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hrPING -- high resolution PING utility

by cFos Software GmbH -- http://www.cfos.de

What's new? hrPING


v2.41 -- 11-Sep-2009

- Added -qr, -qe, -qt switches to switch off only reply, error resp. timeout
printing. Thanks to Henno T�ht for the idea.

v2.40 -- 10-Sep-2009

- When -T is set, print timestamp in front of "Request timed out." lines as

well (non-overlapped mode). Thanks to Henno T�ht for report.

v2.39 -- 26-Feb-2009

- hrPING now works better if the paypload is unexpected on Echo-Replies.

Thanks to Steffen Heuel for the idea.

v2.38 -- 07-Nov-2007

- Added route_debug -R switch to find problems with own_ip address.


- Added support to send pings to broadcast address (

as well.


- Added -S option to add sent/recv/missing stats to every output line.

Thanks to paggio for inspiration.

- Display MTU on ICMP message "fragmentation needed, but DF set".


- Fixed a bug where commandline switches -n, -l, -L, -i, -w, -s, -v, -Q
and -I would not work anymore. Thanks to G�nter Niedermeier for his

- Added Windows Vista manifest and signature.


- Fixed a GPF when domain name could not be resolved.

- Updated documentation.


- New errorlevels, see hrping.txt.

- New -q parameter: don't print a line per ping.

- New -I parameter: set ICMP id field.


- New -F parameter: log output to file as well as to scrren.

- New -T parameter: preceed every output line with a date/timestamp.

Thanks to George A. van Dorth for these ideas.


- Total time is more accurate now.


- Cosmetic fixes.

- Traceroute mode would stop after less than 30 hops if the last hops
didn't answer. More thanks to Robert Dinges.

- New -W parameter. Warm-up was default until now, but is no longer.


- If the last ping in traceroute mode produced a "*", the hops' IP

address would not be printed, even if some earlier ping to the same
host succeeded. Fixed. Thanks to Robert Dinges for his tip.


- Added display of IP Identification field. Thanks to Daniel Hahler

and c't magazine for the idea. See c't 23/2003, p. 212 for more
The field is read in network (i.e. non-intel) byte order.

- Fixes so hrPING works with IPSec. Thanks to Frank Sauter for


- Added parameter to -a option.


- Traceroute mode now can do an arbitrary number of tests per hop.

Specify behind the -r parameter.


- Added -Q<vsn> to check if hrping has at leat version <vsn>.

Errorlevel will be 2 if it has at least the specified version,
1 otherwise.


- Added -E switch. hrPING will stop pinging, if the file specified

after -E exists. Note that it still honors the -t, -n switches.

- hrPING will return errorlevel 0 only if all ping packets were

replied (sequence does not matter, though).


- First public release.