetherAgain (1982, USA)
(d) Jerry Belson. (a) Mark Blankfield. (pc) Paramount. (v) Para-
mount Home Video.
A comedy.
77. Strannyar istoriyar doktora Dzehila i mistera Khaida (1987,
USSR) aka The Strange Case of D,: Jekyll and MI: Hyde
(d) Alexander Orlov. (a) Innokenti Smoktunovsky (Jekyll),
Alexander Feklistov (Hyde). (pc) Mosfilm.
78. El Aullido del Diablo (1988, Spain) aka Howl of the Devil
(d) Paul Naschy [aka Jacinto Molina]. (a) Paul Naschy [aka Jac-
into Molina]. (pc) Freemont Nash International. (v) Video
Search of Miami (Spanish with subtitles), Midnight Video
(unsubtitled Spanish).
The child of a murdered horror actor imagines conversations
with the characters that his father played on film. The plot
allows Spanish horror veteran Molina to appear in a variety of
his former roles, including Mr. Hyde (see no. 60 above), and
includes the eleventh appearance of the werewolf Waldemar
79. Edge of Sanity (1988, UKMung.) aka Dr. Jekyll and M,: Hyde:
A Journey into Fear
(d) Gerard Kikoine. (a) Anthony Perkins. (pc) Allied
Visioflungarofilm. (v) Virgin Vision.
An attempt to combine the Jekyll and Hyde story with the his-
torical career of Jack the Ripper. It exists in both R-rated and
unrated forms, and (inexplicably) it is one of the most widely
distributed versions on video.
80. The Strange Case of D,:Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1989, USA)
The Nutty Professor (1963) (d) Michael Lindsay-Hogg. (a) Anthony Andrews. (pc) Show-
time/rhink Entertainment. (v) Cannon Home Video.
JPF&T-Journal of Popular Film and Television

85. Mixed Breeds (1995, USA)

(d) Ken Harrison. (a) Joe Nemmers. (pc) Big Feats! Entertain-
mentPBS. (v) See note.
This episode of the half-hour PBS television series Wishbone
retells the Jekyll and Hyde story in a short version for juvenile
viewers. The series features the talking dog Wishbone, who
guides young viewers through various stories derived from
works of literature. Polygram Video has recently begun releasing
Wishbone episodes on video, but this episode has not yet
appeared at this writing.
86. Brain Meets Brawn (1995, USA)
(d) Michael Gerard. (pc) Amblin EntertainmenWarner Brothers
A nine-and-a-half-minute segment of an episode of the WB Net-
work’s animated television series Pinky and the Brain. The series
is about two laboratory mice, who are continually plotting to rule
the world. In this episode, they are mice in Dr. Jekyll’s lab. After
Downloaded by [The University of Manchester Library] at 08:19 29 October 2014

the police haul away Mr. Hyde, the usually analytical mouse
named Brain decides to take the potion himself as part of his lat-
est plan for world conquest.
81. Mary Reilly (1996, USA)
(d) Stephen Frears. (a) John Malkovich. (pc) Tristar Pictures. (v)
Columbia Tristar Video.
The story focuses on Mary Reilly (Julia Roberts), a maid of Dr.
Jekyll. Although repeatedly scheduled for release in 1995, the
film did not actually appear until February 1996 and carries a
Mary Reilly (1996) 1996 copyright.
88. The Nutty Professor (1996, USA)
(d) Tom Shadyac. (a) Eddie Murphy. (pc) Universal. (v)
MCAlLTniversal Home Video.
Made for cable television by the director of the Beatles’ Let It Jerry Lewis is listed as executive producer of this remake of his
Be (1 969), this aired originally as an episode of the Showtime 1963 film. See no. 52 above.
network’s Nightmare Classics series.
Additional Titles
8 I . Jekyll& Hyde (1990, UK)
(d) David Wickes. (a) Michael Caine. (pc) David Wickes TV A. The Catalog of Copyright Entries records that the 3 April 1955
LTDLondon Weekend TelevisionKing Phoenix Entertainment. episode of The Bob Cummings Show (Laurel Productions/NBC)
(v) Vidmark Entertainment. had the title “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Cummings,” and that the 21
November 1962 episode of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (20th
Although a British production, this was obviously made for
Century FodCBS) had the title “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Gillis.” Both of
export for U.S. television, as its format is clearly designed to
these programs were sitcoms that were not known for containing
allow for American-style commercial breaks. It aired in the Unit-
fantasy elements, and the titles may have simply used “Dr. Jekyll”
ed States on ABC in 1990. Silver and Ursini list the title as Jekyll
as a metaphor. As I lack access to either the programs or their plot
and Hyde and the date as 1989, but the on-screen title uses an
summaries, it seems prudent to leave them off the main list.
ampersand, and the film carries a 1990 copyright.
B. Salvatore J. Parlotto in Films Ex Libris (1980) mentions a five-
82. DK Jeckel and Ms. Hyde (1990) aka The Strange Case of DK minute animated short, M,: Hyde, directed by Fred Wolf for
Jeckel and Ms. Hyde Murakami-Wolf Films. He does not give the film’s date. It is
(d) Michael Craig. (a) Mike Homer (Jeckel), Ashlyn Gere extremely difficult to find information about animated shorts that
(Hyde). (pc) and (v) Las Vegas Video. are not produced by a major studio, and this work is simply not
A hardcore pornographic video in which Homer changes gen- listed in any other reference work that I have consulted.
ders into Gere. Rimmer and Riley describe it as a comedy. C. The June 1996 issue of Fangoria contains an announcement of the
83. The Pagemaster (1994, USA) production of a film called The Strange Case of D,:Jekyll and M K
(d) Maurice Hunt (animation) and Joe Johnston (live action). Hyde: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Musical, with Kevin McCarthy as the
(pc) 20th Century Fox. (v) Fox Video. announced star. If made, the film will deserve an entry on the main
This children’s film has a live-action child (Macauley Culkin) list, but such announcements do not invariably translate into a
interacting with various animated literary characters, including completed film.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
84. Dx Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995, USA)
CHARLES KING is a Ph.D. candidate in history at the University
(d) David Price (a) Tim Daly (Jekyll), Sean Young (Hyde). (pc)
of Chicago. He is the author of several articles on film as well as on
Savoy Pictures. (v) HBO Savoy Video.
ancient European and Central Asian history.
A comedy involving gender-switching transformations.