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1 Cell Structure And Function

Trial SBP 2010

(a) State what is a cell?

(b)Labeled the diagram/name the structure Trial Selangor 2010

Cell A Cell B
(c) Name the type of cell
Cell A:
Cell B:
(d) State two reason for you answer
Cell A

Cell B

No Marking scheme Marks

(a) Compare and contrast the structure of an animal cell and plant cell. Give your answer by
drawing a labeled diagram of an animal cell and a plant cell


Animal cell Plant cell

1 10
Cellular Component Function& Question (marking scheme)
Plasma membrane Function:

Question :
(a) What are the cell wall and the plasma membrane made of

(b) What are the special feature /characteristic of cell wall and plasma membrane

Cytoplasm Function:

Cell Wall Function :

Trial Pahang 2011

(a) How does structure (cell wall) help to maintain the shape of the plant cell?

(b) Explain how the compound in Cell wall help it to carry out its function

Cellular component Function And Question (Marking Scheme)

Vacuole Function :

Question :
(a) Structure T (vacuole) and how it is involved to maintain the turgidity of the
plant cell

(b) Explain the role of vacuole in maintain the cell turgidity(SPM 2006)

(c) Describe what will happen to the vacuole when plant is immersed in water

Nucleus Function:

Question :
(a) If structure R (nucleus) is removed from a cell .Explain what would happen to
the growth of the cell(trial perlis2010)

(b) State the main content of nucleus

Mitochondria Function:
Trial Perlis 2011

(a) State the process occur in mitochondria ,how does it carry out the process/Explain
the process occur in this organelle

(b) If the cell is actively involved in transporting ions and molecules, predict which
organelle that can be found abundantly

(c) Explain the important of the function of organelle R(Mitochondria)

(d) Explain the function of organelle P in the plant

Ribosome Function:

(a) Name structure X

Endoplasmic reticulum (a) Rough endoplasmic reticulum

(b) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
(a) State the different between Rough endoplasmic reticulum and Smooth
endoplasmic reticulum

(b) What will happen if the cell does not have structure T(endoplasmic Reticulum)