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ESL 102-063 Spring 2016 Norwood

Reading for Pleasure

Research has shown that for English learners, reading for pleasure is important for improving
their English by building their vocabulary and their understanding of English sentence structures
and communications styles.
For this reason, in addition to your reading in the textbook, I am asking you to read something
for pleasure every week. Since your reading will be for pleasure, you will choose what you read.
It may be a novel, short stories, poetry, the newspaper, magazine articles, a self-help book, or
any other writing that you read for your own interest and pleasure.
Human nature being what it is, I will also ask you to submit a report of your reading every week
to help you be accountable and resist the temptation to skip your reading. Your busy life will
sometimes make it difficult to read for your own pleasure, but knowing that you owe me a report
that will count toward your grade in this course may just help you be faithful.
In your report, please do the following:
1. Provide the title of what you have read, the author’s name, and what kind of writing it is.
2. Explain why you chose this particular piece of writing—why does it give you pleasure?
3. Summarize what you have read.
4. Explain the message the author is trying to convey.
5. Explain what you will take away from this reading—what makes it meaningful to YOU.
6. Finally, choose five words that are new to you and make a point of learning their
meaning. List these words and use each in a sentence to make it your own. Use the
following methods to discover the meaning of the new words:
a. Guess the words meaning from the context it appears in.
b. Watch for the word to be repeated in the text you are reading and see if your
guess seems right.
c. Look the word up in an English/English dictionary.
d. Find the word in other sentences. You can Google the word for this.
e. Write the word in some new sentences of your own composing.
f. If English is your second language, you might want to find its translation, but do
this last and only out of curiosity.
That’s it. You should be brief and try to compose a paragraph that includes items 1-5. This report
should not be more than two typed pages. You may handwrite your report, but I would prefer
that you type it. Use the MLA template for this.
The report will receive a check plus, check, or check minus, depending on how faithful you are
to follow the five points and include your vocabulary words in their sentences.
These weekly reading reports will be approximately 20% of your grade.