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Seek the opportunity of hands on experience while learning and working under a mentor

● Completed grade 11 at Centennial High School (Maryland, USA)
Cumulative G.P.A. 3.7
● Completed grade 3 to mid grade 10 at Genesis International School (Hyderabad, India)
92% or greater in all subjects


● Completed in college-level Chemistry and Physics course
● Self-studied for the AP Biology Exam (non school subject)
● Conducting research in the field of pulmonary science to understand the effects of cigarette
smoke on lung cells


● Intern at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2017-18
A program where I worked with my mentors to understand changes in NHBE cells when induced in EMT.
● Active volunteer at University of Maryland Medical Center, 2016-18
A volunteer program where I help nurses, interact with patients, and understand the patient course of treatment.


● Member on the Math National Honor Society, 2017--18
An prominent math based organization where I tutor students during class, after after school and participate in
math events
● Member on the Science National Honor Society, 2016--18
An prominent science based organization where I tutor, organize symposiums, and participate in science events
● Member of Delta Scholars, 2017--18
An all- girl organization where I help organize events, tutor students, and help in overall development of the society
● President and Founder of Forensic Science Club, 2016­-18
A forensic focused club where I organize weekly meetings and plan activities to improve crime investigation skills
● Anchor at the Daily Student News, 2016­-18
A school based news telecast where I am recorded as I read from the teleprompter
● Member of the Model United Nations at Centennial High School, 2016--18
A worldly conference based club where I participated in CHSMUNC (Staff), JHUMUNC, and Model Arab League
● Member of Its Academic, 2017--18
A organized quiz group in literature, science, math, and social studies where I practice and participate in contests
● Member of the Pre-med club, 2016-17
A club related to society and medicine where I practice and learn about the medical field
● Principal Honor Roll, 2016
The highest academic honor presented to a student at Howard County Public School System
● Member of the Indian Dance Club, 2016
A Bollywood dance group where I practiced dance and participated in events at Centennial High School
● Silver medal, National Science Olympiad (School level, Genesis International School)
A national exam based on scientific and logical skills, conducted throughout India
● Silver medal, International Math Olympiad (School level, Genesis International School)
A national exam on superior mathematical and logical skills conducted throughout India
● Captain Topaz, 2015
As the elected captain of a quarter of the school where I organized events, marches, lead contests in academics, in
school activities, and sports, and improved the student body engagement and punctuality
● Deputy Secretary of Social and Environment Club, 2014-2015
As appointed deputy secretary of this branch, I worked towards improving the social environment and engagement
among the students and bring awareness to social issues like human trafficking, and women empowerment and the
environmental issues through newspaper walks, green day plantation, and Swachh Bharat Abhiyan at the school