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Talce it Easy-

Yes, getting there's easy, with a \Vhi z:-Le r mowr

o n your bike. Go wherever and whenever you
wan1, for pennies a day. lc"s the smart, thrifty an-
swer for personal 1ranspor1arion-to school . • •
work . . . shopping . . . week-end adventures
. . . th rill ing, carefree vacations you'll r emember.

All COOUD MOTOI - WT TO lllll - U1htw.....

4-cyci. • • • 2 ~ h.p. i..i.-.ipeww.

KOllOMT PUIS - 125 mli.• . - 1WIST...llP CONTIOLS - ,..i~

....... ... ltMed• .. " .......... - "". . •II c•ndltlena.

IUllll MOTOI MOUllTS - lhr-ioel•

W&f"ft"lon . . .1&1 up .1.........., .. ·,
.AU-ClllOMI TllM- lncl••n1
IMlt ....... ..h -11 .....
----~ .t
STOL CHU IUT DllYl- -hed V.....lto ..i... PIKISION IN61Nltlm - cyUndw ...._
lwcmd w ith 5 hi9h-llex lfffl c•W.1. h.....i te 5/ 10.000• ... _ _
S.. IM COMPLETE line - W~iuer 8ilce Motors, Motor Silres aoJ I~• """'Y IMW WIMuer accessories. For he literature, writer
There's a new "feel " in driving No wonder drivers everywhere are so genu·
inely cnthusiasric about the '49 Ford's
and only Ford has it! remarkable feeling of solid safety and
One of t he most important parts of this reassuring roadability. •
new Ford "Feel" is the sense· of solidity
For the new Ford "Feel" is really a brand
and strength that comes from the new Ford
new kind of driving-with new ease of
frame and body. Side rails of the new frame control, new performance; new security,
are box-section, and there are five sturdy new fine car comfort.
cross members for even greater strength. Try it, and then enjoy
(Convertibles and Station Wagons have the greatest feeling
even heavier frames.) What's more, the of all-the prideful
famous "Lifeguard" Body is made of heavy. thrill of ownjng the
gauge steel and, combined with the frame, "Fashion Car of the
gives 59% more rigidity than ever! Year" ... the '49 Ford!

T h is One

JUNE 1949 II llllIllIIII111111111111111111111111 111111111111 1

No Experience Needed •••
Good Pay While Learning

I f you are looking for a job with a real Air For ce technical schools while
future, get into aviation .• • NOW. vacancies exist. It would cost hundreds
Today's best deal for the aviation of dollars to get such training elsewhere.
beginner is in the United States Air PROMOTIONS. Advancement in the
F orce. Look into the opportunities it Air Force is based on merit. Bett.er jobs
offers and see for yourself. • . . non-commissioned ratings ... go to
EARN WHILE LEARNING. You get the qualified men next in line. Right
good pay right from the start in the Air• now skilled men are needed.
Force .. • $75 a month in cash .. . free This is your big opportunity. Look into
room and board • • . free clothing and it tbday. You can get full details, with-
equipment . .. free medical and dental out obligation, at your nearest Recruit-
care ••• free retirement plan. Air Force ing Station, Air Force Base, or by writ-
beginner's pay is equal to at least ing: Chief of Staff, U. S. Air Force,
$3,000 a year in civilian life. Where Att.: PMP-3A, Washington 25, D . C.
can you match that?
BEST OF TRAINING. Two kinds of
training •are open to men in the Air
Force. You can learn on the job, under
the world's most skilled experts. Or, if T'OOAY
you qualify, you can go to the finest


Popular. Mechanics Maga.zine Regi.s~red ln U. S . Patent Otn.c:e and C• nadn

H. H. WINDSOR, Founder H. ·H. WINDSOR, JR., Editor and Publisher

Volume 91 JUNE 1949 Number 6

Managing Editor............................................... ......... Roderick M. Grant

Assistant Managing Editor..................................... Wayne Whittaker
Shop Not e> and Crofts Editor........................................ Jame> R. Ward
Radio-Televi$ion, Electronlc1 Editor .................. ........... Fronk l. Brittin
Associate Editor, Aviotion .............................. Aubrey 0. Cookman, Jr.
Associate Editor ...................................•........... ....... ...... Clifford B. Hick•
Wostern Editor...................................................Thomas E. Stimson, Jr.
Art Director ............................ ............................................. Fronk B.eot·ty
Assistant Editors
Donald R. Brooks Dorothy E. Hoffmann Arthur R. Roiltan
Assistant Editors, Shop Notes and Crofts
W.Clydelammey WoyneC.leckey FronkN.Stephany A.E.Youngquist

Voice of the Prowl Car 8.J
Phantom Photos With 20 Million Volts 22
How to Tempt a Fish- Part Ill 2Z
Take a Lesson From Champion Pitchers lil.11
this months cover Canned Fresh Milk Is Coming 1.1.4
THAT HUMAN Fl Y dangling beneath the Revolution in Steelmaking ill
huge suspension bridge can crawl jUs1
about anywhere h.e want.s to go. He con The Bay Bridge is to Ha.ve a Twin 123
$COie the top of the bridge, creep along
beneath it or 1wing far below for o long Helicopter on the Newsfront 136
loolc at the span's over.all condition. He
can move any direction without ony topside Cranberry Special lA!I
help. Secret of his mobility is that in- $100,000 Speedboat to Challenge the World ill
genious little stage he's standing on.
Svppose the man wont s to move s.idewoys He Built His Own Dream - Li6
beneath the bridge. He preues a button
and •ooms up the <able. Rea<hing cut a Fortune Hunt in a Cave • • • • • • 16,0
1pore chain, he hooks it around one of the
supports and detaches the hook that was Twist, Stretch and Smash, Inc.
supporting him. In this way he crawls any·
where beneath the bridge. For a dose·up for the Craftsman
of this ogHe little platform, turn to page
122. And just opposite, you'll learn how
engineers pion to spon Son Francisco Boy All Aboard for fun! 18.2
with a twin of th& longest bridge in the Build This Concrete-Block House- Part II 120
world, and loy still a third "bridge" be·
neath the Boy's blue waters. Chessmen in Plastic 125
Car Noises Have Meaning ~
Choose the Right Paper for Photo Printing 202
Neyer Trust a Circular Saw 218
Insulated Milk-Cooling Tanks 226
Radio-Television, Electronics 229
Clinic for Homemakers 240
Other items~ and monufocfurers ol available proclucfs described, o re.
listed on pages I 0, I 2 and I 4

JUNE 1949 3
Shaped fof comfott-
obJ,. grlp, l tm~tftd
for 1pr!n9 ond
loug bne''

for '"•ntth ortd cvt
tin~ ob.l.ty Wotch
lor tho Cre\loloy IO!'J
Thi' PlfElt ;, No 19.SO,
ioinl pr• wel'lit '"Oil'! mude In 6 7, cat1d 8
• • in,t.it • • ,.,.rftc.! iow ; nch \ i Zt l 01her
SUJUiR ORIP o1l9""'""'· F(lclory CRESTOLO'f' CIJtTINC
h.+brluttiod fo, to1y PLIERS ovuiloblo 11'1
ocr;on. Dio gonol, Encl ond
t,; 9h1 Sldo • c"'""0





1, EVEN JAGGED, razor-sharp glass won't make 2 . HERi! YOU SEE 1be same tire being punctured
I his 1ire go flat-it's equipped with a Seiberling SeaJed- b11ndreds of times. pick1ag up more nails than you'll
Air Tube. the 111be no o,,a c11n imitate/ Because the pick up in a lifttime of dti,·1ng. And "Or"hat happen!f?
Seiberling Sealed-Air Tube is difitrt11t from arty other Nothing ••. each puoctu.te i.s Sf,a led Permanently
;,, the u'Orld, it gi ..·es you puncture and blow-out pro· while pou tide- oo tire chaogiog. no dela,ys, no
tectioo you can aet io oo other way! · repair bills or ru_iaed casings I


-go 475,000 miles
-take 10,189 punctures
\Vbac is the secret behind the amazing perform·
ance of the Seiberling Sealed-Air T ube, the tube
110 one ca11 imitate? How could one sec of these tubes
(as our files prove) go more than 47 5,000 miles,
cake thousands of ptlllctures, outlast set after set
of tires for over ten years - and not once go flat?
What is the revolutionary principle of cube de-
sign, perfected and pacenced by Seiberling, that
makes Sealed-Air T<Lbes not only the world's
safest but also the most ecollom.ical you can buy?
3. CHANCES ARE rou'll never (>Ouod spikes into T he whole story, imporcanc co everyo11e who drives
tlre.s. But Selberhng Se.a.led·Att Tubes can take
even Ibis ext.cerbe punish.ment because they're built is cold in a new book which we'll be glad to send
a.round ·a revolu1i.o nary priociple of tub<: desi$"o per- you free. Mail the coupon below, now!
fected aod pareoced by Seiberling •.• built to g i ve you
n1aRy )'ears of amazingly ecooomical punc ture and
blow-out pcott.'CCiOn in ~I after set of tire!J
~~ilrn~IBM~f!l A.
FREE1 to everyone wbo clrives a car °' t ruclcl
Today, bt/ort ')'Oii havt. ilnolher t(a11ieroMs flat lite
i orblow-oul, send for the new book. 0 10, 189 punctures
... and not one ftad" Fill io aod mail this codpon nowr
Addr ess Seiberling Rubber Company, Dept. P·'3. I
Sea/cc/.Air TUBES I
Akron 9. Ohio.
I Ciry Stace I
L--- - - - - ----- --- ---'
TUNE 1949
in this corner.........
"WHArY()fJ Nffl) I' TBE
/$~$Pf£{). E.DITORS
had no idea he was about to become a
"Fogundsmogger" when we dispatched him
to Germany last winter to fly the ail: lift
into Berlin and tell its story. But he is one,
and here's how, as 1st Lt. Hal L. Eustace of
the 1807th AACS Wing informed him in a
letter from Germany:
"The purpose of this epistle is to tell you
flat to your secretary's face that you are a
Fogundsmogger. Wait, don't swing yet -
hear the rest of the story.
"Enclosed herewith is your ticket as an
hono1·ary membe1· of a creme-de- la- creme
flying clan, the Vittles Fog & Smog Club.
These token mementos are being awarded
This unit does to Vittles pilots who are foi·ced to make
the trick radar blind landings in sub- minimum
weather, after runs through the Rheinish
sky puree.

Yes, it's back! Once again a genuine

New Departure "Speed Changer" for
your bike. Works like the gear shift
on a car-LOW SPEED for quicker
getaway, easier pedaling on hills, bet-
ter control in traffic; HIGH SPEED
for making time on level stretches.
The "Speed Changer" fits right into

your New Departure Coaster Brake.
.. •
Ask your bicycle dealer about it today! "Several hund r ed pilots· have been
awarded Fogundsmogger cards so far, and
On your .new bike lnsist on some of the boys have as many as four sub-
Arnerica's favorite zninjmum Ground - Controlled-Approach
runs to their credit. GCA is getting a satu-
NewOep~ ration test over here, and more than 25,000
GCA runs have been logged so far in
Vittles. American units are snaking the
COASTER BRAKES air- lift planes in out of the fog at Celle,
Fassberg, Tegel (Berlin), Tempelhof (Ber-
FREE! Have fun lin), Rhein/ Main and Wiesbaden. RAF
mys tifying your units do the same at Gatow (Berlin) and
friends r Guess their Wunstorf.
ages , read their "Those Gls who a1·e handling the GCAs
minds! Send a post-
card for Magic are something extra-special. Most of them
18'3 Packet P3. Address: are former officer-pilots with a lot of fly-
ing time behind them. Often the GI on the
NEW DEPARTURE • DIVISION OF GENERAL MOTORS ground in GCA has more flying time than
IRISTOL, CONNECTICUT the officer-pilot he is talking down.
(Continued to poge 8)

were Boss
Business is always willing
fo pay the man who knows
-and pay him well. The
man who ls ready and will-
Be honest now- ing to take responsibilities-and capable of
directing the efforts of other men is a valu-
suppose that a better job had opened up in able asset to any business organization. He
your company-<:arrying with it promotion never wants for a good job and above average
and more moaey-<:ould you qualify? earnings. He gets ahead.
If you were boss, would you select "YOU" We have helped thousands of men achieve
for that belter job? promotion and more money-success some-
Consider before yotL answer. times beyond their dreams-a success that was
First of all, could you fill the job? Has your started by a coupon similar to the one below.
experience .fitted you for the step forward- Get out oi that rut-don 't be satisfied with
have you been preparing for promotion apart a mediocxe job at small pay- be a · success in
from experience gained on the job ? business- this coupon may be your .first step.
Or have you just been Jµling a niche, doing Mail the coupon and we'll include "Ten
daily tasks well but making no real and in- Years' Promotion in One"-a book which has
telligent effort to learn and qualify for the job helped many men. Do it today-tomorrow
ahead so that if an opening should occur you never comes for the man who consistently
would be ready to .fill it? puts things off.
The man who gets real promotion is the
.one who makes his own breaks-the man who
A Correspondence Institution
slaves in the ordinary job at low pay just De p t. 664·R, 4 17 S. De arbor11, Chlco90 5, Ill.
wishes and dreams of promotion and more Please send me your free 4$-pagc book-let te lling hov.1 l cao
s ucc~d in the field I have chttkcd below-plus ''Teo
money. Which are you? Y <Qrs' Prumotion in One" "''ithout obligation.
0 Hl1e:he.r At'eountt1.J)er ~ Tr3fGe ~lanage.ment
0 C.P .A. Cqar-hift8 Foren1anfl,hlp
0 Hookkeepins lodu•1rial Management
0 Law: LL.H. Dei;reo S1e.notypy
nu ~1 n ~s M:.nagenu!lnt
(Muirhlno S burth•nd)

.!"/ Co;respondence Institution Nan1c................ .......... ............ .................. Age....................._.

Dept. II?J!i) Chicago 5, llllnol1 Addre.ss ................................................ .......................................~····•
City, Zone, State.........................................._.,.............................. ....,

.TUNE 1949 7
"After !he war, ex- officers were given
From Old. Timers the opportunity of enlisting in the gi·ade of
Master SN·geant. Quite a few pilots ac-
cepted thE· offer: Where could their flying
to new 49'ers ability be~.t be used on the ground? GCA, .
of course. They iire members of Airways &
Air Communications Service, which is to
PYROIL the Air Force approximately what CAA is
to civil aviation in the States. I thought you
might like a Fogundsmogger as a souvenir
makes YOUR of the second great air lift.
"Hal Eustace,
car run finer "1st Lt. USAF."
* * *
Pyroil prevents battery drain
Pyroil clings to cylinder walls
Pyroil makes starting easier
Pyroil prevents sludge and carbon formation
Whether you'r• driving on o ld-timer or a new
.49'er-ADD PYROll-add miles lo your cor.
Pyroil 8 for lubricating oil. Aircrofr Pyroil A for

An • .U<aOliv•
• ,.y~o ol rn e tol
u,v ~ "9' bal'l.k- taktos eo~" '
t.IP to 50C pl~is )'OVI'•
fo r tho askiftt:1-•~11t PC>fl1·
a ve ~id.

Ma.,uf•eture11 and Guaram:u d

by P yrtlt Co,.pany, 92 PYntll
Bldg., La Ctt•le. W ht-OMin.

Ca•"""°'" C>b1rlli11I-•:
C•nt:Nlf l'tll't)uuinu AQI'#~, ttd.
• roronlo, O'lttorlo

92 Pyroll Bldf .• La Crosse, W f .cen1fn
1 want my car to last and run properly. P leau tell n1e u10.re
11>0ut Ptroll llnd how i t can accon1p1J1b ~Id& tor u1et

NanlC:- - - - - -- - - - - - - -- -
Ac.ld rt:u _ __ _ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _

City or T0\\'1"- - - - -- - - "" W-- - - - Q NE OF the newest innovations in home

------------ ------- heating is General Electric's wall-duct
system, described on page 159. We are glad
to note that one of the fii:st installations is
in good hands. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Piel of
Caldwell, N. J ., General Electric tells us,
are building it into their new home . .. and
among GE's packet of pictures we find the
young couple studying Popular Mecha1iics'
very popular book, "Your Home and How
to Build It Yourself." Mr. Piel, a vete1·an of
action over !he Pacific as fighter pilot with
the U. S. Marine Corps, is now a teacher of
physics at Caldwell High School.

21 MONTHS 30 MONTHS (plus ( Training be..flts
(or more) one month lor each expire at ti.. end
additional month of of nine y ears)

Y ouR ve.teran ·training benefits with your job. You study In your
may be worth more to you than you spare time. Furthermore, you pro-
think. Figure it out for yourself. gress as rapidly as you Wish with no
If you are a qualified veteran With limit to the amount of material you
three months of service, you are cover during your period of entitle-
ent itled to a year's education in an ment. And you have 400 practical,
approved residen t school- or four success-proved courses from which
years of approved correspondence to choose.
"training. If you have used up most !MPoRTA.NT: You must enroll with-
of your entitlement and have only in four years after your discharge
three months remaining, you can or before July 25, 1951-whichever
still study with I.C.S. for a full year. is later. The time for action is nowt
I. c. S. Courses do not Interfere Mark and mail the coupon TODA.YI


Wllllout cOst Of oblptfon. pfe:ast und .me fwll pattieolus about lf'!t cotrw 8£FOM whid! I hive mafli:~ X:
Air Conditionln9 e nd 0 Sttt1ctur11 EkJinwlnt O lnduttrial M.talll#O Tettll• Cou" "
191umbing Cours" 0 S~eYint ind MIOPin.1 D Madline Shop O Cotton Manut1etutifl'J
0 Air CondiUotlin.a: Communlcat l ona Cou'9• D Mec:hatlicaJ Oraftin1 O Loom riJuna O Itron Wt1Ylt1a
0 H.atirta 0 PlumblnJ 0 Eect1onics 0 Mecl'lalic1l EnJin.-fna: o T•1tl1t onaninr
0 ffllrtatrtllon 0 Slnlll fol~nt 0 Pra<lital Tll0i>!10<1J 0 fltold•toll Work O Woolt" MJnuf1icturit11
Ch•mlflf'l' CounQ Q Radio. ~erat O Pattlf'fttNlking-Wood, Metal
O Ctltmical E.rt~neerint O ltldio Op«1tina O i:t ..din~ SM'lo Blutoril'IU 8ualnest •nd
O Cllemls.try, Analyljcal O Radio Semd na D Stieet-MetaJ Oraftin:g. Ao•d•mlo Cour1•
0 ctiemts:try, lftdm:trtal 0 Ttltzr1pb En.gi'ftWll'lt 0 Sbett·Mtfa.I Wecker 0 Attountrn1 0 AdYtrti.sina
0 Cflemktry, Mfe Iron & StMt El•ctrlcal Cou,.._ 0 Ship Oraftlnt 0 Sh.lo Fitting 0 8ooki1Mpjn1
0 Petroleum Reftnll'll 0 Plntlcs O EftclriNI Oraffina 0 Tool OeMc!Wnt 0 Too1makln1 o 81ninm AdMin~trttion
0 Np llld Paper Makln1 0 Cltctricat En&inelffrtt 0 Wtldin;a EnJineerint 0 811Siness Conespioru:t~
Clvtl £ n1lne•ring, ~hluo-- 0 £1ec.tric. Uatit 1nd Pow• D Wlfdin1-Cas t1ld Elfttrlc O Ct rtifltd Pt1tlflQ At;i:ountlnt
tural • nd Minint Court" 0 Utbtint Teehniei.ln Aeltroad C ou,.•• O Comm«c:lal Q Commerd1I All
0 Architectwe 0 Practical Eleclrid~n O Ait Bt1b O Clf IMpec.tor O Cost Ac:eo11ntln1
0 Afcbitechlrtl Or1ftina l nt•r-nal Combuatlon 0 DitMl locomotl•t 0 f~.deral T11 0 First Yu.1 College
0 8'1d.. l:ftd lhri!di"C fOJHUn Engin. . Cou,.... 0 LocotnotJvt Enxjnetr O Fort manthlp O Fre~b
0 8uiklnt Cslimati1q 0 At1l0 Ttchllicitn 0 A~ttion 0 lociotnofi't't fiftm&n 0 Cood ln,Rlislt 0 H{ai- SdlOOI
0 QriJ £n&ineerina a DittW·Eltcttic. 0 locotnotiYt Matllirtist a ~tiler Math•rNtics
0 Coar '4iAin1 0 Dfa..f [fllinn 0 ~ Enlfnts 0 Rallro.O Section roreman 0 MotOf T1atlic 0 Posta1 Civil SeMce
0 Contractint ttld BWJdiAI M"hanlo• I Cou" • • Steam £ ngin•9"na Coun" O Rtlailin.a
OHi:atiway EndMWfna O AtfoaallticaJ £t1cfn.eer's Jr. C Bollermaldng O RetaH Sl,ort M.11t11em.. t
0 lamb« Dealer 0 Aircrttt Oteftint O ~li_Rht E11dnNr 0 ComtlU1tion Enainttrina O Saltsnunship O Scretari1I
0 R..dint Stnactl#tl 8fuel)l'lnb 0 (orgina 0 Fovncfty Work 0 EnJi1tt Ronnint 0 Si1n letterin1
0 S.lilary Uttinetfint 0 Ht11t T~tatmtt1t of Mttab 0 M3tlnt Enginttffnt 0 S1>1nish D Sl•noer1pby
0 Str11etuf11 Oraftfn1 0 lnd1ntti1J Enlinntln.t O St1arn Oecltie O Steam-E np. O Trttfic Men1.1•mtnt
• ..,._ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _,.,,. __ _ _ _ _ _,Homt Addres._
. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ _ __

Cll),_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ __ _ _ __,i,·t• - - - -- - ----W°'"kitta Hou· ~---A ..M, to_ __ _,P.M,

Ptnent Posi1>·..__ _ _ _ __ _ __ __ _ _ _ _ ___1Emplo~ l > Y - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Length of Service in Enl'O&lmtttt vn.der G.J. Bit.I and P.t. 16 .apptovfd fOf World W1r II Veterans. Spldal tuition rates Co me.rnben of the Armed fOfcts.
World War 11 CJn»!liia.n. residents s~nd coupon to lote1natio1t1I Correspondme. Schools Can.aid/al\, Ud.• Montrtal, C1n.1d1.

JUNE 1949 9
SOQl'C4 of auppt,- appc.an afkr Items eommcreJa.lly al'aUable
Ca-r bunk -ror children CKooeit. PrOducts. Box 21. War>aJconcta.
Oblo) . .. . ................ .. .... .... ........ ...... . .. ..... 81
Coin holder on g~ar&blft lever ( Robe.rt Y. Orant Corp., Flt.ch-
burg, Mau.) .. •• •• • . . ...• . •• . ••• • ..••..•..•.•....•.••.•.• 116
Urivtna light in.side grUle turns wtib front wheels (Sate-T-
~~1::.)' ~~~I~~~?. ~.r. ~~~~~~~. ~~-~~~~r.I~~: .~~~... -~~~~~~~11'1
lfot-dog stand in car trunk .. . ... . . .. ... • . . ,, . , •• . • . . .. • . ... . 129
Mld.-et. makes bow .•.• . •.. • .•• , . , • •.. . . , . • .. ..• .. •.• .• • , •••• 155
ltaUa.n spar~ coupe (Alfa Ron1eo. Via .M.O. TraJano 93:.
Milano, lt.Mly) . . . . .. . ....... .. .. .. .... . .... .. . .. ... . . . . .. . 165
Plastic de.6ectors c:Up to ''tDlllatSng wiodows ( Ptters & Rus-
$e1l, J:nc. 1 SprlnrOcld.. OhJo) . . . .•..•.. . ......•.. ... .. ... ... 170
R-ear·- vtew mirror f&slcns Lo top of door (Ford Motor· Co.•
Dearborn. h.Ueb.) • •. • ••.• . . . ..•. . .. . .•.. . . . • .. •. ... • . ..... 110
Pla.sfJc auto cover ( W. H. Temme & Co.. 827· 3! t.tadlson St. .
Oak Par k, JU.) .,., •• , . ,. , •••• .• • . ..• . , . . •... . . , .• , . ,, •. • , .171
"Educated" nut tor wheel bearings (Ad\'8nce Display Ser\•lce
Co., 233 S . Broadway, Los Angele!;. Ca.Ur. ) . • • . .• . • . • .... • . 258
Engine ••trouble 6hoot.er.. . . . .... .... . . . . ... .. •.. . . . .. .. • . .. . 91
'"H06pftal" helicopter evacu•tes wounded . ... . •. . .. ... . ...... 96
Pin;t foor-engln.e pen;onal -type plane ( Monsted-Vancent Aero-
nauUcaJ. Inc•. 32S N. Hennessey S t.. , New Ortea.a s 19, La.) .. 142
Repair your O\\··n phine. , • •.•• . • , • , •• . • , . • , .• . .••. , • , • . . , , • ••• 143
Retractable r6ckel mounts for fiaht.er planes . ... . .. . . . . . . ..•. lf>l
Pronged ··.a.care.crow" keel>$ pigeons away .. ... . .. ..... .....• . 163
Metal crate deUvers jeep by parachuie . . . .. ... .. . . .... .. • .... !54
Shock absorber tor llght. J)l3nt$ ( A1r· N-OU 'sll.Oek Abs-OrbJng
Syst.tn~. Box J33. V•1ldalfu. Ohio) .•.. , . .. ........ , .... . . .. 158
ctoud-..helaht tnd1t.ator . . . .. . . ..... . ... ... : . . . .. ... .... . . . . . . 111
f'b'lng boxcar . • . • .....• .• ..•. .• .• . .. ... . . . .•.. . .. . . .• . •..•.. 172
IloUJ1.C-number (lost hold.<.i produce signs (Nu-Way Slgo.!J • •
R.ocllwood, ~1 l C:h . ) .. , . . . . • . ... .. .. . . . ...... • . . . . . ....• .• •. 96
Gas-powered sprayer CR . £. Chap.In Manufacturing Works,
Inc.. • Bata\•ia. N. Y.) . . .... . . .. . ... . ... .. . .... .... . . . .. . ... 133
Exhaust·ga.s ••fertUizer· • tucrea.ses soil )'ltld ...... . .•.•..• . • .. 148
soU·heaung cnblets save blrdS .... . .. . . . . . . . . . ... . .. . ........ . lf9
Pence '-'llh a bottnce .. •.. •.• . • . • .. •• . ... . .. . . ..... • .... . . . .. . 158
Double-ro.w stalk cutter t Lone Star T raner Co .• 206 E. 36th
St., Amaclllo, Tex. ) .. . . .. . ..... ... . . .. . .. . . . .... . .. . . . . • . 2s:a
IJOVSE AND 11oa1.::
Oue-legg~ table ( Joseph £ , Lewis & Co•. Inc .. 130-3 Carroll
St .• 6ttlllmore SO, Md.) . • ... . ...•...... , ..• . . .. .....•...... 90
PlasUc· surtaced peJ)(>·r J)ln tcs (Bowes lnduslories. Inc.. 6-537
N . Clark St. . ChJcago) . .•.•.....•.. . ••....• . •••• , • . •• . • . • . • 106
Your Success in Aviotion begins with thocoyg.Q, flm'· Aluminum nails won•t streak· sJdJna (Nlcl\ola Wire. & AlumJ-
lkll.I Embry-Riddle training. Engineering and mechanic num Co., 17ZS RockJngham Road. Da"enport., Jowa) .. .• . •• • 112
BatbrooJn for home shl_p ped as. a unit ( Builders Manulacturln$
students work on l.i:a oircroft in flk1iD.t. size hongon ••• Co.. Bre1nen . .Ind. ) ... . .... ...... .. . .. . . . . . .. . . . ... •. ..... 117
study design in s.pacious, well-lighted clourooms. flight Edge-Ughted trame shows color ptct nres ( S. E . O\•erton co.•
south H3ven. MJch. ) • . •. . • . .....• .. . .. ... . .... . . •.•.•.•••• 121
students troln in the' most modern o ircroft .. . fly yeor- Vtr$atile' blowt-r bas twin fans ( Queen S10,ve wor·ks. Inc.. .
round In Miami's perfe<t flying weather. And ot world- A lbert Lea. Minn.) . . . .. . . ...• ..... . .. . ..•...••.. • ... , .•. 132
Mult.tple fuse plu_g (H-R Electric Co.. &4-01 t\tlUer Road. Dur·
fomous Embry-Riddle you live amidst the inte rnational
hustle and bustle of the world's great•st air center. Sa~~,~- ~~cha~o. Sti-\·t$' .as. 'feS'tYQ.iUiil&".h3fiicU' . <
earner .&J33
McKewen. 305 W. Red\\'OOd SL. Baltimore l , Md.) . ..•..•. 13'
Never has ther:-e been such opportunity for you In Air circulator is buUt in colfec table ( H.OW$rd Iod.ustrits-. Inc.. ·
209 \'f./. Jackson Blvd .. Chica.co 6> • . • , .... , • . ...•• .•• • • , • , •. 134
Aviation. The demand for lroined men fo r exceeds R.evolvln:a brush Is drivt-n by water pressure {Melalre Dis-
tho •upply. Embry-Riddle prepar.. you in a le'!' •hort trlbutin1 Co .. 420 LexJna:ton Ave.. New York City 11) •......• 134
Steam vaporizer sh\tt.s off automaUcalJy (Electric Stearn R·adl-
months for oil fu ndamental Hight, engineering and ator corp., ParJs. K.y.) •• •••• • • . •• . •• : ••• • • • ••••• .•• • ••• • • • 135
mechanic positions, including the new, wide fie ld for PatternM Ooors from n1bber Ulc ( Danbury Rubber co.•
Danburr. C-o n.n.) . •. . • . •• . • .. •.• . .• . . . •• . •.•.. . . .•.•.• • . •• 135
combination gbilily (pilo! R1Ja mechanic certili<ation). Bread dts-pensed one slice at a time (Ward Phillps Co.. Bo) •
Taka advantage of the magnificent training facilities 3451 ~ftrcbanc!llse Mart, Chicago 54-) . .... .. . .. . . ... . •.. r ••• 135
Pou-up meat toaster (Graphic Arts Research Foundation. 18
at vast Opa-locka Airpo rt, operated enti rely by E. Kinzle St .• Chic.ago 11 ) . • . •.. • .•••• . •• . •.• • .. • . •••• . •. .. 13$
Embry-Riddle. Study under the best instructors ... backed Ba.sleet c•rt bM folding stAnd (B· W ,._tanutacturt.rs, Inc., '121
N. Webster St... 1'.C-okor.no. ;Ind.) . , . . . . . .. . . .. ..... ....... ... 135
by Embry-Riddle's quarter-century of aviation training comblnauon ranee llnd retrlge~tor <General A.Ir CondtUon-
experience. live directly on the Airport. Enjoy Florida's lng Corp .• 4$42 E. Dunnam St... Lo$ Anatles 23. Calt.1.) • . •• • 135
Trangpaf-ent knitting bag <Bveret.t Transl)Qrent Conta!ncr
matchless climate year-round, its COrp., 2Sl 3rd Ave•. New York Clty) . .. .. .... . .... . .... . ... 146
weohh of sport and recreational St.c>\·~pipo heauna a:ystem euts ln.,tanatton. eoot.s •. . • .. .•• . . • . • 1S9

facilities. Start your Aviat ion Llir.~v.·:::~t Y~r~ ari~~~~·e· . ~~~.r~~·.-·~~~. ~~~·:. -~~ . ~.~.t. .4.~~~ lS•
Career NOW at Embry-Riddle. $Up-re$1Stant patnt (Be nJa_m ln Foster Oo.. <163.$ West Olrs.rd
A\'t .. PhUA<lelphll\ 31. Pa.) . . .. . .. . ... . ... .. .. .. . ' .•. ..... . 246
•· ...S•nd w"pon fodoy for n•w rofotog onJ proo' of •' '

~ core• r opportuNti•t for EMbry-./tiddl• 9toduot.J. Bayou oil hunt . . . . . . . ...... ....•..••.•.•..••••••••••• . ••.• • 8G

Onn of Enroll.menu · Dept. 99

Embry·Riddl~ 0
S<hool o( Aviation
I 9m. lnlW~SU'd ..... ,
A .&lt M«:h•nic:
.. Vacuum hflrvfSt..<\ oyster$ .. . ... .. . . . . . .. . . . ~ M • ......

P-atnt conducts ''ltghtntng' ' across glider elevat.or . • . •• . ••.••. 10'1

Plastlc-coated work glove ( S~Jle Cit)' Olove Co.• 112. Ea.st
. .. .

Chestnut. St... ChtCAao 11) . .. . . . .. . .. . .. ... . . . . . ........ . .. 10'1

Nall•drlYlng machine ( FOOd Machl1'\ery Corp .. NaUJng :r.ta-
chfne Divis ion. Riverside. caur .) • . . . • ..• . .••• . •• •• • • • . . • . 129
.. .96 ..

Miami 30, Florida 0 Coaunett1•1 PilOc Bettel' li8'ht dltruston . ...•.. • . . • . ••.. .. . •.•.•.•• • ••.••• •. • .. 142
0 En~neeriftft' "Light pipe" . . • . .• . .. . . ... . .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . •.. .. •..•.• , , • , . 158
Paper tape uud lU &trapping ( Minnesota ~tining and !.itanu-
0 AA&. Combined wi\b tacturtng Co.• 900 FaQUl<'r Ave . . St.. Paul 6. ?t.iinn.) ......• . 164
NAME - - - - - - -- - - - - - 1 CoauneJ'd•t Pilot PaPer-p la.sUc skin for plywood ( Kimb! rl.Y·CSark corp .. Nee-
0 Flyinl' Mec-hanie nah. Wls.) •• , • . .•.. .. . . ......... .. . . . . . . : . • • •... .•..•.... 264
Under-ground radio btoadcas·U1l& inay a tct mine rescuers ...•. . 2$8
ADDRESS - - - - - - - - - - -
O Draftlas ar Daisn ?.feter Cest.$ painted &urfn.cc to dete rmine when to re paint
- ----------·
St•Ct - -- - - - -- -
A•• _ _ CM4 °"'I svc1''*"
( Henry A. Gardner Laboratory, Inc .. 4723 Elm St.. Btlh-
e;!ida 14. Md. ) . . . . ..... . .. . . . ... .. ....... .. ..... . .... . ..... 260
PaJ>('rmakJng technique ends river poUuUon . .. .. . ..... . ...... 262
SwedJs.h ·•amoke drinkers· · ..••.•..•.•..•. • . . •.• .... . ••• . • •• • •264
TRAIN IN MIAMI .. AIR CAPITAL OF THE WORLD ccontinued to page 12)

GUIDES-( 4 Book Set J ................$6
pnelleal llhu:traled tradot • ••l•tant on modem cioqstructlon tor
t•r~olen, joinert, buUdeni: meehlllt.1 and &ll wood,wotlert.
' "Olt., 1600 pa1:e1. 1'100 1l1u1tratlona. Fulb' lDdd..S. 11a-1ble
CQ"en. Each t'Qlume 1old 1ep1rat•lJ' $1.50 I •ot
GUIDES-( 4 Book Set J................$6
A PracUc"- Trade A.1sl1tant A. Beady lleferenc-e. bplat.n.a in -p1a.ln
liniruar-e & b7 clf!ar ~llu.stratlons, d.larram1. cbarU, craphJ, ple·
tu.rtt prlnt lC>lH or m.Odern pJumblo,f prac:Uee jncludJl}J' lJartn.e
P ipe Flttlng and Air Conatttonln&. 4 Voli.-11S10 Pacet-3641
Dl!tr1m1 4: l lJU1trntJona.. Eacb Vol. SOld Sep1rately $1. 50 a Vol.
184 Paae• Co•eTlng Jnsf11Jatlon, Serrlclns & llepatn All "1'1pe•
Domflllc & lridu,strJ1l ltu,rnart. Illustrated.. ,llltblr Eodorsed.
1000 Ptie-' Cot'erlne Work.inc Prl~lples, lbtt.tlltUOft. Stn-let of
AU Modern House Btatlftc, Venttlatln1t k Alr Condlt100~:1•­
tem1. ~r>lalnt New Radiant B tallng. Fully n1u1tra~ • . od.
New t rQm Cot'tr to CoTtr-1280 Pare:a, Fully lllu.1. Cove:rtnr
basic prlnelJ)le1, ft?Ylctnr. @MfaUon • repair ot hou1eb0Jd com·
merelal & tndu.atrlal rr.rr11enllon &: 1lr eo11dltlonln1. 1. r old

Aui>E'rs·sHi'Ei.A irlr1nwoi.Ciis ......

11 1 0

HANDY BOOK.•.....•.............•..........$1
Ph.etlest lnalde ln.formatlon. Fundamental• ol Sheet ~fetal Work.
881 oagn. JIJustrated. 11 seet-10111. Clur lt written. Essenti•l A.
Xu'oil..s"sHiE'Tt:4iT'A'C' 0
"' W>ru•• .. a.r. Ind...

PATTERN LAYOUTS •.••.••••.••••••••••••$4

1M A I L 0 R DE R
DeTe1oped by Espertl tor Sheet liet.11 Worlr:en, IA.Jodt Hen A.
lltmall l~. A Practical Eneyc1opedla In 10 Secttont, tlte f' s 10
lnta:xed ror Layooi.-1600 llluttratloat.
rudr r~re:rence in 1001luout
anawe.rJns :rour K <1
problemt. CoTer1 all pbalM of sheet metal work lncludinl Pate.era
CuUln1, Pattern De..-elopment a: Shop Protednrt.
r.. Mecbant.. &BLUEBullde~PRINT READING .••.•.$2
Covert all 111>•• 01 blua Ptlnl Hll4il>I
I AUDEL, PubliabeTa.
· 49 W. 23 St ., New Y Ol'k 10, N. y •
lac}ladlna ahlp .t: atrolan&. 414 P•Jte•.• tull7 llluatrai.d.
I marked
Please 7 days'
mail me for examination
free boob
(X) below. I ag.roo to mail SI in 7 days on each

CALCULATIONS FOR MECHANICS $2 Or set ordered, and!-<> further m~il SI a month on~
l61hematlcs rorbome ••ud7 or ,.,,,..... roo Par... 550 mus.
Pra<ll<at mathe"''"'" ~ b•rtnnlna. How to arure ..,,...,i,..
I book
book or aet order_ed unti! 1 ha".e prud ~he purchase
If I am not satisfied with Gwdee 1 will return them.
Jt&V'i cotrec.t methods ~erl.rlg ~rete uvlew. Tilut-. • Jndued.
4 phcl.IC'al ~ quick re1d1 tefe.rtoee booll: for a us.o mothanlcs. aer'fl<'e
GUIDE..1700 P q " , . •
toe Pa&" • • • • • •

• S4
a.a. operator• &:. ownen. El;plalDI tbec>17, conJtrUttion A 1ervlc-
SAC, ol modern rnotor earl, trockt. buses & auto t)'tlt Dle1e1 en-
rlnel. 1100 paces. tullr tllu1t:rated. 5t'I chaptu•. Jndued.. A

•utlclen Guides (4 Book Set) •
StMmtltten. Guides (4 -
(4 hok G Ides •
6 Set)
• 8'

ru""•DrdE~ LS Drlm 10 01
INdrEauMA ° UALd. $2 B:'~if"PRINT·'::'~oa.Q~"-6 ....... .- : : : :
drlN 110 0
A pnellcal, conche tre.atts• with aue-Uom 1.l'ld ans,.ert on the
Decorator 320 Pain . . .
( 4 . . .k Set) 6
OTer 400
operation a nd malolenlnc-t
1>••••· otmodem diesel englnn.
rutl.J lllut. All <letalll plainly brouchl out. thit
boot' t1 or enreme falue to eodDffrt. op~rator1 & 1c.u<ltota~
••.m p QUID~
1000 IDE'..p
q es
• •

• •

AUDELS WELDERS GUIDE·· ···•····· ·· ···$1 DRIFRIQIERATION•AlrCondltlonln1Gulde,121IOl'a1n 4
~-~!~·r"'""1'11eal 'b"'1- OJMlr•t;?oaOO

otor 1 moc 1n
Ortr • P•l••. 01 n
..,.rm •
&. ma.1nt1'1"1•nce1 le:!. ...weld.loll«
~·· • ...
electric.- and acet.rJene weldtnr l~Judtnc all"1)1ane worlr.
,.1 .......
· · .. -·• p •I• • • ,. • • •
• WORK• ~I. ~
Pases .
LA YOUTI, 1100

AUDELS MACHINIST le TOOLMAKERS 1B=~:::~g:t g::::g :uJ~Jt' ~;.,~ : l


HANDY BOOK ................................$4 DMATHl'.MATIC5 and CALCULATION$. 700 P•an . . 2

Coren modern nucblne •hop praetlee in a ll Us br1oebe:s. Tella DICTIONARY,
O MECHANICAL P•.IM • • • . •
961 4
bow to ut up &: aperate lathes. 1crew and mllllns machines.
ahar>eTt. dr111 pruaes & all olhtr macblnt & hand too1•. 1600 1 O MACHINISTS A Toolnuken Handy
lull1 Illustrated. Inde•ed. tect!oni. I- ModemMathlno DPOWDl•PL.;\MT IENGINEER5
a Mechanics Gulclei
1600 Paces . '
Pa&" • .
Pe1n . .
1200 C
Pllts, 5
SlloP Practloa. 2-Ulue J'Ylnt lleadln111 & Row to Draw. S-Cal·
eulaLlont A )ftthematlOI for M&.chtn.lsta.. 4-Shop Pbs1ic1. 5-
• • ••
QUID~ 1500
Bow to u ie
the Slide
Rule. 60 chapten. E••Y to tffd ao4 under-
al&Dd. A 1bop compenlon that ana•en 1our quc•Uont.
P•c· . .
11on, 1G51 Paa. .
O MAltl,. ~NGINEERS lbn~ Book, 1280
AUDELS ELECTRIC MOTOR GUIDI $4 1Br'~,.:O::,f::";.1::.~'::J'~.1..> : : 1f
I DIE'- PasH ·

Pn.etleal Jn.rormttton CO\'trlnr Conatructlon4. 9pntrol.
Matntenanco 1
A \\'Irina: lfookul)I of All Typu Electric J1i1otor1 allo ArmatAtto
Wtndlnf. 1000 Pa•es Full1 ntuatrated Jndered.
llluttrated. Gt•., llcal W'!rt.. DIELECTRIC MOTOR GUluE..
ab.... cleartJ~ •lr• •Poaratut I•• praC- I Dl'RACTICAL IELIECTRICITY Handy
111 PuOI. p 1..,1 00 of eloe. hi" • • • , , •
tltallr .... ,..tui.
all OeMt o1
dlegram comolete
& ,.11.
P•PI• •2
Boek, 1440
4 25 .....,. •
u:,planalorr. lltrbb" Endon.ed Pocket Comoanton. ORADIOMANS GUID~ 9U.
Pa&... . • • • • • . •
~ l'aC"
A kay en:irtneert.
to 1 undmUndlnr electrical
tlectrlc!in ElectrldtJ. J"or JDaln· Velo.
VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII~k Set) . U (12

& all

wo<hn. 100
Pa.st•. !600 l)hll. COtttl lDH>Ortant. eloctrlcal lnformaUoa 1D I Nam•·- - - -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - '1.$0 Each

GUIDE .•....•...$4 I Addrea,..__ __ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ ;

ro,._inctud.ln1 for Llcht A: Pow-e r. lodu.td..
A 11;.,.
to the t>ractJeal ot rad.lo lncludJor F'r•quenc.1
M.odulitl<>n, :rcteTltlon. etc., Alreraft & Marine Radio. For rad.Ir --
eftC'ln~tt. •erviet-meh. amateun. 014. Pages. 433 Jlln1trallon1 A:
Dl1.1"r11m1. PhC)lot. 11e.'1ew' Que11ttona & Anlwen. Reference Jndu. I Occupcrtio.~-----------------­
AUDEL, Publishers, 49 W. 23 St., N. Y.10 • Employed hr- ----:-----,:-::-- = -=--·- ----=
~ PM

JUNE 1949 11
(OontJnuf.d from page JO)
H~n~:fii:foe:. p~~P~:)~~..b.~~~~: .<.~~':.~~~ -~~~~·c·~· ~r·~·: 81
Sollless·prden kit tor city "farmers" <Maile Gardens, X:nc..,
Bo."t 4635. Jack.SonvlUe, Fla.} . .....•.•.. . ..• . .. .... .•.. . .•. 1G'1
Lawn ectt:er ,u.rns furrow ( P. c . Smith Development Co., 18$96
Pinehurst Ave., Det·r Oit 21, Mich. ) . ...... . . . .... ••• . ••••..• 112
Dabinet fUe1J unfolded b1ueprlols (EmPlt~ DevtJopment Oorp.
209 Union Trust Blda".. Washingt.<tn. D. C.) ............. . . : 106
R.lbbon·eradt~\Or combi.nallon makes pedect typing simple .
( Aetna P'l'Oduets Co.. 202 EaJJl 4ttb St., New Yor'lt City} •• ,. l t 2
•'Wirtdow .a.hop·per'' • , • , • .••. • , •• , • , •• , •• , • , •• . • , •• , • , •• , •••• 159
\Vinder tat.es sn.arls out or 11$hlng Uue (0-B Too1 Oo., Lan·
caste.\i Pa.) . . •• . •. .. . ...... . ..... ... .... . .... . •. . •...... . JOO
FLii~~m~n~~ ~u ~:~~. ~- .~~~ ..(.~~~.'~~~:. ~~.7. . ~~~~ . .~~·: .;i

Rich p rofi ts ore woiting to be topped in Book rive$ cotters coachJug on lints ( Tbe s~rts cenur, 561·
this new f i eld. New MIRACLE fin ish· g i ves Plftb Ave•• New York CJt.)') , • . • .. •.••.• . •..• . •.•• . •• ••. • . •• 113
Mechanfca.1 pltc~ets ( PO!tcr.. Porter Enterprt.&c$, toe., 1241 N.
o Yelvely, lu 1urlou1 uufoce ro rodios. Broadv.· ay, Baltimore 13, Md.) • ....... , . . ........... . . ..... 11(1
lomps, toys , signs, 'tore disploys, fig ur· Rlfte features automatic safety (Wlnche~t.er Repeating Arms •
in1H. outo doshboords, and h und red.1 of Co.. Olvlslon of Olin Industries. toe.. New Haven. Cqno_.) . • 133
other i tems. Make old obiech beoutif1o1I Twi$t or wrist O'J>CJU reel for cltanJ.na or oiling (';J&m •
e nd ,oleoble - mole new thing, wor1h B'ddon'a: Sona. Dow4gtac, Aficb, ) . .. .. . ......•••...••.. . •• . lM
much morci wi t h th is soft. r ich coveting
St:a.rtlng rate for sprinters . .. ...... . . ............... . . . .... .. 16~
l hot con bo opoHe-d to ony surface, even RAD IO ~"iD TELEVI S ION
if Old O!ld WOif), V!<leo mu.tUscope sho•-s tlme. news ••.•• . •• , ••.. . • . .•.•• . ••••. 90
Floating arm for niterophone ( Oat.o.r ?t.lanutacturina- Ct»'J).,
~---=---- 4481-8'1 Duncan Ave., St. LouJ$ 10. MO.) .......... . ....... . 105
Rad:io.. rrequeucy checker ...... . .... . ... . . .... . . . . .. . .. . .. . . . 107
Video ca.mere. lens "secs" In dim Ugbt. •.•. . •..• . •.•• .. . .• •.• . 149
L ift truck for ms broadcast to\\·e.r (Clark EQu1pmcot CO.,
Battle Creek. t.i1ch~) .... . .. . . ... ..... .. .....•.•.••.•.••.•. 258
MutU~purpose tool holder (Elk ·rool$, lnc., '11 West Broad·
Will', New York City 7) ....................... , . • , .... , .... 106
Portable. vise ha.a tclescopina iSCtew ( Parent Brothers, 3341
Onion PacUlc Ave., Los Anseles. CaHC.) .• . • • ••.. ..• . . • ... . . 112
Power sander has "eds:er" a<hlpter ( 0 . E. Hadwiger, '115 West
Abr1endo Ave .. Pueblo. COlo.) ....•..•... . .. .•.•..•...••... tl3
~~ Sprtna-actton .s.crewd:.rlver bolds $Crew flrmly (£$-lick PrOducts,
Yo11r Own ustin&, loc. , 1312 Hawthorne A ve-.. Oros.st. Pointe Woods 30, Mlc.h. ) . 164
Socces; Business - Be Your c18~uA~J~s~;: ~.a~~~~. ~~.r~~~~. ~~~~~~·. ~.a.'..~~~~~~~~. ~.~~·: 164
Own B oss-Help Fill Huge Demand Clamp tor drlU press bolds work &ecurely (Dodd Producte.
405 Atkh\5 Ave .. 1.tancaster, Pa.) ...• . •. . • . •.. . . ...• . . • .. .. 2$2
• •• No ~x.perience Is Necessary suspens1on·spr1na tool balancer CKeUer Toot Co.. Orand
Yes, yo u con learn i n o /e ., doy1 to slort Have.n. MJch.) • . .. . • . . .. . . ....... . .• . ...•..•..••.•• .• • , •.. 264
MAKING MONEY! Everylhing you need is T OYS AND NOVELTIES
t.irriished. inclllding fu lly detoiled. illus· Pron tte.r days in balsa . . . . . . . . . . . . • . . • . • . . • • • . . • . . . . . . • . . • . • 88
t'roted inslfuctions lhot ore compfete ond Duek de.liver$ cigarettes. <Gustafson Brother$ Manufacturlna
Co.. ~11 West Superior St., Chicago 10) ..... . . . . •.. . ..•. ... 106
eosy to onderstond. Every poinl is e11ploin· Palm stems make ee11e roa.,lui ................... .. ... ... . , ... 121
e d , to Show you how to uort on the rood
to bis money, ft.tll or spore time, tight in MI SO&LLANEOVS
your own home. Focus.in, mapl.fler for reflex °"nteras (Stroba Manu.facturlnl'
Oo.. 2-4 Howard St .. New York City) ........... . .. ... ... .. 8'1
EVERYTHING COMPLETE Accldtn~s take biggest toll ot ma.n's prod-ucllve y~ars ... •.•..•• 90
Alu1ninum traller supports arc nes ted f01' storage (Reese
In ocfditiori fo f11ll i ridruclions, you get o PrOduets. 2111 South Main St.. EJtbarr... Ind.) •• , ••• , ...... . 10$
cornplete set of materials that enob1es yo v Sidewalk automat . . •. . ... . . .. • . ..•.. • .. ..• •. •.. •••• . • •. ••.•. 111
to sto1t ol once. A few cents wort h of mo. TOYS " Sptdcr'' curie.a a h o man ft)' ( Spider Staging. Inc.. 8th Ave ..
teriols con nH~on mony doHots i n re-t1,1rn to North., Renton., Wasb.) ••.••.• . •.••......•.••.....•. . •. .• . 122
yo11 - you col\ eo1n up t·o S.SOO or tt'lotf!.
JfWfllY Bhthway yacht with' a sun deck (!.lid- St.Al.es TraUtU' Sales,
IOXES Inc.. 831 south Wabash Ave .. Dept. M·12. Chicago 5) •..•.. 13.0
per mont h f11ll little; up to S75 p•r we•k Push-butt.on subway cantrols ..• . •• . •..•. ... •....•.•....•..• 132
A~g;,~lfuco~~~,,!~?c.~ -~~?~~~~ . ~~~~~. -~~~~~.e.s,' ..1~'7: 13t
sp ore time. DISPIAY
ACT NOW PIECU RobOt weather .statJons .. . .. ....... . .. . . . .. . ....... . .... . ... 148
G rasp this. opportunity TODAY - sfot t yout lAlo\"5 Mattr~ mas&ages patient by air- pres6ure- action (The Fire·
own bvsi ness. h ' s loo good to miss! SEND atone PJa.stlCS Co.. Pottstown, Pa.. ) ..•..•.•..•....•. • •..•. •• 149
NO MON EY - fill o ut the couport ond
CAI Ta.ikins trame Ugh ts ... . ....... . .... . . .. . . ................ 1~
DASHBOARDS "Amphlb" trailer sJCCJ>S tour (SterUng Marine Co., Box 64,
stick H on o post cotd ot ln on envelope Baxter Stat.ion. LOul&vlUc 4, Ky.) •..........•. ...........•. 110
o nd moil today for full details, FREE 101"!· CAR TRUNKS Weather foreea:st.cr .. .••• , • , .. , • . .•. • ..• .•.. • . .. . .. . •• . •.... 1'12
P l• of FLQl(. l(RAF T covered mole, iol, orid Inhaler·\•aporlter u~es no steam (Progresstve &ntcrptl$e$..
• h\olndreds of u,e fu l Ol'ld profi1obJo I OEAS, Coven Wood, 1001 N. Vermont Ave.. Los AhrelC4 2'1, Cnllt.) .... ....... . 264:
Oo ft NOW - 0. litsrl Ship·-&tt:ertnr recorder ... . .. ... • ...•. ••..•..• . • . •••.•••..•.•• 254
Fabric, M<ttal, ScienC:e- shtveu to. a nc·w low . ................ . .. ........... . . 2$6
Plant$ ttow DDT on Arctic a-now to kill mosquito Jarvae ...•. •260
Plaster. Pfo1tlc P l)• 1Ul1er surpasses DDT .• .• .•.••.•..• ••. . • . • ...•••••••••• •262
Sf ND Lemon..peeJ chemical cu~ rndtauon tnJurles . . ........ .. .. .. 264'
NO Gloss, or
any Surface
Craftsman· and Shop Notes Index
Crllnder.. head guJde pins made from bOlts .• .• • •••• ••••.• •• •216
Sid41 tarrier for ladder protoct~ car n..ntsb .•.••••••••••••••• 225
Aligning drooping door bandles by twtsttna shank •••••• : •• 228
Hot·wl\ter tank:s burled under fa.rm lane form culvert •.. • .. 214
chute blinders aid lollding cattle .•... . . . . •.•. . •..•.•• , •• ••.. 214
Bumper Jack ser\•e.s. 8$ &trttener to dra"N barbe<I wtre taut •. 22t
Milk can provides cunntl tot tllllng 1ratn saw . .... . .. ... . m
Poultry fountain kept .s anitary by setting on platform •. • .• • . •ns
Hook mounted o.t front of tractor aids p ullin11 hay rope ••.••. 225
Pr<1Jonglng Ute ot Ce.nee PG5ls with chc1nlcal treatme nt .••••. 2i&:
Seat cushion tor tractor made from Inner tube ••.••••.•••... 228
Balt•llh)' trout lured successfully with. camouflaged worms •• 1'15
uuuty bng beco·mes fiahinii creel .. . ...••.•..•••. . • . •• . ••••.. 180
\Vinµ.1n1 fishing rods .. . . . ........... • . .. . ...••• •.• , ••••••••• 194
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Americas Fastest rJ.HJw1n1 /11d11sfly ,
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1 :a. L.ER. Tolfdo, Ohto. fixing neighbors' Radios in spare t ime while tearni.ng.
Tester you build "·ith parts T send helps.
"Am l:hw.dca&t Enrinter ~
ror 5tatlon KROP. Fund.a.·

~u: n!:!!.~~ ~~!in~!S<~i<in~

mentala of fqidio 1carncd J
In JI:. R. 1. lnvatuablt...- -- I
tey, CaJiforn;.. Radio.-Television seU, or beco1ning boss of your own
Radio-Television Sales and Service Shop. or getting a

' For the .... .,., ''"" I good job in a Broadic-asting Station, Jn 1945, thert "·ere
h.a,,.e bffn a~·1tngil'll" ll5
IC" , •nd up a WHk repalrinir 943 Radio Stations.. Today, about 2,700 are on Che- air!
' Ridios in my $pare time." Result-thousands of qua.lifted men stepped into good
-:;-. -STAJ<LEY CEN'TON. jobs. Then add developn;ents in FM, Tu.·o-Way Radio,
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L ,; ; Clr.cinnati. Ohio.
Think " 'hat this n1('ans! ?\'ev: jobs, 1nore jobs, good
..Since I finLd1cd )'Our
«1~. hAve \lffn buay r~
poty for qualified men.

