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Product Digest

Product Digest for

pressure and temperature measurement
WIKA Instrument Corporation

The WIKA Product Digest features a broad overview of the WIKA product line. In addition to the products highlighted within,
WIKA offers thousands of different product configurations delivered with the industry’s shortest lead times. Please visit for complete product information and datasheets.

Product Digest Highlights

Mechanical Pressure Measurement Page 2

WIKA Mechanical Pressure Gauges represent the industry standard and are designed to provide lasting service in extreme
operating conditions when properly applied. WIKA has pioneered many innovations over the years, resulting in a gauge for almost
every application.

Differential Pressure Measurement Page 6

WIKA Differential Gauges are offered in a wide variety of configurations and operating ranges. Features include rugged machine
finished construction, NEMA 4X (standard), and a 7-year warranty.

Pressure Gauge Accessories Page 7

WIKA’s accessories complete the offering for almost every existing installation requirement. Options include needle valves, gauge
cocks, block and bleed valves, snubbers, overpressure protectors, adaptors and couplings.

Electronic Pressure Measurement Page 8

WIKA’s TRONIC line offers a full array of general industrial and specifically designed pressure transmitters and transducers to
meet the emerging demands of design-in applications and integrated electronic systems.

Diaphragm Seals Page 11

WIKA has many innovative and patented Diaphragm Seal designs for aggressive, clogging and high temperature media
applications. WIKA has the right combination of materials and technology to provide lasting instrumentation operating life.

Sanitary Assemblies Page 12

WIKA sanitary seals are designed to meet 3A criteria for pharmaceutical, food and diary, and biotechnology applications.

Mechanical Temperature Page 13

WIKA has a full line of Mechanical Thermometers for process and general industrial temperature measurement, including the
industry’s only “patented” dampened movement bimetal thermometer. All WIKA thermometers are designed to provide lasting
value, accuracy and operating life.

High Precision & Calibration Test Page 16

WIKA offers High Precision Monitors and Calibration Test Equipment for the most demanding accuracy and calibration
requirements. Available products include laboratory and point-of-use systems for maintenance, testing, measurement and

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WIKA Instrument Corporation

WIKA’s LeanSigma® Methodology

WIKA understands that customers in today’s business environment demand high-quality

products and services at competitive prices, customized to individual requirements and
with quick deliveries. To better serve our customers’ needs, WIKA has embraced a new
manufacturing philosophy named LeanSigma®.

Lean manufacturing and business processes utilize a systematic approach to identify-

ing waste through continuous improvement. Lean manufacturing retains only those
activities that transform materials and information into the products and services that
customers need.

The benefits are:

Over 50,000 different product configurations with lead times of only a few days.
An industry-leading 1,400 stock items are readily available to our customers for same day shipping.
Elimination of lengthy lead times for shipments coming from off-shore locations.
Elimination of large inventories to overcome out-of-stock situations.

The result is WIKA has the industry’s shortest lead times and you will get exactly what you want when you need it!

WIKA’s OEM Product Offering

WIKA manufactures a complete line of OEM instrumentation to support multiple industries including, but not limited to, medical
devices, pumps, compressors, beverage dispensing, HVAC, and hydraulic/pneumatic applications. Additionally, WIKA can fabri-
cate unique product configurations to meet design-in applications including dial artwork which can be customized with any logo,
special scales and critical ranges. All artwork generation and dial printing is made-to-order in our Lawrenceville, GA facility.

WIKA OEM customers do not have to order large quantities to receive customized products delivered quickly. WIKA offers flex-
ible stocking options including Kanban, JIT, or scheduled deliveries. Special box labeling and bar-coding options are also offered
by WIKA to meet OEM requirements. Please contact our OEM Group to learn more about WIKA’s customized instrument and
packaging capabilities.

WIKA’s Customized Dial Printing Capabilities

WIKA’s customized printing capabilities are among the best in the industry. WIKA utilizes a wide variety of printing methods to meet
any unique requirement, PMS color and custom logo design for dial artwork. WIKA utilizes proprietary digital printing technology
which drastically reduces lead times from days to minutes.

WIKA’s NIST Traceable Calibration Lab

WIKA’s in-house and traceable NIST Laboratory offers customers maximum safety, precision and
quality, certified in accordance with NIST calibration standards. If required, instrumentation products
will receive a NIST Certificate of Calibration to verify that a product is within its stated tolerance of

Mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments, deadweight testers as well as temperature
sensors and temperature measuring instruments, resistance thermometers or dry well calibrators
can all be calibrated and certified by WIKA.

WIKA’s World Class Customer Service

WIKA’s dedication to providing responsive customer care is unparalleled. WIKA’s

in-house technical team and engineers are available to develop customer-
specific solutions. Each employee receives in-depth training on our extensive
product lines along with the principles of customer service. Combining engi-
neering innovation, courteous service, quality and timeliness, we have mastered
these elements to meet your individual requirements.

WIKA’s Distribution Network

In combination with WIKA’s extensive product line is a vast domestic network of fully authorized WIKA distributors. Please visit
the WIKA website at to locate a distributor nearest to you or specialized to your particular industry.

c a ll 1- 8 8 8 -W I K A-U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m
Mechanical Pressure Measurement

WIKA Type 111.10,111.12, 212.54, and 111.25CT gauges are Type 212.53, 213.53, 213.40 and 212.20 (dry only) are
designed for applications where the measured media does not ideal choices for OEM and general industrial applications
corrode copper alloy, and long, reliable service under rugged requiring an economical dry or liquid filled pressure gauge. When
conditions is required. Typical applications for these gauges are vibration and/or pulsation are present, the glycerine fill dampens
pumps, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and compressors. the Bourdon tube and minimizes pointer oscillation, which
reduces wear on the gauge movement. Typical applications
include hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

