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Young learners groups

Teacher Joseph Phillips

Group Your Space 3
6) Prospects
2) exam or exam
Grade/ 5) Things to preparation
1)Student Form 3) Behaviour work on or pay courses
at attention to. recommendations
school , next year course
Sofia Kotova Attentive, does her 41% Lacks
homework, normally well confidence in
behaved though can be speaking. Is
distracted by Nikita. Quite perhaps a bit
quiet. behind the
others in her
Polina Grishina Fun, friendly. Participates 60% She worries
well. Does not always do about her
her homework. speaking
Maksim Usually does his homework, 79% Pronunciation,
Danilchenko sometimes plays with toys grammar.
during class but pretty well
behaved overall.
Nikita Talks too much Russian. 90% Would benefit
Kolosovskiy Polite, usually does his from working
homework, but can be a harder and
distraction to the other sticking to L2.
students. Intelligent.
Arina Kiseleva Does her homework, 86%
attentive in class,
participates well and is
polite. Good vocabulary and
grasp of grammar.
Margarita Likes to fool around and 71% Has difficulty
Korneychuk doesn’t take things that with grammar.
seriously, but is fairly
attentive and does the work
when asked.