!:th~,!~~t!rti!~.!~.~~ I. ~
painng RA.diol-, l.Mtalliftl"
Ttlf'\'bJon. lt'a the coming
butL"I%$..._ \t. MARCHE·
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fi(ty. And the experts say there ~ill be o..-er l.000

"After finbhing COUNoe.
ope:ntd m)' own rtpa.i.r tvithin thrtie yeant ~tanufacturers art producing O\"tr
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--... . .. tk•na, Ttxu. ing industry!



JUNE 1949 13
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WJndo\\' for head net allows unobstructed vision ... . ..... . . . •. 198
SJ>Cctacle case sheathes Jur·e , , •....•.•....•.••.• .. ..•.••.••. 200
Magnets hold ftshhoob on bat.b and .....• . . • . . ... . ......•.•. . 205
Coat han1er forms minnow dipper ........ . . . . . . . ... . ......... 208
Dine tn the open . . . ............. . . .. . ..... .... . . . ........... 1'17
Rubber pads aJd ln removing Jee cubes .•.••.••. •• .•.•.••.••. 1'18
Prevtntlnt holas m towcli . . •• .• . .. •. . • • . ••.•...•.. ,,, •..••.• 1·18
Keeping ball frjn1e fro1n ma.tt!ng . ..• . . •......... •.. . .. : ..•.• 118
IdenttfyJng botUes of P01$on .. .... .. . .. . . .. ........ . ......... 118
securing screeu ..door hook . .. •.•••.••••. . ••.•. • •.•..•.. . •••• 178
Garden hose k ept from k.lnkina . .•. •• . •• . •. • .• • . •••. .••.••••• 179
Drawer .stop improvtse<1 from cupboard lat.ch .. ...•.. . ..•.••. 119

Ooor key held 1n place .. . .. . .. . . . .......... . . ... . .. . ..... .. . l'l9
Can cove.ta pro\•lde a..ut tra,ps • .. • , ......... . . ............... 1'19
On-.a -door wa.sa.eba.sktts ••••.•••• •• .••. • •• • • •••••• • •••••••• •• l '19
.Flameproofing curtains and drapes . ... . .. .. ..• . . . . ...•... . • . 188
· Rectp~ dle .••... . . . •••..•.•. •.•...• . ....•....•. .. ... ... .... .. 189
Incinerator for back yard reinforced with Iron rod .......... 194
Orange crales· covered with fabric pro\•ide boOkcue . . ... ..... 197
Attractive rack: from plastic permit& quick $Clec-tlon of ties .. 198
Trouser banger mounted on closet. wa.U saves much time ..• . .. 2(J.f
Dtbris catehe.r under work.bench k~ps shop ..ooor clean , •.•• • 176

Paper perforttted for rtng ·bl.o der without. using punch . ... .. 1'16
MQnlla en'1tlope taektd to wall ~tores :sbeeta. of so.ndp.o.pe.r, .•• 19•
f'tncu holder and strin1 di.$pcnscr ..•.... • .. •.••.• . •••• . ..•••• 200
Cellophane tm,>roves StencHs .•..... ....•.• . ....... . . . . • . •..• 216
Circle stamp tor sbJppini Laa: emphas1%es important data .. 216
180 Page Wrappln1 packaees faei!ita.ted b)' corrurat:cd pJatforin •••. .• 216
Labels &moothed on cart.ons with blackboard e ra&er . . • , .•• •~t
Fluorescent . . bulb rack on ladder speeds electrician's work . . 228
Colorful beach sun hood. . ....... .•.. . ... . . •.•••• .. . .. . ...... 181
Compact portable picnic tl\bJe folds tor carrying in car •.••• . 205
Take lt t-MY 1n t.hl5 ga.rdtn louugt .. .. • •.••. • , •• , •. •• , •.• •.. 206
Brina the beach to l'OUr back ,yard with thi4 lawn ibowt·r ... . 208


extra socket on phot-0 rettec,or add.s buUt·tn rocuslns spot. . • .. 212
R eeta.lm .lng silvtr from b)')>O ...................... ... . . , •••• 212
TELEVISION SETS Buying Guide RubMr band a round holder tndtcateg unexpO!Sed ftlm .. .... . . 212
Ice-filled te$t tube coots develOPet solution .• , • • , ..••..• , •.•• 212
-biggest a nd most aqm piece TOOLS
AMAtEUR GEAR in Radio. Get everything you
FrlcUon tape holds oil.stone . ... ... . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. .. 180
Notched Jig spots elec:trie drill on vertical gurfaee!\ .. . •... .. 194
THOUSANDS OF PARTS need from the world's larg· Jig tor dlsk·sandJng tb1n st.ock insures e~en thickness. , •• •• 200
Tape. baekJng on sandJ)aper aids sandlne lathe turnings .... .. 208
TUBES,TOOLS,TESTERS est stoc ks of top-quality 8Udln1 m.a rke.r improves ru.le . ..... . .. .... ...... ... ....... .. 208
equipm ent-at .d own:to· Power tools for mtnlature worlt . .... ..... . . . . . . .... ... .. ... .. 213
BOOKS & DIAGRAMS curved seamen ts pe.ttem·cuc. wttll bench saw •• •• •... . .. . . . 21$
earth money-sav10g prices. Metal lathe forms t eyways in bronze bushhlCS ....•.••.•• .•• 215
H ave the advantages of Handy spacer blocks o! bar stock save time In layout work. •. 216
Enrythiq fer Pi.le tang used to make box-end wrenches . . . .. . .. ..... ....... . 217
speedy reliable shipment, • ProdueUon Jig setup ·~Peeded wlth clamp scr ew ...• . .. . .••••. 21'1
Strvl(tmu, Entl•ttrs, Tt.plng Cr•nsformer cclb speede<l with woodeo s huttle •. . ... 224
expert personal help, a nd
flf111rlmfffeu, lrlldt rt, co mpl ete satisfaction on TOYS AND NOVELTl l:S
s... ,,m,,,,,
Am•t••tS every purchase. Get more Corncob handles on Jumping rope .... . .. .. .. . . .. . ...... . . .. .. 176
Peea.n ahells ba.llaated with BB sbo1. 1>rovlde J'lu& for tin)'
for your money at ALLIED- ship models . . .. .•.. .•. .•.••...•.. . . •. . ....•• .. ..•... .. ..... 188
Pa:per~kotre.and-bookmark In hamm·ered metal . .. . . .. ... .. .. 198
Rad io 's Largest Supply Lemon Juice provfcles In visible in.It ..•• . •..• . . . . • . •. . • . .• . ••. 198
House. Send today for your Bucking brolleo simulated by oil ClrUm suspended with rOJ>C
bet'A•een post.$ • .. • . • . .• . • • .•.. . .• .• .. •. •.• •• .. •• • • • . •• ••. . •• 205
FREE ALLIED Ca1alog- the
preferred Buying Guide to WOODWORKING
everything in radio and elec- Designed tor smoker& .•... . . . ••• • . ••.•.... •. . ••..•. .••.••... 174
NO\'el coal:lters turned trom hardwood pinch-hit as decoi:attve
tronic equipment. Wllll J)l8.QUCS ••.•••••• , •••••••••• • , •• , •• , ••••• , • • • • •• , •• • , , . 188
Matched lumbet provides stock to build cupbOard doorS . . .• 200
Roughf.ng out pitch or blades with handsaw slmpliflf:S carv-
ing model- airplane propeller ..... . .. .. . .. . ..... . . , .... . ... . 204:
Bicycle seat p rotected Crom ratn . .. . .. . . . ... ... . .. ... . .... .. 176
Necktie serves M sboo.horn to slide foot Into bOot .• • , •..• , . 176
-U$e or strin8' o.s 8'1Uina clamp Improved by dam)X'nina: ..... . .• 180
Retrfe\•l na debris from cistern .. . ......... . . . . . .. ...... ..... 180
Pad.lock secured to boat cha.Jn ... . . ..... . .. . . . ..... .......... 180
Mirror tr&me provides $hoehorn . . . . . • . . . .. ... . . .. .•.•..•. ,, 194

Fs19 91 J•I jlsl •l C·JW!~•f

Tldewiit~~1er . .. . . . . . . . . . ...... .. ..... .. .. . .. . . . . . . . ...... . 199

~~rt>e~0t.tP ~~~ ~~~a~l~. ~~~~1 ~~~~ . t-~~~?~~. ~~~ :: : :: :: :~&:

lD\•ert~ mixJ.01 bowl forms sturdy base to pr e vent tipping
I ~ 't- I varnish ~.n ...... . .. . .. . .. . . . .... . .. . . .. .... . .. . . . . .•... 206
Novel paint ean Is dhtproor ...... . ....... . ... . .. . . . ... , ••• . • , 208
I AWED RADIO COR~.. FREE I Brush toreh has corncob wick •. .... .. .. . .•.•..•..• . .. , •... . . 224
t 833 W. Jaeh on Blvd., Dept. 5 - F· 9 f
J Chicago 1, Hlinols
I Radio-Television, Electronics
f 0 Send FREE 1949 ALLIED Catalog.
I ImJ.roJ.f' .~1·c·t·u·r·~ .i~-~~' <.~~~ . ~~;;~.r.".c.t~·r·t~s. -~~:·. .~~~~~~: 229
I Two-tub·e super bat tery pa.ck ut for vacations. , . • .. ..•... . , .. 23-0
I N11n1t• •••• •••• ••••••••• • ••••• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Siknat..s.bltter ktt tor. rndlo "hams" <AIUed Ra.dlo Corp ..
I $22 w. Jacbon Blvd.. Chicago), •. . .. • . •..• . •..• . •• . . . .... . 232
I Addrm .... ... .. .. .. .. . ...................... · · · .. IMIP'O"T"NT MOTIC l -11. 14 '3•(1 l nt•llth>u of •hi• m111i:aztne to providl)
u s rcnd~r~ with lnfoniu.lfQn t'\'Q'ardln.k the: la t e>st <.1e \•ctopm co\5 In the
I m t.-ch l1)'1!<-al arts. \\o'e take no rC'!l;PQntibililY 35 to whether the d.ltclo-
I .,\1l"t'1' C">)nu1l n ("I In our arttc:t.-4 Al't' <'OV<'re-d by p 1111eri&A aind 1'rlvt~ JVM'f.•
City ................. . . . ...... Zon• .....Stale..... .. en tu ln\•c.11li 1(111h~ t.hla 11ul>.iect ~·fO N.• mak ln~ . uJ1lng, OT ~elllrtFC AO)' or
f t.he ~U1)(f\WtA, m11ch\nc.il, or r nM"Cl!'l(tl! dffcrlh<'t1 lo OM('r to b-\'o>ld Po•·
L------------------------------ SllJle ll•bfllt,y ro r 1u1t('nt tnrrl ng~m~nt.s.


l.eam how to protect your invention. The U.S. Patent Laws
provide that any new and useful art, machine, article of
manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and
useful improvement thereof, may be palented if the act of
invention is involved. Therefore, every inventor with a
valuable invention should take advantage of the Patent Laws
and proceed for patent protection in order to safeguard
his rights.
A patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to prevent
others from malting, using, or selling the invention claimed
in the patent for a period of seventeen years.
The Patent Laws were enacted for the benefit of the inventor
to give him protection for the features of his invention which
are patentable. These features must be properly and con-
cisely set forth and claimed in a formal application for patent,
in order to comply with the requirements of the Patent Laws.
For that reason, unless the inventor is familiar with patent
matters, he should engage a competent registered patent
attorney or agent to represent him. We are registered to
practice l:efore the U. S. Patent OfHce and are prepared to
serve you in the handling of your patent matters.
A specially prepared booklet entitled "Patent Guide for
the Inventor", containing detailed information with respect
to patent protection and procedure, together with a "Record
of Invention" form will be promptly forwarded to you without
obligation upon request.


Registere d P aten t Attorneys
............ .. .... .... ............. .. ............................. ... ~,


Re gistered Patent Attorneys
91-F District National Bldg., Washington 5, 0 . C.
Pat ents Please send me copy of " Patent Gulde for the Inventor" .nd • lao
" Reco1d of Invention" form. This requ•st does not oblig•t• me.

Tra demarks
Cppyrigh t s Address _ __ _ _ _ __ __ _ _ _ __ _

City_ _ __ ·------~S tate_ _ __ _

JUNE 1949
'····· · ··----------------·
(Pl••s• writ• or prlnt plalnJv.)


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Address State

Patent laws encourage the development of inventions.
We recommend that an inventor employ a registered Patent
Attorney or agent. if the inventor is not familiar with patent
matters. This is because the value of a patent.depends·largely
upon the skillful preparation of the specification and claims in
the patent application.
The firm· of McMorrow, Berman and Davidson is registered
to practice before the .United States Patent Office. Addition·
ally it engages patent attorneys able to readily understand
inventors' disclosures, to advise concerning patentability, and
to prepare appropriate specifications and claims.
U an inventor believe.a he has.an invention. a search of the
most pertinent prior U. S. patents should be made and a report
obtained relative to its patentability. Where such report in·
dicates that the invention appears patentable, in order to
secure protection, diligence sho.uld be exercised in making
application for a patent.
Send for a copy of Patent Booklet entitled "How To Protect
Your Invention." This booklet contains information on patent
protection and procedure. You will a!So receive an "Invention
Record" blank. This will be promptly forwarded to you _u pon
request-no obligation.


Registered Potent Attorneys

: I
: Registered Potent Attorneys
1351 Vlctor Building,_ Wa1hington 1, 0. C.
Send me your Potent Booklet.. " How 'To Protect Your Invention", and of10 "lnven·
tion Record" form at once. I understand this request does not obligate me.

Name.~........... ,, ,,o•••- ..•··- •.. H•..,. u••·•-•·•...••••••.• ••• ·•H• ... •••••••••··-···-•~--···-·-··-····••..•••..•• ...••••u•"•


Ci 1y••••••••• .•••••••••·· - ··· -· •••• ·-· ········ ·-····•••••••••••••••••·-·····-· ••••••••· - -··-·- ···-··· ·· · ••••·-· •••·- ·

11 -·······----------(WRITE OR PRINT NAME CLEARLY)·- - - - - - · ·· ··-··-··-'

JUNE 1949 17



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ment. Send me tree book, "Everta.stlnr Heslth and St.rienat.b." : 2211 W. Port St., Detroit, Ml'ch., Dept. PM• :
Nam<-----,,"""c:::-=c-:-:,--=--.-.-,.----Ai._~- : Name :
1r 1ease 1>rln l <J r "'"r-lh .• pll1ln ly1
Add res" - - - - -- - - -- - -- - - - - - - - --
: Street f
: City State :
CltY--- -- - - - - -- -- btat.__ _ _ _ __

Om or two promotions . . •
several pay raises . . . and then
that long, long stretch "on the
shelf.°" You want to keep on climb-
ing. You want to feel that you are
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I. C. S. can show you. A little
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"',.'- - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - -.Atl'---.llomtAdd1'.,.---------- - - - - - -- -
Cll"l'- - - - -- -- - -- - - -.3!0,._- - - - - - - - - - ---WOC"kint Hoi.i,_ _ __,.,M, m'"---~P.M.

""'"' PosHiM'- -- - -- - - - -- - - -- - - - - - - -Cl'll,floftCI bY- - -- -- - - - - - -- - -

Lenfth of Service in Wollmt111 undtt G.I. 8iN and P.L 16 1Doroved for World W1r II veewens. SP«ltl hlitiori rites to mtmtltrJ of th• Aimed Fore•
Wor1d War 11 Cwdl11t cnad1nts send co•pon lt l•t•nttiOl\11 ConesponCl1BC1 ScQools Clntdl"'- lW... ~••&. C.n141.

JUNE 1949 19
I N V E. ·N T. 0 R S
~Patent is a Va luable Right. On the basis
of a provision in the Constitution of the United
Stl!tes, Congress has established a system under
w h ich inven tors may secure the exclusive right
to prevent the unauthorized u se1 manufacture
and sale of their invencions for periods of seven-
teen years. The inventor secures this protection
for his invention b y obtaining· a United States
Pa cent.

L i s 1irm is registered to practice before the

U . S. Patent Office and is available to assist in-
ventors in the preparation and prosecution of
their cases. Detailed information and the steps
to be taken in obtaining patent protection will
be f urnish ed upon r equest.

Form belo111 for mailing convenience



I---- - ------------------ - -------~I

II VICTOR J. IVANS A CO. • Merlln 'M, Ivon•
Registered Patent Attorney
I 4 3 0- G Merlin Building, Washington 6, D. C.
I Please se,.d "'" without obligatio1' a copy of y our booklet "Pat.,,rt
I Protet·tion For Inventor!'' togethe-r with yo11.r t01'venJ.ent ''EvJ,/ eHce.
I of In vention" for111.
I Name .... ............................ .. .......... ... ....... .......................... ............ .... ..... ..
·1 Address ....... ....... ........................... ..... ......... ..... .. ... ............................. .... . .
I Cit-y and State .... .......... ..... .......... ........................... ...... ....... .... .......... ..... .

The fast-growing field o f Television
-the new development in the Radio
field offers unlimited opport unities to-
day. CoyJ'le offers a separate course
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Coyne Trained Men in Good Jobs at Coyne. We have a big.
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yea.rs o.U tmil\i1)g hn.9 been given io Mail co upon-TODAY.
business of t heir own, make our Great Sho r>~ . plut' neceS9a ry the-
OJ)', E J:1:>trt 1n~t.ru<: tora 1:·uide you. n.W . COOKE. President.
r eal mo ney while others No nd \l':lnc;ed e(lucat ion or previotia COYNE ELECTRI CAL&
putter along. Yes, you can exJ)(!rience needed . RADJO SCHOOL. 500 s.
get ready for Good Pay-a Big GI Approved - Finance Plan Paut ina St., Chicago 12,
Future-by training at COYNE
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board$ - dO actual wiring and
trouble-shooting-get the practi·
for Non-Vets
COYNE ls authorl%ed to train men
under lhe G.I. 8 ltl:"' No n~veteraas
m~l)' enroll nq ,v. pay most or t uilion
alttr grilduatlon. Jf you need part·
tin1e work t o hel p out with hvi ng
Ill. Oept. A9·72ll

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expenses "'bile at Coyne. ,.,-c·u help 1soo s. Paulina St., Chicago 12
cal training you need. you get it.
I 5end FREE, the book or books <:he-eked below,

.. ' and details o f )>'our training 9ffer. Th.is does not

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, ........ ~-
I NA!'l.tE ..•.. ..•• ,., •••.. •. •.•••••. . .••••.•••
""" ; ,J
O Vou a.re
'l'OLD t he
how and why
o f cac;h job.
e You 're shown
how to do t:,•p--
1c i\ I j ob• by
tra ined tn ..
e VouOO_practic:--.-1
on equipruc.nt.
I ADORESS .••• ••• • ••••••••..... •......• ..•••

I CITY ••........ •••••.. . ... •. STATlJ: •••• . • . ••

JUNE 1949 21
Your Future- . $7.50
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Corries complete with all supplies. instruction$
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F'REE TRI AL OFF ER : Try 11 before you
' •
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6633 Enright • St, Lou is S, Mo.

~~! t'lf-rmE:

~ PllllTMMPllJ'atlltime
Sol...... _,,,d..................,....... .........,
bl.tie tr&lldri1r. Loaur-eetatilifbitd •~· s.od for tr...
book , ' ' Ooportmitid kl ~otoc;rapb,. " No l>bUpdon.
13lS 1., M lch ioan Av~. Dept. l3SA Chic.ago 5 , Ill.

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)'OU In lhll fast. 11u.1 vtnr. bl & pay field. 1'o ob1tg'lllon. \\'e want 1 101-P N. Paulina St. Chicago 22, Ill.
)"OU tb ba\"e t.bii bl&. f16tlnatlo.a bOOk. \ Ve •·ant l'O\I to b1~ the
OOPort.uoJu· Lo read i t -and to tletl'1t ror )'Oll.tielf "''bet.her this Is
Ule fiel tl rot l"<IU. You·n st"e pai:es or tntf!te$Ung ntctur.es 1bow1n,
n1cri on•lhe-•Job In n-0rr1ge.rat1on 1u111 Ah' coo<11uantng, You'll
read 111 abc>ul 1bo Ono OJ)J)C)rl un·1ues h> 11111 af})atlt1g 1ndu1trY.
This can easil1 be the mmt lmvort•nl book you'll et'r rcceh'e
and rcad--1Jec1usc It eoMtrnt your own future! R tfdccniUon
Thia ntw 1.2 8-page book~ " Sltwmt.rlnr . lta Ca ta&O •
and Air ConditJontnr l.11u1 vlent.y of T«>m ror 1ral00d 111tl ) -W and Corrt..-ei ion.' ' deaerlbca the Bogue Unit 3:1ot.bod
h1na1e rood P•Ylrl.$: Job• in the ma1U' bra~hes or llll' i;:reat rc.r ~th.•nlldc wr r~lloo ot sLutninflr lo; a nti f..t ut : , , .
l.rl()u11ry-. Almt1st unlllidtt'd future tor men who k1'0rti Ullt work. l~rl n .11-11 uree '»•ful for .JS )'~~ rll . Ben). N . Booue.
Now you m8.)' learn Refrhreralion and Air Conditioning al home Dept. 49 f ~. Circle Tower. lndhti.a polh 4 , Ind.
ln spare Ume. l"o need to 11..-e up present Job or lncocno \l'hllc
preparin_g to step i nto a hE'tter job. Act now! Simply 'f\' rile )"UUt
name an(9 B(lffre11s: on u1e C'OIJ.D<•U below and ma11 to-0.llJ'. Get rou·r
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2150 Lawrence A venue, Dept. U• l , Ch icego 251 IU.
No Cost
MAil COUPON NOW No O bligatio n

M r. C. H. Smith, Presid ent ,
Industrial Tr ain ing Institute, De p t. U-1
2 150 La w rence Ave n ue, Ch ica go 25, Illinois
•""lease send me a FnE:E COPY of "Your OpJ)Ortunlly ln Ref'rlr·
t'ration a nd Air Conditloninr" b)' return rl)atl.

Nom•--------------- --------
A ddress------- - -- - - - -- - - - - - - -
Cltr ana zon,..__ __________state_ _ _ __

~--------····----------------------------- -------·

• Today, choose the job you want- and prepare for it. Or if you are already
engaged in the work you like best, start training now for quicker promotion. Acqui re
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during the past fifty - two CHECK, CLIP AND MAIL COUPON NOW
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o f the SubJect.a checked:
school will send you details on I § PLASTICS ~ £1tt1.rin..I
its training plan and outline of I
llNC' R
a On.f Un.1
~ RadJt
an• Dnls n
Mt:D aa.d W•mt:a '°"
study prepared by specialists. I and Bulldl.nc Elect ron.Jes. l ndUlt rtM IJl&b S-cboel:

Conlraelln( Booll:kee-phar Air ConcUUonlna:
There is no charge, no obliga- I PraeUcal Plumblnr Prtn.te Settel•r1' Mech&nlca.I En c .
tion, so send the coupon I AutomoUve EnJT. Diesel En.s'f.nt-t.rlnr Shop MauareD:Jent
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Bu•ln ett Man agement 0 Raltwa)' T ra.ln inr M.uhlne Shop
Ncun'' - - -- - -- - -- -- - - - -'Ocoupotlo"-- - --
Addrel''--- -- - - - - -- - -- - - - -..AUt•- - - --
Oepl. GA45, Drexel ot Sith Street. Chicogo 37 I f:ll• Stol•- __



~tEN & WO~f EN an 1n.rarovt- opPofcunicy co BUILD YOUR fUT\.IRE
PfC'PJ.ft (()I • (ucurt rn 1,,,,_~Jli8.•lttm & Crimjno/.
o.v br <omprchftlJ I ~ Hor.M Study Cou.ne. f rtt INTHE ,~4t
r>l• <cmcnc su11itt as.sucs gradwc~ co obu1n 1ob.s.
Wrnt fo r Frtt llookkt P>l
~:. S U CCESS IS ~'ett. TOO .. .
lncrco!c your earnings. Train for o .successful coreer
o t this1nternotionolly-fomous ocronou11col school. Gov·
crnmcnt Approved and indu!try recogn1xcd. You leorn
.on " live:" aircra ft -the some typo you will work on
ofte r gr'oduotion.
Complete, thoroug h courses in Engineering, Flight,
Machonlcs, Radio and Elect ronics, Meteorol~y. Airc;>0rt
Monogcment and Operations, tn1rrumonts, Link. Tro1ner
ond Porochutes.
Sporran's 21 years of experience Is your 0>suronn of
oetting the greatest amO\Jnt of training in the short~t
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lnves t igote the many oPPortunit ln
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~ Al'WI"'

I Spo rto n School of Aerono utic1

I Tulso, O klohoma D•pt. PM·69
" I Ple ote send me complete i nformo·
P<1u!t r~· lio pro\'ldlna many tr1llned men and women with a 1ood .
' I t ion on: Co ur'se_ _ _ _ _ _ __
comrort•blt'.I llvJna. etLher pe.rt. or tun time. For 28 ye.an our
Home Stud)' Course hu been helplnr t·bousands obtain t ro.lntnv
l\nd "kno·w how" t.hal mean• extra income from the stari. Don't
I Nom••- - - ----"'9•- -
delay - Wr1~ t.oda.Y tor pro&pect.us describing courses. melhOd1. 1 Slreel•- - - - -- -- - -
se.rvice. oPPOrt.untLlet.
Pll:f"T. SO
ADAMS C &,NTC,it, N , Y.
~i,!l _ - - -- ~O.!!--

JUNE 1949 23


• SoeclulJ7.e<J leth1:1lca1 training open11 wJdo
the door to well-Data superrl11orr Jobs tn

