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Build a Better Cloud with Steadfast Simplicity

Chicago-based Company Launches Custom-Built, Cost-Effective Cloud Solutions

Chicago, IL, February 13, 2018 --(PR.com)-- Steadfast, a 20-year-old IT infrastructure company, just
launched Simplicity Clouds to simplify cloud technologies for everyone from startups to enterprise-level
companies. Steadfast Simplicity Clouds allow businesses of all sizes to move their technology to cloud
solutions without staffing up, without spending a fortune, and without gaining any cloud expertise.

“Our goal at Steadfast, and it has always been this way, is to enhance our customers' businesses by
offering the highest level of IT infrastructure support possible, so that our customers can concentrate on
running and growing their companies,” said Karl Zimmerman, CEO and founder of Steadfast. “By
simplifying cloud solutions for our customers, we allow them to do what they do best. We modernize
their IT infrastructure to capitalize on the benefits of cloud where and when they need it.”

The Steadfast Simplicity Clouds are designed for better control of costs compared to similar industry
vendor cloud offerings. Bundled, transparent pricing avoids surprise and hidden costs for services such as
increased bandwidth that customers often face when using extra-large corporate cloud companies.

Steadfast allows customers to be the boss of their cloud by giving easy, fast access to expert cloud
support - all data centers are staffed 24/7/365 with experienced, onsite technicians who answer support
calls. Steadfast takes pride in providing exceptionally reliable managed services with unparalleled support
that includes a support response SLA of 30 minutes or less (average of 7.4 minutes), for all customers
without exception - compared to other vendors who charge extra for up to a 12-hour response time

Cloud engineers are ready to offer free consultation and design service calls within 24 business hours, and
Steadfast's support consultation is included to all Steadfast customers without exception and at no extra

“Our hands-on, consultative approach to cloud solutions allows customer without the staff, budget, or
expertise to take full advantage of a modernized IT infrastructure,” said Zimmerman. “Our cloud is the
same as the big boys but built better and for you. There is no need to define what cloud is for your
company before you come to us, because we will devise a solution that meets your needs and wants.”

To learn more or book a cloud consultation with Steadfast experts, visit www.steadfast.net/cloud-hosting.

About Steadfast
Steadfast specializes in flexible cloud environments, infrastructure hosting, and a full suite of reliable
managed services and security. Complemented by expert consultation at all stages of design and
deployment to maintenance and expansion planning, Steadfast delivers high-quality, cost-effective IT
infrastructure solutions, personalized to customer needs.

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