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Heroes of Olympus The House of Hades

I Hazel

 Where are they going? Why do the numina montanum attack Argo II?

Argo II was the ship Leo built during their journey through the ancient land and finding the mark of

Leo Valdez was the son of Hephaestus, the god of fire and the blacksmiths of the Gods  he got the
gift of the fire.

Anyway this chapter start on the side of Hazel Hazel Levesque is the daughter of Pluto she’s a
roman demigod  half human half god.

Leo is a Greek demigod. Nico Nico di Angelo is also a Greek demigod, son of Hades or the God of

Oh Leo is good on mechanics by the way.

Celestial Bronze it is a rare metal deadly to monsters. Greek demigod used this or most of their
weapons are made from celestial bronze.

Actually Hazel died back in 1942 but was brought back by Nico.

It’s a bit annoying why the author did the mixture of Greek and Roman because it is a bit confusing.

I love the girl power of Hazel.

I like the way Nico dressed. It’s amazingly cool.

Percy Jacksonson of Poseidon god of the seas, horses and earth shaker. Also a Greek demigod.

I also hope that Percy and Annabeth are alive.

Annabeth daughter of  I do agree that percy is their backbone and Annabeth is their facto
Athena, she get the leader.
Athena Parthenos, the
 Oh I miss Arion he’s gone missing since their travel in Kansas.
mark of Athena .

II Hazel

Oh my Gods where will Arion take Hazel. Excited and worried.

What will happen next? What’s waiting in that mountain?

III Hazel

I think this place is creepy!!!!!!

Oh Hecate (goddess of magic) is so creepy, really creepy with her mist. *Goosebumps*

IV Hazel

This goddess really gives me the creeps “But magic is neither good nor evil. It is a tool, like a knife. Is
knife evil? Only if the wielder is evil.” A line of Hecate which I totally I agree.

If I were Hazel I would not listen to this creep.

“All choices have risks” Hecate. I think it’s true.

Hannibal a Carthaginian commander around 247-183/182 B.C.E and considered as the greatest
military strategist in history.

I feel sorry for Hecate because despite her faithfulness the Olympian Gods still ignored her.

I like the guts of Hazel not choosing from the crossroads of Hecate but decided to make her own,
Nice. Fighting!!!!!!!

V. Annabeth

Oh my gods they’re so sweet even though they fell from Tartarus , a pit of darkness(their hugging

I think she’s angry frustrated depressed but still she managed to say those three words.

STENCH foul lingering smell

VI. Annabeth

I wonder how cold that water is???

I think she’s desperate to save Percy and herself.

Is really misery illuminated in Cocytus(The river of Lamentation)?

I also wonder how awful Tartarus would be.

VII. Annabeth

Nightmarish extremely frightening

I wonder how frightening that cliff looks like.

Is really the fire from Phlegethon cure?

VIII. Annabeth

Oh my Gods what’s that voice?

Not again. I totally hate empousai( vampires)

IX. Leo

Gosh why is Gaia so obsessed in waking up. If those nightmares happen to me I would be out of my
mind then

That dream doesn’t make any sense

X. Leo

I wish I got piper’s charm speak

I wouldn’t dare go to the Necromenteion

If my dreams would tell me the future in the most frightening way then no thanks.

XI. Leo

Why did those dwarfs steal those screens?

Oh they like shiny stuffs

XII. Leo

Leo’s really good in doing stuffs like an arsenal.

I imagined Peter Pan in a blond hair.

Who’s this minor God?

I like Leo’s plan

XIII. Percy

Yes Percy’s life is so unpredictable

XIV. Percy

I hate Kelli

XV. Percy

The meaning of wise Annabeth

Oh who’s this titan?

XVI. Percy

Oh it is Bob.

He is the exact opposite of the vicious, cruel titan.

XVII. Frank
Frank is the son of Mars the god of war; he is a roman demigod

Hearing voices in my head would drive me in insanity.

Does war always demand vengeance?