SHOP TRAINING! indu.s1rr. 50.000 younc men i nd women

b1.,·e Cfl:ldualtd rrom this &$ton school ana
round good Jobs lo cnglneerhlt and tecb-
nltal fields.
Pract.lcat two·re.ar d1y coune11 1n Sndu.n rlu.1 e lcC"trich» an d
In Our Chicago Shops etee1ronl<'.J, industrial c.henilSt.rr. uu.."t•han.ieal and mich1.oe. <le•
t lgo, strU<'lurttl cJE~sl.1t n • l'lc1 a rchitectural drafting. auwmoth·e.
0 AUTO MECHANICS 0 WELDING- ARC and GAS strl'ite and rnanagen'ltnt, tlC<-tric wirJnf and rualntenane6.
One-)•ear eourflt ln pcoft11$iunal photography, A.lso prepara·
0 DIESEL MECHANICS 0 MACHINIST lur)' 110\.1 tn~nlnir c:1as.se:s. Appro'fed ror vet<:ranil. 4 l st year.
0 REFRIGERATION 0 PIANO TUN ING \Vrtle tor catalo1t.
Above Approved For G. l.'s and Civilians FRANKLIN TECHNICAL INSTITUTE
Ono of Am erica's Le a ding Proct ;ca l Schoof$ 4 ,3 l:EAK ELE;V STA£E'1". BOSTON 161 M ASS.
7 Floors of FuUy Equi p ped Shops
Over 48,000 Succcsrlul Gra duates
Exporl Indiv id ua l Inst r uction
l ear n b y Doing-Lo w Living Expe nse
(not rabbits)
EstCJblislted 1902-0ay and Eve ning Classes
Matche d breeding stack - little •pace needed
Also the following Home Study Courses PROFITABLE GENTLE HARDY
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- - CALL I N PERSON OR MAIL THIS AO ro- - Hi story and Handbook $2~50
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(DesklJ::Jl 46 0 South St a te St., Chicago 5, Ill.
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Be a Master WotchmakerJ Graduates earn big money -
i.nJ!" t-rRde checked n.bove. ($p.ecf!y whe ther you n.te A
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System of Instruction teaches you quickly ond easily. Our
Nam ue-
42nd year.
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Etiay to t mpJ'Ovo ,your h a ndwri ttn.{r at h o mo qplc.Jdy '"Ith rot n ew Jn.
•lructlon bOok• Ju..t o fT the p rcuu1. M.•8tfr n ll the 8(1C*'lll:C8 of better
penman•h lp. S lrnplo and oa~ . f u lly u WJt:r•le<I. b h!hJy endofll~.
JU."fn t.odaj>. Wri te for: O N - ~r- BO(lolt, .. n:ow to ~"Qme A COO<J
Penma.n.'' Qr check boo~u~ wan~. $ l .00 e•ch. D Buslne&.i w·r,lln~
0 A.rUatl e \Vr1Ung 0 Oll"d \\•rlUn{( 0 Enirroaelnst Al1)IH1hel s 0 lllrd
and Desl-irn l' l ourl~hlri~ O Co1nplclo Set $ 4 .30 O Bn ".l~o IOr. fot' .>'Ol•r
s. A . Z ll •r.
n:.me hi:nu111u11y wriUe-n and ,.,,c-c;lal p cnu>olnt fQr i;h,aclc:d wrHiDC',
441 Ridge a1d9. In au1inH• over 52 Ye•n Kansa. City, Mo., U.S. A.
Learn to draw plans. e$tlmate. be a Uve-w·lre b uild er. <lo rt.rnodtl·
lnJ, con tracting. These SI practJeal. pr ofu,s.ely Illustrated books
~over subj ects that wJll help you to get. more \\'Ork and make
mo.re mont?y. M·a.s.onrY._ooncrete torms, carpentry. $lee1 square,
root f ramtna. con.slructton. plumb ing. hcatlng, painting. deco-
r ating and maD.Y ot-her subjects. More than 4000 pases - :nso
A nationwide bU1ldin g boom is In full swing ED I TI 0 N
and t ra ined men u.ro needed. Big opPOrtuultJes Thqff ooou ar•
a re a lways for MEN WHO K NOW HO\V. Tbe.s.e U1e m()j:t UP·to-
book s suppJy q·uick. easily undcrsto·o d t r ainln c d&U! And complete
and bandy, permanent r eference information w~ havt- ev~r i.H.i;b-
t.bat helps solve buildlna problem t . !.:,1::,1 S:~ec~~8"
~~~'_!rin~ .!:!_i~ _!i!!_ ~oks__!!!: !_x~m~'!!!~
AM£RICAN TICNNtC A L SOCJCTY- ,.ubJlshe ... since 199.S
Df,pt. GAS9 Drexol ill 5 8tl'I Stf"fft Chl~o 37, tn.
Yo.u may KhlJ) m e U1e VP.•t.o-J)aw ~It.Jon of )'Ou r niru:t big 1.l 00k8,
" Bulldln.;;', &ttnuHing anu COntl'$ttlni?," wUhout. an.y obllt:atlon to
buy. t win p-.y l h t' d e live>ty cb•r~\~S o n ly , and II fu lly J!.btlJ!.ftC'd in ten
d•Y•· 1 wnt 8(1n(f yuu S~ .00 . artd after tl'u~t o nly • ~1.oO a montll, unU I
tht' U>tAJ Prioo of o n ly 53<1 .80 I&: pald. l am not obllr,a«"d in Any " ·11y
un l ~l!l5 I k t..'i.'1? tbe bookit. •

~C l lY
Ple-a:W atUlcb a
l ctt~t &tallnsr :vour a:;re. OC<"upattont t'rilplo yof''" ll.ame
and a<IW-e~s.
and. rutme and addttil.!1 o r at l ch t orte u~tn..,ss n1an •• a
rt!or.c neo. Men ln servtoo. a 110 pJcaso gtvo bOn)o Drldrc53.

Htrc is your bi,g opporrun.ity 10 _ _ct o;ta.rtcd toward
ft\SCINt\ TING \\•ORK , , , GOOD MONEY .,, a


. ----...
- II.
. .,..,
I.,,.,"""' .......
..........='rl1mt04I I
THH ILLING f UTUltf! :.tall 1hc coupon [Oday. Src
how YOU 1n1ty p(tpar-c co cie in }'Qur (Uh.1r-1: wich a
field 1ha1 includes one o( Anierica'~ (a.srr·U·,J:;rl)v.•inJ;:
nco;.,• induHries-1"clcvision. You'll find ouc. too.
.abotn t he many rnhcr diri llin1: opporrunitics in f~1
Radio .•• A,•ia1ion and Uroadc:ast Radio ••. :Z Wa)'
1-'axi, Truck a_nd Police Radio , .• Industrial F.lcc·
trun i($ , • , e''Cn 1hc (h;an(C 10 ~tare

rour O"rn profit•

,, able Tclc,·i!ii1)n°Radic, Salc.s a nd Ser,·ice bu~ine$.S.
And to rop it ;dl. rou'JI $t.'C that rou don't n(!cd to
kn()w <11 1hin~ oalx>u1 ihi\ fub;t(t 1u prctcn1-1ha.t

•. __
NOW rou can {:t't 1be \t'f)' cr-o1inin;: :u1d """';,•gh~lp
you nt'cd b) mt"an~ uf uur GREATEST Offt!R J>-~

......................... 17 YEt\RS .

. . . . ,............ y • .,

-.. _... Send for FREI Information
Sec 1'10\Y'-in your o••n home--Ot-Fort-st's Train·
inJt, Inc., now brinJ(.s )'OU ont- o f 1oday·s most ~om·
pl~ 1 e con1bi111uion$ of 1naj1,1r hvnu: 11•2inin~ aid.s.
You (1) Lt'arn·by-Readin,;: {ton1 wclJ-illus1rated
ICjsonJ. (2) You Lc-a.rn·h)·St'cing from D.T. l.'.$
t'xClu1he inJ:truuh·t H on1~ ~1 0,·ic:s . And (3). )'UU
.ser up your own BOME LA80kA1'0R Y -.•htrt' ~·ou
l.carn-by·Ooins:. from 16 sh ipments or f\~dio-£1<-C'·
ironic: part.J " •hich )'Ou u~c and 'K EEP tQ " 'Ork 0\' t'.C
300 in~rructi,·e •• • (-ascin:uing proiec1s.. 1'hi:t in·
cludc-s building tht ''aluablc 6 rubt' " Superhet"
RADIO and 1bc- conl r.nerc iat .. t fpe OSC ILLO·
SCOPE, R.f SIGNAL GE!'\'"1HlA1'0R, and J<'"·cl·
Bearing ~fUL1'1f\1ETER, pictured ar the ri1thc.

WiltH>vt obfi~tiot1, \end 1ne co"'fl'i• ... fotl• • howi11; how I mo y mo\ •
'"" • forl 1., lele•i • lon~lto cfio..Etedronic•.

JUNE 1949 25
~LEARN~ ----

Ov..- 100 KITS in every kind of
AN ES SENTIAL INDUSTRY IN PEACE OR WAR Tooling t.nd Glrving teacher, ac·
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lot 19 ,.,,rt cal·Ac-,o Tttht\icaJ J11:nihue b.u s.p«ia.Jlu ·d in •••• Only Top Gr.>d• Leat~rs used
You do the choosing. You do the
2 ,,..., coune - lt•pr 1br111ur of ae_w rc-.r• rth 1_t1d Kit iuiOc d111ve-lopaucn.
rooting. ca.r\ting, stamping, c~e
punching and assembling
'"'ij~~~ _,...
!. Y!''
C'Out•• - C. A, A. 1pptOYt'd for Ai.tplaae 1od Eoilait l..lccnlt.
~' <Oal'tllt CAtalOI
P l"a,;e
I O<'
to N \ 'f'I'
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MON£ Y to·a YO U. More th.n 1000 wctctsfll'J Jn.du.a~• ie 1ddltl0fl to ~p
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CHKIC ()NE ::1 \l'fllbtt
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HANDBOOK LIBRARY .,. Cove" the how and \\'tu' ti t r11und1Uon and
II"' substructure desl ~n anrJ eonstrut llon. t t1ner11l
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slg"n or such membe-rt--expt•l ns U1e p rl1.1eJpJe1
or t hUlr !I, reaNtc1ns . 111oc11et11..$ nna i>hean
bt.an11 and lrU!i$('S, l nituence lines.. inetl~CIJ
rorn1,u1t ng $lresse11 In hUC"ral trt~u.1-1iv11 de·
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1nS: f •nl1ty, mo<lem t.'11ulpmc:nl , outir;tde em•
ploym~nt. pJac.nH'!rtt <Mn ' l <"e. Day, evening, • • •
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2.0th a1)Aiverwsry.

Dept. 79. ti 6 S. Mlthllln An .. Chlca10 3. Ill.

JnJ tdo Jnfnmtatlon for C':U'J)tntcn. Dulldcrt. Joiners. )luUdlnc !ifcchantff-"fill Wood-

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aid !or J'Qu.ntU. a.1opl1 ftU tn anJ ma.U th• Fnt:l: (:OUP0.:-0 bfJO"·
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Uow to trt 1lrdus a nd
lo ~cac-ate ; llrtW
uso feuin;s l !, 13 and
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11et. ••wt : now to bul1d •tlli : Dow 10 CTfln1e J7 on tha atccl tQ\Jltfl ;
rurntture : lil)W to uto ll1>u11tt and raor1: }law )low 10 bull•I hl>ht'
mHto bo1 : ll ~w lo u,.o t o f'ttltri;uo COit.s ; How tn~ scAlfolds-!lt;'liirhta;
t'hnlit Une : How to u,.. t o bu11 t hOu•tt, b:tmt. Jfr,w to build ttlllr1 ;
niltt; Dow to m:ato e~r&&Pt , buncalow:s, lt ,..,, ta put oo lat•rl .r
Jotn11: Carptnt~r•• ~er.: U • to r ad an.I trim: Uow lo banr
erlth.mttle: Mf'nsu.r11i. 1t dn.w pl-'ft•; I>ra.wlfli: cl< r1: Rtw.ir to lath-1&.J
problem : •;•11m.111ln• UP £PttL''lralfeti1: How r •rt : )low to p.ah\I.
A n(lw edlllon-!ust outl A prtct!.-aJ, tlhi~trllted. 1\f'ft> re-nre tlbrnrt and Stutlr~C:ourso

tor lilJttr J 1lt1mbtrs, lourneymtn and Apprtnlh'G '8tcamftttfrl, Oas FIHertt lft•l 11elpe~.
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Studtots. 1670 fJIU: 36-12 di at rams: flu1bl•: POCket al1t. GulM.s up1aln an Uio
prlnt:iptn.. ~ttriee:s and sbort tut1 cl tb• Ph.O\bfn.c and U••llfll tr•dt-. ~tain1 tn.·
1trurtions on how to on,. ·~ estlma.to jotK. t:ae FllC i,;Ol:PO:-\ below to t::a.mtne,.
wJt.bou:' obUfatlon. t bl1 Tahi:ablt we-rt.
A tr Conditlon1nr. lion, •rnhan11i;e, tank1. tfl 1'tton . rtfr11era1lon.
Soldering. t inntn ii. .Dr~ln1ce. lflWllR'~. purl· \\'atcr 1uppJ7. m1ln1.
J o1nt wlpin_g, btntllna. Oc.aUon. J"lJtures-batb wt11,, tan.kt. Oa•·Ct•
beacSnr. Plpe-tron- -kltcb.-n. Plpo Ct· UnaL l:nder•rltttJ.
1Cttl. lhnadin•'- )Jalb• l!nil, IOU plo<, !oc>lL Shttt mtW wott.. prob·
t'ID&tl~r. table•• phJt•
lrs. lfaterla.1a - lr.n. L ayln1 out wort. Ima:•. mtlbods. Bruter.
11«1. copper, brtu. Bou&hln,. Scrn-cd fi.l· htalln1. lt~d burnlns.
ltad, t in, anumonr. Unst. ftanct1, JolntJ. \\'rldln&. n:rious w•l1h,
~hett metal - 1111h#• J>Jpe btndtna. tHmpJe.t. 1ot-llh1d1.. Bb.cksmtthiog,
nh::4'd-nl:ito. Rantu,. J-/ll>ow,, ll1"1'tlnc. vco• rorit~•. 1oolt1.
A C'Gmpltle. illustrated tnd.e rete.rmco library, tor Brlt111:1aftr1. Cr.ment \\'oTkert.

P lut.r-rtrt. Tt1e Sencrt a.nd 1'itone MatrJnt. lntludla$: a pratuea outUM of ~IHI con·
1martl<.>n. 1100 ••1es: 2061 dlavaru: ftt:dblt : IMltkf:t size. A oracctea.I Trad• A••l.tu.nL
t'1J)lalnlns mo.Jtrn mctbodt ot ma.anry t0n'ifUt"tlOQ. F.~" lo unJc:rJUDd and IPPIJ'. A
r tUablo and autht'ntic rtftrfM'O ~otk aad 1tu~lr,·tour1e fo:t lfaftir Jcun)t'7rllJ11 and itoung
AJtth1nit1. 1'1e FHBE CO\: J•()N brlow t nd Ind out for your· " A•iilel• Muon11 ntdd• •t•
Mf'lt, ,.,.lthout obllaatlon, "'h<lthtr 1hiJ .stl \l'Jll beneac. s ou. 1h•b..•tbf»ko o.lti th• ilnbJ«t
am.able to -••..• \~H,r••n
JU<:lllt•· ••d
A , SOl'I•
nrttld&.J"inc. tool1. cna.· eun1: now to ni;:uro brkk
ttrla1t: litidc: drtlc=.1. •ork; Stf• ln~d.t. r>ltr10 rlatterera acr••mitnt: ~:: -'•·
'.i ' 1
paut·rot. boodl: ~.cttlns: cbimM11; Bolltr &e-Ulni;.1. Pla1.tc:ri.c1 on ,..,1o.u1 sur·
fr~na~ and l~ndaU""• : a.a.-b. r1, fir• tl.l)l>J: IAbur fa..:i:•;SLoDe aaa...1,.,: Ct1t·
.Mor1art. sictWoldJ. t•tl• t1.blt•: C<iot'rf'lt. foru.1: tine'. tlnlab.lnJ, tttlmatlng
math~I: 'Mortars and titOr· J:lqw to tirurt concrrtt tt<>ne; l>~rrtdtt. rha~:ln,g;
tar mtrJng; TtJe tonlnK. work; !'lilUtco-<1n ol~ o.nd t-:.te~I ron.11rurtlon: h'lrc
1n o1aJ(', ho l low Liie; new bull11l11s;i : Plaster• 11r110f; Bow Lo r11-aa bluo
S,tr•l11hl t'd&e t eo•t. lr11W• 1ng-\~OOll hUb-m~L•I: JH'111(J. -

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U:am )'t>ur \Jldt thorous.hlJ bl t••1 rt•dlnr. Thlt cou-

u_on i~ sour OPJ>1utunhl' ror adi'1nct.m:ent 111d bttttr par.
You risk nothJng 1n aeodlng Cor Aud~U Ouldea tor J~~•
uominaiio-,.. Send It NO\V I


> 49 W. 23 ST N EW YORK CITY
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I N;WE•••••• • • • • ••• • • •••• • ••• • • . • • •••••••. •• • • • ••••

I ADDRESS .. ..... .. . .. ........ ....... . . . .. .... .. . . .
I ooct1PATION • ••• ••• ••••••••••••• •• ••••••• •• • ••••.•
I OIPLOHI) B\'..__,,., .. _.............. ..... PM

Malt es all outside w indow

worlt easy & e njoyable !
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IT'S SUtOHG •• • S1t-pr1,_,1, 14000 It.,_
You to Start Your IF'S S FUMY• •• H•f Jotn"i 1.6'1 It. ""'ood pl.if(ll!'lll.
rrs N>Ar.att1 ••• c.,,~ io <•fTJ

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IF ~ S A U10•Af fC All't
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Big Money! Or Y owt M 1u1.-y 11.Acl. t
l o"" pfhl'd, onl'!' St. tJ
?:!••< <> 0 "" P l'.w l l<l.SO
" ' ltb f>Uf euib" ~faled. hltblT eftl.. Pttr-..J AcW '-Ch. • - of
rl•nt wall wasbrr. CbaJ S11U1: toot: In Ro..t,;,..,. l)nkt 1.......,..-,
J•HH ••~,.,.. Pc.d•~
S 2 J '7 «T05'" in tint 1en dus. £ . L.
Goll• toOlr. an more 1han 19 I 0.000 tn one rellt, f! (:. Taber wrote, llDRRISDNCIAfTHS INC.
" t n1ade $400 gro• • I n '¥.'•) weeks.·• And no wonder - U1l1 rna•
chine w1ube1 v.•aUs G t hut111 f111ter 11.nd btt1t r limn by b11.nd.
For Betto r Housekeeping , Your Home needs • WINDOSTEP '
Your M Oney..Makin9 Opportuni ty
W t want ntore men to IO ln10 1hJs pnilltable bu1tnes:s for tbt1•·
Hlftt aod enjQi)" lm:k>Pt"ndente. Tiwrt. are ~Jtomer• e'"tt)"Wbtre-
hoM••· otfitff. l(hoob, ehtirthel. hotels, •toret, t.tt. Wb1t JOU take
In IJ mottb' profit, for n11ttrl11 costs are tow. And t.bt.re's M netd
W rtnl a 11hop Of Ofl'cO, 0Ptrate )'OUT bu1lntll frt)lU )'OU:t Mrue, A T HOME. lJr our raode.rn anJ ott.Jnal u1~
tt-1• or hHtr11.-t100 J'CI U ..1111 IC!•rn ~•tUT 011rt "'
Ltle Ao time. Get •II tacts without obllaanon. WRITE FOR the WATCH R EPAIRING TRADE AT
~ltl l: I NF'ORMAT ION. At k for Wall W a1ber Details at ""''· H OME. 1'1c11•re y ourli4.'lf fnr " \\ tll-Pt Ylna
1,..111 hin or ~••rL ln l111dn-0'• aflt'r l"ClmpJt>tlna
VON SCHRADER MFG. CO., CA91, RACINE, W IS. our f'OUr •• of 1J•11trur1tun HooJ \\'atllh re·
patrtr11 1 r~ ht dru•and and at:ritt'lllr e•m Yet"J
Y!'JO<.I pl•rft'l- t"or P• • Ut'111a r1 a p11lr Lo lb•
W isc:on11n St;hool of W:ttc h Re p airing
7$9 ,..._,,.. M Hw• Y.... SL 0 M l l w•wk- 2 0 W j ._

Ge~ ready for a well·pald, lifetime job

or a business of r_our own in one of
Complete training under e~pert in·
structors vtith pra.ctical experic~ee
prepares you to step into a good paying
Job with a futu re and security.
EUCTR1CITY: Bui• elomlcity. Ruid<ntial • "',.,,... e n ew wonder t.nlmalt from Syria..
and lndu•trial Wiring a.net Appliance Repair. Ol tto called To7 Beau. DellrblluJ pet.a.
E\ UYont wants them. Laborator1e-s need
Pl.UMllNC: E•trY ph... - pi(>t wtting and thouaanda. Clean. odorless. Raise &nJ-
lhrtoadlng to complete in•tallauona. blu• print wbere. A proftr.able and lnterestlna
r•••tinc. hobbJ' or bualoes.s. We turnl1h breedlns
stock with manual of lrutrutt.lons.
,--,<.--.:oo\ AUTOMOTIVE & TRACTOll: Engine overhaul,
Trantml11slC1nt, Carburedo-n. Cenerator· lsnl·
lion Sy1tems, Tune Up.
DIAfTINC: College level trainlnJ in gent:ral
Nachin<t &nd Architectt.1rat Onfung
5110( llD'AlllJIC : Com_pt... prutial ...... Vt! YOUcandraw C IR L.$. CARS.
inc includes tte0Adition1nc and ttbuikli:"I". FRIE.NOS and tVt n lolACA'ZlN&
Approved for V• l•ron's Troining COVERS. I t 's so s1mplf, no m.Jt·
t • r what your ait- Manr a r-tbts
mak t more than $150.00 ~r wte k
In 1dvert1srnr and cartoons. B<'
)'Our o wn l>Oss, draw Cu r money
""!1•<-' hrre. Our Commercial Art·
lati wUI teach YOU lht ~rels
f rom llOLLYWOOD . D r1 w 1ng
matfrlals luml1hf'd Bf> a sta(-
I Wrthout obftgotion lo me p&ooso Mnd full informotion «ss Wrue NO\ V fo r / ru detAlls
I on ttie courw c·hecked.
I -....Automotive ond Tractor Technick»n .... Otoftin.g
I ••- ...Plumb ing •..... Electricity •.•••Shoe Re pairing
I N ome.. ..........................- ···-···-···· ·····-.........Age .......-
: Addre1s.••

: Ciry ............ - ·- - · - -.. 5'••• --·----- I

Vete<0n?,... ,_,_,,__ I
----------------------- P OPULAR MECHANICS

Mails cot1DOt1 to N• tioo!\t Schools ' " B uilds actual u nlls as pnrt of Court P..
1..o~ An9dies. a11d r eceives Fr te Lts,on Eurns money doi n11 spJre t ime. repair
and b(Hlk ot l nfarmation ~bou t R1d ltt. a"d Jnua1lat1on worl<.
Televltlon i\nd E lcct ronles lrain lng.

Complete• Cour.se 1u'd recel1te$ Ol ploma A pplle$ for- a nd GETS-a 11ood 11a y. Or ht o pe 11s o wn prof i t a b le S t rvi ~t.
. . . h now 11 qv:tlil\cd Radio, Television full t ime J<1 b i n ind u.str y. f inds t hat Shop. with "Yatuable couRsel and aid
and E lect ronics TechQlc la n. e ~ p fo) ers kno"" National S chovls :i.ncJ from Hat1on111 Schools. Now tor real
J(t to hfrt theil' graduates. ha ppiness ~n d $UCtt: ss l


Ne\'t r in hist ory has.- such r apid p ro~ · plifier sys tems. trnnsmitters. tt>le vl-
re~.s b"en n\ade as an t he g reat Radio. .Slon. l\\ 1at1on radio. elect ron ics. You

Tele\'iSion a nd Electronics Ind ustr y i;ct con1pleLe lllStruct.ion materaa l, in-

today! This exclttng. fnst~ 1 nov i ng de· cludini Shop 1nnnuat t ube n1a n unl. Job
\'elo1'> l'lll'.'Jll 1nt>aos rH?\\' and ft renter op- sheets, rnd!G <hcl!oaary. s pecial labo ..
por tu :'l1ttcs fo r the t rained, :;k1lled rn a n ratory t-xperkne:'lt lessons. experin1en-
-for you-I n T elevlsH>n ~u \d Ro dlo t a l equ1p:1:~nt . You receive comple t e,
Bro:)dcasting. ln s L ~ l11 ng . Sc r\~lci ng; u1 n1ode rn tele \•1ston lesson t ext s.
Frequency Mo du l n t 10J1: I n Appli e d You r Hon1e Study Is s up ~ r\·lsed by
Electronics ln nlany industries: In c our staff or hlgl1ly trained Instructors
You Build Thi$ Superheterodyne bu.siites.s of 11our own! \\•ho daHy t~ach our re.sJden t s.tudents
Receiver W ith Ports W e Send here. Let the Free . - - - - - - - -
Nationol Home Training is Practical Books shov.•n be-
You receive complete standard eQulp· Your Nitt ioaal Schools Course fu lly low tell you more APPROVED
n 'lent. including latest t.ype H igh-Mu c:overs basic , a dv a need and .spec:la.lized a.bout. National FOR
T ubes. for building \'arious experl· instruct ion in all phases. Including Home Tra. l nlng.
m ental and test untts. You ,prog-r~ss baste radio p r inciples. r cccl\'ers. am- Use coupon today t VETERANS

step by step until you build a com-
plete Superheterodyne Receive r. It is
yours to use an.d keep.
Pro fe:ssionol Multitater
T his portable i ns trument (see
r ightJ enables you to pe rform

..., ..' ~ l ...
N:t~1onal Schools . Dent.. 6-PM (1 f a.U tn onverope I
1000 South Figur-roa St-re-ec. or paste on J
Ci: I
man.y practical t ests. m a ke del- '4
Los A ng~ l e$ 37, CallfOr ntn post.card t

icate adJustrne nt.s and do serv·
ice v.·ork . Comple te \\"Ith te st JI> Af;ill me FREE the book, " You r ,Fut u re in Radio/' I
leads. ' • · a nd a s:imple lesson or you r course. J
You recelve a serles or special laboratory
experiment les$ons to guide your practical ex- J
ercJ$eS with your equipment. These lessons ha\•e NAME.-··- -··-·--···-- -- ·- ···-··-··-·-AG.C___ ,
been prepared with a special technique or Hius- 1-·-- I
t ratlng radio prtnelples by numerous easy-to·
u n derstand examples.
Both Resident and Home Study Courses Offered ~
.. ...... -
' i,,...lI/. -
> ADD~E:SS. - --·-·······--··--.-··--····-··-·····-··--~
CJTY.,....... , ••.• - · -· ..·-··-.. ZONE.••-..- STATL·-··-······-
g14.1.1;.;;;11.111.1;i•• 5.;amao;1a;:m ________0_~:~1:~~:~:~0.:_~~~~_:x___J

TlJNE 1Q4Q ll1•

Complete b l ue~rin ls
' of lhis RICHordson
re freshm e nl stond
o volloble for con·
•truction. BAILEY
Your Iutu,re succc.'5 de1lcnds largely on the rep·
utation of cbe school you attend. Don't take
chances ! Train at America's foremost school of
mechanical specialitation. Baile)' is rccog,,ised

and appr()t•cd by industry. Bailey $raduates
get the top pay iob.•! G. I . Approved. Send
for FREE Catalog. State nan1e of course in
which you are interested.
Open your own roadside stand! It's a profitable en- 1656 So. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, Mo.
terprise requiring little inveS<ment. .And your invest•
meat is protected by the exclusive R1CH.irdson Root
Beer franchise. Many veterans and other progressive
business men are making hundreds of d ollars a week
with the RICJUrdson refreshment siand •.. and they
are baviog fun, too.
f ree booklet shows layout
drowln9s ond gives full de·
toi11 on basic i tond ond
pton1 for loter ex.ponston
into o Jorger stond. Write

for your copy today.
RICHarJ1on Corpo<olion
Dept. P~, Rothester 3, N. Y. Intensive 32 weeks' residence course in fundomentols of Indus·
trial e lectrical engineering, including rodjo, e lectronics. Pre-
pares for technician. engineering oides. Appro't"ed for vetera.n
troining. 56th year. Enter September 6, January 9. Cotolog.

BLIss ELE~1~~~~~~,.~~~~0l rL
Crow Owl·O/·• Hlton Vct;ttabl", rue nowtrs ot ~ p l t.lllt b)'
h1 1lroponi~W ITHOIJT son-Start • fuc:inatint hobby Ot •
IN 90 DAYS pro6t1h!t bus i.n.ns in tour own hom". No n ·pe.rllntt nttded for 1op

AT HOME ' rotSUh.s. Only J.m.Jll , p:a" g t.o b i1r l"tl W'ftt. fl.S)·. dtan, pleau.nt way
t o gru.., ,.,,,. plane il'lidoott or out e~rr cbr in tho rear. Fa"' 1rowth.
io«f'a.sed yirlds.. unlimited profit opport11ni1lf'f. Se:ad todar for FREE
Money-Making CareerOpen 16 page pi C'hlr~ book showing how 01h<ts from t"tty scatt art JUC'•
cttding in this wide open field. Send pos1a ttS for com plt~ faru.
to Men and Women, 18 to so CHA, MAN·G I Lll lT. 124 W. tYY, SAN OllG O, C ALI P,
llundr«idJ ot men and wmnen ht,ween 18 ond 50 ,,,.ice $1U to $2(1 in
a einx lo day 1lfJn1 scltnllflc: Swedh1h )h1 ¥•ll ~e al"ld J1sUr.;1 ·'rllerapr
1.rr11.u1ent1. 'there Is b l; de1n1nt1 rro111 doocors. ho1plull1, u na·
1orlu1na and cJubi . Graduote.1 earn l1rce full ttmo lnco11tes from
these or In prh•11te pr1u:tit-e In their oK·n omctt. OU1ot1 ntal<t good wrtt• for f~ ait.loo. Approved for Vets-H on° V • t..
money f ro1n ho111e treatmenlt s:ht'n In spare lime. Ltaro this ln · PLASTIC$ INDUHRllS TICHHICAL INSTITUTI
tl!re1tlng, monl!Y· m:1klni; 11rofesslon fn your own home, tbrou1:h our I .Cl Sowlh W~stef'n Avenue, Dept, "M··69, Los AngelH •• C.lifor1'1•
h• ine 11tudy courie. S1une lnst.ructon: a.a In ou r
naliona ll)I known resldeut school. You c:•n win
lt1t1e1tend ~neo a nd prepare for ruture security
i.s flUtll ffln.s;: ror 1our Diploma. Coun.e can
he ~1npleted ln S to 4 months. llany earo
whUo they len.rn. De&; ln your tt•1n1nr tl once.
Anatomy Charts & Booklet FREE
t-!nroll now anti we wlll Jnclui.lc, I t t'IO eatra <:Ost·,
u1any ot>edtd i u1111l It&. l•'lt yoorseH to litilJ> u1ee1.
2ro"·ln1t tl~m-nd for Selc:nllftc Swedish Mu uoe.
Send tt11 c:oupon a.t once for complete detailt.
Anatomy Charts and 32· Paoe Illus trated Booklet,

------------------- FREE. postpaid.

Dt:pt. 9640 , 41 E. Pearton, Chit-att 11 , Illinoi s
Pleaw atnd me FUt-:~ a nd nustpnld. ~.\11ato1n1 C-barts. 32•paae
Students leorn FAST when lnittuc·
tors offer per$0nal atten tion. Our
Booklet and complete detaua on Hou1e Tralnln1. ~ Moster Course prepares you for all
bronche·s of the Jewelry Trode. High percentage of graduates
Name '"'---- pla ced. Housing avoilo b 1• . (Schools in Warren, 0.. ond
Pittsburgh, Po.) G.I. Approved. Calolog FREE.
Dept P • 413 fede r al SI • Pittsburgh 12 Penna
Say You Saw It in Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics
Home of the Year
Has All These Features
* Five Finished Room\ plus Both
and Three ClosGIS

** Concrete Block Walls- Poured

te f1oors- Yopor· Seo1ed
.d F lly
Walls $\uc.co~d Outs1 e- u

* Plos1ered ln.s.1de
Complei~ Heating
ing £qu,pmortt on

* Wiring
Modern Cabinet Kitchen
* ll\sulatod Ceiling
Build-lt-Youroelf Book and Set
of Building Plans, Only $12.50
Beat the High Cost of Home Owning!
No Experience Needed!· Follow Book
and Plans ! Save Thousands of Dollars !
If you can mix a botch of concrete following simple instru·ctions,
ond sow a board straight you con build thi& new Popular Mechanics
concrete bloc·k house yourself. Yes Sirl In a f•w months of spore
lime you can laugh at the housing shortage and save nverol
thousand dollars while acquiring a home you will be proud lo own.
like Popular Mechonia' famous Build-lt-Your·s elf frame hous.tt in·
troduced in 19•7, o nitw BUILD-IT- YOURSELF
BOOK for thi$ fiv e room Concrete Block House
Is now ready, along with a full size set of
building blueprint plans. The book c;overs every
construction detail and the p lans ore so simpli·
fied, so easy to follow, that you need hove no
e xperienc·e to do a fine workmon~ like job. On
the other hand, if you want to hire a contractor
or on ordinary builder, have him follow these
plans and Jtill enjoy a tremendous saving. Read
Start Planning Now! further about this fine permanent type houw.•
See how oo•y you con build it ond own it your··
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It's Easier Than You Think
to Own Your Home
IDEAL FOR FAMllY OF FOUR ilmple shlngJed hh> roof. door f rames BUILD-IT-YOURSELF BOOK AND PLANS
P opular Mec.han,1cs Build ..It·Yourself an<t trsro. which almost anyone ca.n
Cont.rete Block House Is 26' -8" deep do. Interior doors 11.re new nush t.y pe.
by 32'-8'' wide.. It hu 6'15 square feet Hot air heating plant may be s:a.s. oU
ot comfortable Uvlng space - Uvlng or coal·t\red.. Hot a.Ir ducLg termi- Popular Mechanics Press, Dept. 600
r¢om. t.wo bed rooms, ca.bloet kitchen, nate 1n celling, cold a ir ducts are tHe
u tllit;» room, bath and t.htee closets.. latd under t.be noor. 200 Eatt Ontario Street, Ch1c-a90 11
B u lle. In a Chicago auburb, a rela-
Uvely hlib pr.Ice reirfon, fn a bJah EASY TO BUILD - EASY TO OWN S<'nd DOMO:ti<I. Ule Items C".l1ecke.d. Hemttt•noe for
price year, tts total cost waa leM tban Every pa_ r t of the const ruction Is slm- $ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,e.ocJo!Cd.
$! 6;0,00 Including all material. heai. pllfted. and tb.orougbly explained in
tnc. plurnblnc and electrical equ.tp- the BUILD-IT· YOURSELF Book,
mt.nt nnd outside labor tor t.n.atallina from the tumtns of Lbe ll,rst shovtJ O Bu11d· ll· Your$t1£ Concrete lllock llou11e Book~ 2.00
the! equipment and plastert.ns all full ot earth to the last flick of the
rck)'Jtu. In many tocaltttea t t can be paint brush. It Is written in plain. 0 SeL of 10 Bull<ltr$ Blueor-lnt Plans. . . . . 12.00
buJlt for even Jess and addtttona.l undera:t.ndable ten:ns and packed O Book and Plans ordrred lOfttbtr <Save
sav)ngs ean be roade by using leN p,.. wit.h plct.ures and dlaa:rams th&t make
J>fn51 ve l>ath and kitchen equipment. ·every construction deteJI slmple as $1.50) . . . . . . . . . . • • . . . • . . . . . . . . 12.50
ABC. The book also tells bow to make O Extra set$ or p1a.ns-tt~b. ...... .... • 5 .00
LONG LIFE MATERIALS - your ow-n concrete blocks, how to
EASY UPKEEP select and bUJ' a lot. and how to b-uild
Construerion 11 concrete th.roughout a. houae of briek.a. 13ook and set. of
- poured concrete aoora and concrete
block v.alls--both \ apor 11-caled tor 1n-

su1auon.--cons, ruct.1on that requires

ten wor-klnc blueprint plans are all
you need to set started and en.Joy the
thrills of home owning, doing the Job
Nllll'--- ---------------
n o spec:ia.I sk in. \Valls a re fur-red-out )'ourself and Ml'lnl money too. 8ook,
and plastered inside, gtuccoed outside. $2.00. Set of plans, 112.00. see cou· AddttSs;~----------------
Ct>iling 11 insulated. Only a •el'1 pon fo?' spectal money-savtnr offer
mlnlmurn of Cllf'Pt.ntry ls required- when both are ordered toeether.
CltJ'_ _ __ _ _ _ _JAne_ _Stau,_ _ _ __

JUNE 1949 33
ENGRAVING N...,-•r befo,.. •~h • book of h •lps for you
who wl1.h yow r - n b1o1sine -. I n ttlil book
a.r• tormu~a . reclP••• &.-c:r•t• tf'l•t have
am. .ed the world, U•e U1ete idMtl a .l:'d
mak• '"'-"If nced•d rnon.ct)l•mak! nv p r oducts:.
'J;:xJ>(lrt& •wroto thill bQolJ: In •lmpl• tonn•,
W'I01 supJ>IY acturce:s ror material" , short.-
cut.a .ond 1)llftthode fQr prQJ\lAIJ>l o rct;~uu".

STAIT NOW- 8Home J11depe nde nt

LoLS r,r proth.al)lo bu.-lno~lli h.llvo atArtod
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162.000 t:l<.':l.S tlnd 10,000 romn1lu such
•11: - Ad.b(yJwt, eo.mettca., .uevor11g• •·
C.:ndy, ~t'•mlce,Oh.e&O, Cl~•no r•, Conc~u~. ~11Utrt~,;,.

Dyes, DfoPU•torleti, F..n•m~b1, Gum\ _Home t()rmUlu, lnk• ,

PJ'OJlta.blt' l~ms .
Tbls btg book tf'll• Wh•\. to do. imd how. No
l.ruj.cd_lctd~~ t.acqu<-rs, J~tooleuma, uubrli:antiti Meu.1.11. Mir·
l'Ol"B, 011•, ()fntmf:n~ . l'alnu, !t<"r1\uato"· l'o lsl1e&. tteme·
dl-1:4 tor MAn, Oea•t It t'O\"\' I, :)~ , $o3d e ni, Varnf.4h<'••
etc. 1000'• olhc.~rw tu make au aoru
·, ·
• •

CXl)t'rie-nc. OeedM. You "'01'k rro-rn tbe mOA·
a)'•maklnf: tacl.15 and ldeu that Utt oxplalncid · ·
~v~b::n•:~.!Z ~~~~7-~Klei>o:g~'fuu~~~n.?t ''
tn yaur order 11nd get started rt¥h-t NO\\'I
$S.98 post paid t hrouohout the world , (C.o. o .
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AD•MS I ROWN COMPANY, Dcpl. P69, losten 67, Mens., U.S.A.
Earn MORE All of Your Life
l nc:reotoing Demand f or TtoineJ M en oncl W o men.
No Age limit. Leorn Tho ro ughly-Q uickly by KCSW'• B\Jll..D )'Our C'hf'Sl. IUTl'UI, nfock, •hl>Ulders, u·p
Speciol · Applicoti~n Method .. Doy and Evening thlth" A$ Natu~ l nt.erM'.t..clt llave • m •ir·
nlO~nt new body In Less Than 3 MontbJ1.-0l11y 5
Minute• • Day! 4 lolllllton Men, COas&. to Co~un, tc to
Cloue.. Write for free Cotolog. Approved for R(), are dolnit 1h h1-YOU CA..'1, 'fOO! 0<-t dc-tallJll about
rar•mount Oar (tt-lls ;ind $y9h!m-An~l on the ma.r-k..-
Veteran Training. at hct.ory•Prl"" $;aylr1~s up to 30010. Sttnd NO\\' f(lr
your ••J>u,.,·er•1'hn.z t'Jl.r-ainount'' Sclf•CtiC'de Health (;hart•

.1u.at. NY-"$cnd 91tArt..•• IJ'• Pllt& I: ! \\1r-llc 'TODATII

"2:41• • ·23rd SL Los Anoelet ll, CaHf.
1218 Adml rol Blvd . Kansa s City 6 , ·Mo.

Here'sHow CREI PreparesYou for a

Professional Career with Industry-Recognized
Training in a Minimum·of Time
Famous Spffdw<rlthat' .,..t·e in. No ~aa: -no Qmbo1.e: a
Uan~I~. ·~ pr.f1)11.711UOl:I
US(• A6C's. l>aq W le~nn eeq to write snd
tw a Job, &arllrhin.s ly to,..· Coit. 100.000 tltQC"bt
nu:ll. 'Va('d tn rc.dln.J( olfttttl •nd CIYlt ~- \\''rtU tor tree boolUd.,lo:


RADUATES of CREI residence school are preferred

Can .You Sell~
G by Industry because or their training and ab!llll/.
This recognition. Is the reason that CJi!;EI men
quickly find g OOd Jobs. With 22 years of practical
teaching experience In these highly technical fields.
SAL ESMEN had • •et-a.gt) ear ning• oC $6, 000 last ye-ar. Ca n
yo u #ell 't New t ~.it., 11·r ovecl 8~o ac eu.ra l~ rate• you.~
eh•net:'s of twecell3 •t 4 ldnds o f p rofi table JJCUln4 r.ar cecrt..
CREI olfers ru1 outstanding !acuity, mOdem and Send 1 1 i CUI o•t and r etw-n tut i reeel,·e ron1Jdcntlal,
complete laboratories. shops and equipment. se.lentille r a lin.g ot your. salH. abUhy.
New students ore accepted twice monthly and each
may advance r.~ rapidly as he Ill capable. The basic T HE GLENDON CO.
course with one specialized cours.e requires an ave.rage 4-393 N. T RlPP AVE. CITTCACO 4.1, ILL.
of 20 months to complete.
CREI Is recognized as one of" the country's leading
~ ..::-~ -=--

- .,
technical Institutes. Its work
Is of college level. I t pre-
pares the young man for a
good Job In Industry In a
~PROVf:D •• • AMf:R/ CA H /Zf:D
i~:;m1n1mum or time.
Tii Approved for Veterans' Training
: JUDO ..
TWO ata 90otlS AIU.Y I U.USTllATD

Mail · coupo n for free Catalog
caPito1Radr;E"9i:;.;;-;.;-;:;.;;:,;:-;;;;;;:i76A- -,I
1 16th & Park Road, N.W., Washington 10, D. C.
1120 $HOW-MOW PHOTOt. ,'t i. LallON..
Prote-rt )'Ourself and others. Size and
st~naJlh m!l'an nothlna:, Knoi.\'lMa:~
and skHI enable YOU to muter any
siluation e••en a,ealnst bi&&e$l. bullier>
J ••ll!l••~or armed thugs. Wrilt('I) and illus·
I Please send me your Wustrated catalog and com- I 1111111 l l"J)ttd bY orw or the '"°rid'$ a:reat
I plete details. I Bii Combination
Judo e>CPerLS. Volu.me 1. basic anti
advttneed hold!;. Volume 2. ~ry ~d·
ve.ncecl. . each volume $1.!50.
I Name I Offer!
. ... , , . . . ., . . . O"-. ACT NOW I
I City onC-.State I DEPT. M·6
L _Q~~~~~..:_~101.!..!:~e.:_?_:::!_~ --' IMPROYWD IUD01. MC. P.t .... 1111. 111. l.l>s Aoctla.t.tll

jGet Comple te Training I
Diesel Fuel lnjedion
Automotive Motor Tune-up
Diesel Engine Rebuilding
General Garage Mechanic
Agricultural lmpl&ments
Aul o Engine Rebuilding
Auto Elec. S.rvice Shop-Method Home Training by a•
Pub lic Utilities Eatabll1hed Re1ltlent School Pr••
Potts Dealers pares you for Many Good Jobs
Bus & Truck Lines Opportunity Is everywhere for the
lnd u$triol Maintenance tratntd Dies.el·A.uto Meehani~. Hlib-
Co:itrac1ing & Excovotlng W&J'S throng with cars, b..._i:ses. t rucltS,
trac;:ton;. O.ra.ges apd Service Station.a
Sus:iness of Your Own are kept buu . Factories. ships, farms.
ANO MANY other similar op•ninSJS. rail roads, general Industry. a.re de·
pendent upon tnatne power. Bere'li a
As a Natlo..al Schools 9raduate, dynamic, fu~growtng tleld that needs
you are trained fot ALL opportual· trained men "'ho know ALL phases:
tnstallation, operation, maint enance
tie.s In the Diesel & Auto Industries and repair. No.,.,•-Natlonal SchooJs ot·
fe.1"$ you a 9ro.ctical, all-embrac tn·g
Diesel-Auto Mechanic's Course. locJUd·
EARN WHILE YOU LWN Ing all of lbese advantages:
With our practical Master Shop- Complete tralnin9 , c·overlng-Ole·
Method Home Training, you sets, High Speed and Heavy DutyJ
stu d y at home In your spare time. Se m f-Dfesel11 Gasolhte and Special
You receive Spare Time Work Fue l EnglnH AND Allled Me<honlu,
Lessons, which show you how to Basic Lesw. Tex.•
earn while you Learn ..• tor ex- Dle1el tnstai1atlon
tra money and ex'p erience. You Operation· Malnteoanu
Learn by DOING. Dltael cti•rt Manwal
S part T ime Leuon.a
Engine Service Manu•I•
Dri ve Systems
To make your training complete, O lt.sel Et«trle Power
we give you selected mechanic's TtiermodynamJcs
too ls and equipment, Illustrated roou AND EQUIPMINT
bel o'v, including all·metal tool·
bOl< - as a regular part ot your INVESTIGATE
ln&tructlon. Secure Full lnfor·matlon


N:ATtONAt. SCtcOOl.S, Dl'PT. fl.-,.MO

~~:::i~ ~?."t.~if,:,~~t
MaJ1 mir. P-R€f; thq IX)Okl )'01.JR J'\JTURE. n: DJRSEL·Al1TO Mf~~lC-$,
t<>i;<tt l:u• r with lb+ Samp C! LHMIO. l undtr•lM'ld l m11Jo· kttp and U* U'Hl
1n.rormat lort W.lth no tib1h}'aUon.

JUNE 1949 35
II When you are satisfied that
you have invented a matter
of value-wr ite me, without I
I obligation, for full informa- I
tion as· to what steps you
should take to secure a Patent.
T he usual first step is to have
Wbether an lnventlo.n ta s>att:ntable can be 1ub1u..ntiaU7
determined b7 a search ot the U. S. Pat.ent records. Wltb-
I a search of the prior U . S. I ou.t obU1atlon. wrtte for lolormat.lon ex1>Jalnlna tbe stege
1ou should take to secure a 1>a&.ent.
I Patents conducted, so that I I
I can report to you on the I .JORN N. RANDOi.PB
I I Reg1 stered P•ttnt A ttorn•y

question of Patentability. 201 Columblon luildltt9, W:a1hln9ton 1, D. C.

(Ftr. .rl.)' RANDOLPH 6 BEAVERS)
I R*1i1t•t•d P.at~Dt Attorney
934 Columbian Buildinc Wuhlncton I, D. C. I

PATRICK D. llAVIRS, R•ristor•d Patent Att7, I ROYAi.TiES and CASB

I 934 Colu•blan lldg., Wa1h ln9t on 1, D. C. FOlt YOUlt INVl£HTIONS
Writ• for ,.,.,. bocticlet without olJll••Uon
I Pleaae aend me fuU lntormatton on how to
aecure Pa.tent Protection and Trademark ~•l.., II UNIVIRJAL MAaKUINO CO.
I tratlon..
U• ~~ 8•ri"'9 St. ( S ul .. M) ..... A1'19.... lS, C.llf.

I Nam I
1 8
Clt7 tat
WASHlll&TOI 4, D. C.

,.... A T E N T S
Send for Porm

" P,oof of lltV•ntlon"

~ Folder malled without
obligation. •
a..i.terecl l'ot•nt Atty.
I OS • cfU M • ull411... Waet.i119ton a, D. C.
Wltt'Tt roa ,.,__.TMt.. TO
• 28 SHI llllllU, IASlllCIH I, I. C.
fRlt- -FOii U You have nn lnvenLl•e turn or mind.
write ror Cree 28·Pase booklet explalnJns

aooK PBOl'l'l'I
bow the Institute of American In•enton
ls helptn1 lcventort pre-t.eet the i>roftt
J)OUJblllOta ot i>roi>oted de•lces to ftll loda1•1 unprece-
dented demand tor uMf"' oe• fn•enUont.
Oeot. 4 , 1926 be St.. NW. W~inuton I . D. C.


WOlllC HOMf or TllAVfl. fxperlence unneceuory.
Eater oae of ttl• ..tubitoatiol ""'' "••.. fl• ldt thro111h GEO. P. M. WAGHER, 125 w. 86th St., N. Y.

11: ~ =t: i IC•1:f11I

Hill's .. S vec.st Ploa'' ttointn1 . A lift ti•• opportunity to
fola tbot,,0.1'1d1 of auccas.sfu1 9rodvote1 In positions M<ur.d
th,ou9h our notlon· w•d• • mploym•nt Mrvic.e. No molter
wh•r• you Hve. iwhol you or• doing now. Hill's can train
