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World Studies

Assassination of Alexander II

Vocabulary and Questions

After reading and highlighting the article---use the red pencils

provided, circle the below listed vocabulary words and replace
them with a synonym or two and write the synonym right on
the page. Then move on and answer the questions in full
sentences—providing evidence to support your answers.

The Terrorists Fate

1. Autocracy
2. Liberalize
3. Abolishment
4. Serfdom
5. Repressive
6. Vehemently
7. Reform
8. Ironically
9. Suppressed
10. Advocated
11. Aureole
12. Juncture
13. Collaborated
14. Inquiry
15. Peasantry
16. Insurrection
17. Despot
18. Nominate
19. Absolutism
20. Earnestly
21. Alighting
22. Condole
23. Fệte
24. Profusely
25. Sledge
26. Cadet Mantle

(Questions) (For some of these questions you will need to use the Internet for research)

1. What is the “People’s Will”? What is the purpose of this group? What does “Peoples Will” translate into in
2. What does it mean in Paragraph 2 when it says Alexander tried to Liberalize Russia and Abolish Serfdom?
3. Who was Vladimir Lenin and what was the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917? Who was knocked off the throne?
What happened to him and his family?
4. Who is Hérzen who is referred to in the reading? (Continued Side 2)
5. Why does Kropotkin use the phrase “Thou had conquered, Galilean”?
6. Who is Katkóff and why does Kropotkin say that Alexander’s behavior was inspired by him?
7. Who are the Circassians? When the author refers to them---what incident are they referring to?
8. What was Plevna?
9. How did the Terrorists trick the Czar---leading to his assassination?
10. Why did one of the terrorists, Emeliánoff end up trying to help the Tsar after he was mortally injured?
11. What does the last line mean----“Human nature is full of contrasts”