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Final Reflection

Name: Calysta Sandoval Date: 2/8/18

Theme: USA and the world
My Project: What is DACA today?

Instructions: Fill out the following few questions before you provide your reflections below.

1. Who did you interview? (Name, title/position, topic discussed)

a. Jasmine Sosa, paralegal at a law firm in Philadelphia, how DACA has helped her but now can
just vanish in a blink of an eye
b. Tamera Estes, Bus Driver, her thoughts about immigrants and its many policies the U.S. has.

Instructions: Each question must be answered in a short paragraph with complete, grammatically correct
sentences. All minimum writing requirements apply (Correct spelling, punctuation, etc.). I am looking for
honesty above all else.

1. Backward-Looking
a. In what ways have you gotten better at this work? How can you improve moving forward?
I have gotten better at this work by using online sources and keep exploring into the
several sites listed on the web. Mainly newspaper articles online were a huge help and had many topics
talked about in an article or so. I continue to improving better interviews I could us to work with. Using
video was more difficult because I had to go off what the other people’s questions were instead of my
own. Also improving my time management of work by doing the work at home a little bit more than what
I did.

b. What problems did you encounter while you were working on this piece? How did you solve
I did encounter a few problems while working on this piece. The two major ones was
finding sources that are reliable and not bias and procrastination. The first issue of finding
reliable sources was an easy fix. It was simply going to each site that I found and put them next
to each other and all information was similar to each other. Procrastination was another major
issue but I tried fixing it with doing work over the weekend or between activities that i’m involved
2. Inward-Looking
a. How do you feel about your work? What parts of it do you particularly like? Dislike? Why? What
did/do you enjoy about this work?
I feel good about my work that i put into the project. The parts i like about the project is
the stored information found from so many sources such as articles in newspapers or even statements
from presidents on the issue. I disliked trying to figure out the words to define in the project because I
have to think about other people's perspective on words they might not understand. I enjoyed creating
the project by putting all the information into the magazine and creating articles in the way I wanted it to
especially pulling out the more important information.

b. What did you learn about yourself as you worked on this piece?
I learned that I love learning what is going on in the world especially with a decision that
could cause chaos. It is interesting how long a law can take because people can’t agree on any law. The
reason for laws taking so long to come into the norm of things. I also learned that I do procrastinate but its not
a terrible procrastination. I still got it done in time just packed more things in the last week or didn’t have the
amount of interviews completed till later on.
3. Outward-Looking
a. Did you complete your work in the same manner as those around you? How were you
I think I completed my work in a well manner. I thought I was more on task with my
project than others in the classroom. I stayed focus on my work during class. I only spoke to one
person but it was only about the project that the person was working on or i was working on. There
were a few exchanged questions amongst each other about the project and how to specifically upload
something on the weebly site. I tried ignoring the others around me so i could stay focused on my
project and not what they were up to.

b. If someone else were looking at this work, what might they learn about who you are?
They would find out that i keep to myself. I try staying focused on the project I’m on. I
don’t ask many questions from the teacher, I try figuring it out on my own or ask my seat partner
for any specific help I need. I am a slow worker though because I try to find good sources or I
second guess my work that I completed. But after figuring out things and the patterns of it I start
to speed up the process and catch up.

4. Forward-Looking
a. What would you change if you had a chance to do this work over again?
I would honestly change the amount of time I use to work. I will try to take my project on
the go to my activities that I have during the weekends to work on the project. I will ask my mom
to look over my project to get a fresh set of eyes on the organization or wording of the project.
To mainly check if it is easily understandable for others to read or get the layout of the project.
Also checking if i have interviews ready and scheduled by asking for more help to figure who I
could ask on a specific topic I have for the next project.

b. Describe a weakness that was highlighted during the process of completing your work, and
describe what you will do in the future to overcome your weakness.
The major weakness that I dealt with was procrastination and time management. I would
overcome my weaknesses by asking for further help from peers about specific questions i have to speed up
the process. Also by taking work home instead and researching at home as well. Just so i can get a headstart
on the research and major project since there is more parts to get done for the grade.

Reflection Standards Rubric

Assessed Skills

Depth and Evidence

● Demonstrates a personalization of insightful shortcomings and growth.
● Viewpoints and interpretations are insightful and well supported.
● Clear, detailed examples are provided, as applicable.
● Response shows strong evidence of synthesis of ideas and presents insights gained throughout the unit theme.

● Includes all necessary components and meets or exceeds all requirements.
● Each question is addressed thoroughly.

● Writing is clear, concise, and well organized with excellent sentence/paragraph construction.
● Thoughts are expressed in a coherent and logical manner.
● There are zero spelling or grammar errors.