you by sludy a t home or In th• r•sldtnt school. 1 11 fr••

book shows you th• woy to 1ub1tontlol •ornin91 ot1d o " IF YOU WISH TO PROTECT YOUR INVENTION,
OJswred f uture. G . I. Approv-4. You should toke steps to p..-oted it by o U. S. Potent,
- -;.rn:;w-;.;;;; s;;...1"-;.-;-.;.;-u;;;;a;----., Writ• m• for " Recotd of lnv•1uion.. fotrn.
Dept.. PM ...9 , •1• w . . ., .. st., OklaMma C it)' 2 . Okla. I
Pltue se:Dd rour free book...ThNua h HJll's to S~•." CARL MILLER
ClTY~~..,,.,._,.~~~~~-~STAT.!---- I I w oolw<11'11'1 lld9 .. 311.h ' loor, o e_,t . 69 A, N (lw Yoric. City
.-1•••e ••.,d m• " ~o rd

o f 1nvt1nllon" forrn .
(j Check here It eltslb1e urulel' G .t . Bill.
Ple. .e C':htc'k ('(H.JrM" and t.r• lnh\lr 1>l•n pnifef'l"td. I I ,.,.. I
Cou"l'Mt 0 Home- 'H1«h I I \l\Ofti;.~& I
to learn to play your favorite instrument
in your own home without a private teacher
Look at t.he dia-
gram at the right. SIMPLE AS A-8-C
The l!rgi note on
the music is " D." tlte famous " Me rry Wid ow" Waltz
Pollowlng the dot-
ted line to the keyboard. "O"
ls t.be white key between the
t.wo black keys near t.he middle
o.f the k eyboard. From that YOU
cau 6nd the other notes. As
you .strtke thern on Ule Piano
you'll be playing the melody of
the famous ''Merry Widow"
Walla. Easy, hui 't lt?

OU'LL ~ct
a b l& aurprlt1c when you sta:rt l'OUr U. $ ,
Y SC-hoot or 'l\tu81c lesions. You'll see how eas)' it It U. S. Sthool of Musi<, 76 lrv11swick 1149., New York TO, N. T.
to lnt'n to pl•Y t bls 11bnple P:tlnt nnd Plcturt Wli.)'. I L'• P1"a•c 1u~ud me &e-e bc)oklet •M Prine AOd Plcturc
e,·en easier th1.n lt looks! Samph:r. I Yi'Ou.14 li ke: to p lay tn atr umenl Cheeked Mlow.
Here l• t he 1ee.rel! You learn 10 play by playJng, Plano Suophone Modern Elemtll··
No long-winded explanauon1. No bore$0mt ~xe.rci.ses . Guitar T rumpet, Cornet tar)' Harmony
You p lay teal tuntt b)' note wllh tho firgt lc1aon. Sirople Violin Reed 04"9.an Clar-lnet
melod:tes at fi.rtt, but rou etaduaUy go on to more Plano Aeeordioft Teaor Banjo other laatrt?ment
•<h'1nCCll Pitt!!'&. And sooner than )'OU t!\"t!t t!XPt'Cl~ YOU
LEARNED QUICKLY sllould be pJa.rtna 1>01>ultr numbers b» note..
If »OU really wan' l~ learo mullle qulcklt aod easil.y,
AT HOMI stnd loday ror our FREE 3G·P•Jte Booklet. aud Print
~·l,t!\1;'f0.~~u.lc ~NJ.~ ancl Pl<:turti $3(.opl&. They' JJ t.ell )'OU tl1t y,•holc S.lory ,
r;' a teacheri Pf:f~J"'t lnit.rumenta 1up0Ued when needed. e&t!h or t:redlt. City t.te I
pta;ybe.,!!~!.~u 50 qutc1tly." O . S. School of ~turUc. 76 BrunswJck Bldg., N. Y. 10, No.tei 1r you •r~ under 16 )'n. or II.II'~. parent IXNllt t1l¥n COUSk'o.:.J
• U. C. $ . Calllcrrnfn N . Y. <51tt S~ecessful Yf!::n:.)
• Aet!Mli J)filp/I'• Mm• o" ,,.~•~••· fikhU'~ ~Y proJt1,rioft4l 11toder. L-gvrs= :'\rnk"ii"u;On OJi PiftriYp0sTe8ril'.-

Approved for Time·Soving Doy & Evenin(I

G.I. Troining CotJrse& Classes
Get y our t rain ing a t Chica g o Tech in t h e Nat ion's
Industrial center. Chicago provides unequaled opportunities
tor part-tltne employment whlle tral11lng and for permanent
posft!ons upon graduation. Many other cultural and recrea-
tional advantages desc ribed in Catalog-sent Free I
Chteaso Tech, round.ed 45 years ago, hQ.t; tralned thousands o r
men now occupying important places In Industry the world
over. Training combines th eory and practice tn 1 year, 2 year,
an<! 3 year (Degree) courses. Saving tn time means earlier
graduation - and conse-
quently earlier employ-
Terms start January,
Oet information now to G-83 Tech lldg., 2000 So. Michigan Av•.
arrange for early admis- I C.hlcogo 16, Ill. I
sion and accommodations. I Please send me without obll\\at!on free booklet on I
CHICAGO I Tim.e -Savlng Technical Tra nlng. I
G-13 T•ch 8ld9.
2000 Sa. Michigan Ave. I
. . . . Clhli
. clalglolll6l
, lllll.. . . . . .' City one__Stat.. I
TUNE 1949 37
• •

Slarl As High As .
$3,351 .YEAR • K-R-0 BIS-KITS are ready-made, easy to use;
containingfortljied red squill, they're safer around
PostofRce Clerk5•
/ /(Not Government Controlled )
livestock, pets, and poultry. K-R-0 POWDER
is 10Cf'/.fortljied red squi//; econoroical to use in
Carriers badly infested areas when mixed with natural
Railway Pottal Clerkt / Dept. R86 baits. BIS-KlTS, 35c and $1.00 ; POWDER, 75c
Stenographen / Rochester 4, N . Y. at drug, seed, and feed stores. Money-back guar-
Statistical Cle rk• / Gentlemen: Rush to me. PREE antee, The K-R-0 Company, Springfield, Ohio.
Ty pl1t1 O~ of charge, list ot U. S. Oovern-

h upe ctors ~ ment big pay jobs. Bend FREE
Ma ny Other o 40-page book descrl»i ug salaries,
J ob. J'
vacations. hours, work, etc. Tell me
Veteran• / how to q u alify for one ot these jobs. ·
Get Pref•
I N a m e - - - - - -- - -- - -
suu I Addre Vet?

.:\tl!l~ • ELECTRIC a-ru"Eft · TIO..
tor V•t--
_ .. '
. · MroloJ•"
"' "-"A ' :n
Yol"k Copy J>e.ak Met:bod leach$$ )'OU llO"' lo Wr1l'q tho W•)~ n6wspa.pc,-r
l'l\to.n ·~ '(lfrtUnr. OW' UJ'll<.(U('! .. \\'r'ltlng- .i\1lt1lUd~ 1'X'b""t" H'>1lt;
. w'l\ctho:r )'OU poqeu tho rundamen.t:Al 4UAHUcll ~nti:al t0 •u~rw
a .., " ..,_.. .... v - " . .... wrtUus:. You..U en,Joy tbJ• Wl!-t.. \\l'l't«r r~ ti., wit.bout C4.J5l or
pb\ljfatJon. :.

P"ENNS.Yl VANIA INSTITUTE · ffr~:C1~~ Vet•tan.: T his course approved. for Veterans' Training.

42n d a.nd SPRUCE SYS. PHtLADltLPHIA •. PENNA. SUITI S S 9 • H, ONll •ARK AVEH U ll NEW YORt( 11, N , Y.


Win success in Photow;raphy bY s-1>are time Home IN SPARI TIMI: - .... Easy Pict... C -
S,.me Slmpllllect &.lelhOd tb~t b•• htJPM- tn1n el'e•ton Of ~
Study or at our famoug Re$1deint SChool in the ••'t-eny a Piratea," .. ~ ...... "OUt our w.,., ....Win- "'- ""
hP.art of New York. Com1neretal. Advertislng, n •• Winkle." "f\.tMr'lar Fellers.•• ••stnnI• M It Sff'm•." ·
"Th• Nela:hhcn·•·'' a nd ma.uy "-others. X.tn· wbll• J••m..
Portrait, Color. etc. 39th sear. Write today! lns. h .od 1 Oe tor PlCWr• ColU't (tO tit•t J'OUI' abW~).
•od rull d•t1ill•· (State are.)
THE UNOOH SCHOOL, .C904 Cltwe. Tt0Mit lld9., Clewef1fttl,O.


Hi!!h School
at Home
Many Finish in 2 Years
No classes. No time wasted going to and from school.
P rogress as fast as your time and abilities permit.
Standard H. S. texts supplied. Thousands enroll each
year In this 52-year-old school. Send for F REE descrip-
tive booklet.
I Drexe l at 58th St., Chicago 37, Ill. ·
I Without o bligation, p lease sen d F R EE descriptive
I bookl et.

I Nam•--------- --------
l~dres~----------.=.- - =---=-=.-=.-_-
Start Your Career in 6 lo 36 Months
With Oar Unique Step by Step Training
Each course unit at the Milwaukee School of Engi·
neoring is complete in icself. All courses t>tgin with
practical training in the $Chool's complete laboratories
- and pr<pare you for specific occupational obj«·
tivcs or advanc.d tuining. Mote than 1,)00 slu ·
dcncs now enrolled from 48 states and 18 o verseas
countries. Faculty of 8 ) special ists, 3~,000 form<:r
studencs in industry •ll o•·cr the "''orld.
-._MIL WA UK££_-
---·-- -------
A f•flwt.lf .. tf'ullhlte
••.,,.,., "" t to>
., o.c. w.-....
e--... ....... .- ......... , ....... r.., I :.•LWAUKEE SCHOOLO,. . ... OI Nll"IHO
I . ......

$11VIQ tlOtiNl(:IAH "Ofl SSIOHA.l 0..t. P'M·$49, M.. ·~ AM I . SUlt4', M itw ;\UllM • W--i.s.
' . . . 2...... 1 .. , T~ J T.-.. I w................... ....... ._ ~ " Cer- ..,.wo.,·· ......
• • ~~-..
• w-:--
·. . ! ::::=.
• l l•d•....tii.k ·1 ' ' -

.....,... .=·=..:It ' • l.-•1•i..t

' • f 'i.c.iiceil , .
M l i.ctr-'c•
......... , _ ""'· •• TOO O • • O . O OTO O O O O O O O O O O . T O T . T O O 0 0 0 0 TT 0 O T 0

I ::::;·.·.·.· .·:.· .· .·:.·::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::~:::::.·:::::.


• ....... C-1hl--. 9fP-

Terms Stort July, Soplombtr, Jonuory, ,April ••• SENO COVPON TODAY
lc1tt··-·-·· ·--·-·-··-·-~-·-···

Ye~ sir-sive your car the glow that rests your elbow I Us•
LA<.QUER WAX-the peerless auco 6r>ish protector. It's S
times faster and easi.e r to apply lh1n ordinary paste waxes-
and ••~ lt"talmtnt IA.sis 4 lo 6 m111tb1/
LACQUERW /.X contains no lacquer, buc rhi$hard,llquid1
wax It CUMATE·PROOl'l Its brilliant h ute< shines ritbt
t hrouah hoc: su.o aod driving rain. You can•r wash it off' ••• i t
won"t •(H?d l e brings outa..nd pr~'"''' che full beautT of_your
car's 6a1sh. Only $1.00 for• pint <an. Moil coupon NOW!
1-z:;~~;-w:;-c-;;.-- - --------1
I Gtatltmen: My check, cub or mon07 order for I
Nowcra.tc lll&llr, iowtyand W'lURal lhinp $ . . ... - ..... is endosed.._ conrias con of. ........ can(s) f
like the: di•tinc·t ve. ~ c:oaater ebown-
made byembeddlna tt•I pamie.laCattolit-c
I of LACQUERWAX. r lease send my order ro:
- t he: ··maaic.. UQuid cutloa olutic. Come9 I Name ........- ....... ...... ........................ - .. ....... I
c:rY•tal dear. or m•y be dyed to produce
corseou• color etl'ectt . Ma.kt ~•llY a1t1e.r- I Address ..............................................- ···-· I'
entjewelry, book enc.I•. picture
f ram.es, candle tllc lul. liaurJna• • I Cl IY......................... ... ZoH ........Sta.re .............

Embed butterftle• . col a.•. ·
med&l•. photot. for novf:J plaquu. pa0t-r wd1ht.. tiSH. ·
o the r ott obJect .. Ute only home ut.euOe. PoUowailmplo
1tep by tteP me t.hod. New pLe:uure, AM proAte att pc»-

• • I 1·
albtc. Staci 25c Cor udtlaa MW Ho-. PtoJect Muu.al -
• boWln.abowto 1ttetarted. WriU,.._7/ TlllieC•l1W11 C s • SAY Y OU SAW IT IN POPULAll MECHAN ICS
Dept. C·l+ Woodtt.oek. Ill.

TUNE 1949 39
3·SteP. Plan l"o
................ lbc.

Get inlO BuildillCJf

Don't let the other fellows grab otr the best
..............,. ~.
,_, .....,... • Mo;. ,,.,,
opportunities In building. In.stead use our
three-step method to cash In. With our d1rect,
practical plan you can do one of three thlng11,
WMAMoO #llWO..
.. sa.... a.-.,.....i-. ....., .. -
io ,...... -'
co.. ... 0'2,'"""
ftlf• .,..,., .1,.,...
t~. ( • Ill.
or d.o all tnree of them: (1) Bulld your own .,...,...., _......,.., ..;....._......, s~ A.Mc.
home at a savings or thousands ot dollars: (2 )
Go Into business as a Building Contractor:
(3) Get a well paid Job wtth an establlshed
building 11.rm.
Learn to Serv ice and Repair
STEP ONE - Get Big FllEE Book Open your own electrical appliance ae:rvtce shop. Complete wua..
trated ooune CO'f'ertn1 wuhlna macbints. vacuum cJea.ncra. elec.
First ot all get F':REE 22-page - ranges motora, bouse wt.ring and REPRJOER.ATION. AppUance
book that gives you late.'lt toolS hicluded.. send today tor PREE BOOKLET Without obllgattOn.
bulldlng tacts and shows
the splendid opportunities
now open to you. Book
also tells what others. In·
cludlng many beginners, are
doing by using our proved
methods. Book explains how,
throug h the famous c . T. I.
nome-Bulldl.n g Course. you
learn about modern home
Construct.Ion metbOds from
A to z -methods and prin-
ciples others took years to
learn . Act now to get your
FREE copy without delay.

Build Your Own Home AUTO WASHER
Along with tho c . T . 1. coune,
we ALSO SEND c-ompleto plans Yooreir~rklin~elean-l:n.ajiff-y
and Speicifleatlom tor n roodem -majtic • spong411 'eltianio.v:"Ck»th!
stx-room house>. T"to at.orles, Stmp:ly g_lldo over c•t'. P.REb"'IO
doubte ..gauge. full sh:e basement. Dulrt. gree.J!e dirt, a.tit.I arlmoc:li&aP9
Plam and "Specs" alone "'Orth pear'n n Jlft',y. Lco~ts -finitb clca:t,
tar mor~ than tow coat. or oom- Get Plans for lmtrous.. Auto8aleam like amirro't.
ple-le course. \Ve show you ho\\' lO'
build U1is house or any othet This House SAMPLES fo r AGENTS
~o11.....,. ""ie!!"~.!.T~-
house. Or how to rtmodel an7
exlstlng $lruc-ture. Ott en C. 1:. I. Complete Plans an4 Spccl· .:;::-::~:::!)tiwWvirJfilt
Student!J start. making money lD ft.cations for tblt Ane sls..· KRISTE£ CD., 678 lal'Sl,.4Uo1,WI
Ju.at. a few weeks dotn11 remodel· room home eome with the
tnr Jobs. Yery first JenOn of Joo_r
O. T. J. U ome·Bttfldlnl' ''THE KEY TO METAl BUMPING"
STEP THREE- Counc. l' 011 learn how to
build thl• b.oue or other
Complete (Ours• in famous foirmount
Get Jolt• Go into Business II•• h....... hu p1a111- method· of body and fender repair.
we· quickly ahOW fOU hOW to put aa•day ltslODS JhOW JOG Stop by step procedure from damage
you.r o. T. I. trainlnl to work.. e&·acHy what to do--eftr'J'· onolysi• lo metol finishing. Over 100
TOday witl'i liberal fln&nclal help thlDr frOID ordnlni; cor-
throu,rb F.H.A. a.nd the V.A. lt. !& reel materlals to sa-penb- lllusl(ations. Send $1.00 lo
often pos:s.lblc t;O buUd tor Je1.s lnS" eYt1'1 cet.a.11 of coa.-
t·han payln~ rent. We $how you st.ruction. No need to l•e MANZEl, INC., 315 Babcock St., Bulalo 1~, N. Y.
bow to be your o':'in conLractor:
how to Ona.nee and b\11 mat.erlaJ•;
how to let sub-contracu : how t.o
tJxne. Gei the fa eh
•ea.din,; for l.ntn sU.ns fne
de> eos-t ett:imatlng : ho'lt' to a:upcr- booll. Mall coupon tod•f·
viAe: conatrucUon from 'base.-ne:nt. or u you prefci:r, nt In-
to root. No experJeoce needed. formation an any of the
Huodreda of ch.&rU and dtaarams olhC':r fine c. T. t. eounes
make things clear. Bis FREE
quest explains fully."rODA
fo r your C'O'PY RUSH
Y. re- •1io'.1s•t•e•d•t•n-ih••- •.••.'°
••"-_ __,,

Ja3~ !I :I•I•l·:1<.•l I J:Z•l ~ 1.

I Commercial Trades .Institute c. T.l.Counes I
G.I. approved I
I De pt. Dl -6, 1400 Greenle af Avenue
Chlco 9 0 26, Ill. . I Become a Doctor of PSYCHOLOGY
I Send complete /acts about the cour$e checked Wtn the de.a-rec of Pll.D. 'reach ttl.c 1tcrtl or contentment. ba.1>1>t1l811.

I below.
0 Home 8 1,1itding 0 • lectrleity
I Soh•e meo1al worrtei. Ex~Tt~nce the rfl\'elaUon of tftlth, Cll.arh:red
collerti. Jndlrldurt.1 help. \Vrltt. for. FREF. hook. COLLEGE OF
I 0 Auto M« ttanlcs
DIHel Mtteh.anies O Radio Ind T e levl•iott.
O •eh-~.
and Air Cond.
I UNIV£RSAL TRUT H . 5153·• North Clar-k St~ . Ch lca10.

I o Bod)' And Fe nde,. Re-building O O ra'11ng

1 ltfAKE 1'10NEl.' IN
Thorou1h t·T•inlnr b)' lntern1tl<1nalh• known Land·
I Addre I ac-ape An>hltcct to It.art )'Our own bu1lnesa, tm-
I City t!lte
II Pt'OTO roiJr oome or advance In thlt well J>&ld
field. Many Opvortuoltlet. A.DI>tOVcd Cor Vet- ~~
I D vet. D Non-vet. er1n1. Sencl ror Fn££ BOOK. ,.-.,,.=o'.o.
SAY YOU SAW IT I N POPUL.AR MECHANICS Oept . p •.g, l lO So. ttob" rtson Los Ano••- 3G, c.11•.

W ith An Educational Institution
Men with 1ooclall&ed tralnlnc win bJah•r ooslUona. Insure
l&rcer earnlna.1. and are btc:cer &ucussr:s in buatneu and

oublle life. Oooort11nltles NOW gre11ta- than ever bdore.
&nd for our CataJos.
Cot fact• about arn»J~ monti1·· '~;::;;;;-Ji'--=-=--.::..-,
tnMklna Wan,,. s"~• P lo14 lh•t
1bowayoo e11uyeas1•tepin~mplc-tel1ehart~
P~tb to penonaJ indep~d~nc~wlth your home
• • yourhffldQuancn ••• 11d• proved aad tt•t~ ff f
i'l•n ta working- like maaic. i t•• batil:f'd bt Ml O · er O
old, reli•ble eomp.a.n1 •• . Ar\d we Hnd tt to roo C OMPUTE
on a No-Risk Trial M<mte1 Ba.ck GuanntiM. M 0 N Ey
D.mand Cor KET.LUU!> Bab• - and oth•r IN
k H -ketaa>owl•J bl1<«<rdailf. OvTT•ted PLAN
AERONAUTICAL Plan Sbowt HowtoDo the Work, Ho• to Brina •
ENGINEERING ltt\btBmlneN, Bow to Make u mocb u S5an SEND NO
Hour. s.,.... or Cull W-. bit ·-P'Oflu .,.
Aircraft and f1t9ine M echanics (A& f} waltln1< forfDU. S.nd .,....., poaw.nl w mall M ONEY
.Jaet M • ll

r ----------
--Cod'REll F....,. Aetl 'nmei.pr-

w-- c...
lby . . . - -. .... ~ £leclric
1s12 JAav1s Av1:•• oa:n. s•, CHICAoo ae,
I Batlr
Ple a•e l'Ofh complete detail• ~bout' 10ci'r •Noait.l1k Trtal,.Monf!J'
Pla.n fot Metaliz.i.n1: Bab1 Sl:io.. ll?••l'J'tbioa 10trTtend lt I
I FREE &Ad coeta me noUU.na- oow or ••tr.
I NAK&.--------------·------
1 ADDRBSS ..- - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - -- --
1 OITT- - - - -- - - - - - - --Z<>Nl:-81'AT£ _ __


UAm IH 1.2 WfflCS TIME

• •
You c:an own )'Ou.r own ahop or "a.m blJ: Income a..i llkllled •~
NIP•lnua.n. Orowlnir ditfl)•.nd everywhere a t top WllK•A ror '"""
w110 know how. W-9 t>itAC1• )'OU qutcil.Jy by at'tlU•I 1.,. wor•unv on
)'.e•ra or •it•.
aho.• 11nd modci r n ffl• t'lhl ne11. flcllaol opon to llH frQn1 I K to 00
YH.t ~ UlU 20 PAGE B OOK e:xplAllUi CY4.!f')'lhlnt(.
So:nd ror you.r copy Wt.Ill)'.
A l~U'OVcw.1 ror Vet• Etl.Ulbli-4hed 102'7 Dept. Pt.I
2•J7 e elmont Ave. Ctli•oo. 3&1•1.2 th St. 1 Oa kl a nd, Calif.
IO• S o. , 1tu•r- "St., Los Angele• 1•, C..lil.

JUNE 1949 41
$10,000 REWARD for URANIUM!
Build Your Own Detector
H'l!t c:asy anti run t.o buUd your own Ool.tr~r·
Make $15 to $50 a Day ~
' Muell12r Ur•ntum dc~ct.or. And ll mJi)' e•rn COMPLETI
)IOU • tort\an~ I The Atomle Lnergy comnilaalon pays $10,000 ca•h
Every skllled workman \\'Ill tell you S1Jld a rQOd pl"l~ ptol" ton ror new uranJum dcpo111t dl•CO\"t''r'lff. Build.
)'our own <Jct.etor at homo tn one> hour With U'll8 compl~&e lli l. tn.
P lumbers have the best of It. WINTER ('htde• pletllJJ., C«olirer-Mueuer rube, earl)b<nlC!JJ., 3 bnnd·nl"W ha~r-.
a _n d SU.MMER the Plumber ts busy at le•. au nece.sary condensen, pl~. lubtngtJ, w1r-1ng, ie:t.c. Every.
top wages. No sk:llled Plumber ls ever U1fn2 brand·new! IM U'ument M> '"'n.ltJ\'C It cj~teet,a rad.lum on "'At.ch
out of a Job. Compare his opportunities dJaJ! Adel run. e-x~Uemeoc.. adV(!nture to vueDtlon-. ouu~•• pfcnlai.
with any trade. To the mao with know H"u&h )'Our o:rder nowt ~oo $3.00 wtlh ororir, cofl'lp tet.c kit (,less
hOU.&lniO a.e-n' c.o.o. f6r batanoo pJUA PO&Uige, Or •~nd S.10.03 wtlh

how. Plumbing mean& protlt. Investigate n l'der and tdt ahlpped 1x:u1l.1>Ald, Sntlafac:tlon ruarantcodl
Un1versal Plumblng School. Not. a. ..war
born School."' but a plumbtns school SUPERTONI, 733 N. Mich igan Ave., Chlca90, lllinola
develo1>ed and operated by 1>lumber·s
since 1923.

Own Your Own BE A PLUMBER 3~'W~~s

:JI: t•XiiJ !!1 Sl0.00 VAlUl
Leam With Tools-Not Books
Bave your own
No need ever serve an appren.. pn LENSES
busJness and big ttce&hJp. Don't. envy the plumb· and INTERPUP ILLAllY
Profits wltll little ers big p r ofits - en Joy them. ADJUSTMENT
other than tratn- Learn every trick of the trade-
lni and a l<lt of Leadwork - Blueprint for pJan Sen• atlon of th Yeorl
tools. readtn1. etc. under Llcenaed Many feature& ot high priced
.Mast.er Plumbers. blnocuJ&r,$ . Heav-y duty, a.ll·i>ur-
JOURNEYMAN Over 7 ,000 Succe11ful Plu..,bers POSe: Precision. Carrying case.
1Jhoulder .straps. SEN 0 NO MONEY,
Get• Good Recommend Thia School pay postm&n plus charges. send re- TOT41 $J.ti1
Salary This system bas made more than mtttane~ wttb order an<l we •end J>Oatpald. Id.ea t •ltt.
'1.000 plumbers. 1nvestl1a.te our Money back U not .satistled.
Master Pl umbers l>&st performance. U you Uke to GOERTZ CO., Dept. 6·1S, t 148 W. C~lt190 AH., ChiClllO 22, Ill.
own their own work with tools tbJ& Is 1our op-
shop. A Journey-
rnan works for &
Master. Wttb this
training Jou.r,n ey-
portunity. Become a Plumber Jn
America's latiiest and onl7
school devoted exclusively to
.....••.....•........••.•. ... ..•..
men can depend plumbtrur. Write today for PREE B. S. ENGINEERING-Courses In ClvU, Elec-
on bJgh waces. information. t-rlcal. Mechanical, Chemical, Aeronau-
o . I . A ppro... ed. ll•tlbHsh+d 192::1 DEGREE lH tical and Radio (includin1 Television).
UNIVERSAL PLUMBING SCHOOL 27MON'EHS At.so Bus. Admtn .. Acc't. and See. Sclence.
Low living costs. Modern cafeteria on
877 Holmes S treet Kansai Citv. Mo. 66th Ye ar. campus. Gr:aduates tn demand. Enter
J une. Sept., J an., March. W r'ite for
Students from all Catalog. 469 College Avenue, A ngola,
SAY YOU SAy.t IT IN POPULAR MECHANICS over tlte wwld. Indiana.


Le ader
Ye ar•.
New 2ht
Weith• 6 Lits.

Repairmen, Students, Owners!

Sold on Money Back Guarantee!

for yo~
•r' home

1321 S. Mlcbl1a• Avenue, Cblcatt s Van-Paclt•r Prefabricated
Send Dykt'• Autot110.blle and Gasoline £nglne Chimney ahlpped ll!lll!PJ!!.,.
COUPON E~>·clor>cdfa O c.o.o. I wlll pay fl()ttrnan plu•
chuges. <C. 0:-0. t.n U.S. onl)'.> D Ren1tttanc-e
all parts ready for immedi·
tor $7 . ~o enrlosed. send poata1e 1>•td. If not O.K. l Will return In ate inatallation. • Need. no
G daya and rou will rerund purchase price. loundalion. IAJ'E .. .Under·
WTilere and FHA approved. .!!!;:=!5ji!ji~!5
• Any fuel in any home. -
Saler !ban briclt. • Hall the WRITE FOR
cost. Immediate delivery. F11EE BOOKLET
V•-PllCker Corp. Dept. PM fi.lcl B•il<ling , Chicago 3
Tll• Draft•••• Pl•~• a most
l111portant Part in INDUSTRY
Practically everything that's built or manufactured these
DRAWING OUTFIT INCLUDED days ·i s construct~d· trom blue print drawings prepared -bY the
dJ'aftsman. He Is the KEY man In Industry. No new machines
with Drafting courses can be bu.lit, no bridges erected, no buildings constructed
All the tools you need Incl uding folding until the draftsman has comp!et;ed hls work.
dJ'awlng table. Wtth them you can put Dratting Is clean, Interesting, protesslonal-t}'pe work. The
your Ideas on paper quickly and Wit h ac- draftsman Is paid well to start. And he bas real opportu-
curacy. With training you are alf set to nities for advancement to hig h-pay Jobs In Engineering. The
master Dratting In months,-not years - tremendous production programs ahead In Industry will re-
at home. quire more draftsmen than ever before.
Send t oday tor tree 1nrormatlon. See what this training has
Learn in Spare Tame-At Home! done tor others, what It can do tor you . Simply UAIL
COUPON TODAY In an envelope or use a penny p0secard.
(or o t the College i n Ch icago)
'A tew hours of pleasant home study e"Very ~ MAIL COUPON NOW
week - that's all. With Chicago Tech's ·
help, you train yourself step by step. · 1 Ch;cago T echnical College
This tested method - developed over 45
years or C.T.C. prog ress - prepares men
• I Chie•to
0 ·212 Ttcll Sidi ., 2000 $9. Mlebl9an A'lt-.
16, 1111no11
tor goOd posit ions ln industry. J M:ill m • f."R2 .).:: DrafU nSf" 1.e aM>n wlth lnfo nna t lun about big oppor~
tu.nJI le • ll'l DRAFTJ.NC al\.f'I ho w l
c.11 1:1 t.ral n
.ot h orn•.
0 Arehiteetu,.1 Dfa.ftlrtg 0 E l.:Ctr1c•I Oraftl n9
O Millchln• Drafting O Structural Drafting

CHICAGO C Builders' <:ou,...e

.. ..
M12T.... I llGJ81911 •=11 . . . . .

Nets You

Yee-Storekeepers now ""Write with Light"- wipe off and

write new sign- all in 10 seconds. Faste$t seJle'r in years. 10-
second ~.,.nohatration paya you $9.95 cash in advance. Orders
pour in UAND- OVBR•l'IST. Get started in your te.rrritory
while "L lTEWRJTER" i• braod new and hot as a pistol.

Oopt. 15- PM 646 N. Michiga
' g~
o ~l~l~,~'~


Merchant& everywhere- in am.alJ town and big city- alt s·tare
with amazement at this newest of all FJooresoent Senntion1Jf
Tiley write on llrl&S8 with '·MAGIC CRAYON''-and Pr•stol
-before their- very eyes- tbere•ll a 6 -color Advertis ing
Message that glows like a brilJiant Neon Sign I
f Complete Sales Kit. Send name on u_ enny pogtcard
FREE • NOW for Big FREE Sales Kit and Free offer of
Sample Dei:nonstTator. No cost now or ever. Ru&h PQStcard now.
MAXI LUM E CO., 125 w. Hubbard st.

JUNE 1949 43: "

NArl 111/0ltltf ll/O

New Complt1te Ca talog cm all Modorn P"9Citio n Toolt, Mate·

ri•I• • laook• with o-criptions 60 ov•r 600 ll l1,1•traUor1t tor
W atc:h •Cloc:km.aklng, Jewelnii, T-l·lnstr..-rnf!nt Makino.
U•eful fo r years becilwH catalog entitle• you to future
F IUlt: • upplemonu.
<:At.log F'lltCC with Kl'T or SOC C-t'edititcf to 1'1-t order


f 8-·+lif·Wr ¥ i-S#sl
36" 17 POW ER
TRAIN AT HOME WITH C. T.I. ! Extend$ to 36 Inches, Precision and Pol-

Yes. it.'a usua1ly t he man v1ith a Cr«ul• who enjoys boJ.la high ished Lenses. lde al for S t udyl:ng Sta.rs.
iucome and inde~ndenee! You. too, c•n learn a trade at Plane s~ottlng. etc. Satis!ae tto.n Guaran ..
teed or Money Refunded. Send Cheek or
h ome-by C.T.1. s Shop-Proved Home Training Methods. Mono Order to .. .. .. .. ..... . ......... . Paid
()r. train in our Chicago shops. The coupon below lists fields
which offer you splendid opportunities fo r s.uccesa. Let nothing CRITERIO N CO., De pt. P MS
stop your determination to be •omebodv! C. 1. approved. 438 Asylum S t. Hartford 3, Conn.
M ail eowpc>n toaa,,I FIND Tfff JOI YOU WANTI IT' S W AITING
I 1• 10 w. G r•• nleaf, C h lca90 2C, I ll.
8 &nd tree lllW>tratcd llrochure8 and other tntur111atlon ab(lut
Wh elh~r you ll1'e u :oeroploye<i or gtu" ln • rut . • . you KNOW o ld
fat h lQIH'l(t • H~hoc;l m ...thoda d on' t w o rll:. OW' bookle t ex:plalns s impl y
th e e m c lt'n t. w .-:y to 5'1lttf>""5 tn an7 fto ld. Send only $I ( e&!i:h or U..O.l.
Wby "'' •ll • , • 11tarl N OW : \Vrlte
I tl1e neld J have checked below: I A•D PU •LtCATtON S. Deot. P, 743 N , 4 tn St. , M ilw..,k H 3, W lt.
I 0 Retrige:raUon·AlrCOn<l1t.1011h\" 0 Automotive l\iech.a.ulC$ I
• 0 '&leetr1eU.y
I 0 ~dJo Servlclng·Tele\'tsJon
I O Dle&el ~1 echsnln.c
0 UOdy & •·ender ll.cllulldlng I
Q DulldlnJ: Coustructloo
O Drartlng
• Nan1 •I Save Money-Buy the finest
: -~
·~ ~ ·
barbell equipment direct trom our
foundry - No other company can
match our low price or value!
S11d to·day for t1r FREE Barbell Catalog
·------------~-----·----------~ Eztro plates BUR BARBELL CO.
__.. ___. ..__
10< lb.
Wildercra ff
Lynd hurst 18, N &w Jersey

M--- ~ --­
ltfliutt ~111ottl estllcr toy••
!:lti 'fin!:e-1:~ ia9:t::

(10o/o dis.count on 2 or tt:•d>' to iila" mble. &illd foot. comfort for

ag YAT more tirea ii ,y ou send thii 0
!lome, M~:'lv ~A~~· dUT1t'A
WMOlC SAlE ocl with ordtr) ~tad $3.~ for t..d.lc-• or Children. Meo ' & out-
fit. 13.1'6. Add J.5e PU P9;1r .PO$l:ag-e. It not
TUBE DELIVERED WITH d~lh~bted . r d urn ln 1 0 dayll. tor r dond.
TI RE A T NO EXTRA COST /Alf i~.......eo1on \VbJt.,. tkown. R~. Dl •~k A
\\' btle a od Brown a
Whitt'. S ista S to 8.
Sofe- Our tires us!d on school buses ond ombulonces-All 11o,,-u rown only. S l.r~• J w G.
.Vf!lll,_Bro.vn oel1. Sta.ta I to J_l .
good tires-No re<aps:-With o (>rdll't' :\'O IV - TOOA Y J Ca toloo PR EE.
GOLD BO N D GUA R A N TEE F O R 1 2 M O NT HS WILD Kft a COM~ANY . Do p·t. A ..$ Ch1cqio 10, Ill.
550... 16 .. . $3.54 550-15 ... 83.79 4-5().21 . • . 8.5.14 SAY YOU SAW IT IN POPULAR MECHANICS
......S .59 650-15
3.89 700·1 5 ......
3.69 475-19
3.98 525-18
. ..
.. .
700-16 .. . 4.59 550·1_7 ·~.. 5.69
Exceptionally good original tre<:1d- No re<ops-With o
550·16 . . . $5.19 sso. .1s . . . $<i.81 '50-21 •. . • 6.25
600-16 . . . 5.29 650-15 .. . 4.98 4.75-19 .. . 6.35
650-16 .. . 5.29 700-15 . .. 5.29 52;1 ..}8 . .. 6.69
700-16 . . . 6.29
Trude. Tires- Just whot you wonted to order-With o
560-17 . '. 7.99
6-00-20 . . 81.98 82S-20 . . Sll.19 u oo.22 .. s16.89
30-5 . . . 7.98 900-20 . . 11.89 900-24
650-20 .. 7.69 1000-ZO .. 12.89 (40-8) 21.60 Noted ror ita lifelike action. The 0017
700-20(8) 9.29 1100-20 .• 13.89 750-1 6 . . 8.40 lure wlt.h offse t bOOk lng. That's wl\)' It
700-20 1200-20 .. 18.78 900-16 . . 8.98 catehe1 •em ror keeps. World'• largest
(10) .. 1.2.4 8 750-24 825-1 5
750·20(8) 8.19 (36-6) 12.21 (1 4 p1y) l<l.LO 1elllna plua . ~1td6 lJ1 21 colOT• . Under•
750-ZO SS.7 750·15 water . •urrace • nd t r oll in g mode ls.
(10) .. 9.19 (825-24) 13.75 (12ply) 11 .SO $ 1. :)5 each. !.fusky, $1 • .f.5 . Fl.rrod
1 000-22 .. 17.70 s l.7..e, $ t . 10. Write ror FREE clrt ula r
Gal~ Bolld S'8Cfal-9CI0-15 MHll11J, SW • 7'41·211 Mllbry, SU! --or •end 2oc ror 48·J>age book.let with

S•ncl check or money order with lhfs od J)h.ia·tl.1.hlng secrets or ra.mou• a.ng·1er1.


" A gold bond wrill• n guotonfff wilh every tire" - e>42 P ULIOftD, D llTftO I T 7 , M ICH ,



Ea s i I y
f"LASTICA~T hJ a lt"al\#pareot Uquld plNllc; ~an be poured ltH O
cartridge. Sepa· ANY kJtid o r niold or COl,'IUlJnC"r . H•l't.l.,.n• h t ii few mlu u t.cJr fntt1 a
tr11n.sp11N"nl JJolld, eteat-- u.-glas11, tough aa sloel .PIJi&tle t No too1.11,
rate air cells fo r 1n:.ch l n~ry or al!U l ~1ut rad . lDEAL rot ilnl>ec&dln~ preny ftOVJera ,
l;1.1tt('rlli<'11, J)b<Jll)i.L nlet.1~1&, *.IUYc.ol ra, blo1oi,.'1c(l.I ~lmen•. •tc.
!\l11.ke11 A PIERMA N&NT and ATT RA CTIV& 'HllPlA.>". ?tla.ke •ttniCU \'O
safety. Folds compact J~"·olr)', V"tH\l.8, len se-• 1 knt(':k· ktUu.:k!-1 nO\'C: lth~•- F.tu1ll)• ~~.ll~ t n to
when deflated. 2 sizes- ~l'l ('E! lS l'Od•. bhX:klf, J'\NY <0Jor, A~ \" •hapcil EVERYTHI N G lu,..
nl&h ed"./ lnehl(,llng mol d• . fo r n'llllktng •tioou t 8 50,00 w orth o f
6 cell, 55"x24" ; B ce ll, 55"x30''. Complete. Save.
NNll.ttio> novelU~! PLASTICA ST OUTFIT, Complete $3 SO
. . with 3 mold ... lllu strate'll ln.1tr"'d ion M • n11al i nc l"'d M
Ou c..4tt110 Pfo.dl~• IU'fl •I# ff.fl' to ""'" tJ• J>O•ri"O -tf'r
~LASTIDUR • •• ( LIQUID IVOltY). l de11.I to r ('.u;t lng a.II QP,\QUE
• ·
O•' ., .,io,,.,.
Extra Dual Tubes ··························-···· $1.19 ea. nl'\lelcia . llafflt!11s 1n a {('w n\\nut('11 Into an ci• tnnnely h11rd 1vo1tv..
flke pltu1ll<'! ~ray ho dyod any color o.r eoa•t Into au,)' aha~-e.
Inflating Cartridges, 10 for ............- ..................79c \\'ork5 In l(Vl:AY (.>''>'° l)f mold! N o n•fnft11.mnu1bla, '4'a tf!Tfln)I){.
DUH:>.blc. Jd~a l fo r stJtuary .. no\'clt1~t l'i$['Ulin·es, toys, iradgets,
U.S. Army Folding Cots, new (Frt. coll.) $4.9. tooJa .. ba!lea • • • « 1"1U-ion ••~/"1 aJ11Jl1e.t~• I Ou\ftl comellJ
C'Otnp1ete wfth n1old111, dye&, 11<'~11'!860rlca, ln&tr\ICUOl'l.8, etc, fo r
· Jungle Hammocks, nylon netting, new $4.98 mfl)t'ln.g Al)Out SI00.00 worth oC attn1etlv41 Jow~tey , etc!
..LASTIDUR OUT,IT, Compleh~ wit h 3 l'l'old s .. .. • • • • •
$5 00
Rafts, AAF, 5 man, oars, pump, etc . . $29.50 TERMS: \Ve PA>' the po5tagc.- tU. S..A.) I f full CIUlh aceomp.anl-0>•
)'1>t.1:r orot-r. c.o.D. ae«>Ptieod t u.s.A. onty) 1r S l .00 dc~u l• In•
eluded Cor Ctach !tom ord.('rt"d, C.O.D. Ord<'f"ll not J>Ol'lp&ld.
Mail orders add 1011\ Write f ar FREE Catalog today ~bO~~J)~!~~~··~R~,,~~Ri,~i:.~•Dj~Uif::fJ~

Cal.Ill~ll.JJlllt la~11 t 11eh1ctton of ?.IOLD
and CASTlSG n1n~rla.1s. J.n the
f.,lquhl -Ph1.11U<':<, l. h1uld f,•.-,ry,
1~1q111a ~fllrble. L ltl lJld GltlM. <:eni.nilt'S. 1..1,...
u ld Por:'«'la l n, ~1nul:nJrc. l.at:ex.• Multiplex, F..t.c. A1150 S hcillc:raft ,
lnt4:1rn111 Carvlnte, 1 •1a11U~1. Gluff, Jewel ry Accea80rle.. ('Jt<".
Prit"e OI Cllf"lotf Qn ly IO~ ·u.S.A. 12 :S~ Ca.n.'tdA) .
4$37 N . K e<lai• Ave . lt'P'itfl 1.6 P. o. • ox 9-&7
Chi u.go 25, llli no i• N,-;oP'~d Addr~•• P•lo A l to. Celif.
Car owners who ate wastlng 01onex anti not &:4!tltns CANADIA N CUSTOMERS. flea~c order dll"t'<'tJJ.' lrort>: C•nadia.l'I
proper i;a• mlle:aae Clue lO oor~u·-rkb. mlxluru wlU
be pJeue<.1 to Je:i.rn ho'A' ta taft ga.solln~ I>)'
tndustrtel P l.11'9-tiec, Ltd. , I O;:.o8 1h Pender ~t,, \V"'"' "·
Vatw0u\'C1r. U.C.
VACU-l•lATING off.r·rlt.h mls tl.1rti. VACli-
b.tA'ftC flt-s a.II cart. lruckt 11.uJ lr:\Ctots. It I•
autorn.otic and OPtrtlel on tl\e tor>erch1uae
prlno1p1e, £a1U1 trutalle<I In 1& fci w rnt.nuttt.
~d name, 11ddre~ on i>enn1 iioa.tcanr for { "'
JN1rl•~U.ra •Jtd bow to set Yo'Ul'I for l1nroclo< tit"•
YACU-MATIC CO., ?617 .. 1531 w. State St... , W AU W ATOSA, WIS.


T h i• a5sortme-11t of br1.r•h~ <Ca-' be Ut..0 for Hint, onam•I, latqutir.
0:1iu, pa.1te, oll, c.t\•mlws, etc:. It i• • t•rrJfi<' valuo and sold t<>
yo1o1 b~fow 1n11nuf -,cturC?rs CO$t. I dol for hobbyis ts. work st\op,
t.J.c-to~ And houst!"l'lold us.,..
t 00 for $4.00 - 50 for $3.00 - 25 for $2.00
Brooklyn, N , Y,

"SAFE MOTORCYCLING is what I want," says

pretty Joan Burns. "That's why I chose a JAWA."
Her instructor shows Joan the foot 9ear shift and
automatic clutch. These two JAWA features plus
B11ri11Jr elttll'le1l appl11nee! or rrh!nds tutd nt'iJ!'hliors. sprin9 frame , telescopic fork, adjustable .teerin9
~'''lt'C e!e(trl~al cqulpn1~n1. ln ra.etarfCJ, tlQtt!J, ete.
rull or p~rt 1h11tl
'\fork control and non-sway brakes make for sporty, safe
~CW S110P ~1eUllCHJ home·ll'ainlna ,_)'!Li:-tn. flosh l)lllll~ transportation. -
t Q(t.11.)' ror FREE BOOK 'and .SJ>M-lal Conn for ll:t'lLln11:
Elet-1ronl.c· Kil. SPttlul Strl'itt Kitt. Arn1au1rt See the JAWA models-CZ "125," J AWA "250"
Crowll.'l', t llu•1.r11l"11 Jn11tn1('tlnn• en ntw t-.S)'~P"lo'­
rotnt ph1ri. l 'aJ' U& l:llcr \"ltb )'OUr EAR N INGS and OGAR "Twin" al your dealer .•• at new low
WHI LE L£'.ARNJNG . RUJ:JI n•me. prices. Write for FREE booklet 10. JAWA MOTOR-
CHRISTY TRADES SCHOOL CYCLE CO., 24l2 Grand Concourse, N. Y. 57, N. Y.

TTT'f\lli" 1 040
325 mon~h
PAGES shnrpen l ng l awn
mowers was $80.00
232 and highest S582.00.
My best months ar e L
ILLUS. tn Summer:·-w.
Build a steady repeat CASH business with the Foley
Tot o l Cost Lawn Mower Sharpener-uses same syste·m as lawn
mower ractorles. Sharpens all sizes and types In 15
Famous Guide to Best Pay or 20 minutes-no experience needed.
FREE PLAN tells bow to start-no canvassing neces·
Auto Repair Work sary. 99c out or every dollar you take In Is cleax
profit. Write today tor Free Plan.
Thlt pracUC'al boo); wl II out >'1>U rtcht Into the
r:n.r.ttt nrotitaltle ht111inel>! in tbt 1ut() field. Soows
FOLEY MK. CO., 607·9 Foley Bldg., Ml1n11poli1 18, Minnesota
)'OU hOW lO (C'(t1. a "'l>fhl Job Qt i>l;atl a bu1lne11 Of

. Most
)c>ur own ••l1h ll1He or no capH.al. Eaay 10 utti a.n(I
unlknll.ant.L O>reril tlf'C'l or toot. a'nd equiJ>ntent.
glTf'I appro1'etl metbO~. clest:rH~ mllt~rlals and
3'1• Jc• 70-u.r own U.•U~r NO\'eltt94, TJ.@1ta 1 B•K•· etc .. I n .-p&ni tJme. A
s.how.s )'OU how to actuAllJ' do a proreutonat Job. hOtibY vou will 1ov9. COmple-t.e kits • no ~1u lpme11t. ror lOOllng, (:•rv•
Com ple te opf'nte a shop, etc. 'fht' Vt't)' l1te1L 1urorr.i1atl<>n Ing a nd ombo•:Slni':' tit very low cotot. ~ 10<- for C11talog dclKT'lblng
toots, Je•tb•n• a nd tnstrurtlat'Ul. Youl' t ()c "9f\lndt'd on l a t oro~r.
and o1cture• on all interior and 11,i:tcrlor bc>d.1 work
Information and re.ooer reP!llrt-tbe tiind of work Jl('Ople everr· JONAS HANDICRAFT CO. ID.,1. M·6), S2 Frooliforl SI., New York 7, N. Y.
Eve r where want. and wlH P'IJ' bl1t ror when You ean do
it. MaJJ oou.001l now. U•e book 5 days and lf not
Pul>lished O.K. rc.t.ur.o 11. and we w1U Tefuntl your 0100&)'.

1 3 21 a. M l11hi1 an Avtnue, Ctllea.10 5
~nd Auto .Bod1 and Ftndt r Reo11rs D C.O.D ..
I wlU par postman plus rtlan:e•. <C'".O .D. in
U.S. onl)'.) n Renll ttanee tor $3.50 cncl03-e~ . •eod po$lafe p-ald. It
not 0.K. I wTil reh1rn in ts do.>·• and )'OU "''UI refund purthas.e price. 30·DAY UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE
To prove how much you can save on your car or truck
Namo_~~~~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~~ IT' S A POSTWAR DEVELOPMENT
Easily Installed
Addtt~'-------------~~~~~~--~ PATENT $2 95 FOR MAIL OROUS STATE
ZIP FUEL SAVER CO., 2147 Fe rry Park, De troit B, Mich.
when oq1.1ipped with
Appn;i•ednow RADIo
1'-r•ln M Hom• -«Mt Bi s .._ of Radio PwtsJ
torlbVet:eNl'I•· ~ct.k!at
• MN time.Wnt. lnam:ietJon.
for de.tall•
RadJo Rooll:•-A LL FA£ £ 1 RQ•h Q9l:M toda¥1
end I
OeJtt. J.0-S 20 " · W.ck M' t>t+ff, Ch k•So
Rich, low, mellow tone. Also gteoter po'flfet,
S-ptJ.cf, oMf ec011omy re-wit from ted~ bock
~ preuur•. ftug-ved S-f«l t\l'be, blow-04/f proof.
:"--..::;;.-' Simple to instoU, No w•Wng. Dual set c:omei-
complete with tubbet ~unled clotnpt1 fittings.

1r-..,,,,;..-.r .ADVANCE flNDER SKIRTS

lMM Mavy dvty stffl skil"ls wlll beautify o.n.d•
str.amliM y041r cor. iighl fit, no rottl•, eosy to
install, prime pointed'. Real top quolfty, ~ to~
be confused with eh@oper, fight weloght mol•S~

I l/
Get the•• novelty horns
for laughs.. ·

C>'M' """"
::Ms"'"&e:=~~- WORK TABLE
AdJustablt to tOU's
-iivi-.-ci-MUFFiii·co:- - - --c:p7.PM-6;- .osltlona for 10...
ealb:ed fl11htln11.
60 to 100 wait.
6800 S. VERMONT AVE., lOS ANGELES H, CALIF. 110 volt lamD.
54114 ch.ck, MO!ltoy otd•t, 0t '*'• wll fnoll C.0.0. Vou poy pol109• lflPOf' tffeipf. RIPLACIMtNT LINSIS Ovfl'all l e·ncith of
0 Dvol Mvliht-t S.I Cf.old, 0 S11111t. MNHkt lolft•t 0 f•IMf•t t.\$m, JW. $16.f.5 53 in. Llkt new.
~ o....,1 •• $20.00 1110,e·cd •••••• •• $.S.SO 0 ICi·YI Hor-. eodl 3. 2.S SO MM, htavy duty Has cord. socll.et,
chlJplnt l"ses ••••• • 49c: Pl'·
0 $1tttie M...HI., fhrd,
CM-t., "'""'·' •• • 4.C<i
2%'" Chtoll'I• 1011
pipe Ii'" . •o. . . .
1 :rs
O lou: HM-. .och 3.2.S
50 MM, weldin• l<Hlt shade, oluo. $3.95
0 $end fr" co'°"9 •how1t1t <0111pl..te '-"• ·
tent,. s h111de S ..• ••••• 59t pr. Add 35<: fo.r mailinci. ol!!lllll'}
Cot mck Yeor Mode,<----

Oty S~te

