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Our reference: 35/14



10 November 2014 GOODS RECD
initials $

{ Date Date Computer Entry Date

Private and Confidential
Mr Glenn Jones
8 Murray Court

Dear Mr Jones

RE: Complaint against Mr Trevor Shane McTaggart

We refer to your complaint in relation to Mr McTaggart. We have now received a response from the
member and a copy is attached.

Please review the response and provide your comments in writing by 24 November 2014 to the
address below:
GPO BOX 1637

If no response is received from you by the above date, we will proceed with the investigation based
on information you have already provided.

If you have any queries in relation to this letter, please contact the Assurance and Compliance
Advisor, Celeste Tsay, on 03 8665 3179 or by email at complianceadvisor@publicaccountants.org.au.

Yours sincerely

Lan To
Investigations Officer


Head Office
Level 6, 5 5 5 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3 0 0 0 Australia | G P O Box 1 6 3 7 Melbourne VIC 3001 Australia
t+61 3 8 6 6 5 3 1 0 0 f +61 3 8 6 6 5 3 1 3 0 eheadoffice@publicaccountants.org.au wpublicaccountants.org.au ABN 81 004 130 643
16 October 2014

Investigations Officer
Institute of Public Accountants
GPO Box 1673

No Name
Dear Sirs initials Amount
Date Date Computer Entry Date
Re: Complaint from Mr Glenn Jones

We refer to the above matter and your correspondence of 10 October 2014.

In response to your specific questions, we offer the following:

Your question 1(a)
We make no apologies for defending the position of an octogenarian who has been ripped
off by Glenn Jones once and he was coming back for a second go. At no time were threats
made and to say that Mr Jones felt threatened physically is ridiculous. The Court upheld our
position and in our view supported our stance. Sometimes in order to catch a rat, one must
enter the drain and get down and dirty. The Lawyer originally in this case has been removed
(or we suspect has removed himself due to a conflict of interest); the Accountant who
falsified financial statements and tax Returns has removed himself and the aggressor (Glenn
Jones) has been rebuffed by the Court and we look forward to November 10 when the Court
reconvenes to deal with him properly.
Your question 1(b)
We are qualified to carry out a forensic investigation. We have a Chartered Accountant, an
Accountant with a Masters in Accounting and an Accountant specializing in investigative
In terms of a Litigation Funder; what qualifications does one need? We can apply our money
as we see fit. What better cause than a bully ripping off an 80 year old plus lady? We will do
this any and every day.
We have never briefed Queens Counsel. This is a ridiculous accusation.
Your question 1(c)
We have never spoken to the Real Estate Agent involved and we have no knowledge of this
transaction. The letter to King & Heath (Real Estate Agents) is signed by Rod Wallace. We
have never advised M r Wallace in regard to conversing with King & Heath.
Your question 2
This matter is before the Courts with a Return Date of 4 November 2014. We are not sure
what we can and cannot provide you on this basis. What we can say however is that Glenn
Jones is using you as a dispute resolution center. There is no basis to his claims.

/ 3
Arbitrans Excellentiae
Arbitrans Pty Ltd ACN: 17 164 452 975 Suite 3, Level 1, 112A Martin Street, Brighton 3186 Phone: (03) 9988 1630
Fax: (03) 9530 6699 email: trevor@arbitrans.com.au Website: www.arbitrans.com.au
Your question 3
We have no objection to you providing a copy of this response to the Complainant.

Now to the letter of complaint by Jones:

• Our instructions are that Jones was contracted by Wallace to assist in a dispute in regard to
work done and money owed to Wallace. Jones convinced Wallace to hand over control of his
Bank Accounts to Jones. Jones operated these accounts to his advantage and
misappropriated money. The current dispute between the 2 relates to this manipulation and
• The IPA is being used by Jones as a Dispute resolution Centre.
• Any correspondence coming from Mr McTaggart or Arbitrans'was directed to a crooked
Lawyer, an Accountant who provided false and misleading financials and Glenn Jones who
had already ripped off an Octogenarian to the value of $600,000. We make no excuses for
our tone. We are dealing with thieves.
• McTaggart never called Jones a 'fat pig'. However we thank him for 'coming out'.
• Lewis Janover was retained by Mr Jones to engage in litigation with Mr Wallace. Janover
personally served legal documents on Wallace. To describe Janover as a conveyancing
lawyer is a lie.
• We did carry out a forensic investigation which is now complete. We found Jones guilty of
fraud, the Accountant guilty of producing false financial statements and Tax returns and
Janover acting when he had a clear conflict of interest. McTaggart has been vindicated with
the Lawyer ceasing to act for Jones; the Accountant withdrawing from this action; all before
the Court completes its hearing of the case. They are 'on the run'.
• We and McTaggart have never contacted Estate Agents or had any influence over same.
Jones refers to a letter to King and Heath written by Wallace. We have never seen this letter.
Jones is delusional and confused. Actions of a desperate man who is being found out!
• We maintain our position in regard to the Lawyer and the Accountant acting illegally and we
say Jones was at the centre of this. We have no knowledge of previous Court cases. We limit
ourselves to the current dispute and form our opinions based on our research here.
• There is no doubt that the Lawyer, the Accountant and Jones are involved in a criminal
conspiracy. The Court has found this to be true and we can't wait for the November hearing
where the Court will rule. It is our hope that Jones goes to gaol.
• Mr McTaggart's correspondence achieved what was required. Jones hoped to trick an
octogenarian into vacating her property so Jones could sell the property and steal more

We were amazed when Simon Woodford rejected our Ethical Letter email approach on the basis
that he was owed money for preparing accounts for Wallace and Refurb Solutions Pty Ltd. He had
already levied charges well beyond recommended professional costs and was clearly trying to block
our investigation. We ask that you look at this with a view to determining the truth and accuracy of
the accounts he produced.

Mr Jones has produced a number of letters and sent other correspondence to a number of
institutions complaining about Mr McTaggart and his conduct in this matter. He need not have
bothered. We and McTaggart no longer act for Wallace. Our job is complete and we have been paid
for our services.

What we did was act on our clients instructions. Nothing more and nothing less. We stopped an
obvious injustice and protected the rights of an elderly women who had clearly been compromised.
We provided correct and accurate accounts for our client and our job is done.
Our instructions now are to leave the matter to the Courts to decide. We have no role in the matter
ongoing. Of course we would like to see Mr Jones bought to account like any other thief but that is
as far as it goes.

We trust this clarifies the situation and exposes the claimant and his tactics.

Yours faithfully .

Trevor McTaggart Ml PA
Arbitrans Accounting Pty Ltd

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