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Data sheet A414 GR G 2017-04-19

A414 GR G

General Product Description

ASTM A414 is a standard specification for hot-rolled carbon steel sheet for fusion welded or brazed pressure vessels.  The specification includes
seven different grades, each with different specified minimum strength requirements. Of the seven different grades, SSAB produces Grade G
which has specified minimum yield and tensile strengths of 45 ksi and 75 ksi, respectively. ASTM A414 Grade G is available as coils or as cut

Grade Product Type Thickness Width 1) Length 2)
(Inches) (Inches) (Inches)
Grade G Coils 0.180- 0.270 72- 96
Grade G CTL & Plate 0.180- 0.270 72- 96 240- 720
Please inquire for widths less than 72 in. or over 96 in.
Please inquire for plate lengths less than 240 in. and for lengths greater than the listed maximum.

Mechanical Properties
Tensile testing is performed in the tranverse direction.
Grade Thickness Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation in 2” Elongation in 8”
(Inches) (min ksi) (ksi) (min %) (min %)
Grade G 0.180- 0.270 45 75- 95 16 10

Contact Information

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