0 llACHlllST TRADE ,
0 TOOL & II E MAii iQ & IESllllllll 'i • 12 1/2" PICTUR E TUBE
Write for FREE Catalog
A 1¢ Postcard will do.
13.3 a .. t34-Q.1342 So. Mlthl1an Aveaul
426 Allied Bulld l nt • Chicago 5 , l ll!aoFt


our new erilar &"ed school
__.,,..,,... no"• offers the-.e courses:
ICS, C A.A Approved 1 Yr. Airpla n e & Oepl . T·2SA, $09 a roact~ay, C•Mtl'tnah. Ohio ;
'~ Ena:lne Mechanics Course, REFRESHER •I
/. Al l'tPLANE & ENG I NE MEC H AN ICS. D e..lg n ed
tor v~te rans- with aviattoo mechanics ·e>ene.rienee. I
Either course ts availabl~ to ~veterans u.n der t he G. 1. Bill I
of R ights. Writ e today tor complete information . I
· LINCOLN AVIATION INSTITUTE · -- -- - - -• 0<one-5tat• - :
DEPT . P · G
-·------------- --------- --·---~



JUNE 1949 47·

LEss -~ HAN 112 Price
Brand new genuine Neo-
prene Hose-outlasts or-
dinary rubber 3 to 1. Re-
inforced wit.h super tough
cotton cord plies, F lexible,
easy to handle. Easy Flo
brass couplings with stand-
ard pipe threads for quick
connections, included.
(llsNt 11-.J IY. 111.' IY.11. I}{ IL Pump wator for lrripUon,
l•llC1l 25 fl. 41 fl. II fl. stocll, tlnkl. home. bam,
" let Sl.75 11.15 13.15 flro flptlnc, etc.
I f ~fied we will send special hoee for gas or oil at same prlcet
All prices f.o.b . C hica1io area. Satl•factlon guar•nteed. Se.nci
chcdc or money order fn fu11. or SJ.00 d~tiotit: a_n d b31ance c.o.d.
Muter M1 cb11lc Co., Dept. 12, Burlin1t11, Wisconsl1
Write for Cotolog PM.4
M•mMr-: Sot.1ttt•r-n Aa90elatlo" Of Prlv.at. Traff $c-l'I~• '
" " approved K l'lool to TRAIN V et.rans & N on·V•ter-ana


Verlobl• Pow•r Eytpit<• A41ivstA1•
to ISX, 30X a"11 60X.

$4.50 C••• W.ther

5 Sect.ions~ 4 Lenses. Also used ll.S SOX b.1icroscope.
Money Back Ouar ..ntee. Only $4.50 POSTPAID.
BROWNSCOPE CO. Dept, 6M, 24 w.
NEW YORK 19. N . Y .
45th St.


3157 $. 9 TH P\.ACC, MILWAU KEE 7 , WfS.
Removes Hook Without Handling Fish
MARVEL fish Hook Extractor
Protect Your Hands, only
8eA$porf$tnon, Don'I M¢1.t / Fi$h
31$7 $ . 9th P l., Dept.. 2$9. M il w . 7 , w; ..
$11, l.ocol DfHll"I' 01' (µdf!r Dil'..(I
01'11-l•r' £ l/btri6wJo1'• l•"'-tnl

Flash Your Turns
SIGNAL KIT fits mett cars. Giff.I
new Uf•lY end comtort wtiea mallnt
turn. £ Umle.t" .,,. 111"•••· Flash·
fllll par•ln1 and tall 119.lltt tftOW ttht:r
latt wlHcll way y,u•re 1elRI tt 1Urn.
F tutits &o 10 ao 1J•u 1 •lout•.
Wtrtts Ille flcttry ln1taltecl 110llttl OD
t XPtMfvt e••· DMt: not illttrfttt wltlll
tPtrfllo• ef IM'•..•t Htbtt. lnttall It
A SANDEE $pMtone will outlast two ordinory mufllen ond All parts fwals.llell. F'tr
give M0<e , _.., More Spffdl More Mil-el-plus o - . '"''°i•in YtUrMlf.

quollty unsurpossecl.
rt.a.. •hip (Item)·
Car anclr Y:ear a
p,;,.,____ $8 95 •
s.,.41 cll.<k.,.
,....., , , •.,.
Mut 19.42 tG 1949 ears. SP•CI P'Y
MAKE AND YEAR. Adaptable 1t
earner tats •t ti:tra ltlt. MOM£Y
Pntat• e.r:tro H C.0.D. '1. 8ACK QUAllANTEE.
Adcl,...---- --------------
SAHDU MUFFWt CO. 56QC1..,... PLC...,_ City, Calif.
The LISTER COMPANY, P. O . llox 5939·M6, Chlc•90 7, 111.


• Re frigeration Sealed Units SEALED REFRIGERATION UNITS
Wby ••• In • crowded MIO-HERE IS A REAL Built Prior
OPPOR·TUNITY- t o t tt Ill on t he 1round ftoor of
a 1c auSIN£.SS ••• Tlle Rt tr11eration 8 ullnt1s To J942 Today Most Sealed Units MAIL
I• htre ••••.,. ••• Miiii••• of Unl1' NOW IN
USE and M illions More comlllt • , • BU T • • •
W1'll Need ore rebuilt at factori••· The THIS
Most of U•e Seated Units are rel>Ullt at tlte faetorY charge is usually from $80 COUPON
. • • HCAUH 11 11m1tod repair ..rv1u on 101eo Rebuilding- to $100 per unit. TODAY
unltt loeaUy ••• WHY. tiec.ause it reciu1re1 s kllltd
tralrtlnt • • • w e Offer • POST· ORADUATE - MILLIONS MORE
COURSE l•tt1nt only 16 Wet-kl to t ra4uates of WILL FOLLOW.
2s university A ve. s . E., Dept. PR·& ea
NtsPOMlble achOOlt or ttlos.e who have tt.aCI 1 few LEARN NOW- Ml nnetpolia 14. Minn. Opportunity
years &erVfff ex11erlertee. NOTHING LIKE TH IS
IS OFF ERED ANYWHERE ••• A REAL COM· - WE TEACH I CentJemen: I am i n ~rested
• •• ~le•se
. , mail a t once cOmplete informa.Uon,- T f'I• FREE
'!IO.• n ot obllpte mo and the i.nior mat1on PARTICULARS
PREHENSI VE COURSE . For V et erans and N OR•
V et erans ••• BETTER HURRYI
YOU HOW I UI ,.• • ••

Be lndependenr In Your Own lusineu Mail fllis

I Nam.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-


25 Un iversity Ave. S.E., De pt. PR-6, MINNEAPOLIS 14, MINN, 1Clly

T--RAVtL-tor ·urtvL.r:. . ~.P..~. ' § . = . . .~'=·-""·~•

······· ··· · · ··· · · -
~1:m·;; As high as $3,351.00

,------------- ....---·
Many Positions to Be Filled YEAR
R&Uway MaU Clerks - Postotlice Clerks - Mall Carriers -
Stenographers-Ty1>Jsts. Statistical Clerks- t.tquor Inspector. COUPON
etc. 40 paie Civil Service Book - FREE.
MEN - WOMEN I FRANKLIN INST., Dept. R85, Rochester 4, N. Y.
Veteran• Get Preference I page
Gentlemen : R uSb to me without charge. 40
book with list of U.S. Government big paid
Mau Coupon S.m ruedlately- t.odaY aure.
Allhou9t1 not oov•rnment controllltd1 tl'li• can be y-our firs:t •t• P toward a I hours.
positions. Advise me also regarding salaries,
I qualify work, vacations, etc. Tell me how to
1ecure Ci"il servl·ce C.,..r .
f or a pos1tlon.

II Name ........... ... . .. . ..... ................. ..

I A.ctctress ....... ..... ......... .. ... ... Vet? .... ..

Alli COMl1n·1~SSORS
for Gara{!e • S ho1• • Faetory · F arm
or Home. H eight 9 " • \Veig1at 7 1/2 lbs.
Use s J/4 IIP 1'1o tor
A sturdy, '°l't:ll built ail" con 1p.r o.•ssor or 61uel aucl
die _."~ ' nu•tal C!On iillru c h :d lo ~,·4~ ~au "ra.-1orr lt1lai le
11nd I U.$llng it~r~ i c~. 20-30 l bJ>. coulinu o u $
pr~S."\"u.re• .Oigbt'r J•res-s u.re for iuh;rnli1ti·n& At'tl"\'•
T laey Las t
l e\'.
Forn1e rly soJJ for 8 14.SO. 5,_,1\h<'liie rub-
bose whb fin ing.
12 ·~J f tea Sl.iO, 2 3¥~ s3.ao


The WILDam Co mbination-test~ and_pro\·ed by materials and ins tructions included.
c:iountlet>9: co01marclal and amatt!ur users, i.s now Ideal ror home \\'Orkshop. tnvalual>le
offered direct to you at the amWngly low price for gara_ges. repair shop$, fanns, et.c.
of only $12.00. No G .. - No Gauges-No Spark SENO NO MONEY I 10 DAY TRIAL. Order your
Lighter needoo. Always read.)' for immoo.i ate use WlLDllTt Electric WELDER-HAZER·CUnH
-Just plug WELDRlll into IU).115 AC or DC out. C.O.D. today. Pay postman $12 plus po<l3ge
let.. Usea etandard weldtng and brazing m.aterlal!i. chancs (wt. 4 lbs.) or send $ 12 and we pay Post·
WELDltlTl furnishedcompletewithConverter Unit, ege.l:::ithcr wa.y, if not satisfied, re-
#1 Sing.I~ Holder for v;•elding metal t.o *'6' thick- tum WnDl:ITE in 10 di\YS for r~fund$
neos, using up to ~· rod, and 12 Double Hold<r 1,,.,. postage chnrgcs. WILDIR HOOD

--------------------------DeJL A·I,
with Copp<ir Coatoo Carbon Electrodes for Braz. -Approved Axe Welding lens-only
ing, Cutting, Heat Tr'Oating, etc. Swting welding $3.95. Calif. ordeys add 2}i% tnx.

JUNE 1949
4" s..• les""°'"
SL, U, c..n.
.V.l'.DOWI tlt-W bOok abollf'8 llimpillted
~up up m~hodt-SP«<! t\lnlnc-
flU l~e. Sfff"tt......Ec:Oaom1 T1P•t
Tell.a bow W bal1d ~W' OWtl •1't'ed et;ioJpm-e.,u r...i. Coovc-r• l 0tt~ I '"Hot
Rodlll" SPoth Cu•I COrQpJrte lndnK!UOnii oo but1d111.- lll~Pt'IU I "~ ~r·
dl•f'S~r•1 Hl·Spe~ HC*ds. (ki:111 MutOCT•. Maal!oldd. . . Water; 1)11Jf'dctl'•l"
AU •boot C!ll&IJlt•• ..El:oaom)> TunJ.nir," Rttlyllnir, "R~lll Trle:JIA''-helll
Rcvnb 'l'ntdt Pro'ten Net.bod• thAI. wtll JJY• you.. C":llt tlu-Wlnc u1w
.awa.)'-wlU& up to lf"'9h n:iore ~ aod mlleaae:t
Also abow.s Jatctt "Holl~ Cllltom SttlJua'' au:Uto4#J St:tt.ro.Jlat.ql
Sport. ~b•1:1&:H I Mcm~·Sa v SP«d Convtrs.IJ)Mf C•Worola Roadlilcr J)raw.
ltis•l H•«r 'Pl•n:t! 0\VotlcJOtr' la.ttam.tl $pHd C.bl-loCW)tt .l"hol.Oa'rtlPb•l c.om.

EXTINGUISHER ptfite D;rta-t'LVS ~t1ra l <::Uto.:a (;'ar A Boe. Rod P1e:torlal A"u pptcmenu••
a OOK OP ITS Kltri!O, ONLY •• . • • .•• • • • . •• , ,, ,, , ,
$1 98 -
• p.111d
ALMQUIST INGINHRING, Miiford 91, P• n.1ylvenle

IND. Foe. $ SS
CIN. FOC. $ 39.SO
CIN. FOC. $ 31.SO
20~ Fed•rtl Tale
Leather C•sn- Jnct.
Money Sack Guar.
We Pav Postage
Dept. 6M, 24 W . 45tb St.
NEW YORK 19, N . Y.


SU 0.1. rou"d .u,. a ...,_, 12 4iat1ee, S ~ing. P.O.•. $65•00·
So...th • end, Ind•• • • • •.• . , • , , , , •• • • . . . . • ••• ••• •• • •
SOU Q.al, qyer or undet o.ro1.1nd, 12 9au9e, 3 Opotnln9 $ 104,.00
...._,, x 1491". F.o.a. South hMll, tnd • . • • ..• . •••••.• ••
a7S 0.al. OYaJ 14 9auoe, bNem.nt. 2$" X 4 '1' X 90" w ith
lq h•9•· F.o.e., K. c;. Mo., 04' T yla.a, Oki.a. • • ••• • • • ; ••
0 $0 •

21s Gal. ta.rm ta.l\k, •t.ftdard o"ntnga, oval. r •.o.~·· · K.C., $37.SO
Mo., Of° Tulsa. Okla. , , , , , • , •• , • •. .. . . •• · •• · • • • • • • •
2?S Gal. ta.rm tan k •tAndud OPttnlngs, complete w it h • ft.
•tai:id, hOM noa:xle, 0•110•, valVfl, e tc. F. O.•., Tulaa., Okla.
300 oal. ,.,.m T :at.1c 14 oauge ro... nd. F.o.•. , TulN, Okla. $3t•9S
and W •'..." • Ohio . • . • •.• •.••• •• ••••• • • • •••• , • • • • •
soo· Gal. larm ""'"k 14 g•...il• complei. w lth • t•nd hose, $87·00
rioule va1vu~ pug•, .te. F.o. • .. W•rren, Ohio • . •••••• •
~~.:a-~.~~~·~.:~~-~~-·~~~·:.~ ~·~:'
•oo "•'· a.ptics T•k* 14 1•~·
c., Mo. • $78·00

Sowth • end, Ind •• , , • • , , • • , • , , •• , , , •• • , , , , , • , • , , ,

O.,_Jt •r poymnt i• t.H witli enler.

D I R E C T 5 A L E 5 'll°~r.u~itV,'~J~·
Air Compressor
LtlfO AUTO BODY~' ~\ \ ·~
· 1• ......


DIT:::••LI s22•s
This New, Easy Way!1/,"",w-1 - ..,:;


s,.ar point,.., b1Udi.s, CMS. trucks, mldllnery, etc.
llfl1t1 uras, a:mse 111clliOll)', . . , lns1ctlclc!es.
Built to &ell for 3 times our low p rice. Opcr~l4':1'
Neut Instructors /loite It HomeI
r n)m ~ h .p. tn()tor or eq11i v"-Jtn.l gas cn~i nt~. Or
may be run fro m t ruck. tractor. JttP 1xn":e1 ui~o­
off or f an belt· detiigned for easy m our:i t ulg , Ca-
pa.city '\l,p to 6U cu . ft-. JOO lb . pressure. D~llvers
filtered '"OU free air". Air outp ut doubl~ 1h.at or
9irnllar cornpreasors. R uaaed. a-upe.r-efficlcnL. p(lrtable.
s · at $22 95 price F.0 .B. Chicago ariea inc ludes oomt>n:-IRK>t.
2rn'. double b r.-i.id heavy dt1ty a ir h~. SChradtr ~ir Chuck.
You t10Ve over U. Act nowt Mooe7 b a ck g uarantee. Send <:heck
or money order to:
Dept. 10, Burlington, Wi:1.

Kiu K11llll lc-'r btJICf• pennt~. olrkrlr.
dltr1"1! ba.hdY tor part-ln" M"ten. fJrh'f'•
11111. Jlfll~'* "1c •• rlJbt 11.t ro11r tll\"tt
l1J••· ex~1rent tor l.1adle6" b11:nllb•ll't1.
MAR YOUR CAR - !;~~~·
rabb('r. N• i;aetlo11 Cup.-.J11•t pra~ on
da-11 bo•rd or lll•bt1l•t,ry. C'c>ln5 ¢a.n't
GLOWS IN THE DARK t tnll (lot. Senit 4~nt1 t1.oo. (\\' ci 1~Y
All eotn• v l•lbl- P at. P tindl np J.~l•ll't" •• ~I) C.O.O.'••
SEXTON PRODUCTS MFRS .. 2700N. Sacramento. Chlcago47. Ill.
SAVE 250/o ON QUALITY Ytfu h ave t0 SE& Lht-u book.s to kn.ow how much U\~' U h elp you.
8c.e th.~u• PRE£! JuAt fUI out eoupon below •M '.'1•11 tt in. SE..'JD NO
MONt:Y. Dtamlnt! t h e eqt tor '1 day4 AT OUR Rl t"K!
Garden carta. laundry carts. ·wheelbarrows,

A<:t promptly s.ud •·~ wlll tqc1 ud~ FREC. t.he vahu1ble new
all.&' ca.rt. ye>u build or repalr wllh Bilt -Rlte bookll't, " Hand book c>[ Rt•l<lttot111J \Vlr!Q 0<11-11.•• It l"OCt
••heels rolls .tmoothly e.nd ecr.si,..-and you r ctu.m thl' Sd. a t OUT t'XJ'ttl,ff' l tl i d11..1J1. YoO owe notbiJlf .
eave up to 25 r~ ! BUr.- Rlt~ Whe('!t.t ore semt- 1'o li:eeri $et, stnd t lth.t:r s:z:a.75· 11'1 <uh 0" 1$. 00 • fif'r 7 d~)'•
pneumatlc. bnll-beating. red "'' bee.ls, vuar~ aftd S:J.,00 per month uoU t ~G.$0 b: p1111t, 81tlt. n - •· t'IN
antttd top quality, Compare BUl..-R1te's lucy d1 • a~1rldf!JtH4l R' iri111q IJO(,k Fn£.E1 C<iupoti b 4:10W I•
qUOllty and price-then get y our order ln J\.\ft. • ttQtieirt to 1tt Al'PLl"F!D 1<; LftC1'1tlCITY Sd tincl to
COd.O)f • et tTt>::F. WlrlAK Rook tor doh1~ IO. M•ll coopon AT 0:-J(',.£.!
Bill-Rite 8orgolni on 8all·Bt ari1t9 Wheels
( ,.of 1/2
6 • 1.00 ..... Sl.So
inch Axl es)
10 1 t.7S ;n. Sl. t S FREE TR/Al COIJPON-MA/l NOW.'
a• 1.75 .... . 1.80 10 x 1.00 in. 2.45 II
Educat ional B ook P ublishing DivisioHn • OL
6 x t.SO .................. . St.60 COYNE ELECTRICAL 4 RAOIO SC 0 ,
Bill-Rite Guarantee
( f'o r ~ hh .iutfill)
10 • 2. 7S in• •• •••••••• Only $4.651 No l>oOtt•r Whf!•I•
~• made r•<a•rdless
500 S . Paulina S t.. Dept. A9·R6, Chic.ago 12. 111.
v1-; s1 Send co,•ne·s """' g \."OhlmO 1101, · ·Anolled f'l'k.('tlO:-a1
Eltttrlt'it)'" lO mo. po:ctpa\d for 7 d,:i\'~ FHEE T H t At -_ p.er )l'OUt
o t price; 10 d •y , . . oft'C! r . fncludt- "ll.$nc.ll)c)Ok .,; ltC>ildenthU \\'111.ng" FREE.
II dze 11ou n e~d. i$n't liated, write /or Folio A t urn p,.vllege .
o•DllR T ODAY-I-end cash, che<lil, cw M.O.-#a.y postage on a rrival.
Narne "" II
BILT·RITE WHEEL COMPANY I. 1'o" . ne - -State .I

of other uses
for WYPE!


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llte.rat.u.re $LOO-re.funded tlnt order-. Lee OOPPER Tubtng, brass OtUl'J81 for oil. Trading Poat, 4-168 F'Jetcber , Ch!caao tl,
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cessorlea, Centreville, Maryland. l>Qwer. more mun per 1allon. more mu es 13 up. New motorbUte converslona $5.
NEW StMatlonal scat. cover. Mono, 6545 per mot.or enou_gb for 100.000 miles. $3.00 Plenty ot brand new motorscooters, midget
8&.nta M on.ice. Blvd. , Hollywood. Ca.Ufor- J>QSlpald. hrns Products, 8 120 Walnut Dr •• can. homebuUders pe.rta, automatt.o
Los Angele& 1, Calif. • clutches, transm.1.1slons. enrlnes, u res, er;e.
nla. at factory prices. S'J>eclal aale; Pour bal-
WE Sell dJrect. to customers over 200 AUTOMOTIVE Surplus loo) specials! loon tires for t3. Over t !500 tires In stock.
tPttd eQuJpmcnt. parts manufactured bJ Pullers, Wreoehea. so-eke&. seta. reamers, Mallorder only. Send 25c for b1g wu·bar-
us. Pord A·B· va-&..f .. (Ferruson), Stude- other baraains. NattonaUy a<lvertlaed galn catalogue Number 31, Just out lllit!ns
bak er ChnmpJon. Chevrolet.a and WW11. merchandUe. Pree eaUt1oaue. Olenco Sup.. these and hundreds of o\her ba.rptna.
Cylinder h eads. dual int.ate manUolCll. ply, 7519 Myrtle Avenue. Glendale 27, (3So by tlrat cla11 mall.) Midge~ Mot-on
lJ•nite fly-wheels. ove.rlfie valvet. com- N. Y. Directory, Athens. Ohio.
pound a-prinp, catn4h•fts aud oUler aup. GOVER.NM:ENT Surplus. Low voltage WORLD'S Flnt jeL liUrblne bteycle en·
p lJes. Complete e ngines ready for race ror clrcutt testtr 1.n at.eel bcn. Coe:t $202.00. glne. Pili any bike. Smooth. economical..
can. boats and midgets, &1.00 to cover our price t2'1: $0. Will test batteries., St.'°. Dealers wanted. Ltteratu-re 2k. Jet
tlJu.s.tratcd Ut.erature n.n.d price sheet.. R & •t.rt.en.. aene:ratora, ,.olta•c rtculator&, Enalne Co.• 8'-. Auau.aUne, Pia.
R Mt1. • Co.. Robert M. Root, Box 548, a-round.a, abort clrcu.Jt.s. wut EJectrlcal
Ander1on. lndlana. MOTORCYct..E Boolts. Complete sentc...
Company, 7829 8. RacJne Ave .. Chicago i n1" information all American motorgclel
FROM Speedway to roadwi\Yt Track· 20, Ill. • $1. 50. TTlumpbj,Arlei, B.8.A., Norton, VU·
proved hJ-s,peed heads and manifolds now Uer&, $ 1.50 eac • Modern Motorcycle: M &-
available f or your PUSenger ear l No ape... F'IBR-& seat coven $9.98 .... plaatJc l l7.98.
clal tools n eeded! Inereu.e horsepower Slate make, model. ArnoJa, 382 Livonia cban!cs larre book aJJ torettn. Amerfcan
25 ~ ! A.stounding getawut Pree Uluscrai- Brooklyn 12. New Yort. • makes H .00. How Oblaln BPeed. U .50. Bow
ed catato1. Speeds'port.. 621SAA Dtversey. HYDRAULIO Brakes Ford model "A," to Ma.naae: MOlQJ"eyctea., Sl .&O. Cataloe
Cblcago 39. all v-a·s. )4.oderntie 1our old Pord. Speclfy free. Clymer, Del>\. A· MC, 1268 SO. AJn.
·mOdel. E-Z installatlon. COlllplete lt:lt uew re.do, Los Anselea 8, Calif.
AUTO S UPfLI ES ANO EQUIPMENT unlta replacing mechanical type, $85.00. CASH For Harley '14 O.H. V. wrecks or
Clymer, Dept. A-BB_, 1268 So. Alvarado, parts. Motorcycles, 520& S. Honore, Chl-
·CHROME Wheel d.tsc. Save io U.OO: Loi Ansel ea 6, Callt, earo.
only $8.50 ut. Mone:yback satis:f aclJon. RtJSTBD-JJut bodies, door•. ftndtrs re- ?.tOTOR scooters. bicycle en1lncs. 120
Cuh or c.o.d. C&5h ordera poatpald , Speci- paired without weld.Ina, aoldertna. Profes- milts aa.uon. Dime for eataJot . OlYmer,
fy car and Wheel aize. Free eatalasu e on $lonal resuJts. lnatructloru tl. GI.be&, 2114 Desk A·65. 12158 So. Al...-a.rado. Loi Anirela
request. R & E Sales, Box 611. Orand Haddon, Chtcaao 22. 15. Call!.
RaptdJ, Mich. •
BUICK P&.rtt-RnJoY new~ar pep and OARS Olllt.en I Buy. ln e:xpemtve. De• MOTORCYCLE AcoeuorlH. •PP&rel.
power 1n your Old Bu.ick.. Same day a.ervtce tau1. MaUord, 204-a Ea.st 81, New York: 28, Send 20c (credlted Oli tlnt order) for
N.Y: RJder•a CAtaJoc. 4.5 P&aes. 300 dehlxe ite:ms4
ti:om Wor'ld'a I.arrest. atock of new (not. re- Lim9, Dept. M, Bellerose 8, N. Y.
built) Bu.ick 1)&fU and en1lnes. Ship any- "SMJTHYS MWDers" for all cara.. Pree
wbe.re. Wrtle tod&JI'. Robertaon Buick Co., list . Buck's Auto Part.a, 1296H. Mercod S, WHIZZER Bl'k:e---motor *25.oo: Cushman
IOCll s . Wabuh A• • .. Chleaeo 5. Ill. Califom la. · motouoooter 116.oo; mldf•t rao~ uo.oo:
PRES.A-LITE AutomattcallY hands you GASOLINE Saver. Sl.00. Strombe.rr car· Shaw bicycle-mot.or $15.00: H.arle.r-Davld-
Uahted cJprettea while drlvln1. Free It\.· buret-Ora EEl-AAVt6. Wa1trt Co., 3429 N._o. son motorcycle $15.00: Smith motor·wbeel
e:rature. Leung, 19 Sout.h Villase. Rock- 10th St .• MUwaukee 6, Wts. $25.00: Good motoncooter (twl.s~ rr!Pl
vUJe Centre N. Y. s22.so. RU3h 25o for new cataloS # t t ua"'
WELDING BodJes, block4 tenders. Ing mAny other. amazinl' baraatm. Jn mo--
NATIONALLY K D0'4,.D pa.rLI ar. whole- bum.,.ra-euy with Hobart. Welden. Adds torsc.oours. · used motors. mid.get can.
sale prlCH. Give 1e1.r. make ·and model. dollars to profits. Free cat&Jo1. W rtt.e part.a. wheels, etc. Gall, 631 Erle. TOltdo;
Ship e.o.d. Parts. P .o . Box 325, Willl- Hobartweld, Box M·602, Troy, ObJo. O b1o.
m.&ntlc, conn.
19f9 SUPERlGNlTIONITER. Si.•rtlng, BICYCLE Supplt... Wholesale ret&ll
"AIRFLOW Needles.'' save aasoUne.
Pree Lrlal ! Stnd ma.kt car and carburetor. pep. mueare: S4.SS. E G Ylc: .. Elmslord, II.I~ IOc. Unlvtt&&l, Ul3 Vlrpna. el, Lout..,
Ne\\• York. Mlsaourt.
Neher l.ndustrle.s. u Verne, Calif.
BRILLIANT, Wlndproor, waterproof, COMPLETE One atop Harley DavtdSOn
OIL Filter that coolt oU. Remarka.blJ' aafety naru. Bo-x ot s ftt.t clove compark salet aervlc.e. Com_prehenaive &CCCAOl'J
etnclen t. $8.&0. Write for foldtr. Stone·wall ment. Sl.00 _postpaid. V8114 Sales. 924 North catalogue 2:5c. 8J.3 Ohio st., ·Wlcblta
Compan.r. 200$-M Cedar. Albam..bta.. Calif. 16, Omaha 2. Nebraska. · Falla, Texas.
AUTO Key chain flashligh t-Complete MECllANICS--"Be Independent. Smooth
with batt.ery. No more trouble nndtus key- C\ll CT1\DU.bafts. $15.00. 'Pree Uterature. · D .
hole at. nt1ht. $7.20 d.ozen; aample tl. McGee. '11.9A Ca.scade. Wenatchee. Wash.
Joseph Ple!scbman, 1635 Broa.dwfl1,
T ampa, PJa. "LEKTRON" AtomJc coo bOCMter savet MOTORCYCLE nlust.rated neWl!, month ..
(C:&I. ln.&lant at.artlns. Only t2.00. Money .. 1Y. SubacrlpUon ·$ 1.00. lntroductoQ cop1
HOLLYWOOD ''R&U'' horn. HumorOU$ back rua.rantee. EuUy lnat.alled. Specify t5e. Worldwide lnlorrnatlon.. Motorenle
t1ft1e1e.nt alsna t wllb a &mile. $3.50. IP-YI car. Electronic Indu.st t)es. C1evelapd 11, New•. 5424-A Sawytr, OhJcaao 25.
bark.ins doe horn S3.SO. Cadet vacuum 01110.
twin atr borns. spun brass. chrome ftniah. OENUIN;: Blain mot.orQcl• bap. uo.oo
Complete $29.'15 POStpald. E-Z inatallat:lon PISTONS-Anferlcan an d forelrn mak es. to $65. 00. Allen Streamlined Bae Co.. JOI
any car. Clymer. Dept. A- KY, 1268 So. Al· Racina types ma.de. Free price ahttt. Uer:- Drool< St., Elfin. DI.
varadO. Los Anatlts 6, CaUt. rymaa Co.. Lawndale, PM:2. C&Utorn1a. JET Prwelled bteycJe. A.Ue.mble your
HYDRAVLIC Jack repair kits. Repair AOTO Parts for all cars, traDSmlsslons, own. Photo and lnst.rucUona u .oo. Rusb
your own. Send for prJeet. Beerman Ma- mot.on. dHTerentl•ll. tenders. carbu-re. order . Maupin. Tipp Oltz 5, Ohio.
ch.lne Worts, 2000 SO. Claiborne, Ne• Or· tons:. Security Auto Pa.rt.I, 1923-PM Grace,
Jeans 13. La. Chica•o 13. BARLEY-DAVIDSON Part.a, · -...
batteries. and tires" 24 baur aervtce.
CHEVROL£T Parts. scarce motor. bod1, Au tbcrrtt.ed lactoey aHJer. Phil.a:
!;A POPULAR MRl"'.HANTr.S !i).'!.e~ - -~~~l P!~:--<?~man Obenolet, !!•T~y·._9.a!f~SO!!, ,.~~~_?.~~J•.._ '!_T____orth
MOTORBIKE Out.rtt SS.00; m ldcet car TECO Motor k it-Complete pe,rta for ELECTRIC Saws and drills. Albtrt
(complete) 13$.00; Indian motorcycle a.mall low voltase a.c.-d.c. motor. Qu.a11tY Schanti, Baden. St. Louis 15. Mo,
$30.00; C\lshman moto.rscoote.r (complete product tor electrtcal atudent.& In hlah ARMY Weaaela. Carso snow aledl. sr-
with ex.tr& Ute) $20.00; 194-9 Whitter &ehool1 _ tndustri&J, vocational, anel home mlnaton•s, Unlon Bay Place. Seattle 5.
$35.00; other motol'$000ter1 $10.00 up; laborawrlea. Arra.nsed for demonstrating W UI>.
motors $3.00 up. Send 25c for new catalog squirrel care and wound rotor, aeries,
# 94-2 llstinc maey other sensational bar .. .shun\ and compound connectton1, bruab BENCHES, Cabinets, drawer eaaea and
eatns ln used motors. motoraeootera, mo- &ettinp, air gaps, and othtr ultent tech· complete line ot workshoP equipment·. Pree
torcycles, p&rte, etc. AISOClated, Box. l 76t- nlcal l>Qint.a pertainfn1 to electric motor catal.01. Burkel Equipm.e nt. 1627 W. Port.
cs. Toledo. Ohio. operation. (Not merely a. LOy.) Write Teco
Incorporated, P.O. Box 12'1, Boonton, New
~tzou. 16, Mich.Jran.
MOTOR.SCOOTERS, New d esign, 6 big Jersey. WAR. Surplus In small tools for m achino
fe-aturea. Literature lOC. Rollaway Mo- a.bop. Send 15e: for bulletin. Travers Tool
tors. Lancaster. N. H. ELECTRIC Pt.ncU: Enrraves all metal!: Co., Dept. ~' 5 Court ~uue. Long llland
RECONDITIONED Motorcycles and mo- $1.25, Beyer Mfg., 10511-H Spr1Ditlt14, City 1. N. "
tors. Obromlum acceasorlu. Complete Chtcaco •3. ANGLE Plate 3 1' J: 3'1 x 4" precision
&lock Indian parts. Expert rebulldln&'. MOTORS New Oeneral Electric \~ h. p. 1round'r6 sldea, ... 15 ppd. Circular ala.mp.
Put. senlce. Jndlan Motorcycle 8alM, $12.50·. Al.SO others. Free 11 t.erature. Plenge. Mode.I ool service. Rock Palls. Ill.
Kansas C?lty 1, Mo. 114 Elliot Place. Bronx 52, New York. TIRES--Save ~3. New, ru11ed all pu_r -
HARLSY ·DAVmSON Part.&, acee&!O- poae airplane tires. 10 Inches to 56 lnehes
rles. oil, expert service. Tires all slt.t&. WELDING , S OLDER ING , PLATI NG high, Complete wheel a.ssernbltes att.a ch
Rebuilt t t'' motors. Send $2.25 tor Arrll1 ea.s1ly to your axles. Pree detaU1. Wr1UI
4$ Motorcycle Manual. 25c for aoccsa.ory ELECTROPLATING Units - Complete. card today. Airplane Tire Co., Box 1201A,
cataloc end bulleUn.s. Knuth's (Harley.. $2.00 and up. Pree llt.erature. Recency TUl&re 4. California.
Davtdloo Dealers), 2491 Fonddulac, WJ .. Sa.lea., Dept. M. $316 So. Justtnt, Cb.1caao DRILLS And rule ba.rraln-$1.00 POSt.·
waukee. Wis. 9, Ill.
paid 10 assorted drills ~•" to # $0 Cleve-
WHEELS! Build wagons, 1coot.era. mow- NEW Alll.s-ChaJmers welders, 50% di.I· land & Mone and 1 Union IV' ateel s.cale.
era. trailer•. wheelbarrows, arocery carts. count. Bert.elU, 2l33 South 13th, BPrlna· Bryant supply Company 4491 An-.helm-
baby cam. play pens. baby carr1.a 1es. t" fteld, Ill. Telegraph Road, LM Ana:eies 23 , CaJifomta.
to 16". Free Ust.. Trulsen Mfa. Co.• 811 GOVERNORS. Two-speed. fully auto- THE Acme s ·ha.rpen.er will produce a
E. 31. Kansas Cit.:Y. Mo.
matic for welding ens:tnes. Candee·Smitb, amoo\b, faat cutt.ln1 edge on an1 kind of
TIRES And indua\rtal wheels. a:uttable 264 t H.Ul, Los Angeles 7. circular aaw. Send for lit.era.tu.re. Max
for scooters, wbeelbt.rrow1. rarm equ.lp· Mfg. Co .. 138 Stockton Ave.. San Jose 11.
ment. etc. All alua. Bicycles and acces· RADIATOR R epo.lring. cleaning, recor· California.
ioriec. Laree.at aasortmenL In America. inc. How to equtp small shop at low coat.
Send dlme ror l~t. C'Ycle Traoaport Com· Supply sou.rcea, trade 1ecretl!J. lnatrucUon1. NEW cornblnatfon-7" bench liaw. t~
PAID', lut So. Michl•an Ave .• ChSearo 5, Now only 13.60 postpaid. Radiator service, 5anderr wttb tlltt.nr ad.Juatable tables. Also
JUlnol•. McBaln. Mich. has dnllinir. butfln&, polishing and grtnd-
ACETYLENE WeldLn.c ou t.ftts, nev.•. ln& features. Also wood lathe attachment
AVIATION IM.50: Arcweldera S46.50. Eacle Welclinir:. available. Sturdy, cut construction. BUl'
Dept. PM. 50$$ Broadway, C.hlcaro 40 , Ill. direct from factory at new low ptJce
JET Enl'lne: Bulld the mlnJ"t""' M.E.W. 123.95 lesa bit.de. send onl1 ss.oo with
601, rectUlres only hand tool&. Construction WELDING-Proftt.able trade. Learn ordeT. balance c.o.d. PuU1 ruaranteed.
quickly at low cost. Best equipped school send tor frte IJ)eCllLI work shop accessory
plans 11.1>0· pa.rt.& available. Send lOc for In U. S. Free c;atalQ$. O. l. approved. bullet-t.n. Duo M uter Ind:ustrlt.s, Dept.. P.
Wmtrated itterature and parts Ust. Min- Write Hobartweld, Box M - 694, Troy. Ohio. Spart.a. Mlchlran.
nesota Enrt.ne Works, Dept. PM, 387 Un1·
verstty Ave.• St. Paul 3, Minnesota. RECTIFIERS 0-f V .D.C. $9.50 0-8- FIRE Exttngulahen, C-0·2. from manu-
THRO Blade puSher propeller. Finest V.D.C. $12.50, 0-12 V.D.C. $18.50. Ail 0-100 facturer. Domonkos, 98 ..A6, Newark 6, N.J.
birch construction, brus tlPPtnc. 60 to amps., Starkweat.her. Ott.awa, tc.a.nsM. 14'' x 6' HENDEY Enatne la.the $825.00.
145 h.p.-boa t.&, sleds. same type used on ''BUILD·UR-OWN'' Welder. Portable. 18" x 8' Rahn Larmon enslne lathe $225.00.
famous CallAlr SnoWCar. Snowcar plans, Send lOc for valuable lnatructton boot. # 1~~ Valley u.n!venal mUUnr _ m.achtne
$10.00. C&llAlr. Afton. Wyom.ins. Shows you bow Hobart Oenerator 'Plua $425.00. 15"' Potter JOhn.ston metal shaper
USED Airplane bargains. Read Plying your eneine saves S35D. Oet proflLable Job& S490.00. 20'' Barnes drill prcsa $55.00. Cin-
Repontr. lOc copy. Hibb1nr. Minnesota. anywhere. Write Hobartweld, Box M·693, ch;inaU Machinery Co., Dept. B, 217 2nd
Troy, Ohio. St.. Cincinnati, Ob.to.
PROPELLERS. Plans. atJs, engines. far AOTO Radiator repairing supplies,
tce·anow &lelghs, alr boats. Llteratu.re lOc. equlpment, books, guoltne torch. Wrlt·e , ·a oATS . O UTBOA RD MOTORS
Banb·Maxwell. R. P .D. 12, Ft. Wor-th. Curfman co.. M&O'\'ille, Mo.
PROP1$LLERS-2·3 Blade for sleds. alr· \VELDERI New portable Cbl\mp1on Spe· TWENTY Plywood boat plans $1.00. The
drive 00..ts. Cata1oc. Stand•rd Ae.rc Cr-aft, cJal tranarormer welder: 110/ 120 volt.a a..c. Rudder, 15 Murru Street. New York 7.
Box '387, Pt. Worth, Texu. develoPS to 75 amps.: 9 heat stages. BOAT Plans, tJta. Hardware, conver-
Welds. brazes. 10Jdtrs. cuts all meta.ls. alons. plywood. See Ma.rtne Mart dlspJay
8ATTERI ES. GENERATORS Euy to us.e. Simple lnstrocttons. Special ad p.a.1e 285.
name weld torch tree. S'pJendtd fot shOJ>I
OOMPLETE Rebuilding .service. Fully farm. home repairs. saves hundreds o MIAMI Pram. Build this 8 foot d.l nghy.
1uaranteed. Save money; generator&, dollars yearly. Only 127.50. Also heavier 2,$ page book of Instructions wlth 8 b1ue
atarters, armaturts, carburetors. Polaris, mOd.els. 10 du rree trial. Magic Welder p.rtnts. Send 25c for aet actual photo.
•6t5P14 Rave.nswood. ChJca10. Illinois. co.. 239 MP canal St.• New Yor·k. N. Y. graphs . Pree literature. Captain Haywood.
WELDERS llOv. Welds \~" steel $32.50. <050 Hardi< Road, Miami 33. Florida.
EDISON Non~acid storaae batteries for
all uaa. Pul)y guaranteed. Interesting lit- Morr!$ \Y'eldlng Service, 1850A State. SAILS, Canva$, hardware for all boa.ta
er•ture. Oeneratlna pla.nts. au makeg and SCbenecta<b' 4, N. Y. featured by Popular Mechanics. Oataloaue
aizes at t;Jar1a.in l)rlc".s. H&wlt7 Bm.Jtb co.. BUY OlrecL from factor)'. Welding out- P .M. Aian·C1ark.e, 98 Chambers, New York
Croton ll!alls 1, N. Y. fit. $48.36. Solderin1 outdts 17.76 to C ll·Y 7.
$10.16 complete prepa.td. Box 331, Ham.ti- WATERPROOF PIY\\'OOd-0.lr: lumber
ILCCT R ICAL S Ul'l'Lll!S t.on. Ohio. llnlahed U> llu for boll bUJldlnf. PNlab-
OWN Mirror ShOI). Rt'$11Vel' m.irr~. ricatM kJtt. mt.rtne tlnilhe• auppUet,
ELECTRONIC Door lock. Senaatlonal. Glass sla:n mating. Electroplating. Sup- plans. send 2$C todQ' for comp\ete litera-
Invisible. Postttve protection. Inexpensive. ply prices. John 6s:>r1nk.le. VCi$. Marton.. ture, detallsJ. _ prlce lists. Trans·Marco,
Ends loslna keya. send on.Jy 12 for thor- tndlana. Dept.. B, 61 Deekma.n, N ew Yort '1 , N. Y.
oughly matneered drawings and complete P38 BELLY Tank boat pl&ns. complete
sJm,pllt'led instructions. Satlsf&etlon cuaT· MACHINERY, TOOLS, SUP PLIES lnstTUctions tt.00. Deta11s free. Anzto Boat
anteed. Aln.swirtb, 17M-t Raymer, North• Company. 1635 T. Merced, California.
ridse. California. H,l OH Grade machine tools, low prices,
BUY Lamp parts wholesale. Parts you 1gn x US' engine lathe $430. 21~ :x 12', 19-40. OEM Oil meuurtna dJsc for outboard
need for buJldln1. repa.trtn1. or a.ssem- mot.ors. Rl.g bt mixture always. OU meas-
18" x 8'. $180. Brown & Sharpe mllUn1 ured directly from round standard quart
blln1. B•ve money on large OT a:maJI or· machine $220. #2 Miller &630. 20'1 drill can. Acts a.s cover. Keeps oil clean. send
d.ers. New catalor for lOC. Oearon com .. press $110. 30'". $-280. 16" shaper 1280. 24", 25c. w. L. R.tves Company. 87 Rl•eralde
PADY. Dtpt.. 300·B6, 27 south Desolalnes, $'120. Hobart 300 Amp. welder $145. Bat- Viaduct, Jacksonville. Florida.
Chlcaso. IlllnolS. tery chara:ers $30 to $70. Money back ruar·
POWER.PUL Profeaatonal Wahl electric antee Conver&ion Parta Co., 278 Adama SAVE ~~ Cost. Build your own boat wftb
hair clipper $9.7$. Schramm Compa.ny, Street, Boston 22. M.a.ss. our ready cut Darts b7 the Welch system.
5212 MaCUson, Skokie, Illiools. DRILL PrHS attachment Instantly oon· No e.xpertence necessary. Rowboats to
verts to wood shaper. Complete, tor i!t" crulsers. Illustrated ca.talo1 2Sc. Midwest
WIRE ,Kits-Color coded auortme n ta for chuck. \\'lth $ different blades 13.98 post. Boat Company. Menomonee Palls. Wiscon-
easy cfnJutt \•tfrina and fde.n tiflcat.lon. p11td. Extra blank blades. 3 tor 11.00. Free sin.
Sample$ 5c. Wirecraft, Box 34'1, circular. Thayercraft, Box 182, Culvtr
Wat Brookfield. :Mau. OUTBOARD Motors-Used bar1atna. S45
Clt.y. Calif. up, free IU;t. Used parts. most models,
LAMP I Parts-Catalo1 10c showing all CONCRETE Block machines, Standard save money I Boat anel mot.or equipment
part& toJ build or repair. Oea1ers, liend sizes, tconomical. dte>e:ndable, low prices. and accessories. Big catalotr. send d ime.
buslneu card for quantity di1eount. Oyro S39.50. Free ca.ta-lor. Concrete Machine Crand.all·Hicks, 911 Oommonwealth. Bos-
Lamps. .W2P Clar k. Chteaco 4-0. Co .• 5129 S. Compton, St. Louts. h.{o. ton, Mass.
LAMPS-Du11d own orlglnals, parts BOTLD own commerchLI la..,,•n mo.,,·er KNOCK Down boat kit&. OUtboar&. ln-
whotesnJe, any amounts. catalogue lOe. aharptner, plans. Mov.·~nnan, Hayward, bonr&. aaU, rac1ng. molded sbaoes. Easy
Brown Lamp co., Box SOI, Wt:llston, Wis. to a.uemble. tnJoyable, mtntmum cost. D-
st. LOU!i 12, Mo. lustrated cataloe 25c. Brook.a Boat Com·
WATttlOUR Meten 1 recondlttoned, cal- A.C. We1dera, po\\•er mowers. Retail, pany, Carrollton PS. Mlchlran.
lbTated, guaranteed. J\IJ t;Jpes and stzea. wholesale. Bolger.son's Service. Canton,
$2.75 up. Wrtte tor tllusln.ted bulletin. Kans. BOAT Plans: Over 300 deafgm easy-to-
Maapenoct Electric Ll&ht Co., Room 601, build outboards. 8allboaLs. runabout$.
MACHINE Tool acoeuortN. Catalor. cru.lsers. etc. Oet free catalog now. Motor
f.<l Stan Lane. Jamaica Plain. Mus. Monttomet'J'. 53 Park. P lace, New York Booting, 5720 M.adLson Avenue. New York
ELECTRIC Pencil-Writes. engraves all City '1. 22, N, Y ,
meta.la:. 8 volt mOdel tl.25. 110 volt mOdel BALL Beartn1s : Fafnir S5K. 1 ~J"' o.d.1
12.95. Reb Industrlta, 265~DO, Elmhurst, ,ui~: 1-::.:., ~·:... :;i!lc~; .. ~ar!!"in; ....~..etalcra(, TUNE 194 9 !i!i
BOAT Plana: Wood; at.eel. Book, "Mod- WE Swap runs. gcopes, binoculara. Cata.. $300 MONTHLY Rat.s.ing Anaorns tor our
em Dea11na tor Bo.au and Yachts." $1.00. log lOe. Uvtnr.ston Shoot.ers Supply, £.ut ma.rket. P a.rt.icu.lan tree. Assoc.lated Breed-
John B. Clark, Yacht Designer, 329 Ken- Corinth 81, Matne. en. 610 Marshall, S,. Paul. Mton.
more DriYe, Bay VUlase. Ohlo. SEND lOe For U.a-c. 100 wed suns. Fra1- SE& OuU Ham.stay a.cl on p.ag.e 30.
NBW, Os.ed, rebuH' manne mot.Ors. Ma.• seth's, WUJ.m.Ar, M.lnn. Showa plcklre or Hamster.
rine eonvttatons, 1\tttnr.s. Free cataloa. BARGAINS In popular and unusual &b- HAMSTERS. Pine breedlna stock. ,$.$0
Stokca Ma.rt.oc supply, Dept. 24. Coldw..., in& spectalUea. Write for f.ree catalogue.
ter. Mlchlra.n. per pedJgreed pa.Ir. Prompt •erviee. Litera-
HobbJ Specialty company. 4J5 Pr&nda ture free. Mount Clemen& Hamslel')', H
BUILD Marine mot.on, Pord or Jeep. Palm.s. Oel-roit l , Mlchla-an. Church. Mount Clemens. Mich.
Feder al Marine Mot.on. 9011 Cot t.a1t TENTS, War &-Urplus, all sites: cot.3,
Grove. ChJcaco 19, ID. 8300 MONT!tLY Raisins Angora.s for our
ba01mocksL . camping equipment., canvaa · market. lllustrated booklet. tree. Johnsona.
BOATS And all about them. Bow to covers. &rung and aport.tn1 goods. ro-pe. 610 Manhall. St. Paul, M inn.
select, ))uUd, repaJr and operate. For 10 Mora.an. lG-19E SOth Avenue. Lona Island
yea.rs the leadln1 pr&cUca.I boa.tin& maga .. Clt;f I, N. Y. RAISING Hamsters ts proftt•ble. Infor-
line. Halt prlce trial subscrtpt.lon. 12 11· mauon. Pem'a Hamstery, 3010 .. lOt.h Ave ••
sues for $1.00. Motor Boat, 62 Gold Street, PR.EE Folder fishing n~ . Pat.u. 294.5 No .• St.. Pet.erS:bur11 G. Fla.
Ne-w York 'l . so. ta s~.• Wlwaukee 7, waa. HOHL'S iumstera. Olean. odorless pets.
MARINE Oonveralons for Pord and Jeep MOLDS Por 1\shermen'a •Inkers. squids, U . 50 pair. Literature, ptcture tree. Lab.
engines. Oatalo1 toe. Lehman Manufac- and Ji1s. Sweet's Mold.S, Tonawa nda, N. Y. Stoet, 311 Mt.. Vernon Rd. 1 Newark Ohio.
turing Company, Department D. Newark PlSHERMEN: T(.'StCd and proven plug MAKE Extra cash. Raise Giant Chin-
2. New Jeraey. retriever. Rescues pluas 11111.1sed unduwa- chilla rabbits. Wat.era Rabbit Farm,
~r. R.et.rleve-0-Rtng 1.1.00 postpaid. L it- Olennvtlle, Ga.
ENGINES, MOTO RS, DYNAMOS erature ou request.. Ke.n tucJty Tact.le ••oo MONTHLY. Raising Angora rab-
Company, R .R . s; Loulsvllle. Ky. blt.-5. Wool $9 pound. Plenty mart.et.1'. De-
MOTORS-~~ bone. 1750 r.p.m. , $18.50. BOWS, Arrows. Quality atcherJ equJp- tails free. White's Rabbltry. Newark.
1 bone $35.'15. '2 horse, 34$0 r '._p.m .• S17.00.
1 horse 132.50. Roberta, - 7232 Madbon,
ment. Po-pular prlces. Catalog lOc. lllus- Ohio.
crat.ed archery tnsb"uctton boot SOC. Arcb- ORINSTEAD'S Pamous A03oras ! O lant
Forest Part 3. 111. ery. 617-K So. State. Chlca.10 6. ChlnchUJas! World'• most profitable rab-
·wATER Motors-AU sizes. For any pur- 5000 BARGAINS. Firearms, binoculars. bit&. PlnetJt peditrrecd, heavy-p-roducln1,
pc>1e. Rotary and semi rotary. Du.PlU war reUcs. c ·a talog 4-0e. Smith Plrearma, • prlze-.. wtnners.. Llcerature free. Orin-
Motors, B\lrllnaton. IO"'a.. Runnemede. New Jeney. steads. EdwarCSSvUlt, Illinois.
MAONETO~New Falrbantl·Morae one RAISE Chinchilla rabbits. Year- round
eyUnder tlanc_, mount. lmpuJ.se eou,pUn1
PISTOLS. Revolvers, rlnes. ehotruJU..
ammuntt.ton. List 25c. Pn.nk l'arish, money-matera rrorn furs, meat.. breeder•.
$8. 76. Ma.rYel.;schebter ~!a inch venturi Vicksbur1. Ml.&ais.sippl Experience unnecessary. Write too.ay. wu ..
carburetors $2.15. Lovolt Appliance. Dobbs low Pa-rm. seuersvwe 15. P e.nna.
Fem, New 'York. SHOTGUNS, Rines. revolvers. over SOD
modern. obsolete. Aho cart-rld1es. llst IOC MINK Ro.ts1n1 information tree. cam ..
WELDERS For au requ.lrements. Pree coin. Ed Howe. 62 Main. Cool:>6r& 14111.s.. ptete. Lake Superior Mink Partn, Supe-
eatA.101. Wr1te Hobartweld, Box M-695, rior. EEl. Wisconsin.
Troy, Ohio.' Ma.loe .
INOR:&ASll: Your Income by raJs.itlR' d.O.-
MOTOR Repair men. send tor ftee Uc.. T AXIDERMY mt$UC rabbits. Small space nttded. Re1d1
erature on mot.or tes:Un1 and wtndtnc mar ket tor deUctous meat. fu.r and wool.