General Purpose Gauge, Dry Stainless Steel Case, Brass Internals

Field Liquid Fillable
111.10, 111.12
212.53, 213.53
Size 1½”, 2”, 2½”,
3½”, 4” Size 2”, 2½”, 4”
Case stainless steel
Case black ABS plastic
Ring polished stainless steel,
Wetted parts copper alloy 111.10 crimped-on
Window snap-in-acrylic Wetted parts copper alloy
Liquid filling not applicable Window acrylic

Accuracy ±3/2/3% of span Liquid filling dry (212.53);

glycerine (213.53)
Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span (2”, 2½”);
+1.0% of span (4”)

Stainless Steel Case, Brass Internals Hydraulic Gauge, Factory Filled Case
Field Repairable, Field Liquid Fillable
Size 2½”, 4”
Size 2½”, 4”
Case forged brass
Case stainless steel
Cover Ring brass-plated ABS
Ring stainless steel (2½”); chrome-plated
bayonet, twist-on brass (4”)
Wetted parts copper alloy Wetted parts copper alloy
Window safety glass Window acrylic
Liquid filling dry (212.54) Liquid filling glycerine
glycerine (213.54)
Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span (2½”);
Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span (2½”); ±1.0% of span (4”)
±1.0% of span (4”)

Contractors Gauge, Dry


Size 4½”
Stainless Steel Case, Brass Internals, Dry
Case stainless steel
Wetted parts copper alloy 212.20
Window snap-in-acrylic
Size 6”
Liquid filling not applicable
Case stainless steel
Accuracy ±1.0% of span
Ring stainless steel
bayonet, twist-on
Wetted parts copper alloy
Window acrylic
Liquid filling not applicable
Accuracy ±1.0% of span

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Mechanical Pressure Measurement

Featuring all stainless steel construction, these industrial and WIKA stainless steel liquid-filled gauges are recognized
process grade gauges ensure long service life in the harshest, worldwide as the standard of accuracy and durability for
most demanding environments. Typical applications include use in fluid power and hydraulic systems. These gaug-
process and petrochemical industries that require high quality es are ideal for skid systems, panels, compressors,
precision components. pumps and systems which may produce excessive vibration
and pulsation.

All Stainless Steel, Small Diameter Panel Builder Gauge, Factory Filled Case
131.11 233.55 LBM

Size 1½”, 2”, 2½” Size 2½”

Case stainless steel Case 304 stainless steel

Bayonet ring none Ring crimped tamper-
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel proof bezel

Window snap-in-acrylic Wetted parts 316 stainless steel

Liquid filling not applicable Window safety glass
Accuracy ±2.5% of span Liquid filling glycerine
Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span

All Stainless Steel, Field Repairable,

Field Liquid Fillable
232.54, 233.54 All Stainless Steel, Field Liquid Fillable
Size 2½”, 4” 232.53, 233.53
Case stainless steel
Size 2½”, 4”
Ring stainless steel
Case stainless steel
bayonet, twist-on
Ring polished stainless
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel
steel, crimped-on
Window safety glass
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel
Liquid filling dry (232.54);
Window acrylic
glycerine (233.54)
Liquid filling dry (232.53);
Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span (2½”);
glycerine (233.53)
±1.0% of span (4”)
Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span (2½”);
±1.0% of span (4”)

All Stainless Steel, Safety Case,

Field Repairable, Field Liquid Fillable All Stainless Steel, General Service,
Field Liquid Fillable
232.30, 233.30*
132.53, 133.53
Size 2½”, 4”, 6”
Ring stainless steel Size 4”
bayonet, twist-on Case stainless steel
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel Ring polished stainless
steel, crimped-on
Window safety glass
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel
Liquid filling dry (232.30);
glycerine (233.30)* Window acrylic
Liquid filling dry (132.53);
Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span (2½”); glycerine (133.53)
±1.0% of span (4”, 6”)
Accuracy ±3/2/3% of span

*Note: Case-filled 233.30 available in lower mount connection only

c a ll 1- 8 8 8 -W I K A-U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m 3
Mechanical Pressure Measurement

The large 6” diameter of the Type 232.50/233.50 gauge makes WIKA process gauges and hinged ring gauges are
it ideal for critical process applications that require dial reading specifically designed for the petrochemical and processing
from a distance. The Type 232.34DD Direct Drive Process industries. These durable gauges are engineered to provide
gauge features an external re-zero adjustment screw and reliable service in harsh and rugged environments.
movementless helical tube design engineered to withstand
high shock, pulsation and vibration. Direct Drive gauges are
excellent for power-generation industry applications and are Process Gauge, Field Liquid Fillable*
ideal for non-clogging media and steam service, when properly
equipped; i.e., with a siphon.

Size 4½”, 6”
All Stainless Steel, Field Repairable, Case black fiberglass
Field Liquid Fillable reinforced
232.50, 233.50 Ring threaded
Size 2½”, 4”, 6”
Wetted parts 21X.34 - brass;
Case stainless steel 22X.34 - steel;
Ring stainless steel 23X.34 - 316 ss; 26X.34- Monel®
bayonet, twist-on Window acrylic
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel Liquid filling dry (2X2.34)
Window safety glass glycerine, silcone (2X3.34)
Liquid filling dry (232.50); Accuracy ±0.5% of span
glycerine (233.50)
Accuracy ±2/1/2% (2½”); *Note: With membrane installed
±1.0% (4”); ±1.0% (6”)
Hinged Ring Process Gauge

Size 4½”, 6”
Case black aluminum
Ring black steel,
Direct Drive Process Gauge Wetted parts 212.25HR -
copper alloy;
232.25HR -
232.34DD* 316 stainless steel;
262.25HR - Monel®
Size 4½”
Window flat instrument glass
Case yellow fiberglass
reinforced Liquid filling not applicable
thermoplastic Accuracy ±0.5% of span
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel/
*Note: Adjustable pointer standard
Inconnel X-750
Window acrylic Low Pressure Process Gauge
Liquid filling not applicable
Accuracy ±0.5% of span 6XX.34