Nico was really creepy but I like his mysterious side.

I wonder how Nico stay alone and mysterious, He makes me more curious about what he feels or

XVIII. Frank

Is really that house that creepy for Hazel to fell chills on her bone?

I still feel sorry for Nico’s mother feeling the wrath of Zeus just because they were born.

“Frank is amazing”

What happen to Hazel?

XIX. Frank

Who’s this guy???? ?_?

Are they in the green house or something?

Still Nico is as bright as always and a gamer ^__^

I now discover another minor god- Triptolemus God of farming

What’s this kind of deal? Fixed his chariot?

XX. Frank

Oh he’s understemating himself again.

What’s his plan?

Whoa !!!!!!!! he killed all the katobleps in Venice. AMAZING ^______^

I think Mars is a good father after all.

I wonder how do frank look now.

Barley? Really the three of them went through all of that just for barley.

XXI. Annabeth

Percy really does have interesting friends

XXII. Annabeth
I really hate nightmare

Annabeth is a genius really to think something that amazing.

I think Iapetus (Bob) really is good even though he is still a titan.

XXIII. Annabeth

No comment

XXIV. Annabeth

Curse them? ?_?

XXV. Hazel

To whom does Coach Hedge sending those Iris message Messages used in rainbows by the
Rainbow goddess Iris

XXVI. Hazel

A turtle as big as an island, really?

I really do like hazel’s curse. It can be useful sometimes.

Who’s the robber?

XXVII. Hazel

Just like Jason I believe that Hazel can control the mist

Linchpin essential element

Really? Washed his feet then kicked them but that’s unfair.

What’s her plan?


Gosh it’s disgusting to clean such feet (eww).

She made it ^_^

XXIX. Percy

Yeah the curse again.

Why does the arai need to tell that Percy removed Bob’s memory?

XXX. Percy

Cursed those curses.

But Calypso didn’t cursed Percy for leaving her.

XXXI. Percy

That’s the fighting spirit Percy Go. Go. Go save Annabeth.

XXXII. Percy

I now believe that Iapetus has changed already, still helping Percy even though he already know the


God he’s guilty

Who’s this satyr?

Why is Rachel with the Romans?

Oh its Grover I miss him, he hadn’t appear until now

Jason’s going to fell thanks to Piper he didn’t

XXXIV. Jason

Leo is so funny

How would they meet if they can’t contact each other?

Diocletian emperor of Rome (284-305) who reformed the administrative machinery of the empire,
introducing the two tiered system of augusti and ceasars.

Here Diocletian was a son of Jupiter.

That’s why they badly want to go to Split to get Diocletian scepter.

Nico and Jason? What would happen next?

XXXV. Jason

Trireme ancient gallery

Who’s this winged guy?

Peristyle encircling columns

I forgot, yeah of course the west wind Zephyr

I’m confused, is really annabeth the one Nico like?

Is really the God of Love that challenging?

XXXVI. Jason

What he fell in love with a man? Really zephyr?

What is he talking about?

“Love is on every side and no one’s side”

“Love is no game. It is no flowery softness. It is a hard work- a quest that never ends. It demands
everything from you- especially the truth. Only then does it yield rewards.” Cupid

“Love was the most savage monster of all” Jason

Now I get it.

XXXVII. Annabeth

Two words she’s frustrated

XXXVIII. Annabeth

Who’s this guy?  Damasen the peaceful giant

XXXIX. Annabeth

I like this giant.

I really hate the earth goddess, for cursing Damasen even though he made a good thing and actions

XL. Annabeth

I now feel sorry to Bob and Damasen(teary eye). They have a terrible fate.

XLI. Piper

Copacetic  excellent

XLII. Piper

Uh. Its Khione goddess of snow

XLIII. Piper

I hate Khione, I really do.

Go Piper, delaying tactics do work.

What’s her secret?

XLIV. Piper
Go. Go. Go Piper.

No love is everything just like Aphrodite.

XLV. Percy

I think this is really awful.

