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Standard Voltage Rating in the Philippines

 Triple-wire (two phase wires and one

neutral/ground wire), but two wires
without a neutral are common in the
 Usually twisted insulated cable, but bare
wires are also used, mainly in split-
phase systems without a neutral
220/440 ` installed.
 Uses small insulators, either one or a set
of three.

Mounted on poles, mostly under primary

distribution lines, but may run on a separate
set of poles, especially on residential areas.

 Four wire or three wire (wye/Y or delta )

system, with three phase wires and one
neutral/ground wire, or three wires with
no neutral.
Three-phase secondary distribution  Voltage usually obtained from a pole-
220/380 voltage, usually used to feed large mounted transformer bank composed of
commercial users. three single-phase transformers.

Line typically serves only one customer,

typically commercial users.

*Voltages are 220/440 volts split-phase for

ordinary appliances and lighting, 440 volts
three-phase for larger appliances, and 380
volt high-leg voltage.

 Transformers used can be two, one with

Three-phase voltage used for high-leg two secondary wires (one links to one
220/380/440 phase wire from the second
delta systems.
transformer), and another carrying three
secondary wires (one is a center tap)and
larger than the other, or a single-phase
transformer with four secondary wires
(one is a center tap linked to a neutral
wire), usually arranged in groups of
three, forming a transformer bank.
Distribution voltage still used on some
areas of Metro Manila, and fed by the
34.5 kV system. Most of these systems
are already obsoleted (customers
3625/6280 
connected to 6.28 kV systems being
reconnected to the 34.5 kV system, 6.28
kV lines below 34.5 kV lines discarded,
or 6.28 kV-only lines replaced by 34.5 kV
lines), but still exist on parts of Manila,
Pasay, Quezon City, and Parañaque.
Transformers of 3.625/6.28 kV lines are
distinguishable from those in 34.5 kV
lines by having bushings on the side
rather than on the top.
Standard three-phase distribution line
voltage by many electric cooperatives,  Uses one or two-shed pin insulators, but
but also used by Meralco in certain areas typically uses one-shed insulators
(i.e. northern Bulacan, southern Cavite,
part of central Laguna, and Batangas  Transformers found on the line usually
City - San Pascual area). May be found has two bushings, but only
under a 69 kV subtransmission line as a accommodates one phase.
Standard distribution voltage used by  Can be either two-phase or three-phase
Meralco, but also used by Cagayan  Usually overhead power lines, but may
20000/34500 Electric Power and Light Company be an underground or overhead cable.
(CEPALCO) in some lines in Cagayan Almost placed roadside, with some
de Oro. exceptions
 Usually mounted on single poles, usually
with two cross-arms with insulators
forming an asymmetric arrangement or
an "armless" design, where the
insulators are mounted on the pole
instead on a cross-arm, but H-frame
towers, with two or three poles and a
cross-arm, and rarely, lattice towers
(used on one 69 kV line in Isabela and
another in Pampanga) and tubular steel
poles (like on a 69,000 line that leads to
Samal, Bataan) are also used. NGCP
Typical subtransmission line voltage by usually uses both poles with cross-arms
NGCP and many provincial electric and poles with insulators mounted on
cooperatives. Also used by Meralco on them directly, but electric
69000 subtransmission line in Bulacan and cooperatives/utilities and Meralco
Batangas City and the Meralco-owned primarily uses armless poles (Meralco's
Clark Electric Distribution Company subtransmission line linking its two
(CEDC) serving Clark Freeport. substations in Batangas City with the JG
Summit chemical plant in Simlong,
however, uses both designs, with and
without cross-arms, like some NGCP
subtransmission line that parallel some
of its segments).
 Uses hanging insulators, mounted on
the cross-arm placed on the pole, or pin
insulators mounted on the pole itself.

 Lines may link to large industrial users

fed directly to the subtransmission grid.
Standard subtransmission voltage by *Usually mounted on insulators on single
115000 Meralco, especially on Metro Manila, poles, either wood,concrete, or steel and
Laguna, Cavite, Rizal and most of with or without cross-arms, but H-frame
Bulacan. Used also by NGCP on some towers or lattice towers are also used.
subtransmission lines in Cavite and
transmission lines in Ilocos Region.  May feed a large industrial customer
connected to the subtransmission grid.

 Cables are usually single-conductor, but

double-bundle cable are also used.
Typical voltage of NGCP transmission
138000 
lines in Visayas and Mindanao.
 *Usually supported by lattice towers, but
can also be used on tubular steel poles
(i.e. Hermosa-Balintawak, Limay-PPDC,
Typical voltage of NGCP transmission
230000 SMC Consolidated Power Plant-Limay,
line in Luzon.
Bay-Biñan, Mexico-Hermosa, Biñan-
Muntinlupa, Limay-Hermosa, Limay-
GNPower, Hermosa-San Jose, etc.)