Size 4½”
*Note: External zero-reset standard
Case black fiberglass

Wetted parts 612.34 -

copper alloy;
632.34 -
316 stainless steel

Window acrylic

Liquid filling available: 40” H2O and up

Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span

4 c a ll 1- 888- W IKA -U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m

Mechanical Pressure Measurement

Extremely sensitive and highly accurate, the Type 611.10 and The WIKA Sealgauge ® is a reliable alternative to the
Type 632.50 capsule gauges are designed to measure very low conventional system of a diaphragm seal and pressure
pressure. They are especially well suited for systems where air or gauge. It uses a mechanical linkage, which eliminates
other gases are the measured media, as well as other applica- the need for a system fill fluid. The Sealgauge® is built to
tions requiring exceptional sensitivity, precision, and reliability. withstand the corrosive, highly viscous and crystallizing
media (gaseous or liquid) typical of the process industry.
It is ideal for petrochemical, pulp and paper, wastewater
treatment and power plants. The Sealgauge® is available with
Low Pressure Economy Capsule Gauge up to 10X overpressure protection and can also measure pres-
sure as low as 5 InWC.

Size 2”, 2½” Sealgauge®

Case black plastic
Wetted parts copper alloy 4XX.50, 4XX.12
Window snap-in-acrylic
Size 4”, 6”
Accuracy ±2.5%of span
Upper housing 304 stainless steel
Case 304 stainless steel
cast iron
(422.12, 432.12)
Bayonet ring 304 stainless steel
(452.50) 452.50
1” ASME 150# RF
Ring 304 stainless steel, Flanged Connection
polished (43X.50)
black painted steel
Low Pressure Commercial Capsule Gauge (422.12, 432.12)
Diaphragm 316 stainless steel,
611.10 PTFE lined
(422.12) - <30 psi
316 stainless steel;
Size 2½”
>30 psi carbon steel
Case black painted steel (432.12) - 316
stainless steel
Wetted parts copper alloy
Lower housing 316 stainless steel,
Window snap-in-acrylic/ PTFE lined
zero adjustment 316 stainless steel 432.50, 433.50
screw on dial Stainless Steel
(43X.50, 432.12)
Accuracy ±1.5% of span carbon steel (422.12);
Window laminated safety
glass (452.50);
instrument glass
(422.12, 432.12)

Low Pressure Industrial All Stainless Steel Liquid filling none;

glycerine (433.50)

632.50 Accuracy ±1.5% of span

Size 4”
Case stainless steel
Ring stainless bayonet
twist-on 422.12, 432.12
Cast Iron Case
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel
Window laminated safety
glass/zero adjustment
screw on dial
Accuracy ±1.5% of span

c a ll 1- 8 8 8 -W I K A-U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m 5
Differential Pressure Measurement

DP Gauge, Dry or Liquid Filled Case DP Gauge, Dry or Liquid Filled Case
This piston-style differential pressure gauge is designed for use with This opposed membrane/liquid filled sensor element is designed
clean liquid or gaseous media where high differential pressure/static for applications requiring high differential/high process pressures.
process pressures are required. The 700.04 is suitable for measur- The 732.25 is used in a variety of industrial uses, including rotating
ing pressure drops across a variety of devices, including filters, equipment systems and/or corrosive environments with liquid or
strainers, separators, and heat exchangers. gaseous media.
700.04 732.25
Size 2½”, 4½” Size 4½”, 6”
Case & bezel reinforced plastic
Sensor housing 316L ss or Bezel 316L stainless steel
anodized aluminum Dial case black powder-
Wetted parts aluminum or 316 ss coated aluminum
& ceramic magnet
Sensor housing 316L stainless steel
Window acrylic or shatter-
resistant glass Sensor membranes PTFE;
DP range 0-5 psid thru Monel diaphragm
0-100 psid
Window acrylic or shatter-
Working pressure up to 6000 psig resistant glass
(400 bar)
Accuracy ±2% of span DP range 0-100” H20 thru
(increasing) 0-600 psid
Working pressure 0-3000 psig
(200 bar)
Accuracy ±1% of span
DP Gauge, Dry or Liquid Filled Case
This diaphragm-style differential pressure gauge, that eliminates
“blow-by”, is suited for use in applications requiring low/medium
differential and medium/high process pressure media. The 700.05
is intended for measuring pressure drops across filters, strainers,
separators, heat exchangers, and gas recovery systems.

Size 2½”, 4½” DP Gauge, Dry or Liquid Filled Case
Case & bezel reinforced plastic
This opposed membrane/liquid filled sensor element differential
Sensor housing 316L ss or
pressure gauge is for applications requiring medium differential/high
anodized aluminum
process pressures. The 732.26 is typically used for a variety of indus-
Wetted parts aluminum or trial uses, including cryogenic gases and/or corrosive environments
316 ss & ceramic with liquid or gaseous media.
magnet Buna N diaphragm
Window acrylic or shatter-
resistant glass 732.26
DP range 0-50” H20 thru 0-100 psid Size 4½”, 6”
Working pressure up to 3000 psig (200 bar)
Bezel 316L stainless steel
Accuracy ±2% of span (increasing),
ranges 15 psi thru 100 psi; Dial case black powder-coated
+5% of span (increasing), aluminum
ranges 50” H20 thru 300” H20
Sensor housing 316L stainless steel

Differential/Duplex Gauge Sensor element PTFE; 316L stainless steel

712.25DP/DX Window acrylic or shatter-
Size 4½”, 6” resistant glass
Case black aluminum DP range 0-100” H20
Ring black aluminum, thru 0-400 psid
bayonet ring
Working pressure 600 psig (40 bar)
Wetted parts copper alloy
Pointer one black (differential); Accuracy ±1% of span
one black, one red (duplex)
Window flat instrument glass
DP range 0-15 psid thru 0-1000 psid
Working pressure up to full scale value
Accuracy ±2/1/2% of span (ASME B40.1 Grade A)