equ..lpmeot. Mot.or Industries. Quincy. ••M ODERN T&X!.dermllt Muutne,'' Largest magaz:toe In the lndUStt'J' tells,
Illlno1a. Oreenfteld Center, N. Y. oevoced uc1u .. you how. S-1 .60 per year. Sample 15, ocnt.s.
WJNDD..;G Data. uauna 225 moton. 11·0 .. s1ve1y to taxidermy. Two sample oopies No stamps. Small Stoclr: Magulne. La-
1le and three phase. Sl.00. Motor Data 2&c. moni 20. Iowa.
Co•. Doz 1831, Kanot.o Cl\Y 8. Mo. S3000 YE.ARLY Ra.11tn1 Angora rabbits.
a l NOCULARS, TELESCOPES, We buy your output. Contra.ct J)A.rticulara
A THLETIC EQUl!'MENT, aODY MIC ROSCOPES, ~AQNIF I EllS free. Ktae•s Enterprtses. St.. PauJ 8.
"TERRIP'IC.. Barra.ins - Gove rnment
ACROBATS! Strenrtb. health. Free. 1urplu.s telea.oopes, binoculars. send •1.00 F ARMS, FARM LANDS. R EAL ESTATE
booklet... W'r1t.e! Ee. K.no.fY, Pewaukee, Wil .. for 10 pleoe hobbyist lens aet. contains
consin. marnlf)'tn1 and reduciotr tenst"S. Send FLORIDA Garden fanna-10-acres only
.BARBELLS-Pineat Quality S8.98 up. ata.m,p tor ••bargain" lt&t. P . Ja.eaers • $!95, payable 1-1s monthly, Splendid loca-
Pree catalog. Lutte Barbell Co.. 1729-MS 93-08 95th Ave.. Ozone Part 18, N. Y. tion near beautiful Oreen Hllls. Fastest
Rocka'fo'&Y Parkway, Brooklyn, New York. POCKET S ize 40X microscope $15.00. srowtn1 t.crwn ln Florida. Fine r ailway and
bus &ervtce. 28 mllet north of Panama City,
ALL Barbell m e n who have not ret.Ched ex teles.oope $10.00. Bot.b Items are pre- famous beach a nd ftshtnr resort. Mt.rve.1-
their desired bicep development, write to: cision 'lnatru.ment.s of fountain pen &lU ou.s ycar-rou.nd cltmate. BJ1h and (Sey.
D)"meet Curlinr Bar. 24.21 oove St.. wu- and, have pocket- clips. Shipped prepaid, 4
Orow vegetables. frult.s, bentes, grapes,
Uamsport, Pennulvania. satlstactlon guarantetd. Pree literature. pecans. tu~ nut.!. etc. Low buUdJn&' cost.a.
Tbayercraft, Box 182, Culver City, C&llf. Electricity. Make 1ood money ra1$ing
BARBELLS! Muscular pbys lque,
strt.ntth. send stamp. Jackson BarbcllS. BINOCULARS. New zetq type 10 s 50, brotleq, Wondtrtul fl.shlng, huntt,ng,
Sprln.(fteld, N . J . SS2. 1 x 50 $<0; 8 x 30 $30; 6 x 25 '20.i p1U4 ba.thln1. Write today far full tnformauon.
BARBELLS. Exercise equipment. Cours- tax. Money back guarantee. Busbneu Im .. Owen Aldeo Wood., Box 8·73, Bouaton,
es.- Pree booklet. GOOd. BarbeU co.• Read- PO?tera. S'TS-6 South uruette. Los Ance- Ten.a. .
ing, Penna.. 1 .. 5. BIO Pree summer catalog of farm bar-
DEADLY J\ldo--PlerCQ\. fla-htlnt tech .. WAR surplua barsa.tna. Blnoculan, tele- aatn.s, many atat.H. some eQuJppect, many
ntQue. Trick knockout.a. (200 -pbot.ocrap.b.s, acopea, se~t.a.ntt, ·mUUons ot lerues, _p rlsm.a illustr ated! Write for your free copy today!
plus tUQatraUona.) Expert instruction&, reticles. eyepieces. o:a:;tlYes, etc.. Reques~ OnJted Parm A1enCY. 1408-PM consumera
three votwne.. Complete S2.25. Va.riet1 f-ree Catalog: CH. und S&lvage Co., Blda.. Chtcaso •. Illinois.. ·"
Houae. Box 46 ..B. wan Statton. New Yort Audubon, N . J . STROU'rS F arm ca.talo1I Time and
6. • REFLECTING TelesCO'l)el. 60X. com- mo·nt)'·$aver-Pree! Describes 2'190 bar-
pletely usembled t25.00. Oua.-.nteed ob· gain properties. 3.5 .. atates cout-to-coe.st.
SPORTING GOODS, GUNS, F I SH I NQ servatory clearness. Pree tnformatlon. Write todu for your free copil St.r out
TACKLE, ARCHERY, TRAPPING SQ:SCOPe. 475 Plf-tb Avenue. New York 17. Realty. 2"-P 4lb Ave•• New York 10.
BINOCULARS, Telescopes. watches. N. Y. 20 W . 9th St., Kansas City 6, Mo.
MOLDS-For .,shermen·s alnkers. Ocean auns. Buy. sell, trade. &hweer's. Don- 4f>3 8. Sprln•. Los Ana-eles IS, Call!.
Oity Sinker .Mold Co•• 649 W Ucox Ave .• nell.Aoon, Iowa. · $5.00 MONTHLY Bura 40 acres near
Mew York 81, N. Y. POWERFUL Ast.ronomlcal telescopes town; price 8200.00. Pree Us\. llox -US·P.
eUllJ made. Ferree~ teruc.ea, and t.nat.ruc- carthage, Mo.
OOLPERS. Earn aood side money. Mail Uons: lOOX S3.00. lOOX and 200X St.00.
l>06tcard for particula r s. Clyde L . Rhoa.CSS, lOOX, 200X and 4.00X se:.oo. Clear viston. WEST'S New time a nd money savtnr
602 N. Grtfflth PL Dr.. Burbank. Calif. lull power euarant.eed. lnltrucuons alone catalogue. over 1000 farm and bus.lnee.-s
10e. SuttoUt Science Senice, Mano"we. bargalm. Ptee. West's Farm Age ncy, CK -
CATPISH: How to catch them. 44 pages. 2 , Pittsburgh 11, Penna.
pound ot bait S2.00. Pot ca.11> with pound N . Y.
ot bait $2.00. Por trout ( no bait.) Sl.00. All ASTRONOMIOAL Teleacopes, binocu- OOVERNMENT Landa: $2.00 acre up.
3 u .oo. Guaranteed. Origg•a, Hopkinton, lars. mic-r0$cOpei: bought, 1old. repaired. Information all 1tates twenty..ftve cenca.
Iowa. Books. Llats lOC.. Ra.smuasen·Reece. Am .. National Tax Service, 901-A MaJ~tlc
isCenlllm. N. Y. Bids .• Detroit.
PISHWORM Raising-This book ··a ....
lnr Worms For Pleasure or Pro11t." tells TELESCOPES, Biooc:iulara, microscopes, BIG Llsts fllrms. ranches, water front-
how. Pr1oe Sl.00. Tennessee worm Hatch .. bla bo.rgajn catalog fre-e. Brownscope com.. aae propertJes. Pree deaerlpUve fotd er5,
ery. Box 265PM. Naahvllle 2. Tenn. P•D.1. 24: west 45tb Str-eet. New York. prlces. Splendtd opportuntUea. Wa.shlng.
ton. Id.a.ho. Montana. Dak ota.s. Uoper
180 PAGES AntlQue and modern pis tol, DOQS, PETS, alRDS, RAaRITS Micblgan. W18cons1n. central Corn Belt..
sword. etc. values, 50c. Robert Abels, Information regard.Inc. Columbia and Mfs.-
A860 Lexlnrton Ave., N ew York 2 1. RAlSE HOS r a bbits. Howard O' Neill, sour1 River Ba.sin lir1caUon projects. L.
Brookville·, Penna. received &113.60 Jn 3 H . RobbtM, MUwaulr:e-e Railroad. 13SK
USED OuM--Olose- out bar1.alna. Llat Unton Station . .Chicago 6. Dllnots.
tOc. Rrwe-11. Ha.rrtnun. Tenn.. moot.ha from three rabbit.a. Why not you?
Details. 10e. Hanat.n's Rabbit Institute, OOOD Farm.s--Ranchea. Wuhintton,
WATERSCOPE - Amazlna new lnven.. 1347 M lller Ave .. Sal~ t.at.e City 6, Utah. MJnnesota. t.tontana. Idaho. Oregon,
tlon- su ..rant.eed to enab1e )'OU to see un- North Dakota. 04?pendable crops. favor-
d er water q far M Ucht wnl penetrate. RAISE Guinea pigs. Make money a~ able climate. Write for literature, lista
Ca n be t.rutblully called "your under wa- home. Bookie~ !ree. T•ylor, Bos l26A, describing typical. farm ap-portunttles.
ter eyt..s." Pl'Jceles.s tor ftsbermen. lnd._... HapevUle., Geortia. Specify which atate.. J . W . Haw. 119
peru.able to student.a or underwater animal CATNtP-Samp.1e free. Tb.omu Fu.\cal- Northern Pacutc Railway, st. Paul l,
an.d plant Ute. only se.95. Ord er today. do, 4.29 Preakness Ave. , Paterson 2, N. J. Minn.
Outdoor Enterprises. Rt. 1. · Box 341-EM. SOLD Pot taxe1. CaUf., Oregon. Wash-
San Antonio. Tena. ANOORA Rabbits for pleuure and prof-
it. Pred ·Wellen. Elkhart, IO"Wa. ington timber. 1rutn1. ranch and mlntns
lands. 15e to 'S3 a.ere min. bid. lOo (coin)
HAMSTERS-l'Tee tntormaUon. and price brttip c1rcu1an, -photos\ .~ape., Paclft_ o
56 POPULAR MECHANICS mt. Earl Thiele, Oolumbla, Dllnoa. Lands, Bos: 2350-PM, Bou,.-wood, Calif.
OUTDOOR w~ tor ntra income. In· MJOKIOAN Ru:m.mJ- Wllh fa.scinaUns
OZARK MQ:Ulne. &urc.U Sprlnp 11. new twllt. Pun tor Jou.Al, ~d . expen or
Ark&DIU.. Pot homesttlt:rS. tov.rt.lta. tormaUon tree. Morris, 328·A Pukwa,y
NE. AU&.a.\.a I, OeorCl-L LM:spe.rlen.oed a&. card&. Yw c et durable
Yc.a.r. t t.!IO. leatbrnu la)'out w x Jr and tnstrue-
LOTS POQ-Conrmte.nt paymenu. C&I· START Proft\llble bobbJ, Pal>Uloua lllOD· tlone., 1 1. 00 pmtpald. Oa.mllo, • 11 East Ith,
lfornta·• tin.es&· l&fden 1ecUon. On Morro ey. No coet. no work. Oet&ILI tor au.mp. K&.n.au Cit.7. Mo.
Bl.1'1 scenic ahorea. wonderful t\ablo1. Amertean SI& IAU)era Station, LOI An5e.
bunllna, boa!Jna. !Nlthlna. Pertlle aoll, les 43. ca1ltornla. . BUILD Zlppo and htt ac~ t o1 hours ot
1CJlt,.ejjt water t.e1nperato cJlm.atc. conro· fuo . oom.plete data and deeJ1n chart.I tn
WOULD You P"J' 3%-l"lrsl ' "o made? book form 11.00.. &end w Lout.t Denuou.x.
nlal communfty. Pree llteie.ture. Rlchard COIOr·tUu.atra ttd book "505 Odd, 8UCCH3- 211 Otnter Street. Princeton. west Va.
Ollo. Dei>anmen·~ M, San Lull Ob.1.tPo. fuJ ED.terpr1aet" tree! Work bomt. Expect
cauronua. aomethlnc oddl Pacitlc.. <>c.ulde. Calli. MACIC TRICKS, PUZZLES,
YOU can mate tt&l moot:1 1"&ll1nC ~ OKER N OVl.LTIES
Oolden Ba.mlWn. New Un.7 anlma.I. &uilY
rals<d al bom•. Write IOI' delalla. BudaoD
Hamsu:rz. Newfoundland 1. M. J .
POREION £mplOJmenl-7 Lat.est bulle--
LAROB lllO Paet cataloc, Just Piii>·
IJ.lhed. Jk. We ha•• supplied the
trtck• t..o l>eatnner1 and profeuionall tor
POULTRY, FARM SU PPLI ES tln, overaou directory and. oppllc;a.Uon 38 1ean. Ohlca10 Ma1t9 Oompany, 2300-1\
forms: tl.00. (C.O.D. $1.32.) Foreign No. Muon Avenue, Chlc•ro 351.
RAIS£ Turke)"• the new way. Write for Servtce Institute, P. O.B. 3934, Miami. Pla. NOVELTIES. TrlclU. Jolcet. Illu.strat.ed
trte tnform,tlon txolatnln1 hew to make W A.NTED-Purcha.slng a1enta. No mon- cat.alot IOC. Ma.DA. 'BoX 8$21. Loi An1el•
up to 13000.00 Jn 1wr own back"J'a.td. Ad· ey or upertm« requ:lnd. Write De'pt. C. 56. Call!.
d,_. National TW'k. , lnsUtute. DepL 3. Pul'Chast.n.s u aoacn. 2111 t..WTt:oee. Chl- SB?ID OniJ 50o t<>< - ··14 Card
OGlumbus. KaDsU. caco. Ill. Trieu" a1>d cataloc <II 600 aawdng trtcu.
GROW Chicken of tomoJ'T01l" t.odaJ w1l.b PROPITABt..E Bualneu makJnl and Robblnl Co., l~·P W , t .2nd St.. New
cl:UcU from PUch"I P"&mous Old Ben bulldJ:ne with eur·l&)"fnl lnt.erlocktna York.
BJ'.ffd:HI, You t.oo wW li;ke PDcb. 1 chlckl bulldln.r bloc-... ~· Produc:\I. DeP•. 10,

MAOIO Boob, maaulnet, bou1bt.. &Old,

~Ule a.o m&J»i other people do. 14,000 Pldua, Ohio. a·x cbana ed. Russell Duct, Phllipsburr.
Pl.O,lorum Clean Breeden. Reda, Rc>Ua, CONSTRUOTJON Rel>(>rt-Scnd $1.00 Penna. · ·
Cl'Olltl, Sex-Link.I White Jtocb, H•mPI, for world wtde Job proJect 111un111~ trp..
St.art.ed PulleU, sla.rted Cbtckt. Capon.1. 12$ AMUSING Oard trtc1t1 and catalo1
to-minut... facta tor comtructlon men. 2k. 1..1ncb, •02-A Haslett. Batu.more 29.
Wttte for valuable '49 calendar. PUcb'a OlObel Reporu. P .O. Box W...DX. Hollf-
Cbkb. Box M. Tbom.PIOft•1lle. Conn. Maryland.
YOod 2&. caUI.
UAOlO M or:U.b.IJ'. Ynr 2k Sample and
JlAJ88 Pryen new uu .,., . One man EXCELLENT Proftta.. Make. KU "oUda.J
asoo moaUllJ. C11'C\11&r lHt calal"fU• tr<e. Ea&I• Maele. Mlm>e·
bf.ml plant ea.ma
PoultrYm&N lNUtuu, llH._A SO.
Olive, Lo& ADft-lel 1&, CalU.
fiawtta. novelUes. Literature fret.. Velva
Art.craft.I, 324- M Ea1t. lt, NewYortS. N. Y. apolll 2. Kinn.
"f'ROO·RlllSINO"-New book UPlalM MAOICIANS Two hcadtd or \lllltd Dlct •
ltNOW How to raise poult.r1 for pronL evtrytb.lna I Marlboro. 103~ Marlborou1~ ei. t l .00 each. Discount to dealers. J et
Road Norf.heaaum PouUrym•n. E·•er>' ti• Detroit JS, Mlchlaan. MoUvaUon, 13 HarrilJon Place. CWton,
1ut packed with. hcJptuJ biota and prao... N. J.
tleal 1u11es·tiona. Laleat a r ticles on broed- BE The Pooular Mecbanlca repruenta· MAOlC Trlcb. Jokea. dJce. booU,
1.n1. feedlna and mana1emtn.t.. Sublcrtbt U•e lo 1our nei1-bborbood and eam btl cards. etc. List toe. Behnke Sales. &721
now. 1 year Mc. 2 1ear1 one doll~!.t rortllD profttl In 1our tpere Ume.. Write POJ>ulu IAlaJ>d. Chlcaco 30. Ill.
aullae-rtpUo:ns $1.00 a ftv. Non.neut.em. MecbanJcs Macamne. Room t OIM_. 200 B.
ontarto st.. Chlcaao. IlL MY8TIPY Your fr1t-ndt with mnuc

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....lt.r1111&1l. D<$>L P .M. , 311 BOJlalOD llL,
Bal\OD 16. Mau.. numbt'n. Send 2$c for 2 161. u·a Hobtr7
Ml PROM &Qua.re too&. plywood: Usu• Preaa, Mall. A YC!I., Cam.bridle 40.
SARK M To • 12 bOl.lrlJ. Chick 1itsJn• . Decea&l"J. W rite. WOOd.art.I, p •.u. Brldl'&-
cuU1n1 a nd capoo.Jdn_.._ O.L a nroTed. wattr. 14&11.
Pilch'• St.bool. »ox PM. TbompgonYtlle. PUZZLES-Just like a pocke\.·s!ze PlD•
OOnneoucut. OWN MJrror ahop. Ral1Yer mlrrara. ball ma.chJne. 3c 11tamp brlnra eatalo1ue.
01us 1J10 maldna. s 1ectrop.latin1. SUP1>l7 J<>&eph w. oruelt~ Co.. Box C12'7, O rand
Plt0F'ITA8LE OCCUPATIONS pricr:s. John 8ptlnkle. V50. Marlo·n . Ind.. Raplda a, W eb.
'40.00 W&ltKLY M_ a de sro•lnt mush- $00 TRICKS New 1949 edlUon. Send
SENSATlOKAL I lt'a M.IJ_ to nrn bil rooms. freth. dried. Dominion pa.teni l OC for ooullu tamou.a utaior 1.bowtns
mooq w1t6 JOU1' own profitable bualneu.. 3315.13. Pree: spawn. North Amer1can.. 'belt. lo aood m&C'k:. lowa·t prlcea. fut·
Earn ft 0. 00 to ISQ.00 a du. MU• lamPI llStP Yonce. TOTOOlO. Canada~ • i tame-da.J un'ltt. JO _7ean 1n bwJ ..
at home. Oeoeral tllustrated courH INTERESTED In IA.Un. Amtrlcan and neu. Douslu Maalcl&.nd. Dept. l, Dallu,
l.Mehea rou qu..lct.l.J. course and wbolc· totti1n employment? $1.00 tmop .Porelgn TeXU.
sale .UPPlY -car.aloe OnlJ 11.00. Oearon Service Dtrec&.orr llstln1 eXP<>rten and s MAGIC Trick• JOU can do an.11tm1.
company, 1><1>'- 200-BG. 2'I south Dea·
plalnea. chtca10. l lllnota. imJ>ort.era. oH. conatructlon. mlnln1.
tattoo compoults. Hot t.IDS tor appUe&·
a•· lOC. Edwtn, Box 404. C1mbrld1e 39. Mau.
"'EVERYBODY Ltkc1 can'df; " .Learn to Uom. OJobGl Rcl)O?'t.s, Box 883-M. HOl· AMAZING Trlck dl. .ppeartna waleb.
make protess1onaUJ. Our 39tb year• .Rap- l1wood :II. Calif. Vanlab.et mystertousS1 from open han~1
dale Oandiea, DI. Eaat Oranre. New JtfM1. atYtn wtl.b s.reat ma.Pc cataloc. Ottr 4uu
ALASKA-Tbe IAat Froatier often UD· U1cU tb.at uton.tah. amUM and coafUM,
QOICK Proftta ralalt>a Oold.en Haml\eJS Umitm opportuniU~. Sl brtAP •OttrD· onlJ 2k. The Maelctao, ua P K m&IJ>t·
for tabontorlts. Palt•I. multtp1Yin• anJ .. mUlt mal) and dlr~rJ lllUD.1- fL.rma 1n ton AYL, Pblla4tlphla :1$, Penna.
maL Partlculan 25c. Golden Bear Ham· ftshlns. con1trucdoo.. mlntna. aYlation.
at.7. '10t w. Seoood-. Mtdtord.. OT"tSon. t!Jh and same rules. hom•t.ead datL Bii: A mactclaD. IAJ'h prot-onal mac·
!'REE Det&lls. sucoeuful local or mall Al""ka OpportunlaL. BoX
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OcMH'&, Box 84B. Meeler, Okla. other t.rtcta free wJth /oker•a cata.lot 2&c.
800KS, P E RIODICALS, PICTURES, 2404 .. N Fifteenth. P hi ade lpbla.
STAMP Bualnua-New lllust.rated bOM: POS TCARDS
a2. Included 100 dU!erent &t&m.PI from PROPESSIONAL Cataloc. 124 .....,
Aualrt•. '15 German1. 50 Prance.. Pa.it· strBJECT tndu Bible. Free uwncure. 25C. WIUtams. 900 Pl7moulh. l!llwooa
...- . 114 LIDColn, Lone - · '" y . KeU01. Bos S'6P. Athms, Olllo. CltJ. Penna.
Bams"'1'S for breeden. pet.a, laborat.orl•. Q UICK l'Tolltl - inacu!M oub- brln1 J)AttJculan. SmlLb. 801 Bi 1dow,
J11i1baclc plan. Protl\llblt Hamster RaWns scriptkml, hand.Una srtttlna cardl. Cu.sell Peoria a. rn.
250. 1nronnauon. Outdoor lndustriea. Ia.c., Publl6ben Service, WesUleld, lft• Jeno"
40t2 Kimball A ve., ChJcaro ti. DllnOll. BACK Number marazloe., used book&. WORLD'S Larscat orofeulona1 ma~lc
R easonable. Reedmore, 240 Eut lltb, New ahor>. keel>S you in touch with :1LP.lt
~ESILVER Mlrron at bome. Formula tr1cka. To receive maUJnr.a. send 60c for
2so. Ideal Sei.TICe, Park Rldce 1. DUnota. York. N. Y. new cat.alo1. Holdtn'1. M220 Wea& 42nd
LOOkSKITBINO Secret&I K eJ tl\.U111. BOOKS And phonognph reeordl 10<: St.• N l'W York.
LOcJc re:pa.lr1ng, ope.nine· -prices. aoul'ON. each.. Writ.. BoOU, Blrd.leye, tndtana. LE.ARN Mq:lc. Ymtrlloqulsm. mlod·
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New York CIU". lnc pleuure !~ ao1i.. 10 lbt•• pa1t:p&ld u .oo bua. Bhr Plata. N. Y .
MANUPACTUR-S CO.mettcs. ChelPI cull. Po<tip tJ.00. Astec BupplJ, RGck ••vZNTR.D..LO. •• Ptoleulonal votoe
&uJ'I No m.acb.1Dt":rf. Chem.lcal tnelDMI"• la.land.. JUJnota. L.hrowln1 lnstrumr:nt and 0 unusuai•• ca\.·
bOOklet. (Ives fonnulal, tells hO"W. at .00. alO! Zk. POB·t71, Phlladth>hla.
"Better Cosmetla Formular1," Bo:r 1898, BOOKHUNTE'RS I Any aubJect, any Ian·
Milwaukee 1, Wlscoruln. suage. Send want.ti AtlantJc Book Service, PREE C•talor ma1lc trick•, Jokn, nov-
TYPISTS. Pron tab1e b\ll.lnl!$S at home. Ch•rlestown 29. Musacbuntta. elt.1e1. i.ram_!e Salet, 4800 So. Laramie
OOcnplete coo1rt1ht.ed 1nrorma.Uon &Oo. PRU Catalocue. SP<Ci•I lnterelllDC A"f'e .• ChlcaC"O. Dt.
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lMt. AnJ laue, Box m·PM. Pe:r'lodleal LAROE CatalotUe of the beat m..atc tor
Stnlct, S warthmore. hn.n.a.. prot•lonals aDd amateun. send SSc.
Mazda Maetc co•• tu& Weatcate Ave., Oat:
PREB BOOk "112 UbUIUal Worldwide SELP-BXPLAINING Bible: llJU1trated Part, tlL
Bualn"4 Advtntureal" South America. circular tree. Box 4.tG·P. Mlnneapolts.
M i nn. 10 CARD Trtcks and catatos ~. 8\,er·
New Zealand I Wor~ deU1htrul, "dJft'er· llnir Mule. Royal Oak. Mlch.
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2041h , New York 3• . N. Y, PrOducll, Box e21, EYanal<lo. 111.
-.ie. P-7llOIandRbodee, Chlc&fO
SlfTERTADf, M7&Uf71
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PENNY Al>!>rovel& "1 coun1r7. M. B.
HounJnc. JS. - hrmlncton. Ark.. STAMPS Wa _n tedl 8.POt CUb Pl.Id (or
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PREE. Irl4b commemorauves wltb •P- mi.led loll at •L&mPI and UDUMCI PGeta&'e-
DOu..&R Mastc ae' l'ree WIUl mammoth prova.11. Rumu, 123-Z William St.. New Cltan out Che attic. and knd them to us
catalog 2~c. "My,st.o,'' t .fiG2·PN Ouma.n.- York City 't. for our best oft'er. Cornapondence Invited.
1.own. PhUadelphiL 00.mopoUtan St.amp Co., Jt 57 BrOt.dway
ISRAELI All &et.a lncludlna ahlUln1: $1. New York 18, N. y . '
STAMP C OLLECTING llomaah, Bolon 30. Iara.el.
SCARCE No-.a 8coUa. Nlnet.1 1ur oJd PREE: Chln.a nav1aauon iuue wtlb ror-
Plt.U-PamO\&I Am.et1ca.m MC... plu.a l'lal at.amp. OJ11.J 5c wtth appro•all. Oarctlon. r:trn appro•alt. Modern Stam.pco, Box 12
8tt. pJus c.be Natto.oal Pa.rQ Se&.. DIUI \he Box 700, C&lal&. Maine. WU.etleld SL&Uon, N. Y . •
PnsidenUal e.c. \o the SS. A total of 90 IO DIPPERENT U, S. Se. Appronls. 121-PAGE Uolled Sl&IQ cat&Jos-1000
1C&mps a.bl0lu'4b free w cuatomen for IUuatraUon.s, 2k. Harris & Co. 202
our un.surpuaed u. s. o-r toretrn 1elec· "PO," 195 P&rll:. Lew1.aton, Maine. Tranau. Bldl'.. Bolton. •
Uon4. &:nd 3c poetage for 1$ ot Uu1 above ALBUMS, Used, new, 25c up. Lt.st.a 3e. SEiNSATIONALI &it. each Honduru
menuoned atampe: and full pa.rUcu.lara. Ala.ulo, Ma1nard. Musachuaet.c.t. Martlntque. OuadeJoupe: Quiana a110
·rr1b0ro Stamp Compan)'. its Nu.au. st.. - m1:_g WJth approva.ll. BJ1UJ.h, 8p•nlab, t2.000,000.00 st.a.mo-, Brullet. o•e.r tbo dlt'·
Dtpt.. 106. New York. 'Prench Colonie., vaucan. HJUer heads, fettnL othen. E•ttl'thlns 100 with •P-
VICTORY PACket f~lnch.td•,:t::c. &Dd alnnall packet. Pan·Amertcan. St.amp provalt.. Whitehead JU.P so. 5th A•e
from T&4PJ>11b. Britlah C..man ,
antmal. acarce bab1head. Coronauon..
~ Boa Jt$. New York 33. N. Y. canton. m ··
c a rl)t Victorian. airmail. map 1U1m.P1. ln- START Your •tamp collec-Uon rl1ht! PRU Tri.a.Del• JlooHYdt, Vat1ca.n. lnlll-
eludin1 1111 UIUJU'ated cauJosue. tiend 5c 2000 v-a.rteUN worldw·Jde. Wll.h prem.Jum, op!al B!Utt Hea<ll. Re<lueei approval"
tor ~t.aa:e. Oray Stamp Com.piny. Dept. P.&o. C. Ritchie, Watertown, Bo. D.at. Plor da Stamo OomoanJ'. 'Box IO'J • .Miami
5., Pia.
PM ToronLO, Canada. tJ. 8 . Baraaln. Lllt. tree. Slltea, J831 E.
WORLD Of 1'41.mps ( 100 dJOuent) for 5c Allerben,y. Phlladelph1a 34. Penna. B&A~UT;;:;::;oIP;;UL;n-,s"'e"t""r"r"•e=-=a::p::
to a..ppro,·&l appUcaat.s. Pree U. 8. com· ~ruuat.raled. cat.alas. Kenmore 941 En.ftcld St., Thompr&0nvWe. COn.n.
m~uve and &lr mall price Ua&.. Coa· Stamp Oo., l?tp<. 37. Arline!® 74. Mau. 8TAMP Wallet., J)tJforatloo sauce mll-
mopo<llall Stamp 00.. 107 BroedWllJ', AIRMAIL Pacllei..-wor1<1w1de. Bia bar- U.met.t.r ruler free with appronla. bran-
Nnr York cttz. Pin. With approvt.11 5c. A.. Wlrtb, l'for· ada._41111 &xlll'l•eet Plflh Stre<C.. Miami
wlchtown., Conn. I<, ....,,,....
10 ASSORTED U. 6. Comme.moratave
ttamJ)IS 15c. Five t1. 8. Air MaJJ l&c. Bot.b NEXT Ten llau9 IOc. I:nterestlna atamp HUOE Rooe:evelt, Boltvla music aet, free
25-c. Ideal Sta111p 1 Box J79. Park Rld1e. Ill. weekly. Southern Philatelist. MiamJ 4.2, With approvala, Stone Stamps, Dox IS04,
A REAL Roolevelt. bargain. No 1tampa Florida. COrnl OabJea St. Florida..
are more attrac·uve. none a.re more popu .. SWAZILAND. Ve.netuda map. Pree with EXOTIC Plctorl&l collection: 8akalava
Jar than She tunoua Roo&:e:•eU. tNutc b7 17 economical collection buJldlna ''HJdden Chldt&J.n. Pe.nan Ohadamet, DJlbouU.
41.trere:ns. eountrlt11. We have thtm all for Trf&lure" •PPronll. StratlOQ 8.oow. Box Toeoland. ReulUon. Andorra. AJ1erta,
&J>Of'01"a1S a nd will und the complel.6 llN. Deln.1 a.au., Plonda. MJcaue.lon, TUDJtt.a, Mon.a.co. Ou&debl.pe,
ROOMYelt t.aaue or Hondu.rq. Ute complete Ka.rt.tnlque. M•n.J OLhen.. E'ftt71hlnt 5c.
ROOMvelt iuUt Of CU.ba, The Nlcaraaua bi- 200 BRITISH l!mpJ.re atamOI only 3c to Iml)!tlal StamP1, Tampa, P'lot1c1a..
COlored R001Sevel\, and the Monaoo Roose- approval buyen. Kenmore, Dept. 38, Ar-
Unston 74, M&aa. PREBI IDuat.rated United Stat.ta cat.a•
velt. t.rlan1le, all tor only toe to approval IOI'. Low priceat America, Brlatol, Oonn..
applicant.a. Pleue at.at.t wb.et.her approvals TASMANIA, Vjctorla. Ukralnla, SIU.de,
.a.nau coos.lit ot' o. a. or forelan atamJ)S or Penta, all tree to approval appllcanta. £:r; .. Ute UP U. S. or fore:J:1n. apJ)rovall by
botb. Glcbua l!ll&OU> COmp&nJ, 2" l'ourth ode Stam:p Oorne:r. Bo& M'1, Mia.ml 5. countries, Burl. &i Pout. BJut RldJe
AYmue~ New Yort 10, N. Y•• Dcps.. 21'- Plorid&. Vl!f!Dla, '
312 MIXBD tr. s .. lncludJnr atrm&illf ct.:CARANCE 600 Poretcn. domaUc '5.00 OATALOO Price ror 1001 (1) Blc
c:oUec:Uoo lU all dtfre~nt at.amps from Af·
HJ11-b-Yalues I Only 100 "° ..
COmmemoraUYMI ReTe.nuesl P<Uet&tonsl
Oold Nuuet.
approval.. appllcanta. KtueJ'a, Potsom.
'3.00. Stuart Wl11Prd. Atadem1 Street.
Amat.erdam, N . Y . rlca, 8outh America, South Sea ltland.I.
C2) Pour desirable unused U. 8 . cata.Jog-
CU&fornta. 300 BOOKS SOid and. not one oompJatntr lnc 40c::. (J) .Pine pac.tet 25 BrlU1h Ool-
"How to Operate a St.amp Butlneu," plus onJct; Burma, Solomon Islands,. etc, ( t)
1112 PRINCE Ed'tlard 11.lanct..--Juat le 100 coUectora namea1 vius $1.00 wortb or U. 8 . 15.00 hl1h va.lue. Eve:ryLhlnr Call
with appro•ala. vwnc. 130-Z CU.oton st.. atamJ)I.. EYe1YlhJn1 1or only $1.00. Alfred tour lttma) onl.y IOc with approvalJ, CrJ•-
Brootln>. N. Y. Pa.balnr. Topanp. C&Uforni•~ t&l. l.Jttleton 41, New H•mpahlre-.
PRU ••stamp Pl.oder ... Tell• lmLa.ntl.1 25 AROENTDnr. 25 CaDadlan, 25 Dan- PRur Unusual llhutrated IJ.at.a. us.-
COU.DtrJ' to which an.r lt&m.O beloop. 32 1111, 25 Duld>, 25 Switzerland 25 u. e. Ueton St.amp co .• Bo.1. as. Littleton. New
paps prof"ust.IY Illustrated. Approvals. 150 dJfftrtni lOC. Appro•als tnCluded. ~ H&mJ>1h1re.
Oarcelon, Cal&la 1'1, Maine. telo, Maynard, M&11aehusetto1. 8IX Trtan11ts Sel Alt for n ew t)'IHl •P-
121 OIF'PERENT U. s . commemoratl\•ts MOZAMBIQUE Trlanaulart, unu.&.ed. provai.. Bob Harrlt, 1308 E. Rio Orande.
t l. Oolumbla.n, 1138B North 21 Street, MU- Set IOc with approvals. V1.r10 Stamps, El Puo J Texas.
waukee, Wlscom1n. IOU Sout.b Palrfl<ld, Chlcaco 29, llllnola. 55 OIP'PERENT U. S. at.amps IOC, With
OlPT Three tr. 8. oeDtenlrJ' 8a.n Marino PRU! SI, P . IS Unlled Stata 1ta.mpa appro't'&J.a. RoJxn. Andel"50n. Route :: J,
to approval apl)UC&.Dts. Dea.ne 8ta.mP1. BoX to applicant.a u . 8. aooroft.ls. MetropoU- Madt1d, Iowa..
17, Miami 1$, Plorida. tan. lto·B Nuu.u, New Yort 1, PENNY Appro•ala Ulat &atUrf7. Nell
IN&XPENS.IVE Approv.U-HundtNs ot &O DIPPERENT o. s . lOC. No approvw.• Oronber1, Box St 4l-P. Philadelphia t 3.
penny ba.rptna. Department IC.. 1217 Tut.. Price Uat tree. 8dde.nber1, CUIOl>Olla:. Penn.a.
wllet. Memphl• '1. Tenneuee-. Mich, SENSATIONAL Dar1atnl 100 all dltrer-
PREE! trnlted 8tate9 1tanipa nearly 100 HAWAII. Genuine. 4 dttrerent 26C, JO ent rrom Chin•! Includes mint aeta:I AJr-
1ea.n Old to applicants u. s . a_pprovals. dUfereat $1, 00; UnJt.ed Stata mint com .. m&ll.fl Rtrh •a.lue.r CommvnoraU•t1f All
Watooda. lt0-0 Na.uau. New York '1. mtmoraUYes, SO dU!'tttnt $3.00. Pree prtce tllJs ror onl7 5e lo appronl applicants 1
115 DIPP'BRENT, B!Uua, - n l < . llat. Tom. Boor - · Baaolulu 2, Hawaii. Star Stamp 00tn.P9-JU. Ja.mestown. New
vaucan, Llbe:r1a, etc•. 2k.. Duct.e1. 208 STAMP 11asaaoer Copy ltftt "Stamp
Ludlow Bid.I •• O!.lton 2. Ohio. Post." South Cal&llna, Puadena, CaJlr. II DIPPERZNT &tamps, tncludlnc tr. s .
307 ALL DUferent JOc. COmmemora- batUeatups Sc. World wtde &PP?ovala.
2,000 FOREIGN ldl&&lon mixture $1.00. TeJlc.. Arta. Devon. Conn.
Arrowhead. Box 12, sa.n Antonio. Texa.s. ttve1. lrtan1lts. bl ..colored beautloa, ht1h
vaJuul Strause countries! New varieties AROUND The world-30 dlfferent coun-
PRl!!I! Cit.alot~t 1'lll.!1 lUCIJOft. tlultrt. nlore. Olll1 IOc •Ith approvaa. Oaru- trlt11; Bu.utoland, N7asu.land, T&nrttr,
Collectors. Mldweei. Box 6009, K&Dl&I Clt;y lon. Box 400. Celala, Maine. CJ'prua, St.. Hdma. lOc with approva.11.
4, MlMourl. Exctllo Stampo. P .O. Box :ts. Haelttn-
PR.DI Volcano pJdorial! Mada•ucarl
25e BOOK For Sc - t a p! ldeutUla Burmeoel Nlrtt1a l Approftll. Koaun,, 8000Pr Sm.sauona1 $1.00 putel 2Sc to
atampa. uplalnl phUateUc terma, plus 13'1·P Berno.. Jt:tHJ Clt7. New .JUM7. appro•al appUca.nta. Newb.oul.e of 8ta.mP1.
•aluable lnfonnaUon. Approva.la. Moum- Box 222. Mln.ola. N. Y.
Oll:NUINE "001a Nude.. aet. (catalap
blow, 740 llean!l. Bronx 56. 5$0) 15c. Approvall. Royal Stam,p Oom .. PRES. 12 OU!erent tr. s .• appro•all &c-
PRE!!! Nlcaraaua oolortul trtan.a1ec and panz. Tamaqua. Penna. comp1.01. VUla.ae St.ampa, 90-39P 21t St..,
Quet.&11 Vlllaae I, N. Y.
l>et.uutul _Dani.lb aet.. Darya.In approyal in- 1/ 18t.h CATALOOtJB. Beautiful Dul1arta
duded. "'PG," 191 Park. Lew11t.oo. Ma.toe. oaroel post comJ)lete.. Cata.loeue $ 1.87. WOW! s10.oo Worth or fun 10c1 What a
dime. ApproT&ll aeoompa.Jl,f. 00r1e1. A2l5 treuure hunt! BJ1 PM:tace 500 foref.p
100 Dl:Pl'ER!NT lOc; 1.000, 11.00; 2.000, Carlt.oa. B. Rutht:rtord.. New Jenq, 1-t.am... lncludln1 aJrmaus. plctortaJa •.nd
$3.00. Pree u . 8 . Prance, German price otbtn from the world onr; 1:tam11111 wor1b
U1i. M&SRr, 322 Eui 9th Street, Btoat- ILLUBTRATltD Wbolesale prtce Ust up to 25c eac.h. Thll o.fttr 1e:nt ror toe to
lyn, N. Y. tree. TransconUnent&l Commerce 00•• 33'7- awroval awUcanta ont1. Jamettown
PM Ea.et H th Street. New Yort 28, St.amp Oo.. Dept, 22, .Jam.eat.own, New
PREEI United Slates commemorative York.
Price list. HLltorlcaJ Stamp Co., 1280 12.00 CAT. Pre1. :g:,rovaJ ar>0Ucants.
OCean Ave.• Brookl)'n 30, N. Y. 50.000 le u:p. E\'trfl • 2'19 Northwcsi ONITEO States approval.a complete co•·
57tb ei.. Miami, Pia. erart. floe quau~ . attrae-tlve Pr1eet, 8tm-
8.ALBI Pottlcn ~All dU[erent. lnol1 Stamps. Box llJl-P, Coral Oabl-.
600, tsc; 1000. t l.t5; 2000. J(.95; 3000, P'Jorlda.
ti.ts; 4000, llU5;_'4lOQ. $11.15, U. S . 200,
11.150. Postpaid. "'"DC St&mpo, IO!I N. Oll:RMANY (Greater) 500 dll!. tt.00.
Dearborn. Chlca10 2. THEY'RE OnusuaJ, 1ematlonal bar1atn. Mauer, :122 E. Ith Si .. Broo.k.1711 11, N.Y.
tJNl.JELIEVA&t.1:1 650 MJxed WOf1dwlde,
our penny approvall. Roscoe Stamp, 1321 100 DIFFERENT Wllh approvala. Jacob-
'ROecoe. Cbicaao 13. sen, &Iii Naalo Ave., New York 3t . N. Y.
!ncludln& Nlca,.rua trlan1lee. JUJt IOc.
Approvals. PranUer Stamps, Box 2'1'1, Sa.n OAl!H F'or four duplicates! ParUculan ILLUSTRATED St.a.mi> mandne, 28
Bruno. C&l1tornJa. rree. Goliath, Betblellem 7, N, H. wecu 2Sc. St.a.mo Journal. K&Jamuoo,
PRES-VaUcan._Georele, ~1lon. Serbia, ZEPPELIN-ootumbta.n, RooleT~t. Wt.. M lthtnn.
P orets:n ap0rova.11. NaUonal, Box 3XA. lt:r. a.lnnall e-tc.. oolJ" IOC to appUcanY re-- l'RUI U. S. monlhlr llats. line 11&mpol
Pualac. N. J , QU•Unc OU1' approval.a. ThJrdco. IOJ Third COie. fl .. A Rinewau. Buft'alo 21, N. Y .
Ave., Newu-11: t , N, J.
11 00. $2.00, '5.00 U. S. Pree. Approval
58 P OP ULAR MECHANICS U. 8 . Price cataJosue. Poet.are Sc. Stone. appl 1cant1. f'la.mtnro, Box 4038, Miami :11.
Box 62-P. Dorche1t.er 24, Mau. Plortda..
..KAN Sise" Unit.eel 8tal8 &J>OroTalal 180 PRJCB Llal <Jf 11. 8. oo!nt lk. 44 MASnRPIECE Art Ill- In beautUW.
ruuauated ca.ta.loci Sullivu. End.ioott Ar· pa1e1. Worldwide price lilt ot fold eolJ.\& natural colora. Send 11 for 4 slidM. cal&-
cad~ St. Paul L K1D.n. J$C.n pqa. Jams Rand.all~ lt South los and ...iume prtce llst. Za1 Stucllc&,
PRS11CH Colollla. SO colorf'Cll, Jarp Kleblpi! It.venue. Chica.co J. JWl\CU. 241 i..tuetLe Bl-.• New York Cltr 12.
plci.onala. 10e anJ.r wtlh appro'fall. Pldds. O BT Proftt and pleuure In 00Uect1n1 old BELI.OWB Jmt.alled, wtncun1 kqs.
lJ.JI a. IS, Ctevela.nd I. Ohio. coin.a. 8end JDc for se pace Uluatrat.ed coin flans• made. Ken&J.nnon Camera Sbop..
ca1aJ01. You' ll be deJli:ht.ed wUh tt.. Send Ken11n1ton. Md .
¥LAO Stamp free •IUl o . 8 . approva.14. ror u. now. B. Max M thl, 310 Meh1 Bide ••
W•nllfl!W!. 19'3 PatltJ'IOn, Chlcuo. BA88 St,71: BarI&lnSTAJll U7 rudr. • n4
Port. Wottb. Texaa. t.a.r1 ..i., r•r• ooln II• " 'a luna ror 1ou. The boOlt whJch \.II 1 a11.
60,000 tJ'T AMP Orabbaa• 2k each. An- tabUahmtnt In U. S . Establl•hed 49 1ear1. The flnNr. Sn new and used camera equip...
der.on, G30 Bingaman l, Readlna:. Penna. FREE I Forelc:n coin. banknote and coin ment.. a veritable encpclooedia. Wrtte.
WORLDWlOE DUfere.nt. 2~.1:_.?5c: 500. c:ollectort tUustr af..ed c:ata.lot to approval ph.one or call the, •Jan of t.he old "Hone
&0c: 1000, 11.25: 2000. '3.oo, _ovw• 11uo. Hr•toe aoolleaot.1. send 3c J.>Cll\.&Se. Tai-- Trader." lt&h Jttr of 1aUstact.1on or 1our
Beac<lin Sales. Munatd 2 . ........ ham Cotnco. 8prtna:fttld io. M UI. monv back deall na. Bau bQ•. Mila and.
t •lM·l 6pectal 1 1 .00 b&J'tatn o.aer: ( l> trades. B&ll Camera Com.P&tl.7. Depc.. AO .
11. 11.Strvt
Stamp ... llsl..
P rice SeDd Bulldlna.
1225 Part Sta!A!
- -· Pltis-
Ontltd Slates 1193 Columb\a.n world '• fair 179 W. Madl&On SL, ChlC!fO Z.
""'fl! 22. half d ollar• (2 ) album for boldiDI c:otns; PHOTOOOPY ~. po.pen. -
* Pfl>Da.
DIPPER.ENT J.ocludlDI RooleTelt «/
ci> larae ii4 p,111e coin catatos :
woode:a n lekel. Yeti All tour tem.s for
stnwne No dt.rktoom. l ~i: x 11"' compleie. M .95.
Pototlet. 4101 Yarmouth, Clneinnatl 21,
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not pleNed. Ben'.a CCLn oom.P&l.\1, 72 W •
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COlN6 \Yanted . will pa)' UD to t2000 for
mottEST Prtc:ea pa.id ror .uu. movte·
c:amer&1, J)roJecton. Ace Camera Ex-
cttan1!1 138 £Ast. · &8th Street. Now York
rlloo, 202 T ransu. Blds. . BOl&On.
BINOO I Jackpot s:ollecUonl Trlans.Ies, certain co!n1, a.end :1.$c to'f cataloaue. P-22. '" Y.
maPI animal•. mJdl(eta. All tor $o t.o ap- Burton'•· 11 1 So. Third. Columbua. Ohio.
proval applicants only. souc.h••ut Stamps, COMMl:MORATIVB ·I \~ . OrefOD, T exu. P'HO T.O FIN ISH ING
Boa: 111, Lon1 8eac.h 1. Ca.tltornia. K .t :nuaek)t. CleYelaccl. Loa.1 11 and . t2.DO
ea. Ulualrated cawoeue 26c. Norm.aa. CXTRA•HEAVY VtlYet ftnJ.sb print.at
PRU 11. a . pnce ll•l. -taco Jc. .Man 6bulta. Bolt Lak• 9, 11<&1>. I OPOIUle roll CU.SI.om dlYt.loDld. care-
Jla.Dba.. JS$ 6th A ft... P ll'6bu.r&h :P,. fullJ band printed OD - u:tUul llallon&I
PonU. P'lllECIOUS STONES, M I N E RALS ttlOUr pape:r. IOc. Reprtnt.e le. wnu tor
WOIU.0-600 D!ll. llOe, 1000 11.25. 1$ list 44 ot.ber qU&ltt7 surica. S&U1tac11oa.
Canada 2Sc.1 _ approval•. U1t.1. Vtcwrta
St.amp Co., a..ondon t.. Can&Cla..
WORLD•& t.anestua.rop ( 7\\;Xl4. Inches).
ZlRCOl'f8, Alex.andr1t.a. ruble:t, otben..
Dlreot. tmport.atlon guarantee• belt. quau-
t1: J.oweat p ricea. 3 sparkltna. d1amond-
Nn • Hldt Park •S.
suaranteed. National Photo La.b0tator1ea.
N. Y.
BliTTl:R ror leu. Send w your tum.
A real curloa1tJ 1 Retallt tor 60c, onlJ' Sc ltke. p0llahed zircons, over 2 ca rat.a l..f..00. Fine 1raln deveJopJna. Blublack:, ht-aloss,
to ap_proY'a1 applicant.a. Tatham St.amp cat.aloe _10c. lmhwex. Box 232, Whlle Jumbo deck.le·edae print.I a r• dlfTerent.
Co., 8pr1n1fteld 30, Mau. Plain•. N . Y . Any 1.4exp01ure rou dtwelol)ed and i>rlnted
PRU ! 100 Worldwide dlfterent •tam.pa BEAUTlf'UL Arizona varlt1ated acate. 30c. 12 expoe,ure •~1 I.ti npcaure &Cc. Jf
to •P9fOY•l bUJert. Dta u .8 . and UIUf.. larse aUce tl.50. Three 1Uca 14.00. Satla· UpolU.f l t l .00. DeJ),. M·l, L. A. l'b.oto
trated bar1a1D Usu sent •ltb 1pp10vaJ.J. facUOn 1ua.ra.nteed. Chas. wu. c.aye La~., Bos 9315, 8t•llon s.. Loo Ans•!.. 6.
Doo•••n . ),Uplewood. N. J . C'rttll:, Artaona. • CIW.l.
8'tAMP CoUec110nl tran\.ed. Complet.e ··o&MtTJ.N S" Deep red ArlJOtl& rubles a PR.tHTa Prom 10W' rou or l\llattYea
coucuon.a. duplicate Iota. aurpl\11 •tock-. (Oun.et.a). Send quarter for paetei,. 30c: n-<0o: 1e- &5c. 0r • c1ou1>1e a1.. eo-
mint and \lied. Pnfer lnde lor prlntlna 91t.ner•a, Box 21Sl. PhoeAlx. ArbOna.. 1&reemtnu Ue: 12~: 16-. Hl&b"''
or ot.ber Items, bUJ outrtaht tr . prlced quaJJl1. Ovemtaht lttVfice. You:n1 Photo
rt1hl.. Wh1i., ha•e 1011, wha t'• waoud? U-RAKIOM PJ'OSpecWr'e HandbOOk $1. 8ert'l el, ~-~ . Alb&DJ 2, N . Y .
vanroy Shlrk . IAbanon. PtnnL Non·t..echnical. Craft-Connor P\lbll1htn1
co •..i.. Oein. o. so1 s . 'Vermont. Lot Anaelea COLOR.POTOS-Ansco and Extacbrome
PTOU11lnr. ron tt.oo. QuaUtr work. com-
DZAL&R&-WholOK-•le lit\. Poat.ase 3c.
Jl'ral)-. &OSl Queenaberr1. Baltimore 16, 5 ""ur.
METAL Detectors. T he ver1 lat.eat Cir•
plete color 1erv1c.e. €ol0Ro1al'y Box 21!
Md. Ccll1111 8(.&UOD, New York, H . •
cuJt.. Send 25c f9f literature. Hedden Metal
Ot.I> Bearce u . s . ueoodl on appro'faL t>etectora. 3320 Liberty Ave. • Pittabu:rcb J, SB.KO Your pb,olo and $1.00. You tteet•e
8Uaht.11 deftctive.• _.bar1aln prl~. Httn· Pmna. down frltn.dahip pbotol. Orlatn•I n-
fteld. CUntbnhill Si&Uoo. Hewatt I . N. J. tumed. Wole<>, Box $34. M&1Wood. lllloola.
POOL8 Oold 25c. cuatlerl!A!
POUND S&ampa. oontalDJD.1
s1.oo. t.onncre
New Yort 11.
ShoP. IOI won
tb001• dt
t2IMI. lle IOo. O<htt mlnerala.
•ton. New Medco.
I LIPETlM_& ltnlaqed. prtni.e tn. album
40c. 12 ~-ooav• 60c.. ta atl)Ol.ura '15c.
Al bum reprtn1.1 SC. Contact reprtnta te.
B&l\UJI Bean. com,Plelil Mt or e labl ZIROONS. 1 - . Omutne Slam Im· Superior Plnllhen. Box 4:.11, Mll ...uk.ee l .
and 100 dltreren.t •t.amPI on17 lOc to ai>- pOt\.I. Pure w·hlte. BpecJ.&1: J renulne w ~.
prof'al appUcanta. Rel~ Stamp Co.., 484:'1 &lreoN. from \~ kl.. lo I \~ lrta., $1.00 tax PILMS Developed a.nd t:nlar1td double
Kenmore. Chicaao 40, nt. Dept.. Mll. included. We can supply tJrcona ln &ll atze, 8 e.JCPo&Urn 35c: 12 e•poeures 50c:
eJtet and mounllnp of all typu. Send or- JG to.xpo1ura s.&o. Prom.Pt. 1er·• lce. Mallln1
26 ALL Dlfterent at.amot toe. Tunis, der or write for details tod.a1. B. Lowe.
w1kenia.n Ave.. Newark • . New JUUJ. enveloPM on request. Real Poto•,.P.O. Box
Bolland BldS.. Dept. PM, St. Louil. Mo. 172 M . Statton B., Broolcl.Yn. H . x .
NlOARAOUA ..Tin Pan Alle7•• dla- GEMSTONES. Rouch. palllhed. Mlnttal
rnol)(l. &cu1d0f' •howto1 Oeorce Wasbins- aoectment. &ver1 Yartet:J. 1oWfl6t prtcu. ROLL PUma developed and I auper
ton. and American tlaa ln natural colOI"$, (o•tnin> prtnta JSc. Pree mau1n1 en-
Ptnan, Trlette. ..American ArmJ" •tam:P. Lbt tree. Plummer's., 2111 Bacon. SAD •tlopes. l'inMl Qual.111". o. Henry Photo
l\n\ o. 8.. comm~oraU••. 1 100. 00 8hans-
Dleco T, COll!omla. 8aYlee. Bos 2f51., Oreen• boro.
hal. COratca. &mac. AnUQue. othe:ra~ All
North earouna.
5c. APPTOnlo. Cai>ltal lllallll> 00.. DepL 8TAMP·81ZB Pbot.cJCl'&pba made fr<>m
2. UtUe Rock.. AJ'L 1ou.r pboto or anapsbot. Small. 10 ror JOc,
zow1a.a1 A ba.rrea or run tor onl7 a
d lm t . MO United Stat.es ata.m~bao1ute-
20 ror *· ao for 41.00. t.al'le. 5 for JOe.t
10 for &Oc, 2S for tl.00. Pbo\.O relumea
1Y unpicked apd unsort.fld- Ju1\1U rec,elYed unharmed. Prompt &.ervtce. Aaent.a want-
!tom chure.h mlM1ona. Many •arlellei, tn- MAKI Jnex:penetve electrlc _pat.t-ery tun. ~ - Del.all• aent wit.ti ftrllt order of lOc or
c1ud1n1 lar1e commcmorauve.!J. aJnnaU.1, Complet• lnrtru:ctlont 11.00. Plre&lde over. H, & M. Photo Service, nor PM
bt1~ dtnominationa up to t 5.w l St.amp-- Ha bbln, Box 648 , &eattle, Waah. 625, Ch~IO to, I lllno!.a-.
I bln..i packoae or run-and 7ou w A10'ED Old cigarette earda. Write

t. Ani:I aometblnt' • r • ll1 waluableJ Cha.rlte BraJ". Eut Bancor. Ptnna.
