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The following text is for questions no. 1 to 3.

1. When will the party be held?

A. In the morning.
B. In the afternoon.
C. In the evening.
D. At night.

2. What should you do before going to the party?

A. Ask other people to join the party. C. Call Rahmad to confirm your coming.
B. Come to the party in the morning. D. Send a letter to Rahmad.

3. What is the purpose of the text above?

A. To inform the house-warming party. C. To invite people to the party.
B. To tell about Julien’s new house. D. To make people enjoy the party.

The following text is for questions no. 4 to 6.

4. Who sent this card?

A. Andre
B. The school
C. Elena
D. The contest

5. Andre participated in a … competition.

A. chess B. cooking C. story telling D. sport

6. “… on your achievement as the best participant ….”

The synonym of the underlined word is … .
A. talent B. request C. success D. demand

7. There … 24 hours in a day.

A. is B. am C. are D. will

8. There are many … working in that building now.

A. man B. mans C. men D. mens

9. Taufiq : How … students in the restroom now?

Heri : There are three students.
A. some B. an C. many D. much

For questions no. 9 to 11, complete this text.

Rainy season is coming. There will be …(9) rain in this month. The river will be full of
water. So, don't throw the rubbish to the river because …(10) rubbish can cause floods. Also,
it’s time to clean-up because there are …(11) mosquitos in the rainy season. Mosquitoes can
cause dengue.
10. A. many B. a C. much D. an

11. A. an B. a C. a lot of D. many

12. A. a B. an C. many D. much

For questions no. 12 to 15, complete this text.
Antarctica is a continent around the South Pole. The average
temperature in Antarctica is -51o C. …(12) animals and plants can live
there because it is too cold for them. There are …(13) scientists from
different countries live and work in certain areas of Antarctica. There
are very …(14) water on the land because the water is frozen. People
say that Antarctica can be a beautiful place. At first, it appears
frightening but after …(15) time, some people fall in love with it.
13. A. a B. much C. few D. a little

14. A. much B. a C. a few D. an

15. A. many B. few C. little D. an

16. A. a B. an C. a little D. many

17. Veri : Can you speak English?

Yuni : Yes, … .
A. many B. few C. a little D. any

For questions no. 16 to 19, complete this dialogue.

Aisha : Let’s go for a picnic this Sunday!
Fatima : OK. We will make …(16) fried rice. What do we need?
Aisha : I have some rice. Do you have …(17) cooking oil?
Fatima : Yes, I have. What about salt?
Aisha : Sorry, I don't have …(18) salt.
Fatima : Don't worry. We will buy it. What else do we need?
Aisha : I have …(19) eggs. We can make an egg roll.

18. A. few B. little C. some D. any

19. A. little B. a C. any D. an

20. A. some B. a C. any D. an

21. A. any B. an C. some D. little

22. Bob is eating … apple.

A. much B. little C. an D. a

23. When I was a kid, I wanted to be … sailor.

A. some B. much C. a D. an

24. We can see many … in the kindergarten.

A. child B. childs C. children D. childrens

25. A watermelon contains … .

A. a water B. much waters C. much water D. a lot of waters