6 c a ll 1- 888- W I KA -U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m
Pressure Accessories

Pressure Snubbers Gauge Cocks

Pressure snubbers dampen pressure oscillations, allowing easy WIKA gauge cocks provide an economical method for isolating the
reading of the “average” pressure. They also protect the gauge from instrument from the process. They also provide an adjustable flow
damaging pulsation and spikes. Available in brass and 316 stainless orifice and are rated at 200 psi.
steel with porous, piston, and throttling types.
910.12.100, 910.12.200, 910.12.300


Needle Valves Pressure & Temperature Plugs

Needle valves isolate the pressure gauge from the pressure Pressure & temperature plugs allow multiple process sampling ports.
medium and act as a throttling device. They can also effec- Equipped with a self-sealing pierceable rubber diaphragm rated at
tively dampen pulsation. WIKA’s needle valves are available in 1,000 psi and 200°F (350°F available).
standard, mini, block & bleed, and multi-port designs.
910.11, 910.11.100,
910.11.200, 910.11.300

910.11.100 Block & Bleed

910.11 Adjustable Overpressure Protector

Overpressure protectors protect the pressure gauge from damaging
910.11.300 spikes and surges that exceed the rated capacity of the instrument.
Multi-port WIKA overpressure protectors come in seven selectable ranges from
8 psi to 8700 psi. Available in 316 stainless steel.
Siphons protect instruments from high temperature mediums such
as saturated steam. The high temperature steam condenses in the
siphon, preventing it from damaging the gauge internals. Available
in brass, steel or 316 stainless steel. For horizontal (coil) or vertical
(pigtail) installations.

910.15.100, 910.15.200

910.15.200 910.15.100
Coil Pigtail

c a ll 1- 8 8 8 -W I K A-U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m 7
Electronic Pressure Measurement

Standard Industrial Transmitter Field Case Transmitters

These rugged pressure transmitters are designed for use in harsh The Type F-20 and F-21 pressure transmitters feature an integral
environments where accuracy, reliability, and repeatability are criti- stainless steel junction box for installation in harsh environments. The
cal. Applications include hydraulics and pneumatics and numerous F-21 non-clogging flush diaphragm version is designed to measure
other processing operations. media containing sludge, slurry, or particulates.

S-10 F-20, F-21

Ranges 50 INWC to 40,000 psi, Ranges 30”-0 HgVac to
vacuum, compound, 60,000 psi
absolute Output 4-20 mA
Output 4-20 mA,
0-5 V, Accuracy < 0.25% B.F.S.L.
0-10 V
Accuracy <0.25% B.F.S.L.

Flush Diaphragm Transmitter Solid State Switch

The S-11 flat diaphragm pressure transmitter is designed for The PSD-10 combines the function of a pressure switch, digital
applications with sludge, slurry, or high viscosity media. gauge, and pressure transmitter in a compact, durable case. It is
supplied with one or two user-programmable switch points and an
S-11 optional 4-20mA analog output. Built-in LEDs on the front panel
indicate switch status.
Ranges 50 InWC to 8000
psi, vacuum, PSD-10
absolute Ranges -14.7 psi to/30 psi
to 9,000 psi
Output 4-20 mA, 0-5 V,
0-10 V Display 4-digit LED,
Accuracy <0.25% B.F.S.L. 0.35” high

Switch points user programmable

High Pressure Transmitter

The new HP-1 is designed for ultra-high pressure monitoring and OEM Transducer
control applications up to 120,000 psi. It provides accurate, reliable
and safe performance when exposed to rapid pressure changes. The WIKA OEM-designed pressure transducer incorporates the
most recent advances in thin film technology. This transducer
HP-1 is designed for engineers who want to provide their own
power supply and signal conditioning circuitry.
Ranges 40,000 psi to
120,000 psi
Output 4-20 mA,
Ranges 25 bar to 1000 bar
Accuracy <0.25% B.F.S.L.
Output 2 mV-V
Accuracy up to +0.06% of span

High Precision Digital Transmitters
The UniTrans has a turndown capability of up to 1:20, a 0.15%
WIKA high precision pressure transmitters have no additional
accuracy and an integral temperature sensor. An intrinsically safe
temperature error between 0 and 122°F. They are suitable
version is also available with a HART communications interface.
for applications in the laboratory as well as harsh industrial
environments. UniTrans™
P-10, P-11 Ranges 5 psi to 15,000 psi

Ranges 30”-0 HgVac to Output 4-20 mA

15,000 psi Accuracy <0.15% B.F.S.L.
Output 4-20 mA (pre-turndown)

Accuracy <0.25% B.F.S.L.

P-10 shown with
IUT-10 intrinsically safe version available
optional keypad

10 c a ll 1- 888- W IKA -U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m

Electronic Pressure Measurement

Explosion Proof Transmitters Submersible Liquid Level Transmitters

The E series transmitters are FM approved Submersible level transmitters have a watertight package suitable
explosion proof for Class I, Division I locations. for applications in tank level measurement, water/wastewater
treatment, and reservoir or well depth measurement. They are
E-10, E-11 submersible up to 1,000 feet.
Ranges 50 InWC to 15,000 psi, LH-10, LS-10, IL-10*
vacuum, compound,
absolute Ranges 50 InWC to 400 psi
Output 4-20 mA
Output 4-20 mA or 1-5V
low power Accuracy 0.25% - 0.125% B.F.S.L.

Accuracy <0.25% B.F.S.L.


Non-Incendive Transmitters

Type N-10/N-11 pressure transmitters are specifically designed for

gas compressor systems. These transmitters are engineered to
meet Class I, Division 2 non-incendive protection in hazardous

N-10, N-11 LH-10 LS-10 IL-10

Ranges 50 INWC to 15,000 psi,
vacuum, compound, *Note: Hazardous area approvals only available on Type IL-10.
Output 4-20 mA or 1-5V Anti-Clog Attachment
low power
For Liquid Level Transmitters
Accuracy <0.25% B.F.S.L.
The LevelGuardTM is compatible with the LS-10,
LH-10, and IL-10 submersible liquid level trans-
mitters. It is designed for use in wet wells, lift
stations, and other applications where sludge,
slurry, or turbulence may be present.

