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For first assessment in 2017 TK/PPD

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Theory of knowledge presentation planning document

How many bullets ?
Title of presentation:

Indicate the duration of the presentation: 12 minutes

Indicate the number of participants in the presentation: 1

Candidate responses on this document must be typed and limited to a maximum of 500 words for the whole of the Candidate
section (not per field). It is not permitted to exceed the two sides of the candidate section.

Describe your real-life situation:

During the assassination of JFK on November 1963, people heard detonations from a sniper. The president assassination was
known everywhere. During a survey, policemen asked to witnesses how many detonations they heard to know the number of
bullers that were shooted. Out of 216 witnesses, 123 (57 %) are sure that there were only 3 detonations and this became the
official theory. But what about the 43 other percent ? Some said "2 or 3 or 4" detonations, "1 or 2 or more", "only 2 or 4, not 3."
Actually, there is a big difference in testimonies.

State your central knowledge question (this must be expressed as a question):

To what extent can memory be considered as a reliable source of knowledge ?

Explain the connection between your real-life situation and your knowledge question:
During this survey, the witnesses didn't have the same answer about the number of detonations while it was a truth, it couldn't
change according to the person, it was a real fact. Then, the policemen took the majority's answer and did the survey knowing
that the memory of the witnesse could be affected by the time taken and the trauma, made by the sniper and the possibility of
being killed. In fact, the only proof authority had about the number of bullet rely on the memory of witnesses. The RLS shows the
need for knowledge to be justified, to have reliable evidence.

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Outline how you intend to develop your TOK presentation in the context of your real-life situation. Include analysis
of your main knowledge question and related knowledge questions as well as arguments and perspectives.
Responses can be presented in continuous prose or as a list of points:
Introduction to RLS and KQ
Definitions from the Cambridge Dictionary: Memory, Computer and Imagination

Development 1 (D1): Definition of memory (WOK), 3 types of memory (personal, factual,practical), people have a tendency to
compare Human memory to Computer memory.
Claim (C): The Computer memory is weaker compared to the Human memory. Definition of Computer. When we remember
something, with our brain or our heart, we have the emotions (WOK) which come in while for a computer it is just a binary code.
Counterclaim (CC): On a computer, pictures doesn't change over time, when you see those pictures it also brings emotion and
memory. But how can you be sure that those pictures remind you the good souvenir "There are a lot of people who mistake their
imagination for their memory" (Josh Billings)

D2: Definition of imagination, 3 types of imagination (fantasy, realistic imagination, creativity),

(C) 2: Imagination depends on memory. From human and Natural sciences (AOKs) Memory gives what you thought, saw, etc, to
imagination and build an idea.
(CC) 2: Loftus experiment "car crash." The brain build a logic reasonning (WOK), awrong memory. Memory can be abuse by

D3:Factors affecting memory: Usefulness of the information, time, emotions and trauma.

Show the significance of your conclusions with particular reference to your real-life situation and indicate how those
conclusions might be relevant to other real-life situations:

Memory is important for any society. If everyone is not able to remember anything how can we work together ?
Memory should be considered as a reliable source of knowledge but we have to be careful, it can vary because of a lot of factors
such as emotions, time, trauma, imagination, wrong memory, etc.
Ronald Cotton was arrested because of the wrong memory of a testimony. Steve Titus was also arrested and was in jail for 1
year because of a wrong memory.

"Memory is the cabinet of imagination, the treasury of reason, the registry of conscience and the council-chamber of thought"
Giambattista Basile

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Enter your mark (0-10) for this presentation:

Provide brief comments to support your assessment of the presentation. These should include remarks on the extent to which
the knowledge question was well formulated and connected to the real-life situation, and on the effectiveness of the arguments
and TOK analysis.