PROM.PT Sen-fee. BeauUIU.l 1parklln•
oat1 lOc to Hf10UI •PPl'OY&I H-nice Hi1lou tnlar1em.enu r.rom 7our roll or
ac·oUcanu. Mono back it not ddl1bted. 30 DlJl'PEREM'T American. forelrn mW- nera tJYM Jc each. Gord.' • Studios. ~.
tnia.Mrat ~ b&r1ain UaLa With each o.rder .
lll&mP Coml)Oll)', Dopl, IO, C&m•
tan lnt.1an1•. complete cac.aloc 60c:.. Pl ..e
d.UttrtD\ metal emblems 2$C.. Japa.oeM sur-
PS, U lt S..t Ulat. Cleveland :ao. Olllo.
dm. N ew YoB. render document 2:5e. Bobb1culld . 6'1•B
PHOTOORAPH8-Band oil oolored b7
apectalla1., to r x JO"' 11 .~. Lu.od.J atud1~
Sumo.er. Brook.b'n. N. Y. •• Boclua BL. ClJde. n ... Yott.
C O INS, TOK-S, CUllllENCY MINlATllR.E8. 400 . HOUHhOld Items S>MV. Pllma developed eech • ._ure
01.D Moner ,..an,ed. W ill PAJ Jloo.oo for acale l"': l' for doll bouaes and oollec:t.on. tnlar1ed co S~~~ 4.\!t deckle--edte ureume
llH <!Im•. s . mint. •~o.oo lor 1tu LlbertJ at>&•• Now York Times (I 1~· x 2 1~") and
1U1.11ttated llat 25c. StoVe.r. 1103 Wnt First
r.nl1raemenll. l"lnest qua.Utt. 8 a U1tact10µ
head nickel ( not bUl!olo). Bia premium 1t1•rant.eed. 315 ez.. $1•.25. 20 u . '15o. Free
pa.1ct tor au rare coin•. ~d 4C tor larae Aw .: OolumbUI 12. Ohio. mallt.rt. M ay'1 ~tudlo•. Dept. K--81, IA
coln folder. May mea.n much pro.tll to 70.u. - 0 N t18E:0 Matchbook CO'ftH-100 dlf- CrOllM. Wla. •
Mumilmatlc Co.. Dept.. 20, l'ort Worth, terent. 11.00. Cat.aloe JOc. Charl11 Edel-
T...._ MAltS Your own res>rlD\ail Jo Heb. N . .
man. J3110 &&at M. 'Clt-veland 3. Ohlo. proceu. No darboom. le.IJOD, HO-B
3S WORLD Coins I L OO. KalTJ' Bllhob, J:NVgNTINO can be an 1nw.11.,. and B&J&bl , San Pranclaco. Caill.
Dor tolt . Plt!!bwJb 24. Pew. prolll•ble b -• . Wrlu. tor oompltta par-
10 OOO<S And bills. 1 1, 00. 100 bills. M OVIS Star ObOtol wttb dtbl el'POfUTe
Uculan. l natltute of Amt.t1cu Invent.on.
11.00. s. oalns, Sl.00. Oddehon. Bos •&2. Depa.• • O-B. 1928 -l!re S L , .. w .• Waablns-
t.on S. D . C.
roll.I devtJoped. 11 prtn&a. Sk. Excltln.C
premium eou.Ponl. .Hollrtlnt.1, P·lSSO.
BL MO::::.·~~~~~~~~~~ Holly•ood 21. Caltfomta.
~OAIN I 11nlled Stale& balr dollar JUMBO Prtnta. 8 eXJl(llUf'9 roll SSC: 1.2
ov~l10 years old, J909 VDB cent, 1883 CAMltltAS, P'HOTO SU P'PLl lES
n1 1. 1913 nickel, 1882 Mar1land curren- es. 400; JG ex. Sk. Ace Photo, P.O. Boi: 25,
cy. clent Romin coln over 1600 yean old REFLECTO Frame dbplaya c.olor tran..- M elrou Park. IWnoJ.s.
anelf our complete bUJ'ln1 and 1tllln1 c-.at- pt.tt.nclet Uke real ·Plcturu Cl&Ylllht or ' EN!.AROIMEllTS, 8'' x 10", 30C. Oil col-

- rt.
atoru.e for aa.oo. cat.&locu• alone 25c. . 20 artlftclal Uabt. No li1ht bulbe to burn or ortnr. 5pec1a1 trial otrer. Write . Sursal

dlfrtrent lnd1an evlla 1 1.00.. Worth1 COin fade t.ht tr~1pareocy. No dra•1ln1 elec- PhotOI. 3300 Beach. Chlca10 11 , W .
c..--auon, m
WNh!Dsl<>O (D-llS). Boo· tric COTdl. ~o bulkY boxu an.y 11ae.
Retlec.to Prame Co.~ P.O .. Box 1084. Seattle. 100 AllD Tbb ad brlDa ODO print nch
WNh. flnt. roll. rtsulaf 2$c •alue. e·wut. Photo.
10 WOOD l!H Nlcltela 11.00. S-- Bos SSPM. 11-eld.
llWlalo nickel 11. u . 100 <1ur.....1 r- !Mt PHOTO catalos. U4 ,_,.. TOO ll·
oo1m P .95. Otani c:aWOcu• He. S.bee hut-ntkMla. Be.Gd l litc 1tamp. B1oom••
OOla 0oml*Jl1, 1180 Eaat Ard. Chlcqo
ST. Illlnola.
camera Center, l&S'l-PM Main, Sprlne-
ftf'lld. M.ua.
JUNE 1949 59
VALUB PJual Your roll careru111 devet.. PRBE Movie Utt. 8uperJor PUm Service, SONOWRITERS A.ttentton I The Amu-
oped. and enlarred to doublo·aiz. Jumbo Box '113, Trot. N. Y. ln
og demand for phonorraph records, OQ•
prints, indJvtdually bound tn attracUve SOUND, Silent. 3Smm. features. and celerated by counUes1 Juke·boxea, warrant.a
pocket-album. Hand;)r compa.cl' preaervm ahorta. AJIO llmm. sound. Alm.I. Simpson, rour tmmedtatt lnveau1auon. w e are
your pictures. "An album of en\uaementa 151 Hiib. Oa1wn. Ohio. o!lerln- new writers the rare OJ)J)Ol't.UftlQ
trom your roll of tUma." I -exp. onl.y SOC. of hav1nc celebrated ..htt'• composer fur•
12.exp. 40C. Jumbo-album re·prlnw. 4C SAVB &OW On movtea. Free ClrCUlars. nlsh mu.aJc on reduced oerce:nl11e buia
each. Send for free mailen and prtoe ll1t, 1amJ)le ft.Im. Ptomadert, Davmport. t , for any lUrelJ l)Oemt r~l•ed Util month.
or mall dlm to Jumbo PrSntl, Doi: SH, Iowa. Phonoerapti record• are ouueHtn1 . plan.o
Dept. E. New Haven., OOnn. • · llMM. Pllma, rree llaUnr. De Pbolo, copies ~ too l . Recota Record.I, HoUywood
048 Helen. Detroit '7, MJchJ1an. 28, Calif.
ROLLS De•tlooed and cnlal'led 2 to I
times llJ'ltr. a expcaurn 30c ooln: 12 u - OUARANTJtKD Pf'fll.b a.nU- halo out-- POE.MS Wanted to be aet to mu.tc. Pree
nauunation. knd J)Oeml, McNeil M&lt.er
pocure1 $00; J& txl)Olurel eoe. Snlar1ed door movie ftlml Wut.on 121 Da1U1bt.
=rtnu 4o tt.eh. Ald•n Pboto&, H·& At.· loadlll(I ProoealllC freel Tbtte sl>OOI& of Music. 510·PM s. Ales&ndrla.. LOi AA·
double 8 mm. S.S.f.$1 Six •lnal• a mm. tor nlea. Callfonua.
tor Sta•• Boat.on, Mu..
Ualvu. fUOI Poltpt.ldl CalalQS. Pllm· WRJT£ SOna. Bt1 moou and repul&.-
ctalc.. n1.1> H0117. K.anou cii,. 2. lllllow1. Uon. Write tor tntonnauon. J . oord.OD
''THE World'• Orea tat. Puslon PlaJ' ." Pub. Co.. 201 N. H01De ....... Cblcaro.
Imm.. llm.m. and 35m.m. Sped.!7 &Ue:nl or
18 EMLAR.Om. Jumbo, o•en.tq deckled IOWld. Rent or p\lJ'Cbue. Hemenwa.y RA DIOS, SUPPLIES, INSTltU CTION
prtn'4 from &ll1 •·•·12·11·20 or II expo- PUm CO., U.P M tl:n:lle St.., Bolton 1$,
a:ure roll ft.Jm dndoped onlJ ue a.ad UUa BUILD Your ow·n radio. Ko biattailL
ad. B!ectronlcall1 u -. Enl&rftmtnl Mau~-~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hon-electrlc. raan1 UMmbled. l't'e.mhtnc
eoa.pon free. st:rudland, M«·R D'••t'M7. TlTLB Ma.tins. rree booklet. Wes.twood fvrn11hed. Amutnc recepUou. Ne pana to
Chte&ao. Oompa117, Al Vlctorta Btrtel, San Pnul· wear O\IL SC stamp brtn.ca .,;an, flJu.ttra ..
cl.ICO, Calilot'D..la. Uol>. Ammc:an 8o1 lll!Pl>l7 Co., Boa 21t,
ENLAROBMENTS, An7 al.z.e. Pho•
murals made from 1our own plctur• or LBAR.N Proteaatoual motJ011 Ple:tu.re ChJca10.
ehoose ours. Be&uUf\ll aetnlc a.ample S\~ • l«.hnl•u• a.t bome. App.ro'Yed for .-eln'an PIX AJrl radio. AmU1n.1 o.w IDltru-
s fet-\ tor 115.00. Srudlo Photo a.m~. 121 lr&.lnt.nc under O.t, am. Pree cat.aloe. mmt loc:ata radio uoubl• double Quick.
N o. La ctmeu. Holll'WOOd ae. caw. MOUoo Plct.v.n lDIUtul<!, Blrmlnll'bam 4. Simple inlUUcliona allow .rou bow. Thou ..
Mlcb. aands now In use. PrM-WTlte t.oda, for
3SMliL Rolla den.l~Bnlarc-ed J\~d
PrlDLI. 34 n:paaure:s tl.00, 20 U.:PCJIUNI LEARN Mcnie proJecuon.... manasemeut. 28- pae e UlustTattd &echn1cal ma.nu.al.
85e~ I upoaure roU1 de•elol>td, prtn~ Pree ca.talcs. Tbn.lte lnlUtute. Elm1ra.. ''The lmlde StorY." . PeUer E:nctneerlnc
oven.be 30c, 12 expoaurft 4Sc, 15 ex~ N. Y. Com.l)a.n.Y. De1>L &PM&. tu Oeorr• 8"-,
IUJ'el 5$0. MacDona.ld'I Pbotol. Bos 22J..J I BOY Elchan1e. awap movies. What Cblcar o. nunots.
Concrea Park. IIUnot.a. • b.a.-e JOU; Wbat do 1ou w-anl? Lowest U:· PREE-I.loner, aavlnc bar1ain bulleUns
BEAtTTIPO'L Bnlarrement rrom each cha.ntt rat11 Ln world. CetalOJUe 11.00. ln rad.Jo and te evlalon 1et.1, record cba.n1-
p icture on roll SOC. cut. Rate Photoe. Deot~ Refundable. Ha.net lrll. Box m. Brock,.. er. t ubes, part&, ampllften. •ratenbetc.
B 4, Jane1vUie. W la. ton M au. Write today. Rad.ionic Equip' CO., ept,
LOWEST Pr1ct 1. raw ft.lm 8mm . .. 16mm. 2000, 1'70 Naa1au St.. New York '1, H. Y.
FREE Price llll on qualtt7 developln1, PrM U1t. MK Photo, 4!il continental.
1>rlnttn1, enlarrln1. Writ• for tt t.odQ. TELEVISION Seu 'J• •t40. 10" •220.
Bf)'an•a Photo Shop, Dei>t. M, Pana.ma Detroit. 14. M.Jch.l1an. M&hocanJ" cablneta. Rtcbardl, SS PhJUIPt,
City. Plorida. BASS 8a.>'•: 3t years of leaderah.Jp 1Uar,.. Andover. M ua.
EXPERT Flnl.abtnr. Roll developed and anteu 1at11tactloo. 1'lne1t. cLne equ!D01.mt..J MAKE Loudest. cry1\al radlo. tnatruc-
Imm.. lSmm.. and 35mm., allmt. ana
$ print.a 30C. Rancho Photo. Dept. P, 0n ..
tarlo. Calif. · IOU Cd' W tltt the old " Ho·rse Trader. ·•
Sat 1faoUo.n or 1our money ba.ct. a1way11
ttooa, loude1t cryatal, cataloc : 26c. Am-
orose, Rouu f , Richmond. V1rcinla.
8 BEAtJTIPUL Double 111.1 pictures and Bt.aa Camera COMJ)&n.1. Dept. A , 179 W .
roll d evelaped lOc. 8 hour •ervlce. Jl'ree
mailers, Paclnc Photo Service. Box 969
Macllaon St.., Chtcaco J .
l '• lSM:N. 8Uent..1ound tllm1. Complf!t.e
wtlh 11m.J)Utled low co.at k".
TELEVISJON- Butld your own recel\ler
Det1U1 tree.
Radio Shop, P .o. Box qt a. Pree port. New
San Pranclsco. Calif, · renlnl Ubrar1. All lat.est 1obJecta. Pree York .
2 BEA UTI1"UL lll·Oll)lt Prln'4 tOQ)I Clltalo1ue. (aa.mpte nhn 1001. Oarden Pilru. ATTENTION Radio r·epatrmen , plat.tr1,
l'OOd neaauve and enlar11n1 coupon with 31 '1 Wea& &OUl. New York 9. hobbyiats. Eliminate wtrea. Oae conducll\le
each 8 expoe:ure roll developed 21e. PrM paint applied bJ brush or apray, Alr d.rJ,
mailers. Owlpboto Co.. Weatherford, MUSIC AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Ellmtnate wlrJn1 and aold ered connoc·
Uons. Pa.st, clean, economlcat Allo tuJta·
8 PRINTS AU en.la.reed to nearl.Y PQlt.- 8TRBAMLINB Accordlona below whole .. ble for atatlc 1hieldtnr and M plaUn1
ca.rd tiie from fou r roll or nepUvu 250· 1alt. Circular. M et.ro, ff North Alba.n.J, but. For detalll write Jobn R . Marple •
16·60<. CT'rial olfer l. Wiiiard Studloo. Doi co.. Weslfleld. N. J .
W$A. Cleveland. Ohio.
,- ..-n-,,-.,,~
u..uat oompoa.ln1-arranflnc offer. Pree de.
, ~.,=
RCA Record player attachment. RetaU
M OTION PICTUltH A ND SOUND fl6. 9$, Special 19. 95 POlt&>&J.d. Ouara.nt.ffd.
talla. Piel• " Qupllli, " ' Hudson S t., Record Ctnt.er, 15lf B. 51, Cbic:aco l&, IlU·
EQUIPMENT New York 14. Doil.
SEND l Oo for IOU phot.oeraohto cata- PO&M.:8 Wanted. Pe.rcentaae baits col·
labor&Uon. Tern. Tune Mut;e.r, 709\!t: PM RBOORD Cban&tt parta for Jeadtnc
Joeue. Bar1atn ll1t tneluded. St.e:rllnc'1, t11 Nort.h Broadwa1. Oklahoma Ctty 2. ma.km. We ah.Ip eveT)'where. P'rtt.nd.'1
Northampton, But.on. Penn11lvanla. Wholesale Dlfl!ibutors. 106 Norlh 81.Xtb
OOARANTEIID P'ff&h 25' 1p00la double POBM.8 &et. to mua:lc. Splendid oiler. Street.. Phllad.elJ)hla •. Penna.
a mm ruu color .tum 1 Proceu1n1 tree! R.UJ.b poem.1. Radio Compoa.en, W D P .
C lint.on. N. C. TELBVlSIOM. Radio, tubes, part.a. 8end
13.80 each. S •PGOla Sll.00. Cataloc. Pllm· for free ba1'8ln list. Rallmarllc. 6118
craft, 4'1Lb Boll.J', &&DIU Cl\.J 2. Mo. 80NOWRITBR8: 8e:Dd poem for free CommunfJ)aW, Jtrw:J CitJ, New JtrMf.
SEND 10c for irtanc. lfmm IOUnd barptn uamlnaUon a nd ou.LataAd.lnl olfu. O'olted
U:ualo, IS.S. Salam, Indiana. OOMVOlfl.OATION A nd rad.lo count:
lists. W••t:rlJ, 6'10'1·.A south CbrtaUa.oa, Not a CCKTMPorulenl course. but m.alltd
Chleaf021. PLAY YOW' autt&r throu.ah )'OW" radio. com:plet:e. Written b1 a former Tech. ~
PREB Movl-Hundr<dl of 1ublecU. Oomplet.e plans· bootup lnstructfons: with the Ann1 Air Forces. PractJc:al tn..
Thrllllns , entenatlllllf, lucb>atlllf. Na· wbt-re &.o 1et mate.rt.all 11~00. Star Enter· dudes ntcfSU.rJ' lhl!Of"J wilh pb,Ja1c;f ex..
tlooal dlrtttOl7 ot .trM mouon pklura pt!M. Dalton. N. Y.
planatfo~;, _a.b5o!utdf nectua11 ln radio
$1 .2$. SatWaetlon suaruneed. Zducallon&f PRU Pb._npb . _ . i: 'l9c reconl repair. w.e'l'tl.1on. and eommunlcaUona.
Pllllll<&tl0111. B· 7PM , AdlJU, Mui. (our chol..) lncludtd !re. with ordtt. All No\ a bulo _,,.., M .00 -1,,.Ud. M r.
EXPERT Prooellln& ""1ce. II mm 2S new b.lllblll.J'. popular. Hllrltu&ll at atand- Arlbur Arnlda.. 70 Acuth.net. Attoue, New
ft. eie. M.a1u.tnes ac. 11 mm 100 tt. l l .U. af'd pric:tt. ordtt recordl . .nled now. Or Bedfon!. M-.
Boncet~a Pllm.a. IS Hl1hland AV•., K tu.. 11od for famoua rt"COJ'd eataJoc:. MaJlorc.
be.J, New Jtl"RJ'. ~L « . no N. 0 01 Blrfft.. BaJUmor• 2,
PREE Morse COde lesson. Complete
course $1.00. Dept. M.• Otto Lutbu, New
NEW lSUM aou:nd proJec:lOn, Cine 15e,.,.... Preston. Coon.
lee. Box 582. Il.llaca. N. Y . lHt ACCORDJONS. Wholesale. free cat-
UNIQUE M O'ftes equipment. Pree cata· aloc. American Accordion Cente1'. $329 BUSIN ESS OPPO ltTUNITIES
lot. Bame Pi.z:, lll'lf Brot.dwa1. New York Belmont. Chica.so.
19. POSM.8 Wanted for mu11cal settin1. MORE And more automatic ftre control
1949 CLEARANCE Sale. Want a real kn4 poe:ma for tree examlnat.lon. Ftve men are chancln.c to Red Ball Jn.c., 8oa:
bu.Y In lSmm aound dim? Tate advant11e Star M'Uale Maaten. e30 Beacon Bid.I:. , Bos,.. 1S52. SaJt Late CitJ, Olah. BHL Oroctuel,
ot the I.C.8. 1949 clearance aale or 1sm1n too. J4&M, hi1heaL protlt.1.
sound tllnu, reature1. comedtN. ed:uca-
t lonala. cartoona. noveltle. etc. Send for
our 1Pant lilt "A" todll.J' 1laun1 machine
PLAY Mool "°"ulUpiano! S.nd 20C
tor home 1tud1 folder and novel break.$ for
CARP'E NTER&-Own profttable bwlneu
Wt&Uln& kltcben cabinet.a. Wrtle Thom·
hJt·t.unta. CbrtatenaeD 8tudJo O. P. O. Box bert Company, Box tt7C, Newton, Iowa..
you own (make and mOdel). lnatltutlonal
Cinema Servtce, lnc.. 15SO· P2 Broedwa1 IU. Wheaton, IU. PlOURINES, OlfL omamenta. Un ..
New York 19. N. V, ' AOCOROlONB. Mttea, a .mplU'lers. Save painted. many to chooae from. Start. a
up to &O'°', ca1b. or terms. Buy dJrect. save prof\ table butlneu--hobby, Write for f'r ff
OOLOR Tit.let:, alld e thowa. Intro. or· circular and Information. Suiter Aft. Jn ..
ftr : 6 tor 12.00 Incl. "Ltt'• Oo.. and "The middle ma.n•1 protltl. Del Prtncl.pe, 307 dustrJes, 31t Wetitport. Kansai Olt.J, Mo.
End. " Free llat. Jaycee COlor&HdH, 31Hll 801Jtb Waba3b. Ohloago.
s.cramento St.•• San Pranclsco, Calif. $1& - soo DAILY Rent'Atlnft rur& UP•
BETTER 8Mlo.f. a.nd 16mrn. movie cam ..
YOOR Poe.ma aet. to mUIJc. recorded by
proftMJonal arUata. Bend Potma or wrtte. holstery, qu1ct.Jy, acltnUftca r.·
buatnHB opportunity. Purac ean, 1'1·D
era rum. Lo1'•er 1>r1Ma. Bettor Jl'llm4, 7t 2 Pree booklet, at.trtcUve offc:r, eonr serv- East 42nd, New York IT.
New Lota. Brooklyn 7. N. Y. · lc•. 331-0 Wesl 461.11. New York.
BB Direct. facLory reprea.eniauve: ttli SELL Bl1 mone,p .. ma.lr.er to men and
SONOW'R 1TER81 Out!ltandlng, eth lc::al women. Easy handwork mallet fut..1elltn1
e.nd df' monatrale prnrea;itonft1 1emm. aound otter. Hlbbeler. C&, 2157 N. Aver~. Chlctu;o.
ro.1ect.or to chun:he•. achool1. lnduatrv, useful articles. Sun.made Company, Brock-
f,ndl•lduat•. Bts Pl'Oftt•. \Vrlte: o. N. SONOWRITERS·PubUcauon collabo"a- ton 6-4. M&SI.
Jenen. 5 8. Wa'baah, Chlc:aro 2, Jlllnolt. tton. Newart. Publllbera, o .P.O. Box 1226. A Proftt&ble maU·order bu1lneu aan be
81ruu1e. N. Y. roun. ovtr 20 1e.r1 ot t-nowhow.
MU8IC Arranae<I. son" printed. Prank M.athe1''&. •501 Oakmont. St-. Phlladelpbla
60 POPULAR MECHANICS Wlldt.. M\11So Publt.&her. Lancuter. Penna. 30, Penna.
SAWDllST. Turn It Into CUI>. Six
MAKB llolonq aell1nc 11art11nc1T
oJllU' plutkl buUOD made 14 \•·o ~rate
o..- BIG MQM:J'. 81>Are or full Ume In you_r
home. No aelllncl 8Pra.J new mlrac.le ftn... met.bods. lmtrucUoaa 1$c. Cbarlee.. 12-
PllC~ l>\l\.\OD·be.le with c&Ytl1 caned t.atltl. plush and tucde on 1111\1. rad10&. APS, Non-. Oblo.
thenln. and clet.r wlnd.0111· t.hat 1\Ls lnto aul«nobllca, n1urlne1. Jam,pa, to71. etc. BABY Shoe mount.a ..1.a.m:pa."' Cart.er
c•vitJ over what.ever ts placed tn eaTH;f. Our bu1ness ii b00min1J-new cu)' Plok· PJot.ure Lamps., GO& So. 83rd Place, Bir-
Br putting into cu,vtt)' a piece o-r ~be roa- Kr"fL me\.hod.tl- mat.erJal cost.a few pen· mlnaham 6. Al&.
Urlal &he uae1 tor making a 11rment any nles. you aeL do11ars. Pree a.ample.. com·
pleut powerful money maklna plan Cree. MAKE Up to 1350 • monlb tn apare time
woman ca.n. wttbout anJ' equ,pmenl, eulb' Wrlte DOW I Cout. 1010 E 8 . Loi Anaeln, kNPtna boob for amt.II bual~ oa a
.aiak• up emLwnt button& to cxactl1 match Loi A111eles I~. repor\ 111ltm.. Do work al bome,. Mo pre-
In cloth, .,.u.e~, ~color t.nJ c11wa, ~~t. •IOUI HJ)U1.enct oecna.ry. 8hnpUded.
other 1umen1. wiat she mat.et. uu-s:e.. TESTED MOMJ·mlltts: A . ., . book, cou.ne 11vea com.pleu tns-uucuooa and
medium and small buttons with 1CreYOae U ceou. post,~Jd~ ldeas. plant formulas. 1peclmen iet of book&. Just. fOUow dlrec·
for aew1n11 c.o prmecta are ••&liable. Wrtt-e •UPPl1 tources. Money back if ChnaUa!led. lions. 8)'1Um dcslaned and uied aucceas·
tor tree inlurmailon. lnquJr1e1 from dress• L. Cit.)', Box 10tlJ, Wicbtt.a, KanlU. full)' by a public accountant. Pull prtce
makers. proteulonaJ or tor own family, 100 ~ PROFIT Selllng &han11>00 . Free only •11,$0. $:end u,.oo and pay balance of
..peclall)' mvu.od. out ahop• can mount dt:taU1. Ma.cMJllan. Plne·Alre, Bay Shore, . 112 50 when deUve.red plus poet.a1e. South...
~lnlatur• p&int.ln11, other ttena
buu.on ca•1l1 to &ell u novelties. M. y,
l0,000 FORMULAS And trade qcreta.
eaa'-trn Aecounllnl CO.. TJton Bld1 .•
W:OQlpmt:IT. Al•bem•.
WUUam E. Moot.!,; C()6tume BuU.oa Jewel·
f1 , Boa W.-M. w umemucca. HeW"ad&. Prff 11ttratu.re. 8UUm.an Co~. $~ Kinp:ton OWN Your maJl onkr buslnMa. ?Co tn·
A Ye.. Brookl.Jn J. H . y . ve1tmen.t,, Omaha ZD'ffl~ Strvtco. • 721·
&ARN $50.00 Or more wrtt~ open.Unc
nut e.nd cum vending machtnu tn your u .oo PER Hour met.allizin1 babr 1hoe&. T C.Ufornla, Omaha S. Nebr.
apare time. DetaU.1 tree. Danco Coln Orl1lnal " 10 ln bu1tneu on • 1hoe1trln1.. MAKJ!: Perfume. Prot\table bua.lnf'N. to ...
Mac:hlne co.. Dept. P M\ 1304 •. Baltimore auocelt. plan offer• new war to bll pronta torm&Uon free...lnt.ernauona.I." 0347 Par·
8t .• Baltimore Sl , Mary and. at hon1e. full or apare tlme. complete de:· nell. PM.a. Chlca10 21. llllnota.
latll tree. Send po1tcard n o"'· Klktavl Co.,
" WATERLE88 Hand eleantr:• Make. 21118 W . M.anchuter. Lo5 An•e1H t4. OPERATE Proftt.able mall·ordet bull·
aelt No machlnerJ. Build profttable buSi ..
YOUR Own bu..lneu. Tb.la plan b all· neu. Bf"'&.Cd·new ~ ctves eomplei. low·
Dell. Ponnula 11.00. "Wu-o--Olua'" cleans down. Send U . 00 for ..Succeu tn M.a.U
f.lau; pollal\te meta.II. Pmmu la 11.00. JH'OAL No Mlll.nl. Write: Tbe J"ay-Ctt Orde:r." Arco PubUlhtn1, 480 Les:tnstoo
'Wt,pe.on .uto i>&tnt'' formu la Sl.00. Met. CompanJ. 929 Wn.L J.taple SlrftL. M.Uwau· Ave., New Yor-t City.
aU:mnr b&b7 1boea. complet.f" l)tOCt.A tt.oo. kce., Wbeona.ln.
AU four formula.a onl1 13.ftO. SaUatactlon DEPRESSION lneurancel 014' 0 money- MAKE Touab ptuUc l e PollDd. Milts
ruaranteed. Idttal Formula servtee. Part making bustnesa. lnform atlon trco. P ru· durable floors. wall.a. mantels. roof1. 101
Ax, l<tnrsport. Tt:nne•ue. u1e1. DuUd atlractlve home younelf. :Ma.·
Rld•e 5 . IUJnoll. Urlal cost 11so room.. Ba.YI Laborat.orle1.
START BotUtd natural I M bu11ness. START Pro.OLable home direct 1eUln1 Qk.l&l>Oma C it? t .
H W , a m&&ln\ opportunJly. Dtmand mot• buatneu. Sample Tel·Tlmer ICk:. Joforma·
JDOUJ. Pa.fa 11 proftta. LIU'l'at\lrc !rtt. Uon free. Write 8preclaltJ Co.. Amherst, BJO MOO<JI MM!O In ltUenbop _,.._
Dtco, Pt••dena 11. CallfornJa.. Ohto. Uool Ea&J pleuant work. PrH det.alls!
Wood& Leu.er SerYlce, Bedford. Penna.
RAISE P11bWOrmJ. Complet• lnltnle• JOO BOS1NES8 ldtu-10,000 lonnulu.
tlcma 2c 18'.\Amp. Huffman.t Worm Ra.ncb. Mall order, home. farm. workshop. Pal'• PREE Boot ..372 unusual Worldwide
0$, Riv~ Ju.net.Ion. WCb. t.lculara free. Fiasco Sales. 2Ml~VL 150 Bu1lnet11 Adventur·t!•I'' Aastralla, Soulh
PROVED Profttable ma.ti order bustneM Elt.reeL. Pluahlnr, New York. Arnerlca. New Zealondl 1800 month rel)Ott...
SELL Ttlevtalon. rad1oa, appliances. ed (exceptional). Wo-ri dell•hUul ent-er·
1elll~1 mercnandl.ae 1pectalt1e1 to women. prllH home. Prep.are for aurprlsel PUb--
8maU home al)f.rellme deve.lopment proJ• 1portin1 _rood.I. hardware. WllJOn, 1411
eci. OOmplete '"ltane:r ," QPt-r1Un1. in· VUet. Mlhraukte $, Wl5coo.aln. Uaben-C5. CUlabad. Calif.
•UUC-tlons ouUlne. " NaUOaal 8peclaltJ· PR.EE ruuatraled itu~uo1a ca~una BROMZDIO BabJ ab- 11 blc - · -
- Plan." 25<. 0"'1t Lo\'tll, ll66 no.-elite1o. Omutne latex for mold.I. MaJor 1tart J'OW' own bullnea for M~ t5 tndudes
SOUUl Shore. E:rle J , Penna. Chrmle&I co., 11t Port.land Street, Cam· matertals and 11\.ltnacUon.s. Mo"equlpme:n.t
TRADE M asatjnea help 10Met ahud. br1d1e :S9. ).t u.a. reautred. ParUculan free. Met.aloldl.. Box
LAtest 1ln1le copies. Over 1 coverin g 2005, Wichita, KAMM.
U NPAINTED Wall pJaque•1 n1ur tnct.
e,e:..,. trade, b\1.stneu a nd In ert.Jt. List 1tatuea. Lbt. t.n..true.tion.1, almc. PerrJ' llOW And where to Obtain capital.
wtr.h .t~'~et, tree. Commerclal Enrnvtna Novell)' Co. , Pet!]. N. Y. Small and lar1e loans. Pree parUculars.
Publl r Co•• 3t C North I.Utter. lndJa..D· BJ:LL By maU ! Ideas nlore I Jot.n mall 8t.ar Sel'Tice. Wa~kOMC&. Ob.lo.
....... It. Iodlana. 1t-11tn1 oppo:rtu.nntes dubt Del.ell• freel uo-. 88LLINO EZC llftdle tllrtMlen
MO OOmpeU..-. Two new pi<iducto. l!:x- H . Wehner. Box lU·A. RoxbUg lt. Mau. IOc. Remit SLOO lor 2$ on cud. I canls
clusl•e kTt'ltorr. Mtast ba\'e, or a ble to M _A JLORDltR Advertiatn1 •·ruun s.o •&.oo, Money back suarantee. E Z.O. Co••
orp.nlze own Wea force. Cobreclte C'1)rp .. ltHP Cbesmut SL. , Sprlnc11t14. Mau.
J.35 W . Wa&hlnston. Pa1adt:na ' · Calif. order. B:l1. po1IUve r e1uH.1 reported!
Fink.le A.6.!loclate1. 267· M south SPrlng, OET AmasSn-1 literature on 400 money
l"OR An extttme1y pront.able Utetlm e LOI An1elea 12. malttn1 deal.I. Mal1 order ideas, UPI. plans
business operat.t a coUecUon aceney • DOLLARS In the mall. Free partk:ulars. 1alore. M & M Sal.., Box 9194 , oau.. u.
credit bureau. zuu1 tea.med. Pree folder. Tena.
Cole & Auocl&lel. STf*C\&M 2. N ... York. Alfred Hueman. Beech.tr. llllnol•.
BABY Shoe meta.lll%lng. SecrN neyu MA.ii'!! BI1 mon«J In home mau bust·
SARTHWORN Breedfnc. Vahaable bol- bdore ruealed. 8Cbotttle. Prtendshlp, neu l Pew dollars 11.an.a rou- lnkTe1tln&,
ll!tlns on peeeufol mt:t.bodl m ailed free:. Oblo. proftta1)1e. Write: 8mJth. Box Ut2·A.
&arlhmuter PUbUcatlon1. Des>t~ 14. SUD Htntt, Illlnoil.
Valltr. Calli. oar $24.500 t11ln1 "Scheme•" from
··Schemer " maaazine. Box 175M. Atllance, MAKE Money at. home by mall! Thou·
AMI'DO.N Adlu1t.11ble tubulnr melal RCat- Ohio. Yea r 41.00. Three A.Ample• 2k. a.and£ do! Fa.scllu,llnr details free! Wrtt.e~
fold1. Am idon Sng-lneerln1 ComJ)allY. "HOW To re\. the Job rou ..ant." A.maz· Morrll. 356 SOUlh 8pr£.nc- Streeti., OOncoTd.
s11r1a 4. Ohio. Inc plan. WorU wondc:n. Secrtll revealed. North C.rolina.
CO-PUBL18R And adwertlH in The WrUe. Parhr, Boie: 611. Cle• eland. Tenn. GET Pree UlttalW'O. Wbolsal<! auppty
Ctnual Mall AdffTURr. Samplo -T lOc. \t MILLlOrf ArtJcles wboleu.te. Dlree- aources. lfODQ m1.t.1na tte:ma. Pormulu..
Low rates. Luc• etrculatlon. DacbJ Prtn&,. lOf")' 2X. P\lbUlber·1, Bos 1"2·PI, De- Allen &errice, HI Ma.In. G!.nf•· MJcb. •
I-DI eo.. oeorretown. Ohio. troit. 31. START Home cand.Y kitchen. complete
'"THIS la ltl"- Le:am 1ewm1.chlne re· W1IBRE To buy 800.000 article• \\'hole· course i t. 00. JOlePh Burnley, Box 287,
oalrlna. plua nroftt.ble tiulatllna our aale! Delalla tree. Schtbanl , Box 1578, oazton. Ohlo.
mot.or ktt.e. ~tc. Write Taylor 8ervlce Co.• Blrmlna bam 1, Alabama.
H amttton SB. Ottlo. OWN-()oerat.e 24·record WwUt&er coin
8ELL By mall-Unusual QVPOrtunlUea. ope_rated luke bolt•. PUtorr reeondi 4

BE IiMk1>f_ndc:nl - Opt:ra\e AmulC.'I ltc brt.nas SO pace tncle ma1adnt. Isbell. Uoned. $150 each. lmmedlat.e ddlvff'J.
lo'lrelt prtoe ~nnJ' ftftd1Da ma.chine:. Bl&
proftta. I..mmedlat6 ahlpmenta. Write for 8utU l19· PM. -211 West. JacDon,. Chlc:aao eameo Vmdlnc. m w. t 2nd. New York.
lMlllolln and prlct1. 1'1<141111 Mir. co.. 8 1 llL BALL Pen Ink. Ten to twenty )'t-ar per-
l>Olk Ill. Jacl:-. Mich. "101 WAYS To Be Your Own Bou. '• son•l auppJy, lna\<rucUona and exclusive
START Your own bua1ne&1 on cred1t.. Al· 101 pracUcal new Ot>PortunltlN recaulrlnr dlltrlbut.or offer. 8 1 pogt.pald. Pen cartrldtf·
ways 1ou.r own boA. 1554 dcalera. 60ld lilt.le capital. Send $1.25 tor copy. Arco ea ret\Uable man1 Umea. Ml111ons dllcard·
$1,000 to tu. 600 In 1048; thtlr averace Pubtt.shtna, 4•0 Lexington Ave.. New t.d monlhlY. Conaume:r needs thll now. Int.
... "14.2.. W e 1u:PP1' atocb:. eq_ulpmenl on Yort City• COit k lO IOC yee,r, W . G . Trt&n.01', lll3
credit. 200 bome ne.usslUts. &ales upttt. SELL B.W- cards by mall. Repeat Walnut, San Oabr\tl, CaUI.
e.oee not Dftdtd to ala.rt.. Wonderful op. orders. EYerylhtnc furnished reuonable. SELL Watcbee, locally t.nd by ma.fl.
Po<tUDl'1 to own pleasant.. profttablo bull· LJnn An J'>roducu. s111 Ba.nklleld. CuJ ... Quitk~ eUY proGtl. Metro. Box 11"', HOUI•
nna backed b7 world·wtde lnduttry. W rite ver City, Callfomla. ton. Texas.
Rawlelah Co.. Dept. P·U ·PPM, Freeport,
m. WOULD You P•J 3 ~-tlrat •sa.o made? 8E£K Expert advice before 1tartln1 lo- •
Color-lllu.strated bOok "SOS Odd. Suoctsa· cal buatness. Necua.ary t_mportant. at.t-'pl
10CCE:PTIONAL Mone.)' maktn1 opPor· ful £nterprtut" rreet Wort home. &xpecl ruUJ explained In m.z oo treat&M. tt.00 .
turuo tor Uve-wtre dJ.sut.buLOr. Dealer's .-e<hlnc oddl Pacific. Octanalds. C&lll. MooeTback tuarutee. IY. It van Volken-
eount.J franc.hi.le now a'f&ll•ble for fut burc. 508 gmp1...- Btdc •• & . PeUnburc.
M11lnc low·Prlotd ft.n uttnsul.aher and 8£1.L DeUcloua anowballa. 400"'• proftta.
alarm. Made ot 1Jua. modtm u tomor· Jee ahaftr and flaYOI" for 500. 12.00. Su1>- J'I&,
row. "n'ttMndOUI mart.fL BIC J)1'o1\t. Wr1le pu .. 1ut 1..... s.-ball compaQT, Doa>t. $54 WEEKLY On $ 10 lnYatlM.nt. Par-
tor full information. Autof1nt<IO 00.. PM·tl. J acklon•lUe 4, Fla. Ucular1 trt'fl. WUIODI, Stanton. CAUf.
Det>t.. E·· I, 2035 Waab!Dtton A.venue. PbU·
adelphia ff, Penna. WH'I CH Do J'O\I wanl fl rat, more prof)la OAN You use J,:15 a week eJJtra? ProftL•·
or more time? Becomea easy tor you. Par .. ble mall order buslneu. Detalls free. Rob·
STA.RT Home manufacturlnr bwlinN tlculara fret. MJUer Salet Builder•. 155 er~ 8hoc.1te1. 1243 8 . Ka.ryJand, Olendale
m.attn.a Clnnln& Compound.I, SO.pa. In· Killin1er Road. Rlmersbura. Peno.a. a. O&lll.
Hf:f.lddea, coe.meUcs. PoUshN. FOOd Pla-
•on. No ma.cblnery. Llt.t:ralure frw. OPERATE Your own Door waxtnc. pol- MrfAtt.tZE.,8ab7 aboes. b.otllt.lll pro(...
ltemla. Park RI~. Ill. l.lb.Inc bQl:lnea. ltuJ dollara 1eer·round. lt.1. New l)'llem UIUrte .Ucot'A. PrM ft.
We tdJ JOU how, Write Ploorol.a P'toor t.alb. Ttta.aurea ronver. 19·B BtnrJ A'Ye.,
BOW To H-ll Pl'Otlt&blJ bf mall st paae &er.toe. Box. II. Yor'k , Penna. LJ!!n. MW-.
booklet, Ups., ldeu onlJ 2sc. Free lnfonna..
lion on 100 monu ..mak:lnr opportuniUet.
EnteTprlser. 11'102W Descamo. San Lonn·
.... l""Atlf..,....... - . ____.. -·
BE Ou.r dude ranch r~p rts~nt•Ll•e . Year
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around vaca'\.lon paradise. Y'ree- booklet.
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PROFITABLE New _plut.lc bu.a.lntA. days. Unlimited lnccme. Sound r ecord.inn. detat11 free. Men onJ.r. Nat onal P otter111
Free det.allal Colonial Pla1Uc1, 215 8-1th, electric reeord player, toola and tiatruc- Company, Orand RaPld1. Minn.t ao ta.
St. LouJa, Mo. Uons rurnl4hed, Wr ite Oapltol 01"1 TunJng START MaJlotder bookJhop B"YerJ•
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Hler-a&ure. Manhat.tan J:t'ouae, 126 Lexln1·
ton, New York 16.
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SPECIAL Rubber tor m.a klng moldl. mualc bo.xea. ekl. Wttte immedlate11 to
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Box 1078·A.. Peoria.. DJ. W W. North A'l'tnue, Baltimore IT, M.&rY-
land. POPCORN Poppen, •mdora, peanut
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NOW Ava.U•bJel 1Ht edtUOD of O!Ddal RJ'ane'•· 81 Freeman St., Butr•lo 15-M,
&ELL Jewelry b1 m&IL gyerJ'l.b.lnl' fu.r· New YoR..
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capital. Trt.mtndoul PGMlblUt.tea! Jomu. l&t. equipment for conoesalona ro&dalde S1>rtn1er. 1128 E. Apache 8t .. Phoenix.
Boa: 1224- A. Toledo 3. Ohio.
RUBBER-Molda, mod.ti&, ca.s:unr ftn·
•tan~ camJwall, medlc:lne bQI1 n•.
Buyera culde. Send $1.00 toda.J tor copy.
DEPRE88ION lnaura.nce I 0.'tl protltable
1a.hln1. metali:d.ng materlab; whoieaaJo Concessionalre•a Ouldebook. Box 13:38 St.a. bwlne11. lnronnatlon !re.. Pru-mx,
cataJ~r. a.ample tree. PluUe Product;,, B.. Toledo 8. Ohio. ~tna-aport, Tenne.5$ee.
31&1-NE. Southport, Chica.so. POPCORN 1'QuJpment. Pot&LO chip out- 1~ MJNUTES Muter• 1.dverU.ln1 and
'400 MONTHLY. Rolllos Angora rab- nt.s. LODI E&klna Oompany, 4960 W Street. ata:n lettertnr. Sl; tree eircuJar. AbeDt.er·
blll. Wool 19 pound. ,ltn\.-y marltetl. oe.. Bortn!ffield t9, Oh.lo. prlz.ea, Box 1·1 5..),(, Peort.a, UltnoJ.a.
tau.a free. Whlte'a RabblU"f, Newark, NO SeWn1, oipe:raie ve:DdOra. amUl.na
Ohio. UNU80At. B.ct 7&.rd mon11·ma.klnJ op.
protlta. detalll free. 81l•tt·· Klns. 8ut&e B . J)OrtUnltleal P'Ull7 OUUlnedl Wr1te: Pkt:·
CASH Por your ldu. 2IO manufacturen 122 Diwn.e7, Cbicaao 14. Ill. et&-'1, 12·A Sanders. Plortnet, K mtucQ.
need lnvwt:lons. pat.enle<I or u.npat.e:nttd. HOME Bustneu matins 1tatuet.tes.
Liit. free. Invention Bureau, 208M Clln .. THOt18ANDS Articles wholesale...Sup-
ton. Oak Park. IlUnota. plaqur.s. arttftclal marble.. rubber molds. pl1 80urc. Dlrec:tory" 100. Ideal Ser Yice.
Met.alll!Jns babv ah.oes. Sllverlnt mtrrori. Park Rid!• 40, llllnol1.
MAKE Money makln1 new irreue1eu Pormulu. Folder tree. Cteat.lte, 239·1· $200 • $800 M ONTHLY Poulble operat-
dou1hnutt ai home on electric machine. Winnetka, Jlllnoll. tnc home candy buslneu wllh our protea·
Wholttale to arocen. drur atores. carea. RAISE OJnlfns. Roota brlnr 1 10.00 a:looal methOO... Wrlt.e : Et.terma.n. 1"1·84
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and i>Jau. M. Raf Compa.Q1. 3603 South Pt.tcbOl'Ue, H V .
~ve •• MlnntaJ)OUI 1. Minnesota. PRU Boot ••Jn OnuuaJ WorJd"1de
LIQUID Marble-Colorflll. glouYI Mold- MAKE Mono adclrea:l.01 env1Jopn. Our Bu.ala.a Adventures!" a ·occeutuJJ Aus...
ed. brushed. aprayedl cut nowtldea. 1iai... lnatrucllon& ,-.•eal bow. Olm Olenw97, Lralla, South Ammca, Hew ZH!f.ndl Hot
uar1. colored Ules. P'lex:lble molds. com .. 5'713 !tucUd, CleYeJand s. Oh.lo. -.am l Worlt bome. ' "Dllrtnnt•• plana.
J>Olltlon 1'oora.. P&rUculars free. Mar. t MAU Bir mone1 tn the m•tl·order
Prepa.re for •UTJ>riM:l Publllbera..cl, Carta..
bleliln.1 Scr ,•lce, Ed-.•ardavUle. Illinoll. bualness. You can do the same a ~ home bt.d, Calif.
LJQUlD Rubber, make ne:x:Jble mold.a. with COP1Tllhl.ed ayat.em. Wrlt.o me. J'll EARN Money evenJnr1. coJ>1Jne and
Free •.ample. Chaney, 1130 E. 16th St... toll you how. l'. Little. R.O. # I , Olen· dupllc&tln1 comic cartoons tor ad\terttaen.
JacbonvllJe 6. Pla. •haw. Penna. Adurvlce. Arale l. Wlaconaln.
RECAST Old batt.t:rlfJI Into n ew. Lat.eat ENVELOP'£8 Addreued accuratelJ, rea- tJNPAIHTED P11u.r1nt-J, nJuatrat.eS list.
achteve.ments. Bat.tu)' Laboratories, Min· mnab1Y. Put H.,..lcit. We ba•e capable free. Oman. 142 Broad ...... St. Paul. Mlon.
nee POU.a. add.reuttl tn 70\lr eJtJ. OltD•&J 811&cm. PORTUNQ In nauoa&li1 advert.lied
''IJPZC'IALTY Uanufactur1nc.•· Bia i'Jll·Y Ebdld. Clut:la.nd 3. Ohio. cream aba.mPQO. Pon:nula, comptete t:n·
money bullneu.. Stare. on 1mall capttal OWN Mirror ab.c>p., Rtsll•er mlrTorL a:truellona, '2.00. Rut1, JIU Oremview.
with dependable tormulu. &nd tor free Ol&M &lcn mattnr. EleetroplaUnr. Sup- Chk:a10.
lntert3tJDlf booklet. Howard Robinson, ly prtcea. John Sprinkle, VGO, Marlon. R1t0"'z='1~v~1:~u~•~B~u~slo,_eaa
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Ph. O .• 1300-A South Ohio Street, Sedalia.
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for free tntormatton Oulde. Var_ g o Co..
READ • 0 Adv1nce"-The •olce or man 9080-A L.Yon Street. Detroit 11. MJcbJcan.
PTR.8T Steps ln Matt Ordt:r tens bow 1.0 order. Otrt:ra money .. maklnc opportunl·
atan. a mall order buatnua the rtcht '«'&7. tlea.. IOUTCel or 1Uppl7, personal SU.lda.n~. MAK-& MOnf!l1 Jn pro.fttable home l)u1I·
WUI nve TOU hundreds: of doUara. in ~ etc. tsaued montl'llY. Sample COP7 2.5oc. nesa ot 1our owt1t ruu. •PllN Ume. Read
mlltattt. send 2Sc tor lblJ »-i-re
now. Ralph A. Lonr. 209 Wut Broad 8&. ,
Yearly aub1ertptl00 U . 00. Advanc. Pub-
llahtna Co...pa'?Z'· 3 13 Eul 21st. 8'reet,
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Mall onier World. Sample oopy, 2Sc.
Tamaqua 2, Pmna. 8UJte UO. New •Ort 10, N. Y . Romax, Boa '654. Kan.u CILT J. ll4Jlloul1.
PlSHWORM-8. Eau ralH tell, hundreda.
62 POPULA~ MECHANICS mlUlon•. 8urfac• wtthout diqtn1. InalrUc· 1
ttnn" Ant- r.h•"'"" t 3·APC. N nl"Wnnrl Ohio.
TESTED Formulas. tnteteattns deacrlp- AGENTS W ANTED
WOt1LD You ..,..,. 3~tln&. $3&0 made?
coaor--wustnt.edbook "506 Odd Succe:A.· Uwe booklet rr... Poot. Box .U.-f'M.
Ttrrt Haute, lftdlanL. " AMAZING PluUc ftntsh.U Coe.ti au-
rul &nurprila" treet ProTenl Work home.. t.oa. tU-rnUure. &n1t.hlna. Slmp)y wtpe on.
llx-' aomethlns odd 1 PacUlc. oe.....1de, REAL UanWact.urtn1 tonnulu. Llat.a
Touch drtts brllUanll>' %0 mlnuta. Re1ilta
Calif. trH. cummlnl!1 Chemt.n. OOrdon. A••·· heat, alcohOl. Whlrlwtnd seller. Trtmen·
HOME Swee~ shop opportunlues tor sync-use t, N . i:. dom proftt.a. Samplo tree. Re.yam Plutlc...
1ntn· women. PUily described. Unusual Clllcaao 15, IU.
urn1na pooolblllUea. s«:W'l\1, lndepend· PLASTICS
8ALl:SMEN. A1ent.1., men and womeo
enctl Wriie: Ort.41; 1218~A hrk Row waoitd to &ell our new •·o_u.-all'• plaU-
Buil<llaa. Ne• v..-: • N. Y . SPECIAL Prime muted . . . 12" plexl·
1lu aheets l / tr. 2 tor 11.U poatPAld. ' '"' b.a.o.pr. Pita &nJ' al.le OT ah.ape = a Re·
'JOO 8EC'Rl:I"8 POf makin& mont7 wtt.b 1 ror $1.TS pC)6\p&ld. Pree cat&lOl'U•· Cralt t&lla for o~ tOc. Bii pTofttt.. u"e
amall capital. Thia book 11 cr&mmed full Pla.atk&. Somerrtll•. New Jtl'HJ. plate hanl'lnc now fuhlonablt:. One mln-
ot Jdeu and plana. Jl.00.Rot>ttt 8hocle1.
LUCITE, PlexJ11&1. Any atu 1heet.1,
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IH) 8 . M•r)'1and, Olendale $. ()all!. ma.aired. Square toot. ( 12 x 12) coal., 1/:16""' t.o home, 4 doi.. t.o a arou to 1-u>rea. Item
MAKE Sl OO Per week or more In 11 ruu DOc; ~iii" 11.20: 3/ 10"' $1.tO: ~~"' tt.10. Col- au.raeUvelY carded for d.laplU. Excellent.
or 1pare time baby •hoe me:taU1lns bu•t- on add to~ . Include 10-.. poata1e. Alme.c sideline. Sell t.o 1iort1 and/ or homet. Sam-
n• ot 1our own. Write now tor free Ut- ple 1oc. or &eD-d at.oo tor 100 aod cet
~rature on um ""' ~o learn h.l•hlJ prof-
Plutlca. 230 PUtb Avenue~ New York 1.
Hew Yo:rk. ,,.,.kd tm.m.edlatd.)'. E•erJ' home a proa-
pec:t. J , 'P. Ber1andu 00mp&D3', 10$1 Al·
it.able bus.lneu. JottPh B. K.u.shntt. Metal LIQUID Rubbt-r ruannt.eed for molds
Plnbhlns Bn.l'ln. .r . &1roucb.burs 11. Penna. tbea Drtve., Bouaton 11. Tuaa..
tl.00 pin\. '4.H 1&1100. Pl&mln10 8111•1o.
1100.00 PER &Qu&re yafd or oonc.nte. Oto PloTida Avenue. Jacbon•tll•. Pla. SPORTPLEX, NaUona.Uy adYt-rtlled
U .&O stana bualntta. Patwt. pendlnc. mtn' 1 aupPor-l otren excellent opporiunlt)'
OLASY-CAST: The Uquld 1)1UtlC that.
8.end $1.00 now w hold •terrU.01')'. Refund works ibe qWck and easr way, Cold-set..
W a1en1.a Ulrou1hout. the coun\.1'7. Most
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mont Drtve, Kln1aport, Tenn. 15 lo $0 minutea tor nnlsbed product. rree 1pOtt. KeePI men in Crim. Every man a
1amp.let and lnl&.ntctlona. Maki novelU~1 potenUal customer, Rtl.&115 at '3.00. At-
PAlNTlNOI PbOCoe;raph p«tralta OD tmbedmenta. machine parts. rte. for rea.1 t.ra.CUve commiyJOQI, Write fOT f 'UIJ de-
i11U1. tnsuucuona 25c. Oenl_ld WcMeelY. proftu.. Two Iba. ror S2.t5. Elaaio--Mold: tailt.. Sport.a Pound&Uom~ 14 W. 11 St.,
JI.ox. Ut. RocbMLC.r. v 1nn"f<KL Plttlble p?'Clduc:tlon molds ma.de: ln 20 mln-
utet;. Also GneaL q:uaUtJ rubber latex. Ne• York 11. N. Y.
START Ptotltable home bu&tnta in FREE sam.Plt to tntroc.1.uce our BJble
apare time. Make extra mone)' raisins Wboteule prlca. Plutte Ser•tce. 294
Ooldcn Ham.at.er&. small, clean, odorless. Wuhtnrton st.. Dept.. PMG. 8011.on a. tut mott.oea.. O-et 1oura t.o<lay, Spec.lat Kut
New. Onllmlt.C'd maTkct. Llttrat.ure free. r-.1..... s1ana. Dept. to, 8ldne1. Ob.lo.
Golden Gate Hatn1tery. 631-H filchmond DOUBLE Your income. Do hlshlY aldlled EXCELLENT Jl·ronta. Sdl neiw DDT
Street, El C.rrllo. OaillornlL pluUca work at home. :New t.hort. traintnc pro<1uc1.. at. one fourth ttsulat prlc.. wnte