Intrinsically Safe Transmitters LevelGuard™

WIKA’s intrinsically safe transmitters are FM, ATEX, and CSA

approved. They are designed for installation in Class I, Division
1 hazardous locations. The IS-21 features a flat, non-clogging
diaphragm designed to measure media containing sludge, slurry,
or particulates. The IS-20-F has an all stainless steel integral
junction box for installation in harsh environments.

IS-20-S, IS-21-S, IS-20-F Attachable Loop Powered

Ranges 50 InWC to
Local Indicator
60,000 psi,
IS-20-S The A-AI-1 is designed for use with the 4-pin DIN 43650 “L” plug
supplied with Tronic industrial and Eco-Tronic 4-20 mA output
pressure transmitters. User-adjustable digital filtering stabilizes the
display during rapid pressure changes. All set-up data is stored in an
Output 4-20 mA E2PROM so reprogramming is unnecessary after a power failure.
Accuracy <0.25% B.F.S.L. IS-21-S A-AI-1
Display -1999 to +9999
Output 4-20 mA
Power loop powered with
3 VDC drop
Application for use with TRONIC
industrial (S-10,
S-11) and Attachable Loop
IS-20-F Powered Local
Eco-1 pressure Indicator
(with DIN plug)

c a ll 1- 8 8 8 -W I K A-U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m 9
Electronic Pressure Measurement

OEM Transmitter Mobile Hydraulic Transmitter

Featuring a highly stable, temperature compensated, and conditioned The WIKA Type MH-1 is engineered to meet the demanding require-
output signal, the WIKA C-10 is specifically designed to meet OEM ments of off-road applications. Extreme shock, vibration, and pressure
requirements. Applications include hydraulics, pneumatics, compressor spike resistance are combined with environmental protection up to
control, off-road equipment, and industrial engine control. IP 69K, making the MH-1 ideal for conditions encountered in most
mobile hydraulic applications.
Ranges 100 InWC to 15,000 psi

Output 4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V Ranges 1,000 psi to 8,000 psi

Accuracy <0.5% B.F.S.L. Output 4-20 mA, 1-5 V

Accuracy <0.5% B.F.S.L.

Eco-Tronic Transmitter CANopen Transmitter

Eco-Tronic transmitters provide a conditioned high level 4-20 mA or The D-20-9 is a precision transmitter with CANopen interface. Due
0-10 V output. All have CE certification and meet stringent RFI protec- to shock and vibration resistance values which comply with the
tion requirements. They are suitable for many general purpose and industrial standards, it is ideal for fieldbus applications in mechanical
OEM pressure measurement applications. engineering, automation and test benches.

Ranges 0-5 psi to 22,000 psi
Ranges 15 psi to 15,000 psi
Output CAN (DIN / ISO 11898)
Output 4-20 mA, 0-10VDC
Accuracy +<0.25% B.F.S.L.
Accuracy < 0.5% B.F.S.L.

OEM Mobile Hydraulic Tranducers

The MH-2 and OT-1 OEM pressure transmitters incorporate WIKA
proprietary thin film sensors for exceptional performance, reliability,
and extended operating life. They offer an excellent price/performance PROFIBUS-DP Interface Transmitter
ratio for OEM applications requiring a large production quantity of trans-
mitters. Custom designs are available for specific OEM requirements.
Minimum order quantities may apply. The D-10-7 transmitters with accuracies of 0.1 % (or 0.05%) have
been designed to enable direct communication to a PC, which is
MH-2, OT-1 especially required in the field of test, calibration and service techno-
logy. The pressure transmitter’s power supply is taken directly from
Ranges 100 psi to the RS 232-interface of the PC.
6,000 psi
Outputs D-10-7
4-20 mA, Ranges 5 psi to 15,000 psi
1-5 V, 0-10 V,
0.5-4.5 Output PROFIBUS-DP
ratiometric @ 5 V (EN 50170)
Accuracy up to 0.05% B.F.S.L.
Accuracy: <0.5% B.F.S.L.

10 c a ll 1- 888- W IKA -U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m

Diaphragm Seals

WIKA diaphragm seal systems enable pressure gauges, transmitters, transducers, and switches to be adapted for installation into
adverse applications. Diaphragm seals are excellent for applications involving high temperature, corrosive, toxic, abrasive and
highly viscous media and offer a wide variety of exotic materials to ensure complete compatibility with most processes.

Diaphragm seals can be assembled to the pressure measuring instrument directly or remotely through the use of a capillary. Seals
are used extensively in industries such as petrochemical, chemical, gas facilities, oil refineries, and pulp and paper mills. They are
also widely used in food and dairy processing, water and sewage treatment, and pharmaceutical facilities.

Saddle Seal Standard Version, Threaded/Flanged

L910.ZA L990.10/12
Instrument ¼” or ½” Instrument ¼” or ½” NPT
connection NPT female, connection female, capillary
Process ¼” to 1”
Process 3” pipe threaded flanged: ½” to
connection and up connection 1” NPT female;
2” RF
Pressure 1500 psi Pressure threaded: up to
rating rating 3675 psi;
flanged: 150# to
Suitable 15 psi to
1500# per ASME B16.5
pressure 1500 psi
Suitable pressure 15 psi to 3675 psi
Wetted parts SST, Wetted parts CS, SST, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Tantalum,
other consult Teflon® lining, other-consult factory