XLVI. Percy

God akhlys is disgusting to look at. Misery is really eternal and just existence itself is misery.

Where are they going?

XLVII. Percy

Misery is inevitable Akhlys

Olympus Gods, she’s pretty scary.


I can’t think how Percy still managed to make an inside joke when he’s half to death.

I thought Night was the night as in night with the stars and the moon.

Now I’m going to dig deeper in Mythology or I just overlook something..


Oh Leo is in Ogygia,, the place of Calypso.

I think she hate him.

L. Leo

Leo is talkative really.

The question is that is really she can’t fall in love with Leo.

LI. Leo

He definitely he got a lot of question and definitely talented.

What was he building?

He’s incredibly amazing, really.

I think Leo wasn’t that bad looking, I guess.

LII. Leo

I like his idea.

No man finds Ogygia twice Calypso that’s a pretty understatement.

Calypso fell in love. ^__^

An oath to keep with a final breath Leo made a promise he swear in River Styx.

LIII. Annabeth

Nyx is darkness.

Annabeth is pretty witty.

So Hemera is Day now I Know

LIV. Annabeth

So they met the offspring of Nyx.

They jump into nothingness a pretty stupid plan.

LV. Annabeth

No comment

LVI. Annabeth

They will jump? Really?

They reached the Heart of Tartarus.

LVII. Jason

Argo II was totally destroyed (just a statement)

Jason is really nice

LVIII. Jason

“Unpredictability can be strength” Auster

“You cannot control your parentage, but you can choose your legacy.” Notus

LIX. Jason

So he passed out.

LX. Jason

Leo is backed. Even though Leo is heartsick he still has the humor.

LXI. Percy

He really looked like a corpse.

They are close. Oh another titan.

LXII. Percy

Percy is good in giving comfort words and sayings that will make you truly think.

LXIII. Percy

Bob has truly changed offering to save Percy and annabeth.

LXIV. Percy

They’re arguing. Oh my God, Holy Styx. Tartarus.

LXV. Frank

Hazel knew that Leo met someone. I never knew Frank can be good on giving advice.

Leo is giving me headaches in his acts. (Shakes head)

Let’s get it on

LXVI. Frank

Did I just say that I love the character of Nico.

Hazel is taking a lead to where?

I wouldn’t dare go to that Necromentieon.

It’s totally confusing for Frank to see the ghost that Hazel and Nico can’t see, them being the
offspring of the God of Underworld.

Gosh what happened?

LXVII. Frank

He’s injured. Jason can’t lead the dead legionaries because already Greek.

Frank the praetor, promoted by Jason, Cool.

I want to see Nico smiling. This is amazing.


The fire and arrow feels just like nothing. Holy Styx he maybe got the blessing of Mars.

That’s the spirit, praetor.

LXIX. Annabeth

Eviscerate disemboweled somebody

“I choose to be more than Iapetus” yes you choose who to be and Bob you are more than a titan.

LXX. Annabeth

All I can say is “Love conquers all”

Maybe they just hold too much on their promise and that’s a good thing.

LXXI. Annabeth

It’s Damasen he chose another fate.

I feel sorry for Bob even though he was once a vicious titan.

LXXII. Annabeth

Yeah just twelve minutes


I agree at Hazel that Leo is a Philosopher.

“I figure that the universe is basically a machine” Leo

Hazel does have a terrible fate coming from a different century and having the curse.

LXXIV. Hazel

God Pasiphae got a bad mouth and empty threats. She’s irritating to the umpteenth power.

I thought annabeth was wise I never expected Hazel to be that good.

LXXV. Hazel

How on the earth will Clytius die if he devoured magic and Fire can’t kill him. I now like Hecate.

Adrenaline rush really do the trick. Let the party begin.

LXXVI. Hazel

Aw Nico is becoming more and more affectionate. It had to be possible


Reyna have arrived. I can’t help but smile (I don’t know why.)


Another Cliffhanger really(Ugh) 