PREE Oller. CUil Income IO< Ult. Write covne. PTtt matertal• durtns tratn1D1. M. Watur, 68 Oak 81. .. New Rav-61, COnn..
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SOME"l'lllHO Mew. SUbouelt.e ptctu.res Laboratories. J:S24 Part. Bl•d., Oa.tluu1,
on cl&N. PudnaUns. pro1U.ab1e hobbJ'. caJUo:nla. ica·• ere-at.at box auortment. Une. Soecfal
Businessmen pa1 well tor lhftle decora- m ~tal. plastic. ton and novelty a11ort-
AMAZING Ltqutd p1ullc. BeauUfUI re- men1.1. !'Ive porUollOI or peraon•I card&.
ilon•. Det.a.Us rreci. Rothbart. RFO 4 , New 1ulta tn ball hour. Embed photorraph.s, Falt tmprln.t. .service. Free a.ample-a. Etm-
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PROPITABLE Articles made cheaply. colon. Complete kit 13.25. Krl.stalon Plu- caco 31, lll.
Ort:mleln, lW Ea.It. 9th, Brookl7n 23, Uca, Box 21, Dtpt.. P-7. wumettc, IW· QUICK Proftta aelllna new "Pbb~an'a
N. Y.
O<pth-M<UUrlna C&1UD1-Piu.." Ma117
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dol 10c brinP latest iuu~ ••00nt"t Ply- U1t. Pl&ltlc 81.1PVl.f co.. 2901 N. orand ton wanted. SpedalLln, 508 New Yor·k St .•
er," -o ther re•ta.ltn1 tntormatton. ~-­ Bl'ld., St. Lou1a 1, Mo. Aurora. Illlnol.a.
rtnoe, 61'1 M.orpn, Camden 4. N. J . PLASTIC Mat.erlala and auppUet for SltNSATlONAL Non ~eleetrte&l bur1Jar
t,.:EARN Profe11lonal e-and1 makln11t. euy your hobb1 or bu!tneu. cat.alot and tn- alarm tor doon or windows. untouclted
meUlod. f-ree det&IJ.a.. PhlUp Pate, Kiuim- tt.rnal can·tna INt.ruct.lons rree. Art Plu- marke&. Retail& $2. 9~. 1009'> pront. Mll-
mee. Florida. tlc:a of C~:j/ 1125 Eul 14th SLreet. Oat· Uont of prc»pec&.1. Earl Denton oo., 221 N.
ANALYZE Haodwrt:Una ror profttl land I. . lASalle.. Chicaao.
Complete out.ft&. 11.00. Orapholoctsta, Dn"ERNAL Car•ed J'06el., orchld.i. A)l.AZING oaer-t40 t.a roun tor tldllna
POB-911. Pbllodelphla. 1wa.ru. 1oldft1.b. butt.erCles. tt.c. Jewela onlf llO boxe& Chr11...... canll. Al>o 60
READ Pro1resa.1ve M.Utrade, U.e ma.u- a nd /Ut&. Coittal Plon.1 No•elt.1 Co •• and 25 ror 11.00 With or wtlbout. n•me.
&inf t.bat. Ltlll- how to make money by mall. Doun Broo'k. New .Jersey. Free samples. Other box.ea on apptova1,
Otn1e brtnp sample and apeclal offer. PLASTICS - Supplies, ftndtn111. ahella. lncludlnf entirely new. d!truent deluxe as·
PrOCTe&a.ive JdtJltrade, Box 3$7, Sheboycan, lllu.atrated fabrlcAttn1 manual. barllaln acre.men •1th reatu.re tetevtaton card. OUte
Wllcot:Wn. cata1os. tOc.. Otm ..O "-Llte. Box 68s:P. ptaaUc auortments. w ·nw tod.&7. It. C01tt
PROP'IT Wllh Lanon t.eat.bercraft. N orth HollJ'Wood, Calif. no<blDI IO lf7. Chetrflll card co.. ,..
BelU. purses. 100 OU>er Id.-&. Lare,., ••P-
ply In U. 8 . Cal&loe IOC. Lanon. Dtpt. C.
~All Klnd.-Bomecr&ft.. Rad.lo. Wbll<o Plalm, N. Y .
HOUS!: Pain~: Wholesale n . 70 11Uon.
124 8. Tripp. ChlC8fO U. P 1utlca"- Boat. Bul1d lnc . Pbo&..osrapb.J.
Model 1>ulldlnc. Cataloc free. Po!>Ular Arenia wanted. 'Pree advert.111n.a oner.
WIN ConU!IL mone1. OeMr•l Cont.el&. Mechanics Pr111, 200 E. OnLarlO St. .. ChJ- ceruned Product.I, 112 ..z 38th, LOuLIVllle,
Bulletin atves hundred.a or ttP•- Ltsu oa10 11, DJ. K .
current contcatl and rul~ . aamole 25c. PLASTIC Tablecloth coven. curtains.
Oeneral Oooteal.&. JG-09"' Eaat 'th, Duluth, CHEMISTRY dral)N, baby oanLll bowl cover1 aod otbet
Minn. DluUc articles Hll n1 like wUdftret Mak•
•ARN MOot7 at- home! TbOUHDds CIO! HANDBOOK Por chemical u ·pertmeni.- btc money oowl Pree details. wrt~ L &
0 Home Wotler Macannt'' Ulla how. M 00.. O<pl. 51- P. 510 8L C'barlea.
en. lUmtrated, bu.nd:reds of u:pertm.eot.a..
Sample., 2SC. 811C'1BOtt, Doz: "1. 4917 Kost.- 60c. S.perlmtnt. booklet., lSC. Readlnc Scl- St. t.oula. Mo.
ner• .Cbtt:aco IO. UL ont.lftc comP•D.J· ~l4tn1. Penna. WANT Extra CMh 7 Bell frlendl unusual
PRIZE ConloaL bulletin ct•e• •a.r1ou1 NEW Chemic.al aupply c:.ataiow &c. c-L l[lft. wrapp1np. blrt.hday'-l_!lneaa. eVt1l')'d'7
oontta-U now operauna. and •aluable hint.I. Chemical Co .. C834 oarfteJd. Mlnneapoll.s, carda. Proflts to JOO'Xt. HOnu.&. Write tor
3c 11tampl NaUonal contett nuueun, · Box Minn. tre• 1amptes. ntrchard, 27A Leiter, 8prlna-
2&UP. M •ml. Plortda. l'ltld. Mau.
MAKE Cbe.m.llt.rJ' your bobby, Pudn&.t-
some 12 •r
POBLJ.SH Your own maaulDe. Hand-
form.at. we.H ~lled. Illus·
tnuel.. CGo low u t l.00 mooch. Br1DO
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L&fC'l: 1eneral cat&IOC'Ue cbemicell and ap..
t.OOK Here! Wanltd-Mm &Ad women
to atart ln b'1110c.u on - credJL Stll 10m•
200 farm-home prod\llC\I. Thouaa.ndl our
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de .... 11. Na oo,al. Ont Hobr. pat\J, Eat. 1t18, 2204 w. North Ave.. Cht- For part-lculan wrtt.e Ra.wJeJab 1. Dept..
P · 102·PPM, PrcePort, Ill,
FO R MULAS, PLANS , ETC. caro ' "· MAKE Extra. mone1 tutt Sell Cbrlltmu
NEW Idea chemical and aps>ara.tui out- and •verydU ca.rd.a to frlen~1 ne.lahbora,
MAKE-Sell eln.ner1, IO&~. poliahea., ru.1 for home expertmentlnl'. Photo-.seales. c.lub memben. olben.. Ama:una proftta.
U.von. cosmeUe.1. No mactunerJ. For- mtcros.oopes. che.mJcah. bloloetcal and lab- 100 ae.U-on-stl-b\ tttms. e pluUc ANOrt-
mula lltera,ure tree.. Ktmlc:o. Park Rtdce orat.orJ suppll• ta •mall quanU\1-. cata.- mtnta: "LtUle Sta.rs."" ..Jact Prolt."
ll. Dllnols. loc 15c. Eltabllahed tn1. Jottn B . Winn. "UtUe Ona.." Ola.moroua ''Olea.m•n• Olo''
10,000 P"ORMULAS And trade aecreta. 12CA WesL 23rd 8UMt. New Yott.. N. Y. metallic card.I. "Mild Anim&11:· ..Smile
Pree Htentur-e. Stillman. &$5 X tnpt.on NEW Oat.f.ICll : Chemlstr'7 mJneratou. Please,'' 1tatlone11. wrapplnp, Juveniles,
A•e. , Brooklyn J, N. Y. bloloa. tOc. Tr•cef Labora(orles, Evam- Cbrlatmas treea. 1ttta. Write I.Oday for
TBN Mone1metrln1C Iormula1 $1.00. ton. llllnota. feature box on approval. H ede.nlltamp, 3413
Norlbem SJ>Oela.ltle&, Box 3&4• .Eau Claire, Droadwa.y. Dept.. PM-1. New York.
Wlleonsln. N-CW LaboratoTJ aupplJ' cataloc of . .. 00 HOURLY 8howln1 PlrNton• ftlon
<htmlcals and apparatll&. ContalDI m.&n.J
l.bousandl of Ile.ma with lllutl:nUom. bandbaa: _,,. lnlO la,... abopp1n1 baa.
Bend :zsc:. Slandard Sdence 81lPPIY Com- J'uteet Idler lD America. Womm buy
pen_f. 1232 N. Paulina St. . Chlcaeo 22. lll. .event for r.rta. ()ommt1s1on:1 advanced
daU_f. Samp e furnilhed. LeNard. 17'·0
$1.00 GETS You 21 mone1-m1klns pop- CHEMICALS And apparatm tor Indus- Wttt. Wuhlnaton. Oblca10 2.
corn, c.nd1 apple rormulu. we supply trial. analytleal. and prtvaLe laboratories.
eautpment. Conccaton SU.PPlJ Company. oat.alo1 15c_. Dept. M-50, Blolo11ca1 8up- $1 START8 You In buslnesa. Sell lined
Dept. A, St.aUon B. Toledo, Ohio. pl7 Co.. 1178 Mt. Uope Ave., Rocbeater. Utt, 100 ~ wool Lnterllnln•. CO&tl you only
7. N. Y. 11 per do'&en. JOU rnallte t5.00 doaen. Bend
HOT Tama.le. M•klna for proftl. Par- 11.00 for aped.al tnil"Oduct.ory oaer two
tleulara. BoJC m.
Altus. OtJ.&. ti•. O.talos coa\Pltte line tree. Ph.11.fp'a
PORMULAll Por nearlJ enrythlnc. C..t• Ned:•-· 20 W•L 22nd 8L, Otpl. lt·:SS,
aloe free. Write Cre:atl•t. Winnetka. Ill New York 10.
BOYS . Wanted. O•er 12.00 bourl &ell
PRODUCTS Analy<ed. Duplicated. llD• name pla.tea tor fN>nt. dooni. Free ta.mple.
proved. Formulu. Con1ulUn1 8c1~nt1Ac
CtJmp.a.01, swor'thmore. Pennutvanta.
Write Dept. 49, National En1ra.ver1. 214
8uromer, Bolton. ML"'1.
JUNE 1949 63
PnU NJIODI l'J,ven lt Keno.u b01ler1 1 100 WUKLY. New complete, mOdtrn BIO Money-Pull Sell QUallty plaaUc
ruoa or anaast World' s o.nJ.J womtn'1 lulic line. Tableclolha. etc., OYer 25 tableclotht (from 1•.00 doun), curt&1oa
boater1 IOld wtt.h writttn a uaranttot amu... f,tans. Every home prOl~C.. 100~ prot!L. apron.a, eu. PactorJ prtces. Pree um,p1n I
lDI' ever1bodJ. Mere worm could DO\ e.z- PTee aamples. C&nroll. "21·0 South ChJ. Dure Ve?'. 212...0 Albaa.J Ave.., Brook.I.FD u.
pr- u:abeUe-.able mODQ- makln& oppor- c:aco Aft •• Cbtca.co 31. N. Y.
wnl\7. Paniuuc earniop btc:ome rfflJu. "E.A.ft.-BODS"-Pe:rtu.me esrrtnc smsa.-
ArmlUOOI eamed. $.202 lo t d&Jt. Wal.klnl SELL BJ mau boots. DOYelUes. bar·
~t n orders tn one c1&7. lmactne N- uon.. UM own ~f\un.t. Die proftta. Pardc.. p,insJ RNdf made Clrcular ser'ltcel Latt_e
pJadna botlUJ' r·ree re:nn:U.ta ot caUM- ulan tree. Minot.. PMM. Box 71, Dorcbes· pro1U.al Catalol !reel mrco. U2 Hort!>
WT 22, Ma5aach\Lfflla. . Wdla. Chlcaro 10.
wbet.ber UM or ab1.1.MI TnllJ l&l• ~
mu.e 1or tern.Ac pronta. Even if you never RUST E r adicator. 125" proftt producer. BIO Money 1tlUn1 cut iron aod alu-
eold before, t.bree magto wordl: ••ouaran- Liberal otrer. Ru, 8candale. New Yor-k . minum coo.kine utenrlls dlrecc. to con·
teed A11llnat Everrc.h1n.a'' wlU open doors BJO P roftt.e. Sverr auto owner bun at aumer, exclusive desia-m. Pree llluatra•
tor you - mate women listen and paur Sl.$0, t7nuaua1 bu' proven 1>roduct, Ouar· uona. Jonfl Machine & F"OUndry oo..
money Jn 1our pocket. Complete line trom ant.eed. J acbon, 128 W. P~aohtree. AUan·
Ch!ttanoo1a 2. Tenn.
eheereat to aervlce (15- 20- 30-40-00 denier) ta. Oeor &ia. MAGIC C leaner Laundry aoap deal.
all len1Uii 28 to 35 Jn che.-1.ateat. color.- Rotier lha,n a ftrecracke r. Bt1 profit.a.
1eamed full fathtoned aod uamlea. No MA.KE OOOd money, SIU home perma- Sampl1 tree. B-e1tco, t84.2 No. Central. Chi·
cowpeUtlun because Kenda 1uarant.etd nent wave ldta. Proven wonderfu.l atller all caco.
nylon.a not aold tn at.ores. Also complete year round. Bl1 cocnmlaalon. bonua. vaca·
AOENT8: 8tamptnr names on DOCte"'
line men.'1 bOIJ.HJ aetu.au, auarantffd for Uon 0&1. Wrtt.e tor 1amp1e.. Henri COm·
te1 protectors. Sample c.bect wtth 1our
one full 1ea.r r Nothlna lit e tllia anywbtte. po.DJ. 1687 Meil'OM, Hollywood H . Calli.
name, addr... 2$c.. Sta.m»lna out..nc.a.
lDdudee r&10U. DJ"loD. Usie. wool. colton, EARN Extn m()MJ" NJJJn.g mapzine
mlatur•. etc. All •l:J'•es. pat-c.erm. oolon.
Ptl- IA> pl.... Ut?Ybocb'. T b - -
aubsa1J)llocu. Good proftLI. R.Qm.ax. J.2$..Z
William SL.. New York CllJ' 1.
Bar• Ml.. CO.,
II. Y.
Emblt'nt c.becb. chect·tobs, name pJaia.
D<craw 8L, Broo&l7D.
ablp0<4 Cl&ll$. 100.000 palr$ CODIW>t.IJ ID
acoet tor fut. ddlYay. Ovu JO Jtan in BOYS. Gltll. &am lft0De7 In :rour spa.re PBOTO.. SaJes:me.n-,q enta, 8dJ beauU-
bualnesa. You need no mone)' or experl· time.. H o LD.••tmenL MetaJ 8t.ampen, Bos ful hand-colored ptaaUe enlt.rll'Mtnce..
eoce-. Nolblo.r to pay now or laUr, ShO• m. Loi An.teJu J t . C&ltf. COUec&. dePollt., we de.U'f'tr. Profltablt
tree ouuu... Write orders. We dtllver and BXTRA Money Q\lJctf Tate e-u1 orders a1dellne. &end cant. tor t~e sample tJt.
collect.. Bll advance c:ash p1ua bu1e bonua. low eo&t· htgb proit,( Chrltlmu card1. Won- Novel Portrait. 00. , 334-3 North Ave.. OhJ·
Earn money 10-re or full tlme--exclu.llvel1 derful new type pJ1.1Uo, met.a Hlc uaort - c.ago, lit.
or aide Une. No ratr1cUons. Become man· ment.a. Send at once tor tree 48·J)Are c1.t- OOLO Lacquered widdow alrn letters.
aaer-.ppolnt others to sell for you-urn a101, fea tur e &amples on 1.pprov1.l and f-ree Larae a.lz:tJ pentl)' each. New toll.I. Ablo·
ekad1 ·income on t.helr uJe1. Oompleto name tmprln t«l Chrl1t.ma1 card &ample lutely be.autlful. Free samples. Atlaa, ' '"
moner·ma.k:tnr outftts tneludln1 aalesbOolu portfo1Jos4 Special o trer1. New England w. 10th, Chtca10 20.
In color. a.aroples of h oaleey mac.ert.ata. etc. Art Publtshen. North Ablnrton &1. ti.t au.
fura11.bod free and prepaid. Stmpl.y ma.U &XCSLLENT 8ld11Jne for prl.n(lo1 a.nd
name and add.reu to: Ke.ndex OOmpan.r, SENSATIONAL! Bnutlf\11 picture en• advertlatn1 MJttmen. DecalcomanJa name
larr ement.a on atunnlnr hardwood plaques. platu ln amaU quantJUes. Orea' dtmud,.
Bab>lon 13. N. Y. TerrUlc appeal I Bil profttll No comPttl·
E'VZRYDAY Cards. Earn '6.00 W1tb ev .. Alaor, mat• montJ wlth our llne 01' au\0-
llonl Gotham Producl.t, Boa M2711d. mob-\le LDltl&ta and •Ian lettera. Pree
HJ te.n 1 1.00 boxes of eve11d&7 carcb JOU PbJJ:addphia 43. Pto.na. aamplea. ''Ralco'' XL-Roxbu..r7, Bolton
HU. Allo new PluUc et.rd.I. penonaUMd SELL Powertul $3.IO automatic tlre U • u .......
•taUOOUJ'. not& ~pe_r and wra.OP!ao. ttn.IU1lhers. Plrebal. ~ Hope. Loa An~
lkDd ror MZDP1.. lod.&Y. u-ud P . · Ellla, AG&NT~OO~ Prollt ..WO.. senU!IM
tes"'J. l'Old wJodow lette:n: stores and omcea..
Dept. PM .... Pitman. )I, ,J. Pree 1&mpl11. Met&Ulc Letter Co.. 41t-B
PIRB Ex.Unru!l.hera p_......uttzed Uqu.id.
M_A U More money I Sell lKi e•trJ dQ' Sella 12.00. Coat. 11.0d. Dtmonauauon tlt Mort.b 011.r't. ChJC*IO.
usortmentl. Pla&d.c cards. Penon.a.Uled 12-.25 p repaid. Pree det.a.Ut. Pirecom,
napk.lna and &t.a.Uonen. Pree porltoJIOI. Southport, Connecticut. HIG H· G ltADE SALESME N
Oommtalon. Rtchar'a, ISA Eu'- 11. New AOENTS, Dl1t..rlbutor1: Huae pr o.Ota!
York s. 8en1a t1on&l, new "Comblnatlon...1. Shopping M.AK.E Money. You can sell. W e-'11 teach
'4.00 PROPIT every &Ille. OoH11nbla Bair·Pune." LJi'hlntn1_ seller I utber mer· rou how and tell you wh ere to ret. a Job.
Booklteeplnr 8yal<lma, 319 Dell, PllUbur1h ch•ndl.se; novtlllOlll Ro1&ll1, Box 1·748, Be lndependent. tor Ute. 8end Just al.OO
16 Penna. Paa.a.le, N . J. to The .Detroit Sales Plan. P.O. -Box 2334,
BOYS I Earn btc money eu1. 1pare tlme. PAST ~llln• altractlYeJJ pae,ta1ed de- Det.tolt, MldU11n.
ae.lllnc brau name plates for nel1hb0r'a odorant IPrt.1. Double 1out monu every tTP To t &0. 00 l.n a wttk and t&Uored. auJt
doora. Wttto Hubat.am.p. asa-o consreu, w-.. send tor del&.lla. Sample $1.004 for 1out1tU Without pa,,rfn1 one ctnt. Wrtto
ror plan. ...._ nuorrns eo.. Det>L
-Ion. Mau. Lincoln Reaeatch. ToledO I, Ohio.
LA.ROB Proftta. &t1lln& lea.di~ A.mtt· A Oras 7oura wtLb • .-.,.,. J 10\I order for T·211, OOn1r - • Throop, ChJcqo '7. 1ll.
lcao col- sranlle memorials. MlbeUch Jounelt and tamtl7. Amutq DIW boom SOAP 8&Ytr. 1taln.ltu lt4el, n-1.&MbJt.

Monument CO_ SL. CloCld. 111.aA. plan. BYe:rnbt.nc tne. Harford J"rocb.. 8c:od 20c for two and deal.en pJ1ca. Lang,
~ A · US, Ch>clnnaU. Olllo. CS3 P"ltlh, Lou.la-rille, KY.
HOI 1 &81 teem eod». OOmbtn.aUon b&ll
pen: dpre"" Ulhl.er. All 11<1ld llnlah. Year SELL $ x •I~ 11&i a11 klod$ or ADVB'RT181HO Book match.es 0&1h
around ae.Uer. Sul table men or women. ft..e.. bwtne45e1. Bll Ma111 proapecU. In on b11 demand; tell union label
1.&JLI for ooJ1 11.00. Fertig Product.I, Otpl, Pree list.. Al Haw 8Jrn. co., Sioux Ctt1 matche&. Cutt tor all buslneae. and
N · O. Bronll !O, N. Y. 7, Iowa. poUUcal partlu. J!'ree power house 1tllln1
POOKrr Pa.I: R e places pocket krtl\'el, BE Rene•·al headquarter• for all maga. kJt., low pries, protec·tton .-uarant.eed on
new. 1are, beauUtuL Always ra.r.or aharp. zlnea.. Handle everyt.hlna at. home. B tr repeat. orders. OUh f;Om.mis.s1ons. Superl·
ooc MUt-r. 321~ proftt.. $15.00 or more proftts. No experience. No capttal need· or Match 00., Dept. M •S9, 7&30 OrtttD•
dally. Asenta. 1a1e&men, d.latrtbutora, Sam· ed. Free cataJoc \,ella how. Write Mc- wood. ChJcaao.
p ie 100. Nelaon Mt1 . oo., 222 w. Kelloc1. Oreror Ma1allne A1enoy, Dept. 129, MAKE Bii money selling One imported
St. Paul 2 M inn. Mount Morrl1, IJJ. briar t>IPN tor 100 ~ protlt. Union DI.I·
A_B80L tJTELY Freer BJ1 pact.ace actual BELLS O n 1l1ht. New revenJble plastic tr1buUn1 oompeoy, 210 Sth Avenue, 8uJt.e
aamplc fabrics aod tUle prete.ntaUon of «.able cloth. Pat.mt.eel. Write Beta·Pluttc 1101·2, New Yort City 10.
dlttta·. uncerte. bosterJ. etc. Tat • or- Producta Co..._ UO Wnt Ulh 8trffl, New 8BLL U1'1a.- bJue atoct: 61ina &o atota
den. OOmmlalom bfa. Send no moner. Yort l.. N. r. 1000 llolaoa. comecly. seoa.t. relia10UL
AMAZINO 8tUer: ..boa\• meeb.anJca tc.
MeJYllle CO... Dep-\- 5103, Clndnn.aU I,
8J!LL AlruUlo& new ....u appllouor. Sf·
pafDt lclt." No -uuon. "°'
a·toret.. Splmdld pTO.ftt. Andenon., Box
ao1d lo
'"1x11•• COil Mlll S$c. lrila.b mo0«7. JI
um.Pl• ulin.·blue &tens ..'lxll" a1.oo
poatpa.td. LOW'J. I West. BJ"Olld·w171 l>fp\..
en home nffds one. Dtta.lls free. AmlPtCO. WI. ~ Mui, Cblcaso M. 410, New \'0<k City 70.
Amherat.. Ohio. LOOK ! Mate moner all 1ea.r round Rll· SELL ChtmJcals to taverns thru Jobbers.
L&A.RN Matlorder free. TechnlcaUtt11, tn1 per$0ll&l tnlttaled tndJriduaUzed belts. 0.-errlde. AU 1ou M.U ts tree, lt!ll Jobber
tlPo. Olehl"1, 188 Clint.on. Bulfalo 4. New buckles, cap badgee., weai.ern buckles., tie comm111ton, or be JObbtt. Sample-a 50C.
York. holden. name plat.ta. 2000 emb lem& to Riesen Ohemlcat, 419 Vl1t-t. Milwaukee.
chOO&e. Bia prone.a, w'hole or part Ume. PROTECTED Territory now belnc a1-
BUY Thou1ancl.s ot nat1onall)I' advertued Pleue write tOday 1pcc1.-1 outftt o fter.
productt dlrllC:( from manufacturer1. Wrlt.o Book~Past. SpecJaltlea, Box 1425. Dept.. e.
toted on new auto 11.tet.y ln ventlon- Tterod
for "Buy Direct a nd Save." Oonaumen Safety CIAMPI. servtoe st.a.ttons buy mo.
Providence. R. 1. EltablS..bed 19215. ment approached. Repeat. orders roU tn.
Aun., 2ll·P Investment Blda.. Plt&1bur1h BIO ProflUI. Retractable b&U point pen. Retall• St.~O. W• are after quiet. diatrlbu-
22. Penna. 13.60 pet docen. MC!lal ProdUCLI Mfg.. 2067 tlon ao wrtte for parttculan In order re.
DISTRICT Agents. Power mower. $79.50, Broadway, New York. N. Y . celve your chotce of territory. Lox·It. M.lg.
8d1 UMn and dNlen. Salee kl(, tree. PREE S&mplea. BIS 1>ro1lta ahow1Dg Co., ClarUdale. Mias.
Bmllh ~=· B- 1006, Bxcd&lor Spn-. amulna slaw-ln·tbe·dart apedalUes. WHOPPER Com.mlUJoo aelll-01 nalJon•
Mo. Bouse numbera. pldUJ~l pl.Mlle DOVt.IUes, ally ad:Ytn,l Md aporta Item to dealen. We
810 MODeJ' tut.. BJ.ectrfc &baftn, tour rdlstous and DUJW17 oo)eeta. ec.c. Lars:e ahlp and eollet(. Ma.11 tt:Peat. onlen creel·
bN<lod. S22.IO. Labo! coot A .00. PvtlCU· ma.nuractu.ttr. M adi ND w:u.11-. 303 Fourth tted. WrlU E'f St.lbJ' Co.• Decat·ur JOI,
kn ,,..., National Dlltrtbutfnl. Calume$, A'fe., New York 10, N. Y. IDlDolL
Bl!lldl!!f. Ml~. P'lorld.a. SEWING M.f.C.hlne eloctrtftcatJon tit. 8CI880R8 Sharpeners.. rut. 2k •elJtr.
MVSJO OretUn.a cards. All occuiona. Nattonallf' advert.tied. Hu OOOd House. Mar, 7t Park, Weblttr. New York.
Dorby Mualc Caf11s. P .O. Bo.x 738, Morrb· teeptn1 Ouarant)' &eal. C&n be dttnon- 8PRAY·WAY: Stnsatlona1 De• com-
town, New Jerse1. •trat.ed and t0ld 1o $ minutes. Make at pound. I ptnt ma.tea ~2 a:anon: ret.all.a
Jeut s.5 per aale. J"or complete detail.a $ 1.2$. Olt-ana run. ear upb olsterr. Demon·
\~ MILLJON ArUcles wholesale. Dtrec. write today to Brownell Dl.1trtbut.or1, Inc., st.ration doea t h e sel1Jn1. t l.OO brtna1
torY 250. Printer•. Box 1302·P6. Detroit 31. Dept. PAI , 308 Can al St... New Yort 13. .11111n1ple lMlructlona aalea p lan. 8prAJ·Wa1
NEW NoUon mllllons need. Seniattonal
N . Y. co.. Dapt. 28, 4101 No. Vincent Avt..
_proftt.1. Tytorm. $829 Napoleon. Ohtca10. FREE Waler and our toncentratea, MJnneapoUa 12. Minnesota.
make Oavora. Jotlona, 1b•m~J 125 prod.
810N8. No treepa.sslna, etc .• 2.5 dltrerent., uct.s. Jabelt. botUea 1upp1Jca. Qualco. NEW Jobt OJ)en In aelllna I Send name,
100<·12. 00. Retana: 1 10.00. Deta.111-, wrtte. £20030 R-U. Det.rolL addre.. for ft•e tree baues of O'PDortunlt)'
~ Pr!DUDC. ClnclrulaU 2!1. 01110. Ka•ulne11 mont1-matl.na suldt. 111~•
MEXICAN Pulbtr plctur•. Unusual hund..rfcb ol companies who'll PU 1ou
110Teltr. 11.00 <1ta.mpe) brlop p .oo worth •ell..: tWJ or pan,..Ume:. No e:x-perieoot
64 POPULAR MECHANICS amples. detana. Refunded lt umalil1lecl. D...,ed. Oppartunlty, 21 B. Jacboi>, Dept.
&z<ec Art-P. Aoo.rtado '112. Mmco Clt:J. 17. Ch.._ 4. m .
0000 Jobi and a &eund aubltanUal ta· •USINUS SEllVICE
ture awNt f<N lD hotel and lnlUWUonal
fteld. Men and women-all ac11- needed W A8HINOTON. D.O., New York Ot!Y,
tor weU ..pald pQIJUona that. ofler color, ex· Pblladelpbla, ttmalllll&" ...-nee 25c fJ&Cb
cJt.emtnt., evtt·oew and fudna.Uoa duUes. 3 tor 60c. RJchard1. $lot Elmwood Av•.:
Reoord·br-ea.ldng travel meana even 1reat.er Ph.U&delp hia 42. Penna.
oPJ>OrtunttJ.es tor t.ralntd men and women LrITERB Bemall<a: Oonllc!OnlW. u .oo
ln hot.els, clul» and l.ostituUona. Lewi$ month. 8.impaon. Mt wuaoo.. Mtdwest
Sebool recetvtnc (:&Ua tor mana.cen. uallt- Cly, Okla.
1ot manacus. ac.ewa.rds. bOl'411H1. pur-
dlalt~ ~LI and » other type o( im· INCORPORATE Your bo""eA, tree de-
l)Ot'l&Dt. poaltiODll ~ CON\. lO COU\ taila. TU Re&earch Bu.reau. Inc.. De.la·
ibere are lmPorta..nt. pos.itlona Uat offer ware Trust. Bulld.lnl, Wllmlnat.on, Dela·
•i>lendld opportunlUea fQr advaacement In ware.
1 bu.atness where )'OU &re not drosnled be·
EDUCATIONAL AND INSTllUCT I ON cau.ae 1ou t.re over 40. Previoua tJCperh!nce SPECIAL SEllVICES
proved unoecuear1r No need to leave your
"HOW TO Brtok and Train Boraes"-A job to quallf7. A 1ood srade acbool educa- WHAT C1.11 I do fOI' 70U? Pe.nooal·bu&l-
boo& eYtt7 f&l1DU and ho.-..man lbould Uoa, plua Lnrla Trainin1 quallnet JOU at Df.M 1tan1&1 CltJ intorm.auon. reprtiMnta•
llaYe. l ' 11 rree. no obli&auou.. SunplJ' borne. lo spare Ume. OUr NaUonal ·p1ace- &Joo. purcballna. lnYe1UpUona, mall tor•
addraa. Beu7 8chool of Hon<manahlP, mens. Bureau htlPt to place 7ou_.nd our wardln&. Crown. Bo& 1041, K.alll&I CttJ 2.
?!pt.. 1106, PltU&nt. S.Ul. Ohio. 1nialln1 CerUlled Job Plan--actu1ll1 cer· Mo.
R.EPRIOB.RATION Sttriclna means ft.. ttnea you will ••make cood'' when placed. TREASURES In rour clos.et.t Do you.
nanctal 1n4ependence. Ordlnar1 mechan- Write today tor tree book.I Veter&na: bavo old or recent bank book.a, insurance
Jcal abWt.1 plus prov"n bome 6\Ud1 are aU Oourae approved tor Veteran'• training. poUc1ta or 1'4>tll. ceruncatee ln aonle ror-
7ou need. Pree booklet.. Dept. RS. Penn .. Lewll Hotel TraJnlns Seboot. Room PH· rotten drawer? The)' may be worth a tor-
W•too. TraiDJ-DC tnaUtute. Box 119. Con- *• Washlnct.oo 1, D. c. (Pifll and on.11
Kbool ot tt& kind-now In tea 33rd year.)
i:unet Let us lnveaUpt.e tor yw. w·nte
--.i. N. IL todU. National Evaluators. P .O. Box
SPEED And *111 In radio OOCSt to qual- LEA.RN Neon in.de: 1 \~C ltuODI Read s.162. Clrfdand 1, Ob.lo.
UJ for amai.eur or commercial ndlotele- a ttractive o4tt pa1• SI. SUPPLY SOUrca, contact.6, servlOll de·
rrapb license. Learn at bome wlU\ the ta- VOICZ-Strenr•hen, train )'our voice t1ll1. Spada Ent.erpriHI, 10 Lexlnaton,
mOWI Oandlet 811tem used to tr&in TadJO- this te1t.ed, acleotlnc way. sett-1n1tructlon Wetherafteld 9, conn.
UJesraph experll and champion.I. Oood cour1e; no mwitc or piano requ.lrtd. Silent WE Recdve, ren1all lett.er1; $3.00 month·
pay or fuct..n&l.An• and proOt.able hobby. exercl•t• develop your YoJoe power, Re- lJ or 25e each. Haw1dns, lSOO Taylor.
PrH boot. Oandlor, Dept. 6-0, Box 928, auIti 1uar:a.nteed I 8enaatlonal detail• rree. Wulll!lllOO 11, D. O.
Dulver. Colo. St&Le a.re. Pt.rtect Voice tnautuu. Depi-.
21'·2, Klmbal! BulldlnJo, Cblca10 4. LrM'ERS ~m&ll<d from Miami. ~;
LEARN Machine deslan uiru lndlfld-
ualll;ed home atud.1 eourae from Oractuate JOB OpportunJUea are prewnt. tor men cardl lOc. Send 1tam,ped mall
SCH, Coral O.bl.., Florida.
Mecb.aDleal J::Qllnttr. complele &e'\'en traJned tn safelJ enclneertnr. Quallr1 tor
month ooune only so.as. Fret details. Ull• att.racuve profuaion by 1tudytn1 at IN F OllMATION
OUftord Hill, 210 6t.h Avenue. Suite 1102.-1, bo1ne. Accident Prevention Iruitltute, Box
New York Oltz 10. 440, Ohlca10. Ill. SKILLED Worker...-Subacrtbe now tor
MA.KB th> to 130·'40 week u a lraJne<L 3800 LATE8T Used correaPOndence monthlJ' MW•·lett.cr ltstlna: $400,000,000 tn
~~:-1 nu.nt l Learn~:1' aL ho.mt. c.ounea cal. 60c EO. lllm.Uord. N. Y. newlJ awarded wotld·•lde conatruclloo
t tree. Olllcaco I of Nuntnc. HO)(.£ Stud1 coune. druc.l... therapy. contracu. Send Sl.00 1tnale copJ. U.00 alx
DepL M-C. Chlcap. Pree lttera-tu.re. lnllttu\e ot O?U&lt:R monthl, $$.00 7M.r. Letun, Box 232.
BE A rtal estate broker th.rou.1h home Therapy, Tama. l otra. Knoxvtlle. Tenn.
atudJ' or clauroom imtrucuon. Wrlt.e SPANISH Qulcklf, with Soeed-O•War WH.&aE-To.Bur·l&i tnlormauon· moet
tor tree bOOlt. Appf'Ovcd ror veterans. phono1raph reoor<t1. Complete coune product.a, materta or equipment. ti.oo per
weaver School or Real EALat..e. I$ E. •7.H. Pree folder. Spttd-0-War. Dept. ILem: ntanufact.urer or whOle-..saler. Send no
PtrlhlDS Rd . • Box OP- 6, Kansu Ci\J' 8, 113, Box 2301, Houston l. Texu. mone1. We truat JOU. Pa.y on approval.•
Mo. State wants. One day alrm.all service.
SCI.ENCE Of memory ama.11n1t1 aim·
CALCULUS. TrtaonomeltJ', alt"ebra. pUAed. Anal.t&la and report.. Prff nplana- Donald Ke111. AR-15.. Wbl._.b. Domll•
Stome:t.Q'. lnd.1Ylduallzed lnatructloa. New t.orJ bookle.t ..Art of K emory DeYdop- 27. Micblun.
CO<rUpondend 8ehool. SOX :11, BL. Jobns ment." MemoroJoo Stud.Jo, 20ll·P Su.nny- FOREIGN Empl01ment. for JOU. Excd-
81&t1oa.. Brooklyn 13, New YorL &lde A•e.. CbJcafo 25. Illlnoil. te.n\. permanent. Job opportunJUee for u. S.
PARENTS-Heb> your 5 yr:ar old to be EARN Extra money, worklnc wtth fig .. clUUn1. Wa;1a at. leut 20~ hl1her, leu
outatancunr.' Let. them learn while the:r uros. Write Jtmnl.)' Sherrod. Pavo l, Ga. tnxatlon. lO'A'er Uvln1 oosts. Iu1proved 10·
play. Complete pre•&cbool kitJ wtth dtrcc· clal position. Tra1U1J)OrtaUon and houainc
tlona, $4.05. Money re!undea tr not de- INVESTIGATOR Training. Phllll1>1 Se- turnlalled.. ChoJce or climate and location.
llaht.ed.. BducaUon-1 SuppUet, llollJ Ave., crel Service Syaum. 19178 No:rth Kenneth 8outh and Central America., f&:r Eut..
lllCle&lde Norfolt 2. Va. Chlcaco 39, llllnola. ' Cblna. Alu.ta, Au.atraU•~ New Ze&land1
LEARN Bpanlab qulck!T. 8lmplll1ed leo- MEDICAL Labon\Ol'J' Ciedlnld.aoa lD Atrle&. lknd $1.CIO tor OOPJT\lhl<d dl1en
IODI. Penonal Oounsellna, Box 1411. sre:at demand. We tra.ln TOU In fOU.r OWtt 1ho.rlnc oU. sblpplnc. conaU'Qctloo,_min·
'8t.. Pet.en.bu.re. P'tortda. home. eatatccue tree. lmpe_rSal Tec:b- tn1 etc.. companl• workina and nlrtns.
ntcat Institute, BOJC 9'13..J. AuaUn. Texu. tnciudea sample application letter, advice
CHIROPODY Ext.enslon courte. De- DENTAL Technician's p ractice kit. Artt- on wages, tips. etc. World Wide Oompa.111.
•rte. QuUtON tor "Pract.tce ln Alt.aka. De· nclal t.eeth. pla1Uc. etc. lmt.ructtorui In- Dept. PM·6. M.adllon l, Wisconsi n.
1 t.ati., .$1. Al...ta ChJroPQd1 CoUere. Ju·
neau 1, A.lull. cluded. Oranl Laboratory, 5 .• 210 w. 7th,
HOW To be "too aul)tr•UJon" and set
Laa Anreles. catu. CAllTOONING. COMMEllCIAL AllT,
BB A mathematical wizard. Add columns SHOWCAllD WlllTING ,
top monq. BJ u.s:latant to wottl manager, lnstantb". Pree d et&Us. Vanck:rdrlft, 617 SIGN PAINTING
U ,000 man plant. 11.00 J)Ollpetd. Mone1 Ltncoln Place. Oranrt l. New Jeng.
back cua.raoiee. BoX 11, PramJncham, t ALPHABET I Humeral patUm 1eta
M-. PIANO TUnlnr pa,y1. Learn thll pro1lt-
able profession at home. OUr Tonomettt and catalog. $ 1.00. 8l1n Letter Dl1tr100·
BUILD a wrtt.tnr ca.reer In trade Jour· and mechanical ntd1 make 1earntn1 euy. tora, P .O. Box 101, Mineola, N. Y.
naU1m. The bell. i\.eld tor Ult beslnntn1 No knowledge mutlc neceaaar1l D1ploma I.MRI'! OarlOODlnr. Oomplcle i$ ICN9n
writer. Good pay, hyge marl.eta, Ulllc lfAfiled. Lar1..1 and oldesl 1cnoo~tb cou.ne lncludlna '100 illuattaUon1 only
eoQ!.pe:tltlon. Send tor deta.U.1. John P . 1ear. O.I. approved. Write ror bOOtlet. $1.00. Ca:rtoooland Schools. 2011 Emerald,
Br11tol, 23 wune Road. Brld1e1<>0. Now Nllea Bryant Schoo•. 18 Boant Bld&. • Orand Rapids I . Mich.
.JtneJ. Wuhlnaton II. D. O. " HOW To Milt Money Wltb 81m"Ple
SXPORTt IAam at. home rrom estat>. BOOKKEEPJCR.at lncreue ,J"OUr eam· Oar1.00nl"~ boOk e•e.oone who llkeis to
ltabed world trader. era P&Jln1 po1ttlona. lncst ~at.e )'O\!r own slmPllfttd ..Dol- draw .thouJd have. IL ta t ree: no obll&a-
You.r own proftt.able world~wtde buaineu lar..A·Week" boOkllttPlrut and tax sentee. tlon. SJmply addreP Cartoonltll' Ex..
bJ mail order wlthou~ capllal: or trllvel PUii or 1pare time. Delalla free. No obU- chanp, Dept. 08· 0. Pleuant Hill, Ohio.
abroad. &xperlence unneoe.11u·y, F ree ratlon. BUii. BoJt 200, Ctdar Grove. Nortb
boot.let. M tlll.n1er. 1oew, Loi Anctlts 24, C.rollna.. PROPESSIONA_L ShOWcud le~\er oat-
CalU. tema. SamplM dlme. Dtmon1trator1,
LINOUA.PHONS MU.es lanauarea e&IJ'. 17.SP aun.on. Cblc:aco.
ANYBODY Can paint: SimpUfted home At !'IOme learn Cb apeat Spenll.b. Poftu ..
atuQ. Be&IADU.. ahutlm. adwanced. 11.00 rue:se. Italian. Pttn.c.b.. Otrm.t.D Ra;a... IJION Palntlns. taucbt at .,_.. T ..L
br1np .s&mple ltlllOft.. M.t.Jor Prlckeu, Il"Or7 alan. bY quJek. euy Uncuaphont Con•er· Jeuon tree4 Ben Ket"Df. Box 812•T, Oreen·
OuU Studio. York Harbor. Maine. aaUonal Method. 8a•e time. wort. m.o nu. vlUe. 8 . C.
INEXPENSIVlt Manu.al let.Che. air COD• Ltnsuaphone correspondence counea are CltALK Talk•· La urh produ.cln1 pro ..
Jlltlonin11. Write. Don Nelson, Warner Rob· available to vet.er.ana under O.I. blU of 1ram, tJ.00. Oat..ior I OC. Balda Th• Car·
~. aeorrta.
rtl'h ll. Send for free boot. 8tat.e If Q.L toonlat., Olhk06h. Wtaconst.n.
Ltnruaphone tnatltute, 13 ROA Blda.•
W ORJt P« u. e. covernme.nt. St:art New York. 20, N. Y.
*'4..44 wed. eecure po&lUooa. QuaUf'Y now ADVEllTISING AGENCIES. LETTE.lt
at homL P'r'M ff-piap: book, lbtl Jobi, USZD Correspondence coun• and boob. WlllTEllS, f'Oll ADVEllTISt:llS
t••ple tat.. Write: PraokUn Inslltute. boulht, ootd. mited and excbana<d. cai.-
Dept.. R.-2t . Rochetter, .New York. alor rree. r.ee MoUnta1n.. Pilrah. Ala.bam.L AVOID OosUJ advertwna rnlatat:es.
OB'r Into 1dYert1ling. 01&mOfOUI. Bil SECRET ~1nve1t11auon. Expet1tnc. uo.. Oet enU&ht.en1n1 Ad·Oulde and Rate.boot
. .l&r1es, Learn , eam at home. Write Klm· neceas:ary. lnve&t~ 1ratora parttculara t ree. l~adlnr newapapers, maautne1, maillnc
ball AdvtrllllDI, Sl ..A NOl'WI,)', Berlin, O eor1e Waaner, M 125 Wett 18th, New Hata, IOc. ChlCl•O Adver U.Jn.t A1ency,
N. H. York. (1:1tab!JJbed 1900) . Chicago 4 .
DOUBLE Th~ rti1ulta from JOUt adver-
PLAYS, STOll l U , MANUSClllPTS u.1n1 after read.Sac Succeatul Ad•HUI-
l WANT N ew '"11.tn I<> cub checb ""· Only n.oo. poalD&ld. Batllfaetlon
1Uaranteed. Wiiiiam 'Bennett.. I l4·3SB
ottered dUlJ. '!'be euiest. W&J' t.o write I IGth S&reet, Oione Part 14. New York.
PBO'l"OORAPHIO lllnd I Amue. earn. tor pl.J', No or1vloua eJCpe:rience neceaa.IJ'Y.
team! Pac'8, nsures, nams tUc:k like Free detalla. 81undera M. Ou.mmin1ll,
burrs with Supermemory, W'rlt.e 'rbor
Boob. M G. Box 1310. ChlC&IO.
488·11 lndependt-nee Bldr .. Colorado
Rnrtnn.. r.nln. J UNE 1949 65
OET Ji.tore mall order prollts! " Big SEND F or samples of bett.er prJnUnr. PATENTS. ul>roo! ot Invention" !older
tlnu1" sp.eclalist who developed n1any amall Har· Vis, 101 lA Pa.rkwood, R ichmond, Va. ma.fled Vl' ithout obllp.Uon. E. E. Vrooman.
&paretirue ent.erprl$e$ to Big Dally Mail 1000 NAME-ADDRESS Labels 11.00. Kay Rel'btered Patenr. Attorney, 60$ MCl:tlm
a.ales, gives you plan and complete inst.rue. Press, 1$60 Soutb Fifth. Mtlwau kee 4, \VIS. Bullding, W&a:hlcgton 5 , D. O.
tlons in b is booklet "How To Build Your
Own Mall Order 8mtness," and make It. SAVE Money on your prin~lng . send for PATENTS-Trade marts. Irvlns L.
pa1. " MU.SI.'' tor beginners. Test~p)an­ f.ree direc1. maJI layout 1ntormaUon. M.aU Mccathran, 315 MC:Ltiebten Bld1•• Wash ..
rutde fol' esta.bU.shed operators. 25c brings your requirements for quotations. Wln- tnaton 1, D.C. Rerlatered Patent Attorne.J.
this revealing, exciting book.let.. Edition che.ster Prin ting Company, Grand .Rapids PATENTS, Trade marks. sanders, 8' 30
limited. Order yours now. Newbern•s, 2. Mlch lg a.n. E'van'i, ChJ.earo. (Rertstered o. 8, Pat~nt
524. PM \VHllams , CU..ronelle, Alabama. QUALITY Prlnctng l Send copy tor esct- omce.)
ADVERTISE: 2.t WOt'ds, 40 n ewspapers ma~e. Ne.ttonwlde Prlntl.nir Company, Dept. INVENTORS: Learn bow to protect rour
$3.50, Llsts tree. Ad\•ertising Bureau. PM, 2337 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn 14, .N.Y, invention. Unless the inventor ts familiar
10511 -C Sprineneld, Chicago 43. BLACK ..ON- WHlTlt Photostat prlnt.1 with patent matt.en, he 8hould ena:ase a
INCREASE Your mau order sales. Sell rrom drawtnaa. tracings , ecc. 2Sc per copr competenr. tt:aistered patent attorney or
to the farn\ market. Ltt us show you up t-o 8~':a"xl l '', 50c per copy up to 14''x1'1' , aacnt to reprosent him. We are rcglatered
what others are doing. P·ree information. plus poatase. United Industries, Dept. A, to pract.Ue before lhe o.a. Patent omce
Parm Journal , 201 Farm Journal BUUdinJ, Box 4-49. Madllon J, Wisconsin. and prepared to serve you Jn handlinl your
PhJl&delphla 5. Penna. BETTER Printing-Reasonable prteei.
))&tent matte"', " Patent OuJde for the
Send requirements ror free sample& a.nd Jnve:n tor" contalnlnt detailed Information
ADVERTISERS! Rea.ch nearlJ' 18·, 000,000 concerning patent protection t.nd proce·
readers. 25 Sunday national key news~ new 19t9 cataJoeue. MU.Ls Burnham. dure With HR.ecord of Invention" ronn
pa.J)tr a. 18 words. ss1.so. "Terrine pull- No. Ablnaton. Ma.'l;Sacbu.&tl.ts. wUJ be torw•rded to you up0n request-
ers." 20 papular newspapera. 110.00. "Pree SAVE Money on printlns. Tell ua what Without oblipUon. Clarence A • • O'B.rien
bookle t. " S peclnJ-One inch dlsplay 2,- you need, J ournal Printing co•• Newark, & Harvey Jacobson . Registered Patent At.-.
821,198 circulation. 148.30. Ncwmark's Ark. LOrneys. SUB·D Diat.r'lct National Buildlnc.
AdvertiAJng Agency. ( Established 1893). Washln1Zton, D. c.
211-1th Ave .. New York 11. BOSlN&sS, Pem>nat stationery, .state
24 WORDS I n 5-0 week lles. $4.96. J. O ar· requtrement.s. Samples. Herbert Hudson~ INV&NTORS: When YOU a.re aatiafled
netl, 730 Hays, Jackson. Tenn.e uee. ce11tredale, R . I. &hat YOU have tnveoted aometblnc of
1000 BUSI.NESS Ca.rd.e $2.SO prepaJd varuc write me, wit.bout oblla:atlon, tor
ADS Placed in out or town newspa1>er1 samples t?ee. Reliable Print Shop, 90$ Bui Information aa to what attos you should
and m.agazlne.s. Low r ate&. Oatalorue Jelfer&on. LOutsvllle 6, Ky. t4kc to secure a pate.nt. Wrlte Patrick D.
free. Ideas that pay. Baker Advertistn1 Beavers (Formerly Randolph & Beaven)
A1ener. Successora Ankru.m Arency. 189 400 a•;_x 5\~ LBTTERHEADS '1.35. Rciiatered Patent AU:1.. 93$ coturnbla.D
W. MadLson. Chlca10 2. Mango, 5~ .. A south 20tb, Newt.rt 3, N.J. Bld1t.. Wasbtneton 1. o. c.
MAILING Ll.st.s. cerUfttd. productive, SEND 100 Now. for our 48 page Ja.t9 C. A. SNOW & Co.-M.. f 2'1, Snow Build..
lne.xpenslve. 15.00 1000. Homeworkers, price Ust-refunded t\rat order. ~IC.Call log. Washlogton 1 D. c . Reaate"4 Pa~
asent&. buyers. cite. WrJte Dixie Ser"Ylce, Preas. 1326 SOuth 27t.h, Omaha, Nebrask11... ent At&.orney.a, Wr1te tor lnformnUo.o.
Kine. N . c. 500 '!•rl~~ FOUR Llue 1Ummed st.Seit- INVENTOR$: Wit.bout. obll1at.1on. write
ers 3Sc; red border 60c. Morit£ Prlntery, tor tnrormauon exl)lainlnR the 1teP1 roa
TYPEWRITERS, DUPLICATORS, Sa1tnaw, Mich, should take to secure a patent. John N.
OFFICE DEVICES MlMEOGRAPHINO Letters. prtceu11.1. Randolph. Re«istered Patent Attorney.
formulas. lnstrucUoc.s., Lowest prices. 203 Columblan Blda .. Washin1ton 1. D. c.
STANDARD Typewrlteni 11'7.50 ; duplt. Lem'• Letter Sbop..5'110 Stanton, Detrott l!I. "INVENTOR'S Gulde" tree on re<(UML.
catora $12.50; adden 112. so. NatJonwlde Prant Ledermann. Re1iatered Patent At.-
Aer vice. T)•pewriters. 118 Spruce, Wlcbita, PRINTI NG OUTFITS AND SU PPLIES torney. 15t Nassau St. • New York 1. N. Y.
Kansas. INVENTORS: Wrlte tor tree brochure
BOO?.t: Your buslness \\•ltb Postcard PRINTING Presses. type, auppUes. send " Evide nce o! Invention." Lablner, World
at.enell dup11cator, $i. '1~ com pl et~. Oua.ran- st.am,p tar detail& or dime for complete H- Buildin1. ?few York 1.
teed. Post arrllPh, Bo1' 181, Clnclnnatl l. htscra t.ed prlnter'a supply book: and sam· PATENT Practice before U. 8 . Pa.tent
Ohio. pita. Kelsey Corp., J - 11, Meriden, COnn. O.mce. Va.JJdJty and lnfrlnirement ln'Yel•
BIO Dl&counts all m&kes typewriters ID· PRESSES, T ype! cablneta, auppUcs. Lt.st tfgaUon.a and opJniona. Bootlet and form
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Grove, Dlinols . Ha.r twell. Pall River, Mau. request. Lanca$ter. AJlwine & Rommel.
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