Flange-Type Flush

Instrument ¼” or ½” NPT
connection female, capillary

All-Welded System (AWS) Process flanged: 2”

connection to 4” RF
Pressure flanged: 150#
Size 4½” rating to 2500#
per ASME B16.5
Case fiberglass
reinforced Suitable pressure 10” in H20 to 2500#
thermoplastic per ASME B16.5
Wetted parts SST, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Teflon® lining,
Wetted parts 316L stainless
Tantalum, other-consult factory
steel, Monel,
Window acrylic
Process ½” NPT male Wafer INLINE SEAL™
System fill fluid silicone,
DC200-10 Instrument ¼” or ½” NPT
connection female, capillary
Accuracy +0.5% of span
Process flanged:
Options Consult factory connection 1” to 8” RF; wafer
Pressure rating flanged: 150# to
2500# per
ASME B16.5
Suitable pressure 10 psi to 6,000 psi
Wetted parts SST, Monel®, Hastelloy®, Teflon® coated,
Tantalum, other-consult factory

c a ll 1- 8 8 8 -W I K A-U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m 11
Sanitary Assemblies

Sanitary seals are designed to facilitate ease of assembly and disassembly from its mating fitting. The most common sanitary seal
and mating fitting are held together via a clamp or union nut. The sanitary seal Tri-Clamp® construction meets the criteria set by
“3A”. Sanitary seals are designed for applications in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and food and beverage industries.

Standard Version, Sanitary Tri-Clamp® Sanitary System, Field Fillable Case

L990.22 M93X.25
Instrument ¼” or ½” NPT Size 2½”
connection female, capillary
Case polished
Process 1½” to stainless steel
connection 4” Tri-Clamp® Ring polished stainless
steel, crimped
Pressure up to 1500 psi
rating Wetted parts 316L stainless steel
Window polycarbonate
Suitable 15 psi to 1500 psi
pressure Process ¾” Tri-Clamp®
Wetted parts SST, other-consult factory
Accuracy +2/1/2% of span


Sanitary System, Field Fillable Case
Instrument ¼” or ½”
connection NPT female, Size 2½”, 4”
capillary Case stainless steel,
Process ¾” to 4”
connection Tri-Clamp® Ring polished stainless
Pressure up to1500 psi
Wetted parts 316L stainless
steel electropolished
Suitable 15 psi to 1500 psi Window polycarbonate
pressure Process 1½”, 2” Tri-Clamp®,
connection lower or back mount
Wetted parts SST, other-consult factory
Accuracy +2/1/2% of span (2½”),
+1.0% of span (4”)
3A Sanitary, Pressure Transmitters
Ranges 15 psi to 1000 psi Sanitary Transmitter Assembly
vacuum, compound
Output 4-20 mA, 0-5V, F-20-3A
0-10V Ranges 15 psi to 1500 psi
vacuum, compound
Accuracy < 0.25% B.F.S.L.
Output 4-20 mA

Wetted parts 316L stainless

SA-11 steel, electropolished
Ranges 100 InWC to
100 psi, Process ¾”, 1½” up to
vacuum, compound connection 4” Tri-Clamp®
Output 4-20 mA Accuracy < 0.25% B.F.S.L.

Accuracy < 0.25% B.F.S.L.


¾” Connection

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Mechanical Temperature Measurement

Process Grade Bimetal Thermometers Industrial Grade Bimetal Thermometers

WIKA’s bimetal process grade thermometers are suitable for nearly WIKA’s industrial grade bimetal thermometers are ideal for a weather
every direct-reading thermometer application. Their durable con- resistant application or where a tamper-proof thermometer is recom-
struction and finish ensure reliable readings and long-lasting ser- mended. The WIKA Type 20, 33, 34, 53, 54 are warranted for one year.
vice. The superior quality of the WIKA Type 30, 31, 32, 50, 51, 52 is
reflected in the seven-year warranty. TI.20, TI.33, TI.34, TI.53, TI.54
TI.30, TI.31, TI.32, TI.50, TI.51, TI.52 Size 2”, 3” or 5”
Size 3”, 5” Case & stem 304 stainless steel
Case & stem 304 stainless steel Stem lengths 2½” to 72”
Case configuration back-connected,
Stem lengths 2½” to 72”
(call factory for
lengths over 72”) Connection ¼” NPT on 2” dials
½” NPT on 3” and 5” dials; TI.20
Case back-connected,
standard; others available
configuration bottom-connected,
adjustable angle Window flat instrument glass
Connection ½” NPT on 3” and Dial white aluminum;
5” dials (std.) anti -parallax
Pointer black aluminum
Window flat instrument glass
Accuracy ±1.0% of span
Dial white aluminum;
ASME B40.3 Grade A
anti -parallax
Scale single °F or °C
Pointer black aluminum or dual scale
Accuracy ±1.0% of span Ranges -100°F(-70°C) to
ASME B40.3 Grade A TI.32 1000°F(500°C);
Scale single °F or °C available in
or dual scale dual scale F&C,
Fahrenheit only
Ranges -100°F(-70°C) to or Celsius only
Available in Hermetic seal hermetically sealed
dual scale F&C, per ASME B40.3;
Fahrenheit only guaranteed not to fog
or Celsius only Immersion for accurate temperature
External reset a slotted hex readings, immerse stem a
adjustment head minimum of 2” in agitated
liquid or 4” in moving air TI.54
offers screwdriver
or wrench use to or gas
field calibrate
the thermometer
Laboratory Thin Stem Thermometers
Fill policy WIKA does not
recommend continued
WIKA laboratory thin stem thermometers deliver fast, extremely ac-
use of filled instruments
curate readings. They are high-quality, economical thermometers
at operating temperatures TI.51 designed for laboratory and OEM applications.
above 400°F(204°C) or
below -100°F(-70°C)
TI.T17, TI.T20
Pressure pressure rating on
WIKA standard Size 1¾”, 2”
¼” stem Case & stem 304 stainless steel
thermometers (¼”
Stem lengths 5”, 8”, 12”, 18”
wall tubing) is Connection plain,
1450 psi working 7/16” hex hub
external pressure with no threads
Hermetic seal hermetically sealed Window flat instrument glass
per ASME B40.3. Dial white aluminum
Guaranteed not to fog Pointer black aluminum
Shown with TI.T17
Immersion for accurate temperature Dampened Accuracy 1.0% full scale value
readings, immerse stem a Movement
minimum of 2” in agitated Scale single °F or °C or dual scale
(DM) option
liquid or 4” in moving air or gas Ranges -100°F (-70°C) to 1000°F(500°C), in dual
scale F&C, Fahrenheit only or Celsius only
Options dampened movement (as shown); min-max
pointer; 3/8” stem; 316 stainless steel wetted External reset externally adjustable on plain connection
parts; safety glass; Lexan® and acrylic Options stem lengths, threaded connections, scales
windows; silicone fill and dial markings, Lexan® window, beaker
clip, stem tip

c a ll 1- 8 8 8 -W I K A-U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m 13
Mechanical Temperature Measurement

