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Dr. Atmaram P Pawar, Ph.


Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune, India.

Date: 09/09/2010

Dr. Atmaram Pawar is Professor of Pharmaceutics and Vice-Principal at Bharati

Vidyapeeth University, Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune (India). Having earned the basic
pharmaceutical education He nurtured a career in academics since 1992 at his alma mater. This
prestigious institution is accredited by NBA (National Bureau of Accreditation), India and
NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council), India and has been receiving
worldwide acclaim. He has eighteen years of association with this institute of repute. Presently
he also have responsibility of the Pharm.D. division of the university.

Pharmaceutical sciences:
Professor Atmaram has actively pursued research in the area of particle engineering and
novel drug delivery systems. His research in development of the novel technique ‘Crystallo-Co-
Agglomeration (CCA)’ has been a breakthrough contribution towards particle engineering. This
technique is now being further investigated and used by many research groups for various
applications. In the area of particle engineering he works in collaboration with Bradford
University UK, where he had opportunity to work on co-crystallization and melt extrusion.
Further, he explored the application of novel carriers for development of a platform technology,
floating-pulsatile drug delivery system (FP-DDS). Various interdisciplinary projects have been
undertaken in this area with National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) Pune, Bhabha Atomic
Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai, India and Polygenetics Inc California, USA. He has to his
credit, 02 patents and 45 peer reviewed research papers. He is referee for many journals of repute
(13). Recently he was awarded the “Best Research Paper Award” at Indian Pharmaceutical
Association Convention, Delhi, March 2009 for research activities in the area of novel drug
delivery systems.

Pharmacy Practice:
Since its inception, the pharmacy curriculum or education in India has been industry
oriented. Patient oriented subjects like dispensing pharmacy were being taught in context to
small scale manufacturing and Community Pharmacy outlets were working as Pharma traders.
With the improving socio-economical condition in Indian healthcare scenario, I felt it necessary
to make aware that pharmacy practice or community pharmacy is indispensable element of
pharmacy profession. The pharmacy curriculum had to be restructured and with this intention
Professor Atmaram incorporated modern concepts in teaching of Dispensing Pharmacy. The
practical or laboratory curriculum was also modernized in the wake of patient oriented good
pharmacy practice. He has authored books on Dispensing Pharmacy and Community Pharmacy
Dr. Atmaram P Pawar, Ph.D,

Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune, India.

viz. Modern Dispensing Pharmacy (2004) and Handbook for Community Pharmacists (2007)
with the support of important professional bodies in India like Maharashtra State Pharmacy
Council and Maharashtra State Chemists & Druggists Association His teaching concepts were
widely accepted by the teaching community and the students as reflected by the popularity of the
books authored by him.
For the innovative teaching methods in Dispensing Pharmacy, he was awarded the
“Pharmacy Teacher Award - 2005-06” by 54th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress Trust, Pune,
India. His contribution towards modernizing the pharmacy curriculum at the national level was
appreciated by Association of Pharmacy Teachers of India (APTI) in the form of “Prof. B.M.
Mithal Memorial Award, 2008”. In recognition of his services to the community pharmacy, he
was awarded “MPA Pharmacist Award 2009” by Maharashtra Pharmacists Association,
With the help of professionals from the medical and paramedical field he has designed
and organized a series of workshops which have proved useful for changing the role of
pharmacists in India. He is active as a coordinator and a faculty for Patient Counseling Courses
imparted to retail pharmacists, as a part of continuous education programmes conducted by the
Pharmacy Council of India.
Professor Atmaram has been designing programmes to reach out to the society to explain
and uplift the image of pharmacy profession. In the wake of this, he published a pioneer book in
Marathi “Aushadhe Ghetana…(While taking Medicines) (2009)”. He performed a stage mono-
act show about patient counseling “Aushadhanchi Aisi-ki-Taisi (Medicine: Right & Wrong)”.
He delivered an invited talk on All India Radio, on rational use of drugs and regularly publish
articles in leading newspapers addressing the patient related concerns (25).
Being member of various academic bodies and syllabus design committees of different
universities he had an opportunity to interact with many eminent personalities, to enrich my
vision and put forward his views in the area of pharmacy practice. He works on Advisory panel
of Indian Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

Professor Atmaram extend his services to the growth of pharmacy profession as member
of executive committees of Community Pharmacy Division of Indian Pharmaceutical
Association (IPA) and the Indian Pharmacy Graduate Association (IPGA) Maharashtra branch
and also as the secretary of Association of Pharmacy Teachers of India (APTI) Maharashtra
Branch and IPA Pune Branch. He is also the Founder-President of a NGO “Physician-Patient-
Pharmacist- Community Association.
The motto of his life gifted by God has been “To make use of every opportunity
within physical and mental capacity for the growth of pharmacy profession”.
Dr. Atmaram P Pawar, Ph.D,

Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune, India.

• Awards : 04

• Achievements

1) Pioneering work
a. Introduced patient oriented education at UG level
b. Developed platform technology for Crystallo-co-agglomeration, Floating-pulsatile
drug delivery systems
2) Books authored : 08
a. Pharmacy Practice : 05
b. Pharmaceutical Science : 03
3) Research papers published : 45
a. Pharmacy Practice : 12
b. Pharmaceutical Science : 33
4) Referee for Journals :13
National scientific sessions : 09
5) Conference presentations : 26
a. Pharmacy Practice : 04
b. Pharmaceutical Sciences :41
6) Invited lectures : 139
a. Pharmacy Practice :123
b. Pharmaceutical Sciences :16
8) Social awareness programmes : 15
9) Funded Projects : Rs.36.46 Lakhs (Appr. £ 50000)
a. Pharmacy Practice : Rs. 13.10 lakhs (Appr. £ 18000)
b. Pharmaceutical Sciences : Rs. 23.36 lakhs (Appr. £ 32000)
10) Member of Professional bodies : 04
Dr. Atmaram P Pawar, Ph.D,

Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune, India.

Official Address: Poona College of Pharmacy,

Bharati Vidyapeeth university
Erandwane Pune 411 038
Ph. No. 91-20-2543 7237
Fax No. 91-20-2543 9383
Residential Address: Parth, Plot no. 16 Vidyan nagar Hsg. Soc.
17/1 Bavdhan, Near Shantivihar,
Pune 411 021
Email: p_atmaram@rediffmail.com