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Canyon Bible Church // Prescott

Church Office: 122 N. Cortez Street, Ste. 317

Phone: 928.277.0017
Welcome to Our Worship Gathering Ministry Team Leaders
These are the primary contacts for our ministries:

February 11, 2018 Equipping Ministries

Prayer Meeting: 8:40 in Mrs. Sobo’s Classroom Children’s Ministry College & Career
Joe Sapko Jason Drumm
Welcome & Announcements

Counseling Men’s Ministry

Adoration Will Peterson Jason Drumm
Song: How Great Thou Art

Confession Small Groups Student Ministry

Scripture Reading: Romans 14:1-12 Dave Lutz Will Peterson
Pastoral Prayer

Assurance of Pardon & Thanksgiving Women’s Ministry

Song: The Love Of God Kristy Tracy
Song: Look And See
Service Ministries
Prayer Administration Foreign Missions
Jeff Nordyke Steve Gallo
Scripture: Isaiah 66:1-6 James’ Gems Music Ministry
Lynn Penner Josh Farmer
Offering & Song: Come Thou Fount Needs Ministry Prayer
Scripture Reading: Philippians 2:3-11 Chuck Schafer Kalon McMahan
Prayer & Dismissal

Security Team Set-Up & Tear-Down

Rob Leahy Jeff Timm

Sound Usher & Greeter

Dave McAtee Tom Januski
Our Elders Canyon Announcements
Andrew Gutierrez
Areas of oversight: Preaching, Music, Friendship Folders
Leader Training, Local & Foreign Missions, Please pass the Friendship Folders, for prayer requests and praise
Membership, Deacon & Elder Appointment, reports please also register your attendance. If there is no one
Get to Know Canyon sitting at the end of an isle, please make sure the worship guide gets passed.
Children’s Ministry
Jason Drumm Children’s Ministry is available for all children from infants through 3rd
Areas of oversight: College Ministry, grade. For more information, or to get involved in this gospel ministry
Men’s Ministry, Children’s Ministry, go to or contact our Children’s Ministry
Women’s Ministry, Media, Classes & Conferences Leader Joe Sapko at
Set Up & Tear Down College Ministry
928.277.0017 College Ministry meets every Friday at Yavapai College
Campus in the Student Lounge at 7pm. If you would like to get
Dave Lutz involved go to or contact Jason at
Areas of oversight:
Small Groups, Needs Men’s Discipleship Groups
Rather than having a once-a-week “event” for the men of Canyon,
we have numerous Discipleship Groups of men meeting together
at varying times throughout the week, with each group focusing
on a topical discussion, spiritual prayer requests, relationships and
accountability. To find out how you can be involved in one of these
Brad Penner groups, you can contact Jason, either by calling the church office, or
Areas of oversight: Usher & Greeter, James’ by email. (928) 277-0017,
Gems, Prayer, Finances, Employees, Security Small Groups
Small Groups at Canyon Prescott are designed to give members of
the church a smaller environment for fellowship during the week.
The aims of these groups are for instruction which leads to growth in
holiness as we grow in love and fellowship with one another. If you
Will Peterson would like to join a small group or just want some more information,
Areas of oversight: Youth Ministry, Counseling, you can contact Dave Lutz at
Pastoral Care
Canyon Announcements Sermon Application

Security Ministry Based on Sunday’s sermon answer and pray over the
Our Security Ministry is looking for servants. If you are following application questions:
interested in serving the body in our Security Ministry please Are there examples to follow?
contact Rob Leahy at Commands to obey?
Errors to avoid?
Student Ministry Sins to forsake?
Student Ministry meets Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 p.m. For Promises to claim?
more information go to Thoughts about God?
Principles to live by?
Women’s Bible Study
Our Winter/Spring semester for women’s Bible studies began Outreach Prayer
January 16th and will continue through April 17th. We are Pray for the Gospel Rescue Mission. Specifically pray that the
studying “Psalms: Songs Along the Way/Vol. 1”. If you would needs below are met and beyond:
like to join us, please register online, or for more information, -Grocery needs
go to If you have questions, -Deck railing and benches varnished and weather-sealed
please contact Kristy Tracy at (907) 232-3743 or email at -Utility truck or van -Yard work
-Bathroom floor in guest room
Foster Care and Adoption -Regular monthly donors
Wait No More is an event sponsored by Focus on the Family -Volunteers for moms Saturdays
and will be hosted at The Heights Church on February 24th -Meal providers
from 10am to 2pm. It is geared towards helping families Resources
considering foster care or adoption to receive information Book of the Month: Devoted to God by Sinclair Ferguson
about available assistance and resources. If you are “I believe there are many Christians who seek to war
considering foster care or adoption, or know someone who is, against the world, the flesh, and the devil without
details are available at the links below.  using weapons available to them. Being “in Christ” is
Details here: simultaneously one of the richest and one of the least
Register here: Click HERE to register for WNM understood doctrines of our faith. I pray that Ferguson’s
book will be a helpful resource to you as you seek to
Get to Know Canyon progress in your killing of sin and in your love for Christ.”
Get to Know Canyon: We will be hosting our next Get to
Know Canyon on Sunday, March, 11th after Worship Service at Blog/Article/Sermon:
Prescott High School. Get to Know Canyon is for anyone who 6 Guidelines for Clarifying Confusing Passages
would like to know more about Canyon as well as those who by Pastor Jason
are considering membership as it is a part of the membership
process. Lunch and childcare is provide and we ask that Read on our Elder Blog at
you R.S.V.P. by calling the church office or emailing admin@ Printed Copies available on the back table.
Isaiah 66:1-6 Epistle Project: Romans 15:8-13

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in
believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you
may abound in hope,” (Rom. 15:13). God is the source of
salvation, life, and eternal hope. For every believer God
is the object of our hope. Praise Him and pray that you
would always look to God for your hope and in nothing

Epistle Project: Romans 15:14-21

Sometimes in our Bible reading it can be easy to skip over

the little things, but often times it’s the little things that
can teach us big lessons. Our reading for today speaks
of Paul’s ministry to the Gentiles, but notice what he com-
mends the church at Rome for in verse 14: they are full of
goodness, filled with all knowledge and able to instruct
one another. What a reputation to have as a church! Spend
some time today praying that the Lord would make all of
His churches known for these things.
Wednesday Friday
Epistle Project: Romans 15:22-33 Epistle Project: Romans 16:17-23

Paul begins this passage by stating that he had been hindered Talk to any coach and they will tell you that one of the most
from coming to Rome. God had providentially prevented this important things for any team is unity. Without unity you can
from happening. Paul’s work, of planting churches in other guarantee failure. If the world understands this concept, then
areas, had not yet been completed. You too may have a how much more should the body of Christ? Notice who Paul
desire to do something that is hindered, even if it is a good, says to avoid in verse 17 of our reading for today. God prizes
God honoring thing to do. Remember that God is sovereign. unity and warns us against division. Spend some time today
Remember that God’s plans are greater than our own. Pray praying for unity in our church, as well as unity for other
and thank the Lord for His sovereign plan for your life. churches.

Thursday Saturday
Epistle Project: Romans 16:1-16 Epistle Project: Romans 16:25-27

In this passage the Apostle Paul is warmly greeting and Romans 16:25-17 is a Doxology. Read these verses over
showing his appreciation to those he knows in Rome who several times in a prayer of praise to our great God for His
are involved in ministry. They were coworkers with Paul in the work through Jesus Christ.
gospel. Take time to pray and thank the Lord for those you
know, near and far, who labor for the gospel. Pray that they
would be encouraged and strengthened in what they do to
glorify our Lord and proclaim Christ.