Industrial Glass Thermometers Solar Powered Digital Thermometers

WIKA’s industrial glass thermometers offer easy-to-read temperature WIKA’s solar powered digital thermometer is the ideal instrument
measurement in tough applications. Their molded housings offer where exact readings are required, such as a pilot plant or research &
excellent rigidity and impact resistance. The glass tube is also development and industrial applications.
shock resistant.
TI.80, TI.82
TI.701, TI.901, Type TI.80 - back connected;
TI.61102, TI.61104, TI.62102, TI,62104 TI.82- adjustable angle

Features blue spirit fill (non-mercury) Range -50/300°F (-50/150°C)

guaranteed accuracy
to within +1% of scale; Case & stem 304 stainless steel
spring mounted glass window
Lens glass
to reduce rattles
7” & 9” completely adjustable Connection ½” NPT
locking case & stem; Sensor ceramic thermister TI.80
ranges to 550°F (288°C) requiring 35 lux to
in Fahrenheit, Celsius, operate the 3-volt solar cell
and dual scale;
available with or
without thermowell Solar Industrial Digital Thermometer
6” available with brass WIKA’s solar industrial thermometer is an
dual-threaded thermowell excellent alternative to mercury-in-glass.
socket that fits both ½” It eliminates toxic mercury and offers fast,
and ¾” NPT; ranges 40°F (-40°C) to accurate, easy-to-read temperature
400°F(200°C) in Fahrenheit, Celsius, indications. Retro-fit design is a drop-in
and dual scale replacement for glass thermometers.

Range -50/300°F (-50/150°C)
Gas Actuated Thermometers Accuracy +1% of reading or 1°
(whichever is greater)
WIKA gas actuated dial thermometers are easy-to-read and
provide excellent performance throughout their ranges. They Sensor glass passivated
provide extremely accurate temperature readings from remote thermistor
locations or mercury-sensitive environments. Lux rating 10 Lux
(one foot candle)
TI.R45, TI.R60
Dial 4½”, 6”
Case connection front flange,
Vapor Actuated Thermometers
back flange, u-clamp,
phenolic turret, Where critical measurement is within a limited range, a WIKA vapor
direct reading actuated thermometer is ideal. Rugged and reliable, these instru-
adjustable angle ments are well-suited for refrigeration, drying ovens, and plating
Connection variety of applications.
connection systems
TI.V20. TI.V25, TI.V35, TI.V45
Capillary lengths to 99’
Dial 2”, 2½”, 3½”, 4½”
Ranges -320°F(-200°C) to TI.R45 Case connection front flange,
1200°F(650°) back flange, u-clamp

Options bendable extensions Connection plain, threaded union,

up to 18” with thermowell
sliding union;
Capillary lengths to 99’
copper bulb,
capillary & braided Ranges -40°F(-40°C) to
armor; stainless steel bulb; 350°F(176°C)
capillary & spring armor; stainless
steel interlocking armor; acrylic or Options copper bulb, capillary &
shatterproof glass window braided armor;
or stainless steel bulb,
capillary stainless steel
Note: Thermometer pictured interlocking armor
TI.R45 with
with optional thermowell installed. available
Just-Rite connection TI.V35

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Mechanical Temperature Measurement

Twin-Temp™ Thermometers Pocket Test Thermometer

WIKA’s unique Twin-Temp™ thermometer combines the accuracy, Type TI.1005 is a bimetal dial thermometer requiring no power to
reliability and easy-to-read dial of a bimetal or solar digital thermom- deliver its quick, accurate readings. The 1” dial is easy-to-read.
eter with the precision readout and data acquisition capability of a Stem length is 5”. Thermometer includes pocket case which can
thermocouple or RTD sensor. Twin-Temp™ provides two tempera- be used to hold the stem.
tures from one insertion point.
TT.30, TT.32, TT.50, TT.52
Accuracy +1% of full scale
Size 3”, 5”
Case stainless steel
Case adjustable angle case or Stem .142” diameter
back-connected case
Length 5”
Stem ¼” diameter
Range -40/160°F;
Length T/C 2½” to 48”;
RTD 4” to 48”
Pointer aluminum with
Connection ½” NPT matte red finish

Range -100°F(-70°) to
550°F(260°C) in
Fahrenheit, Celsius,
and dual scale.
Type K thermocouple
or 100 Ohm RTD is TT.52 Thermowells
standard. Types J, E, Shown with
and T are optional. enclosure head
Thermowells for temperature instruments are recommended for all
processes where measurement is of a corrosive medium, high pres-
sure or high flow application. WIKA thermowells are available from a
complete selection of base materials, as well as shields and coatings,
and in threaded, flanged, welded, and sanitary connections. WIKA
thermowells are offered in .260” and .385” bores. WIKA sanitary
thermowells meet the criteria for USDA and 3A sanitary standard
09-09 requirements. WIKA also manufactures thermowell conversion
kits to adapt different thermowells to new types of thermometers.


