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For questions no. 1 to 4, complete the dialogue below!

Beni : Do you go to school by bicycle every day?
Dayu : Yes, I …(1).
Beni : … (2) Udin go to school by bicycle too?
Dayu : No, he doesn’t. Udin … (3) goes to school by bicycle. He doesn’t have any bicycles. Also, his home is
very near to the school.
Beni : Really?
Dayu : Yes. That’s why he always …(4) on time to school.

1. A. do B. does C. doing D. am

2. A. Do B. Does C. Is D. Doing

3. A. usually B. often C. sometimes D. never

4. A. come B. comes C. came D. is coming

Read the dialogue below for questions no. 5 to 7!

Lina : Do you learn English a lot?
Edo : I learn English at least two hours every night. My friend, Siti learns English at least four hours. She is very
serious to improve her English skills. How about you? Do you spend a lot of time to learn English?
Lina : No, I don’t. I spend as little time as possible. I don’t like to learn English.
Edo : Then, why do you learn English?
Lina : My mom wants me to learn English. I dislike English. I like to learn Chinese language.
Edo : In that case, I think that you should talk to your mom. Tell her you want to learn Chinese language.

5. What does Edo do every night?

A. He watches TV. C. He studies Chinese language.
B. He studies English. D. He plays chess.

6. Why does Siti study English for at least four hours? Because … .
A. she wants to make her English better C. she hates other languages
B. her mother tells her to do so D. she loves Chinese language

7. Which of the following statement is true according to the dialogue?

A. Edo studies Chinese language. C. Lina doesn’t like English.
B. Siti hates English. D. Lina’s mother studies English.

Read the text and answer the questions no. 8 to 10!

Miss Aisha works at Muhammadiyah Public Hospital. She looks after sick children at night. She starts to work at 10
p.m. and finishes at 6 o’clock in the morning. She goes to work by bus but she comes home in the morning by taxi
because she is tired. She has twenty children in her section. She stays up all night. She looks at the children many
times during the night. She sometimes sits and talks to a child. The children sleep most of the time. At 6 o’clock in
the morning, the day nurse arrives and wakes up the children. Miss Aisha gives the children breakfast at 7 o’clock.
She goes home then she sleeps at 8 o’clock in the morning. She usually feels very tired.
8. What does Miss Aisha do?
A. She is a doctor. B. She is a dentist. C. She is a physician. D. She is a nurse.

9. Why does Miss Aisha go home by taxi in the morning? Because … .

A. she likes to ride the taxi C. her home isn’t near to the hospital
B. her home is far from the hospital D. she is sleepy and needs to take a rest

10. When does the day nurse come and wake up the children?
A. At 6 a.m. B. At 6 p.m. C. At 7 p.m. D. At 7 a.m.


11. If you want to go outside, don’t forget to bring an umbrella. It … now.

A. is raining B. isn’t raining C. rains D. doesn’t rain

12. Abdillah is in my dining room now. We are eating. I am eating fried chicken. He is eating salad. He … chicken be-
cause he is a vegetarian.
A. eats B. is eating C. isn’t eating D. doesn’t eat

Read the text and answer the questions no. 13 to 15!

It is a nice Sunday morning. The Ahmed family members are doing separate activities. Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed are on
their bicycles now. They are going to the traditional market to buy groceries. Musa, the oldest son is listening to his
iPod and singing a song of Ed Sheeran in the front yard. The older daughters, Sarah and Hajar are reading an
encyclopaedia in the backyard. In the same place, the youngest son, Yusuf is eating risotto and drinking cappuccino.

13. How many people are there in the Ahmed family?

A. Four people B. Five people C. Six people D. Seven people

14. Who are in the backyard?

A. Sarah, Hajar, and Yusuf B. Sarah and Hajar C. Yusuf D. Musa

15. Where are Mr. and Mrs. Ahmed buying the groceries?
A. In the convenience store B. In the traditional store C. In the supermarket D. In the mall

Read the dialogue below for questions no. 16 to 20!

Dyah : So tell me, Ira, why is it important to save the forests?
Ira : There are some reasons. First, there are many plants which could be useful in medicine grow in the
forests. We don’t know all the plants, but there are thousands of them. Researchers are trying to discover
their secrets before they are destroyed.
Dyah : I see. What other reasons are there?
Ira : Well, have you heard that the world is getting warmer?
Dyah : Do you mean what scientists call ‘global warming’?
Ira : That’s right. The forests have an effect on our weather. The forests are disappearing fast now and the
people aren’t doing anything to save them.
Dyah : But we need the sun. The plants need the sun for the photosynthesis. Is global warming a really serious
Ira : You know that Earth has two poles and each of them has millions of tons of ice. If they melt, the level of
the sea will rise and cause great floods. Many scientists believe that temperatures are already rising. We
must do everything we can to prevent global warming, and that includes to save the forests.
Dyah : Thanks Ira for your info.

16. According to the dialogue, who thinks that saving the forests is important?
A. Dyah B. Ira C. The researchers D. The scientists

17. What is happening to the forests?

A. The forests are vanishing quickly. C. The forests are getting warmer.
B. The forests are growing. D. The forests are rising.

18. Why must we save the forests? Because … .

A. the forests provide food for people C. the forests make the poles melt
B. the forests prevent global warming D. the people need the forests
19. “Researchers are trying to discover their secret … .”
What is the similar meaning of the word “discover”?
A. find B. ignore C. overlook D. hide

20. “The forests are disappearing fast now and the people aren’t doing anything to save them.”
The word “them” refers to … .
A. the people B. the forests C. the researchers D. the scientists


For the questions no. 21 to 25, complete the dialogue below with correct pronouns!
Fatima is a transfer student. Today is her first day at her new school.
Mother : Hi, Fatima. How do you like your new school.
Fatima : …(21) is very nice.
Mother : Do you have any new friends at your new school?
Fatima : Yes. Made Arsini is my new friend. Do you know …(22), Mom? She is also a new students. …(23) is
from Bali.
Mother : No, I don’t know …(24). Is she a good girl?
Fatima : Yes, she is a kind girl, Mom. She even gave me her pencil when I forgot to bring my pencil. …(25) are
close friends now, Mom. I want to invite her to our house, Mom.
Mother : Yes, you should.

21. A. They B. He C. We D. It

22. A. him B. her C. us D. me

23. A. He B. She C. It D. We

24. A. her B. me C. us D. them

25. A. They B. We C. He D. Us