Shown with Shown with
weatherproof female plug- Process
housing in option connections threaded, flanged,
welded, sanitary
Instrument ½” NPSM standard
Digital Pocket Test Thermometer Shank stepped, straight,
configurations tapered
Type TI.1006DW is a water-resistant, impact-resistant digital pocket
thermometer offering both Fahrenheit and Celsius readings, with a Bore diameter .260”, .385”
unique “data hold” feature that “remembers” the last reading. Range
is from -40° to 300°F and -40° to 150°C. Battery is included. Materials brass, AISI 304,
AISI 316,
(other materials
Surface finish brass: 60-100Ra;
AISI 304 & AISI 316:
16-32Ra; sanitary;
(AISI 304 & 316):
Accuracy +1% of full scale
Case plastic
Stem .157” diameter
Length 3”
Range -40/300°F (-40/150°C) switchable
Power battery

c a ll 1- 8 8 8 -W I K A-U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m 15
High Precision & Calibration

WIKA high precision and test gauges are extremely sensitive and highly accurate. They are ideal for instrument shops, gauge
repair, calibration labs, testing laboratories and other applications demanding high precision and consistent results. These gauges
feature a mirrored band on the dial and a knife-edge pointer to eliminate parallax reading errors.

High Accuracy Test Gauge, Grade 3A High Precision Test Gauge, Grade 4A
312.20, 332.30 342.11

Size 6” Size 10”

Case stainless steel Case cast aluminum,

dark grey
Ring stainless steel
(twist-on) Connection 316 stainless steel

Wetted parts 312.20 - copper alloy; Bourdon tube Ni-span®

332.30 - 316
stainless steel Window green tinted acrylic,
Window laminated safety glass
Ranges vacuum / compound to
Ranges 312.20: vacuum / compound to 200 psi; 30”Hg / 0 / 200 psi;
pressure from 15 psi to 10,000 psi pressure from 10 psi to 20,000 psi
or other equivalent units of pressure or vacuum or other equivalent units of pressure or vacuum

332.20: vacuum / compound to Accuracy ±0.1% of span

30”Hg / 0 / 200 psi;
pressure from 10 psi to 20,000 psi
or other equivalent units of pressure or vacuum

Accuracy ±0.25% of span

High Accuracy Test Gauge, Grade 3A Process Grade Test Gauge, Grade 3A

332.54 332.34

Size 4” Size 4½”

Case stainless steel Case black fiberglass

Ring polished thermoplastic
stainless steel
bayonet, twist-on Ring fiberglass
Wetted parts 316 stainless steel thermoplastic; black

Window laminated safety glass Wetted parts 316 stainless steel

Ranges (all ranges not stocked) Window acrylic

vacuum 30” Hg / 0 /200 psi;
pressure from 15 psi to 10,000 psi or other Ranges vacuum 30” Hg; pressure from 15 psi
equivalent units of pressure or vacuum to 20,000 psi (all ranges not available
in 0.25% accuracy) or other equivalent
Accuracy ±0.25% of span units of pressure or vacuum

Accuracy ±0.25% of span

16 c a ll 1- 888- W IKA -U SA o r v i s i t www. wi k a . c o m

High Precision & Calibration

WIKA has calibration test equipment available for temperature or pressure, mechanical or electronic, field use,
or use in labs. With EN and N.I.S.T. traceable products, WIKA can provide the required equipment to maintain
metrology and calibration laboratories.

Pressure Controller Pressure Controller

CPH 6000 DPR-20C
Ranges -30 inHg - 15,000 psi Ranges from 0...1.5 psi
via plug and play to -14.7...300 psi
transmitters from 0...100 mbar
to -1...20 bar
Accuracy .025% of full scale Digital interface IEEE.488.2
available in single
Display 15 selectable or dual range
display units with
current shown Accuracy 0.03% of span
with mA or volts
Digital Pneumatic Calibrator
Modes unit is capable of
both calibration
and switch test
Range -10...100 psi
(-0.7...7 bar)
Pressure Monitor Pressure units psi, mbar,
bar, kPa, mHg,
CPH 6200 mH2O (4°C),
in. H20 (20°),
Ranges 0...100 mbar in. Hg
to 1...1000 bar
via plug and play Accuracy 0.02% of reading
transmitters + 3 digits (including
linearity, hysteresis
Accuracy 0.2% of full scale and temperature
(optional 0.1% error)
increased accuracy
upon request)

Display 7 selectable Digital Pneumatic Calibrator

display units with
current shown
simultaneously 65-2000 II
with mA or volts Range -10..0..100 psi~
(-0.7...7 bar)
Modes available gauge pressure
and differential pressure. Sensor type differential pressure
Can also be supplied (max. 100 psi static)
with ATEX certification Units mbar, bar, kPa, mmHg,
EEx ib 11c T4 psi, in. H20 (20°)
Voltage 0...+ 32 V DC
Digital Pressure Calibrator Current 0...+ 32 mA DC
DPEC 650
Transmitter supply 24 V DC + 5%;
Ranges 0...3 psi to max. 30 mA
0...300 psi (galv. isolated max. 500 VDC)
Display 7 selectable Pneumatic precision pressure regulator (for external
display units with pressure supply); pressure hand pump
current shown with volume controller for stand alone
simultaneously pressure supply
with mA or volts
Accuracy 0.02% of reading
Pump integrated hand pump + 3 digits (including
for both pressure and linearity, hysteresis
vacuum with fine and temperature
adjustment error)

Accuracy 0.02% of reading

(dependent on the range)

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For over 60 years, WIKA Instrument Corporation has been advancing the world of pressure and temperature
instrumentation. Regarded as the global leader, WIKA has pioneered many diverse products for a broad
range of industries, end-users and OEM applications. Our success is reflected in our commitment to Lean
methodology, product innovation and customer focus.
By combining world-class LeanSigma operations, state-of-the-art proprietary technology, agile manufacturing
and resident engineering, WIKA delivers made-to-order products with minimal lead times and tremendous
flexibility. Additionally, the WIKA TRONIC LINE has a continuously expanding array of electronic transmitters
and transducers to meet the emerging demands of integrated and automated systems.

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